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									Our clients rely on our creative multimedia counseling to
produce high impact video for marketing, public relations,
corporate communications, training and education.

Working with our team of producers, editors and designers,
you’ll reach your most important audiences with measurable
Video, Radio, Web and TV campaigns.

Once you get to know our people, you’ll see why our repeat
clients include many of the world’s most trusted brands.
Multimedia Consulting
Let’s start at the beginning. Our producers, editors and designers
will brainstorm with your team to develop the right multimedia
strategy for your project.

Integrated Marketing
No matter where you fit into the marketing mix, we can help you
pull it all together. Maximize your exposure across all media by
synchronizing advertising, public relations and corporate
communications programs.

Media Relations
Let us consult with you to outline your best media story, target
audiences and goals. Our media relations team has the skills and
the contacts you’ll need to see your story told.

Corporate Communications
We’ll help you take your convention, trade show, employee
meeting or shareholders’ event to the next level by combining smart
corporate storytelling with professional production and design.

Digital Video Services
Our team of editors, designers and Web services specialists will
convert your video files into any digital format. We can distribute
your video worldwide or help you manage your library of legacy

Web Video Services
Let’s get creative. With our Web video campaigns, online video
sharing, live webcasts, Social Media News Releases (SMNRs)
and Internet Press Kits (IPKs), we’ll help you produce and distribute
your next Internet sensation.
Our producers, editors and designers will help you see your vision
come to life with turnkey multimedia consulting and video
production services including script writing, editing, special
effects, design and distribution.

Video Production
Our clients rely on our extensive network of professional
production facilities and crews to produce high–impact video
in multiple formats for a variety of audiences.

Video Editing
With our Final CutTM and AvidTM editing suites, our editors will work
with you to tell your story in video. We offer both linear and
non–linear editing on location or in select cities.

Highlights Reels
Share the success of your campaign with sizzle reels that sell. Our
creative video editors will help you combine your print, Web, radio
and TV clips with music and special effects to create a highlights
reel worthy of the boardroom.

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Worldwide Video Distribution
So where in the world will your video be seen? From massive DVD
duplication to streaming formats on the Web, we’ll deliver your
video worldwide.

Video File Conversions
Sometimes you may feel like your video is a square peg that needs
to fit in a round hole. We can quickly convert any video format.

Location Scouting and Production
We’ll scout and secure the locations, production crews, technical
requirements, catering, makeup and everything in between to
create a home away from home for your next location production.

Live Event Production and Coordination
We produce multimedia conventions, trade shows, and
shareholders’ meetings that keep audiences on the edge of their
seats. Our producers coordinate every detail to help your
executives and guest speakers put on an entertaining, educational
and motivational show.

Additional Video Services
Pre-production consultation                     Studio production
Creative concept development                    Set design and construction
Storyboards                                     Graphics and special effects
Video delivery via FTP                          Music licensing and sound effects
Green–screen effects
Professional voice–overs (English and Spanish)
Multi–format duplication and conversions
Video crews worldwide (HD, DigiBeta, Beta SP, DVCAM)
DVD and CD mastering, duplication and replication
Your audience will get the message loud and clear with our Radio
News Releases, Radio Media Tours, Public Service
Announcements, and guaranteed radio programming. Our
producers will help you navigate the airwaves to produce, distribute
and measure the success of your next radio campaign.

Radio PSAs
Our radio Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are broadcast by
thousands of U.S. radio stations each day, providing information about
local organizations, government, health, domestic issues, education,
safety and the environment. We’ll help you craft a high–quality piece
that’s distinctive and airworthy.

Radio News Releases (RNRs)
Our custom feed service is targeted to the stations and markets
most appropriate for your English or Spanish news release. We write,
produce and voice the RNR shaping its focus for maximum

Radio Media Tours (RMTs)
We’ll book your celebrity or spokesperson on national and local
radio programs nationwide. Reach your audience over the airwaves
with your spokesperson in a studio or live via ISDN phone patch
from any location worldwide.

Guaranteed Radio Programming
We’ll help you reach millions of listeners, guaranteed, by placing your
story in syndicated radio programs.

Spanish Radio Production and Distribution
We can translate any of your English–language radio packages for
distribution to Spanish–language radio stations, or we can work with
you exclusively in Spanish.

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Additional Radio Services
Station targeting to demographic groups and formats
Telephone follow–up
Arbitron™ audience reach reports and analysis
Recording studios with ISDN technology
Development of media alert and interview questions
Reach over 12,000 radio stations via e–mail and fax.
We specialize in creating rich video content for the Web. We’ll
produce, edit, digitize and host any online video format for your
next Web video or viral campaign.

Web Video Production
From live, streaming webcasts to creative viral campaigns, we’ll help
you produce entertaining, educational or just plain weird Web videos
with your audience in mind.

Internet Press Kits (IPKs)
Our producers and designers will work with you to upload all of
your content to one streamlined IPK for distribution to the media or
other important audiences.

Online Video Sharing
Whether you have user–generated content from a consumer contest
or behind–the–scenes shots of a celebrity, we’ll post your videos
where they’ll be seen and shared by your important audiences.

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Viral Video Campaigns
Our producers, editors and designers will script and produce viral
video campaigns and help you navigate thousands of video sharing and
social networking sites.

Audio and Video Podcasting
We’ll help you create regular programming to reach your audiences
with audio or video podcasts. Your subscribers, customers,
shareholders or employees will see and hear your messages on their
own time.

Audio and Video Webcasts
We can provide live or taped audio or video webcasts from
anywhere, whether they are live corporate events or conventions,
global press conferences, or shareholder meetings.

Social Media
With Social Media News Releases (SMNRs) you can post your videos,
photos, audio files, and press releases and share your Web campaign
with influential bloggers and webmasters worldwide.

Additional Web Services
Concept development
Talent and locations
Video crews worldwide (HD, DigiBeta, Beta SP, DVCAM)
Our production team will help you develop the right mix of
broadcast services to exceed your media goals. We make regular
contributions to national networks, local affiliates, entertainment and
sports programs with our high-profile satellite media tours,
B–roll packages, and public service announcements.

Broadcast Video Production
We’ll broadcast your next press conference or event live and help you
craft your story for distribution to the media.

Broadcast Video Measurement
Because we understand your project is only as good as your results,
we offer comprehensive, accurate results measurement and reporting.

B–roll Packages
Maximize your exposure to TV stations by providing news producers
with the video that tells your story. We specialize in behind–the–
scenes video production on the sets of the world’s most sensitive film
shoots, live press events and interviews. Our media relations experts
contact the producers who want to share your video with their TV

Digital Video Distribution
We offer around–the–clock digital video delivery to TV stations via
the PathfireTM digital media gateway, connecting more than 700
newsrooms to your video. Your video can also be shared around the
world through our FTP video transfers.

Public Service Announcements (PSAs)
Our producers start by working with you on creative concept
development, script writing and pre–production consultation to map
out a plan for your public service campaign. Our media relations team
gets your PSA placed on stations that air them in the public interest.

Video News Releases (VNRs)
We’ll help you craft fully produced news stories with footage,
voiceover and graphics and reach out to TV and online news outlets.

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Broadcast Video Distribution
AKA MEDIA INC. offers a variety of distribution options to meet
your individual needs. We can send your video across the country
and around the world through digital distribution, satellite feeds,
large–scale dub duplication, or hard copies sent by request.

Satellite Media Tours (SMTs)
From choosing your spokesperson, to story development, to booking
interviews, our team helps your SMT hit the target. We’ve produced
hundreds of successful SMTs with celebrities, athletes, chefs,
newsmakers and industry experts.

Satellite Uplinks and Downlinks
We feed the video from your press conference or event and make
sure stations that want it can get it on time. We also offer portable
uplinks and downlinks for a variety of TV broadcasts.

Media Event Management and Production
Our producers are at home on the red carpet or in the trenches at
the Super Bowl. We create calm from chaos with attention to detail
and courage under fire.

Media Training for Executives and Celebrities
We offer turnkey media training, including message development and
delivery techniques, to make sure your spokesperson is ready for
prime time. We facilitate your training session with our professional
media trainers and on–site video playback.

Station Notification
Our media relations team contacts the producers who want to share
your video with TV audiences. We understand how to reach the right
producers with the right video at the right time.
Spanish TV Production and Distribution
Spanish–language TV stations in the U.S. continue to expand their
audiences and reflect changing demographics. We’ll help you reach
your Hispanic audiences by repurposing your English–language
campaign or working with you to create your story in Spanish.

Additional TV Services
Script writing and story consultation
Location or studio productions
Set design and construction
Studio production and broadcast coordination
Single or multi–camera productions
Food stylists, prop stylists, makeup and catering
Video crews worldwide (HD, DigiBeta, Beta SP, DVCAM)
Editing and special effects
Blast e–mails with Internet video review for TV stations
Telephone pitching, placement and follow–up
Blast fax and e–mail to 1,000 U.S. newsrooms
Point–to–point video transmission (same–day)
Broadcast quality video via FTP
Satellite uplinks and downlinks (same–day)
Customized client Results Reports
International e–mail notification
Ad equivalency reporting
Nielsen Sigma™ encoding and monitoring
Critical Mention™ monitoring
VEIL™ monitoring
VMS™ monitoring
Cision™ monitoring
Pathfire™ digital media gateway (700 TV stations)
CBS Newspath™ (CBS affiliates)
ION Newswatch™ (guaranteed placements)
CNN Newsource™ (CNN affiliates)
The NewsMarket™ (international Web distribution)

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AAA                          Kenmore                 Raytheon
AirTran Airlines             KFC                     Red Box
Allied Van Lines             Kingsford               Riddell
Allstate                     Kimberly Clark          Sam’s Club
Alzheimer’s Association      Kohl’s                  SC Johnson
Angel Soft                   Kraft                   Shamrock Farms
BMW                          LG                      Sharpie
Bull’s Eye                   Line–X                  Siboney USA
Campbell Soup Company        Mars Inc.               Skil Power Tools
Cartoon Network              Marty Snider & Assoc.   South African Tourism
Cherry Marketing Institute   McCormick Spices        Splenda
Circuit City                 McDonald’s              Staples
CKPR                         Midas                   Suave
Degree                       NCBA                    Tropicana
Disney                       Ogilvy                  Tyson
Edelman                      OMNI Hotels             Uncle Ben’s
Energizer                    Oreo                    Underwriters Labs
Evenflo                      Oscar Mayer             Uni-ball
Fellowes                     Pampered Chef           Unilever
Frigidaire                   PetCo                   United Airlines
Glad                         Planters                Uno’s
GlaxoSmithKline              Pop Weaver Popcorn      U.S. Mint
got milk?                    National Pork Board     VTECH
Harley Davidson              Porter Novelli          V8
Hershey’s                    Post Healthy Classics   Weber Shandwick
Hidden Valley Ranch          Purina                  Wheat Thins
Hyatt                        Quaker                  Zatarain’s
Johnsonville Brats
Aaron Eckert             Dan Marino               Jennie Garth
Anne Heche               Danica Patrick           Jerome Bettis
Archie Manning           Dave Lieberman           Jerry Rice
Aretha Franklin          Dave Mira                Jessica Alba
Ashley Olsen             David Beckham            Jewel
Ashley Tisdale           David Hyde Pierce        Jim Carry
Avery Johnson            David Jauchin            Jillian Michaels
Barbara Mori             Deborah DiMare           Joan Lunden
Bebe Neuwirth            Denise Austin            Joe Montana
Ben Roethlisberger       Dennis Leary             Joe Rogan
Ben Stein                Derrek Lee               Joely Fisher
Beyoncé Knowles          Dick Clark               John Elway
Bill Pullman             Dick Van Dyke            John Madden
Bill Rancic              Dick Vitale              John Mahoney
Bill Walton              Dominic Chianese         Joseph Addai
Billy Packer             Donald Faison            Josh Howard
Bob Goen                 Donovan McNabb           Josh Jackson
Bob Saget                Dr. Phil McGraw          Joss Stone
Boyd Coddington          Drew Bledsoe             Julia Sweeney
Brad Johnson             Drew Gooden              Kate Burton
Brett Favre              Dustin Hoffman           Kate Mulgrew
Brian Urlacher           Dwight Freeney           Kate Walsh
Britney Spears           Dwight Howard            Kathy Ireland
Bruce Jenner             Eli Manning              Kelis
Callie Thorne            Elliot Yamin             Kelly Clarkson
Carl Lewis               Frank Beilic             Kelly Ripa
Carlos Ponce             Frankie Muniz            Kerry Collins
Carlos Zambrano          Freddy Adu               Kevin Garnett
Carmelo Anthony          Frederique van der Wal   Kevin Harvick
Carmen Electra           Gary Fencik              Kim Lyons
Carrie Underwood         Gary Sinise              Kimberly Locke
Carrie Wiatt             Greg Germann             Kimberly Williams Paisley
Carson Daily             Gisele Bundchen          Kiss
Catherine Bailly Dunne   Greg Biffle              Kristen Davis
Cato June                Hayden Panettiere        Kurt Bush
Chad Johnson             Hazel Clark              Kurt Warner
Charlie Trotter          Heidi Klum               Kyle Bush
Cheetah Girls            Ivana Trump              Kyle Orton
Chris Brown              Jack Ford                Kyle Petty
Chris Lilly              Jackie Chan              Laila Ali
Chris Wilcox             Jake Delhomme            Lance Bass
Christie Brinkley        James Van Der Beek       Lauren Fix
Cindy Crawford           Jane Kaczmarek           Lea Thompson
Cirque du Soleil         Jason Kidd               LeBron James
Colonel Sanders          Jason Mraz               Lili Estephan
Corbin Bleu              Jean Smart               Lindsay Lohan
Dan Jansen               Jeff Burton              Liz Hurley

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Lorraine Bracco
                    Patrick Dempsey    Teddy Bruschi
Lou Manfredini      Peggy Fleming      Terrance Howard
Lucas Grabeel       Peter Gallagher    The All–American Rejects
Luke O’Conner       Peyton Manning     The Backstreet Boys
Lynn Swann          Phil Gordon        Tiger Woods
Marc Anthony        Rafer Johnson      Tim Gunn
Maria Bello         Randy Jackson      Timothy Hutton
Mario Lopez         Ray Charles        Tina Wesson
Mariska Hargitay    Ray Ramano         Tom Brady
Mark Montano        Rex Grossman       Tony Hawk
Marshall Faulk      Rhianna            Tony Stewart
Marshall Ross       Rich Gannon        Tracie Thoms
Martha Stewart      Richard Dent       Tracy McGrady
Martin Sheen        Rick Bayless       Trisha Yearwood
Marvin Harrison     Ricki Lake         Ty Law
Mary Lou Retton     Rob Lowe           Tyrell Davis
Mary-Kate Olsen     Robert Burke       Vanessa Hudgens
Mat Hoffman         Robin Miller       Venus Williams
Melora Hardin       Robin Williams     Victor Garber
Meredith Vieira     Ronald McDonald    Vivica A. Fox
Michael Schulson    Rulon Gardner      Wes Welker
Michael Strahan     Ryan Sutter        Whity Ford
Michelle Branch     Sam Elliott        William H. Macy
Michelle Kwan       Sam Hornish Jr.    Wolfgang Puck
Mike Golic          Sam Talbot         Yao Ming
Mike Schmidt        Sara Ramirez       Zac Efron
Miley Cyrus         Sarah Chalke       Zach Braff
Mischa Barton       Sarah Hughes
Missy Elliott       Scott Caan
Monica              Sen. Bill Bradly
Monique Coleman     Serena Williams
Monique Henderson   Shane Battier
Naima               Sheryl Crow
Nelly               Spider–Man
Nick Lachey         Steve Nash
Nicole Miller       Steve Young
Noah Wyle           Steven Pasquale
Olga Tanon          Steven Raichlen
Olympia Dukakis     Steven Tyler
Ozzie Smith         Sophia Vergara
Padma Lakshmi       Susan Olsen
Paige Davis         Suze Orman
Paris Hilton        Taylor Swift
Patricia Heaton     Teddy Geiger

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