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									CCEE Meeting of the Delegates for the relations with Islam in Europa
Turin, Italy, 31 May – 2nd June 2011

CCEE Presidency
Cardinal Jean-Pierre Card. Ricard, Archbishop of Bordeaux and CCEE Vice President

Holy See
Cardinal Jean-Louis Card. Tauran, President of the Pontifical Council for Interreligious dialogue

Guests / Speakers
Archibishop Maroun Lahham of Tunis (Tunisia)
Prof. Alessandro Ferrari, Italy
Father Christian Troll S.J., Philosophical and Theological Faculty “St. Georgen”, Germany
Mr Martino Diez, International Foundation “Oasis”, Italy

Rev. Mgr Joe Vella Gauci,     Advisor for Int. Relations & Religious Freedom

Local Church
Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia of Turin, Italy
Bishop Piergiorgio Debernardi of Pinerolo, Italy
Rev. Father Andrea Pacini, secretary of the commission for ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue
of the Piemonte-Valle d’Aosta regional Bishops’ Conference

Delegates of the Bishops’ Conferences
ALBANIA - Bishop Lucjan Avgustini of Sapë and General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference
AUSTRIA - Msgr Petrus Bsteh
BELGIUM - Prof. Dr. Vincent Legrand, Catholic University of Louvain (UCL)
BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA - Mons.Dr. Mato Zovkic, Vicar of Sarajevo Archdiocese for relations with
other faith communities
ENGLAND AND WALES - Mrs. Katharina Müller, Interreligious Adviser to the Catholic Bishops'
Conference of England and Wales
FRANCE - Father Christophe Roucou, Bureau for the relations with Islam (SRI)
GERMANY - Mr Helmut Wiesmann, Bereich Weltkirche und Migration im Sekretariat der DBK
ITALY - Father Gino Battaglia, Director of the Office for ecumenism and inter-religious dialogue of
the Bishops’ Conference
Nemet SVD of Zrenjanin and General Secretary of the Bishops’ Conference and Rev. Csaba Csipak
MALTA - Rev. F. Prof. Joseph Ellul OP, St. Dominic's Priory
NORDIC COUNTRIES - Mr Dr. Erling Tiedemann
POLAND - Rev.Adam Was SVD
PORTUGAL - Rev Prof. Dr. Peter Stilwell, Dean of the Faculty of Theology of Lisabon
SLOVENIA - Rev Prof. Drago Karel Ocvirk CM
SPAIN - Father Dr. José-Luis Sánchez Nogales, Theological Faculty of Granada
SWITZERLAND - Dr. Erwin Tanner, General Secretary ad interim of the Bishops’ Conference
THE NETHERLANDS - Mr drs Berry Van Oers
TURKEY - Rev. Alberto Fabio Ambrosio OP

CCEE Secretariat
Mgr Duarte da Cunha, CCEE General Secretary


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