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									By: Sina MIRZAIE

Venture Capital Company          Description

Aberdeen Gould                   advisory firm for mid-market companies
A Big Corporation                consultants & partners for new firms & products
Abingworth                       early-stage life science investments
ABN AMRO Private Equity          communications, information technology & health
ABS Capital Partners             health care, enterprise software, biz services, media
Abundance Venture Capital        caters to niche investor & business clientele
Acacia Venture Partners          service businesses for the healthcare industry
Accel Partners                   invests in category-defining technology companies
Acer Technology Ventures         invests in start-up technological ventures
AccessCAPITAL                    provides access to international private equity
Access Venture Partners          seed and early stage venture capital fund
ACF Equity Atlantic Inc          helping entrepreneurs accelerate business growth
ACI Capital Co Inc               integrated investment firm
Adams Capital Management Inc     disruptive technologies in IT & telecommunications
Advanced Technology Ventures     venture capital firm for several technology markets
Advantage Capital Partners       capital & value added services to companies
Advent International             private equity investor
Aethena Group LLC                focuses on health care industry
Affinity Capital Management      specializing in early stage health care companies
Agility Capital                  provides short-term loans to venture-backed firms
Agio Capital Partners            private investment company
Airam Capital Group Inc          assists development stage companies
Air Liquide Ventures             information, hygeine & energy focus
All American Capital             technology, medicine, biotech, communications, hotel
Allegra Partners                 partners with technology-driven software companies
Alliance Technology Ventures     semiconductor, communication component firms
Allied Capital                   provides long-term debt & equity investment capital
Alloy Ventures                   IT, life science, bioinformatics & eHealth
Almeida Capital                  private equity research & placement services
Alpine Technology Ventures       works with early stage information technology firms
Alta Berkeley Venture Partners   early stage investing in information technology
Alta Communications              investment for media & telecommunications firms
Alta Partners                    life sciences & information technology companies
Altira Group                     invests in energy industry technology companies
Altos Ventures                   first-stage venture capital for young tech firms
Amadeus Capital Partners         invests in new technologies in the UK & Europe
American Capital                 equity partner in management & employee buyouts
American Industrial Partners     manufacturing and industrial service companies
American Securities Capital      investment partnership that makes equity investments
AM Fund                          invests in early stage, high technology companies
AM Pappas & Associates           supports budding life science companies
Ampersand Ventures               specialty materials & chemicals (SMC) industry
AngelMoney.com                   seed capital & start-up investments
Anila Fund                       communications, networking & embedded markets
Antares Capital Corporation      investis in developmental & expansion stage firms
Anthem Capital Management        venture capital for emerging firms in mid-atlantic
Apax Partners                    private equity investment group
ApecTec                          helps internet related startups
Apex Venture Partners              focuses on early stage technology investments
Applied Materials Ventures         investments in communications & networking
APV Technology Partners            investments in information technology companies
Aragon Financial Group             for businesses looking to fund projects
Arbor Partners                     specializing in technology companies
ARC Financial Corporation          investment management firm for the energy sector
Archangel Investment Group LLC     financing theme park and golf resort in Arizona
ARCH Venture Partners              venture capital for early stage technology firms
Arcturus Corporation               managing venturer & marketing services
ARD Ventures                       provides venture capital services
Argo Global Capital                venture capital firm for wireless communications
Argonaut Partners                  distributorships, direct marketing & telemarketing
Arlington Capital Partners         focuses on management buyout & late expansion
Ascent Venture Partners            equity for information technology
AsiaTech Management                focuses on technology investments in the US
AsiaTech Ventures                  helping grow early-stage technology companies
AsiaVest Partners                  investing in companies in the greater China region
Asset Capitalization Enterprises   business funding & venture capital
Associated Venture Investors       information technology companies in Silicon Valley
Aspen Ventures                     early stage capital for information technology firms
Asset Management Company           biotechnology & information tech sectors
Associated Venture Investors       focuses on information technologies
Astrina Capital LLC                venture consulting & financial advisory firm
Athena Technology Ventures         early investments for global communications industry
Atlantic Coastal Ventures          communications, software and media companies
Atlas Venture                      communications, IT and life sciences companies
Atrium Capital                     provides outsourced venture capital business model
August Capital                     invests in early stage technology companies
Aurora Funds Inc                   life science & information technology companies
Austin Ventures                    semiconductors, software & communications firms
Avalon Equity Partners             focuses on the media & communications industries
Avocet Ventures                    strategic investments & corporate acquisitions
Avogadro Partners LLC              invests in early stage companies based on small tech
AvTech Ventures                    investment for technology companies
Aweida Capital Management          seed & early-stage financing for innovative companies
Axalon Ventures                    technologies for broadband & wireless environments
AXA Private Equity                 portfolio management company
Axis Capital Corporation           investment fund products for the technology sector
Bain Capital                       private investment firm
BancBoston Capital                 develops diverse capital solutions
Barrington Partners                seed stage venture capital firm
BaseCamp Ventures                  internet & e-business fund/incubator
Batterson Venture Partners         providing equity capital to new or growing businesses
Battery Ventures                   communications, software & internet/eCommerce
BA Venture Partners                networking, semiconductor, software, & biotechnology
Bay Partners                       networking, wireless & software investments
BCE Capital                        communications focused venture capital fund
BCI Partners                       private equity investment firm
Bedrock Capital Partners           venture capital firm with complete portfolio
Beecken Petty & Company            healthcare services & information technology
Beer & Partners Limited            diversified portfolio of established, small companies
BeforeTheFunding.com               helps entrepreneurs prepare thought-provoking plans
Bellwether Group, The              expansion stage companies in Southern California
Benchmark Capital                  builds technology companies of lasting value
Beneventure Capital                Internet, communications, semiconductors, & financial
Ben Franklin Technology Partners   statewide network for PA economic growth
Berkeley International Capital     arranges private investments into tech companies
Berkshire Partners                 invests in companies across a range of industries
Bessemer Holdings                  investing across a wide range of industries
Bessemer Venture Partners          invests in innovative, high-growth companies
BEV Capital                        software, consumer sector & business services
B4 Ventures                        venture capital firm
BG Affiliates                      operating, investment & capital markets experience
BioAsia Investments                manages biotechnology development funds
BioGenetic Ventures                technology valuation model for biotech industry
BioScience Ventures Group, The     biotechnology, medical & pharmaceutical industries
Birchmere Ventures                 focuses on early & expansion stage start ups
Blackwater Capital Group           private equity / venture capital investment group
Blue Chip Venture Company          provides capital and business-building assistance
Blue Dot Ventures Inc              focuese on information technology companies
Blue Plate Ventures                early-stage technology & industrial ventures
Blue Point Capital                 invests in middle market businesses
Blueprint Ventures                 communications and IT infrastructure companies
Blue Rock Capital                  networking & software companies from Boston to DC
BlueStar Ventures                  technology/telecommunications industry investment
Blue Water Capital                 expansion-stage information technology companies
Blumberg Capital                   early-stage venture capital for information economy
Bonaventure Capital                invests in rapidly evolving industries
Boston Capital Ventures            manages private venture capital partnership funds
Boston Millennia Partners          communications, IT, healthcare & life sciences firms
Boston U Community Technology      invests in technology & life sciences companies
Botticelli Venture Funds           advertising, interactive, & media-enabling technologies
Boulder Ventures Limited           information technology and life sciences investments
Brentwood Venture Capital          Internet/e-commerce, networking, IT, & health care
Brightspark                        identifies, evaluates & funds tech & software firms
Brill Capital Corporation          life sciences, communications & IT companies
BR Johnson Group                   invests in healthcare companies
BRM Capital                        software & communications companies investment
Broadview Capital Partners         IT, communications & digital media industries
Brookstone Partners                invests in early & mid-stage technology companies
Brook Venture Funds                provides venture capital to early stage companies
Building2                          broadband, wireless & 3G telephony technologies
Burrill & Company                  sponsors & manages a family of venture capital funds
Business Partnering Group, The     offer skills, expertise and experience for ventures
BV Capital                         media, IT, telecommunications & mobile applications
Cambria Group, The                 acquires& invests in small & mid-sized businesses
Cambridge Financial Services       venture capital firm
Cambridge Innovations              invests in early stage technology companies
Canaan Partners                    IT, communications & health care
Capital Across America             targets companies in need of growth capital
Capital Funding of America Inc     conventional & alternative financing
Capital Guidance                   long-term investments in selected businesses
Capital Investment Review          investment peoposal review & validation services
Capital Investments Inc            private mezzanine venture capital fund
Capital Investors                   seed capital for technology-related firms around DC
Capital Solutions Network Inc       corporate development services for emerging firms
Capital Southwest Corporation       development & growth of small & medium-sized firms
CapiTech                            financing for energy related field
Capitol Health                      advisory services to health care firms in US & W Europe
Capitol Partners                    finance, technology, government & non-profit firms
Cap Resources                       business development services
Capstone Ventures                   b2b e-commerce & healthcare service companies
Capvent                             focuses exclusively on the institutional investor base
Cardinal Partners Venture Capital   healthcare IT, medical technology & life sciences
Cardinal Ventures LLC               targets management buyouts, recapitalization
Carlson Group                       consulting & business development company
Carlylye Group, The                 private global investment firm
Carmel Ventures                     software focused fund
Carmichael & Company LLC            merchant banking firm for middle market cmpanies
Carolina Financial Group            investment bankers
Carrot Capital                      helps talented entrepreneurs
Cascadia Capital                    offers investment banking services
CastaNet Capital LLC                investment banking & strategic advisory services
Castile Ventures                    communications, software & IT infrastructure firms
Castle Harlan Inc                   high performance, specialized investments
Catalyst Group, The                 early staged technology based businesses
Catalyst Investment Group           tax efficient opportunities to invest in young firms
Catalyst Investors                  telecommunications, media & related internet firms
Catalyst Venture Partners           invests in technology & media sector companies
Catamount Ventures                  invests seed & early stage for IT companies
CCG Venture Partners                specializes in starting companies
CCSBI                               develops technology based software companies
C&C Vencap Corporation              technology driven projects
CDC Capital Partners                private equity/risk capital for private businesses
CDP Capital World                   manages funds for pension & insurance plans
Cebourn Ltd                         basic industry, telecommunications & IT enterprises
Cedar Fund                          early stage, Israel-related, high technology companies
Celtic House                        invests in high-tech entrepreneurs in North America
Centennial Ventures                 invests in communications convergence
CenterPoint Ventures                communications, business software, semiconductors
Century Capital Management          insurance, financial services & related services
CEO Venture Fund                    emerging growth companies in Mid-Atlantic region
CGE Capital Inc                     Montreal venture capital firm servicing expanding companies
Champion Ventures                   optimizes opportunities for sports figures
Channel Analytics Ltd               provides corporate intelligence, research & analysis
Channel Financial Group             creates & increases shareholders value for clients
Channel Medical Partners            late stage investments in medical technology industry
Charles River Ventures              venture capital firm
Charteris Mackie & Baillie Ltd      provides venture management advice
Charter Ventures                    communications, software & life sciences
ChinaVest                           works with businesses of Greater China
Chisholm Private Capital Partners   invests in companies in OK, TX & AR
Chrysalix                           invests in new fuel cell & hydrogen economy firms
Chrysalis Ventures                  invests in various early stage companies
Churchill Capital                   debt and equity investment strategies
CID Equity Partners                 high growth companies through Mid-American region
CIN/Technology                     venture capital company
Clarity Partners LP                invests in communications & media related sectors
Clayton Associates LLC             provides early stage equity capital
Clearstone Venture Partners        high-potential early stage technology companies
CL Fund                            businesses in Southwestern Pennsylvania
Cloyses Partners                   turnaround & crisis management
CMEA Ventures                      high technology and life sciences investments
CM Equity Partners                 equity investment in middle-market companies
CMGI                               provides technology & e-commerce solutions
Code Hennessy & Simmons            distribution, industrial products, consumer products
Cogent Partners                    private equity investment banking
Coleman Swenson Booth Inc          invests in all sectors of healthcare & the life sciences
Columbia Capital                   communications and technology enterprises
Columbia Strategy LLC              private equity portfolio management strategists
Commercial Bridge Capital          specializing in growth capital for middle market firms
Commonwealth Associates            focus on turnarounds, reorganizations & restructuring
Communications Equity Assoc        media, entertainment & communications industries
Companhia de Participacoes         invests in emerging companies in Brazil
Compass Technology Partners        science & tech, innovation & intellectual property
Compere Associates                 invests in European telecoms, media, finance & utilities
ComVentures                        investing in communications technology firms
Concert Capital Partners           growth capital & liquidity for private companies
Concordia Group, The               investment analysis for investors of Way Point Fund
Constellation Ventures             early to mid-stage media technology fund
Convergence Partners               communications, IT & business services investment
Convergent Capital                 manager of the convergent technologies fund
Coral Ventures                     venture capital company based in Minnesota
Cornerstone Capital Holdings       industrial & non-technology business service firms
Corpfin.com                        private investment in public equities
Cortec Group Inc                   manufacturing, distribution, & related businesses
Corus Financial Group              solutions for emerging technology companies
Covalence                          assesses business contribution to human development
CPI Ventures                       investing in internet or software based companies
Crescendo Ventures                 early-stage communications technology companies
Crescent Capital Investments Inc   invests in a broad range of industries
Crescent Private Capital LP        invests in industries with significant growth
Crest Communications Holdings      companies providing services & technology solutions
Crimsonica                         internet, tech, entertainment, biotechnology & retail
Cross Atlantic Capital Partners    venture capital management firm
CrossBow Ventures                  European & American institutions & individuals
CrossBridge Venture Partners       links Silicon Valley tech firms to Asian markets
CrossLink Capital                  software/services & core technology semiconductors
Crosspoint Venture Partners        e-business & broadband infrastructure projects
Crystal Internet Ventures          internet investments
CVF Technologies Corporation       information technology & industrial biotechnology
CW Group                           seed & early stage healthcare investments
CyberStarts Inc                    e-finance technology holding company
Cygnus Development Group           part consultancy and part financier
Delphi Ventures                    early stage healthcare investing
Delta Capital Management           Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi & Tennessee firms
Denali Ventures                    life science & health care technology companies
Devers Group Inc                   equity opportunities for the high net worth investor
Dial Corporate Finance Limited   private equity corporate finance advisory & consulting
Diamondhead Ventures             savvy business advice, contacts
DICO A/S                         development venture company for IT sector
Digital Networks                 Pan-European technology investing
Digital Partners                 invests in technology companies
DigitalVentures Inc              financial services, infrastructure, software & security
Doll Capital Management          helping to build world-class technology companies
Dominion Ventures Inc            technology companies in communications & software
Double Impact Inc                catalyst professional services to the IT industry
Draper Fisher Jurveston          information technology venture capital
Draper International             investment for companies doing business in India
Draper Triangle Ventures         tech businesses with enormous market potential
Dresdner Kleinwort Capital       manages private equity and venture capital assets
DynaFund Ventures                early-stage, information technology venture capital
Early Stage Enterprises          early stage companies in Mid-Atlantic region
EasEnergy                        speeding up innovation in energy markets
Eastern Technology Fund          tech companies located in Eastern USA corridor
Easton Hunt Capital Partners     life sciences, industrial, software & energy
East River Ventures              invests to build successful technology-driven firms
EastWest Venture Group           communications and convergence markets
Edelson Technology Partners      strategic assistance to major multinational firms
Edison Venture Fund              expanding Mid-Atlantic IT companies
El Dorado Ventures               early-stage, West Coast based technology firms
Empire Ventures                  innovative technology companies from the West
Encubate Holdings                wireless, internet & interactive television companies
Enertech Capital Partners        energy, utility & telecommunications industries
Enterprise Partners              disruptive technologies with competitive barriers
Eos Partners                     business, consumer, healthcare & tech services
EuclidSR Partners                healthcare, information technology & eHealth firms
Evanston Business Investment     broadening the economic base of Evanston
Facilitator Capital Fund         invests in companies located in the Midwest
Fairfax Partners                 manages private equity venture funds
Fano Securities                  provides investment banking services
FA Technology Ventures           information and energy technologiy companies
FBR CoMotion Venture Capital     invests in Northwest USA technology companies
FDG Associates                   principal investment firm
Fidelity Ventures                backs early-stage privately held companies
Financial Technology Ventures    financial service industry technology companies
Flagship Ventures                life science, information tech & communications
Flatiron Partners                invests in emerging technology, software & services
Fluke Venture Partners           venture capital fund in the Northwest
Focus Capital Group              merchant bank in the Eastern Mediterranean region
Forward Ventures                 invests in healthcare discovery
Foundation Capital               software, semiconductor & EDA, telecommunications
Francisco Partners               technology focused buyout fund
Fremont Ventures                 technology-based business models in large industries
Frontier Capital                 privately held, rapidly growing firms in NC region
Funk Ventures Inc                technology, education, entertainment & real estate
Fuqua Ventures                   invests in technology-based growth companies
FusePath                         early-stage venture firm focused in Atlanta
Gabriel Venture Partners         IT & internet/telephone communications industry
Galen Partners                   focuses on healthcare investment
GATX Corporation                     specialized finance and leasing company
Gazelle Tech Ventures                hub of venture capital activity in Indiana
Gemini Investors                     technology, business & consumer services
Generation Partners                  technology-oriented growth companies
GeoCapital Partners                  information technology investments in Europe & NA
G-51                                 invests in software and internet companies
Global American Corporation          private venture capital firm
Grace Venture Partners               information technology ventures
Granite Ventures                     invests in communications and software sectors
Great Hill Partners                  communications, IT, media & business services
Green Mountain Capital               small business investment company
Greylock                             storage, security, high-speed/optical networking
Grimaldi Group, The                  customer-oriented strategies & change management
Grotech Capital Group                financing, recapitalization, management buy-outs
Grove Strategic Ventures             invests in early stage internet companies
GRP Partners                         equity investments in US & European companies
Gryphon Capital Partners             emerging growth companies based within Virginia
HA Incorporated                      assists clients raise capital by various sources
HarbourVest Partners                 interests in partnerships & direct investments
Harris & Harris Group Inc            companies commercializing intellectual property
Hellman & Friedman                   invests in companies in growing markets
Highland Capital Partners            actively invests in growing businesses
Hoak Capital Corporation             growing companies in the communications industry
Hook Partners                        early stage Silicon Valley & SW high tech firms
Horizon Ventures                     invests in early stage technology-based companies
Hornet Capital                       acquires small manufacturing companies
Howard Industries Inc                invests in middle market, closely held companies
Hudson Ventures                      companies mostly located in New York
Hummer Winblad Venture Partners      invests in innovative software companies
Hunt Investment Group                late stage investment opportunities
Hunt Private Equity Group            invests in established middles market companies
Hunt Ventures                        invests in early-stage technology companies
Huron Capital Partners               niche manufacturers & value-added distributors
iDataSys.com                         full service provider for your technology needs
IDG Ventures                         invests in innovative technology companies
Ignite Group, The                    focuses on information technology investments
Ignition                             early stage software & communications technology
i-Hatch Ventures                     breakout funding for promising internet firms
Impact Venture Partners              early stage venture capital firm
Index Ventures                       invests in technology companies
Industry Ventures                    software and services companies
Inflection Point Ventures            telecommunications, IT & e-commerce companies
Information Technology Ventures      communications, software, semiconductors
Inglewood Ventures                   life sciences venture capital fund
InnoCal Venture Capital              early stage information technology companies
Innovatech                           Quebec venture capital firm
Institutional Venture Partners       targeting emerging technology companies
Integral Capital Partners            venture and public stage investors
Integra Ventures                     life science investments
International Capital Partners Inc   invests in smaller growth companies
Interprise Technology Partners       focuses on internet companies
Intersouth Partners                  information technology & life sciences sectors
InterWest Partners                  invests in information technology & life sciences
Inventures Group                    investment and services
Ironside Ventures                   elecommunications infrastructure and IT industries
iSherpa Capital                     invests in wireless and supporting technologies
JatoTech Ventures                   early stage investing in technology companies
Jefferson Capital Partners Ltd      education, health care, IT and business services
Jegi Capital                        media, marketing communications firms
JK&B Capital                        communications, software & information technologies
JL Albright Partners                internet, E-commerce, networking & software firms
J Paul Buchanan & Associates Inc    invests in health related companies
JP Morgan Partners                  provides equity and mezzanine capital financing
Katalyst                            hands-on investment firm
KBL Healthcare Ventures             early stage & emerging growth healthcare companies
KB Partners                         invests in early stage technology companies
Kestrel Management Associates       investing in a broad array of industries
Kettle Partners                     broadband-focused venture capital fund
Kinetic Ventures                    communications, internet & customer service firms
Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers    IT, operations, communication, & healthcare
Kline Hawkes & Company              mid & expansion-stage ventures in Western US
Kodiak Venture Partners             early stage investment fund
KPS Special Situations Fund         manufacturing, transportation, & service industries
Labrador Ventures                   early stage businesses in information technology
Latitude Capital Group              middle market and emerging growth companies
Lazard Technology Partners          information & communication technologies
Levy Trajman Management             investment in key technology markets
LF Venture Capital                  invests in consumer product companies
Lightspeed Venture Partners         early stage software & networking companies
LiveOak Equity Partners             innovative growth companies primarily in Southeast
Liwet Ventures                      early-stage technology firms in Southern California
LocalFund Inc                       platform for local entrepreneur-investor networks
Longworth Venture Partners          helping build leading technology companies
Lovett Miller & Co Inc              provides equity capital to rapidly growing firms
Madrona Venture Group               early stage technology company investment
Marcus & Millichap Venture          commercial & residential real estate field investment
Mason Wells                         private equity group in the Midwest
Massey Burch Capital Corp           IT, communications & health care services
Maton Venture                       privately owned companies offering new technologies
Matrix Partners                     dedicated to helping build successful companies
MCG Capital Corporation             communications, information, media & tech sectors
Media Development Loan Fund         independent news media investment
MedVenture Associates               invests in medical technology companies
Menlo Ventures                      supports early-stage & emerging-growth companies
Mentor Capital Partners             investment capital & leadership for companies
Mericom                             telecom industry investments
Meritage Private Equity Funds       communications & broadband service providers
Meritech Capital Partners           late-stage venture capital fund
Metropolitan Venture Partners       invests in high growth, technology based businesses
Meyer Duffy Ventures                networking, service provider & financial service firms
Mid-Atlantic Venture Funds          new, young, growing businesses in the Mid-Atlantic
Millennium Hanson                   focuses on modern technology companies
Mission Ventures                    early-stage venture capital in Southern California
Mitsui & Company Venture Partners   early stage investments (seed, 1st or 2nd round)
Mobius Venture Capital             helps build world-class technology companies
Mohr Davidow Ventures              firms who identify impressive market opportunities
Morgan Stanley Venture Partners    information technology & healthcare industries
Morgenthaler                       venture capital and buyout firm
Motorskill Venture Group Inc       technology and internet company financing
Murphree Venture Partners          start-up or early stage company investment
MVC Capital                        investing in private technology companies
Nassau Capital                     invests in emerging communications companies
NeoCarta Ventures                  mid-stage technology infrastructure companies
Newbury Ventures                   venture capital firm
New England Partners               technology, healthcare & consumer product firms
New Enterprise Associates          information technology, medical & life sciences
New South Ventures                 invests in early stage technology companies
Newton Technology Partners         early stage IT opportunities in the Asia Pacific
New Vista Capital                  invests in early stage IT companies
NextPoint Partners                 technology & software companies in Mid-Atlantic
Nokia Venture Partners             mobile & IP related start-up businesses
Noro Moseley Partners              *
North American Funds               small businesses with significant growth potential
North Bridge Venture Partners      early-stage venture capital fund in Boston area
North Coast Technology Investors   committed to forging lasting partnerships
North Hill Ventures                invests in IT and software companies
Northwood Ventures                 communications, retailing, & manufacturing firms
Norwest Venture Partners           invests in start-up through IPO or acquisition firms
Nth Power                          venture capital for the energy company
Oak Investment Partners            software, telecommunications, healthcare & retail
ODIN Capital Group                 information, financial services & e-commerce
OffRoad Capital                    alliances with financial services industry
Ohio Partners                      invests in early & growth stage IT companies
Olympus Partners                   late stage deals & middle market mgmnt buyouts
Onset Ventures                     seed & early-stage business-to-business markets
Open Prairies Ventures             early stage technology companies in the Midewest
Oresa Ventures                     venture capital for Central & Eastern Europe
Origin Ventures                    e-commerce enterprises, & biotechnology firms
Outlook Ventures                   next-generation software companies in Western US
OVP Venture Partners               software, communications, internet, & biotechnology
Oxford Bioscience Partners         life science venture capital firm
Pacific Link Investment Group      connects firms in China area with global investors
Pacific Mezzanine Fund             middle-market companies located in western US
Pacific Venture Group              invests in early & expansion-stage healthcare firms
PacRim Venture Partners            early-stage IT companies in Silicon Valley
PA Early Stage                     IT & life sciences companies in Pennsylvania
Palladium Equity Partners          businesses with underutilized assets & in transition
Palomar Ventures                   early stage investments in information technology
Parakletos @ Ventures              venture capital firm
Partech International Inc          early & late stage ventures & public investments
Patriot Venture Partners           invests in homeland security inovations
Pegasus Capital Advisors           companies in points of stress or significant change
Pennell Venture Partners           invests in companies that are poised to thrive
Petra Capital Partners             mid-market firms in healthcare & business services
Piedmont Venture Partners          invests in early stage IT firms in Southeast region
Pinetree Capital                   invests in early stage technology companies
Pinnacle West Capital Corporation   electricity related investments
Plantagenet Capital Management      financial services, global B2B & infrastructure firms
Platinum Capital                    private banking and investment company
Polaris Venture Partners            invests in early stage IT & life sciences firms
Power Project Financing             consulting firm for eergy sector
Primedia Ventures                   targeted content & marketing solutions firm
Prime Technology Ventures           invests in high-tech firms in Europe & Israel
Prime Ventures                      invests in early stage internet companies
Primus Venture Partners             software, media & communications, & healthcare
PrinVest Corp                       invests in small and middle market companies
Prism Venture Partners              communications, business software & health tech
PRIVEQ Capital Funds                niche manufacturing and niche service businesses
Proma-Investment                    databank of investors & investment firms
Prometheus Partners                 targets smaller middle market businesses
Prospect Street Ventures            IT, software, biz services, life sciences & energy
Providence Equity Partners          invests in communications & media companies
Psilos                              invests in healthcare sector companies
Putnam Lovell Capital Partners      growth capital for financial services industry
Quadrangle                          mature & high-growth media & communications firms
Quaestus & Co Inc                   start-up & early-stage companies in US & Europe
Radius Ventures                     focused on the health & life sciences industry
Rad-Ramot                           invest in Israeli new life science tech companies
Rand Capital Corporation            invest in companies in Western New York
Ravenswood Capital Venture Fund     IT, financial, business, direct marketing & education
Redbus Group of Companies           invests in forward-thinking companies
Redleaf                             invests in pre-seed & seed-stage technology firms
Redpoint Ventures                   invests in technology companies
Red Rock Ventures                   seed & early stage information tech investments
Rein Capital                        telecommunications & information technology
Research Triangle Ventures          invests in companies in Research Triangle NC area
Richards Investment Capital         invests in a wide range of business disciplines
Richland Ventures                   health care, communications, information, media
Ridge Capital Partners              partnering with management to create value
Riverside Management Group          IT, communications & business services sectors
Rock Creek Capital                  specializes in companies facing execution risk
Rocket Ventures                     eCommerce, eBusiness, communications
Roser Ventures                      invests in early stage IT companies
Rosewood Capital                    invests during a company's growth phase
RRE Ventures                        information technology venture capital
Rubicon Capital Investments         invests in growth oriented companies
RVC                                 infrastructure sector companies mainly in Europe
RWI Group                           communications, software & life sciences
Sacramento Area Venture Capital     free information for small businesses in capital area
Sanderling                          biomedical venture capital
Salix Ventures                      health care services & health care IT companies
Sand Hill Capital                   finances technology companies during growth
Sandlot Capital LLC                 offers a broad range of venture solutions
SBV Venture Partners                invests in early stage high tech companies
Seacoast Capital                    manufacturing, distribution, & industrial tech
SeaPoint Ventures                   telecom & internet infrastructure companies
Seed Capital Network Inc            venture capital firm
Selby Venture Partners              networking, communications, software, wireless
Sentinel Capital Partners          equity investments in a range of companies
Sequoia Capital                    components, systems, software & services
Sevin Rosen Funds                  invests in new technology companies
SFVe Financial Network             commercial business financing
Shansby Group, The                 focuses on consumer brands
Shelley Group, The                 invests in various industries
Sherman Ventures LLC               small businesses & technology businesses
Siemens Venture Capital            information, communications, medical, corporate
Sierra Ventures                    communications, software & internet related content
Sigma Partners                     invests in technology based companies
Siparex Group                      venture capital firm
SI Ventures                        IT and communications infrastructure companies
Skymoon Ventures                   semiconductors & telecommunication infrastructure
Skypoint Capital Corporation       telecommunications & IT industries
Snider Capital LP                  technology & products for venues & facilities
SOFTBANK Capital Partners          capital and management solutions for firms
Sorrento Ventures                  medical devices, biotechnology, tech firms in So Cal
South Atlantic Venture Funds       Florida, Texas & Southwest US companies
Southeastern Technology Fund       communications & information technology sectors
South Source Inc                   venture capital fuunding for acquisitions
SpaceVest                          space-related & advanced technology companies
Spectrum Equity Investors          supports businesses at all stages of development
Spray Venture Partners             focuses on healthcare technology market
Springboard plc                    venture capital business
Sprout Group                       focuses on IT & healthcare technology sectors
SSM Ventures                       focuses on business & consumer service companies
Sternhill Partners                 seed-stage venture capital fund
Still River Fund                   IT, communications & life sciences industries
Stoller & Associates Inc           business & real estate consulting
Stonehenge Capital Corporation     focuses on early & later stage companies
St Paul Venture Capital            communications tech, software & health care
Summit Partners                    investing in a wide variety of industries
Sutter Hill Ventures               invests in technology based start-ups
Svoboda Collins LLC                invest in small to medium sized growth companies
TA Associates                      invests in private companies in exciting industries
Technology Crossover Ventures      provider of capital to technology companies
Technology Funding                 high-tech venture capital investing
Technology Management & Funding    growth for early-stage technology companies
Technology Partners                technology-based ventures in focus areas
Technology Venture Alliance        invests in companies regardless of size or location
Technology Venture Partners        invests in Australian IT&C companies
Techno Venture Management          IT, communications & life sciences companies
Telecommunications Development     catalyst for creation of communications systems
Telecom Partners                   broadband, wireless & internet investments
Thompson Street Capital Partners   venture capital firm
Timberline Venture Partners        technology venture capital
TL Ventures                        software, IT infrastructure, communications firms
Total Technology Ventures          expansion-stage financial technology companies
Trellis Partners                   early-stage investment for technology firms
Tribune                            newspaper , TV broadcasting & online media
Trident Capital                    information and business services companies
Trillium Group LLC                 venture capital and venture development firm
Trinity Venture Capital           early stage & expanding private technology firms
Trinity Ventures                  partnering to build great companies
Trivest                           private investment firm
TSG Equity Partners               computer, consumer, industrial & media
UBS Capital                       private equity investor and portfolio manager
US Venture Partners               internet, communications, software, semiconductors
Utah Ventures                     invests in life sciences companies
Vaekstfonden                      Danish investment firm
Validus Partners                  technology & healthcare services companies
Vanguard Ventures                 invests in technology & life science companies
VC Experts                        distance learning, news & commentary on industry
Velocity Capital                  invests in the Northwest's premier growth firms
VenGlobal Capital                 communications and software companies
Venrock Associates                information technology & healthcare investments
Ventana Global                    life sciences & technology investments
Ventis                            performing private equity
Venture Economics                 source for global private equity intelligence
Venturehouse Group                private equity financing
Venture Investment Management     software, internet infrastructure & communications
Venture Investors                 technology companies in Midwest and Wisconsin
Venturing                         helps small & mid-sized firms finance projects
VesCor Capital Group              commercial real estate projects in western US
Vestar Capital Partners           undervalued companies with leading brands
vFinance.com                      venture capital resource directory
Viridian Capital Partners         manufacturing, tech, media, telecommunications
VisionQuest Enterprise Group      acquires equity and other securitized interests
VisionQuest Technology Ventures   startups in communications and IT sectors
VistaWEB                          emerging technologies for small to medium firms
Vortex Partners                   semiconductors, components, networking & software
Voyager Capital                   information technology venture firm
Walden Capital Partners           manufacturing, IT, software, healthcare & medical
Walden International              invests in technology & life sciences companies
WaldenVC                          invests in technology companies
Waterside Capital Corporation     provides equity and/or debt financing
Waud Capital Partners             private equity investment firm
Waypoint Ventures                 invests in technology startups
WENR Corporation                  holding company of technology companies
Wexford Capital LLC               invests in a wide range of businesses
White Pines Ventures              invests in smaller companies with growth potential
WI Harper Group                   helps build companies for growth in Greater China
Willis Stein & Partners           media, IT, telecommunications, health care firms
Windjammer Capital Investors      junior capital investment firm
Windward Ventures                 early stage venture capital for Southern Cal firms
Winston Financial Group Inc       manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors & services
Wolf Ventures                     technology companies in Rocky Mountain region
Working Ventures                  Canadian venture capital organization
Worldview Technology Partners     invests in technology companies
YAS Broadband Ventures            invests in the broadband industry
Yellowstone Capital Inc           electrical equipment, energy, food, health care
Zero Stage Capital                IT, communications, life sciences & energy tech
Zone Ventures                     providing equity capital to young, high-growth firms
Location             Telephone

Toronto ON           416-488-2887
Beverly Hills CA     310-285-8715
London UK            440 2075341500
Chicago IL           312-855-7292
Baltimore MD         410-246-5600
Malaysia             60-3 7956-2151
San Francisco CA     415-433-4200
Palo Alto CA         650-614-4800
Santa Clara CA       408-894-7900
*                    *
San Francisco CA     415-586-8042
Halifax NS           902-492-5164
New York NY          212-634-3333
Sewickley PA         412-749-9454
Palo Alto CA         650-321-8601
St Louis MO          314-725-0800
Boston MA            617-951-9400
Northbrook IL        847-400-5000
Minneapolis MN       612-252-9900
Santa Barbara CA     805-568-0424
Edina MN             952-938-1628
Edmonton AB          416-729-1447
Paris France         3301 40 62 51 88
Newport Beach CA     949-752-6185
New York NY          212-277-1526
Alpharetta GA        678-336-2000
Washington DC        202-331-1112
Palo Alto CA         650-687-5000
London UK            440 20 72428847
Cupertino CA         408-725-1810
London UK            44 20 7440 0226
Boston MA            617-262-7770
San Francisco CA     415-362-4022
Denver CO            303-592-5500
Menlo Park CA        650-234-9771
United Kingdom       *
Bethesda MD          301-951-6122
San Francisco CA     415-788-7354
New York NY          212-476-8000
College Station TX   979-694-6604
RTP NC               919-998-3300
Wellesley MA         781-239-0700
San Diego CA         858-279-8836
Palo Alto CA         650-833-5790
Miami Lakes FL       305-894-2888
Baltimore MD         410-625-1510
London UK            44 207 390 3119
Calgary AB           403-685-1888
Chicago IL         312-857-2800
Menlo Park CA      650-833-0400
Palo Alto CA       650-354-3200
*                  *
Ann Arbor MI       734-668-9000
Calgary AB         403-292-0680
Glendale AZ        623-979-8494
Chicago IL         773-380-6600
Dallas TX          214-720-0075
*                  *
Wakefield MA       781-213-9344
Boston MA          617-267-6669
Washington DC      202-337-7500
Boston MA          617-720-9401
Santa Clara CA     408-330-9366
Hong Kong          852 2116 6868
Taiwan             886 22772 2398
San Francisco CA   415-242-9646
Palo Alto CA       650-687-0235
Los Altos CA       650-917-5670
Palo Alto CA       650-494-7400
Palo Alto CA       650-687-0235
Hoboken NJ         201-656-6345
Palo Alto CA       650-470-0370
Washington DC      202-293-1166
Waltham MA         781-622-1700
Menlo Park CA      650-233-7878
Menlo Park CA      650-234-9900
Durham NC          919-484-0400
Austin TX          512-485-1900
New York NY        212-421-0600
San Diego CA       858-458-9555
Seattle WA         206-336-5576
Del Mar CA         858-356-3560
Louisville CO      303-664-9520
New York NY        212-752-3747
Paris France       33 1 44 45 70 00
Ottawa ON          613-236-6006
Boston MA          617-516-2000
Boston MA          617-434-2509
Boston MA          617-728-4900
Marlton NJ         856-813-1100
Chicago IL         312-269-0300
Wellesley MA       781-577-1000
Foster City CA     650-378-6000
Cupertino CA       408-725-2444
Ottawa ON          613-725-2441
Teaneck NJ         201-836-3900
San Francisco CA   650-851-5791
Chicago IL         312-435-0300
United Kingdom     44 1227 453836
Boston MA          781-329-9730
Los Angeles CA       310-445-6300
Menlo Park CA        650-854-8180
San Francisco CA     415-393-0630
Harrisburg PA        717-234-1748
San Francisco CA     415-249-0450
Boston MA            617-227-0050
New York NY          212-708-9300
Wellesley Hills MA   781-237-6050
Stamford CT          203-724-1100
Plano TX             972-731-2602
Boston MA            617-556-1400
Palo Alto CA         650-688-0818
Spokane WA           509-755-0500
Germany              4989 2919 6470
Pittsburgh PA        412-322-3300
Chicago IL           847-729-2298
Cincinnati OH        513-723-2300
Mountain View CA     *
New York NY          *
Seattle WA           206-332-9200
San Francisco CA     415-901-4000
Wilmington DE        302-426-0981
Chicago IL           312-384-5000
McLean VA            703-790-8821
San Francisco CA     415-905-5000
Birmingham AL        205-870-8050
Boston MA            617-227-6550
Boston MA            617-428-5150
Boston MA            617-353-4550
Israel               972-3-5753222
Denver CO            303-544-0707
Menlo Park CA        650-926-5600
Toronto ON           416-488-1999
New York NY          866-339-0792
New York NY          212-734-1008
Fort Lee NJ          201-585-5100
Foster City CA       650-356-6000
New York NY          212-302-7007
Boston MA            617-451-8989
Tokyo Japan          8103 5428-8130
San Francisco CA     415-591-5400
Australia            03 9827 8660
San Francisco CA     415-678-2656
Menlo Park CA        650-329-8600
New Port Richey FL   352-754-2886
Cambridge MA         617-758-4100
Menlo Park CA        650-854-8092
Nashville TN         615-254-1515
Crystal Lake IL      800-322-5985
Switzerland          41 22 736 76 66
*                    *
Mequon WI            262-241-0303
Washington DC       202-589-0090
Cathedral City CA   760-770-7573
Dallas TX           972-233-8242
Montreal QC         514-289-3189
Washington DC       202-342-6300
Arlington VA        703-248-9600
Houston TX          713-334-9955
Menlo Park CA       650-854-2523
Switzerland         41 1 3887172
Princeton NJ        609-924-6452
Indianapolis IN     317-228-5070
Steilacoom WA       253-589-1770
Washington DC       202-347-2626
Israel              972-9-959-4894
New York NY         212-973-0110
Brevard NC          828-883-4400
New York NY         212-586-2226
Seattle WA          206-357-9100
New York NY         212-867-2121
Waltham MA          781-890-0060
New York NY         212-644-8600
Houston TX          713-623-8133
United Kingdom      020 8681 1919
New York NY         212-863-4848
United Kingdom      01225 331498
San Francisco CA    415-277-0300
Houston TX          281-290-8331
Concord CA          925-691-7019
Palm Bch Gdns FL    561-776-0277
London UK           44020 7828 4488
Montreal QC         514-842-3261
Denver CO           303-832-8220
Needham MA          781-370-9757
Kanata ON           613-271-2020
Denver CO           303-405-7500
Austin TX           512-795-5800
Boston MA           617-482-3060
Pittsburgh PA       412-322-2572
Montreal QC         514-987-1455
Palo Alto CA        510-547-7123
Montreal QC         514-878-1339
Montreal QC         514-878-1339
Skokie IL           847-779-1550
Waltham MA          781-768-6000
London UK           44020 7488 1641
Palo Alto CA        650-325-6953
China               8610 8519-1535
Oklahoma City OK    405-605-1111
Vancouver BC        604-659-5499
Louisville KY       502-583-7644
Minneapolis MN      888-782-3328
Chicago IL          312-578-5350
Switzerland        41 1 366-4030
Beverly Hills CA   310-432-0100
Franklin TN        615-320-3070
Santa Monica CA    310-460-7900
Pittsburgh PA      412-201-2450
Denver CO          888-314-6676
San Francisco CA   415-352-1520
New York NY        212-909-8400
Andover MA         978-684-3600
Chicago IL         312-876-1840
Dallas TX          214-720-7707
Franklin TN        615-791-9462
Alexandria VA      703-519-2000
New York NY        212-784-7524
La Jolla CA        858-535-9660
New York NY        800-422-1253
Tampa FL           813-226-8844
Brazil             5551 32110777
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London UK          44020 7493 8900
Palo Alto CA       650-325-9600
San Francisco CA   415-561-6500
San Diego CA       858-774-6764
New York NY        212-272-2728
Menlo Park CA      415-854-3010
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Chicago IL         312-870-5100
Atlanta GA         404-504-9129
New York NY        212-370-5600
Vancouver BC       604-970-1706
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Irvine CA          949-752-9237
Palo Alto CA       650-470-1200
Atlanta GA         404-920-9000
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New York NY        212-317-2700
Birmingham AL      917-297-6700
Radnor PA          610-995-2650
W Palm Beach FL    561-838-9005
San Bruno CA       650-616-4341
San Francisco CA   415-617-1800
Woodside CA        650-851-7600
Cleveland OH       216-263-5515
Williamsville NY   716-565-4711
New York, NY       212-308-5266
Atlanta GA         404-267-5000
*                  *
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Israel             972-9-951-1990
Wilmette IL        *
United Kingdom      4401753746 109
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United Kingdom      440207451 2800
Bellevue WA         425-468-3950
San Francisco CA    415-776-8396
Menlo Park CA       650-233-1400
Walnut Creek CA     925-280-6300
San Francisco CA    415-227-9500
Redwood City CA     650-599-9000
San Francisco CA    415-616-4050
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Skillman NJ         609-921-8896
Campbell CA         408-879-7410
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New York NY         212-644-2322
Los Angeles CA      310-209-6157
Woodcliff Lake NJ   201-930-9898
Lawrenceville NJ    609-896-1900
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Portland OR         503-222-1556
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Wayne PA            610-254-4141
La Jolla CA         858-731-0300
New York NY         212-832-5800
New York NY         212-218-6880
Chicago IL          312-855-8500
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Albany NY           518-447-8200
Seattle WA          206-382-9191
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New York NY         212-899-3400
Bellevue WA         425-453-4590
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Menlo Park CA       650-614-0500
Menlo Park CA       650-233-2900
San Francisco CA    415-284-8786
Charlotte NC        704-414-2880
Canoga Park CA      818-716-0413
Atlanta GA          404-815-4500
Atlanta GA          404-231-3703
RedwoodShores CA    650-551-5000
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Chicago IL         800-428-8161
Indianapolis IN    317-275-6800
Wellesley MA       781-237-7001
Greenwich CT       203-422-8200
Fort Lee NJ        201-461-9292
Austin TX          512-929-5151
Dallas TX          972-939-9394
Orlando FL         407-835-7900
San Francisco CA   415-591-7700
Boston MA          617-790-9400
Waterbury VT       802-244-8981
San Mateo CA       650-493-5525
France             *
Timonium MD        410-560-2000
Westport CT        203-221-2690
Los Angeles CA     310-785-5100
Roanoke VA         540-985-6609
Coral Springs FL   954-752-7520
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New York NY        212-332-3600
San Francisco CA   415-788-5111
Lexington MA       781-861-5500
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Dallas TX          972-991-5457
Los Altos CA       650-917-4100
Chicago IL         800-361-9417
Westport CT        203-227-4900
New York NY        212-644-9797
San Francisco CA   415-979-9600
Dallas TX          214-978-8107
Dallas TX          214-978-8550
Dallas TX          214-978-8200
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Redwood City CA    650-622-2000
Bellevue WA        425-709-0772
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New York NY        212-219-3931
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Newburyport MA     978-499-7606
Wellesley MA       781-416-5107
Palo Alto CA       650-462-8400
San Diego CA       858-792-3579
Costa Mesa CA      714-850-6784
Sherbrooke QC      819-820-3305
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Menlo Park CA      650-233-0360
Seattle WA         206-832-1990
Stamford CT        203-961-8900
Miami FL           305-374-6808
Durham NC          919-493-6640
Menlo Park CA       650-854-8585
Palo Alto CA        650-326-2990
Waltham MA          781-622-5800
Denver CO           303-645-0500
Austin TX           512-236-6950
Richmond VA         804-643-0100
New York NY         212-754-0710
Chicago IL          312-946-1200
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Ranch Santa Fe CA   800-441-4117
New York NY         212-899-3400
Conshohocken PA     484-530-1750
New York NY         212-319-5555
Northbrook IL       847-714-0444
Boston MA           617-451-6722
Chicago IL          312-329-9300
Atlanta GA          404-995-8811
Menlo Park CA       650-233-2750
Los Angeles CA      310-442-4700
Waltham MA          781-672-2500
New York NY         212-338-5100
Palo Alto CA        650-366-6430
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New York NY         212-632-6889
Burlington MA       781-229-5818
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Menlo Park CA       650-234-8300
Alpharetta GA       678-393-9909
*                   *
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Waltham MA          781-663-3600
Jacksonville FL     904-634-0077
Seattle WA          206-674-3000
Palo Alto CA        650-494-8900
Milwaukee WI        414-765-7800
Nashville TN        615-665-3221
Los Gatos CA        408-358-8567
Waltham MA          781-890-2244
Arlington VA        703-247-7500
New York NY         212-807-1304
Emeryville CA       510-597-7979
Menlo Park CA       650-854-8540
Yardley PA          215-736-8882
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Denver CO           303-352-2040
Palo Alto CA        650-475-2200
New York NY         212-844-3675
New Canaan CT       203-972-0331
Bethlehem PA        610-865-6550
Beverly Hills CA    310-550-1995
San Diego CA        858-259-0100
New York NY         212-878-4066
Palo Alto CA       650-319-2700
Reston VA          703-547-3480
New York NY        212-761-6003
Menlo Park CA      650-388-7600
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Houston TX         713-655-8500
Menlo Park CA      650-926-7000
Princeton NJ       609-924-3555
Boston MA          617-239-9000
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Boston MA          617-624-8400
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Palo Alto CA       650-566-2200
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Menlo Park CA      650-462-7250
*                  *
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Boston MA          617-788-2150
Syosset NY         516-364-5544
Palo Alto CA       650-321-8000
San Francisco CA   415-983-9983
Westport CT        203-226-8346
Omaha NE           402-827-9900
Greenwich CT       203-422-5000
Columbus OH        614-621-1210
Stamford CT        203-353-5900
Menlo Park CA      650-529-0700
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Chicago IL         312-644-6449
San Francisco CA   415-547-0000
Kirkland WA        425-889-9192
Boston MA          617-357-7474
Hoboken NJ         646-349-1505
Emeryville CA      510-595-9800
Redwood Shrs CA    650-610-7930
Palo Alto CA       650-330-0880
Wayne PA           610-293-4075
New York NY        212-218-5150
Santa Monica CA    310-260-6050
San Jose CA        408-941-7000
San Francisco CA   415-788-2929
Weston MA          781-790-1114
Greenwich CT       203-869-4400
New York NY        212-206-1295
Nashville TN       615-313-5999
Charlotte NC       704-731-5200
Toronto ON         416-941-9600
Phoenix AZ             602-250-1000
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Misssissauga ON        905-949-2553
Waltham MA             781-290-0770
San Anselmo CA         415-449-3417
New York NY            212-745-1203
*                      *
Santa Monica CA        310-395-5700
Cleveland OH           440-684-7300
Lawrenceville NJ       609-844-9828
Westwood MA            781-302-4000
Toronto ON             416-447-3330
*                      *
Atlanta GA             770-395-9091
New York NY            212-448-0702
Providence RI          401-751-1700
New York NY            212-242-8844
Rolling Hills Est CA   310-750-3600
New York NY            212-418-1700
Milwaukee WI           414-615-4600
New York NY            212-897-7778
Israel                 972-3-531-2600
Buffalo NY             716-853-0802
Chicago IL             312-327-2530
United Kingdom         020 7257 2000
Saratoga CA            408-868-0800
Menlo Park CA          650-926-5600
Paol Alto CA           650-325-3111
Lakewood NJ            732-367-3300
Raleigh                919-571-8819
Atlanta GA             404-572-7200
Nashville TN           615-383-8030
Barrington IL          847-381-2510
New York NY            212-230-1880
Jacksonville FL        904-393-9003
Menlo Park CA          650-561-9100
Boulder CO             303-443-7924
San Francisco CA       415-362-5526
New York               212-418-5100
Washington DC          202-955-3600
London UK              44 20 7355 5750
Palo Alto CA           650-251-1800
Davis CA               530-753-3753
San Mateo CA           650-401-2000
Nashville TN           615-665-1409
Menlo Park CA          650-234-8933
Denver CO              303-893-3400
San Mateo CA           650-522-0085
Danvers MA             978-750-1300
Bellevue WA            425-455-0879
Knoxville TN           *
Menlo Park CA          650-854-7399
New York NY          212-688-3100
Menlo Park CA        650-854-3927
Dallas TX            972-702-1100
Clifton NJ           832-689-8610
San Francisco CA     415-398-2500
New Rochelle NY      914-235-1052
Cedar Park TX        512-633-5341
Germany              4989 636 34488
Menlo Park CA        650-854-1000
Menlo Park CA        650-853-1700
France               7283-2323
Fort Myers FL        941-561-4760
Palo Alto CA         650-688-3111
Kanata ON            613-271-1500
Ardmore PA           610-645-4510
Newton Center MA     617-928-9300
San Diego CA         858-452-3100
Tampa FL             813-253-2500
Huntsville AL        256-883-8711
Atlanta GA           *
Reston VA            703-904-9800
Menlo Park CA        415-464-4600
Boston MA            617-305-4140
London UK            0207 004 2600
New York NY          212-538-3600
Memphis TN           901-767-1131
Houston TX           713-622-2727
Boston MA            617-348-2327
Miami FL             305-530-0046
Baton Rouge LA       225-408-3000
Minneapolis MN       952-995-7474
Boston MA            617-824-1000
Palo Alto CA         650-493-5600
Chicago IL           312-267-8750
Boston MA            617-574-6700
Palo Alto CA         650-614-8200
El Dorado Hills CA   916-941-1400
Princeton NJ         609-921-2001
Palo Alto CA         650-289-9000
Aliso Viejo CA       877-887-2020
Australia            6102 9562 9000
Germany              49 89 998 992-0
Washington DC        202-293-8840
Denver CO            303-874-1100
St Louis MO          344-727-2112
Seattle WA           206-224-0131
Wayne PA             620-971-1515
Atlanta GA           404-347-8400
Austin TX            512-330-9200
Chicago IL           312-222-9100
Palo Alto CA         650-289-4400
Rochester NY         585-383-5680
Ireland             353 1 205 7700
Menlo Park CA       650-854-9500
Miami FL            305-858-2200
Stow MA             978-461-9900
New York NY         212-821-3310
Menlo Park CA       650-854-9080
Salt Lake City UT   801-365-0262
Denmark             45 35 29 86 00
Minnetonka MN       952-936-6800
Palo Alto CA        650-321-2900
New York NY         212-921-1442
Kirkland WA         206-264-1415
Cupertino CA        408-861-1035
Menlo Park CA       650-561-9580
Irvine CA           949-476-2204
Switzerland         41 41 728 67 10
New York NY         646-822-2000
Washington DC       202-654-7000
Boston MA           617-292-3300
Madison WI          608-441-2700
*                   *
Ogden UT            800-526-4661
New York NY         212-351-1600
Boca Raton FL       561-981-1017
Charlotte NC        704-556-1950
Vancouver BC        604-689-1818
Los Angeles CA      323-934-5000
Ft Lauderdale FL    954-713-0217
Dallas TX           214-849-9806
Seattle WA          206-438-1800
New York NY         212-355-0090
San Francisco CA    415-765-7100
San Francisco CA    415-391-7225
Norfolk VA          757-626-1111
Lake Forest IL      847-604-9550
Ann Arbor MI        734-332-1700
Culver City CA      310-216-7700
Greenwich CT        203-862-7000
Ann Arbor MI        734-747-9401
San Francisco CA    415-397-6200
Chicago IL          312-422-2400
Newport Beach CA    949-721-9944
San Diego CA        619-234-6800
Santa Ana CA        800-7-WINSTON
Denvr CO            303-321-4800
Toronto ON          800-463-1652
Palo Alto CA        650-322-3800
Andover MA          978-749-9999
Houston TX          713-650-0065
Cambridge MA        617-876-5355
Los Angeles CA      213-628-2400

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