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					one-on-one and Hands on ART IVF ICSI training in all of the essential laboratory techniques

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                                          Center for Reproductive Medicine,Cleveland Clinic,USA Accredited ART IVF ICSI Training courses at EART India
                                           Course Code          Course Name                                Duration        Trainees/Batch             CRM EART certificate

                                                EC01            Basic course in Semenology IUI             2 1/2 days              6
    Dr. Asuncion Fernandes, St.
                                                EC02            Advanced course in ICSI                      3 days                3
    Lukes Medical Centre, Quezon
    City, Philippines                           EC03            Introductory course in ART                   5 days                5

                                                EC04            Certificate course in ART                   3 weeks                4

                                                EC05            Advanced course in cryopreservation          2 days                4

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                                           Non Accredited Courses

                                           Course Code         Course Name                                    Duration         Trainees/Batch              EART certificate

                                                E01            Let's do IUI                                    2 days                   6

                                                E02            Lets do Art                                     4 days                   6

                                                E03            Two day student orientation Program             2 days                   8

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                                          Hands on Session
                                         Efficiency, skill and speed coupled with precision and gentleness are the ideal requirements of a successful embryologist. In the
                                         learning curve, there are multitudes of essentialities to which an embryologist is exposed to; the one of utmost importance is "Actual
                                         hands-on training" – on a one to one basis. In EART an actual Working Laboratory like atmosphere and gadgets like stereo zoom
                                         microscopes and Manipulators, all provide the candidate with the utmost training facilities.

                                         The concept of "hands on", "one to one training" and ample assistance from the training faculty offer maximum opportunity to the
                                         candidate to sharpen his skills. The flexibility in the training courses cater to the individual's specific needs, and hence are made
                                         available as "Introductory", 'beginners" or "Advanced'. All hands on sessions will be preceded by a thorough theory lecture relating to
                                         the functioning, handling and subsequent maintenance of that specific gadget, to help the candidate make the gadget more user
                                         friendly.[7/20/2011 5:59:38 PM]

Description: Learn and develop technical expertise in all of the essential ART IVF laboratory techniques like ICSI,Classical IVF,Oocyte handling,Embryo handling,Embryo scoring,Embryo loading,Pre-Implantation genetic diagnosis,Andrology techniques,Semenology,Advanced sperm function tests,Cryopreservation,Vitrification