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					 North Eastern Division                                                Autumn 2006

                                    In View

The newsletter of the Career Development Group, North Eastern Division
A group of CILIP – The Chartered Institute of Library and Information

Welcome to the new edition of In View.     wasn‟t unlucky 13 after all! Walking
In View is the newsletter of the North     along the cliff tops looking out to sea
Eastern Division of the Career             we could see storms in the distance.
Development Group and aims to              We however were walking into the
inform you of Divisional activities and    sunshine.
includes articles which are relevant to
Librarians and Info Professionals in all   Milestones along the way included:
sectors.                                   Marsden bay; Souter Lighthouse; and
                                           Minchella‟s ice cream parlour which
Meetings are held approximately every      was a welcome break as the
month and membership of the                temperature rose.
Committee is a great way to become         Once we reached the end of the cliffs
involved in CILIP and make a               we walked for approximately half a
difference at a regional level, as well    mile along the beach to reach
as gaining and brushing up on useful       Whitburn, only another mile or so to
organisational and employment skills.      go.
If you would like to come along to the
next committee meeting, contact            Two and a half hours, 9 miles after we
Tracey Ainsley for more information:       left South Shields we reached our final           destination; the Blue Bell public house,
                                           Seaburn. A pint and a Sunday roast
                                           was just what we needed to finish an
                                           enjoyable day.
 South Shields to Seaburn CDG NE
   Sponsored walk 9th July 2006
                                           The day raised almost £580 with the
The day started off a damp drizzly day     scenery, weather and Minchella‟s ice
and 13 waterproofed participants set       cream making it no effort at all. The
off from South Shields metro to            money raised will go to the CDG VSO
Seaburn to raise funds for the CDG         fund which support library and
VSO fund.                                  education activities overseas. The
The 1st mile headed towards the            coming year‟s project is in Cuba.
seafront with the route taking in the      Previous fundraising has raised funds
beautiful South Tyneside coastal route     for a book project in Soweto, mobile
and the nearer we got to the sea the       library in the Maldives and most
better the weather became. So it           recently VSO activities in Uganda.
Can we take this opportunity to thank     Parliament building I now know where
everyone who sponsored us and look        that is located. Having retraced my
forward to another event next year.       steps, and increasingly realising I was
(Participants Tracey and Mark Ainsley;    going to be late, I found the National
Viki Lagus and Gillian Garnham; Kate      Library of Scotland.
Duggan; Tom Relph; Sheena and Jon
Hanes; Lynne and Paul Robinson; Viki      Luckily I had only missed 10 minutes
Dellow; and Helene Farn)                  of the first speaker. The conference
                                            was based on presenting the
                                            business case for information
                                            services and asked if this was a
                                            “Risky Business”. The speakers
                                            would take up the morning slots and
                                            after lunch, delegates could attend
                                            workshops of their choice. The
                                            speakers were varied and came from
                                            as diverse fields as academic
                                            libraries to the Royal Bank of

                                             The morning speakers covered
                                             planning your business case, such
                                             as getting key people on your side,
                                             spreading    the    message      and
                                          evaluating the impact. After an
                                          excellent lunch delegates separated
                                          into the workshops they had requested
                       Tracey Ainsley     to attend. These allowed for an
                       CDG Secretary      interchange of ideas on business
                                          planning     and,    as    always    at
                                          conferences, talking and meeting other
                                          library and information professionals
   UK National Conference 2006.           from a wide variety of specialist areas
   National Library of Scotland.          provided interesting conversations and
            Edinburgh.                    suggestions on how to plan, promote
                                          and the impact of information services.
I had been invited by the NECDG
Group to attend the UK National           The Career Development Group
Conference 2006 as the student            National Conference came to an end
representative     from   Northumbria     with the Annual General Meeting, and
University. As I also worked in a         the final speaker of the day Phil Sykes,
library, the conference would also        who was to speak on staffing issues in
provide an opportunity to enhance my      libraries. The AGM discussed the
knowledge and meet library and            annual general report and the audited
information workers from different        financial statement. Isabel Hood was
sections of the information and library   installed as the new President for 2006
world.                                    by Tom Relph, the retiring President.
                                          Unfortunately, I had to leave without
The day did not start well as my map      hearing Phil Sykes speak to find my
reading skills are not as good as I       way back to the station in time to catch
thought and, having taken the wrong       the train.
turn out of the station, I ended up
walking the wrong way. If anyone                              Lynne Robinson
needs directions to the Scottish                        Student Representative
                                                        Northumbria University
     CDG visit to Seven Stories              original illustrations and displays from
                                             such modern classics as „Burglar Bill‟
On 13th June members of the Career           and the „Jolly Postman‟ which brought
Development Group, North Eastern             back many happy memories. On level
branch visited Seven Stories, the            four is the Sebastian Walker Gallery,
Centre for the Children‟s Book. The          featuring „Incredible Journeys‟, the first
building itself is a grade 2 listed former   ever exhibition to be held at the
Victorian granary. Converted at a cost       Centre. This explores the different
of £4.5 million, it is located in the        landscapes, characters and genres in
newly regenerated Ouseburn valley,           children‟s literature with display boards
not far from Newcastle‟s Quayside.           about leading authors, such as Roger
The Centre is the brainchild of Artistic     McGough. Visitors can “dress up like a
Director Elizabeth Hammill who, along        character” – to my relief members of
with Chief Executive Mary Briggs,            our group managed to resist this!
envisaged a place where children‟s           The exhibition continued upstairs in
books and accompanying illustrations         the Robert Westall Gallery, on Level 5.
could be celebrated, explored and            Named after the North East author,
preserved. It is the only place of its       most famous for „The Machine
kind in Britain.                             Gunners‟, we explored the „Time
                                             Room‟ featuring        manuscripts and
The name „Seven Stories‟ originated          artwork for „Tom's Midnight Garden‟
from the concept that all tales are          and „The Children of Green Knowe‟.
derived from one of seven basic              Then we stepped into a „Topsy Turvy
themes: rags to riches; the quest;           World‟ of modern illustrations of
voyage and return; overcoming the            classics such as Alice's Adventures in
monster; comedy; tragedy; and rebirth.       Wonderland and The Borrowers,
In line with this, the building has seven    followed by „Wilderness World‟, a
storeys, each devoted to a particular        space themed around a woodland
aspect of children‟s literature. The         setting with illustrations from the
Centre was formally opened in August         Gruffalo and recent interpretations of
of last year, after seven years of           Snow White. Finally, the „World of
planning, by writer and Children‟s           Quests‟ provided manuscripts and
Laureate Jacqueline Wilson and               artwork      showing      heroism     and
illustrator Nick Sharratt.                   adventure. Harry Potter fans in the
                                             group were excited to see manuscripts
Located at 30 Lime Street, the building      from The Philosopher‟s Stone and
is of a unique design. A new entrance        artwork from a modern edition of The
adjoins the old mill, creating a form        Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe.
inspired by the shape of an open book.       The „Book Den‟ allowed children to
The image is completed by a stair            relax and read by themselves.
tower representing a cylindrical piece
of paper. The artwork of eight               In the „Story Lab‟, Level 6, the group
children‟s illustrators is etched above      viewed archive material which has
the entrance. Once we were inside, a         been digitised and made available on
member of staff provided an                  computers for visitors to browse. The
introduction to the building and its         archive, housed elsewhere, contains
objectives. After that, the group was        manuscripts and illustrations by some
free to explore the various levels.          of Britain‟s leading postwar children‟s
                                             writers and illustrators, including Philip
Level one, the „Engine Room, features        Pullman, Robert Westall, Joan Aiken,
an exhibition space. On the day of our       Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake.
visit, this was occupied by an
exhibition entitled „What‟s in the book?     On Level 7 is the „Artists Attic‟- a
The 17 million books of Janet and            space to meet visiting writers and
Allan Ahlberg‟. We were able to view         illustrators. We admired the exposed
original roof timbers. The Attic featured
in a new seven part Tyne Tees TV              ONE STEP BEYOND: NATIONAL
series.      Seven     writers,    seven    STUDENT CONFERENCE - Newcastle
illustrators, and seven storytellers           College, 25th November 2006
combined to create seven stories, with
each story forming a monologue
presented by a selection of celebrities,        Brought to you by the CAREER
including Tim Healy and Kevin                 DEVELOPMENT GROUP and kindly
Whately, An exhibition showcasing the            sponsored by 3M Worldwide
stories and illustrations produced for
the series should now be on display.          This conference welcomes all those
One of the UK's largest children's              preparing to enter the library and
bookshops, located on Level 3, proved        information management professions.
particularly popular with members with
young children and the Cool Cat Café
on Level 2, overlooking the river,               PROGRAMME FOR THE DAY:
provided a welcome refreshment stop.        * Meet and mingle
                                            * The only way around is through - Keith
We had an enjoyable and informative         Wilson, Information Services Director, RIBA
time at Seven Stories. It is hoped that     Enterprises Ltd
the Centre stimulates a love of reading     * Professional development workshop - Kate
                                            Duggan + Viki Lagus, Career Development
and books in young people, ensuring a
bright future for the library and           * Selling yourself on paper and in person -
information world in the process.           Lawraine Wood, Sue Hill Recruitment
                                            * Why my sector?: a panel of local library and
                        David Dmytriw       information professionals share experiences
                                            from their own careers in a variety of sectors

                                            Newcastle College (Parsons Building, Room
                                            410), Scotswood Rd, Newcastle-upon-Tyne,
As you can see the North Eastern            NE4 5BR
                                            For maps and travel directions please see
Division has been busy since our last
newsletter. Our Sponsored Walk was          Artsline access codes: W
great fun and raised a lot of money in
support of library and book-related                           WHEN?
projects overseas. We held both a           Saturday 25th November 2006, 10.00 - 4.00
Chartership course in September and
a Certification course in October to                    HOW MUCH?
support candidates embarking on the         £15.00 + VAT = £17.63
process to secure themselves ACLIP          Delegate rate includes refreshments and
and MCLIP qualifications. We had a          lunch.
very enjoyable visit to Seven Stories,
the Centre for the Children‟s Book          For further details and to book a place,
and, to top it all, we are hosting this     please register your interest with
year‟s Career Development Group             Amanda Quick by Friday
National Student Conference in              17th November:
Newcastle!! Please read on for more         Amanda Quick, University Library, University
information…                                of Abertay Dundee, Bell Street, Dundee,
                                            DD1 1HG
                                            Tel: (01382) 308858

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