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Take Charge Accept Credit and Debit Cards


									merchant card services
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                                                                                                > Innovative Stewardship

[   Take Charge:
    Accept Credit and Debit Cards

In addition to traditional paper checks and new online electronic check services, churchgoers and
other donors are also using long-familiar credit and now-handy debit cards to pay for ministry-
related costs from child care and school tuition to activity enrollment and merchandise purchases.
Some are beginning to use “plastic” for tithes and contributions, as they acknowledge the impact
of credit card incentives in our culture. While some organizations still shy away from credit card
use, others consider credit card acceptance yet one more way to increase stewardship by making it
easy for contributors to give. Since more than half of American adults possess a credit card, and
many churches receive up to 40 percent of their revenue from ministry-related fees and purchases,
credit and debit card acceptance can be well worth considering.

    WITH THEIR WELL-KNOWN                                               In Agora Services, which specializes in
    TRANSACTION FEES, WHY                                               electronic payments for ministries, you have
    SHOULD AN ORGANIZATION                                              a reliable, trustworthy provider of
    CONSIDER ACCEPTING                                                  established Merchant Account services from
    CREDIT AND DEBIT CARDS?                                             VISA and MasterCard. Agora’s credit and
                                                                        debit card acceptance options are easy to
    Truth be known, there are some costs
                                                                        use, and their “Interchange Plus”
    associated with every type of payment.
                                                                        methods offer lower transaction fees than
     • Debit cards cost a fraction of other card                        many other processors.
       payment methods.
                                                                        In the parable of the Talents, the Lord
     • Studies have shown that by offering                              honored the servant who invested wisely.
       additional payment options, organizations                        Might it make sense to spend two percent to
       can expand and enhance participation and                         gain the other 98 percent?
       encourage giving.
     • Accountability, accuracy, convenience and
       consistency all increase with Merchant                           HOW DO AGORA’S MERCHANT
       Card acceptance. The card providers bear                         CARD SERVICES WORK?
       much of the risk.                                                Using your existing bank account(s), and
     • There are no NSF check-related expenses                          a Merchant Account from Agora Services,
       from credit card transactions.                                   you can process credit and debit card

    925 S. Mason Road, Suite 101   Katy, Texas 77450   1.866.322.3871    281.392.7111
merchant card services
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                                                                                              > Innovative Stewardship

  transactions using traditional phone line                           with churches, ministries and service
  terminals, any in-house workstation that has                        organizations. Agora principals, after years
  Internet access, or any PayPoint T M enabled                        of helping church offices, understand your
  web page. An authorized user can process                            unique needs and can help you identify the
  transactions either by phone, fax, over the                         processing resources best suited to your
  Internet, or in person, any time, any day of                        specific needs.
  the year. Special encryption technology                             Second, many credit card service providers
  makes the service
                                                                      require clients to set up a separate demand
  a secure choice. And depending on your                              deposit bank account for credit card funds.
  specific needs, Agora can provide you with:                         With Agora, no demand deposit account is
    • point-of-sale terminals for bookstores                          needed. Simply use your existing bank
      or special events                                               account and keep your current, valued
    • remote terminals for locations away                             banking relationship in tact.

    • “Virtual Terminals” on your workstations’                       Finally, because Agora offers its Merchant
      keyboards                                                       Card services with “Interchange Plus”
                                                                      discount rates, they’re not only reliable and
    • PayPoints T M for web page payments
                                                                      trustworthy, the services are also fair,
                                                                      competitive, and easily audited.
  Three Great Reasons.
  First, you’re in excellent hands because
  Agora Services was founded in order to work

[  For more information on Merchant Card Service please call
   us at 866-322-3871 or vist

  925 S. Mason Road, Suite 101   Katy, Texas 77450   1.866.322.3871    281.392.7111

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