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 White Tea for Beautiful Younger-Looking Skin
 The Anti-Oxidant Benefits of Using Tea in Skin Care
 By L. Lee Scott
 The health benefits of drinking tea have been all over the news for the last few         Takeaways
 years; recent research shows that white tea has even more health benefits than
 black or green tea. White tea is less processed that either black or green tea. To          White tea contains more anti-
 make black tea, tea leaves go through a complicated fermentation process; tea               oxidants than black or green tea.
 leaves meant for green tea are withered in hot air, steamed, then gently rolled. For
 white tea, full tea leaves aren't used at all. Instead, young tea leaves that are just      White tea is made from tea leaf
 beginning to open, still wearing a fuzzy silver coat, are gently plucked and then           buds that are just beginning to
 lightly steamed.
 Less processing and young leaf buds means that white tea contains more anti-                The anti-oxidants of white tea can
 oxidants - wonderful substances that fight free radicals, which can cause aging,
 illness, and even cancer. New evidence indicates that white tea helps support the           protect and repair your skin.
 immune system, kills bacteria and viruses, lowers high blood pressure, and
 reduces cholesterol. So while you're drinking a cup, read on and find out what it
 can do for your skin.

 In a recent blog, Dr. Andrew Weil, a physician, herbalist, and holistic health practitioner, wrote about the findings of a
 British study. The researchers found that white tea worked better than 20 other herbs and plants in protecting your skin's
 own elastin and collagen, the two substances that keep skin young, soft, and supple. It also helps skin recover from
 injuries, and inhibits wrinkles from forming. Science Daily reported on the findings of a study at Case Western Reserve
 University, showing that the anti-oxidants in white tea can help your skin's immune system, acting to prevent and even
 repair sun damage. It seems that it can also fight skin cancer, wrinkles, and skin discoloration.

 All the white tea extract needs is a medium to reach your skin cells. I recently made a purchase from Origins, a natural and
 cruelty-free line of skin and body care. Along with my purchase I received free samples of four of their white tea products,
 a line they call "A Perfect World." The products I received are the intensely hydrating body cream, the deep cleanser (for
 face) with white tea, a small jar of cream anti-oxidant moisturizer, and a little bottle of liquid moisture, a moisturizing toner
 that contains no alcohol. I love all of these products, although the cost is at least $$ (where $ is drug-store brands and
 $$$$ come from high-end spas and dermatologists). The creams leave your skin feeling immediately hydrated and
 smooth. The cleanser cleans without stripping all the natural oils, so your skin feels clean but not tight or dry. The toner is
 refreshing with a fresh light scent that is part of the tea, not an added perfume. Origins products are available at Origins
 stores, counters in department stores, on-line at, and even at some Target stores (but don't expect a

 If you're looking for other white tea skin care products, look here for some products, prices, and reviews. Make sure you're
 actually getting what you want when you're buying white tea moisturizers and cleansers, and that the products don't
 contain parabens, petro-chemicals, alcohol, or any other ingredients that could dry or irritate your skin. White tea works on
 all skin types, from the most dry and sensitive skin to oily acne-prone skin. And if you drink it, you can use the wet tea bags
 to reduce under-eye puffiness!

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