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Projected Income Coffee House

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					               Metropolitan Memorial United Methodist Church
                          Church Council Minutes
                            September 28, 2009

The meeting was held at the St. Luke’s campus and was called to order by Mike
Emery. The opening worship was from the Rob Bell NOOMA video, led by
Sandy Rector. The minutes from the June 22, 2009, meeting were approved
without any changes.

Visioning Update: Reports were made from 4 Ministry Teams in response to
the Church Council request at the last meeting to have all of the Ministry Teams
complete a Visioning and Prioritization Worksheet.

The Study Ministry Team summary was given by Charlie Parker and Anne
Mathews-Younes. Charlie noted that the Study Ministry Team had been doing a
great deal of work on our study opportunities. There will be one or two events
each month in the Great Hall including some Grounds for Discussion. There will
be a greater focus on study on weeknights including a Christian Believer course
taught by Kate Murphey and Fred Simpich which will be held at Wesley UMC.
With regard to the Great Hall, it was noted that there are a number of adult
Sunday School classes that compete with the Great Hall presentations. But
there are a number of adults who are not currently involved in one of the small
groups, and there are opportunities to reach adults not currently involved in
Sunday School on Sunday morning.

Anita Seline provided an overview of the Children’s Ministries as well as the
Youth Ministries. She highlighted the extensive list of things for which the
Children and Youth Ministry Team has responsibility. Anita noted the
modifications to the program that the Children and Youth Ministry Team
recommended, including: the 5th and 6th grade Sunday School classes were
modified to broaden the curriculum, bridge the transition to middle school, and
increase their service activities; Youth Connection was recently modified to
eliminate the dinner, thereby increasing family time and increasing meeting time;
the All-Church picnic was modified in two ways this year: it was held at the same
time as the ministry fair and there was a coordinated effort to include the families
of the Nursery School; Family Movie Nights previously had been separate events
with MMUMC and the Nursery School, and they will now be merged to increase
the interactions between the Nursery School and the church; the process for
Confirmation has been significantly revamped with a new curriculum and
structure; Children’s Sunday in May will be modified this year with the 5th and 6th
grades transitioning and the 6th graders moving to be in the youth program next
year; we have significantly strengthened the relationship between the church and
the Nursery School by including setting joint calendars, active Board participation
in its programs, curriculum, and fund raising; and weekly chapel service. New
ministries proposed in the Children and Youth area include: the process for

Baptism has been changed so that the coordination point is the Director of
Children’s Ministries. This has resulted in many pluses – streamlining and better
coordination, an early contact with the families of young children, a new
information packet for young families that includes information on the Nursery
School, baby blankets from the Prayer Shawl ministry, and coordinated visits of
the parents with the Pastor conducting the Baptism. Also, youth will become
more involved in worship times at the church. We are also exploring creating a
grandparent ministry; a parents’ panel; joint meetings from time to time with
parents and youth; and the creation of a youth choir, perhaps starting with a
youth choir at special services like Christmas Eve and Easter.

The Worship Ministry Team report was given by Pat House, who noted some of
the components in their written report, including the recommendation that all
existing worship ministries could be strengthened by an intentional “recruitment”
process and improved infrastructure and internal nurturing. She noted that one
challenge this Team faces is that a small number of people are doing many jobs.
Pat reported that the Worship Ministry budget has significantly reduced its
budget, including decreases in the frequency of special music offerings and the
hiring of professional instrumentalists, and Liturgical Dance had been cut from
the budget in 2009. With regard to new worship ministries, the Worship Ministry
Team suggested additional “special music” be put back into the budget, including
two Oratorio type pieces at 11:15 and a special offering at 9:00 (in addition to the
Advent/Christmas/Lent/Easter specials). In 2010, this team suggested the
addition of a Chancel Drama and a Choric Choir. Also, with regard to special
music in the future, Pat reported on the success of the music program, A Little
Night Music on September 12, 2009, which led to the suggestion that we could
expand the format to a coffee house.

In addition, written reports were also submitted by the Outreach Committee,
Service Ministry Team, Congregational Care Ministries, and Trustees.

Upcoming Charge Conference: Charlie Parker reminded the Church Council
that the Charge Conference for the Metropolitan Memorial Cooperative Parish
will be held on Saturday, October 10 at 9 AM. It will be a cluster Charge
Conference with other churches also meeting and joint worship services.
Reports from the ministry teams are due to Jeff Clouser on October 1. Clergy
compensation will be delayed until clergy evaluations are complete, and will be
taken up at the November 23 Church Council meeting. Feedback from the
congregation on the clergy has been solicited by the SPRC, and comments are
due by October 2. The schedule is that Charlie’s evaluation by the SPRC will be
on October 21; Charlie will do the first draft of the evaluation for the three
Associate Ministers, meet with SPRC, and then feedback will be provided to the
Associate Ministers at the November meeting of the SPRC.

Update on St. Luke’s and Wesley United Methodist Churches: Sandy
reported on some efforts related to St. Luke’s, including using the property for

worship as well as partnering with other groups in the city; getting fair rental
value numbers; and renting the kitchen. Charlie reported on Wesley United
Methodist Church and Kate Murphey’s leadership; struggles with finances with
leadership from Eric Whisenhunt and Ron Smith; worship is very strong; and
Wesley is a very vibrant community. A Covenant is being developed with
Wesley and the Metropolitan Memorial Cooperative Parish that will be approved
at the Charge Conference. Wayne Rusch, Phil Potter, Charlie and Kate and
several members of Wesley UMC will meet to review a draft Covenant before the
Charge Conference.

Proposed Change to Nursery School By-Laws: On behalf of the Nursery
School Board, Phil Potter reported on the most recent discussion at the Nursery
School Board meeting and the success of the rebuilding effort of the Nursery
School. The current by-laws are very restrictive and the Board recommended
broadening the requirements for Board members. The recommendations were
that a majority would be members of the Cooperative Parish, and include at least
2 parents of current Nursery School students. Expertise will be sought in
targeted areas of education, finance, fund raising, and child development. These
changes were unanimously passed by the Church Council.

2009 Budget Revisions: Pam Settlage reviewed the status of the budget as of
August 31, 2009, and the proposed revisions as of September 28, 2009. Pam
had also prepared a document of FAQs Related to Proposed 2009 Budget
Revisions that outlined the factors that necessitated $315,000 in additional funds
from the Foundation: the Trustees requested an additional $180,000; the merger
with St. Luke’s UMC has created additional expenses; the Cooperative Parish
arrangement with Wesley UMC has added a ½ time clergy position; and
projected pledge income is less than originally budgeted.

Wayne Rusch stated that withdrawals from the Foundation principal have
occurred in 5 out of the last 6 years. He noted that the Foundation would have
generated more income if these funds had not been withdrawn. He shared his
perspective that the budget revisions involved using principal that people from
previous generations had left to the church, and he expressed concern that the
budget represented a large amount of money from a small number of people. It
was noted that the primary beneficiaries of draw-downs on the
Foundation’s resources have been the members of Metropolitan’s
congregation since contributions have been insufficient to support the
church’s programs for many years.

In the discussion, the following points were made: the current level of the
Foundation is $16 million and it is anticipated that by early 2010, it will be $18
million; the question was raised of what kind of impact our church could make on
the many needs of our city with even a portion of those funds; and another
question that was raised was what would be a safe number for us to preserve in
our Foundation. It was noted that concern was expressed about the church’s

draws on the Foundation 6 years ago when the Foundation had $4 million, and it
has now grown to $18 million. Although Metropolitan’s Foundation is not
required to do so, some private foundations distribute 5% of their income and
principal annually, and stewardship means that we share from our resources.
Over the years the church has never funded its ministries from the contributions
alone, and there are many vibrant programs that our church supports. It was
also noted that our church has always paid its Apportionments in full, but the
Foundation does not factor into the formula for the Apportionments.

The discussion also included the points that there had been significant changes
in the church, including our relationships with Eldbrooke, St. Luke’s and Wesley
UMCs; 25% of our pledge income goes to our Apportionments; and 1/3 of our
expenses are in property and management. This means that before we even get
to programs, we have significant outlays for the Conference and the three
campuses. The proposed budget revisions reflect an updated budget for 2009
with revisions to allow necessary expenses to be paid. It was also suggested
that we explore ways to increase the income from building uses.

It was suggested that the church had become locked into two ways of thinking
about the budget: increase pledges or draw from the Foundation. Increasingly
congregations are raising additional funds by doing targets to major donors and
fund raising, providing an opportunity to think outside the box and do economic
modeling. It was also noted that the increase from 2 to 4 appointed clergy was
imposed on our church as well as the expenses of three campuses. All of these
changes have complicated the church’s ability to do more long term planning. It
was noted that the Trustees have created a model that projects anticipated
building expenses over the longer term. A discussion was held on the
purpose and operation of the Foundation, the present use of the income
and principal of the Foundation, and options for future use of the
Foundation's assets.

The final point that was made was that in operating expenses, we are only over
budget by $7,000; the revisions are primarily due to additional expenses
associated with the two new campuses. The motion to adopt the revised budget
for 2009 was passed by a vote of 18 for, 4 against, and 1 abstaining.

With regard to the budget for 2010, Pam said that requests from the ministry
teams were due to her by October 31; Finance will collate the requests in
November and see where the numbers are; pledges will start at November 22;
and typically there is a back and forth until the January Church Council meeting
with a Continuing Resolution to carry on the work of the church. The suggestion
was made that the Finance Committee look at the model that has been used for
budget formulation in the past and discuss the issues raised in this Church
Council meeting in the formulation of the 2010 budget.

Reports Around the Table: no additional reported were made.

The closing prayer was offered by Charlie Parker and the meeting was adjourned
by Mike Emery.

Submitted by Helen Simon

Attendees: Mike Emery, Terry Rusch, Sue Roach, Pat Simpich, Phil Potter,
Penny Pagano, Eric Imperial, Chris Wolf, Anita Seline, Bill Roach, Wayne Rusch,
Pam Settlage, Anne Mathews-Younes, Mary Beth West, Ann Michel, Leigh
Rollins, Carol Tippett, Anne Brown, Sharon Dougherty, Jeff Clouser, Charlie
Parker, Janet Fishman, Pat House, Helen Simon, Lloyd Leonard Sandy Rector,
and guests Suzanne Forsyth and Dick Schleicher.


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