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									                                  KARRATHA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
                                  SEARIPPLE ROAD                      Email: karratha.shs@det.wa.edu.au
                                  KARRATHA 6714                       Website: karrathashs.wa.edu.au
                                                                      Phone:      9185 2155
                                                                      Fax:        9144 2010

        SCHOOL TERMS (for all Students)
                     th                    th
   Term 3     July 24         September 28
                        th                th
   Term 4     October 16      December 13
                                                                    September 14 Interschool Athletics
                                                                                th  st  nd
                                                                    September 20 21 22 ALICE performance PAC
               NEXT P & C MEETING                                               th
                                                                    September 25 Japanese Tour starts
    The next P & C Meeting 31 October 2007 7PM
              Janeen Moore – President
               0419 927 239 after 4pm

  The sudden passing of Kylie Lynch has been felt throughout the community of KSHS and our thoughts are with the Lynch
  family at this time. Kylie was a delightful and vivacious young woman and she will be sadly missed. Kylie’s funeral is being
  held this Saturday 15th September at St Paul’s Church from 2:30pm.

  The day of departure is growing closer (finally!) for the Konnichiwa Japan 2007 Study Tour. In two weeks twelve students
  and two teachers will be saying sayonara to Karratha and konnichiwa to Japan. By experiencing Japan first-hand, students
  will gain a multitude of invaluable skills in simple, everyday language as well as complex conversational skills. By staying
  in the homes of Japanese families and attending a Japanese school, students will be exposed to a plethora of language use and
  will develop their skills and broaden their understanding in ways that would only be possible while actually in Japan.
  Students will visit sites of historical and cultural significance such as the Hiroshima Peace Museum, Buddhist and Shinto
  temples in Kyoto and Miyajima Island as well as the religious sites of Nara. To examine the modern and traditional blend of
  Japanese culture and the western influence on the country, students will visit Tokyo Disneyland and Harajuku. Two years of
  planning, fundraising, and talking about this fantastic adventure has now become a reality and we couldn’t be more excited.
  We would also like to once again extend our gratitude to those individuals and businesses that have supported us in getting to
  this point
  Leah Crawford
  Teacher LOTE

  On Wednesday 12th of September the Yr 10 students were given letters to take home regarding the upcoming 2008 Pathways
  Counselling. Parents need to send the return section back to school ASAP with their preferred appointment times to meet
  with your child’s pathways counsellor. During the Pathways Counselling process, the counsellor, student and parent will
  look at both the past and current performance of each student as an indicator of the most suitable course for Year 11 in 2008.
  Please contact Mr Simon Pope (VET co-ordinator) or Ms Sharon Dawson (Yr 10 co-ordinator) if you have any queries or
  Sharon Dawson
  Year 10 Co-ordinator

  I had the pleasure of attending a life drawing session organised by Angela Treasure for the upper school art students. The
  students had the opportunity to undertake real life drawing which will greatly enrich their art folios. It is also a fantastic
  opportunity for them to build their repertoire of skills. A number of students and other interested artists from the community
  attended and participated. The life model was impressed with the students’ commitment to their work and their positive
  attitude towards their art studies. All those who attended participated in some fantastic activities led by Angela Treasure from
  our Art department. The pieces produced by the students are an example of the wonderful abilities of our students and the
  support and guidance of the dedicated art teachers within the school.
  Further life drawing opportunities will be provided to students and I am pleased to have been given the opportunity to
  participate and along with the students develop my skills with the support of Angela Treasure and Michelle Lucev.
  Eloise Kyneur
  Deputy Principal

Karratha Senior High School Blueprint                 TOWARDS TOMORROW                                                Page 1 of 2
                                 KARRATHA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL
                                 SEARIPPLE ROAD                      Email: karratha.shs@det.wa.edu.au
                                 KARRATHA 6714                       Website: karrathashs.wa.edu.au
                                                                     Phone:      9185 2155
                                                                     Fax:        9144 2010

  The Drama students are ready to tread the boards next week in their production of “ALICE – A Rabbit Hole Called High
  School.” Join Alice as she starts out in a brand new school. It’s a new start, another chance for her to be cool. Will she be
  able to fit in with the crowd, dressing for the part? Or will she take a stand and be herself? Come and see how Alice tries to
  be just like everyone else in that rabbit hole called high school!
  Performance times: Thursday 20th September 7:30pm Friday 21st September 7:30pm Saturday 22nd September 7:30pm.
  KARRATHA SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE Tickets from the Arts department at the school.
  ADULTS $10 CHILD/STUDENT $5. This is an on original musical written by two of Karratha Senior High School’s
  teachers featuring 20 Original Songs! The seating in the PAC will be tiered so please indicate if you require floor seating or
  wheelchair access.

  27 music students from Years 8-11 are going to Port Hedland to perform at the Pilbara Music Festival. We have ten Year 10
  students who will be completing some of their community service hours over the two days by being backstage workers, and
  catering teams. Staff members attending will be Sarah Stopher, Bernadette Greene and Karen Finn.
  Sarah Stopher - Music Teacher

  The construction camp for the new campus at the Pilbara TAFE site has commenced. The actual campus construction will
  begin in the near future with an anticipated completion date of September 2008 which will give a bit of leeway for
  unforeseen delays. The relocation of Year 10-12 students will occur in time for the start of the 2009 academic year.

  Great news!– Kate Mackay who is a student in the Year 12 Business program at our TAFE site, has been awarded one of the
  2007 Australian Vocational Student Prizes by the Federal Government. As indicated in the letter from Julie Bishop, this
  award recognises the exceptional achievements of Year 12 students nationally, that undertake the VET in Schools program.
  Kate is to be congratulated on her award as she is a hard working, determined young lady and with the support of her
  teachers, has attained a high degree of success.

  School Apprenticeship Link students (SAL) will be embarking on their two weeks of work placement during the school
  holidays. With the support of both Pilbara Iron and Woodside, each student will complete one week at each company and
  taste the real life work environment. We wish them well.
  Ian Carroll - Deputy Principal

  Susan Henry has been awarded Best Indigenous Teacher 2007 for the Pilbara. She has also achieved the highest marks in her
  course for three years in a row and has been nominated for the Vice Chancellor’s list for Curtin University. We are very
  proud of her efforts and her contribution to the Indigenous students in our community. Congratulations Sue. Karratha Senior
  High School is very fortunate to have you here.
  Stephanie Gadeke - Deputy Principal

  Casey Palmer will represent Karratha SHS in the ATFA finals this Sunday in Perth. Her entry, which won the Fantasy
  section of the Northwest heat at the FeNaClNG Fair, will be paraded. Many thanks must go to Angie Treasure for being
  such a huge support in getting Casey to this stage. Eloise Kyneur will be modelling the dress on the cat walk, and Michelle
  Horrocks will be chaperoning Casey to Perth for the Event. Watch out for news on how we go!

  Other heat winners from our school will be representing Roebourne Girls FX and the David Wirrapunda Foundation. Well
  done to Aimee Wailu, Jessica O’Mara (Designers), Shamara Ball and Tilly Stevens (Models). The winner of each of the
  three categories goes to Melbourne in October to compete in the national final. The very best of luck to all the girls
  competing this weekend.
  Michelle Horrocks - TIC Home Economics

        We are currently updating all student records, can parents and guardians please contact the school on 91852155
        to confirm your contact details as soon as possible.

        BLUEPRINT ONLINE Please advise the Front Office by calling 91852155 or responding by email with
        BLUEPRINT ONLINE in the subject line with your students name in the email to

Karratha Senior High School Blueprint                TOWARDS TOMORROW                                               Page 2 of 2

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