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United States Plastic Corp

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					United States Plastic Corp. Manufacturer of plastic tanks and distributor for tubes, extruded
plastic tubing, nylon tubes, polycarbonate tubing, polyethylene tubes, polyurethane tubing and
PVC tubing. Provides a variety of industries with quality, cost-effective plastic tubing. - Site info

Heute and Comp. Gmbh Manufacture a range of engineered fluoroplastic products. Includes
information about fluoroplastic materials such as PTFE and PFA (in English and German). - Site info

Sunray Manufacturer of urethane wheels, rollers and components. - Site info

Nylex Nylex manufacture thermo plastic tubing, hose, ducting geomembranes, tank liners and
drainage - Site info

InterNet, Inc USA. Manufacturers of metal and plastic extruded nettings, mesh fabrics and
screens for filtration, transportation, aquaculture, pest control and landscaping applications.
Technical information on PDF - Site info

U.S. Polymers Inc. Manufactures PVC-UVR pipe above ground irrigation pipe which is resistant
to degradation by - Site info

Kouyo Plastic Ent. Co. Manufacturer of household and bathroom products by dip molding and
other molding - Site info

StockCap Dip molding company specializing in plastic caps, plugs, masking products, and custom
molded covers. Includes video tour of the - Site info

Formosan Rubber Group, Inc. Manufacturers of rubber and plastic synthetic leather, film,
coating, and specialized OEM. ISO-9002 - Site info

Caplugs Manufacturer of plastic protective closures from dip molding process,in vinyl, metal,
rubber and paper for the protection of parts during - Site info

Milacron Inc. Supplier of plastics processing and metalcutting process technologies. (NYSE:MZ) - Site info

Ridout Plastics Distributor of industrial plastics, custom manufacturer, and maker of business
literature holders and display - Site info Buy engineering plastic stock shapes, obtain product data and material
data safety sheets or get recommendations on which plastic material is best for your application. - Site info

Plásticos Mondragón Plastic components manufacturer for the household, electrical appliances,
automobiles, electronics and computer technology industries. Multilingual site. - Site info

Transilwrap Co., Inc USA. Manufacturing and converting plastics for the thermal laminating,
printing, industrial, specialty packaging and graphic arts markets. - Site info

Bemis Associates, Inc. Manufactures heat seal film adhesives, coatings and tapes to a broad
range of - Site info

Shurtape Technologies, Inc Manufacturers of commodity, industrial grade and specialty
adhesive tapes. Technical specifications. On-line order - Site info

Steere Enterprises Dip molded grips, sleeves, protective covers, specialty products and bellows
from an extensive range of vinyl plastisol - Site info

AEP Industries Inc. Manufactures and markets wide range of low-density polyethylene plastic
film products used in packaging, transportation, textile, food, automotive, pharmaceutical,
chemical and electronics industries. (Nasdaq: AEPI) - Site info

DuPont High Performance Materials Supplier of polyimide film for use in various electrical and
electronic applications. Includes product properties, general specifications and applications. - Site info

Micro Lens Technology, Inc Produces optically clear acrylic sheet for linticular lens lens, lens
design and cylinder engraving for the 3D and animated graphic market - Site info

MoCap US based dip molding company manufactures protective caps and plugs, grips, and
masking products as well as custom molded - Site info

Sheffield Plastics Inc. Manufacturer of high performance thermoplastic sheeting. - Site info

Achilles Custom manufacturer of calendered flexible and semi-rigid PVC, flexible alloy blends,
and olefin - Site info

Eldon James Corp Manufacturers of plastic hose fittings, tubing, hose barbs, hose unions and
medical components and accessories from Nylon, polypropylene, Glass-Reinforced Nylon, and - Site info

Palram Industries Manufacturer of flat and corrugated, rigid and foamed, thermoplastic sheets
from polycarbonate, PVC, acrylic, PETG and other - Site info

MDI Manufacturing and Design, Inc. Design, engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of
plastic components for the furniture, display, and healthcare industries. - Site info

Richco Design and manufactures plastic fasteners, wire management devices, circuit board
hardware, and custom - Site info

Reb Toys Castings Offering miniature pewter figure molds, miniature collectibles, wildlife molds,
toy soldier molds, mold making materials, Lee precision reloading equipment and hard to find
casting - Site info

Renolit AG Germany. Manufacturers of polymer films for office organization products,
self-adhesive applications, surface finishing of furniture and lamination of window profiles. - Site info

Item Plastic Corp Manufacturer of adhesive PVC color films, transferring tape, flex face, static

film and plastic - Site info

Ensinger Ltd. Manufactures and distributes engineering plastics in rod, sheet,tube and finished - Site info

Plastic Suppliers, Inc. Manufacturer, converter, and distributor of plastic film and sheet products
for use in a wide variety of applications. Includes a tips and tools section. - Site info

Alliance Plastics Dip molding vinyl cap protectors for tubing, threaded parts, covers for bolts and
screws. They are also widely used as masks for painting and plating. - Site info

Harman Corp Supplier of caps, grips, plugs, and custom vinyl products made from the dip
molding - Site info

United Plastics Group Full service manufacturer of precision plastic products and value-added
services for the medical, electronics, consumer and industrial/automotive markets. Includes news
and events, new technologies and case studies - Site info

American Polyfilm Manufacturing of polyurethane blown film for textile, aerospace, and emblem - Site info

Eger Products Inc
Dip molding, of proprietary switchgear covers, agricultural tanks, dumpster lids and bus boot
covers, also perform rotational casting. - Site info

Tins' Chemical Industrial Co. Ltd. Produce semi-rigid and flexible pvc sheets. The company also
manufacture leathercloth by the calendering and the transfer coating methods. Hong Kong. - Site info

Petro Packaging Inc. Manufactures extruded tubing in diameters ranging from 1/8" to 6" and wall
thicknesses ranging from .010" to .375". engineered for special applications. - Site info

Reef Industries, Inc. Manufacturing and fabricating plastic films and reinforced laminates,
through, printing, slitting, fusion welding, heat sealing, and sewing of plastic film for a number of - Site info

Piper Plastics Precision dip molding and plastic coating using plastisol, nylon, silicone, and
urethane. Capable of meeting FDA, UL, USP, and MIL specifications. - Site info

Pro Tapes & Specialties Manufacturer and converter of pressure sensitive tapes for the
entertainment industry, graphic and specialty arts and for general industrial and electrical - Site info

CGPC Enduratex Vinyl Upholstery Fabrics Manufacture a range of double polished clear (DPC)
film. Includes colored, printed, laminated and embossed varieties in both flexible and rigid - Site info

Plustape Manufacturers of self adhesive tape, acrylic foam tape, protection film and sealing
materials in - Site info

Davies Molding Catalogue site with a selection of knobs, handles, cases, and other parts made
from thermoplastic to thermoset, phenolic molding to polypropylene molding. - Site info

Gallagher Corporation Custom molder and caster of polyurethane and thermoplastic parts for a
range of industries. - Site info

Thermoplastic Processes Inc. Manufacturer of flexible PVC tubing, clear PVC pipe,
polycarbonate tubing and low density polyethylene - Site info

Misubishi Polyester Film Group Manufacturer of polyester film products used in packaging,
extrusion, video, imaging, capacitor and thermo transfer applications. - Site info

Plasti-Coat Corp. Manufacturing dip molded grips, handles and plugs from plastisol, vinyl and
nylon materials. Coating and molding services - Site info

Suncrown Adhesive Products Company, Ltd. Hong Kong manufacturer of self-adhesive and
pressure sensitive - Site info

Taiwan PU Company Manufacturer of cast polyurethane finished products such as wheels, rollers
and squeegees. - Site info

Metlon India Pvt. Ltd. Indian manufacturers and exporters of polyester film, polyester sheet,
metallic yarn and stamping - Site info

Access Polymer Molding Inc. Manufacture plastic plugs, caps closures and protective
components as well as shipping, threaded, sleeve and dust protectors by dip molding process. - Site info

Nycoil Co Manufacturing a line of tubing including, air brake tubing, polyurethane recoil air hose,
nylon recoil air hose, and - Site info

Superlon Manufactures extruded elastomeric nitrile foam tubing designed to fit the standard
diameters of steel and copper - Site info

Freelin-Wade Co. Plastic tubing, hose, coils and tether manufacturer. - Site info

Lotrec AS Swedish formulator of fluorinated products, primarily based on PTFE, for use in release
agents, coatings, lubricants, and anti-friction - Site info

Acro Tech Inc Manufacturer of urethane products such as sheet, bars, tubes, rods, metal forming
products and custom - Site info

Porous Products Group Manufacture pourous plastic products for specialized medical
applications by dip molding in powder - Site info

Gripworks Manufacturer of plastic hand grips, foam grips, and foam tubing. - Site info

ATP Adhesive Systems AG Switzerland. Development and manufacture of solvent-free and

recyclable, one- and double-sided adhesive tapes, and adhesive and non-adhesive thermosetting
films for applications in the textile, automotive, construction, plastics, paper, aviation, electrical and
printing industries. English and - Site info

Igoodz, Inc. Magnetic vinyl sheeting for industry, crafts and signs in sheet or roll. - Site info

Dunmore Corp Produces engineered coated, laminated, and metalized films. Complete clean
room environment, and a pilot coating - Site info

Dasheng Corp Manufacturer of heat shrinkable cable accessories, insulation, insulator tubings,
stress control tubings, and anti-corrosion - Site info

Protect-all, Inc. Manufacturer of standard and premium clarity laminating films as well as
specialty and custom lamination - Site info

Jobst Inc Injection Molding of engineering thermoplastics and thermoplastic rubber, prototype
through production tools and molding, insert molding and transfer molding. - Site info

Poly-Flex Inc. Manufacturers geomembrane liner products for environmental and containment - Site info

Triple S Plastics, Inc. Manufactures complex, highly engineered thermoplastic components for
automotive, consumer products, medico-pharmaceutical, information technologies and
telecommunications markets. Based in Lahti, Finland. (Nasdaq: TSSS). - Site info

Tapco Inc. Manufactures cast urethane elevator cups used in agricultural and industrial - Site info

Daya Tarpaulin Products Co.,Ltd Manufacfacture of PVC tarpaulin used in Back-lit, Front-lit,
Banners, Awning, Tents, Oil boom, Boat cover, - Site info

Multi-Plastics, Inc. Manufacture rolls of thin gauge plastics for the envelope, carton, label and
printing - Site info

Plastomer Technologies Manufacturer of specialty PTFE products. Products include tapes, films
and fiber. Division of EnPro - Site info

Kyungwon Chemical Co., Ltd. Manufactures and exports shrink label and film and stretch label
and film in several different materials. Korea. - Site info

Goex Inc. Manufactures rigid plastic sheet and roll-stock in custom colors. Materials include
polycarbonate, copolyester, high impact PVC and PETG. Gauges from .010 to .070. - Site info

Shrink Wrap Solutions, Inc Supplier of shrink films and accessories available in a variety of
widths, lengths, thicknesses, colors to meet a range of applications. - Site info

Acordis Acetate Chemicals Ltd Manufacturer of cellulose diacetate film. Product range; gauges
from 14µ to 500µ, clear, matt, semi-matt finishes and color .Includes product history and technical

data in pdf format - Site info

Plastic Wheels Supplier of wheels and castors - rubber PVC polyurethane EVA or pneumatic
tyres to carry loads from 15 kilos to 12 - Site info

Flex-O-Glass Inc. Custom plastic film extrusion including skin packaging, blister packaging,
coextrusion film and greenhouse - Site info

HP Manufacturing Fabrication of plastic sheets, rods and tubes and offers custom manufacture of
plastic displays and - Site info

Canadian General-Tower, Ltd Canada. Manufacturers of custom formulated, calendered,
printed, laminated and embossed thermoplastic sheeting for automotive, pool liner, roofing,
decking, containment, pond liner and stationery - Site info

Glitron Products Manufacturers of precision cut glitter powders for product enhancement, fashion
and cosmetics, and craft and coating applications, from metal coated polyester film. Material
safety data - Site info

Vynaflex Plastisol Compounds Manufacturer of vinyl plastisol coatings for the dip molding and
dip coating - Site info

Wang Cheong Group Manufacturers of self-adhesive tape and paper for safety, educational,
decorative and industrial uses. English and - Site info

Hop Industries Corporation Supplier of rigid PVC rolls, sheets, and films, synthetic paper
products, as well as office and presentation - Site info

Centriforce Plastic extruded sheet and board products, and profiles used in agriculture,
construction, industry, and municipal and leisure - Site info

SOE First Polyester Films Co Manufacture of polyester film suitable for vacuum metalization,
laminating, coating, package strutures and for audio and video tape. - Site info

Applied Extrusion Technologies Inc. Develop and manufacture plastic metallized, sealable,
opaque, transparent and other films for product labeling, food packaging, and shrink wrap. - Site info

NSW, LLC USA. Manufacturers of extruded plastic netting products for environmental, industrial,
filtration, food industry, aquaculture and consumer packaging applications. Extensive technical
information and product - Site info

Solar Plastics Rotational Molding Specialized in injection modular molding of plastics. - Site info

Allegheny Plastics, Inc Manufacturer and service provider of molded and machined parts of
advanced materials to the aerospace, automotive, and industrial equipment industries. Also,
design, manufacture and installment of surface processing equipment. - Site info

Symplastics Ltd. Produces thermoplastics for a diverse range of markets including polyethylene
loose-leaf products, mud flaps and polyethylene sheet and rod production.

                                                   6 - Site info

Greenbrook Automations Greenbrook Automations Ltd designs and manufactures latex dipping
plants and ancilliary equipment for the world latex and PVC industries. - Site info

Elastomer Specialties, Inc Custom casting of urethane, polyurethane and polyurea elastomer
products for pipeline, oil field, mining, and manufacturing industries - Site info

Hsin Lien Bang Enterprise Co., Ltd. Manufacture of engineering plastics semi finished
componants, such as rod, sheet and machined parts.Processor of semi-finished plastics in Asia. - Site info

LOFO Solvent cast films from polycarbonate and triacatate for electric, electronical, medical and
optical - Site info

PDM Industries Specialize in plastisol coating, fluidized bed powder coating, dip molding, custom
vinyl - Site info

Greencorp Magnetics Pty Ltd Manufacturer of magnetic stripe and audio cassette tape. - Site info

Johnson Plastics Manufacturing custom urethane cast products including, gaskets, chute liners,
bumpers, gears, wheels, bushings, and a range of other cast parts. - Site info

Shadow Plastics Inc Manufacturers of low , linear low and high density polyethylene film. End
products can consist of: flat tubing, gusseted tubing, and sheeting. - Site info

Hang Tai Industrial (HK) Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of adhesive products including adhesive
tape, double side tape, foam, sponge, EVA, PVC, PET, and - Site info

Flextech Industries Inc. Designs and manufactures corrugated plastic tubing , teflon hose, teflon
expansion joints and piping - Site info

Klöckner Pentaplast of America, Inc. Specializing in the custom extrusion of plastic sheet,
rollstock, and film of polystyrene and polypropylene used for conductive packaging material. - Site info

HPG International, Inc. Offers thermoplastic sheet and roll goods. Including corrosion-resistant
sheets, fire safe sheets and PVC foamboard. Includes a news and events section. - Site info

Modular Molding Systems Manufacturer of modular molding systems for industrial grade lean
manufacturing. - Site info

Sky Eagle Industrial Co., Ltd. Manufacturers of plastic tanks, cans and buckets, sunshades,
moveable toilets, and traffic cones and - Site info

King Plastic Corp Plastic sheets and cutting boards for marine, engraving, architectural and
radiation control - Site info

E-Beam Services Inc. Offers contract electron beam processing for plastics crosslinking, plastic
product enhancement, and sterilization of medical - Site info

Plastificados en México Plastisol molding company in Monterrey Mexico. Manufactures closures
and other custom plastic - Site info

Tocana Manufacturer of printable plastic substrates and adhesives. Dublin, Ireland. - Site info

Wiman Corporation Custom manufacturer of flexible PVC film and producer of heavy gauge
vinyl, prolypropylene, and olefin film - Site info

Piqua Technologies Inc. Fabricate adhesive tapes to custom order from urethane foam, rubber,
plastic films, fabrics, EPT sealer and - Site info

Acrylic Designers and Fabricators Inc. Manufactures custom acrylic products for retail and
wholesale. In house screen printing, wood fixturing, prototypes and extruded parts. - Site info

Longer Plastic Factory Ltd Manufacturer and exporter of plastic products including plastic
bellows and air - Site info

Zell-Metall GmbH Manufactures extruded products. Offers a product list, technical info, research
and development pages, and contact - Site info

Jingjiang Yahua Co.Ltd Manufacturers of pressure sensitive tapes including polyester mylar and
polyinmide film tape, pvc electrician tape, and psa tape . - Site info

Extrusioneering, Inc. Specializes in small diameter medical tubing. Tight tolerance single and
multi-lumen geometries, co-extrusions, polyolefin balloon tubing and shrink tubing. - Site info

Pro-data International Corp Manufacturer of wire harness assemblies, telephone, computer,
audio,and video cable and accessories. - Site info

Terbo Plastics South African company manufacturing various types of plastic media for
packaging and wastewater - Site info

Bron Tapes of Arizona Manufacture pressure sensitive tape for aerospace, automotive and
medical industries. Services include die cutting, laminating, coating, slitting and printing. - Site info

Diversified Plastic Specializes in plastic extrusion and plastic vacuum forming. Includes profile,
capabilities, materials, links and contact - Site info

Ilheung Plastic Mfg. Co., Ltd. PVC, PP, PE plastic sheet extrusion company. - Site info

Acordis Tow Suppliers of cellulose acetate filter tow to tobacco companies throughout the world
for the production of filter tipped cigarettes. Includes a manufacturing process flow chart . - Site info

Apex Medical Technologies, Inc. Specializes in non-latex dip molded products for the medical
device industry, Products include, specimen pouches, probe covers, diaphragms and male
external - Site info

Applied Plastics Technology Manufactures engineered plastic components on automatic
compression modular molding and CNC machining equipment. Browse their catalog of stock - Site info

The PAL Group Manufactures plastic extruded profiles, roller shutters, glazing gaskets, adhesive
tapes, and foam rubber - Site info

Shine Chi Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of hot stamping foil, transferring film and imitation gold leaves. - Site info

Tatra Plastics Group Plastic wheels custom molded, from engineered plastic resins and
structural foam also produces lightning and surge protection and cable management items. - Site info

Valeron Global Website Manufacturer of high strength, oriented cross-laminated plastic HDPE
films, V-MAX HDPE printing films and other PET films used in a variety of industries in applications
needing high tear, burst and puncture - Site info

Davidson Plastics Corp Manufactures reflective highway delineation, barriers, barricades,
overlay markers, zone safety devices and chain link fence inserts. - Site info

Diversified Plastic Specializes in plastic extrusion and plastic vacuum forming. Includes profile,
capabilities, materials, links and contact - Site info

Ilheung Plastic Mfg. Co., Ltd. PVC, PP, PE plastic sheet extrusion company. - Site info

Acordis Tow Suppliers of cellulose acetate filter tow to tobacco companies throughout the world
for the production of filter tipped cigarettes. Includes a manufacturing process flow chart . - Site info

Apex Medical Technologies, Inc. Specializes in non-latex dip molded products for the medical
device industry, Products include, specimen pouches, probe covers, diaphragms and male
external - Site info

Applied Plastics Technology Manufactures engineered plastic components on automatic
compression modular molding and CNC machining equipment. Browse their catalog of stock - Site info

The PAL Group Manufactures plastic extruded profiles, roller shutters, glazing gaskets, adhesive
tapes, and foam rubber - Site info

Shine Chi Co. Ltd. Manufacturer of hot stamping foil, transferring film and imitation gold leaves. - Site info

Tatra Plastics Group Plastic wheels custom molded, from engineered plastic resins and
structural foam also produces lightning and surge protection and cable management items. - Site info

Valeron Global Website Manufacturer of high strength, oriented cross-laminated plastic HDPE

films, V-MAX HDPE printing films and other PET films used in a variety of industries in applications
needing high tear, burst and puncture - Site info

Davidson Plastics Corp Manufactures reflective highway delineation, barriers, barricades,
overlay markers, zone safety devices and chain link fence inserts. - Site info

IDE Insulation Products Manufacture, distribution and transformation of a complete range of
electrical and thermal - Site info

Lofo - High Tech Film Gmbh Specialist in high tech solvent cast films and high quality laminating
films (opp) for electrical, electronic, optical and medical - Site info

Omega Plastics Rapid-cut injection modular mold tooling, bridge to production injection molded
parts, low volume production, and - Site info

Precision Dippings Marketing Ltd.Manufacturing rubber dipped products from natural latex and
neoprene latex for industries, ranging from specialized medical parts to latex seals for dry suits. - Site info

Rowland Technologies, Inc. Manufacturers of high performance thermoplastic film and sheet for
a wide variety of engineering and graphics applications. - Site info

Smithco Industries Manufacturer of low density polyethynene plastic pipe caps and flange - Site info

Tape Technologies, Inc. Manufacturers and distributors of vinyl and adhesive-coated films,
reflective and magnetic sheeting, automotive tape products and inkjet media. - Site info

Transfixt Ltd Manufacture a range of self-adhesive products, including specialist self-adhesive
tapes, finger-lift transfer tapes and tapes produced to customers' specifications. - Site info

Urethane Innovators Inc. Manufacturers of cast urethane rollers and other industrial products.
Specialists in urethane formulation and product redesign to enhance performance. - Site info

Saturn Plastics Corp. Manufacture of decorative cast acrylic sheets, rods, and balls in a range of
colors, including pearl, glitter, marble, and granite. - Site info

Jang Foh Enterprise Co., Ltd. Manufacturer and exporter of cast acrylic sheets, acrylic products
and raw - Site info

Suzhou Colour-way Enterprise Development Co.Ltd Manufacturer of latex products in China
including latex surgical gloves, examination gloves, tubes for blood transfusion, colour latex
balloons and a range of oil paint and emulsion paint. - Site info

Shinagawa Shoko Co Manufacture a variety of insulation caps wiring accessories that are
formed in a dipping process using a soft PVC plastic compound. - Site info
Weico Wire & Cable Inc Manufacturer of wire cable, tubing and magnet wire to the electronics
industry. Specializing in silicone rubber coated fiberglass sleeving. - Site info

Gummi-Technik Extrusion of plastic tubing and hoses in sponge or solid, available in various
elastomers, custom fabricated in standard shapes and sizes. - Site info

Allegheny Plastics Custom injection molder producing components from PTFE for the electrical,
transmission, diststribution, aerospace, automotive, electrical, and industrial markets. - Site info

Deccofelt Corp Manufacturer of adhesive coated tapes for cushioning, sealing, sound damping
and - Site info

Admiral PSP.Co Specialised self-adhesive tapes for marine, DIY, automotive, art & craft and
household applications distributed in the UK and - Site info

Advanced Membrane Systems Manufacturer of micro-porous membranes for use in
alkaline/lithium batteries, fuel cells and filtration - Site info

AGS Acrylics Produces tombstones and gifts. Offers an online ordering system. - Site info

Ajay Poly Pty., Ltd India: Manufactures refrigerator gaskets, door seals, magnets, visicooler
profiles, and parts for a range of - Site info

Alta Technologies, Inc. Manufactures expandable plastic monofilament sleevings used for
protecting wire and cable and hose assemblies for electronics, automobile, aerospace, and marine - Site info

Athlone Extrusions PLC European manufacturer of Polystyrene and ABS plastic sheet and film
for use in commercial, industrial, domestic and agricultural sectors. - Site info

Aucilla Plastics Custom injection molder specializing in small tight-tolerance parts produced from
engineering grade thermoplastic - Site info

Autoadesivi s.r.l Manufacture refractive fabrics and sheetings, holographic films and
self-adhesive paper - Site info

Baldan Plastica S.r.l. - Specialising in moulded plastics Specialising in moulded plastics - Site info

Bixby International Corp Extruders and laminators of mono- and multilayer polymer sheets.
Also, prototype and product development - Site info

Bryan Plastics Plastic modular molding and online catalog of furniture, kitchen and bathroom - Site info

Carousel Plastics Ltd. Custom design, engineering, tooling and molding of plastic products for
the electric, automotive, security, cosmetic and houseware industries. - Site info

Classic Polymers Manufacturers of engineered plastics. Rods, sheets, tubes and components,
from polyamide, polyurethane, polyacetal, PTFE, UHMW and PE. - Site info

Custom Assemblies, Inc. Manufacturing plastic medical tubing for medical manufacturing
companies. Provide customized products, clean room facilities, equipment for semi-automated
tube - Site info

Davies Tapes UK suppliers of a variety of industry and need related tapes. - Site info

Diaures Group Group of companies, active in mechanical engineering, self-adhesive tapes,
holographic paper and plastic sheets, and - Site info

Drossbach N.A. Inc. Manufacturers of plastic ducting and convoluted plastic conduit for
protection of wiring harnesses and - Site info

Drumparts, Inc. Manufactures industrial drum locking rings, and distributes drum accessories,
including gaskets, drum covers, bolts, faucets and - Site info

Duelplast Manufacturer of rods, tubes and sheets from PTFE, PE, PVC, and PP. Germany. - Site info

Econplastics An industrial plastics supplier, stocking FR-4, canvas phenolic and paper based
phenolic - Site info

Elastochem Specialty Chemicals, Inc. Fabricate cast polyurethane products and manufacture
polyurethane and epoxy based coatings, foams, sealants, adhesives and primers. - Site info

Electronic Systems spa Gauging thickness weight and moisture measuring, defects inspection,
process automation and control systems for the plastic films and rubber industries. - Site info

Environment Care Systems GmbH. Development and manufacture of sheeting and laminates
for consumer products in personal care, home, garden, amenity, agriculture, and for the
professional pest control in Andernach, Germany. - Site info

Ernest Johnson Co. Supplier of engineered metal and plastic fabricated components and
assemblies to OEM's representing key industries. - Site info

EVC Rigid Film Manufacturer of rigid PVC and other calendered plastic films for packaging, office
supplies and technical - Site info

Evernew Development Ltd Manufacturers of plastic products including computer parts,
household appliances, electronic products, electronic and electrical components. - Site info

Flexible Reinforcements, Ltd UK. Manufacturers of polyester reinforced and unsupported
calendered PVC and vinyl screens and fabrics for a wide variety of consumer and industrial
applications. Technical information. - Site info

Foremost International Corp. Manufacturer of cast acrylic products including , desk clocks,
paper weights, frames and other office and household items. - Site info

Gervacril Manufacturer of cast acrylic products including tubes, rods bars and balls. - Site info

Guangming Rubber and Plastic Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of binary-oriented polystyrene (BOPS)
sheet and its thermoforming products, and 5-layer co-extruded film. China. - Site info

Guolene Plastic Films Sdn Bhd Manufacturer of biaxial oriented polypropylene film, cast
polypropylene film, metallized film and metallized PET - Site info

Holscot Group Manufactures engineered fluoroplastic products including Sheeting and heat
shrink tubbing by extrusion, vacuum forming, fusion welding and chemical etching. - Site info

HY Comp Manufactures custom injection modular molded thermoplastic parts for structural
aerospace and industrial products. Product catalog and contact information. - Site info

Insulboot Manufacturer of flexible, reusable, electrical insulating PVC covers for busbar and
switchgear connections. Many standard sizes and styles - Site info

Interface Air Repair Inc Manufacture a one part thixotropic material for the repair and restoration
of worn and damaged aircraft parts - Site info

Jalite Plastics Photoluminescent PVC sheet and flexible self adhesive vinyl specifically for life
safety - Site info

JSP International Produces expanded polypropylene beads for molding into a variety of shapes
and products , Variations include laminated shape molded EPP, and porous EPP. - Site info

KT Formteile Custom design, engineering, modular tooling and molding of plastic products for the
automotive - Site info

LeRoy Plastics, Inc. Extruder of stock and custom polyethylene tubing, hose, pipe and
retractable tubing - Site info

Loven Special Products Dip Molded Products from the Netherlands - Site info

Mahavir Corporation Manufacturers of PTFE coated fiberglass for cloth, silicon adhesive tapes,
belts. Contains company profile and - Site info

Mastco, Inc Design and manufacture of custom OEM components in PTFE and teflon for the
biomedical, bioresearch, combinatorial chemistry, flow and level metering, laboratories, and the
pharmaceutical and semiconductor - Site info

Optinova AB Custom engineered precision fluoroplastic tubing and profiles for medical
applications. Also, wire dispersion coating, and multi-layered - Site info

Performance Plastics Molders of high performance polymers in injection modular molding with
close tolerances and difficult shape parts - Site info

Pilzecker Industries BV Manufacture adhesive and self-adhesive fixing tapes and foils for the
building and engineering industry. Product data and - Site info

Pinnacle Films Inc. Specializes in manufacturing seven-layer cast film using metallocene linear
low density polyethylene for strength and - Site info

Plasform Sdn Bhd Outsource and agent for plastic materials used in manufacturing industry.
Located in Taman Asa - Site info

Plastech Plastic machining, modular molding and precision CNC machining of plastics for the
medical, aerospace, semiconductor, electronics, and marine industries. - Site info

Plastic Connections, Inc. Distributor and manufacturer representative                 of   polyester,
polypropylene, nylon, transparency, window films and laminations. - Site info

Plastic Parts Provides plastic services from modular mold design, tooling and injection. - Site info

Policrom, Inc Specialty plastic film and paper for the graphic arts and printing industries. Products
include masking films, and printable plastic - Site info

Polydrive Industries Manufactures custom urethane products, specializing in precision rollers for
a variety of OEM and after-market media handling and drive applications. Manufacturing, modular
molding, and engineering services are also - Site info

Polymer Dynamics Inc Custom molder of castable urethanes, polyurethanes, and silicone
elastimeric material for prototyping, short run, and production for all industries - Site info

Precision Polymer Processors Manufacturing extruded cellulosics, polished cellulosics, optical
grade polycarbonate sheeting for IR protection, laser protection, and welding filter grade sheet. - Site info

PVC Stripuk European manufacturers and suppliers of PVC strip curtains, sheet, and barrier
panels for doorway insulation and - Site info

Sai Metaplast P.Ltd Manufacturer of vacuum metallized films. Polyester, bopp, PVC, cpp, - Site info

Scapa Polymerics, Ltd UK. Design, development and manufacture of polymer compounds, cable
wrappings and components for the cable and wire industry. Part of Scapa, Ltd. - Site info

Self S.L. Manufacture of adhesive tapes and self-bonding products for direct application to
carpets, felts, fabrics, foam, rubber, and - Site info

Shinil Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. Manufacturer of polypropylene, nylon6, nylon66,
nanocomposite nylon, PBT, PC, adhesive film, and breathable film. Compounding services.

                                                 14 - Site info

Sinclair & Rush Limited Manufacturer of dip molded plastic caps, plugs, closures, grips and
other vinyl - Site info

Smith & Nephew Extruded Films, Ltd UK. Manufacturers of films, foam, polymeric nets and
tapes for the medical and industrial - Site info

S & S Acrylic Casting of acrylic risers, picture frames, displays, sign holders or other acrylic
products in stock or can make custom acrylic - Site info

Steursma Engineering BV Manufacturing medical and industrial plastic tubing. Extrusion of
custom tubing and - Site info

Surgimedics Offer dip molded soft plastisol disposable medical products specializing in fluid
management for the cardiovascular surgery and critical care markets. - Site info

TapeSouth Tapesouth manufactures, converts, and prints specialty, electrical, and industrial tape - Site info

Thai KK Industry Manufactures stickers, adhesive tapes, PCV insulating tapes. Also, melamine
and urea molding compounds, and glazing - Site info

Tradewind Resources Xpecialize in prototyping plastic injection modular molded components
and sales of stock sheet, rod, tube, balls and other shape materials - Site info

Tubing Termoencogible Manufactures single and dual wall polyolefin heat shrink tubbing for
military, electronics, hardware, automotive, military, appliance and medical specifications. - Site info

Tyco Plastics Offers a comprehensive line of plastic film and packaging for food service, paper,
agricultural, can liner, and stretch - Site info

United Plastics Technology, Inc. Manufacturers dip tooling, racks, chillers, auxillary lifts, plastisol
replenishment systems, finished product - Site info

Ura-Flex Manufacturing Produces cast urethane products, specializing in pipeline pigs, also
casts parts as small as a few grams to parts weighing hundreds of pounds. - Site info

Vanguard Piping Systems Inc. Manufactures a line of cross-linked polyethylene tubing, fittings
and tools along with water management system. - Site info

WJP Engineering Plastics Manufacturer of engineering plastic components in a range of plastics
such as PVDF, PPS, Nylon, Acetal, Delrin, UHMWPE, and Polypropylene. - Site info

Wrexham Plastics Company Ltd A supplier of engineering plastics, plus plastics machining,
plastics fabrication, plastic - Site info

Yonwoo Corp Manufacturer of pressure sensitive self-adhesive tape for industrial purposes. - Site info

Barlo Plastics Suppliers of transparent plastic sheets. Online buying facility requiring registration.
A division of the Barlo group plc. - Site info


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