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                                                        AUGUST 2008

On Friday 13th June a presentation and buffet was held to mark the retirement of
Mr Andrew Raftery. Dr Throssell presented Andrew with a gift on behalf of the
Trust, then asked Mr Basri Shrestra to speak on behalf of the Trust. Mr Shrestra
spoke of the hard work and dedication Andrew had given to the hospital
especially the Renal Unit. Andrew then told of his years as a surgeon and his
time at the NGH, where the Renal Unit had progressed from a very small unit to
its present role as one of the leading renal units in the country. Naturally all this
was put over in a way we have come to associate with Andrew, entertaining and

Roy Bradbury made a presentation of a bronze sculpture of a horse and jockey
on behalf of all grateful kidney patients, many of whom had contributed to the gift.
Roy paid tribute to Andrew’s dedication and his belief in patients’ being able to
put pressure on the Trust when contentious issues risking their treatment or
welfare are at stake. Andrew attended most SAKA committee meetings, giving us
the benefit of his advise and guiding us when he thought we were going in the
wrong direction.

 In wishing Mr. Raftery a long and happy retirement, we hope that he will now be
able to spend more time studying the ‘form book’ to follow the Sport of Kings,

                 Letter from Mr. Andrew Raftery
I would like to say a big thank you to everybody who contributed to my
leaving present. The gift of a bronze racehorse with jockey was greatly
appreciated. I would also like to say thank you to everybody who sent
presents, cards and good wishes on my retirement.

Having worked at the Sheffield Kidney Institute for nearly 25 years it
was with some sadness that I retired. I have thoroughly enjoyed working
in Sheffield and I will particularly miss all the patients I have treated
over the years. It was always good to see the patients at the Transplant
Clinic and see how well they had done. The clinics were as much a
social occasion as a medical consultation.

I would particularly like to express my gratitude to SAKA for all the help
they have given to patients over the years and also the financial backing
they have given to support research into kidney disease.

May I wish everyone well for the future. I will miss you all.

Andrew Raftery
Consultant Surgeon (Retired)

            Important Renal Unit telephone numbers:
                        Sorby Outpatients
Room 1 0114 271 5320              Appointments 0114 271 5131
                     Renal Unit
‘G’ Floor    0114 2269164          ‘F’ Floor     0114 2715136
‘E’ Floor    0114 2715331         Vickers 2      0114 2266392
Vickers 3    0114 2266813
                        Satellite Units
Chesterfield 01246 512626         Barnsley       01226 320310
Rotherham 01709 838333            Doncaster      01302 381455
Sheffield    0114 229 0970

Sheffield Area Kidney Association publishes SAKA UPDATE. The
views and opinions expressed by contributors are not necessarily the
view of Sheffield Area Kidney Association.
SAKA is registered       with   the   Charity   Commission      No.   506386
Established in 1976

            SAKA’s New Caravan in Skegness

This is our new caravan which was purchased by the kind generosity of
British Kidney Patients Association to whom we are most grateful. It is
on the same site and plot as the previous caravan and is again a six
berth. It is a great improvement on the previous one having double glazing
and panel heating plus a gas fire in the lounge.

As you can see it is very comfortably furnished, it has 6 berths made up of
a double bedroom, a twin bedroom and pullout double bed. It has a
marvellous fitted kitchen and dining area. The large shower cubicle was
one of the things that attracted us to this particular model.

                           SAKA CARAVANS
We still have some vacancies for our caravans, particularly during
September & October. For more details contact Cath Askwith on 0114 -
247 - 2498 (Skegness caravan) or Roy Bradbury on 0114 - 265 - 2571
for the Filey caravan.

Both caravans are heavily subsidised to SAKA members with a small
premium payable by non - members. The rates compare more than
favourably with commercial holiday parks.

The lack of bookings at the Filey caravan over the last 2 years is
causing us much concern, so much so that the committee has already
made enquiries as to the resale value of the caravan .

           SAKA members and staff of SKI are invited to the

                    ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING
                                  To be held in

                            The Education Centre
                          Northern General Hospital
                        (use Barnsley Road entrance)
                      Monday 22nd September at 7.00 p.m.
                        Refreshments will be provided

All members are encouraged to attend and express their opinions and views
affecting patient , plus the direction they want SAKA to pursue in the future.
 SAKA represents all patients but only members can vote at this meeting.
However we would be delighted to see anyone interested in joining us or having
similar objectives as our own.
A Committee Nomination Form is enclosed with this newsletter. We need to be
representative of all patient views and we encourage ALL members, old and
new, to put their name forward.
If you have an item you wish to include in the agenda please contact Betty
Rayner (0114 2462237) also if you wish to offer your apologies if you are unable
to attend

                               SAKA Contacts
  Chairman & Filey Caravan Booking.         Vice Chairman & Doncaster
  Roy Bradbury            0114 2652571 John Powell           0114 2471161
  Secretary      & SAKA Update              Treasurer & Membership
  Betty Rayner            0114 2462237 Ken Tupling           01709 371949
  email: betty.rayner@talktalk.net     email: ken.tupling@talktalk.net
  Clinical Mgt Team Representative          Rotherham Representative
  Roy Bradbury            0114 2652571 Kerry Radford 0114 2475591
  Barnsley Representative              Skegness Caravan
  George Hopkinson 01226 714214 Cath Askwith 0114 2472498

   Darren Lath             0114 249 9464 Margaret Carter 01709 368571
   Peter Coulston          0114 268 1806 Trevor Fretwell 0114 248 0701

      Kidney Evaluation and Awareness Program for Sheffield (KEAPS)
      An Information Sharing Evening at the Northern General Hospital

On the 23rd of July 2008, Professor El Nahas and his colleagues (Dr A Bello and Dr B
Kawar) from the Sheffield Kidney Institute presented at the Medical Education Centre of
the Northern General Hospital the results of the studies undertaken in Sheffield and
surrounding communities under the umbrella of KEAPS. The evening was attended by
Sheffield’s Lord Mayor and her consort, was compered by Professor Colin Brown who
over the years did so much to boost kidney research in the City. The event was
organised by Mrs Gerry New from the Sheffield Kidney Research Foundation (SKRF) to
share with those involved in the studies and their families, as well as members of
Sheffield Area Kidney Patients Association (SAKA), the outcome of the studies.

Both SAKA and SKRF supported these studies and contributed to their success.

Presentations by Professor El Nahas, Dr Bello and Dr Kawar highlighted the major
findings including the fact that a significant percentage of people of Sheffield have
excessive amounts of albumin/protein in their urine, a very early sign of damage to blood
vessels and the kidneys. They also identified those at increased risk of such damage
including the elderly, those carrying excessive weight (overweight and obese), smokers
as well as those living in areas of social deprivation. They also drew attention to the fact
that relatives of patients with kidney disease due to diabetes and hypertension were also
at increased risk of kidney damage. The speakers highlighted the strong links between
kidney damage and cardiovascular disease including common risk factors; high blood
pressure, diabetes, obesity, smoking and high cholesterol. Finally, they made it clear that
kidney damage and chronic kidney disease were to some extent preventable, detectable
and treatable conditions.

The audience was actively involved in the discussion of a number of issues related to the
studies’ findings and expressed their interest in the outcome. The Lord Mayor expressed
her concern about the impact of social inequalities on the health of our community.

It is hoped that such evenings with the public will become a regular feature of the
research activities of the Sheffield Kidney Institute in order to increase awareness
of Kidney Disease in our community and share with the public the progress and
outcomes of the research undertaken by those who are trying to stem the
growing tide of chronic disease in Sheffield.

                               Money for Research
SAKA has been asked by Mr Ahmed Halawa, Consultant Surgeon, for funding
to run a pilot study to look at alleviating some of the complications associated
with Ischaemic injury in transplanted kidneys, which is now considered one of
the prime causes of long term graft failure. This pilot study will allow a full
grant application to be submitted to Kidney Research UK for funding for the
research. The committee recommends that the pilot study costing £5,000
is supported
In accordance with our constitution we are obliged to seek permission from our
members to agree the funding and would ask that you support our
Anyone who has any objections to the above should contact Betty Rayner
Secretary of SAKA within 14 days of receiving the newsletter .

The above show is once again being held in Norfolk Park over
Sunday and Monday 24 / 25th August Bank Holiday.

This is City branch’s main fund raising event of the year and as always
we rely on members and friends to help provide items such as cakes,
buns and crafts for sale on the SAKA stalls which this year will be
situated in the Craft Marquee

Once again, despite being a charitable organisation we have to pay for
the hire of the two stalls which this year will be £65 each.
As in previous years I would ask kidney patients, members and friends
that if they are unable to provide goods for sale would they consider
sponsoring our tables, which would help defer costs.

If you can help in any way please contact me on 0114 2463523
Chris Wood Chairman (City Branch)

                     ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2008
                           3rd to 5th October
Subsidized rate - Special Package Saturday/Sunday Double/Twin £57pp
                  Saturday only £28 pp
Unsubsidized rate - Friday b/b double twin £60 Friday single b/b £80
                    Friday night buffet £18.50 pp

The above prices are for bookings received by NKF BEFORE 8 AUG.
After this date they increase by £10 per person as do the above rates.
If you wish to go to this year’s conference, it is important that you let
Ken Tupling have your booking form and cheque in time for him to meet
this deadline.

   Have you been involved in Live Organ Donation?
SAKA is embarking on a project involving those who, as donors, have
taken part in a live donation to a family member or friend. We would love to
hear from these unselfish members of our community.
  The utmost privacy and confidentiality is assured to all who contact us.

          Only 1 person on our committee will know any individual details.
          At most there will only be 10 questions we ask of you.
Please contact ken.tupling@talktalk.net or by ‘phone on 01709 - 371949 if you
can help us in this extremely important part of our work

                            CHRISTMAS CARDS
     We know! we know! You haven’t had your summer holiday and yet
here we are prattling on about Christmas Cards. Unfortunately this
Update is the best opportunity we have of giving everyone early notice
that SAKA will once again be selling Christmas cards this year.

    It is a very good way of publicising the work we do, and profitable!
As well as individuals buying our cards, we also have businesses who
send our Christmas cards to their customers.

    To make the best of this we need volunteers to help from early
October. If you feel you can help please contact Betty Rayner .

      Would like a number of cards to sell to your family and friends? Do
you know a business who might want to support us by buying our cards?
If so please contact Tony Hobson direct on 0114 2815373.

     Look on the SAKA web-site www.ski.group.shef.ac.uk/saka in the
next few weeks and in the next edition of Update to see pictures of this
year’s cards.
      For those not on the internet, they will all be displayed on posters
in Sorby Outpatients area and all the Satellite Units

                  So You Think You Know South Yorkshire?

How well do you know South Yorkshire? Below are clues to place (small &
large) in various parts of the county—can you solve them? To help we have put
how many letters are in the place names you’re looking for e.g. Planet’s lair - 7 =
Marsden (it’s near Huddersfield in case you’re wondering. We know it’s not in
South Yorkshire that’s why we chose it!)
     CLUE                                           ANSWER
1.   Burglars                            7
2.   Male Cattle’s Scottish Home         9
3.   Uncooked bog                        8
4.   Cereal in the valley but looking up 8, 4
5.   Famous ‘old’ motorcycle             6
6.   Farmer’s outbuildings in a meadow 8
7.   Supplies at a road crossing         12
8.   What a super cooking apple          7
9.   Pupils at school                    6
10. Eric Morcambe’s reply                6
11. Watery homestead                     10
12. Spilt liquid on church symbol        10


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