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Listen to the cassette and complete the text.

What is acceptable and unacceptable behavior when riding a bicycle?

1) Your parents insist you wear __________ when you ride a bike but as soon as you leave home, you _______ ___ _____ because it doesn't look cool. 2) You are riding on the ____________ and pedestrians are in front of you. You _____ _____ and let the pedestrians know of your presence without surprising them. 3) You ride on the right-hand ________ of the street with the traffic. 4) You ride your bicycle at top_______on a busy sidewalk. 5) You have ________ on your bicycle and you use _______ when it is dark. 6) You let drivers ________of your intentions by using _________ signals. 7) You ride in the opposite direction on a _____-______ street. 8) You get off your bike and walk at a _______ intersection. 9) You let pedestrians have the _________-of-way. 10) You ________ by a pedestrian or another cyclist with no warning. 11) You spit when someone is riding ___________ you. 12) You always _______ and _______ both ways before crossing a street. 13) You ride on the left-________ side of the street, _________ traffic. 14) You look for car doors ___________ in front of you. 15) It's a lot of fun to ____________ on your bike.

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