Antigone Review Sheet by MikeJenny


									           Antigone/Civil Disobedience Review Sheet
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What should I know?
I. Background and Terms
Oedipus Myth - The Family Tree – Draw it!
The Civil War
Civil Disobedience
Natural Law
Positive Law
Social Contract Theory
Messenger’s role
Similes and Metaphors used
         Ship of state
         Mother bird
         Tree
         Sailboat
                                                            How is Ismene’s “mind” a “traitor”, according to Creon?
II Plot - Prologue
Antigone and Ismene’s arguments                             Why does Antigone say that people are not praising her
                                                            Antigone argues with Creon about her actions. The
Scene 1 - What motivates Creon to refuse to bury            arguments:
Antigone’s brother?                                                 Antigone

How do the rest of the citizens feel about Creon’s edict?

What kind of leader does Creon say he will be?                      Creon

Whom does Creon blame at first for the burying of
Antigone’s brother?

What does the Ode say about man?
                                                             Why does Ismene say that she deserves punishment even
Scene 2                                                     though she would not help Antigone?
Who has returned? Whom did he bring with him?
                                                            What does Creon say about both girls’ minds?
What signs show the gods helped Antigone?
                                                            What does the Chorus say in the Ode that is a commentary
What metaphor does the Sentry use to describe Antigone?     on the play?

How did she act when the Sentry captured her?               When Antigone is arrested and brought before Creon, how
Why does the Sentry say that capturing Antigone gives him   does she act?
both “uneasiness” and “pleasure”?                           Scene 3 – How does Haimon first act toward Creon?

How does Antigone act when Creon confronts her about her    List the arguments Haimon uses to try to convince Creon to
crime?                                                      change his mind.

Why is Creon’s edict strong but not strong enough?

Why does Antigone not suffer now?                           List Creon’s responses.

 How is Antigone, according to Creon, “guilty of a double
                                                            What are Creon’s comments about women?
What was Haimon’s prediction and how did it come true?       To what extent do both the major and minor characters in the
                                                             play exercise free will?
Scene 4 – Whom does Antigone blame for her troubles?

Whom does the Chorus blame?

How does Creon treat her? What does he say?                  To what extent do they seem victims of fate?

Scene 5 - How does Teiresias try to convince Creon to
change his mind?

What happened during Teiresisas’s sacrifice?                 What attitude toward women does Creon show in his
                                                             criticism of Antigone and Haimon?

What is Creon’s response?

What does Creon think motivates Teiresias?                   Who is more of a tragic figure in the play, Antigone or
What’s Teiresias’s final prediction?

What does the leader of the Chorus (Choragos) say to help
convince Creon that he was wrong?

What does Creon say that shows he has changed?                    Study Tips
                                                                  Reread the play. It is short.
                                                                  Look over the questions at the end of the play.
Scene 6 – To what does the Messenger compare Creon?               Study your notes.

How does each character die in the end?
                                                                  Questions about Thoreau’s Civil Disobedience

How did Haimon act when he saw Creon?

When Creon returns to his palace with Haimon, what more
bad news does the Messenger have for him?

What did Euridyce say moments before her death?

What does Creon do at the end of the play?

                                                                  Questions about King’s Letter from a Birmingham Jail

What words does he say showing that he has learned?

What are the Chorus’s words of wisdom in the last lines of
the play?

The play concludes with warnings against hubris. How
does the play as a whole lead up to this conclusion?

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