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					                 PIZZA MENU - DINE IN OR TAKEAWAY
                                          Open daily from 11am

All our ingredients are locally sourced & are                       Large                              $29.50
of the highest standards, picked for maximum                        35cm, 10 slices
freshness for that special Cocopelli flavour.                       Medium                             $24.50
All our pizzas come with tomato base & a                            28cm, 8 slices
blend of tasty mozzarella cheeses, garnished                        Individual                         $16.50
with a sprinkling of fresh parmesan.                                pizza for one

Luigis Italian
Crispy bacon, pepperoni, red & green capsicums, red onions, button mushrooms, topped with fresh chives
Vine ripened tomato, red onions, button mushrooms, basil pesto, garlic & rock salt
Small leaf spinach, oven roasted pumpkin, olives, Kapiti feta cheese, red capsicums &
sprinkled with toasted almonds
Fillet of chicken, sundried tomato, Kapiti brie cheese & drizzled with sweet chilli sauce
topped with pistachio sour cream
Tri Factor
Winning combination of prime steak cuts, homemade BBQ sauce & bacon topped with
mushrooms & caramalised onions
NZ green lipped mussels, garlic shrimps, smoked salmon, roma tomatoes with fresh parmesan cheese,
pesto & lemon
Succulent ham off the bone, pineapple & herbs
Moroccan Lamb
Marinated lamb leg fillets with kumara, red onion & tomato served with Cocopelli minted yoghurt

Unique pizza with gourmet base. Extra $1.00
Chicken Cranberry & Brie
Cranberry base, smoked chicken & Kapiti brie sprinkled with fresh rosemary & parmesan.
Thai Chicken
Marinated chicken, flavoursome Thai curry sauce, red onions, capsicums, roasted peanuts,
lemon grass, coconut & fresh herbs.
Mexican Fiesta
Cocopelli mexican chilli bean mix, spicy chorizo sausage, capsicum, fresh tomato,
jalapenos & sour cream

Plain & simple - cheese & tomato base with optional ham & pineapple.
Please advise the server what toppings you would like!
                                                                                    Cocopelli Gourmet Pizza Bar
Gluten-free bases available on request. Small size only.                                        The Palms Arena
Extras: small $1 medium $2 large $3                                                                 Christchurch
                                                                                               Phone 386 2220
                                     Starters, Salads & Sides
Today’s Soup
Always good! Served with our house baked bread - ask your server.                                      $8.50
Cocopelli Freshly Baked Loaf
Daily baked bread loaf served with lashings of garlic butter.                                          $9.00
Pizza Bread
Our famous pizza bread topped with fresh garlic & melted cheese.                                       $9.50
Skinny Dips & Breads
A platter of pizza breads along with homemade dips & spreads.                                          $9.50
Chicken Wings
Succulent oven baked chicken wings, choose your favourite flavour: fire or mild hot sauce with blue cheese
dip; lemon pepper with aioli dip; honey soy & sesame or BBQ sauce.                                    $12.00
Cocopelli Antipasto Platter
The tastiest selection of matching bread & dips, including smoked salmon & herbed
cream cheese, ham off the bone, marinated olives, feta, Kapiti brie & spicy chorizo.
                                                              Small $20 Medium $32.00 Large $45.00
New Zealand Green Lipped Mussels
Fresh NZ mussels steamed in white wine, spring onions & finished with parsley & cream                 $16.50
Tossed Salad
Crisp lettuce leaves, crunchy croutons, avocado, cucumber, tomato & red onion
with Italian vinaigrette.                                                         Side/Small $5.50 $9.50
Greek Salad
Tomato, feta, kalamata olives, cucumber & red onion tossed in a herb vinaigrette
on a bed of fresh salad greens.                                                                        $9.00
Classic Caesar Salad
Of cos (romaine) lettuce, with crispy bacon, crunchy croutons, parmesan shavings
& dressing. Option to add smoked chicken.                                                    $10.50 / $14.50
Potato Wedges
Mountain high with sour cream & sweet chilli sauce.                                                    $9.50
Kiwi Fries
With the chef’s special seasoning served with aioli & tomato sauce.                                    $8.00

                                          Significant Others
                          Available every evening from 5pm and all day Friday–Sunday
Prime Rib Eye Steak                                                                                 $29.50
Grilled to your liking with the choice of mushroom cream sauce or green peppercorn jus
on a bed of mashed potato and spinach served with salad.
Fish and Chips                                                                                       $21.50
Hoki fillets crumbed and served with homemade tartar sauce and kiwi fries.
Calzone Rustico                                                                                      $19.50
Rough cut chorizo sausage, capsicum, red onion, olives, mushrooms, tomato wrapped
in homemade dough, baked and served with salad.
Cocopelli Gourmet Burgers all served with fries, lettuce and accompanying homemade dressings $18.50
Prime Rib Eye Steak Burger Stacked with sautéed mushrooms, caramelized onion, cheese and bacon
Chicken and Bacon Burger Topped with brie and home made guacamole.
Fish Burger Battered Hoki fillet smothered in homemade tartar sauce.

                                              Pasta menu
Crispy bacon, spinach & fettuccine tossed through a rich garlic & cream sauce, garnished
with fresh shaved parmesan.                                                                      $19.00
Chicken Tagliatelle
Sauteed fresh chicken breast & tagliatelle, tossed in a creamy basil & pinenut pesto,
topped with roasted capsicum.                                                                     $19.50
Seafood Marinara
Fresh green lipped mussels, shrimp, smoked salmon & jumbo prawns, flash fried in a light garlic,
brandy, tomato & basil sauce, served on spaghetti.                                               $20.50
Spinach & Pumpkin
Oven roasted pumpkin & baby leaf spinach complimented with kalamata olives, red onion, capsicums
mixed through fettucine & pomodori herb sauce, finished with feta & toasted almonds.             $18.50
A creamy fettuccine dish tossed with smoked chicken, sundried tomato, fresh spring onions,
drizzled with sweet chilli sauce & finished with grilled brie.                                    $19.50
                             Most items available to takeaway, just ask.
         Cheques not accepted unless prior arrangement with management. Service not included.

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