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									                                The Good Newsletter                                                     A P R I L   2 0 1 0

                                                     Easter Joy!
                        I just heard a lawn mover! This is a sure sign that Spring has arrived. On Saturday Justin
                        and I took a little walk along the trail at Walluga Park. We stopped to notice the tiny green
  No matter who, no
  matter what, no
                        buds on the tips of the tree branches. So small we could not really see the buds were
  matter where you      there till we got closer, stopped and pulled the branch right up to our face. Sure enough,
  are on life’s jour-   there it was, new life budding into the world.
  ney, you are wel-
  come here!
                        We also notice bursting up through the ground were delicate flowers just beginning to un-
                        fold their beauty in search of sun light. Along our journey we could hear the laughter of
                        children in the air and we could see dogs running through the field. The sounds and sights
                        of energy and new life surrounded us.

                        Once again on our journey home we noticed our path was lined with blooming trees, full of
                        pink and white flowers. This beauty makes me feel like royalty in the canopy of creation.
Moderator’s       2     What a gift of joy it is each Spring to experience the emergence of new life, as the earth
Corner                  renews itself.

Water for Life 3
                        This is what Easter represents. A time of renewal, rebirth. A time of creation rejuvenating
                        itself. A time of spiritual rejuvenation for our lives. This is the time of year marked with a
7 Habits          4     journey through lent, opening up our hearts and minds to experience God in our own lives.

Green Bows        6     Perhaps this is why our Easter celebration is so joyful. Perhaps in part the joy comes from
                        our own work during our Lenten journey. Perhaps as our lives are receptive to experienc-
April Worship 7
                        ing God, and minds and hearts are opened up, the joy is able to find a home within us.

                        One of the thoughts that has been with me during this Lenten season is the idea of every
Calendar          9
                        relationship being a holy relationship. Seeing the divine in everyone, and in all creation.
                        The holy relationship emphasizes the unfolding of Spirit in everyone and all of creation.
                        Perhaps this new awareness of living in ―holy relationship‖ prepares in me a place for the
                        Holy to reside. Perhaps it is in the process of living in holy relationships that joy is able to

                                Joy to you at Easter-Pastor Valerie
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                                 Moderator’s Corner for March
                                 Growing up, the Holcomb        give back. In a small          characterize the older
                                 clan often seemed to me        church such as ours, some      Christian traditions. I’m
                                 like something out of a        sort of participation is       not suggesting that
                                 1930s photo essay on           practically a requirement of   fundamentalist churches
                                 Oklahoma migrants. When        membership: you certainly      don’t care about their
                                 I was young I suspected        can’t complain that there is   congregations or the larger
                                 our family was a grim          no place for you in            community; clearly, they
Source: Arthur Rothstein
                                 bunch: heads down, eyes        LOUCC! I had occasion to       do. What I’m saying is that
FSA Archives
                                 narrowed, shoulders            remark to someone this         when your Christianity
                                 hunched against the next       month that so-called           requires first and foremost
                                 blow that the outside          ―elections‖ in a small         a personal, individual
                                 world would mete out to        church most often mean a       relationship with God,
                                 them. Both life and religion   game of musical chairs, but    community is nice, but no
                                 were hard. Consequently,       with no odd man out. We        requisite to your worship
                                 Lent is my time of year!       just move to different         experience.
                                 Nobody needs to explain        committees or take on          What you get from our
                                 Lent to me; I really get it.   different assignments.         church is community first.
                                 The time in the desert; the    This is also a time of         When Penny’s mother died
                                 time of waiting, watching,     reflection on what we          earlier this year, we were
                                 hoping for the                 receive from our church.       surrounded by the
                                 resurrection, despairing       We live in a society that      generous love of a caring
                                 that relief will never come.   enthusiastically teaches us    community. When the
                                 As a congregation, this is a   as children to regard          Rossios received Rob’s
                                 special Lenten period for      radical individualism as a     hard diagnosis, the church
                                 us, as we wait to hear         virtue, and preference for     came together to pray and
                                 about our new pastor, and      community over autonomy        help out. I could go on,
                                 those of us enmeshed in        as a weakness (this            but I’m sure you know
                                 church bureaucracy wait        corrosive message is aimed     what I mean, because I
                                 for the passage of the new     especially at males). Our      know that at some point
                                 organization plan, the         economic system as well        you too have received help
                                 outcome of the planning        emphasizes personal over       from our loving
                                 for the next Capital           communal responsibility.       congregation. Likewise, we
                                 Campaign, and the changing     Mainstream American            join together because we
                                 of the guard this June.        religion has since at least    want to be effective in the
                                 We can also use this time      the Second Great               larger world. We know
                                 as a period of reflection on   Awakening emphasized a         our individual efforts are
                                 how we relate to our           personal relationship with     puny compared to the
                                 church, why we attend,         God over the communal          combined strength of the
                                                                                                              (Continued on page 8)
                                 what we want to get and        forms of worship that

                    THE        GOOD   NEWSLETTER
  VOLUME         26,   NUMBER      4                                                                           PAGE     3

Drink Water for Life:
Clean Water Flows at the Zabriko project
                                  tional United Church of            of Zabriko to obtain clean
                                  Christ in Salem, OR and two        water, rather than drink the
                                  sister churches, People’s          contaminated water closer              “It should
                                  UCC in Bend, Oregon and            to their village. Unfortu-          save at least
                                  Faith UCC in Indianapolis,         nately the spring that feeds         50 children
                                  Indiana. MPP’s technical staff     the Central Zabriko project           every year
                                  and hired masons, along with       simply is not adequate to             from dying
                                  volunteers from the Zabriko        meet such demand, espe-               of diseases
                                  community, hauled in hun-          cially during the dry season.
                                  dreds of bags of cement and        MPP anticipates that the sec-
                                  installed a spring cap, a          ond phase systems, similar to
                                                                                                            with dirty
                                  40,000 gallon reservoir, and       smaller than the Central                  water”.
                                  three community water              Zabriko system, can be in-
                                  fountains. The spring water        stalled for a cost of $25,000
Have you been saving your money   is sufficient for at least the     to $30,000.
for the Drink Water For Life      2000 people who live in the
project? It’s not too late to     center of Zabriko. The first
join us by choosing to drink      phase of the Zabriko project
                                  cost $10,000. It should save
                                                                          Central Pacific Conference Women
water during Lent rather
                                                                                   United Church of Christ
than expensive lattes, tea,       at least 50 children every
                                                                                Spring 2010 Cluster Meeting
sodas, microbrews and wine,       year from dying of diseases
and devoting the money            associated with dirty water.
saved to fund clean water         Over the life of the project,                 Program: Dr. Susan L. Smith, professor in
                                                                      the College of Law at Willamette University, who
projects. LOUCC youth are         an estimated 40 years, that
                                                                      spent time working in Haiti before the recent
looking forward to this spe-      means that 2000 children            earthquake, will show photos and discuss her
cial collection on Easter Sun-    will be saved. Each life will be    project in that country. Come hear about her
day                               saved for about the cost of a       experiences and learn how you can help the Haitian
 Here’s an update about the       large latte.                        people!
project from Susan L Smith,       This summer MPP hopes to                    Saturday, April 17—Cedar Hills UCC
Water Justice Ministry in-        begin the second phase II of                        11695 S.W. Park Way
tern, Central Pacific Confer-     the Zabriko project to install                       Portland, OR 97225
ence, UCC.                        four spring cap systems in          Please make your reservations at least 3 days
In December 2009, the Mou-        small villages surrounding the      before the event to:
vman Peyizan Papay (MPP),         center of Zabriko: LeFleur                   Rev. Jean Doane
                                  Diset, Tablon, Regales, and        
known in English as the Peas-
                                  Manak. The four to six thou-                 (503)642-3681
ant Movement of Papay,                                                Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. with a $7 fee which
completed the first phase of      sand people in these villages
                                                                      includes lunch. Worship at 10 a.m. with an offering
the Zabriko project, using        otherwise will walk as much         for the Rev. Anne Smith Educational Loan Grant
funds from First Congrega-        as two hours to the center          Fund.
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                          The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Churches
                                 Anthony B. Robinson       ideas that advance your        achievements. Cut others
                                 is an Author, Semi-       mission. Free people to        some slack. While you’re
                                 nary Professor and        develop and try new minis-     at it, cut yourself some,
                                 Pastor. With over 30      tries. Just remember, if       too.
                                 years of experience,      you’re not failing at some-    5. Always be prepared
                                 education and re-         thing, you’re probably not        to give an account
                          search in church develop-        trying anything.                  of the hope that is
                          ment and church leader-          3. Take the initiative            within you.” (I Peter
                          ship, he has published in-          to build relation-             3:15)
                          formation on ―The 7 Hab-            ships with people           Look for where the love,
                          its of Highly Effective             and groups in the           energy and life are flowing
                          Churches.‖                          wider community             and focus on that. And
                          These are qualities that are        beyond your con-            recognize excuses for what
                          present in congregations            gregation.                  they are: a sign of insuffi-
   “Look for where        that are thriving spiritually    Refuse to be isolated.         cient commitment. Be
                          and numerically and experi-      Take to the streets, the       people of hope, trusting in
   the love, energy
                          encing vitality in the life of   coffee shops, library and      God to find a way even
   and life are           their congregation.              parks of your community.       when we can’t.
   flowing and focus      1. Strive for excellence         Be curious about what’s        6. Be willing to let
                             in service to Christ.         going on. Get involved in         people go in order
   on that.”
                          Effective churches are           community events. Meet            to stay focused on
                          churches where people            people. Introduce yourself        your core mission.
                          enjoy what they’re doing         as a member of the church.
                                                                                          It is more important for
                          and do it well. Give God         Invite people to ―come and
                                                                                          your church to be clear
                          your best whether in the         see.‖
                                                                                          and steady about its core
                          care of church grounds, the      4. Accept responsibil-         mission than it is to make
                          soup you prepare for the            ity for mistakes,           everyone happy! Some
                          homeless shelter dinner, or         learn from them,            people may be better off in
                          the hymns and anthems               and in all things, let      another congregation.
“Be willing to
                          you sing in worship.                grace abound.               When folks are unhappy,
let people go             2. Cultivate a spirit of         Christians aren’t perfect;     connect, talk and pray. If
   in order to               innovation and ex-            they are forgiven. So mak-     things remain stuck, let
 stay focused                perimentation.                ing mistakes is not the        them go with your blessing,
on your core                                               worst thing that can hap-      giving priority to your mis-
                          Make the ―Seven Last
                          Words of the Church,‖ i.e.       pen. Besides we often          sion.
                          ―We’ve never done it that        learn the most from our        7. Splash it on!
                          way before,‖ a distant           failures. In the end, and in
                                                                                           A hospice nurse told the
                          memory. Be open to new           the beginning, it is about
                                                                                          story of bringing an elderly
                                                           God’s grace, not our

                  NEWSLETTER         TITLE
VOLUME      1,   ISSUE     1                                                                                 PAGE    5

                                is their role to say ―NO‖ to     busy‖ (elaborate at great
                                new ideas. This process may      length just how busy you are,
                                need to be reinforced by         implying that no one else is
                                remarks noting how a par-        busy)/. Occasionally try out a
                                                                                                    “The    job of
                                ticular idea might make the      creative new excuse, like,
                                church liable, cost money or     ―Our dog ate the printer-ink       clergy and
                                ruffle feathers.                 cartridge and required an
                                                                 emergency appendectomy.            staff
                                3. Practice the following
woman home for the final                                         He is now very busy, too.‖
                                   evangelism strategy:                                             members is
days of her life. Noticing a
                                   “If they want us, they        6. Make it clear to all that
large bottle of perfume on
                                   know where to find               the job of the Pastor(s)        to keep
the woman’s dresser, the
                                   us.”                             and staff is to keep
nurse asked, ―Would you                                                                             everyone on
                                Assume that everyone does           every one, meaning
like me to dab a bit of that
                                know where you are and              church members,                 board
behind your ears?‖
                                what you are. It can also be        happy.
―Honey,‖ said the woman to                                                                          happy.”
the nurse, ―Why don’t you       helpful if your building looks   Think of your church as ―The
just splash it on!‖ God loves   like a medieval fortress. If     Love Boat,‖ and the Pastor as
cheerful givers. So spend       you don’t have that going for    the cruise director and activity
money wisely, well and freely   you, encourage your ushers       planner. The job of clergy and
in God’s cause.                 and greeters to look like        staff members is to keep eve-
                                palace guards as they per-       ryone on board happy. If
And now here are The 7
                                form their role.                 someone is unhappy, it’s a
Habits of Highly Ineffective
                                4. Blame early and of-           sure sign your Pastor is not
Churches by Anthony B.
                                   ten.                          doing the job.
Robinson.                                                                                            Maintaining dys-
                              Maintaining dysfunction in a       7. spend as little money
1. Elevate mediocrity to                                                                            function in a con-
                              congregation is made easier           as possible.
   a spiritual discipline.
                              if scapegoats are regularly        Even though you may enjoy          gregation is made
Figure out where average
                              identified. In some congre-        spending money on personal            easier if scape-
falls and aim below there.
                              gations, ministers make won-       things like a car or a cruis4e,
Doing things with excellence,                                                                         goats are regu-
                              derful scapegoats. You may         you can demonstrate your
joy and flair may make some-
                              also blame ―newcomers,‖ or         commitment to modesty and a          larly identified.
one uncomfortable. God
                              ―people who don’t under-           simple life-style at church.         In some congre-
doesn’t really expect much,
                              stand how we do things in          The very best programs cost
anyhow. ―Casual‖ is synony-                                                                         gations, ministers
                              this church.‖ If all else fails,   nothing. And why would your
mous with poorly planned,
                              blame the conference, the          church building need any reno-      make wonderful
and unorganized.
                              denomination, or Satan.            vations? If it was good enough      scapegoats. You
2. Take no risks.                                                for your grandparents then it’ll
                              5. Always be prepared
A successful practice of risk                                    be good enough for you               may also blame
                                   to make an account
avoidance is often best            of the excuses that           grandchildren.                         “newcomers,”
achieved by sending any and        are within you.
all new ideas to a minimum
                              Have an all-purpose excuse
of four Boards or Commit-
                              like, ―I’ve just been so
tees who understand that it
        PAGE    6

                           Green Bows for Spring
                           Green Bows to Dawn Hayami for claiming that since cloth napkins are used at
                           church she is now using cloth napkins at home.
                           Green Bows to Ralph Holcomb who, as moderator, makes delicious soups for all to
                           enjoy at Cabinet meetings.
                           Green Bows to Pat Crane for carefully making sure that the juvenile banana slugs
                           were not stepped on as they crossed the trail at Tryon Creek park.
                           Green Bows to the Mission Committee who has been preparing their garden plot at
                           church to grow delicious potatoes for those in need of food.
                           Green Bows to Hallie Clark for attending the Oregon Green School Summit. Hallie
                           participated because she is part of the TAG program at Oak Creek Elementary
                           School in LO. The students have, for two years, helped the school to become a
                           Merit Level Green School. This was done by reducing lunchtime garbage waste.
                           They successfully reduced it by 50%. The school now has reusable trays and
                           silverware. Bottled water is, also, not allowed at school functions, instead large
                           containers of water are available for people to fill their own mugs or use recyclable
Mission’s Menu             paper cups.
Soups and
Toilet Paper!              Stewardship Corner
                                                                                Attendance 2010        Attendance
                             Date             Income          Budget                                      2009
                             March 7          $5262           $2845                    36                 68
                             March 14         $2969           $2845                    Na                 58
                             March 21         $635            $2845                    38                 55
                             March 28         $867            $2845                    46                 56

                                                  Financial Summary as of February 28, 2010
                                                          Budget                 Actual           Difference
                            YTD Income                   $24,652                $24,344                    ($308)
                            YTD Expense                  $24,894                $22,729                   $2,165
                                     Difference                                  $1,614

                                BIRTHDAYS                                      4/19    David Dunning
                                4./8    Trudy Fowlks                           4/21    Phil York
                                4/11    Leslie Crowder                         \4/30   Carlos Lewis
                                4/13    Melanie Deane
                                4/16    Preston Kyle

           THE      GOOD   NEWSLETTER
 VOLUME   26,   NUMBER      4                                                            PAGE     7

April Worship                                             09-10 Committees
   A       Focus:        Resurrection Joy
                                                                  Ralph Holcomb, Moderator
           Scripture:    John 20:1-8                              Pastor Valerie
           Reader:       Ralph Holcomb                            Chuck Erkenbeck, Moderator-elect
   R       Scripture:    Penny Holcomb                            Jim Crane, Trustees
                                                                  Mary Cox, Worship
           Ushers:       Ralph Holcomb, Penny Holcomb             Jan Indermill, Faith Development
   4                     Wana Maurer, Pat Crane                   Bruce Ellison, Missions
                                                                  Nancy Delbruck, Church Clerk
                                                                  Roy Schreiber, Financial Secretary
                                                                  Kathi Rise, Treasurer
   A       Focus:        Resurrection Witness             Trustee Committee (Finance & Property)
           Scripture:    Acts 5:27-32                             Jim Crane, Chair
   P                                                              Chuck Erkenbeck, Moderator-elect
           Reader:       Dawn Hayami
   R                                                              Ken Gisch
           Scripture:    Pat Albertson                            Monica Honegger
           Children’s:   Scott Peterson                           Kurt Munson
   11      Ushers:       Bill Jaursch                             Kathi Rise, Treasurer
                                                                  Roy Schreiber, Financial Secretary
                         Harmony George Jaursch
                                                                  Penny Troolin
                                                                  Sally Weersing
           Focus:        The Way Forward                  Worship Committee
   A                                                              Mary Cox, Chair
           Scripture:    Acts 9:1-6, (7-30)                       Rob Rossio
           Reader:       Carole Heath                             Carole Heath
   R       Scripture:    David Dunning                            Sharon Davis
                                                                  Pam Brown
           Ushers:       Mindy Baldwin, Chuck Erkenbeck   Faith Development
   18                    Kathi Rise, Sally Weersing               Jan Indermill, Chair
                                                                  Nan Deane
                                                                  Cathy Peterson
   A       Focus:        Life-giving Acts                         Bruce Ellison, Chair
           Scripture:    Acts 9:36-43                             Julia Munson
   P                                                              Amy Clark
           Reader:       Green Team
   R                                                              Harmony George-Jaursch
           Scripture:    Green Team                               Leslie Crowder
           Children’s:   Green Team                               Jane Lovelady
   25      Ushers:       Nancy Delbrueck, Kathi Rise      Pastor Parish Relations
                                                                  Joan Gornbein, Chair
                         Norma Walters, Jim Walters
                                                                  Mary Cox
                                                          Transition Team
                                                                  Joan Gornbein
                                                                  Mary Cox
                  April Service Team:                             Roy Schreiber
        Elizabeth Woodman & Marilyn Launder                       David Dunning
                   Offering Counters
             Sandy Johnson & Roy Schreiber
               Coffee Hour for the month
     PAGE   8

                 Peace Village                             Communication Workshop
                 A dedicated group of volun-
                 teers has begun planning for
                                                                   Saturday April 24
                 our very first Peace Village
                 day camp. Hallelujah!! Mark
                 your calendars for July 26
                 through July 30. Students
                                                           A great opportunity to enrich your life with com-
                 who have finished grades 2
  “Mark your                                               munication skills that will enhance every relation-
                 through 6 will be our camp-
calendars for    ers this year. Middle and                 ship you are in.
      July 26    high school students will fill a
 through July    variety of leadership roles.              This will be a short 4 hour workshop on healthy
         30.”    We are also looking for vol-              communication utilizing the Lombard Mennonite
Peace Village    unteers to help with various              Peace Center ―Healthy Communication and
                 activities throughout the                 Healthy Relationships‖ material.
                 week – look for an up-to-
                 date list in the weekly e-
                                                           A light breakfast will be offered and a short break
                 news. If you have questions,
                                                           will be taken in the middle.
                 give Jan Indermill a call.

                                                           Feel free to bring friends. Registration is free!
                 Moderator                                 We do ask that you register for the event by
                                                           writing ―Communication‖ on a first impression
                 (Continued from page 2)
                                                           card and placing it in the offering plate.

                 whole congregation. Indeed,
                 we understand that stronger
                 communities are the
                 foundation for stronger
                 families and individuals.
                                                           Camp Adams
                 Easter will soon be upon us,              It's already time to start thinking about summer
                 and then Earth Day later on               camp! Many of the youth in our congregation have
                 in April, and the LOUCC                   memories of the fun times they've spent at Camp
                 Radio Pageant on May 2.                   Adams. You can pick up a brochure at church, or
                 Before long we’ll be installing           check it out on the internet at
                 our new pastor. Take heart
                 my friends: the Resurrection
                 is just around the corner!
                                           Ralph Holcomb

         THE    GOOD       NEWSLETTER
                                                                           APRIL 2010
            Sunday                         Monday                  Tuesday                Wednesday                Thursday                  Friday                 Saturday
                                                                                                              1                        2                       3
                                                                                                                 9:00 AM Bodhi Tree       6:15 AM Great        9:00 AM By Laws
                                                                                                              Language Center             9:00 AM Bodhi Tree   Committee
                                                                                                                 3:00 PM Laila         10:00 AM – 7PM             2:00 PM Custodian
                                                                                                              Murphy                   Labyrinth Meditation    Cleaning time
                                                                                                                 6:08 PM Women's          12:00 PM OA             6:30 PM PDAC
                                                                                                              608 AA                      2:00 PM Beit         Meeting
                                                                                                              7:00 PM Maundy           Haverim                    7:00 PM Saturday
                                                                                                              Thursday Service                                 Night AA
4                                     5                       6                       7                       8                        9                       10
9:00 AM Faith Development Meeting        6:15 AM Great           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      6:15 AM Great        7:30 AM Men's               6:15 AM Great        9:00 AM Worship & Arts
10:30 AM Worship Service              Events (AA)             Language Center         Events (AA)             Breakfast @ Banning's    Events (AA)             Committee
12:00 PM Green Team Meeting              8:30 PM Custodian       6:30 PM DDT-Don't       9:00 AM Bodhi Tree   Pie House, Tigard           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      2:00 PM Custodian
   2:15 PM Beit Haverim - Religious   Cleaning time           Drink Today             Language Center            9:00 AM Bodhi Tree    Language Center         Cleaning time
School                                                                                   12:00 PM OA-         Language Center             12:00 PM OA-            7:00 PM Saturday
                                                                                      Overeaters Anonymous       3:00 PM Laila         Overeaters Anonymous    Night AA
                                                                                      7:30 PM Choir           Murphy                      2:00 PM Beit
                                                                                      Rehearsal                  6:08 PM Women's       Haverim
                                                                                                              608 AA
11                                    12                      13                      14                      15                       16                      17
10:30 AM Worship Service                 6:15 AM Great           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      6:15 AM Great           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree       6:15 AM Great           2:00 PM Custodian
12:00 PM Trustee Meeting              Events (AA)             Language Center         Events (AA)             Language Center          Events (AA)             Cleaning time
12:00 PM Peace Village Meeting        4:00 PM Fellowship         6:30 PM DDT-Don't       9:00 AM Bodhi Tree   12:00 PM UCC Clergy         9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      7:00 PM Saturday
   2:15 PM Beit Haverim - Religious   Committee Meeting       Drink Today             Language Center         Cluster Meeting          Language Center         Night AA
School                                   7:00 PM Girl Scout                              12:00 PM OA-            3:00 PM Laila            12:00 PM OA-
                                      Troop 250                                       Overeaters Anonymous    Murphy                   Overeaters Anonymous
                                      7:00 PM Missions                                7:30 PM Choir              6:08 PM Women's          2:00 PM Beit
                                      Committee Meeting                               Rehearsal               608 AA                   Haverim
                                         8:30 PM Custodian
                                      Cleaning time
18                                    19                      20                      21                      22                       23                      24
10:30 AM Worship Service                 6:15 AM Great           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      6:15 AM Great           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree       6:15 AM Great        9:00 AM Health
   2:15 PM Beit Haverim - Religious   Events (AA)             Language Center         Events (AA)             Language Center          Events (AA)             Communication
School                                7:00 PM Cabinet            6:30 PM DDT-Don't       9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      3:00 PM Laila            9:00 AM Bodhi Tree   Workshop
                                      Meeting                 Drink Today             Language Center         Murphy                   Language Center            2:00 PM Custodian
                                         8:30 PM Custodian                               12:00 PM OA-            6:08 PM Women's          12:00 PM OA-         Cleaning time
                                      Cleaning time                                   Overeaters Anonymous    608 AA                   Overeaters Anonymous       7:00 PM Saturday
                                                                                      7:30 PM Choir              6:30 PM Beit             2:00 PM Beit         Night AA
                                                                                      Rehearsal               Haverim -                Haverim
                                                                                                              Congregational Meeting
25                                    26                      27                      28                      29                       30
10:30 AM Worship Service - Earth         6:15 AM Great           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      6:15 AM Great           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      6:15 AM Great
Day                                   Events (AA)             Language Center         Events (AA)             Language Center          Events (AA)
   2:15 PM Beit Haverim - Religious      7:00 PM Girl Scout      6:30 PM DDT-Don't       9:00 AM Bodhi Tree      3:00 PM Laila           9:00 AM Bodhi Tree
School                                Troop 250               Drink Today             Language Center         Murphy                     12:00 PM OA-
                                         8:30 PM Custodian                               12:00 PM OA-            6:08 PM Women's       Overeaters Anonymous
                                      Cleaning time                                   7:30 PM Choir           608 AA                     2:00 PM Beit
                                                                                      Rehearsal                                        Haverim

                                                                   Events in Red are LOUCC all others in black
      1111 Country Club Rd.
      Lake Oswego, OR 97034

      Phone: 503-635-4348

      “Never place a period where God has
      placed a comma” -Gracie Allen

Mission Statement                                               Vision
   In Christ, we are called together, as a community of un-     We seek to be an inspiring community, making a difference
conditional love, to provide spiritual nourishment, to share    in people’s lives by engaging in missions of compassion and
God's love through active service within and beyond our         justice, while we honor diversity and act as a progressive
church community, and to be responsive to the needs of          Christian voice.
our ever-changing world.
                                                                Community – We are a compassionate community striv-
                                                                ing to accept people wherever they are on life’s journey.
Open & Affirming Statement                                      We believe that the way we treat others is an expression of
                                                                our beliefs. Community is formed through missions of com-
    We are called to love our brothers and sisters as God       passion and justice.
loves us, freely and without reservation. Our unconditional     Progressive – We are a community of progressive Chris-
love is inclusive of all God’s people. We denounce acts of      tians where spirituality is expressed in a variety of forms.
discrimination and violence against any person.                 We have a thirst for knowledge where we value the ques-
    We celebrate the family in all its diverse forms, and af-   tions as much as the answers. We value the movement of
firm all loving and committed relationships.                    God’s Spirit in our community and listen with anticipation to
    We welcome all people into our community of faith,          the still speaking God.
whatever age, gender, gender expression, race, sexual orien-    Diversity – We honor diversity within our community,
tation, religion, ethnic background, socio-economic status,     respectful that there is more than one path to God. We
or physical or mental abilities. Each person is invited and     value being an Open and Affirming congregation.
encouraged to participate in all aspects of our church’s life
                                                                Justice For The Environment – The whole Earth is our
and ministry.                                                   broader community. We are continually learning how to be
                                                                responsible members of this community. We are commit-
                                                                ted to fostering our spiritual connection to the Earth.

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