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					Absolute Autos Project Plan
Fred ruan
Lee li

1.0Business Plan
      1.1 Project Title

      Our company is called Absolute Autos. The Active website is It is a web based used-car company that trades and rents used
      cars to those that want the best quality of service and product.

      1.2 Project Team Members

      The owners of the Company are:
      Fred ruan
      Lee li

      1.3 Business Objectives (VoE)

      The mission of our company is to trade and rents clients’ cars .We understand that
      customers who want to buy or sell a car may be have a puzzle that they do not know the
      value of their cars exactly. From our website they can get a professional appraisement.
      We value our customers experience and bring to them nothing short of what we promise.
             1.3.1 Objectives

             We will design a website that conducted through Business to Consumer and
             Consumer to Consumer. Our customers could find another person who wants to
             have a trading with him. Through this period, we provide professional services
             make sure there is no cheating in the trading.
             1.3.2 Success Metrics

                Increase customer awareness.
                Provide professional appraisement.
                Establish reputation of being a trustworthy and reliable company

             1.3.3   Future Growth

                Expand trading services by offering a professional service
                Provide renting service to customers nationally
                Provide repairing service to customers nationally
                Provide refitting service to customers nationally
                Gain relationship with customers, they will use other service of our company.

      1.4 Business Models

     Our business will be conducted through Business to Consumer and Consumer to
     Consumer. Consumers can access our website and get a rental for their personal use. And
     all this services are free. We will put some advertisement on the page for our own profits.
2.0 Market Analysis
     2.1 Industry Analysis (VoI)

            2.1.1   Competitive Landscape

                Local secondhand car market
                Other websites(ex.

            2.1.2   Comparative Analysis

            To compete with our competition we will provide customer testimonials, gift
            cards, and provide a professional appraisement service. All the services we
            provide are free, the website users do not need to pay for a dollar.

            2.1.3   Best Practices

            We focus on used-car market and try to give the best service to our consumers.
            We will improve our appraisement by the changing of the market. We value our
            customers experience and ensure that our customers are 100% satisfied with every
            experience they have with our company.

     2.2 Market Segmentation (“S”)

           People who want to buy a car
           People who want to sell their cars
           People whose car need to repair
           People whose car need to refitting

     2.3 Target Market Demographics (“T”)

     Automobiles developing fast in china, most Chinese people do not have their own car
     right now, but many people have their own cars for many years. So there is a big
     opportunity in used-car market. Also that, internet developing fast in china, our company
     put this two things together, and give the best service to the consumers.

     2.4 Customer Needs (VoC)

     Customers need to be able to use the website easily. Customers also demand simple and
     reliable service. Since they want to know the value about the used-car exactly, they need
     an honest and responsible, trustworthy company that can easer their concerns. In
     addition, variety is very important to customers, and we will allow them to choose
     exactly what they want. We will allow flexibility to mix and match services.

3.0 Marketing Strategy
      3.1 Value Proposition

      Our customer is our number one priority. We will focus on providing our customer with
      exceptional service without they pay for it. Our staff will be extensively trained in
      appraising every kind of automobiles. We will provide used car service as many as
      possible. Our customer could use all our service by free. We believe that our website
      could change your auto life batter.

      3.2 Positioning Strategy

          Cheaper
           Cost could be lower than local car company
          Simple
           Customer can use the website simply
          Various
           We provide various service bout autos
          Professional
           Our services are professional

      3.4 Market Entrance Strategy

      We will use traditional means of advertising such as small ads in magazines geared
      towards car owners. We can also purchase ad space in area newspapers. We will also
      use radios and some other car websites to public our services.

4.0 Project Plan
      4.1 Milestones

Tasks                  1   2     3   4   5   6    7   8   9   10   11   12   13   14   15   16
Business Plan
Business Objectives
Market Analysis
Marketing Strategy
Plan Presentation
Content View
Site View
Page View
Design Presentation
Test Plan

Present Prototype
Final Development
Launch Website/Final Presentation

5.0 Design Plan
      5.1 Style Guide

              5.1.1 Site View/ Wireframe (Features)


       News                                                   Contact
                                    Services            FAQ     Us

                                                Buy                      Us

                   Policy                       Rent                    Phone

                  Announcement                                           QQ


5.1.2 Page Views

                          Home Page

                            Sub Page

5.1.3 Navigation Design

Having navigation buttons throughout the website are crucial in making the
website successful. These buttons make browsing the site a lot easier. Our
website will contain a navigation bar consisting of: Home Page, Services, FAQ’s
and Contact Us, which will all appear at the top of every page in a vertical

5.1.4 Visual Design

                     Background- The background of each page is a black color. It will not
                      distract people from the site’s content, including test and images.
                     Text- All of the test on the site is yellow, which works well with the light
                      black background. Users will have no trouble reading the test because of
                      blending in with the background.
                     Logo- “Absolute Autos” appears is a bold font at the top of each page.
                      Also, each page contains a subtitle is a fancy font. Both of these fonts
                      make draw attention to the title bar and the name of the company.

              5.1.5 Editorial Design

              Each of the pages will include write ups that will relate and explain the page and
              the pictures provided. Each package will include a detailed description of what
              we will be done. The testimonials page will include accurate statements from our
              customers and their satisfaction with our service. In the about us page we will
              provide experience and credentials. We will also provide a detailed explanation
              of our money back guarantee. The pages will be quite professional.

       5.2 Technical Specifications

              5.2.1 User Platform Requirements

              Users will be able to access our site using either broadband or dial-up service.
              The site will be kept simple and will not require extremely fast internet access.
              Since we are aiming at cars owners, internet access should be a non-issue.
              They will require either Internet Explorer of Firefox to view the site.

6.0 Test Plan

We will constantly be testing and making changes. Problems that are encountered early are
generally easier to deal with and cost less time and money to fix.

       6.1 Consumer Testing

              6.1.1 Design / Interface Testing

              There will be many things that need to be tested to make sure that both the site is
              easy for us to make changes and that the customers are happy with the site and the
              service. Tests will include: ensuring easy navigation, easy to find information,
              clarity, accuracy and appropriate information, consistency, amount of content
              (whether it is too much or not enough), and will the customers return to the site to
              get any updates.

              6.1.2 Navigation Testing

           We will have to ensure the navigation is as accurate and easy as possible since the
           navigation really dictates the page use. Navigation buttons will be located in the
           same spot on each page. Testing of the buttons in the navigation bar will be
           conducted to make sure they work and link to the appropriate pages. All the
           buttons will have to work properly to make the surfing as easy as possible.

           6.1.3 Usability Testing

           There is no better way to test our site than getting a group of people different
           ages, with different computer and internet skills. We will utilize a cognitive
           walkthrough. They will use our site and rate it not on a scale system, but in a
           write up in which they can explain themselves more and use examples on all the
           aspects of the site.

     6.2 Business Testing

           6.2.1 Content testing

           Revising by both our team and others will be the best way to test the content.
           Having more eyes that do not know all the content and did not create the site will
           give greater and more accurate feedback to us. In the content testing phase, we
           will have our team and others to test for; clarity, validity, spelling and grammar,
           easy language, redundancy and up to date information.

           6.2.2 Functionality Testing

           This testing will be done by both us again as well as outside sources. We will
           provide individuals with different tasks to perform on the website and see how
           they perform and get their feedback. The main goal is to make our website as
           functional, and as simple to use as possible.

           6.2.3 Browser / Os Compatibility Testing

           Since the majority of internet users use either Internet Explorer 6.0 or 7.0, or
           Firefox 2.0, we will make our website compatible with both platforms. We will
           recommend that users use one of these systems in order to view the site. We will
           also test our site using both the different Windows operating systems and the Mac
           OS X operating system.

7.0 Marketing Plan

     7.1 Website Marketing Strategy

           7.1.1 Positioning

      We position ourselves as offering a wide variety of services that will suit
      anybody’s needs. We will also be extremely accommodating to all customers.

      7.1.2 Threats to Substitution

      Threats to our business include traditional car companies and other used car

7.2 Online Strategy

      The website will include a description of all the services we offer, as well as
      pictures that show results. We will offer different types of used-car services on
      the site. We will also send customers emails about upcoming promotions.

7.3 Channel Management

      We will advertise our site by sending our customers periodic emails. We will also
      place ads in newspapers and magazines. Ads will also be placed on other related
      websites. We will set up ads at local car radios in order to attract attention.
      Finally, since we offer an amazing service, we expect word of mouth advertising
      among car owners.

7.4 Brand Management

      The company name, “Absolute Autos”, is extremely easy for customers to
      remember. We promote exceptional service by expert employees. All of our
      work is accompanied by a money-back guarantee in order to build our brand
      awareness and customer loyalty.

7.5 Customer Relationship Management

      We will enter all of our customers into our database, which will allow us to keep
      track of their information. This will enable us to tailor our emails for our diverse
      set of customers. We will ask all customers to fill out a survey. The results will
      enable us to further develop our brand. We will also offer special services to our
      most valued and frequent customers.


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