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In the 3.5 edition game, most terrain challenges become obsolete due to magic effects by mid-level, rendering the
ranger’s primary area of expertise largely useless. As a solution, the ranger now becomes increasingly adept at
tracking and at finding his way, to the extent that he can eventually find the gaps between planes, walk in
shadow, and find the path. This version of the ranger also subsumes the Horizon Walker prestige class, from the
Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.

TABLE 1: THE RANGER                                                                                           HIT DICE: D10
                                Saving Throws:                                                       Spells per Day:
             Base Attack
                                                                                                         st         nd       rd       th
 Level       Bonus             Fort   Ref   Will   Special                                       0   1          2        3        4
   1         +1                +2     +2    +0     Favored terrain, ranger lore, wild empathy    1    —         —        —        —
  2          +2                +3     +3    +0     Combat style feat, tracker                    1    —         —        —        —
   3         +3                +3     +3    +1     Ranger lore, quarry, tireless                 1    —         —        —        —
   4         +4                +4     +4    +1     Direction sense, uncanny dodge                1    0         —        —        —
   5         +5                +4     +4    +1     Additional favored terrain, ranger lore       2    1         —        —        —
   6         +6/+1             +5     +5    +2     Combat style feat, swift tracker              2    1         —        —        —
   7         +7/+2             +5     +5    +2     Night vision, ranger lore                     2    1          0       —        —
   8         +8/+3             +6     +6    +2     Anchored navigation                           2    1          1       —        —
       th                                           rd
   9         +9/+4             +6     +6    +3     3 favored terrain, ranger lore                3    2          1       —        —
  10         +10/+5            +7     +7    +3     Combat style feat, planar tracking            3    2          1       0        —
  11         +11/+6/+6         +7     +7    +3     Advanced lore, sustenance                     3    2          1       1        —
  12         +12/+7/+7         +8     +8    +4     Walk in shadow                                3    2          2       1        —
        th                                                              th
  13         +13/+8/+8         +8     +8    +4     Advanced lore, 4 favored terrain              4    3          2       1        0
  14         +14/+9/+9         +9     +9    +4     Combat style feat, nondetection               4    3          2       1        1
  15         +15/+10/+10       +9     +9    +5     Advanced lore, terrain dominance              4    3          2       2        1
  16         +16/+11/+11/+11   +10    +10   +5     Find the path                                 4    3          3       2        1
  17         +17/+12/+12/+12   +10    +10   +5     Advanced lore, terrain mastery                4    4          3       2        1
  18         +18/+13/+13/+13   +11    +11   +6     Combat style feat, planar guide               4    4          3       2        2
  19         +19/+14/+14/+14   +11    +11   +6     Advanced lore, improved quarry                4    4          3       3        2
  20         +20/+15/+15/+15   +12    +12   +6     Master hunter, personal preserve              4    4          4       3        3

Bonus Skills: All rangers automatically receive one free rank per class level in Endurance (Con) and Survival
(Wis). These are otherwise treated as class skills, but do not count against the ranger’s total number of skill points.
Class Skills: Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Disable Device (Int), Drive (Wis), Handle Animal (Cha), Heal
(Wis), Knowledge (the planes) (Int), Knowledge (warfare) (Int), Linguistics (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession
(Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Stealth (Dex), Streetwise (Cha), and Walk in Shadow (Cha).
Skill Points per Level: 4 + Int modifier.

Weapon and Armor Proficiency: A ranger has Martial               Favored Terrain (Ex): At 1st level, you may select a
proficiency with all weapons, and is proficient with             type of terrain from Table 2. You gain a +2
light armor, medium armor, and shields (except tower             competence bonus on initiative checks and on certain
shields). You can choose to trade medium armor and               skill checks when in this terrain (these skills are
shield proficiency for Canny Defense (as per the                 Athletics, Perception, Stealth, and Survival). Certain
fighter class feature) instead, using your Wisdom                terrains also provide this bonus to an additional skill,
modifier (this option is essentially the “Armor of the           as shown on Table 2. You can always take 10 on
Senses” variant from Dragon magazine, issue 340).                applicable skills while in a favored terrain, even if
                                                                 conditions would normally prevent you from doing

                                                         Ranger, p. 1
so. You can use the Stealth skill in your favored                motion still affect you unless you also have the swift
terrain even if the terrain doesn’t grant cover or               tracker ability (see below). While traveling through
concealment. While in your favored terrain, you can              your favored terrain you normally leave no trail and
also use the Stealth skill while being observed.                 cannot be tracked (though you may leave a trail if you
   While in your favored terrain, you gain the ability           so choose).
to move at full speed through certain features that                 If a specific terrain falls into more than one
normally impede or stop movement, or that make                   category of favored terrain, the bonuses do not stack;
movement more hazardous, as summarized in Table                  you simply use whichever bonus is higher.
2. Features that are magically manipulated to impede

 Terrain                              Movement                                     Additional Abilities
 Cold (ice, snow, and tundra)         Ignore snow, ice, heavy snow                 Resist cold
 Desert (sand and wastelands)         Ignore sand, deep sand                       Resist heat
 Forest or jungle                     Ignore undergrowth                           Speak with animals at will
 Mountains and hills                  Ignore scree, steep slopes; climb speed      Altitude affinity (see below)
                                      equal to half land speed
 Plane, Astral                        60 ft. fly speed on planes with no gravity   Add Knowledge (planes) to terrain skills
 Plane, Hostile                       Ignore hostile planar effects (see below)    Add Knowledge (planes) to terrain skills
 Plains                               Fast movement (+10 ft.)                      Storm-lashed (see below)
 Swamps and marshes                   Ignore bogs, deep bogs, mud, quicksand       Strong stomach (see below)
 Underground                          Ignore rubble, dense rubble, stairs          Darkvision 10 ft. x favored terrain
                                                                                   bonus; add Profession (mining) to
                                                                                   favored terrain skills
 Urban (buildings, streets, sewers)   Ignore crowds; blend in (see below)          Add Streetwise to terrain skills
 Water (shipboard)                    Ignore pitching decks, rocking, slippery     Add Profession (sailor) to terrain skills;
                                      conditions; move through rigging at half     immune to seasickness
 Water (below surface)                Swim speed equal to half base land speed     Ignore combat penalties underwater

   Resist Cold/Heat (Ex): You have a continuous                  dominant planes (although you are not otherwise
endure elements effect against heat or cold (as the              immune to energy drain); you are not trapped in
spell of the same name, but continuously active and              Hades; you suffer no penalties from being on
cannot be dispelled). You also gain resistance to cold           hostilely-aligned planes; etc.
or fire (respectively) equal to 5 x your favored terrain            This ability does not provide protection against
bonus.                                                           creatures, native or otherwise, and it does not protect
   Altitude Affinity (Ex): A ranger with favored terrain         against spells, special abilities, or extreme and non-
(mountains and hills) is unaffected by altitude fatigue,         natural formations within a plane. This ability allows
altitude sickness, lack of oxygen, or any of their               you to survive on the Elemental Plane of Fire, but it
accompanying complications while at high altitudes,              won't protect you if you walk into a pool of magma
including the death zone above 26,000 feet. In                   on that same plane, for example.
addition, you gain a +4 acclimatization bonus on all                Storm-Lashed (Ex): You can ignore many of the
Survival checks made at high altitudes (above 5,000              effects of severe weather. Your visibility in rain is only
feet). Source: Pathfinder Campaign Setting.                      reduced by one-quarter and you only take a –2
   Ignore Hostile Planar Effects (Ex): You suffer no ill         penalty on Perception checks due to rain. You can
effects from standard conditions on that plane. For              ignore the concealment granted to creatures by fog
example, you are not burned on the Plane of Fire                 (but you are still limited to 5 feet of visibility). You are
(although this does not make you immune to normal                treated as one size category larger for the purpose of
or magical fire); you can phase through the substance            ignoring wind effects. You take half the normal
of the Plane of Earth at your normal movement speed              penalty due to wind on Perception checks. In
without suffocating; you can walk on planes with no              addition, you gain a +2 acclimation bonus on all
gravity; you suffer no energy drain on major negative-           Constitution checks and Survival checks made to

                                                        Ranger, p. 2
resist the effects of severe weather of any kind, and             You must spend 1 hour per day in quiet meditation
are treated as if under a permanent endure elements           to regain your daily allotment of spells. You may
spell (this is an extraordinary ability). This ability        prepare and cast any spell on the ranger spell list,
subsumes the Storm-Lashed feat, from the Pathfinder           provided that you can cast spells of that level, but you
Campaign Setting.                                             must choose which spells to prepare during your
   Strong Stomach (Ex): You are immune to any effect          daily meditation. Like other casters, you can use
that would apply the Sickened condition to a normal           prepared 0-level spells at will.
person. If you succumb to an effect that normally                 Through 4th level, your effective caster level is 1st.
causes nausea, you are sickened instead. You gain a           At 5th level and higher, your caster level is equal to
bonus on saving throws against poison and disease             your ranger class level – 3. Add the following spells to
equal to your swamps favored terrain bonus.                   the core ranger’s spell list (1):
   Blend In (Ex): A ranger with favored terrain (urban)           0 Level Spells: Arcane mark, canny effortAUG,
automatically passes as a local (treat as a disguise          chill/warmthRR, cleanRR, comrade’s trailAEST, create water,
with DC 10 + your Stealth skill bonus; this disguise          dancing lights, dawnMW, detect magic, detect poison,
does not take an action to don). While not invisible,         endure elements, ignite, keep dryAEST, keep freshAEST, know
enemies do not notice your presence in particular and         direction, light, magic stone, mending, naturewatch MF,
take no actions against you unless they are taking            predict weatherAUG, purify food and drink, ram’s mightMF,
actions against the local citizens in general. Source:        read magic, resistance, scent baneAUG, seekerAUG, virtue.
Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.                               1st Level Spells: Accelerated movementCAd, ant
                                                              haulAPG, arrow mindCAd, Artemis’ blessingRRO, aspect of the
Ranger Lore: At 1st level, you learn one item of ranger       falconAPG, aspect of the wolfSC, blades of fireSC, blissful
lore (see below), analogous to a rogue talent. You gain       sleepBEM3, bloodhoundCAd, branch to branchCAd, burning
additional lore at 3rd, 5th, 7th, and 9th levels. Unless      brandBHM, call animalAPG, camouflageCD, cloak of shadeAPG,
otherwise noted, each item of lore can be selected only       dancing     lanternAPG,     detect   aberrationAPG,     detect
once.                                                         shapechangers  RR2, disguise self, ease of breathFB, easy

                                                              trailCAd, exacting shotCAd, expeditious retreat, feather fall,
Spells: Beginning at 1st level, you gain the ability to       feather stepAPG, gravity bowAPG, guided shotCAd,
cast a small number of divine spells, which are drawn         hawkeyeCAd, healing lorecallCAd, hunter’s howlAPG, hunter’s
from the ranger spell list. You also have access to all of    mercyMF, instant searchCAd, keen sensesAPG, lay of the
the Nomad psionic discipline powers from the d20              landPnH, lead bladesAPG, lightfootMH, locate cityRD, low-light
System Reference Document, as if they were spells of the      visionMF, magic weapon, negate aromaAPG, obliterate
appropriate level, and you can learn certain martial          tracksWotC, precipitationAPM, quickswimSW, rankletasteWotC,
maneuvers from the Tome of Battle as if they were             recent occupantBEM3, residual trackingAPG, resist planar
spells of the same level: Diamond Mind, Tiger Claw,           alignmentPnH, rogue’s stabBEM3, silvered weaponDr340,
and Desert Wind (the latter only if you have deserts as
a favored terrain). To prepare or cast a spell, you must
have a Wisdom score equal to at least 10 + the spell              Non-core sources are as follows: AEST = Arcana Evolved
level. The Difficulty Class for a saving throw against a          Spell Treasury (Malhavoc Press); APG = Pathfinder
ranger’s spell is 10 + the spell level + your Wisdom              Advanced Player’s Guide; APM = Advanced Players’ Manual
                                                                  (Green Ronin Publishing); AUG = Arcana Unearthed
                                                                  Grimoire (Malhavoc Press); BEM = Book of Eldritch Might
   Like other spellcasters, you can cast only a certain
                                                                  (Malhavoc Press); BHM = Book of Hallowed Might
number of spells of each spell level per day. Your base           (Malhavoc Press); CAd = Complete Adventurer; CD =
daily spell allotment is given on Table 1. In addition,           Complete Divine; CM = Complete Mage; DN = Draconomicon;
you receive bonus spells per day if you have a high               Dr# = Dragon magazine (Paizo Publishing) & issue
Wisdom score. When Table 1 indicates that you get 0               number; FB = Frostburn; MF = Magic of Faerun; MH =
spells per day of a given spell level, you gain only the          Miniatures Handbook; MP = Manual of the Planes; MW =
bonus spells you would be entitled to based on your               Masters of the Wild; PHII = Player’s Handbook II; PnH =
Wisdom score for that spell level. You do not have                Planar Handbook; RD = Races of Destiny; RR = Relics &
                                                                  Rituals (Sword & Sorcery Studios); RRO = Relics & Rituals:
access to any domain spells or granted powers.
                                                                  Olympus; SC = Spell Compendium; SSt = Sandstorm; SW =
                                                                  Stormwrack; WotC = Wizards of the Coast website.

                                                      Ranger, p. 3
sniper’s shotCAd, stalking brandMF, surefootSC, swift               check to improve the attitude of a person. You roll
expeditious retreatCAd, tern’s persistanceCAd, tireless             1d20 and add your ranger level and your Charisma
pursuitAPG, travelers’ mountCD, vigilant slumberCM,                 bonus to determine the wild empathy check result.
webfootSW.                                                          The typical domestic animal has a starting attitude of
    2nd Level Spells: Accelerate poisonAPG, allfoodAPG, alter       indifferent, while wild animals are usually unfriendly.
self, arrow eruptionAPG, aspect of the bearAPG, balancing              To use wild empathy, you and the animal must be
lorecallCAd, beast shape I, blight enemyBHM, bloodhoundAPG,         able to study each other, which means that you must
blur, bull’s strength, campfire wallAPG, chameleon strideAPG,       be within 30 feet of one another under normal
clairaudience/clairvoyance, create treasure mapAPG, curse of        visibility conditions. Generally, influencing an animal
arrow attractionPHII, detect evil, eagle eyeAPG, easy climbCAd,     in this way takes 1 minute, but, as with influencing
flame blade, freedom of breathSSt, Gaean repastRRO, guiding         people, it might take more or less time.
starAPG, hide campsiteAPG, hunter’s eyeAPG, hunter’s eyePHII,          Magically-summoned or controlled animals will
hunter’s stalkRR, hunter’s moonRR2, hydrateSSt, invisibility,       only attack you if the caster succeeds at a power check
lesser restoration, Liliandel’s flurryRR, linked perceptionPHII,    (1d20 + caster level + Charisma modifier) opposed by
listening lorecallCAd, living printsMF, locate object,              a Wild Empathy check made as an immediate action.
lockjawAPG, mass hide from animalsAEST, nature’s favorCAd,          This does not apply to celestial or fiendish animals
near horizonCM, nondetection, perceive cluesAPG, protective         unless you have the appropriate favored planar
spiritAPG, scentCD, see invisibility, sleep, slipstreamAPG,         terrain. At 17th level, no animal or plant will attack
stone callAPG, surefooted strideWotC, swift hasteCAd, versatile     you, even if magically-controlled (although this
weaponAPG, water breathing.                                         protection does not extend to your companions).
    3rd Level Spells: Animal spyRR, aspect of the stagAPG,             You can use this ability to influence magical beasts
avoid planar effectsMP, bane of the forgeRR2, beast shape II,       with an Intelligence score of 3 or less, but you take a –
blade stormCAd, blink, bloody clawsAPG, cloak of windsAPG,          4 penalty on the check. You can influence vermin by
detect favored enemyCD, dimension door, displacement, find          taking a –-8 on the check, and plants by taking a –12
the gapDN, forsestfoldCD, instant enemyAPG, locate creature,        on the check. These modifiers apply to attempts to
greater magic weapon, heal animal companionWotC, life               avoid attacks by summoned or controlled vermin,
bubbleAPG, mark of the hunterCD, mass feather stepAPG,              magical beasts, or plants as well.
strong jawAPG, Tanil’s spectral archersRR2, tireless                   If you take the Leadership feat, you can attract
pursuersAPG, venomous boltAPG, wake trailingSW,                     animals, plant creatures, fey, and magical beasts as
wraithstrike.                                                       followers as if they were humans, subject to the
    4th Level Spells: Animal growth, arrow stormCAd,                normal CR restrictions.
aspect of the wolfAPG, attune formMP, charm monster, bane
bowCD, beast shape III, blessing of the salamanderAPG, bow          Combat Style Feat (Ex): At 2nd level, you must select a
spiritAPG, elemental body I, foebaneCAd, detect scrying,            combat style to pursue. This choice narrows your
dimensional anchor, dismissal, greater invisibility, grove of       options for bonus feats, but does not restrict your
respiteAPG, hydra’s bloodRRO, implacable pursuerCD, lesser          selection   of    feats  gained     through    normal
aura of coldFB, mass camouflageCD, mass longstriderPHII,            advancement. You can choose these feats even if you
mass surefooted strideWotC, perinarchPnH, plane shift,              do not have the normal prerequisites. Lower-level
restoration, ricochetRR2, scrying, secret chest, sending, spike     bonus feats can always be selected in place of higher-
stones, stoneskin, swift lion’s chargeMH, Tanil’s purgingRR,        level ones.
telepathic bond, teleport, true seeing.                                The various combat styles, and the bonus feats
                                                                    available for them at various levels, are summarized
Druidical Theurgy (Multiclass Option): If you have                  below. The benefits of your chosen style feats apply
levels in druid, you prepare spells as a druid of level             only when you wear light, medium, or no armor. You
equal to your druid level + half your ranger level (this            lose all benefits of combat style feats when wearing
supersedes your ranger spellcasting, although you                   heavy armor. Once you select a combat style, it cannot
still have access to all spells on the ranger list).                be changed.

Wild Empathy (Ex): You can improve the attitude of                  Tracker (Ex): Starting at 2nd level, you can always
an animal. This ability functions just like a Diplomacy             choose to take 10 on Survival checks, even if

                                                            Ranger, p. 4
conditions      would       otherwise      prohibit   this.    external stimuli. In addition, the amount of sleep (or
Additionally, you add half your class level to Survival        restful calm, for creatures that do not need actual
skill checks made to follow or identify tracks. If you         sleep) you need to become rested and to regain hp for
detect a lingering magical aura (as under the detect           a “night’s rest” is reduced by 1 hour per 3 class levels
magic spell) from a magical item or an active spell, you       you possess (e.g., at 18th level you gain the benefits of
can keep detect magic active while using the Survival          8 hours worth of rest after only 3 hours of sleep).
skill to follow the trail of the lingering aura.                  Finally, you ignore the effects of encumbrance from
  You can even track creatures under a pass without            carrying medium and heavy loads. Encumbrance
trace spell, albeit at a penalty equal to the caster level     from armor is handled normally. When calculating
of the spell. You can track a creature with the trackless      maximum loads, use either your Strength score or
step class feature (or another ranger in his favored           your Constitution score + your Strength modifier,
terrain), but the DC is equal to 10 + the quarry’s             whichever is higher. This supersedes the Horizon
tracking skill bonus (20 + bonus if the quarry takes           Walker’s plains terrain mastery prestige class feature,
additional efforts to avoid you). For example, for a 2 nd      from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.
level ranger to track a 10th level ranger (Wis 14)
through favored terrain would require a DC 30                  Direction Sense (Ex): Starting at 4th level, your
Survival check (10 + 10 ranks + 3 for class skill + Wis        tracking ability and sense of direction improve to the
mod + level adjustment for tracker class feature).             point that you always know generally where you are.
                                                               This ability is useful to characters who end up at
Quarry (Ex): At 3rd level, you are a deadly hunter. As         unfamiliar destinations after teleporting, using a gate,
a standard action you can denote one target within             or traveling to or from other planes of existence.
your line of sight as your quarry. You receive all of          Direction sense reveals general information about
the benefits of a favored enemy (see Ranger Lore,              your location as a feeling or presentiment. The
below) against that creature. If you wound your                information is usually no more detailed than a
quarry and it subsequently escapes, you know the               summary that locates you according to a prominent
direction in which your quarry lies, and the                   local or regional site. Using this ability also tells you
approximate distance to it (to within 10%). If your            what direction you are facing. You always know
quarry is within 60 ft., you can pinpoint it exactly.          which direction north is.
   You can have no more than one quarry at a time.
You can dismiss this effect at any time as a free action,      Uncanny Dodge (Ex): Starting at 4th level, you can
but you cannot select a new quarry for 24 hours. If            react to danger before your senses would normally
you see proof that your quarry is dead, you can select         allow you to do so. You cannot be caught flat-footed,
a new quarry after waiting 1 hour.                             even if the attacker is invisible. You still lose your
   This ability supersedes the Consecrated Harrier’s           Dexterity bonus to AC if immobilized. You can still
“implacable hunt” prestige class feature, from                 lose your Dexterity bonus to AC if an opponent
Complete Divine, and also the Ranger Guide’s                   successfully uses the feint action (see Combat) against
“ranger’s focus” variant class feature, from the               you.
Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.                               Each round as a free action, a ranger with this
                                                               ability may make Perception checks to notice hidden
Tireless (Ex): Beginning at 3rd level, you can always          enemies and other details detectable with that skill.
choose to take 10 on Endurance checks, even if                 Outside of combat, you always gain the benefits of
conditions would otherwise prevent it. You suffer no           taking 10 with Perception, even if you do not
penalties when fatigued. If you become exhausted,              explicitly attempt to use that skill. This supersedes the
you suffer penalties as if fatigued instead. Starting at       Hunter’s “hunter’s senses” class feature from Mike
9th level, you are immune to exhaustion as well.               Mearls’ Iron Heroes (Fiery Dragon Productions).
    You are immune to magical sleep effects, and no               If you already have uncanny dodge from a
longer receive a –10 penalty on Perception checks              different class, you retain the hunter’s senses and also
while asleep. You also become intuitively aware of the         gain improved uncanny dodge.
passage of time, and can cause yourself to awake at
any pre-selected time you choose, regardless of

                                                       Ranger, p. 5
Additional Favored Terrain (Ex): At 5th level and              You can also sense the imminent opening of a
every four levels thereafter, you may select an             planar breach (for example, a plane shift, teleport, or
additional favored terrain. In addition, at each such       summon monster spell) within 30 ft. You are entitled to
interval, the skill bonus and initiative bonus in any       an immediate DC 25 Perception check to pinpoint the
one favored terrain (including the one just selected, if    exact location of the portal, breach, or spell effect, as
so desired), increases by +2.                               long as you have a line of sight to it. You can also use
   Also, by spending two uninterrupted hours                this ability to determine whether or not a planar
surveying the lay of the land and succeeding at a DC        breach occurred within 20 feet of a particular spot
20 Survival check, you can familiarize yourself with        within the last 24 hours. To do this, you must succeed
unfamiliar terrain. After successful study, an area         on a DC 20 Survival check. If you determine that a
equaling one square mile per ranger level is treated as     breach did occur in the area, you may then use this
favored terrain for you (with a +2 bonus) until you         ability to ascertain where it led, as described below.
sleep away from it.                                            You can determine the destination of a portal, gate
                                                            or teleport by making a DC 20 Survival check and a
Swift Tracker (Ex): Starting at 6th level, you can move     DC 20 Knowledge (the planes) check. If you succeed
at your normal speed while following tracks, without        in determining a teleport destination and can teleport,
taking the normal –5 penalty. You take only a –10           then you may attempt to follow as if you had viewed
penalty (instead of the normal –20) when moving at          the destination once.
up to twice normal speed while tracking. In one of             If you are sent to another plane, you can identify it
your favored terrains, you can track at any speed at        as a move action with a successful DC 20 Knowledge
no penalty, and your movement is no longer impeded          (the planes) check, even if there are no environmental
by magical adjustments to the terrain (entangle, etc.).     or terrain clues (e.g., if you are held in a featureless
   This ability also allows you to move at full speed       cell on another plane). You can also determine the
using the Stealth skill without penalty.                    flow of time, relative to that on your home plane.
                                                               These abilities subsume the Astral Tracking feat
Night Vision (Ex): At 7th level, you gain superior low-     from Dragon magazine, issue 313 (tracking through
light vision, enabling you to see four times as far in      the nearly featureless Astral Plane has a Survival DC
dim light as a normal human can.                            of 25), the Breach Sense and Portal Intuition variant
                                                            class features from the Planar Handbook, and the
Anchored Navigation (Ex): Starting at 8th level, your       Consecrated Harrier’s “faultless hunt” prestige class
tracking skill becomes so instinctive that you cannot       feature, from Complete Divine.
become lost. You retain a perfect mental trail of where
you have been, and can retrace your steps without           Advanced Lore: Starting at 11th level, you gain insight
hesitation without using a map, or simply short cut         into deeper lore. Every time you would become
directly back to any point along the route, no matter       eligible for a new item of ranger lore, you can select
how convoluted. This ability is automatic, even if you      an advanced lore instead.
are blindfolded or unconscious, and the memory is
retained permanently, so that you can always find           Sustenance (Su): Starting at 11th level, you can survive
your way to any place you have ever been. This              for up to 1 week per ranger level without food, and
ability applies even across planar boundaries and to        for 1 day per class level without any food or water at
psychoportive routes through the Astral plane, so that      all.
you treat any place you have ever been as “very
familiar” for purposes of teleportation.                    Walk in Shadow (Sp): At 12th level, your planar
                                                            tracking ability improves to allow you to find your
Planar Tracking (Su): At 10th level, you are so adept at    own way through the planes, as if you had the Power
tracking and finding your way that you can make             over Shadow feat and a number of ranks in Walk in
Survival checks to track creatures across planar            Shadow equal to your class level. You can use shadow
boundaries (although you must have some means of            walk as a spell-like ability at will with a caster level
crossing them if you wish to follow).                       equal to your ranger level.

                                                    Ranger, p. 6
Nondetection (Ex): Starting at 14th level, you are so             Urban: You gain charm person as a spell-like
difficult to track that even magical means often miss              ability.
you. You are under a permanent nondetection effect, as            Water (shipboard): You are accustomed to sailing
the spell with a caster level equal to your class level,           through storms and force ten gales. You immune
except that this is an extraordinary ability and cannot            to electricity and the effects of high winds.
be dispelled.                                                     Water (underwater): Your movements and actions
                                                                   are not hampered when underwater. This allows
Terrain Dominance (Ex): At 14th level, you gain                    you to speak, make attacks, and cast spells
exceptional abilities related to your favored terrains.            normally underwater, as if using freedom of
When dealing with creatures native to those terrains,              movement. You can also breathe underwater.
you treat your favored terrain bonus for that terrain as
                                                            This ability supersedes the Horizon Walker prestige
a favored enemy bonus (q.v.) against those creatures.
                                                            class feature of the same name, from the Pathfinder
This bonus overlaps (does not stack with) bonuses
                                                            Advanced Player’s Guide.
gained when fighting a favored enemy.
   Each terrain dominance grants additional abilities,
                                                            Find the Path (Sp): At 16th level, your tracking
detailed below. Unless otherwise noted, spell-like
                                                            abilities improve to the point where you can find even
abilities are usable a number of times per day equal to
                                                            places you’ve never been. You gain the ability to use
3 + your Wisdom modifier, and have a caster level
                                                            find the path as a spell-like ability at will, at a caster
equal to your class level.
                                                            level equal to your ranger level. This duplicates the
   Cold: You are immune to cold.                           3.5 edition spell, without the Pathfinder rules
   Desert: You are immune to fire.                         limitations, and it operates even across planar
   Forests and jungles: You gain speak with plants and     boundaries. You can use this ability to find even
    hallucinatory terrain (forests only) as spell-like      “unfindable” things (like an escape route from Hell).
    abilities.                                                 Additionally, once per day you can discern location
   Mountains and hills: You gain DR 5/adamantine           as a spell-like ability, with a caster level equal to your
    (DR 10/adamantine when actual in mountainous            ranger level.
   Plains: Your base speed increases by an additional      Terrain Mastery (Ex): Starting at 17th level, all
    10 feet.                                                remaining terrain types and planes of existence are
   Plane of Air: You gain fly as a spell-like ability.     now considered favored terrains for you, with a +2
   Plane of Earth: You gain tremorsense 30 feet.           favored terrain bonus (but without the benefits
   Plane of Fire: You are immune to fire.                  described for terrain mastery). Thereafter, you can
   Plane, Aligned: When you wield them, your               survive and move freely about on all planes, and your
    weapons, natural attacks, and unarmed attacks           spells always function on all planes (except on null-
    are treated as holy, unholy, anarchic, and/or           magic planes).
    axiomatic, depending on the plane. If native
    creatures of the chosen plane are vulnerable to a       Planar Guide (Su): Starting at 18th level, you can
    particular special material (such as cold iron or       impart the mobility and resistance imparted by your
    silver), your attacks bypass damage reduction as        planar favored terrain to all companions who remain
    if they were that special material.                     within 30 feet of you, allowing you to effectively lead
   Plane, Astral: You gain dimension door as a spell-      parties through hostile planar terrains.
    like ability.
   Plane, Ethereal: As a move action, you can enter        Improved Quarry (Ex): At 19th level, your ability to
    the ethereal plane or return from it. You may           hunt your quarry improves. You can now select a
    spend a number of rounds per day ethereal in this       quarry as a free action, and can now take 20 while
    manner equal to your class level.                       using Survival (or Streetwise) to track your quarry,
   Swamps and marshes: You are immune to poison,           while moving at normal speed without penalty. Your
    disease, sickness, and nausea.                          favored enemy bonus to damage your quarry is equal
   Underground: You gain tremorsense 30 ft.                to your class level (this supersedes your normal

                                                    Ranger, p. 7
favored enemy bonus to damage). If your quarry is                                             COMBAT STYLES
killed or dismissed, you can select a new one after 10
minutes have passed.                                         The combat styles described here are not meant to
                                                             represent all possible combat styles, but rather to
Master Hunter (Strike) (Ex): A ranger of 20th level is a     illustrate the most common styles and to provide
master hunter. You can, as a standard action, make a         examples for those designing new ones. In addition
single attack against a favored enemy or quarry at           to feats, some combat styles have other talents not
your full attack bonus. If the attack hits, the target       available to most characters, as described below.
takes damage normally and must make a Fortitude
save (DC 20 + your Wisdom modifier + your favored            ARCHERY
enemy bonus) or die. You can choose instead to deal          Like Legolas in The Lord of the Rings, you are a
an amount of nonlethal damage equal to the                   specialist with a bow. This style applies equally well
creature’s current hit points (a successful save negates     to slings, crossbows, etc. – and in modern settings,
this damage). You cannot use this ability against the        might be selected by rangers who use firearms as their
same creature more than once in a 24-hour period.            favored weapons.

Personal Preserve (Sp): At 20th level, you are at home          Level         Feat Choices
anywhere in the multiverse. By spending a week                   2            Far Shot, Focused Shot, Hawkeye, Point-Blank
walking in Shadow, you can locate a relatively                                Shot, Precise Shot, Rapid Shot
unused demiplane in the back waters of Shadow and                   6         Deadly Aim, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (any
                                                                              bow), Manyshot
claim it as your personal demesnes. Your demiplane                       th
                                                                    10        Combat Archery, Pinpoint Targeting
has the following planar traits: normal time, alterable,            14
                                                                              Deadly Sniper, Hail of Arrows
and normal magic and psionics. At the time you claim                18
                                                                              Horizon Shot
it, you can set whatever gravity trait, elemental traits,
and alignment traits you like, and you can choose            Hawkeye (Ex): You gain a +1 competence bonus on
whether the plane is finite or self-contained. While the     Perception checks, and the range increment for any
demiplane isn't morphic, you have total control over         bow or sling you use increases by 5 feet. These
the landscape when you find the place. When on your          bonuses increase by +1 and 5 additional feet for every
personal demiplane, your favored terrain bonus is            4 class levels you possess. Source: Pathfinder Advanced
always +10. Inhabitants are not necessarily friendly,        Player’s Guide.
but you can use Wild Empathy to influence their
reactions even if this would not normally be possible.       Deadly Sniper (Ex): All distances up to your
    Access can be unrestricted, or permitted only via a      maximum range are considered point-blank range for
single portal entry which you can control for access.        you. You may make sneak attacks within this range.
Those who know of the demiplane's existence can              This ability supersedes the feat of the same name,
plane shift to the plane.                                    from Monte Cook’s Collected Book of Experimental
                                                             Might (Malhavoc Press).

                                                             Horizon Shot (Su): When armed with a projectile
                                                             weapon, you can hit targets as far away as you can see
                                                             (regardless of the weapon’s normal range), with no
                                                             range penalty.

                                                             This combat style was presented in Dragon magazine,
                                                             issue 326. It is “fleshed out” here with a few
                                                             additional feats.

                                                                Level         Feat Choices
                                                                 2            Improved Unarmed Combat, Improved

                                                     Ranger, p. 8
             Wrestling Maneuvers, Maneuver Training
   6         Greater Wrestling Maneuvers, Staggering            OAKHEART BROTHER
             Strike, Stunning Fist
             Great Throw, Medusa’s Wrath                        This combat style was presented in The Quintessential
   14        Sleeper Lock                                       Druid (Mongoose Publishing), and focuses on the use
   18        Decisive Strike                                    of the quarterstaff. Unless otherwise noted, the bonus
                                                                feats granted by this combat style apply only to that
FOEHUNTER                                                       weapon.
When the ranger lore doesn’t offer enough favored
                                                                   Level         Feat Choices
enemy benefits, this style represents a ranger who                    nd
                                                                    2            Exotic Weapon Proficiency (quarterstaff),
specializes in hunting specific types of creatures.                              Two-Weapon Fighting, Weapon Focus,
                                                                                 Weapon Specialization
  Level      Feat Choices                                              6         Brutal Strike, Improved Two-Weapon
   2         Favored Enemy, Favored Dodge, Favored                               Fighting, Improved Wrestling Maneuvers*
             Defense, Student of War                                   10        Crushing Blow, Improved Critical, Two-
   6         Battle Leader, Favored Critical, Favored Power                      Weapon Rend
             Attack, Versatile Student of War                          14        Stunning Fist (using staff instead of fist)
   10        Penetrating Attack
   14        Hunting Party                                      * If you choose this combat style feat, you also treat
   18        Devastating Critical (against favored enemies
                                                                  the quarterstaff as if it had the trip weapon
Favored Enemy, Hunting Party (Ex): As the ranger
lore of the same names (see below).                             OUTRIDER
                                                                You are an exceptional mounted combatant. Rangers
MOBILE SKIRMISHER                                               with this combat style typically select an animal
                                                                companion as their hunter’s bond (q.v.), and choose a
You specialize in hit-and-run tactics. A ranger with
                                                                horse (if Medium sized) or riding dog (if small). This
the Mobile Skirmisher combat style and the
                                                                combat style largely supersedes the Halfling Outrider
appropriate lore selections supersedes the Scout base
                                                                prestige class, from Complete Warrior, the Mounted
class from Complete Adventurer.
                                                                Combat style from Dragon magazine #326, and the
  Level      Feat Choices                                       Mounted Combat style from the Pathfinder Advanced
             Dodge, Fleet, Spring Attack, Surefooted            Player’s Guide.
    6        Skirmish, Vital Strike, Wind Stance
       th                                                          Level         Feat Choices
   10        Mobility
       th                                                             nd
   14        Freedom of Movement                                    2            Mounted Archery, Mounted Combat, Skill
                                                                                 Focus (Handle Animal)
                                                                        6        Skirmish, Spirited Charge
Mobility (Stance) (Ex): You gain a dodge bonus to                         th
                                                                       10        Improved Forcing Maneuvers
Armor Class equal to your class level against attacks                  14
                                                                                 Unavoidable Onslaught
of opportunity caused when you move out of or
within a threatened area. Any condition that makes
                                                                Unavoidable Onslaught (Ex): Your mounted charges
you lose your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class (if any)
                                                                are not blocked by friendly creatures or difficult
also makes you lose dodge bonuses. You also receive
                                                                terrain. This emulates the roughrider Fighter’s variant
a dodge bonus of +1 per 4 class levels you possess
                                                                class feature of the same name, from the Pathfinder
against effects causing you to become paralyzed,
                                                                Advanced Player’s Guide.
slowed, or entangled.
                                                                RANGER KNIGHT
Freedom of Movement (Ex): Starting at 14th level, you
have perpetual freedom of movement, as the spell,               This combat style was presented in Wildscape (Fantasy
except this is an extraordinary ability that cannot be          Flight Games), and focuses on defense. It is expanded
dispelled. This lore supersedes the variant class               here somewhat, in order to fit the breadth of options
feature of the same name, from Complete Warrior.                offered by the other styles.

                                                        Ranger, p. 9
                                                                 10        Attack with Opposition, Riposte
  Level      Feat Choices                                        14        Elaborate Defense, Precise Strike
   2         Combat Expertise, Defend Ally, Shield
             Focus, Vigilant Defender
        th                                                    Responsive Duelist, Riposte, Elaborate Defense, and
    6        Agile Dodge, Shared Shield
      th                                                      Precise Strike are as per the Fighter talents of the same
   10        Defensive Rebuke, Protect Ally
             Elaborate Defense

Agile Dodge (Ex): When wearing light or no armor,             SWIFT AMBUSHER
and not carrying a medium or heavy load, you gain a           You are skilled at flanking and at attacking from
dodge bonus to AC of +1, +1 per 4 ranger levels you           surprise. Sneak attack works as the rogue class feature
possess. Unlike other named bonuses, dodge bonuses            of the same name. Your attacks deals extra damage
stack.                                                        anytime your target would be denied a Dexterity
                                                              bonus to AC (whether the target actually has a
Elaborate Defense: When using the Combat Expertise            Dexterity bonus or not), or when you flank your
feat in melee combat, the dodge bonus to AC is equal          target. This extra damage is 1d6 at 2 nd level, and
to twice the penalty you take to your attack rolls (+2,       increases as shown in the table below. Should you
+2 per 4 points of BAB). If using the total defense           score a critical hit with a sneak attack, this extra
action, the bonus to AC is +3, +3 per 4 points of BAB.        damage is not multiplied. Ranged attacks can count as
If you are also actively using a shield, remember that        sneak attacks only if the target is within point blank
a doubled doubling results in a triple (+3, +3 per 4          range (normally 30 feet, but this range can be
points of BAB). A summary table is provided in the            expanded with the Point-Blank Shot feat).
“Houserules” section.                                         Alternatively, you can make a single ranged sneak
                                                              attack as a full attack action.
SHIFTER                                                          You must be able to see the target well enough to
This is a variant on the Combat Style concept. Instead        pick out a vital spot and must be able to reach such a
of choosing a combat style and gaining feats that             spot. You cannot sneak attack while striking a
support it, you instead learn to wild shape (as a druid)      creature with concealment.
and become increasingly good at it, as shown in the
                                                                Level      Ambush Ability
following table.                                                   nd
                                                                 2         Sneak Attack +1d6
                                                                  6        Sneak Attack +2d6
  Level      Wild Shape                                              th
     nd                                                          10        Sneak Attack +3d6
   2         Beast shape I                                           th
      th                                                         14        Sneak Attack +4d6
    6        Beast shape I                                           th
       th                                                        18        Sneak Attack +5d6
   10        Beast shape II
   14        Beast shape III or plant shape I
             Beast shape III or plant shape II                TWO-HANDED WEAPON
                                                              You specialize in dealing large amounts of damage
Starting at 6th level, you can wild shape twice per day.      with a two-handed weapon. Although this is an
At 14th level, you have 3 daily uses. You may select the      unusual style for a ranger (seemingly being better
Extra Wild Shape feat to gain additional uses.                suited to a barbarian), no one doubts its
                                                              effectiveness—especially when combined with the
SWASHBUCKLER                                                  Spring Attack feat and/or the Mountain Hammer
Like Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood, you fight best with a          ability (q.v.).
single blade in one hand, and your other hand free.
                                                                Level      Feat Choices
                                                                 2         Cleave, Giant’s Stance, Improved Weapon
  Level      Feat Choices
     nd                                                                    Maneuvers, Power Attack
   2         Combat Expertise, Combat Reflexes,                      th
                                                                  6        Backswing, Overhand Chop
             Improved Weapon Maneuvers, Weapon                      th
             Finesse                                             10        Furious Focus, Scything Blow
             Cloaked Duelist, Deadly Defense,                    14        Greater Power Attack
             Responsive Duelist

                                                     Ranger, p. 10
Greater Power Attack (Ex): When using Power Attack
with a two-handed melee weapon, the bonus damage
from Power Attack is equal to four times the attack

One of the classic ranger combat styles from 2nd
edition onwards.

  Level       Feat Choices
   2          Bear Fang, Two-Weapon Fighting
   6          Improved Two-Weapon Fighting,
              Two-Weapon Defense
   10         Two-Weapon Rend, Two-Weapon Versatility
   14         Girallon Rend (see below)

Girallon Rend (Ex): You increase the base damage of
your Two-Weapon Rend feat by +2d6 damage per
additional hit after the second you make to the same
opponent this round. For example, if you are 12 th level
and hit an opponent 6 times, your Two-Weapon Rend
feat deals damage equal to 10d6 + 1½ times your
Strength bonus. You must have the Two-Weapon
Fighting, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, and Two-
Weapon Rend feats to gain this ability.

You are well aware that, in the wilderness, your
weapons are the difference between life and death for
you. You train relentlessly in getting the most out of

  Level       Feat Choices
   2          Exotic Weapon Proficiency, Improved Weapon
              Maneuvers, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus
    6         Critical Focus, Greater Weapon Maneuvers,
              Weapon Specialization
   10         Improved Critical, Striking Mastery
   14         Deadly Critical
   18         Devastating Critical

                                                     Ranger, p. 11
                                 RANGER LORE                   Domain (Su): Choose one of the following domains:
                                                               Animal, Plant, Sun, Travel. You gain one bonus
Other examples of ranger lore can be added with the            Domain spell per spell level to which you have access.
referee’s approval.                                            You also gain domain powers as a cleric of level equal
                                                               to your ranger level.
Animal Companion (Ex): You form a close bond with              Dragon Hunter (Ex): Your melee and ranged attacks
an animal companion. This animal is a loyal                    ignore 1 point of natural armor per 2 class levels you
companion that accompanies the ranger on his                   possess.
adventures as appropriate for its kind. A ranger's
animal companion shares his favored enemy and                  Empathic Link, Improved (Su): You gain an improved
favored terrain bonuses. This ability functions like the       empathic link with all of your animal companions.
druid’s animal companion ability (which is part of the         This functions like an empathic link with a familiar,
Nature Bond class feature), except that your effective         except you can also see through a companion’s eyes as
druid level is equal to your ranger level – 3. If you          a swift action, maintaining this connection as long as
have upper planes (Elysium, etc.) as a favored terrain,        you like (as long as the companion is within 1 mile)
your animal companion gains the Celestial template.            and ending it as a free action. You can only see
If you have lower planes (Hades, etc.) as a favored            through the eyes of one companion at a time, and are
terrain, your animal companion gains the Fiendish              blinded while maintaining this connection. Source:
template (an animal companion cannot have both                 Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.
templates; retain the first one that applies only, even if
you have upper planes and lower planes as favored              Energy Resistance (Ex): You gain resistance 5 to acid,
terrains).                                                     cold, electricity, fire, force, negative energy, positive
   You may select this lore multiple times to gain             energy, or sonic attacks. This resistance increases by 5
additional companions. Your effective druid level for          for every 3 ranger levels you possess, to a maximum
determining the abilities of each subsequent                   resistance of 35 at 18th level. At 20th level, you are
companion is equal to 3 less than that of your primary         immune. You may select this lore multiple times; each
companion. (This supersedes the Beastmaster prestige           time, choose a new energy type.
class, from Complete Adventurer.)
                                                               Evasion (Ex): You can avoid even magical and
Barkskin (Su): You gain a natural armor bonus to AC            unusual attacks with great agility. If you make a
equal to +1 per three class levels you possess. If             successful Reflex saving throw against an attack that
desired, you can cosmetically indicate this effect by          normally deals half damage on a successful save, you
having small shoots and leaves grow in your hair, etc.         instead take no damage. Evasion can be used only if
                                                               you are wearing light armor, medium armor, or no
Distracting Attack (Strike) (Ex): As a standard action,        armor. A helpless ranger does not gain the benefit of
make a single attack. Any opponent hit is considered           evasion.
flanked by all adjacent creatures (allowing a rogue to           When a swarm attacks you by ending its turn in
sneak attack it, for example). This condition lasts until      your space, you may attempt a Reflex save to avoid
that opponent is attacked by someone else, or until the        damage (DC equal to the swarm’s distraction save DC
start of your next turn, whichever comes first. If you         + 10). If the save succeeds, you also avoid any poison,
also have the Critical Focus feat, you can apply the           blood drain, or similar effects that normally result
effects of this lore to any confirmed critical hit, even if    from damage by the swarm. If you also have
none of the normal conditions were met. You still              improved evasion (q.v.), it also applies to swarm
cannot add more than one strike effect to a given              damage. You must still make a Fortitude save to avoid
attack unless you also have the Striking Mastery feat.         distraction if you begin your turn in a space occupied
   You must be at least 5th level to select this lore,         by a swarm. This supersedes the Swarm Dodger feat,
which replicates the variant class feature of the same         from Osirion: Land of Pharaohs.
name from the Players Handbook II.

                                                      Ranger, p. 12
Familiar (Ex): You can, at your option, substitute a            and their specific type(s). A third round tells you the
familiar (as the wizard class feature) for an animal            location and status (exhausted, fatigued, unhurt, etc.)
companion. Your functional level for determining the            of each favored enemy in that area. You may make
abilities of the companion is equal to your ranger level        Knowledge or related skill checks untrained when
–3. You do not lose experience points if your familiar          attempting to identify favored enemies and their
is slain, and you require only 24 hours to replace one          weaknesses.
that is lost. Your familiar has total hit points equal to          If you choose humanoids or outsiders as a favored
3/4 of your own hit points, rather than half as per a           enemy, you must also choose an associated subtype,
wizard’s familiar. The familiars gains the ability to           as indicated on the table. If a specific creature falls
speak with other animals of its kind when you have              into more than one category of favored enemy, the
an effective master level of 1st, rather than 7th. When         bonuses do not stack; you simply use whichever
you reach an effective master level of 7 th, you can            bonus is higher. Having a favored enemy of any type
speak with animals of your companion's kind, as per             makes you eligible for certain favored enemy feats;
speak with animals. This is a supernatural ability that         see below.
functions constantly, and it requires only a free action           You may select this lore multiple times; each time,
to reactivate if somehow dispelled. (Source: Cityscape          choose a new favored enemy type from the table.
web enhancement.)
                                                                    TABLE: RANGER FAVORED ENEMIES
Fast Healing (Ex): You gain fast healing 1 (acid, fire,             Animals, magical beasts, and vermin
and negative energy damage are healed at the normal                 Constructs and oozes
rate). You may select this talent multiple times; the               Dragons
effects stack. You must be at least 5th level to gain this          Fey and plants
ability.                                                            Giants and monstrous humanoids
                                                                    Humanoids (civilized)
Fast Movement (Ex): Your base land speed increases                  Humanoids (uncivilized)
by 10 ft. This benefit applies only when you are                    Outsiders (elemental) and elementals
wearing no armor, light armor, or medium armor, and                 Outsiders (lower planar) and aberrations
not carrying a heavy load. Apply this bonus before                  Outsiders (upper planar)
modifying your speed because of any load carried or                 Outsiders (other: native, astral, shadow, etc.)
armor worn. This bonus stacks with any other                        Undead
bonuses to your land speed. This option was                     1      In a standard setting, this includes humans, dwarves,
presented in Complete Warrior.                                         elves, halflings, gnomes, etc.
   If you have an animal companion (q.v.) that also             2      In a standard setting, this includes orcs, goblinoids,
                                                                       reptilian humanoids, etc.
serves as a mount, it gains the benefits of this ability
whenever you are mounted on it.                                 Additional favored enemy choices might include
                                                                Arcanists (creatures capable of casting arcane spells or
Favored Enemy (Ex): Select a type of creature from              using invocations, as per the variant described in
among those listed on the table below. You gain a +2            Complete Mage) or Slavers (including slave owners, as
insight bonus on Bluff, Knowledge, Perception, and              per the Steel Falcon prestige class in Andoran: Spirit of
Survival checks when using these skills against                 Liberty).
creatures of the selected type. Likewise, you get a +2
specialization bonus on attack rolls and damage                 Favored Enemy Adaptation (Ex): You can learn how
against such creatures. These bonuses increase by +1            to copy the unusual abilities of your prey. You must
per two ranger levels you possess beyond the first              have the favored enemy lore (q.v.) to learn this lore.
(i.e., +3 at 3rd level, +4 at 5th, etc., to a maximum of +11    Choose one of your favored enemy categories. You
at 19th level).                                                 gain access to the abilities listed for that type.
    As a standard action, you can automatically                    Each time you use this ability, select one ability or
determining the presence or absence of favored                  feat from the adaptation list for your favored enemy
enemies in a 60-ft. cone. By concentrating a second             type. You use adaptations for 1 hour per day per
round, you learn the number of such creatures present           ranger level you possess. This duration does not need

                                                       Ranger, p. 13
to be consecutive, but it must be used in 10-minute          Favored Weapon (Sp): By calling upon the aid of
increments. If the adaptation requires you to make a         nature spirits, as a standard action you can enhance
more specific choice (such as what skill to use with         your weapon for 1 minute per ranger level. These
Skill Focus), this choice is permanent and cannot be         spirits grant the weapon a +1 enhancement bonus per
changed.                                                     five ranger levels you possess, to a maximum of +4 at
                                                             20th level. These bonuses can be added to the weapon,
   Animals, magical beasts, and vermin: climb 15 ft.,
                                                             stacking with existing weapon bonuses to a maximum
    darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Iron Will,
                                                             of +4, or they can be used to add any of the following
    Lightning Reflexes, low-light vision, natural
                                                             weapon properties: bane (favored enemy only),
    armor (+2), swim 15 ft.
                                                             brilliant energy, defending, flaming, flaming burst, frost,
   Constructs and oozes: acid resistance 10, darkvision
                                                             holy, icy burst, keen, and speed. Adding these properties
    60 ft., Great Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning
                                                             consumes an amount of bonus equal to the property's
    Reflexes, low-light vision, Skill Focus (choose
                                                             cost. These bonuses are added to any properties the
    Athletics, Escape Artist, or Perception).
                                                             weapon already has, but duplicate abilities do not
   Dragons: darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Iron
                                                             stack. If the weapon is not magical, at least a +1
    Will, Lightning Ref lexes, low-light vision, Lunge.
                                                             enhancement bonus must be added before any other
   Fey and plants: gnome magic, Great Fortitude,
                                                             properties can be added. The bonus and properties
    illusion resistance, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes,
                                                             granted by the spirit are determined when the spirit is
    low-light vision.
                                                             called and cannot be changed until the spirits are
   Giants and monstrous humanoids: darkvision 60 ft.,
                                                             called again. The nature spirits impart no bonuses if
    low-light vision, Lightning Reflexes, low-light
                                                             the weapon is held by anyone other than you, but
    vision, Lunge, natural armor (+2), resist energy 10
                                                             resumes giving bonuses if the weapon is returned to
    (choose cold, electricity, or fire), Throw Anything.
                                                             you. These bonuses apply to only one end of a double
   Civilized humanoids: darkvision 60 ft., defensive
                                                             weapon. A ranger can use this ability once per day at
    training, elf blood, elven immunities, elven magic,
                                                             4th level, and one additional time per day for every
    fearless, greed, halfling luck, hardy, hatred, keen
                                                             five levels beyond, to a total of four times per day at
    senses, low-light vision, Skill Focus, slow and
                                                             19th level.
    steady, stability, weapon familiarity.
                                                                 If a weapon bonded with nature spirits is
   Uncivilized humanoids: darkvision 60 ft., goblin
                                                             destroyed, you lose the use of this ability for 30 days,
    fast, lizardfolk hold breath, low-light vision,
                                                             or until you gain a level, whichever comes first.
    natural armor (+2), orc blood, orc ferocity,
                                                             During this 30-day period, you take a –1 penalty on all
    darkvision, sahuagin blood frenzy, Skill Focus
                                                             attack and weapon damage rolls.
    (choose Acrobatics, Perception, or Stealth), swim
    15 ft.
                                                             Feral Trance (Su): Once per day, you can enter a feral
   Outsiders and aberrations: amphibious, darkvision
                                                             battle trance. While you are in this state, the raw
    60 ft., energy resistance 5 (choose one type of
                                                             power of the beast flows through you. Your hands
    energy from acid, cold, electricity, or fire), Great
                                                             and feet become claw like (destroying any shoes or
    Fortitude, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, natural
                                                             gloves you are wearing), and your teeth lengthen and
    armor (+2).
                                                             grow pointed. For the duration of the trance, you gain
   Undead: darkvision 60 ft., Great Fortitude, Iron
                                                             a +4 bonus to Dexterity and a +2 bonus on damage
    Will, natural armor (+2), Skill Focus (Stealth).
                                                             rolls with your unarmed strikes. You can also make
                                                             one bite attack per round at your highest attack bonus
You may choose this lore multiple times. Each time,
                                                             whenever you attack as a full-round action.
you can either select a different favored enemy
                                                               The damage for this attack is ld6 + your Strength
category (gaining access to its list of options) or else
                                                             modifier, regardless of your size. You can trance a
you can choose to be able to use an additional
                                                             number of rounds per day equal to 2 + twice your
adaptation simultaneously. This lore supersedes the
                                                             class level + your Constitution modifier. While in a
Infiltrator’s variant class feature of the same name,
                                                             trance, you cannot perform certain actions, and
from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.
                                                             afterward you are fatigued. These restrictions are the
                                                             same as those for the barbarian's rage class feature

                                                    Ranger, p. 14
(q.v.). If you have the ability to enter a rage, you can        Ordained Hunter (Ex): You must have at least one
do so while in a feral trance                                   level of cleric to select this lore. Thereafter, you
   This lore supersedes the Fist of the Forest prestige         prepare spells as a cleric of level equal to your cleric
class feature of the same name, from Complete                   level + half your ranger level. This supersedes your
Champion. Also, to maintain your bestial powers, you            ranger spellcasting, although you still have access to
must live like a wild animal. You must sleep in                 all spells on the ranger list as if they were cleric spells
natural environments, never inside buildings, unless            of the appropriate level. Your cleric caster level is
forced by circumstances. Furthermore, you cannot                equal to your cleric level + your ranger level –3.
purchase food—you must obtain it by hunting,
gathering, begging, or stealing. Some fists of the forest       Ranger Mage (Su): Add all sorcerer/wizard spells of
even give up speech, the use of fire and tools, and all         the appropriate levels you your class spells list. If you
possessions, but such extremes are not required. In             actually have levels in an arcane spellcasting class,
any month in which you buy food or voluntarily sleep            you prepare spells as an arcane spellcaster of level
indoors more than three times, you lose this ability            equal to your level in that arcane spellcasting class +
until you have spent thirty consecutive days living             half your ranger level (this supersedes your ranger
like an animal once more.                                       spellcasting, although you still have access to all spells
                                                                on the ranger list). Your arcane caster level is equal to
Guarded Mind (Sp): You are permanently under the                your arcane spellcaster class level + your ranger level
effects of nondetection (as the spell), with a caster level     –3. For example, a ranger 12/wizard 8 with the ranger
equal to your ranger level. Source: This talent                 mage lore would prepare spells as a 14th level wizard,
supersedes the Scout’s “cunning stealth” special                with a caster level of 17th.
ability, from Green Ronin’s Advanced Player’s Manual.              If you also have the druidical theurgy or ordained
                                                                hunter lore (q.v.), ranger levels do not count towards
Hide in Nature (Ex): While in one of your favored               both spellcasting progressions; you choose one or the
terrains, you gain a miss chance equal to your favored          other.
terrain bonus x 5%. This works similarly to a blur
spell, except that this is an extraordinary ability that        Ranger’s Focus (Ex): Once per day, you can focus on a
cannot be dispelled.                                            single enemy within line of sight as a swift action.
                                                                That creature remains your focus until it is reduced to
Hunting Party (Ex): You can spend a move action to              0 or fewer hit points or surrenders, or until you
grant half your favored enemy bonus to companions               designate a new focus, whichever occurs first. You
within 30 feet who can see and hear you. If you have            gain a +2 insight bonus on attack and damage rolls
the Favored Defense or Favored Dodge feat, half of              against the target of your focus; this bonus increases
those bonuses apply to affected allies as well. These           by +1 per 2 ranger levels beyond the 1st you possess, to
bonuses last for 1 minute. These bonuses do not stack           a maximum bonus of +11 at 19th level. You can gain
with any favored enemy bonuses possessed by your                this lore multiple times; each time, you gain an
allies; they use whichever bonus is higher.                     additional daily use. Source: Pathfinder Advanced
                                                                Player’s Guide.
Magic Fang, Greater (Sp): You must have an animal
companion (q.v.) to gain this lore. Your animal                 Ranger’s Luck (Ex): Once per day you can either reroll
companion gains the effects of a permanent greater              one of your attack rolls or force an enemy who just hit
magic fang spell, at a caster level equal to your caster        you with an attack to reroll the attack roll. You must
level.                                                          take the result of the second roll even if it is worse.
                                                                You can use this ability an additional time per day per
Mettle (Ex): If you make a successful Fortitude or Will         6 class levels you possess. Source: Pathfinder Advanced
save against an attack that would normally have a               Player’s Guide.
lesser effect on a save (such as any spell with a saving
throw of Fortitude Partial), you instead completely             Savage Hunter (Ex): You must have at least one level
negate the effect.                                              in barbarian to gain this lore. Add half your ranger
                                                                level to your barbarian level for purposes of

                                                       Ranger, p. 15
determining the type of rage you have available                improvement, from the Pathfinder Advanced Player’s
(improved, greater, mighty, etc.) and your attribute           Guide.
bonuses from rage, and also when determining the
number of rounds of rage per day you can sustain.              Sixth Sense (Ex): You gain an intuitive sense that
You do not gain any other barbarian class features             alerts you to danger, giving you a +1 dodge bonus per
from ranger levels, including additional rage powers,          3 ranger levels you possess to AC, Reflex saves, and
totem feats and abilities, etc.                                initiative during surprise rounds and against traps.
                                                               Sixth sense bonuses gained from multiple classes
Scent (Ex): You can detect approaching enemies, sniff          stack.
out hidden foes, and track by sense of smell. You can             This ability subsumes the standard trap sense
identify familiar odors just as you do familiar sights.        ability from the core rules, and also Spell Sense
You can detect opponents within 30 feet by sense of            variant class feature from Complete Mage, and the
smell. If the opponent is upwind, the range increases          Sixth Sense variant class feature from the Pathfinder
to 60 feet; if downwind, it drops to 15 feet. Strong           Advanced Player’s Guide.
scents, such as smoke or rotting garbage, can be
detected at twice the ranges noted above.                      Spiritual Bond (Su): Once per day, you can grant your
Overpowering scents, such as skunk musk or                     animal companion temporary hit points equal to your
troglodyte stench, can be detected at triple normal            ranger level as an immediate action. These temporary
range. When you detect a scent, the exact location of          hit points last until the next time you prepare spells,
the source is not revealed—only its presence                   unless they are lost to damage before that. During this
somewhere within range. You can take a move action             time, whenever your animal companion is within 30
to note the direction of the scent. When you are within        feet of you, you can choose to share the damage
5 feet of the source, you pinpoint the source's location.      between you and your animal companion as if using a
When tracking, you ignore the effects of surface               two-way shield other effect. Source: Pathfinder
conditions and poor visibility.                                Advanced Player’s Guide.

Silver Weapons (Su): All melee weapons you wield, as           Terrain Bond (Ex): You form a bond with the land
well as all projectiles you throw or fire, and all of your     itself, enabling you to direct others in such terrain.
unarmed and natural attacks, are capable of                    When in your favored terrain, you grant all allies
penetrating damage reduction as if they had an                 within line of sight and that can hear you a +2 bonus
enhancement bonus of +1. The effective enhancement             on initiative checks and Athletics, Perception, Stealth,
bonus for purposes of penetrating DR increases by an           and Survival skill checks. Also, as long as they travel
additional +1 per 4 class levels you possess (so that          with you, your allies leave no trail and can’t be
they penetrate DR/+5 or adamantine at 15th level).             tracked. You can choose for the group to leave a trail,
                                                               or even for specific members of the group to leave a
Spirit Bond (Ex): You form a bond with the spirits of          trail, if you so desire. Source: Pathfinder Advanced
nature. Each day, as long as you are within one of             Player’s Guide.
your favored terrains, you can cast augury as a spell-
like ability with a caster level equal to your ranger          Trapfinding (Ex): You add half your ranger level as a
level. In addition, you can call upon these spirits to         competence bonus to Disable Device, Perception, and
cast any one ranger spell that you are capable of              Spellcraft skill checks made to locate, disarm, or set
casting, without having to prepare the spell. At 8 th          traps. You can always take 10 when performing these
level, and every four levels thereafter, you can cast an       tasks, even if conditions would not normally allow it.
additional spell in this way.
   Starting at 12th level, you can use your augury spell-      Twilight Luck (Su): You receive a +2 luck bonus to all
like ability even when not in one of your favored              saving throws. You can select this lore multiple times;
terrains. If you are within one of your favored                each time, the bonus increases by +1.
terrains, you can cast divination instead. This lore
supersedes the Spirit Ranger’s variant class feature of        Uncanny Dodge, Improved (Ex): You can no longer be
the same name, and also the wisdom of the spirits              flanked. This defense denies a rogue the ability to

                                                      Ranger, p. 16
sneak attack you by flanking you, unless the attacker          more effectively defend yourself from their attacks.
has at least four more rogue levels than you have              All of your weapons and armor are treated as if they
ranger levels. You must be at least 5th level to gain this     had the ghost touch property for as long as you use
lore.                                                          them.

Whispers of the Wilderness (Su): When you are in one           Indomitable Mind (Ex): You are immune to all mind-
of your favored terrains, the plants, trees, and rocks         affecting spells and abilities except those designated
speak to you, bringing you news. Once per day, these           as [harmless], such as bless and heroism. This lore
voices give you a short answer to any simple question          supersedes the variant class feature of the same name,
you pose pertaining to current events in a wilderness          from Dragon magazine #340.
area on your land mass. Questions about distant lands
require 1 minute per mile of distance to answer. At            Multiplanar Skirmish (Sp): You are so adept at
the GM's discretion, when the forest deems an issue            finding your way through the planes that you can
important, the whispers bring you news without your            cause yourself to flicker between two adjacent planes,
request. This lore supersedes the Forest Reeve’s               appearing and disappearing randomly from one to
“whispers of the forest” prestige class feature, from          the other. Once per day as a swift action, you gain the
Complete Champion.                                             effects of a blink spell; each “blink” counts as 5 feet of
                                                               movement for purposes of the Skirmish feat. This
ADVANCED RANGER LORE                                           effect lasts up to 1 round per class level you possess.
Blinding Speed (Sp): You can act as if hasted for 1            For every 2 class levels above 12th you possess, you
round per day per ranger level you possess. The                can use this ability an additional time per day (e.g.,
duration of the effect need not be consecutive rounds.         5/day at 20th level).
Activating this power is a free action. You can gain
this lore multiple times. Each time, it grants an              Regeneration (Ex): You must already have fast healing
additional number of daily rounds of use equal to half         to gain this lore. Your fast healing becomes
your ranger level.                                             regeneration instead (fire, acid, and negative energy
                                                               deal normal damage).
Blindsense (Ex): You gain blindsense with a range in
feet equal to 3 x your number ranks in Perception.             Spell Reflection (Su): You gain the ability to reflect
You must have darkvision (either from a ranger talent          magical attacks back on their caster. If an enemy
or racial feature) in order to select this lore. At 16 th      misses with a spell or spell-like ability aimed at you,
level, this ability improves to blindsight.                    you can use an immediate action to redirect the effect
                                                               back at its originator. The spell or ability attacks the
Evasion, Improved (Ex): If you already have the                original caster (who makes a new attack roll using the
evasion lore and you learn this lore, your evasion             same modifier as the original attack). If it hits, the
improves. This ability works like evasion, except that         caster is subject to the normal effect of the spell or
while you still take no damage on a successful Reflex          ability.
saving throw against attacks, you henceforth take                 For example, if a 3rd level wizard missed you with a
only half damage on a failed save. A helpless ranger           scorching ray, you could use an immediate action to
does not gain the benefit of improved evasion.                 redirect the ray back to the wizard. The wizard would
                                                               immediately make a new ranged attack roll (using the
Freedom of Movement (Ex): You have perpetual                   same modifier) against his own touch AC; if the attack
freedom of movement, as the spell, except this is an           succeeds, the scorching ray deals its normal damage to
extraordinary ability that cannot be dispelled. This           the wizard.
lore supersedes the variant class feature of the same             This effect applies only to spells and spell-like
name, from Complete Warrior.                                   abilities that require an attack roll. Other spells and
                                                               spell-like abilities that affect a target aren't subject to
Ghost Warrior (Su): Your mastery of different planar           this reflection.
conditions allows you to strike incorporeal and                   If a single spell or ability misses you more than
ethereal opponents as if they were corporeal, and to           once at the same time (such as scorching ray cast by a

                                                      Ranger, p. 17
high-level caster), you can redirect each portion of the         Benefit: Select a favored enemy. You add your
spell that missed. Using the example above, if you            favored enemy bonus as an insight bonus to saving
were missed by two of the three rays from an 11th-            throws against the extraordinary, spell-like, and
level wizard's scorching ray spell, you could redirect        supernatural abilities of enemies of those types.
only those two rays (but not the one that hit). This lore        Source: This feat supersedes the Halfling Ranger
supersedes the variant class feature of the same name         substitution level, from Dragon magazine, issue 341.
from Complete Mage.
                                                              FAVORED DODGE (COMBAT)
Wind Walk (Stance) (Sp): Once per day, you can shift          Study of your favored enemy's movements allows
partway to another plane (alone or with companions).          you to dance away from its most vicious attacks.
Treat this ability as the wind walk spell, except you can        Prerequisites: Dodge, favored enemy.
use it as a spell-like ability at a caster level equal to        Benefit: Select a favored enemy. When fighting a
your ranger class level.                                      creature of that type you may add your favored
                                                              enemy bonus to your Armor Class as a dodge bonus.
Wraithstrike (Su): Your movement through the planes           This bonus applies to your Armor Class against
is so certain that you can selectively phase weapons in       creatures of the appropriate type only. If you lose
and out of the material plane. As a swift action, all         your Dexterity bonus to Armor Class for any reason,
attacks you make ignore armor and shield bonuses to           you also lose this dodge bonus.
AC for 1 round. You can use this ability a number of             Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its
times per day equal to your ranger level. You must            effects do not stack. Instead, each time you take the
already have the ghost warrior lore (q.v.) to select this     feat you must choose a different favored enemy type.
advanced lore.                                                   Source: Dragon magazine, issue 335. This feat also
                                                              supersedes the Favored Defense feat from the
                                                              Pathfinder Advanced Player’s Guide.
                              RANGER FEATS
                                                              FAVORED POWER ATTACK (COMBAT)
These feats rely on ranger class features; they are
                                                              You are able to deal more damage against your
therefore listed here rather than in the main Feats
                                                              favored enemies.
                                                                 Prerequisites: Favored enemy, Power Attack, base
                                                              attack bonus +4.
                                                                 Benefit: When you use the Power Attack feat
   Prerequisites: Base attack bonus +5, at least one          against a favored enemy, you gain a bonus on damage
favored enemy.                                                equal to the penalty to your attack rolls. For example,
   Benefit: Select one of your favored enemies that is        if you have a base attack bonus of +4 (-2 to attacks)
normally subject to critical hits. Whenever you attack        and power attack with a weapon in two hands, you
this type of creature, the threat range of whatever           add +8 to damage against favored enemies, rather
weapon you are using is doubled. For example, a               than +6. The normal restrictions of the Power Attack
longsword usually threatens a critical hit on a die roll      feat apply.
of 19-20. In the hands of a character with Favored               Source: Complete Warrior.
Critical using it against a favored enemy, its threat
range becomes 17-20. If it is also a keen longsword (or       FAVORED ENEMY, PRACTICED
if you have the Improved Critical feat), its threat
                                                                 Prerequisites: Favored enemy.
range becomes 15-20.
                                                                 Benefit: Calculate your favored enemy bonuses as
   Special: You can take this feat multiple times. Each
                                                              if your class level were 4 higher than is actually the
time you do, it applies to a new favored enemy.
                                                              case, to a maximum effective ranger level equal to
   Source: Masters of the Wild.
                                                              your total number of Hit Dice.
  Prerequisite: Favored enemy.

                                                     Ranger, p. 18
   You have found a balance between your woodland
training and your devotion to religious training,
blending these two aspects into one seamless whole.
   Prerequisites: Track, smite evil, wild empathy.
   Benefit: If you have levels in ranger and prestige
paladin, those levels stack for the purposes of
determining the extra damage dealt by your smite evil
ability and determining the bonus for your wild
empathy class feature. This feat does not allow
additional daily uses of smite evil.
   If you have both the special mount and animal
companion class features, you can designate your
special mount as your animal companion. The mount
gains all the benefits of being both your special mount
and your animal companion. For instance, a 5th-level
paladin/6th-level ranger's special mount would have 4
bonus Hit Dice, a +6 natural armor adjustment, +2
Strength, +1 Dexterity, two bonus tricks, and
Intelligence 6, as well as the empathic link, improved
evasion, share spells, share saving throws, and link
special abilities.
   Source: Complete Adventurer.

   Prerequisites: Track class feature.
   Benefit: For purposes of tracking and ranger
tracking class abilities, treat your effective ranger level
as 4 higher than is actually the case, to a maximum
equal to your total number of hit dice. For example, a
ranger 4/druid 4 would receive a +4 bonus to Survival
checks to track, and would have the track, direction
sense, swift tracker, and anchored navigation class

                                                      Ranger, p. 19

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