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									Should I be on Twitter?
I have been involved with web design for a number of years and these days it's a lot broader
than just building a website. Social media has become a huge part of your online presence.
However it is increasingly difficult to know where to focus your attention. This article looks
specifically at Twitter and whether or not you should be on there.
Here are some guidelines.

      Instant visibility – Twitter offers instant visibility to your business. Once you open an
       account for your business, remember to put up messages wherever possible, telling
       people that they can follow you on Twitter now.
      Making connections – Twitter helps you connect with your clients/customers/audience.
       It’s the perfect platform for listening to what customers want and giving it to them. It’s
       definitely easier than waiting for customers to enter feedback forms on your website.
      Passing information – Have you recently developed a new product or service? Then
       tweet about it and the world will know. Where earlier people relied on RSS feeds to pass
       on information to customers etc, now a simple tweet does the job.
      Understanding trends – Twitter helps you understand what the latest trends are, what
       people are tweeting about so you can gear your offering to match what they are looking
       for. You just have to run a search on a particular term, and you will instantly be provided
       with what people are tweeting.
      Digital Footprint – Twitter lets you put your own digital footprint out there on the
       internet. It is also a great way to drive more traffic to your blog or website.
      Advertising – It’s a cool way to plug your products online and the best part is that it’s
       free. You can upload pictures of something relevant to your business and you can be
       sure that word will go around.
      Branding – Twitter helps you to create your own brand and market your company

While joining Twitter is a great idea for any business, it still requires a certain amount of
strategy. Here’s what you should avoid doing on Twitter because it’s just like any other social
networking media with plenty of downsides as well.

      Don’t be boring – No one wants to read boring tweets about something closely related
       to your company but which might not be interesting to your audience. Don’t spew
       unnecessary tweets that don’t add value to your brand image.
      Don’t get personal – Never attack a competitor on Twitter. Word goes around super
       fast and you could get easily offend even your own customers by ranting against your
      Be more human – People follow you on Twitter for the human connection. Don’t repeat
       your staid PR quotes which people can anyway look up on your website. It isn’t why
       they’re following you anyway.
      Airing views – Twitter is your platform to air your views as well. Don’t use it to incite
       people against others using politics or religion.

When used appropriately, Twitter is the new age marketing tool that has indeed worked
wonders for many a business. Give it a try!

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