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Since being featured in our March issue, the Concordat of providers of classic
full recovery has grown in numbers – and is strengthened by “The Graduates”:
about 30,000 people in recovery who successfully graduated drug-free from
their rehabs. We catch up as they work to help addicts access effective treatment.
The coalition government’s first drug strategy:             – certainly included – in the plans. Instead, they    meeting was to launch the NTA and National
                                                                                                                                                                      FIRST PAYMENT-BY-RESULTS CONTACT: THE CONCORDAT AT APRIL DoH/NTA PbR EVENT
Reducing demand, restricting supply, building              had found themselves excluded, despite public         Addiction Centre Addiction to Medicine reports –
recovery: supporting people to live a drug-free life has   statements to the contrary.                           but evidence from the Concordat and others led
two overarching aims: to reduce illicit and other               Officials under the NTA rejected the bid in        to DoH press releases about them being pulled
harmful drug use, and to increase the numbers              favour of unproven pathways with no history of        due to the help-denying inaccuracies revealed.
recovering from their dependence on drugs.                 getting addicts drug free for the long term.               Building recovery in communities. The
     “Supporting people to live a drug-free life                The Concordat as control group for               Concordat worked together to offer a joint as well
is at the heart of our recovery ambition,” home            payment by results. Concordat representatives         as individual responses to this consultation.
secretary Theresa May explained at its launch.             met with Department of Health deputy drug                  Residential rehab briefing paper. The
     Sadly, implementation has turned out to be            and alcohol policy director Chris Heffer in            Concordat pooled information and expertise to
very different. Rehabs have a proven track record           Whitehall and offered to be a ‘control group’          create the UK’s most authoritative and definitive
in delivering classic, drug-free recovery as aimed         whose outcomes could be compared to payment-          guide. Read it at   In a ‘first’ for the field,    Substance Misuse. Their     group’ to compare           TTP/Trust The Process,       for Change, ANTHONY
                                                                                                                                                                      rehabs were invited to       reports on this led to      outcomes (see cover story   JILL ANTLEY of Linwood,      MASSOURAS of Mimosa
for in the ...drug-free life strategy, so could be         by-results pilots. This dovetails with a desire by    today/2011/05/residential-rehab-briefing.html.
                                                                                                                                                                      attend a payment-by-         concerted efforts to        on pages 25-27).            CHIP SOMERS of Focus 12,     Healthcare who is also
the government’s greatest allies. However, of the          ministers. However, the Concordat emphasised               Leading think-tank quotes Concordat.            results event, organised     persuade payment-by-        Concordat members           CAROLINE COLE of             chair of the Addiction
207,000 problem drug users under the National              that outcomes must be independently audited.          The media headlined a Centre for Policy Studies      by the Department of         results pilots to involve   photographed at the         the Rehabilitation for       Recovery Foundation and
Treatment Agency regime, less than 4,000 were                   Campaigning for NICE to review CG              paper in June by Kathy Gyngell, author of the 400-   Health and the National      rehabs – or to use the      PbR event include (l-r):    Addicted Prisoners’ Trust,   PETER RAINFORD of Park
allowed to rehab – not even 2%. This number is             Psychosocial guidelines. In a waste of money          page Addictions chapter of Breakthrough Britain      Treatment Agency for         Concordat as a ‘control     TOM KIRKWOOD of             GRAEME DIXON of Action       View Project.
congruent with those actually free of all drugs.           and extension of suffering, rationing-body Nice        which kickstarted current policy – citing the
     To help achieve the government’s policy aims,         states that addicts must exhaust other options        Concordat’s briefing paper (www.addictiontoday.
a rehab revolution arose in January (see story at          before being considered for rehab. Concordat          org/addictiontoday/2011/06/breaking-the-habit-       THE CONCORDAT AT THE CENTRE FOR POLICY STUDIES AND CIVITAS THINK TANKS             members contributed to build a paper urging that      stop-pushing-drugs-start-pushing-rehabs.html).
real-rehab-revolution-how-drug-policy-will-fail.           this be reviewed. A review was due this year but           Thousands of graduates join – across the
html) with a blog and declaration signed by                Nice has rejected this lifesaving action.             UK, supporters who owe their lives to rehabs are
a unique union of half of England’s rehabs,                     The Concordat’s appeal was rejected (www.        pledging to campaign for them. Watch this space!
organisations which have thousands of years’     
experience between them in getting addicts drug            review-nice-cg51), so a Judicial Review and a
                                                                                                                 INAUGURAL SUPPORTERS OF THE
free, as research proves most addicts want.                Human Rights Act case are being considered.
     Going public. Previously, the Addiction                    Arguably all England’s -step rehabs
Recovery Foundation, the charity which publishes           plus others are members of the Concordat.
                                                                                                                 The Addiction Recovery Foundation
Addiction Today, had to anonymise quotes from              With a unified core treatment ethos, the               (convener)
professionals due to the “punitive reprisals” they         abstinence-based       full-recovery      treatment                                                        The Centre for Policy        DEIRDRE BOYD (top left).    of Pierpoint, JOHN TROLAN   ANA plus (l-r, lower row):   House and DEAN LOGAN
                                                                                                                 The Graduates (ex-service users) – a national
feared such as lost jobs, lost client referrals or         providers can deliver over 1,000 treatment beds                                                            Studies and Civitas hosted   Attendees included          of Nelson Trust, ANTHONY    BRENDAN GEORGESON of         of the Salvation Army,
                                                                                                                 active network of about 30,000 people in
lost grants. This time, for the first time, CEOs            at any moment and offer the seamless path of           recovery who graduated from rehab                    two meetings of the          (l-r, top): BRIAN DUDLEY    MASSOURAS, DEREK            Walsingham House, JAN        HANNAH GRAVES and
of rehabs went public (             care desired in the drug strategy from detox,                                                              Concordat, convened          of Broadway Lodge,          BUCHANAN of Broadreach      and CARL de VERE DAVEY       MO DUNN of Hebron Trust
                                                                                                                 The Centre for Policy Studies: Prisons and
addictiontoday/2011/01/camerons-drug-strategy-             through proven treatments, to reintegrating into                                                           by Addiction Recovery        AMANDA LEE of Western       House, KATHY GYNGELL of     of Open Minds, SUSAN         and WENDY DAWSON of
                                                                                                                 Addictions working group
nobbled-at-starting-gate.html).                            the community drug free and with new life skills,                                                          Foundation CEO               Counselling, MARK STYLES    the CPS, ALEX PEARCE of     TOLLINGTON of Gloucester     the Ley Community.
                                                                                                                 Drug Free Scotland – Bill Cameron, president
     Unprecedented collaboration. The rehabs               housing and employment.
met as one, convened by ARF CEO Deirdre Boyd                    All-Party Parliamentary Drugs Misuse             Eurad: Europe against drugs (
and cofounder Lord Mancroft – with secretariat             Group: . Members of the Concordat gave ‘on           CanSS: Cannabis Skunk Sense for children
from the rehabs – to apply as one to participate           the ground’ facts about strategy implementation       (
in the “payment by results pathfinders” which               failures to then-drugs minister James Brokenshire.    Professor Neil McKeganey – Drug Misuse
the strategy intended to be templates for the              The information was relayed to officials.               Research Centre
country’s recovery from drugs and their attendant               All-Party Parliamentary Drugs Misuse             Concordat supporters could not all be
problems. With long and successful track records,          Group: . In June, Concordat members updated          processed before going to press; they will be
it seemed logical that rehabs would be consulted           health minister Anne Milton face to face. This        listed in a future issue.

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