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         Friday, November 11th 2005
         Westchester Country Club
                Cocktail Party
                Silent Auction

              PLEASE VISIT US AT
   The Mastroianni and DiBiasi Families of

                       Dry Cleaning by
                                   Est. 1927

              Armonk • Thornwood • W. Harrison • White Plains
               No. White Plains • Eastchester • Baldwin Place

   Chappaqua • Darien, CT • Westport, CT • Stamford, CT Train Station

             New Rochelle • Stamford • Greenburgh • Milford, CT

               Salute the
Harrison Beautification Foundation, Inc
            Table of Contents


Board of Directors………………………………..5

Vendor Support Recognition……………………6

Letter from our Mayor…………………………...8

Letter from HBF President………………………9

Letter from Co-chairs……………………………10

Auction Rules…………………………………… 11

Silent Auction Items…………………………… 12

Thank you………………………………………..30

Journal Supporters……………………………..31

     The Harrison Beautification Foundation thanks
    the following people for their generous donations:

                               Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gisondi

Mr. & Mrs. Steve Burns                        Mr. & Mrs. Al Rocchi
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Carlson
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Adler                       Mr. & Mrs. James Gounaris
Ms. Eleanor Aletti                            Mr. Jeremiah Harrington
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Alfredo                     Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Hart
Mr. & Mrs. Pat J. Angarano                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Hochman
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Amato                       Jeannie Scalzo/Mitch Hymowitz
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Baldoni                     Mr. & Mrs. Tom Jarecki
Capt. & Mrs. Robert Blake                     Mr. & Mrs. Geoffrey Johnson
Michelle Spano/Gary Boigon                    Mrs. Helen Karathanasis
The Breiman Family                            Mr. Jordan Katz
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cannella                    Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Kopcznyski
Mr. Jose Carbonell                            Mr. & Mrs. John Leone
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Cuneo                      Dr. & Mrs. Jan Linhart DDS
MR. & Mrs. Paul Curtis                        The Honorable & Mrs. Stephen Malfitano
Mrs. Sandy Daraio                             Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Mandell
Mr. & Mrs. Guido DiBiasi                      Mr. & Mrs. George Marino
Mr. & Mrs. Richard DiBuono                    Mrs. Debbie Martino
Ms. Maryann DiSimone                          Ms. Doreen A. Mastroianni
Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Donnelly                   Mr. & Mrs. Fred Mastroianni
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent D’Onofrio                  Mr. Fred Mastroianni III
Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Elion                      Mr. & Mrs. Mark Miller
Mr. & Mrs. A. Faillace                        Mr. & Mrs. Nick Mumolo
Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Ferraro                     Mr. & Mrs. Charles Oestreicher
Mr. & Mrs. M Gallo                            Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Pepe
Mrs. Salvatore Gigante                        Mr. & Mrs. Alan Pesce
Mr. & Mrs. John Gisondi                       Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Petraglia
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Gladstone                     Ms. Rena Hecht/Mr. Bob Pilero

                           Sponsors (continued)
                                        Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Pollack
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Grasso                  Mr. & Mrs. P.J. Quinn
Mr. Joseph Grillo                       Mr. & Mrs. Corey Rabin
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hughson                 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Rossi
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Harasimowicz             Mr. & Mrs. Parog Saxena
Mr. Tom Scappaticci                     Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Suozzo
Mr. & Mrs. Dean Schaffer                Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tiburzi
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Scilaino                Mr. & Mrs. Nick Trahanas
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Scoli                Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Tschantre
Mr. & Mrs. James Shanahan               Mr. & Mrs. Chip Ulmer
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Shapiro               Mr. & Mrs. Alex Valeri
Mr. & Mrs. David Singer                 Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Waggoner
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Soltz                   Mrs. Joan Walsh
Mr. John Stubenvoll                     Mr. Bob Wasp
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Steinthal               Ms. Debra Wolf
Mr. & Mrs. Chip Stevens

                           Friends of HBF, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. Hollis Chase                 Mr. & Mrs. J. Barbagallo
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hurst                   Mr. & Mrs. Barbieri
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Biondi                 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bukofser
Mr. & Mrs. Mattia Cipriano              Mr. & Mrs. Louis Difazio
Mr. & Mrs. Canio Dimilia                Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Faxon
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Howland                  Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Kirsner
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kissel                 Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Mastrogiacomo
Mr. & Mrs. C. Nero                      Frances J. Porreca
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Fleming               Mr. & Mrs. David Bigelow
Mr. & Mrs. Brad Davidoff                Mr. & Mrs. Parker Drew
Mr. Robert V. Gallante, Jr.             Mr. & Mrs. Bob Horn
Mr. & Mrs. Morton Joselson              Mr. & Mrs. Duncan Mac Arther
Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Malfitano          Mr. & Mrs. John Moore
Mr. & Mrs. Howard Pein                  Mr.. & Mrs. Jim Richards
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sasso                Mr. & Mrs. Ted Shugnue

     Harrison Beautification Committee Executive Board

                                        C. Denise DiBiasi

                                           Helen Pesce
                                            Vice President

                                          Maria Gisondi
                                      VP of Finance & Treasurer

     Lisa Sciliano & Joan Walsh                                    Rose Marino
            Recording Secretaries                             Corresponding Secretary

           Ada Angarano                                        Camille Gladstone
   Director of Community Development                           Director of Fund-raising

        Christine Baldoni                                     Barbara Malfitano
      Director of Public Relations                           Director of Garden Design

                                         John Stubenvoll
                                      Director of Graphic Design

                                       Event Co-Chairs
                          Maria Gisondi & Camille Gladstone

                                      Benefit Committee

                                 Honorable Stephen Maliftano

 Ada Angarano                            Jean Kelly                    Helen Pesce
Christine Baldoni                      Virginia Leone                  Lisa Sciliano
C. Denise DiBiasi                    Barbara Malfitano               John Stubenvoll
Sharon Ferraro                         Rose Marino                     Joan Walsh
                                     Katherine McShane

The Harrison Beautification Foundation, Inc. has been newly re-established to beautify our
town, bring business home and improve our quality of life. Thanks to everyone who came out
to support our premier fund raising effort. The dreams we have will now begin to become a

Look for our illuminated winter snowflake display this season. In the spring, some new
gateway signs will be up welcoming people to our town. In addition to this, with the help of
many volunteers, we have planted many flowers that will be blooming as a sign of the town’s
rejuvenation. We’ll soon be adding memorial parks and benches and pedestal clocks to the

We will need your continued support. Please spread the word. There is magic in believing;
seeing is believing. As you look around and notice the renaissance beginning, be sure to point
it out to those around you. Working together we will enhance our community and bring it to
the prestigious heights it deserves.

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses for supporting us from the start:

Adam Pascal                         Gus' Seafood Restaurant                  The Baldoni Family
Al Dente Restaurant                 Harold Levinson Associates               The Baruch Family
Aquario Restaurant                  Jim Shanahan Printers                    The Chambers Hotel
Assemblyman Adam Bradley            John Kennedy of the Westchester CC       The DiBiasi Family
Barry Manilow                       John Wolf                                The Ditursi Family
Bertha's European Spa               Jordon Katz of Sony/BMG Distributors     The Elion Family
Big Apple Distributors              Katonah Museum                           The Ferraro Family
Blooming Buds                       Krystal Kravings                         The Gillian Family
Boy Scout Council of Greenwich      Last Licks                               The Grand Restaurant
Bruce Chung                         Leapin' Lizards                          The Jarecki Family
Candy Nichols                       LG Designs                               The Mara Family
CCG Patisserie                      Mayor Stephen Malfitano                  The Marino Family
Chef Edward Leonard                 Meadowlands Castle, Inc                  Doreen A. Mastroianni
Chia-Li Sung                        Michael Calgi                            The Neimark Family
Completely Bare Hair Removal        Milano Hairdressers                      The Olivia Family
Cristy Nails                        Mulino's Restaurant of Westchester       The Scalzo-Hymowitz Family
Cynthia Gordon                      New Rooster's Market                     The Sciliano Family
Dianne Warren                       New York Hair & Nail                     The Soltz Family
District Attorney Jeanine Pirro     Orlane Parisine                          The Theis Family
Donahue's                           Patrick Antonelle                        The Tony Danza Show
Emilio Restaurant                   The Shanahan Family                      The Vasaka Family
Equinox Fitness Center              Peter Donnelly of Ridgeway CC            Willett House
                                                                             The Daraio Family
                                                                             The Breiman Family

Thank you to the following individuals and businesses for supporting us from the start:

Fashion Nails Of Rye           Purchase Community House             Town & Country Hairdressers
Fast Fitness                   Red Oak Transportation               Trattatoria Vivolo
FasTrack Kids                  Richard Palmese, Sr.                 Trinity Restaurant
Feinsod Hardware               RK Restaurant                        Uncle Henry's Bar & Grill
Food City Market               Rye Country Store                    Underhill Market
Fred Astaire Dance Studio      Saks Fifth Avenue                    Varmax
The Torre Family               Select Wines                         Westchester Broadway Dinner Theatre
Frederick's Dry Cleaners       Shayna's Solution Fitness Program    Fred Mastroianni III
Frozen Ropes                   Suzie's Hair Studio                  Caspi Development Company
Gold Rush Jewlers              Terrapath Network

                    Silent Auction Rules
• Silent auction bidding begins at 6:30PM and ends at 8:00PM.
• Look around the room, read carefully and make your bids. All items are
  sold as is.
• All minimum bids and bid increases must be observed as stated on the bid
• The last bid when the auction is declared closed, is the winning bid and
  will be marked as such by a silent auction committee member. In the event
  of a dispute, written bids will be submitted and the highest bidder will be
  declared the winner.
• Payment may be made with cash, personal check (made out to the
  Harrison Beautification Foundation, Inc.) or with a Mastercard or Visa.
• If you have to leave the auction before the end, we will call you the
  following morning if you are the winner and tell you where you can come
  and make your payment and claim your items(s).
• All sales are final and there will be no exchanges or refunds. All items are
  sold as is.
• The Harrison Beautification Foundation, Inc. does not warrant the quality
  or value of the items or services auctioned. Dollar values listed in the
  catalogue are merely estimates provided by the donor.

                      “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                      TIME FOR SOME FACE TO FACE…

1. LUNCH WITH WESTCHESTER’S MOST FAMOUS DA                           Value:DA Dynamite
 In a rare opportunity for a one-on-one conversation over lunch with Westchester County’s
former District Attorney Jeanine Pirro, (her treat) discuss pertinent topics that impact our
community and our lives. Ms. Pirro is now serving her third 4 year term as District Attorney.
Prior to this position, she served as a prosecutor, headed the country’s first domestic violence
unit, sat on the Westchester County Court bench as the first woman jurist, and has brought
nationwide attention to the successful undercover operations which have brought internet
pedophiles and child pornographers to justice. Discuss how our laws, attitudes and behaviors
work for and against our nation’s moral core. This is a chance for a deep intellectual
dialogue with brilliant woman who has long been on the front line in protecting the innocent
and wronged. As Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC’s Harball put it, Jeanine Pirro is “the
avenging angel of American justice.”

2. GOLF WITH OUR MAYOR AT WESTCHESTER CC                           Value: A Priceless Par
The Honorable Mayor, Stephen Malfitano has graciously extended an invitation to join him for
a round of golf at the home of the Barclay Classic. Enjoy a day of competitive play on an
outstanding golf course with tight tree lined fairways and fast greens that are full of deceptive
breaks. See why golf greats such as Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Ernie Ells and many others
have been challenged on the signature 17th hole of the West Course. (466 yard par 4…you’d
better eat your Wheaties that morning!). Come and enjoy a day with our Mayor on the
grounds of a very special Harrison Landmark.

3. A DAY WITH ASSEMBLYMAN ADAM BRADLEY                              Value: A Political Gem
See what a day in the shoes of Assemblyman Adam Bradley is like when you join him in
committee meetings and the like for a day in Albany. You will see how this forceful advocate
for the 89th district (Which includes Bedford, Harrison, Lewisboro, Mt. Kisco, New Castle,
North Castle, Pound Ridge and most of White Plains) works vigilantly to protect the rights of
all New Yorkers from children to senior citizens. Assemblyman Bradley is committed to
protecting our environment and keeping it clean and safe. He believes all are entitled to
receive a quality education and that the work force should be assured of a safe work place.
See what goes on in the State Capitol as you follow in the steps of our great Assemblyman for
the day. Don’t forget the impact that spending a day with an Assemblyman would have on
your favorite high school or college student too…

                      “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                     FAMILY TIME…
4. FAMILY NIGHT AT THE MOVIES                                               Value: $300
Why go out for the movies when you can enjoy them at home? Be the highest bidder on this
package and you'll get a new Sony DVD player and a basket including DVD's candy and even
the popcorn! (Brieman Family) To make your evening last a little longer, you'll get this
second basket filled to the brim with 17 DVD's - and seconds on the popcorn! (Dario Family)
There something for everyone and every movie taste in these baskets of goodies!

5. LET’S STAY IN FOR DINNER TONIGHT                                         Value: $160
This basket has everything you’ll need to prepare your gourmet dinner at home. Starting with
cookbooks ranging from Italian to Chinese, you’ll have all the recipes at your finger tips. Your
new tools will include a Progressive multi-slicer, a Kitchen Aid food chopper, ceramic mortar
and pestle and a terracotta garlic roaster. You’ll even have beautiful ceramic salt and pepper
shakers and an olive oil dipping set to complete your table. No matter what recipes you decide
to try, this basket will help make cooking at home with the family an enjoyable evening.
(Breiman Family)

6. SAY CHEESE!                                                              Value: $450
Be sure to capture those priceless family moments with a top notch Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T7
5.1 mega pixel digital camera. This is the world’s most compact zoom camera with 3x’s
optical zoom. With this tucked in your back pocket, you’ll never miss a close-up photo-op
again! (Sony BMG)

7. WHAT TO DO WITH ALL OF YOUR PHOTOS?                                      Value: $160
Now that you’ve got all of the photos from your vacation, how can you make them enjoyable to
view? By creating a scrapbook of course! This basket contains everything you’ll need to get
your photos organized and beautiful! Scrapbooking has become quite the popular past time
and the results are beautiful. Try your hand at it today and insure that your photo albums are
viewed year round. (Sciliano Family)

8. FUN IN THE SUN                                                    Value: $3,500
If you prefer the warmth of the New England summer, enjoy a fantastic four night, five day get-
away to beautiful Nantucket! This centrally located private home has five bedrooms and is just
a short jaunt to town. Don’t forget those bathing suits and flip-flops as this island is all about
beach time. (The Jarecki/Olivia Famlies)

                      “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                     FAMILY TIME…
9. FAMILY FUN IN VERMONT                                             Value: $3,000
For those of you who like to hit the slopes, take your family for a four night, five day get-away
to fabulous Stratton Mountain, Vermont. This beautifully furnished private five bedroom
family home is located on the access road to Stratton Mountain Ski resort - one mile from the
base lodge. With great shopping in nearby Manchester and a sauna and Jacuzzi for après ski,
this house has something for everyone! (Ferraro Family)

                      “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                PLAY TIME FOR KIDS

10. PIANO 101                                                        Value: $160          Ms.
Chia-Li Sung, a piano teacher for 20 years, is offering four ½ hour private lessons at your
home. An accomplished pianist, Ms. Sung is a Harrison resident and many of her students
live locally. (Ms. Chia-Li Sung)

11. FUN, FUN, FUN!                                                  Value: $290
A birthday party for 25 kids filled with sports and games at Purchase Community House.
Supervised gym activities will allow the kids to play to their heart’s content, and a party room
will be set up to accommodate your cake and ice cream. (Purchase Community House)

12. CAMELOT REVISITED                                               Value: $110
You and your child will enjoy going back in time to a Castle for a medieval dinner for two (no
forks allowed!) and an entertaining show filled with knights and jousting at Medieval Times in
Lyndhurst, NJ. (The Meadowlands Castle, Inc.)

13. AHEAD OF THE CLASS                                              Value: $225
Offer your child age 3-7 the gift of learning. FasTrack Kids, an enrichment education
program, is offering one month of four 2 hour classes in subjects such as astronomy,
economics and communications. It’s never too early to get your child on the right track.
(FasTrack Kids)

14. LEAP INTO FUN!                                                  Value: $270
Your child will flip over this one! Birthday Party for 10 kids includes one hour of supervised
play, party room with attendant and balloons, food, cake and soda. All the fixings as well as
game tokens for the kids. Let someone else do all the work!
(Leapin’ Lizards)

15. MAKE A SPLASH!                                                  Value: $175
Have a kid’s pool party in July – August 2006 at the Boy Scout Camp in Greenwich, CT.
Outdoor Olympic-size pool with certified lifeguard on duty. Use your $25 gift certificate from
Candy Nichols to pick up something cool for the birthday girl or boy.
(Boy Scouts of America & Candy Nichols)

                     “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                               PLAY TIME FOR KIDS
16. WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!                                   Value: $205
Celebrate your child’s birthday by taking 10 kids for ice cream sundaes at Last Licks in
Scarsdale, Armonk or Thornwood. After they lick their dishes clean, they will each get a free
spin on the prize wheel. Bring the gang home to watch a movie from the 10 DVD Kid Basket
and don’t forget the popcorn! (Last Licks & Big Apple Distributors)

                     “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                             PLAY TIME FOR ADULTS

17. THERE’S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR                                       Value: $200
 Come root for your favorite team, The New York Yankees! Four Loge Box Tickets can have
your name on it during the 2006 Season. This one’s a homerun! (Mutually convenient date,
Monday through Friday) (Sciliano Family)

18. ANYONE FOR GOLF?                                               Value: $295
Work on your game by having a one-hour private lesson with pro, Peter Donnelly at the
Ridgeway Golf Club in White Plains, then practice what you’ve learned by swinging that new
Halo Hybrid. This versatile club is perfect for shots from the fairway, rough and tee which will
enable you to always be under par. (Peter Donnelly, Ridgeway Golf Club and John Kennedy,
Westchester Country Club)

19. GOAL!                                                           Value: $480
Now this is a great guy’s night out! You and a friend start with a great steak dinner at the
Willett House where red meat is king! (Willett House) Then off you go to see the formidable
New York Rangers face-off with the Boston Bruins at Madison Square Garden on Sunday,
November 20th at 7:30PM. (John Wolf) You know your sport so you’ll appreciate this Wayne
Gretzsky Shadow Box featuring authentic trading cards, NHL puck and stick. (Gillian Family)

20. PLAY SOME TEXAS HOLD ‘EM                                       Value: $320
Sit back, light up and call the “big blind.” Play some Texas Hold ‘Em (Baldoni Family) and
smoke that box of Arturo Fuente cigars offering one of the highest quality vintage tobaccos.
(Harold Levinson Assoc.). When you get hungry, you have a three foot wedge (Underhill
Market) and eggplant parmagiana (Roosters) to munch on, as well as some beer and soda
(Baldoni Family) .

21. DIRTY DANCING                                                  Value: $130
 You and your partner will stand out on the dance floor after your lessons at Fred Astaire
Dance Studio in Mamaroneck. Learn the tango, merengue or the cha cha. This package
includes two ½ hour lessons and a practice party. You’ll wow the crowd with your moves!
(Fred Astaire Dance Studio)

22. LUNCH WAS NEVER LIKE THIS!                                     Value: $1500
You and nine of your best gal pals will lunch at Zodiac Restaurant at Neiman Marcus (love
those popovers), then you’re off for facials, arm & hand massage and makeup courtesy of
Orlane Parisine. Your friends will really owe you for this one!
(Orlane Parisine)

                     "TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                  IT’S SHOW TIME!

23. WHO’S THE BOSS?                                        Value: It’s Live!
That lovable and handsome Tony Danza now has his own talk show, and you and three others
have the opportunity to be part of his studio audience at the ABC Studios in Manhattan. Come
on in and enjoy the show! (The Tony Danza Show)

24. DON’T FORGET YOUR “HAIRSPRAY”                          Value: $800
This wonderfully delightful multiple Tony Winner will tickle both of your funny bones! New
York Magazine says “So many numbers bring down the house, it’s a wonder the theatre is still
standing!” Laughing can be exhausting so enjoy an overnight stay with breakfast at the deluxe
Chambers Hotel across from the impressive Trump Tower. (Baruch Family & Caspi
Development Company)

25. BROADWAY IN THE SUBURBS                        Value: A Great Night Out
Take a quick ride to Elmsford and see a show and have dinner at the Westchester
Broadway Dinner Theater. Now that’s entertainment, and it’s so close to home.
(Westchester Broadway Dinner Theater)

26. “ THE PRODUCERS”                                              Value: $200
Be part of history and come to the city and see “The Producers,” the play that has won more
Tony Awards than any other show on Broadway! Be swept over in laughter by this hilarious
Mel Brooks comedy. Two orchestra seats for your viewing pleasure.
(Baruch Family)

                     “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                 TIME TO SPLURGE
27. BRING FLAVOR INTO YOUR LIFE                                    Value: $2,000
Culinary Olympic Gold Medal Chef, Edward G. Leonard will come to your home and teach
you along with 5 to 7 of your luckiest friends how to prepare a seasonal three course gourmet
meal. The chef is one of only 62 certified master chefs in the United States. He is author of
many books including such titles as: Tastes and Tales of Chef: The Apprentice’s Journey,
Cooking with America’s Championship Team, and Private Club Cuisine: Cooking with a
Master Chef. Leonard has won over 40 gold medals in cooking competitions throughout the
world. His vision and leadership in the culinary field have been instrumental in raising the
standards of excellence in a very demanding arena. Chef Leonard is the past president of the
American Culinary Federation (ACF), and vice president of the World Association of Cooks
Societies. He expertly led the 2000 and 2004 ACF culinary team to gold medals and will
captain the 2008 team. You can have the honor of inviting five to seven friends along and
savor this once in a life time experience with one of the premiere chefs in the United States
(Edward G. Leonard)

STONES        Value: $1,500 and the time of your life
The Rolling Stones have been playing to enthusiastic sold out crowds around the world during
their 2005 tour. “I know, it’s only Rock and Roll, but” you’ll like it! The Stones performance
is said to be amazing and you and a guest can be at their next show in Madison Square Garden
enjoying the concert from a prime location. (Scalzo-Hymowitz Family) Your transportation to
and from the concert will be a stretch limousine provided by Red Oak Transportation. Who
said, “You can’t always get what you want?”

29. ONE VOICE… ONE TIME ONLY!                                     Value: Priceless
Barry Manilow has been hailed as the Undisputed #1 Adult Contemporary Artist of all times.
“He is a giant among entertainers.” says Rolling Stone magazine. Mr. Manilow has
generously given the Harrison Beautification Foundation, Inc. a copy of his handwritten smash
hit ONE VOICE and personally signed it for us. This is a truly priceless and unique
opportunity for a fan. (Sony BMG)

30. FOR THAT SPECIAL LADY IN YOUR LIFE                                    Value: $950
Bring sparkle into your life with a beautiful 18 Karat white gold omega pendant containing
one round diamond weighing ¼ ct and 42 full cut round diamonds weighing 70 ct. H-color Sl -
1 quality. (Elion Family) There’s nothing like diamonds and flowers to say “I love you” so be
sure to pick up a lovely bouquet on the way home. (Blooming Buds)

                      “’TIS     THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                   TIME TO SPLURGE

31. WATERCOLOR BY PATRICK ANTONELLE                                           Value: $750
For over 3o years, Patrick Antonelle has been painting masterpieces that capture the most
beautiful aspects of urban and natural settings. He is acclaimed as the American Renoir, New
York’s Monet and the living Pissarro. Collectors of his works include the Sinatras, the
Trumps, the Philbins and a host of corporations that recognize his talent, as well as the
investment value of owning his work. As his originals grow in value and the limited edition
prints sell out, you may want to act now and acquire some of his imagery. Mr. Antonelle has
donated a numbered, framed print of his work entitled Winter on Fifth Avenue II . (Patrick

                                              Value: $500
With the use of subtle modulations of light, Cynthia Gordon’s works capture moments in time
in a timeless way; through nature. You’ll enjoy her work with a beautiful framed original
watercolor and eight matching note cards. Ms. Gordon, a former resident of West Harrison
has studied with Brigitte Loritz, The Pratt Graphic Center in New York City and at the
University of Santo Tomas in Manila. She is currently teaching in Michigan and continues to
show her work there. (Cynthia Gordon)

33. SONATA FOR SPRING                                                         Value: $400
If music is your passion, you’ll be inspired by this beautiful array of musical notes all set in oil
on canvas. This original piece of art uses bright colors to stimulate the senses and will bring
the right collector years of viewing pleasure. (Soltz Family)

IN YOUR NEW JEWELS                              Value: $400
Join Shayna for four private muscle toning, cardio-intensive total body workouts. Burn fat and
calories quickly as you dance to exotic music with alluring movements. You will not even know
you are working out…just let go and enjoy Shayna’s Solution Fitness Program thru Belly
Dancing. (Shayna’s Solution Fitness Program) Why not show off your new moves while
wearing sparkling Swarovski crystal jewelry? Let the individual crystals illuminate you in
their magical use of light. Hand made by Karen Opperman of Krystal Kravings. (Krystal

                     “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                 TIME TO SPLURGE
Oh Dahling, we have such a busy day! Let’s see, we both have 50 minute Swedish massages
at Elizabeth Arden’s Spa, after that, we have facials, warm cream manicures for two. Oh, I
almost forgot about our shampoo & hair styling sessions there. (Ditursi Family) As if that
weren’t enough, we have that massive basket of goodies from Victoria’s Secrets to look
through (Theis Family). I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

36. CLOTHES MAKE THE MAN                                                   Value: $400
Want to look like you belong in the pages of Gentleman’s Quarterly? We have just the thing
for you; two very handsome neckties from Hermes. (Neimark Family). And to keep that Greek
god-like appearance spotless, a $100 gift certificate for dry cleaning by Fredericks at any one
of their numerous locations. (DiBiasi Family)

37. SOME ACCESSORIES NEVER GO OUT OF STYLE                                 Value: $225
Carnelian stones, colored glass and crystal make up this beautiful three piece set. The
necklace has three graduated strands starting at 18 inches and growing. The gorgeous
matching bracelet brings the set to life and the dazzling earrings complete the look. As any
well dressed woman knows, the secret to style is accessorizing successfully. That won't be a
problem if you're the highest bidder on this set. (LG Designs)

38. A LASTING MEMORY                                                      Value: $1000
Purchase a beautiful garden bench for your home or a valued, approved spot in Town with an
engraved plaque for dedication. This six foot long bench from Oxford Garden in Louisville,
KY is crafted to exacting standards from shorea wood for enduring quality and style.

                     “’TIS   THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                 IT’S PARTY TIME!!

39. WHAT’S A PARTY WITHOUT WINE?                                  Value: $435
As either the host or the most popular guest, you’ll have enough to share with a case of
delicious Castellare Chianti Classico. (Varmax Liquor Pantry) This wine is often described as
robust and well balanced with deep cherry flavors and firm tannins. Impress all your friends
with your good taste in wine and don’t forget a delicious cheese basket. (Rye Country Store)

40. ENJOY A GOOD CIGAR                                                   Value: $225
You’ll have enough to share with your guests when you break open this wooden box of 25
Ashton hand rolled cigars. Ashton cigars have become one of the most sought after premium
cigars in the world and you’ll know why once you taste them. (Donahue’s)

                     “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                  IT’S FOOD TIME!

41. I MADE RESERVATIONS                                                  Value: $300
Let someone else do the cooking and enjoy delicious dining at your friendly neighborhood
restaurants! The family can enjoy fish, chicken fajitas, pasta and burgers for the week and
look, no dirty dishes! (Halstead Avenue Bistro, Trinity Restaurant, Trattoria Vivolo, Uncle
Henry’s Bar & Grill, Pico de Gallo Restaurant, Al Dente Restaurant )

42. “ANOTHER CAIPIRINHA, PLEASE”                                          Value: $200
The four of you will enjoy the fresh and flavorful seafood dishes at this great Portuguese
restaurant in West Harrison, and you’ll really like those amazing cocktails (you may want to
choose a designated driver). Don’t miss the stuffed squid! (Aquario Restaurant)

43. MANGIA                                                                Value: $200
Treat yourself to an Italian feast at these highly rated Northern Italian restaurants. Both
Emilio’s in Harrison and Mulino’s in White Plains offer excellent food and fine service. Who
knows who might be sitting next to you at Mulino’s (Is that “The Donald?”) and of course, the
irresistible antipasta is served tableside at Emilio’s! (Emilio Ristorante & Mulino’s of

44. TOP 20!                                                        Value: $250
Impress your friends by taking them to RK…An American Brasserie voted by Esquire
Magazine as one of America’s 20 best new eateries of 2005. Cuisine is modern American with
over 350 wine choices. Great food in a great setting! (RK…An American Brasserie)

45. COMFORT FOOD                                                   Value: It’s Good!
 You and three others will feel at home for dinner at Gus’s, a 70 year old “neighborhood
legend” that offers the favorite steamers & salad combo, and fresh seafood. It’s a cozy place
to eat and you don’t have to get dressed up! (Gus’s Franklin Park)

                      “’TIS     THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                      TIME SAVERS…
46. THAT (%@&!*$%#) COMPUTER OF MINE! Value: $250 (& Tylenol)
Everyone feels that way about their computer at one time or another – especially when you’re
at home without a handy support desk. Well, that’s why we’re happy to offer two (2) hours of
computer consulting at your home or office. Once they’ve had a chance to get your computer
back on track, you’ll be happy that you discovered their invaluable service! (Terrapath

47. WHO HAS TIME FOR DRY CLEANING??                                    Value: $100
You’ll not have to worry about yours if you’re the highest bidder on this package! Just drop
your dry cleaning off at one of their 15 locations and let them take care of the rest! (Dry
Cleaning by Fredericks, Fred & Dolly’s Cleaning Station, Once Price Dry Cleaning)

48. FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR COMMUTE                             Value: Talk of the Town
Ever get to the train station with only a minute to spare? Well, you certainly won’t need to
worry about missing your train with this PREMIUM PARKING SPACE!!! Be the highest
bidder and you’ll have that space for one full year effective January 2006. That’s right, park
near the stairs by the ticket office and you’ll have plenty of time for that extra cup of coffee at
home. (Town of Harrison)

                       “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                       TIME FOR YOU
49. QUICK FIX-ME-UP                                                     Value: $275
 Stay local and get your hair and nails tended to! Grab your stylishly new Dooney & Burke
leather handbag (Anonymous Donor) and stop by Town and Country Hairdressers and get that
wash, cut & dry then stroll down Purchase Street to Milano’s for a pedicure and manicure.
How convenient for that woman on the go!
(Town and Country Hairdressers & Milano Hairdressers)

50. GET PAMPERED                                                        Value: $700
Go on vacation for a day and let Bertha’s European Spa take you away! Relax and treat
yourself to a full day of beauty including a body scrub, hot stone massage, facial, spa pedicure
and manicure, hand paraffin, eye brow shaping and a haircut And oh yes, lunch is included.
Also walk home with a superb array of beauty essentials that will make you feel and look like a
million bucks! (Bertha’s European Spa)

51. BODY FOR LIFE                                                       Value: $660
Get fit fast by taking Pilates classes (one gift certificate offering 8 classes & one gift certificate
offering unlimited classes for a month) at Fast Fitness in Harrison! (Fast Fitness) After your
work-out, energize yourself with nutritious protein bars, shakes and vitamin supplements from
Herbal Life. This health basket also includes a Sunbeam Blender to make those delicious
shakes. Also included is a DVD that will help you develop a program where you can maintain
health and lose weight.
 (Doreen A. Mastroianni) Now you’re doing your body good inside and out!

52. STRESS RELIEVER                                                     Value: $225
 Soothe those tired, achy muscles by having a wonderful one-hour massage at the Westchester
Country Club. (The Vasaka Family). Now go home and give your skin some tender loving
treatment by using Herbal Life skin care products: eye cream, cleansing & facial systems and
moisturizers. Your whole body will feel like new again!
(Doreen A. Mastroianni)

53. WEEKEND DAZZLE                                                      Value: $140
For that big night out, get “glamed-up” from your head and down to your toes in West
Harrison! Have a wash, cut and dry at Suzie’s Hair Studio and pretty up those nails at New
York Hair & Nail. Put on your face by using all of those wonderful cosmetic goodies from
Saks Fifth Avenue. Now, you’re ready for a night on the town!
(Suzie’s Hair Studio, New York Hair & Nail, Saks Fifth Avenue)

                     “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                    TIME FOR YOU
54. FEEL THE BURN!                                                  Value: $125
Get ready for action with these five adult workout classes at Bruce Chung’s in Harrison.
Challenge yourself in classes such as kickboxing, combat conditioning or cardio-sculpt. Your
body will be coming back for more! (Bruce Chung)

55. GOOD BYE, RAZORS!                                               Value: $1000
 Get silky smooth to the touch by using this $1000 gift certificate towards a permanent hair
removal package. (Completely Bare)

56. AGELESS BEAUTY                                                  Value: $550
Give your skin a face-lift by using these high quality facial products by Orlane Paris. These
bio-energenic products will cleanse and moisturize your skin, and you’ll feel and notice the
difference immediately. (Orlane Paris)

57. “BEST GYM IN NEW YORK”                                          Value: $850
Make fitness part of your life, day or night! Take advantage of this three month pass at
Equinox Fitness Clubs (Mamaroneck, Scarsdale & Manhattan). Expires June 2006.

                     “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                                       TUNE TIME
58. CATCH A RISING STAR                                                    Value: $100
In his meteoric rise to global stardom as singer, composer, producer…Usher was featured in
the May 2004 issue of the Rolling Stone Magazine. You can own an enlarged version of that
cover autographed by Usher himself. It’s a unique copy as it survived the crush of his many
eager fans in the process of being signed. For any fan of today’s music, this is a fabulous
item to own. (Sony BMG)

59. MAROON 5 – SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED!                                  Value:$ 100
This band has a beautiful way of expressing every emotion with its funky white-soul style.
With 12 hits one after another, the signature sound of Maroon 5 has dazzled the music world.
This Love, Harder to Breathe, Sunday Morning, She Will Be Loved… just a few examples of
Maroon 5’s ability to pull amazing songwriting, awesome vocals, and brilliant music together
to make things work. The band has generously donated a photograph autographed by each
group member and you can call it your own. (Sony BMG)

A revered song writer for many prominent musical artists, Diane Warren continues to be a
major influence on today’s music world. Ms. Warren has an extra ordinary number of songs
on the music charts. She writes for such clientele as Eric Clapton, Kenny G, Patti LaBelle,
Milli Vanilli, Celine Dion, Natalie Cole, Touchtone Pictures, Warner Brothers, Columbia
Pictures, and Miramax.One might ask how she found time to make a donation to the Harrison
Beautification Foundation, Inc. It pays to have friends! Own her autographed collection,
enjoy the music and support our Town/Village. (Realsongs, Inc.)

61. HOT LEGS AND HOT PHOTOS!                                       Value: $100
“Tonight’s the Night” to make everything alright for a lucky Rod Stewart fan. “Have I told
you Lately” how fortunate it would be if you won the 8X10 autographed photo of one of the
pop music world’s premiere balladeers? With a star on Hollywood’s walk of fame and a
career that spans over 40 years, this is an item with which a groupie would say, “You’re in my
Heart.” (Sony BMG)

62. BE IN THE SPOTLIGHT PERMANENTLY                                Value: Priceless
It’s time for a one-of-a-kind tribute guaranteed to be an instant hit! Choose a gold or platinum
CD Artist from the list displayed. You will receive their gold or platinum CD with your name
inscribed on it. This is a unique homage given to recording artists. Those are artists who have
sold more than one million dollars (gold) or one million copies (platinum). This cannot be
duplicated for any price and you have the chance to own one. (Sony BMG)

                    “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                     TIME FOR SPORTS MEMORABILIA
63. YANKEE LEGENDS                                               Value: $1000
Two of the most famous baseball players in baseball history, Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio
captured in an autographed black and white photo in a handsome frame. (Soltz Family)

64. IT'S A HOME RUN!!                                            Value: $200
Get your piece of Yankee history with an autographed baseball by the man who's led the team
to four World Series championships - Joe Torre. (Torre Family)

65. IN THE LAND OF GIANTS                                        Value: $175
Walk home with an Osi Umenyoria autographed football (Mara Family) and a signed 8x10
photo. (Last Licks )

66. Derek Jeter Signed 16x20 Photo                               Value: $600

67. Walt Frazier Signed 8x10 Photo                               Value: $100

68. Eli Manning Signed Helmet w/case                              Value: $700

69. Tiki Barber Signed Football w/case                           Value: $350

70. Buckner/Wilson Dual Signed 16x20 Photo                       Value: $200

71. Jason Kidd Signed 8x10 Photo                                 Value: $175

72. Stephon Marbury Signed 8x10 Photo                            Value: $200

73. Jaromir Jagr Signed 8x10 Photo                               Value: $200

74. Floyd/Cameron/Matsui/Reyes Signed 4 Ball Set w/case          Value: $425

75. Posada/Johnson/Sheffield Signed 3 Ball Set w/case            Value: $800

76. Guidry/Gossage/Nettles Signed 3 Ball Set w/case              Value: $325

77. Brandi Chastain signed 8x10 Photo                            Value: $125

78. Yogi Berra/Phil Rizzuto Dual Signed 8x10 Photo               Value: $250

                     “’TIS    THE SEASON TO SHOP!”
                      TIME FOR SPORTS MEMORABILIA
79. GARY SHEFFIELD MEET & GREET                                   Value: $250
Gary Sheffield will be at Last Licks in Thornwood on December 3, 2005 from 12-1:30PM.
The winner will receive a signed 8x10 photo, and they will also take a photo with Gary
Sheffield. No waiting in line.

80. MARIANO RIVERA MEET & GREET                                   Value: $250
Mariano Rivera will be at Last Licks in Armonk on December 3, 2005 from 2-3:30PM. The
winner will received a signed 8x10 photo, and they will also take a photo with Mariano Rivera.
No waiting in line.

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