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									Wisconsin Firearms Training Announces New Concealed Carry

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  Wisconsin Concealed Carry Certification and Instructional Classes in the Metro-Milwaukee
Online PR News – 19-July-2011 Wisconsin Firearms Training LLC, announces the launch of
several new concealed carry classes, responding to the expected rush of individuals looking to
complete their training requirement before November 1st, when the Concealed Carry Law will go
into effect. Wisconsin Firearms Training will initially offer two distinct classes, focusing on two
different needs in the marketplace.

“Many believe that the Concealed Carry Law is simply a right wing, Republican issue”, says Jason
Roetz, co-owner of Wisconsin Firearms Training. In fact, nothing could be further from the truth.
State Senator Pam Galloway notes that “Concealed carry is not a Republican or Democrat issue – it’s
about personal safety and providing our citizens an opportunity to protect themselves and their
loved ones from harm.”, as quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Although many individuals already meet the training requirement through hunters safety classes or
military service, “Neither of these directly address carrying a concealed weapon”, states Jake
Trussoni, co-owner and Head Instructor at Wisconsin Firearms Training.“Ignorance of the law is not
an excuse”, Trussoni further states.

The initial classes at Wisconsin Firearms Training will focus on the individual who already has met
the training requirement, but is looking for additional information on the legal and practical aspects
of carrying a concealed weapon.

Additional classes to certify individuals who do not meet the training requirement will be offered as
soon as the Wisconsin Department of Justice publishes their training curriculum, which is required
for DOJ certified Firearms Instructors.

For further information contact Jason Roetz or Jake Trussoni at www.wi-firearmstraining.com .

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Name      : Jason Roetz
Email     : jason@wi-firearmstraining.com
Url       : http://www.wi-firearmstraining.com
PO Box : PO Box 210873
City      : Milwaukee
State     : WI
Zip Code : 53221
Country : United States

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