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					Humania: The SocialGalaxyBeing — How to go further?

       !- Who am I
My name is László Honti, in Humania I’m called Eldor
My profession and my science is SocioCybernetics — that means leadership science, the science of
self-regulation of society and its organizations, and informatics: KnowledgeSystemsEngineer
With its original, classic Eastern name, I call this science RajaYogaShambhalaLeneage.
This spiritual line of knowledge has been present since ancient times. Its task is to teach chosen people
to become the leaders of the LivingEarth and advise them as their mentors
We call these globally responsible leaders WorldGovernment.

I have been working as organization development consultant for the past thirty years — where my
goal was to help the organizations change to a form that is more rational, and where people can work
with meaning and joy, and they produce good quality goods and services.
At the beginning, I felt we have successes, because we were quite happy with the small changes we
produced. In the years of 90s the situation got wore quick, because the huge multinational firms got
into the picture, and they begun to dictate their values. And what they dictated were decrease in
quality, junk, and that kind of work, professional skills and thinking were not needed.
As a response, first I wanted to create as example firm, which is non-profit, where the joy of work,
creativity and quality count…
Soon it became obvious that we can do this kind of meaningful work only in case if we change the
nature how market works, we need to change the financial system totally, and we develop a brand new
quality measurement technology…
Because I was stark and hard, and I felt my Mission is to create these changes, I did not hesitate to
bring about such enormous changes and innovations. This lead to the understanding that we can only
manage to introduce these changes, when we manage to develop the whole society around our
I realized that this new society can not be formed by the traditional tools of politics and democracy,
because politics and democracy will disappear in the course of this development, the whole society
will dramatically change, and politics will be substituted by intelligence and ethics.
It became obvious that the new society can only be formed in the form of
InfoCommunicationTechnology (ICT), and it can be offered as an optional choice to people.
No armed revolution, no dictatorship is needed. (Relax…)
So I begun to design the ICT system for this new world, and I gave the name Humania for this more
advanced society. This name means: a global country for humanity in hyperspace, what you can

      !- Humania

And this InfoCommunicationTechnology system became Humania: which is a country for whole
humanity: and this is why it became a optional identity

I came to realize that social principle that describes the five stages of development in the course of
growth of human personality, relationships, organizations, societies — as well as particles, atoms,
biological molecules, cells and the galaxy. I named this: the Basic Law of SocioCybernetics.
Humania is a country — you can chose to become a member of, as an individual, and/or with your
organization, work, with your family and friends — if they also chose it…
In Humania all the important social regulations work in very different ways you got to use to in the
known capitalist market society.
I created the HumaniaMethods that is a InfoCommunicationTechnology system, which consists of
such technological modules, workrooms that help users to live, work, raise kids, finding and realizing
their talents and Missions in this new, more advanced society.
Humania is a manifestation of the basic principles of the natural development found and elaborated
scientifically: the fourth and fifth developmental stages, called IntelligentSociety and EthicalWorld
The five levels of societal evolution are
    A. Aggression, war, enemy-making
    B. Bureaucracy, rules, norms, expectations. Feudal structure
    C. Competition, cheating, chagrin, scarcity, money, market, profit, win-lose game
    D. Decision-making, free choice, individuality, knowledge, intelligence: IntelligentSociety
    E. Empathy, collaboration, community, togetherness, oneness, identification: EthicalWorld

I discovered the laws of being stuck, and transformation between levels, and I designed Humania to be
a place of living, working, a form of identity by choice for you and even for all the people on Earth.
For the people join in to Humania, all the serious problems of humanity is being solved, like the
capitalist market society got into the whirlpool of a suicidal, futureless pitfall, where the life of people
are meaningless, where terrorism, warfare, environmental pollution, climatic shift has begun.
Humania is a peaceful transition for the next two phases of the natural development of societal form,
where intelligence and ethics rules the world.

       !- WorldParliament — IntelligentWorldParliament — EthicalWorldParliament
Humania designed to be the only country for humanity: the unified global society in the world.
Humania is a form of society, where we don’t use the democratic elections of members of the
parliament, but you become member of the WorldParliament.
Everybody takes part personally in all important social actions, creatively working in them.
This will be your main profession: everybody works at the same workplace — working from home
with the computer — and this is the WorldParliament
We use such a societal technology in the WorldParliament that can accept everybody’s goals,
integrating them into one cooperating unit.

The WorldParliament is a forum and working place for even the whole humanity — organize them
into ten persons WorkGroups via computers and the Internet
You can be a member of WorkGroups of the WorldParliament:
    1. with your professions, goals, projects you join in to the WorkGroups of the
    2. with your human personality features, ethical thinking, attitudes, you can join in to
         WorkGroups of the EthicalWorldParliament
    3. When you have joined to these two, you become the member of the WorldParliament in a
         WorkGroup that has its members and tasks you have achieved in your
         IntelligentWorldParliament and EthicalWorldParliament WorkGroups
You will join in to the activities of WorkGroups step-by-step, when you install the WorkRoom
technologies in your computer, you work with in your WorkGroups.
These WorkRooms have SelfBiddingPrices..
Until you don’t work full time in the WorldParliament, you will get loans from the
IntelligentSocietyFund for covering your expenses.
When you work full time in the WorkGroups of WorldParliament, then all of you needs can be met
within Humania, where we don’t use money, but WorkRoom technologies for helping our work.

[| You sent us the outlined framework of your professional competences,
where you list all your skills and wishes to study.]

[| You can join in to the WorkGroups of the EthicalWorldParliament by
sending us the outlined list of PositiveFeatures and NegativeFeatures, or human traits you wish to get
measured along the way of working in the EthicalWorldParliament]

We use the English language in the WorldParliament — with some translations for local languages for
      !- WorldGovernment — IntelligentWorldGovernment — EthicalWorldGovewrnment —
      Women — Men — Both Genders

We use a measuring technology in the WorkGroups of the IntelligentWorldParliament and
EthicalWorldParliament that evaluates the achievement level of the WorkGroupMembers.
WorkGroupMembers vote for methods and relative weights of parts in these measurement
Upon the results of this measurements members are reorganized continuously into WorkGroups that
are most fitting to their levels, and where WorkGroupMembers are very much like them.
We compare your results to women’s results, if you are a woman, and to both genders results.
You participate in WorkGroups where all members are from your gender, and also in mixed gender
WorkGroups — both in the IntelligentWorldParliament and in the EthicalWorldParliament.

Along the achievement-level indexes we arrange the WorkGroups systematically
We call the WorkGroup with the highest index values: WorldGovernment
The WorldGovernment has 100 members according to the topics, and gender comparisons of the
achievement index data
We call WorldPresident the WorkGroupLeader of the WorldGovernmentPrimals.
WorldGovernment: the top ten mixed gender WorkGroupMembers, and the WorkGroupLeader of this
group is called: WorldGovernmentPrimal
WomenWorldGovernment: the top WorkGroup of the WomenWorldParliament, and its leader is
called: WomenWorldGovernmentPrimal
MenWorldGovernment: the top WorkGroup of the MenWorldParliament, and its leader is called:
IntelligentWorldGovernment: the top WorkGroup of the IntelligentWorldParliament, and its leader is
called: IntelligentWorldGovernmentPrimal
IntelligentWomenWorldGovernment: the top WorkGroup of the IntelligentWomenWorldParliament,
and its leader is called: IntelligentWomenWorldGovernmentPrimal
IntelligentMenWorldGovernment: the top WorkGroup of the IntelligentMenWorldParliament, and its
leader is called: IntelligentMenWorldGovernmentPrimal
EthicalWorldGovernment: the top WorkGroup of the EthicalWorldParliament, and its leader is
EthicaWomenlWorldGovernment: the top WorkGroup of the EthicalWomenWorldParliament, and its
leader is called: EthicalWomenWorldGovernmentPrimal
EthicalMenWorldGovernment: the top WorkGroup of the EthicalMenWorldParliament, and its leader
is called: EthicalMenWorldGovernmentPrimal

You can see the hundred members of the WorkGroup on the Figure below:
{img src= }
This WorldGovernment is organized with the scientific principles and technologies of
SocioCybernetics — so you can find people in it who’s abilities, ethical behaviors are salient —
according to the continuous measurements.
This WorldGovernment can really achieve its task with responsibility and expertise.

      !- Contact and address
[| Contact]
Introduction Fred corrected

16- Maybe you might want to explain more here how the social rules are
different from capitalist society.

18- This is an important concept. I know what you mean here, because I studied
with you. But I do not think that anyone else would.

30- I was confused by what follows how you want people to contact you. Maybe
you could make it clearer.
     1- Who Am I?

               (1) My name is Laszlo Honti. I am called Eldor in Humania.

               (2) My profession and science is SocioCybernetics: that
means the science of leadership, both (1) the science of self-regulating society
and its organizations; and (2) informatics, in which I am a Knowledge Systems

                (3) If you wish to call it by its original and classic Eastern name,
you can call this science Raja Yoga, of the Shambhala Lineage.

                 (4) This spiritual line of thought has been present since ancient
times. Its task is to serve as mentors to leaders who are responsible globally for
the LivingEarth. We call these globally responsible leaders an Ethical World

               (5) The Ethical World Government has 30 members who are in
the first work groups of the (hierarchically organized people of SocialValue in
the) Ethical World Parliament.

     2 - What is all about?

                (6) I have been working as an organizational development
consultant for the past thirty years. My goal has been to help organizations
become more rational, and a place where people can work with meaning and
joy, even as they produce high-quality goods and services.

               (7) We had important successes in the early years, and were
quite happy with the small changes we produced. But in the 1990s, the
multinational corporations entered the picture, and began to dictate their values -
leading to decreases in quality and the kind of work in which professional skills
and thinking were not needed.

               (8) In response, I first wanted to create a model non-profit firm,
where the joy of work, creativity and quality counted.

               (9)           But it soon became obvious that we can do such
meaningful work only if we change how the market works. We clearly need to
change the total financial system, beginning with developing a brand new
technology for quality measurement.
               (10) Because I was (stark and hard), I felt my mission has been
to create these changes. I have not hesitated to bring about enormous changes
and innovations in my own non-profit, and the companies I advised. But it
became clear that we can only maintain these kinds of changes if we can
transform the larger society in which our organizations function.

                (11) I realized that this new society cannot be formed by the
traditional tools of politics and democracy because the development of this
society will see politics as we know it disappear. All society will dramatically
change, and politics will be replaced by intelligence and ethics.

             (12) It became obvious that this new society can only be formed
through what I call InfoCommunicationTechnology (ICT), freely chosen by

               (13)           No armed revolution, no dictatorship is needed.

              (14) So I begun to design the ICT system for this new world. I
gave the name Humania to this more advanced society. Humania is a global
country for humanity in hyperspace which anyone can join.

               (15) I discovered the social principle that describes the five
stages of development in the growth of the human personality, social
relationships and organizations, whole societies, as well as particles, atoms,
biological molecules, cells and the galaxy. I named this principle the Basic Law
of SocioCybernetics.

               (16) Humania is a country you can join, as an individual or
through your organization or workplace, where social rules are very different
from the capitalist market society.

                (17) I created the HumaniaMethods
InfoCommunicationTechnology System. This system consists of
technological modules and workrooms that help users live, work, raise kids, find
and realize their talents and missions in this new, more advanced society.

              (18) Humania consists of the fourth and fifth stages of the natural
development of society over the ages, (natural product of the natural
development and scientifically elaborated system), called IntelligentSociety and

               (19) So I designed Humania to be a place where you - and all
people - can choose to live. (a form of identity)
               (20) Creating Humania will solve all of humanity's serious
problems, allowing us to escape the suicidal, futureless whirlpool created by
market capitalism, in which people's lives are meaningless, and terrorism,
warfare, environmental pollution, and climate change are leading to the end of
life as we have known it.

                (21) Humania offers a peaceful transition to the next two phases
of society's natural development, in which intelligence and ethics rule the world.

               (22) The homepage is to announce Humania.

              (23) As a visitor of this site you can receive the good news:
Humania exists as a society with a future and you can become a member!

               (24) You become a member of Humania when you install its
software system consisting of the 7 MainWorkRooms of the HumaniaMethods,
and introduce the dramatic changes in your way of life that go along with it.

                (25) In so doing, you will also receive your personal Mentor to
help you in this process.

              (26) The Mentors offer their services free, and you can receive
the 7 MainWorkRooms and other WorkRooms for a (SelfRaisedBidPrice),
which can be anything above zero.

               (27) (We collect this bid-money into the
IntelligentSocietyFund, and we manifest our
IntelligentEconomicSystem with interest free-loans, that leads you to the inner
realms of Humania, where we don't use money.)

                (28) This system allows people to join Humania without buying
all of their goods and services within it. They can live within Humania full-time,
receiving interest-free loans for their shopping needs outside it.

     3- What can you do?

                (29) The rest of the homepage explains how to
install the 7 MainWorkRooms necessary for moving into Humania

              (30) You can access these pages by emailing us at| connect us. Please send us your blogged thoughts, questions
and comments.
                (31) (All the rest of the homepages are accessible in
a way of getting their URL, however they aren't put together into menu or linked
into this one introductory page.)

            (32) The reason I constructed this way is because
Humania grows through the natural connections of people: from friend to friend.

                (33) (People browsing who happen to find this site are generally
are suspicious, saying that there are many doodling all around)

              (34) (So you can get further information and mentor support if
you have questions, if you want something upon the
information you already got)

Summary — Cover text
Ezt az ÖsszefoglalOM — gondolat-sorozatot olvasd el, mielőtt elolvasod a Humania Könyvet — és
miután befejezted a Humania Könyv olvasását:
Írd meg nekem, hogy milyen különbséget éreztél a két elolvasás között!
Ide, azokat a mondatokat írom, amelyeket ti, az olvasók írtatok, írtatok meg nekem a Könyv egyes
fejezeteinek VisszacsatolOM c. záró részeiben.
A VisszacsatolOM mondataiddal részt vehettél a VulgOrigIntelligenciád tesztelésében.
A mondatokat közösen gyakorisága, Vulgaritás és Originalitás jellemzői szerint értékeltük, és ide az
összesített VulgOrigIntelligencia szerint az első három mondatot emeltem át fejezetenként.
A honlapon megtalálod a teljes listát.
A teljes listán kifejezheted a véleményedet, értékelésedet a többiek véleményével kapcsolatban.
A kifejezett véleményed téged is minősít.
A véleményedet a személyes VulgOrigIntelligencia súlyod arányában vesszük figyelembe.
Ezzel a tapasztalattal átélheted Humania KirályiUradalOM módszereit. Azt mondják: megéri a
       ÖsszefoglalOM: a Könyvet
Ez a Könyv Humania hírét tudatja veled:
Humania: egy ÚjOrszág az interneten, ami a jövő társadalma, megoldás a világ problémáira, korszerű,
tudományos, igazságos.
Boldog, önmegvalósító, magas-szintű életet élhetsz Humaniában: Hihetetlen
sebességű(Exponenciális)IntelligenciaFejlődésben lehet részed.
Elmondom hogyan működik:
A HumaniaMetódussal, amit a MentorTrénING folyamatban telepítesz.
Jöhetsz a honlapra, ott bármelyik TrénINGre jelentkezhetsz.
Otthonodban dolgozó vállalkozó leszel, biztonságosan, jól megélsz, és életed meg van oldva, és
       ÖsszefoglalOM: NépMozgalOM
Humania NépMozgalOM hatását az önterjesztő genetikai programjai, pozitív SzocioKibernEtikai
visszacsatolásai biztosítják.
A KritikusTömeg után exponenciális sebességgel gyorsuló pályára lép, ahogy növekszik Humania
létszáma, gazdasági és társadalmi potenciál értéke.
A népi jellege a Humania MozgalOMnak az, hogy mindenféle gazdasági és társadalmi státuszú
emberek számára nyitva álló, önkéntes vállalkozás.
Ez saját vállalkozásodban, otthon végzett alkotó munkát jelenthet számodra.
       ÖsszefoglalOM: KirályiUradalOM
Az IntegrálóHierarchikusTársadalmiRendet teremtjük meg, a képességek, TársadalmiÉrtékek
önszabályozóan mért és visszacsatolt rendszerében.
Ebben a Rendben, ahol a király a Király,
megkeresed és beszabályozod a számodra optimális helyedet a társadalom TérKépein.
Megtalálod természetes csoportjaidat: MunkaCsoportjaidat és TrénINGcsoportjaidat.
       ÖsszefoglalOM: TőkeHatalOM
OptimumMetódussal felszerelt műhelyekben szervezett és integrált MunkaCsoport és TrénINGcsoport
részévé válsz Humania IntegrálTechnológiaRendszerének,
TudományosTanácsadó és SzervezetTechnológiaFejlesztő hálózatának.
       ÖsszefoglalOM: IntelligensTársadalOM
Az IntegrálTudásRendszer megszervezésében,
az IntelligenciaTrénING folyamatában fejlődsz,
és elfoglalod helyed a MűhelyMetódusFejlesztések és tudás integrálások MentorTársakMenték
rendszerében, TrénING folyamataiban:
Helyedre kerülsz, mint Mester, és mint Tanítvány.
Az öt intelligencia szinten fejlődik az intelligenciád.
       ÖsszefoglalOM: MennyeiBirodalOM
A Humania MentorTrénING során fejlődik a TársadalmiIdentitásod.
És így a MagasabbÖkoszisztémásLény számára életfeltételeket biztosító vezető: Őrző leszel,
Vagyis ebben a Könyvben magad előtt láthatod azt a folyamatot, ahogy megtanulsz egy szerves
társadalom integrált részeként a megnövekedett intelligenciáddal és felelősségeddel — hatásaiban,
hátrahagyott szoftvereidben, örökké — élni: Humaniában.

Humania: The SocialGalaxyBeing
       Humania: Experience
             This is going to be unusual reading for you, Dear Reader.
Its outlook and images are quite special, its topic extraordinary, its challenge amazing, its approach
unique, its words and their written forms unusual, and its effect indescribable.

Here is the letter from my friend Ati and my response, as an introduction:

Ati: My love and attention have increased from reading our book.

It’ very kind of you…

Ati: Yesterday I read it all through and had finished by 5 a.m. You essentially summarized what I now
know about Humania. However, I also found one or two new elements that you had recently
You consider the book introductory in nature and it corresponds to my actual level in Humania. I did
not learn much which could have taken me further, except about my breathing and the AROSH

Come now, such clear and confrontational phrasing. Maybe this boy wants something?!

Ati: Now I do! With your leadership, I would like to go through the 7 MainWorkrooms in a way that
would start me on my self-sustaining and self-inspiring path. So I want to reach the FirstMilestone.
This would make me competent to take on Mentees. And this is my target, because Annamari wants to
be my mentee. I can only mentor her with confidence if I am ahead of her in the WorkroomWork by at
least one level. Otherwise I would only be her PreMentor, needing a Mentor myself.
So I hereby ask you to renew our Mentor contract. Be my Mentor and send me the letters with the
tasks organized as you would like me to work with my Mentees.

Come now! So the signs were not accidental. You take it seriously. Okay, you are an Old Faithful,
faithfully leaving and returning. Your decision seems serious. I am happy that you clearly understood
the Message from the first. Maybe your life is in a phase which you do not wish to blur over.

Ati: So I want to be an ExamplarMentee, meaning I don't want you to consider my "former education".
When you send me the tasks and explanations, let's keep this as my secret advantage. And I will also
ask you the questions my Mentees ask me. I am also curious how you respond to them. I will basically
respond to all questions of my Mentee, in a way I feel, think or have learned is appropriate. But I am
interested in your version, too. My speed won't be faster then before. But my target criteria will not be
speed, but rather the organic work of my Workrooms.

Yeah. You are so clear and clean again. How come?
Teach me, please, what I can do to ensure you remain this way, because I really love it.

Ati: If you are asking me what happened, I must respond "nothing". It seems I have begun to
understand the book. I read it all through over and over again. I am a little bit like a small bear-cub
with a small mind. But if I can succeed, others might also.

So we can begin to make it now ...

ATI: Yeah. You even think with my head ...

And I see such determination. It seems that I wrote the book really for you, at least the Hungarian
I dreamt the most important dream of my life last night, probably at the same time that you were
writing this letter to me. It included an important symbol. So I have put it into the book, together with
our letter.
                      I was travelling on an airplane, with somebody, and we were talking. Suddenly the
airplane began a dive toward the ground. I was wondering why I didn't feel weightless. It turned out
that the plane was slowing the dive down by turning its turbines. It then stopped in the air above an
airport, and slowly it landed on the cement on its belly, without the landing-gear working. It slipped
from side to site for a few meters, and then stopped. It turned out that this whole maneuver was
directed by software that had been created for this special case. While diving it jettisoned out all of the
kerosene fuel.

                   Waking up I realized it was the third near-death experience in my life. And it
happened because the Being pays an exceptional attention to me. And I really won't die until Humania
comes alive, and educates the King, and the whole thing sweetens.

                   And this dream was timed for this special day, because I begin to write the English
version of the book today.

                    And this is important. Hungary is not so important for me anymore, although I
might still be here because it offers me some special experiences. I needed the experience of this
dream to let myself know that what I have written about the the HigherEcosystemicBeing is all exactly
true. And that I am really in this world to realize Humania as I have described it in the book, and as it
is to be developed in the Workrooms.

                    It doesn't really matter what will happen. It won't be important for its own sake: I
see the message of the Being in it.
I consciously join the BigBrain now. I need the InteGralRoundTable: the circle of my Mentees, whom
I will recognize and choose by clearly understood symbols.

                     And this circle will be quite international, a world government or Noah's Ark. All
the important places will be represented in it. For the the symbols will also be inevitable, belong
here. So I put all this into the book.
                     Because what it says is heavy stuff. It deals with the most important questions of
our lives: how to live privately and together.
                     In the course of human history, books have emerged that precisely captured what
was in the air for humans, both how they live together and how they would like to live together. Such
books include the Old Testament and New Testaments, the Koran, the Vedas, the teachings of the
Buddha, the Tao te Tsing, Das Capital, and others. This book is one of these.
                     To live together we need a simple and image-like conceptualization of the current
situation and our future. And we need rules and directives. This book gives you such perspectives.
                     Human societies go through a natural process of evolution througout history,
sometimes developing fast, sometimes being stuck in pitfalls.
                     Nowadays the societies of the world are stuck in pitfalls.
In this book I present a picture of the whole spectrum of the evolution of human society, as well
as the immediate next steps we need to create the society of the future. This is Humania.

This Figure shows the evolutionary steps of the relationship of two humans (you and I). This is the
model of the evolution of society: five steps towards the level of "Us". Humania means developed
technologies for all five levels, especially for levels D and E because we do not have examples of
them in history.

Humania is the model for the next level of evolution, and the organization needed to manage it.
Humania is based upon a System Design of InfoCommunicationTechnology. It is a machinery that not
only talks about things, but also carries them through.
We need this book, this description, to let you know what this machinery does for you and how it
                     So what you find in this book is not an idea, ideology, politics, set of religious
commandments, statutes or wishes. It is a description of the working technology of an organization. It
is an introduction to, and material offering concrete help, for this IT.
                     This is why this book is very different from classical texts.
                     Humania is a new country in cyberspace that you can become a member of. Its
address is
                     Humania is the country of humanity. It is the fulfilment of the thousand year-old
dreams of humankind. It is a fair society that is organized in such a way that a living being could be
born and live in it. It is the HumaniaBeing of which we are the cells.

             Humania: Noah’s Ark: An alternative for living
                 I see a process of depression that has started in this world: a programming leading
to death.
                     Everyone knows that the capitalist market economy eats its future and is suicidal,
because of its basics and cycle of profit. Because of this it does not stop. It cannot stop.
                     The real leaders of capitalistic societies are not governments but the big capitalists
behind them, who have come to one basic conclusion: regardless of how much money you have, you
want more. You need to have more in order to get to the club of the really big dogs, who rule the
                     We need rulers and leaders. There is no society without hierarchies and leaders.
But because of their training, our present leaders are leading us to death. It is needless to blame them.
They are humans, just like you and me. If you undergo the same training, you will become exactly like
                     However, I don't cheerfully participatein this death program. I know that cells
dying are part of the life-process of a living organism. When a cell goes to die, it always asks its
surroundings: who comes with me to die? And many other cells join in.
                     We humans exist in society. When somebody turns the depression program
inwards, and starts to die, it is an invitation to its neighbors: "see whether this program is also for you,
whether you also wish to die! If so, come die with me!"
                     If it is not actually for you, you need to pull back to a secure distance. Otherwise
the rush of the hypnotic effect of the crowd will take you. Once it grabs you it changes your thoughts
and hormones. It starts a program that needs only time to execute itself in you as well as others.
                     I have undergone a special training, so I can see what cannot be seen by others.
Others cannot see it because it happens to everyone they know, and they do not have an outside point
of refererence.
                     The essence of my special training has been to seek to really understand the world
since I was a child. No price was too expensive for this goal. I was willing to do anything for this goal.
                     And I protested: "no, I do not want to do this. I want to leave this train. I don't want
to go further in this direction.
No, not this!" And I asked, "what do I want instead? How can we go in another direction?" Now I can
answer this question. This is why I have written this book, so that I can also let you know how and
what to do differently.
                     The way is not simple. The way is to create a new future in a scientically-organized
                     But the science needs to be changed totally, because existing science is a product
of existing society. It therefore cannot point to the future.
                     In my own personal development I discovered a science that can point to the
future, a science that can train the real leaders of the society. In the East it is called Raja Yoga, in the
West SocioCybernetics.
                     The real leaders of society can be human beings who regard leadership as a
scientific profession. And the science needed is that which deals with the self-regulation of society. I
realized that my task is to integrate the science of humanity on a scale sufficient to include everything
that influences our lives.
                     Based upon Raja Yoga and SocioCybernetics, as well as numerous other sciences, I
have developed a new science of the self-regulating process of society: SocioCybernetics.
                     I discovered the basic laws that provide the backgrounds for the life-programs of
existing societies and organizations.
I identified the paradigms that serve as a source of programming for death. I discovered the basic
principles for society that will not even lead to death-programming over the long-run. And I have
formulated the basic principles for Information Technology systems that are able to organize, lead, and
quickly develop a growing society.
                     I created Humania as a solution, as a Noah's Ark, a life-program, to serve those
whose personal program for life does not fit society's programming for death.
                     I do not have any images of an "enemy". I do not scacegoat or attack anyone.
                     I see clearly how the world came to be as it is. I understand why and how the
pitfalls of social evolution occur.
I do not say "the only problem is ...", or "they degenerate thusly." Capitalism was an enormous step
forward after the feudal, rigid, superstitious, bloody system that preceded it.
But now we can see its obstacles, and he self-destructive program it has triggered.
                     So I have left the train, because I know what to do instead. I know the next steps. I
formed my knowledge into a InfoCommunicationTechnology system. I can also take you to a livable
world on this Ark.
                     When I discovered these basics, and I saw the natural laws behind them, my mind
became extremely clear and enlightened. Now I know that this knowledge and intelligence comes to
me from the intelligence of the SocietyBeing organized above us. This knowledge has come to me so I
can organize Humania, at least to the point where my successors can start the process of producing the
scientific leaders of this new society.
                     So I see myself as a developed cell of a new brand of humanity requierd to build
the Ark called Humania. Humania is a new country on the Internet that you can move to if you want
you and your descendants to truly live.
                     Humania is a country of choice, an alternative life-style, that consists of two steps
after capitalism: the IntelligentSociety and the CelestialEmpire.
                     These names are both descriptive and the technical names of concrete information
technologies. I know that we must complete the evolutionary levels of the society that have already
begun in order to develop further.
                     This is why Humania consists of all five levels of the natural evolution of society:
we call them FiveSocialGalaxyArms.
I will offer a detaild explanation later of why there are exactly five levels in the evolution of society,
and why the existing world became stuck at the third level,
                     The form of living in Humania: you work at home. All your life is organised
on your computer: your work group, study, steps toward a healthy life-style. You will use the
Workrooms of the IntelligentSociety to bring a new technological civilization into your daily life.
                     Because we have shifted societal paradigms, we are led into a series of scientific
paradigm-shifts as well.
                     We have a large number of new discoveries, and many more are expected, whereby
the new lifestyle gives you a new lease on life and fresh look into your mind.
                     We have a solution that produces endless energy resources from gravity, one which
is non-polluting and renewable. (and that people could move to flying apartments automatically
The lifestyle we have developed can improve your health, and lead to a vast increase in knowledge for
every human being.
                     We have methods for bringing new horizons to the skills of human intelligence,
and developing human relationships into new levels of self-actualization and happiness.

             Is it possible to create a new living being?
                    Of course, it would not be possible if the new being did not want to be born. But
she wants it so much. In evolving ecosystems a new living being is always being born, composed of its
subsystems. Our role at best is to catalyze natural evolution.
                    This Being has already been born. After all, there are individual relationships
amoung people based upon freedom and love, although they have not been numerous or stable enough
to compose a new society. The SocialBeing that consists of the five forms of society was born the
moment Humania came into existence.
                    I designed Humania in such a way that she could be a LivingBeing of which we
humans are cells. How? With informatics. I have produced basic gene-material: a software system
that can become a gene of being. It is called the HumaniaMethods.
                    The HumaniaMethods are InfoCommunicationTechnology systems that you can
work with at your home, in a protected environment, in security, in wellness. You can study and
develop them, and thus live a self-actualizing life in an enlightened society.
                    You can try them all out. You can talk about these things with other adventurers
and the more experienced.
                    In this book I am going to provide you with the entire background to it. You can
get to know a brand new world view, new scientific models and metamodels, comprising new
technical and human civilization. We have developed a set of new sciences and new culture from the
basics of the Humania IntelligentSociety.
These include a new physics, new models for natural and social sciences, new technologies, products,
tools and software systems.
                    All these are very interesting but difficult readings. They are essential but require
hard work to digest. It can take years.
If you can find one or two sentences in a chapter that strike you, digest them for a while and then
slowly read further!
                    I have already offered many definitions of Humania, but it is difficult to imagine an
elephant from his leg, ear or trunk. What could be an umbrella organization to your enterprise, offering
a SocialBeing, new science, new physics, a formula for the genes of life?
                    It is very probable that you have dealt with some of these questions separately.
Maybe you are happy to see them all at once. But it is not easy to handle them all at once. So the rest
of the book will help you do so.

                  Write me three sentences that were the most important to you as you read the poem
                    Write me your ideas and need, what this poem that you have just read should do!
                    I will build your feedback into the HumaniaMethods.
                    With your feedback you will take part in a testing process, where your level of
VulgOrigIntelligence will be tested. We will see how much you say in your three sentences, and what
others also say, and how much you are a creative unique personality.
                    The level of vulgarity and originality, and the two combined togtehr, would be
important parts of your self-understanding, upon which you can build your professional development
plans. Your sentences would be integrated by Humania Mentors. If you don't know anybody else, send
it to me at
       The book
              Joyfull news: Humania
                    I have written this book, because I want to spread the news about Humania, and to
create Humaniaps vision.
                    So here comes the news:
There is a solution for the world's crisis of economic- moral-ecological, scientific self-esteem.
eThere is a scientific model that could ease our stirred-up emotions and support our personal
and societal growth. There is a set of methods in the form of InfoCommunicationTechnology
that could gradually shift all humanity into one unit of cooperating parts.
                    This solution can bring hope to a depressed world, or even provide you with a
personal solution so compelling that you can only remain depressed if you have fully adjusted to doing
                    It can let the light at the end of the tunnel be seen, or - even if you did not board the
train towards enlightenment - change your life if it is time for you to change. It can invite you to go on
or even - if have already noticed what is it you do, are part of, and how meaningless it is - help you to
decide to finish with it and even know what you want to change to. It can let you see how to reach the
triumph of the bright mind that humanity, or at least some of us, have been longing for.
                     In the first draft of the Humania book I devoted a relatively big space to dealing
with the problems, pains and malfunctions of existing societies. But as I processed it it more deeply, I
deleted all these sentences from the book. I now do not criticize existing society, but rather give you a
positive and working alternative.
                     Here are my feelings and summary of the existing world:
                     This world is like a train, but a train presently going in the wrong direction. Under
such circumstances, I do not simply seek to find a confortable seat by the window. I deal with only
one question: how to get off from the train.
                     I find it hopeless to try to change or reform the train. It's over. Finished. Get out
while we can!
                     I offer instead an InfoCommunicationTechnology system for all five levels of the
evolution of human relationships, and I offer personal support, a knowledge base, and new
connections for this new life.
                     You can download the HumaniaMethods InfoCommunication Technology system
from the Internet. You can tailor it to your personal surrondings with the assistance of your Mentor.
You can use it for working and learning. It offers you optimal solutions that can apply to your personal
life, family, group of friends, small, large or global communities, and for the ecosystem of planet
                     The HumaniaMethods is a free-software engineering system, designed so that all of
its users can also be its developers. This system is able to involve all knowledge-base developments,
and handle individual differences in culture, personality, ability and speed of learning.
                     The basis of Humania is a new science: SocioCybernetics.
This science was born from practice: our working technologies and solutions offer proof of that
knowledge and science.
                     I wrote this book based upon a background of solutions that actually work. I invite
us to together rethink our image of human beings and society, and the HumaniaMethods that provide
alternative solutions to our problems.
                     I wrote the Humania book in circles. I have returned to the same topic over and
over, and brought new viewpoints to it upon each return..
                     The first chapter, describing The SocialGalaxyBeing, brings up all the important
topics. But they are presented in short form with few explanations. If you survive this and continue
reading, you will find more explanations and examples in the next chapters, with more relaxed
                     At the end of each chapter you will be invited to think over what you have just
read. You can answer questions, and send them to us.
                     My goal has been to flesh out possibilities, and provoke questions and solutions.
                     But you can experience the real long-term solutions only by living in Humania.
                     I also composed this book in such a way that it serves as an introduction to the
MentorTrainING. The five main chapters of the book consist of the basic framework of the
                     If you are able to comprehend these chapter, you have prepared yourself for the
natural continuation: the MentorTrainING.
                     You can decide any time that you contact us through the homepage. If
you do so, you will get a Humania Mentor who lead your MentorTrainING. You will get the 7
MainWorkrooms of the HumaniaMethods. With this you can work, get income, find your
WorkGroups, and become a real social being.
                     With this you will become a member of the SocialGalaxyBeing, a self-regulating
element of her. So you will become a cell of a living organism.
                     With this 7 MainWorkrooms you will take part in an integrative agriculture,
industrial production, services, and science. It gives you an invitation to a process of development that
is a solution for both the problems of the world and yourself.
                   Your personal Mentor will help you to tailor these MainWorkrooms to your special
circumstances, abilities. S/he helps you fill them up with your personal data, and to introduce the
changes into your personal life.
                   I wrote this book as a Mentor, for you as a Mentee. I am a virtual grizzly old
granddaddy. You sit on my virtual lap, and I tell you the fairy-tale of a wonderland far beyond the

This book is not a theory, it is a preparatory handbook for the usage of the HumaniaMethods software
system in your enterprise, in your work and life.
             Who am I?
                    I have been working for thirty years as a research chemist, highschool teacher,
psychologist, sociologist, sociocybernetist and knowledge-engineer.
                    I started a scientific career, and today work as a freelancer. I work with
organizations and train people with the bacground of IT. I have been working on the HumaniaMethods
InfoCommunicationTechnology system since 1986, although it had many other names at the
                    I developed the elements of the HumaniaMethods in my Organizational
Development consultatign work. Behind the practical solutions I worked out a general world view,
including philosophical, social, natural science, mathematical and physical models.
                    In this book I think about these, and invite you to think with me. At the beginning I
thought I woudl write a book to summarize my experiences in Organizational Development, how one
can manage an organization. My vision was that people would read my book, understand my
philosophy, and change the way they run their organizations, organize their production and marketing,
and maybe even transform their families and schools.

                     Today I see this approach as naïve for two reasons:
                     (1) I realized, step-by-step, that people do not behave rationally even in seemingly
rational endeavors like manufactoring products or managing organizations. They instead behave
according to the needs of their interest groups, by competing and fighting.
                     (2) My old organizational development view was also naïve becuase it became
clear that organizations are so integrated in their production chain and financial investment structure
that it is impossible to help one organization develop separately. We need instead to help their
business partners, service providers, clients and the government offices that produce the regulations
for these organizations.

                    Sicne I wanted to do a good-quality job as an Organizational Development
professional, I moved closer and closer to that step-by-step solution that I today call HumaniaMethods.
                    We can see HumaniaMethodsas as an Organizational Development program for
working holistically, with maximum responsibility and scientific quality, so as to find optimual
solutions for the organization as a whole, for the individuals who work in it, the co-organizations
connected to the central one, and the society and the ecosystem they are part of.
                    Since I did not find an organization or country which represent this need for global
development, I conclused that such a country needs to be created. So I created Humania, where the
interest of the whole is not different from the interest of its groups and individuals. This is why
Humania is an independent country.
                    First I searched international law to discover if there was a legal way to create a
new country. It turned out there is no organization on Earth that can create a new country. I realized
that this search came from my traditional feelings of dependence.
                    Because Humania exists in cyberspace, it neither does nor will have territorial
demands or foreign trade. Articles and money moves only within Humania. So there is no necessity to
establish diplomatic connections with existing countries.
                    According to the Constitution of Humania we define and acknowledge only E-level
Empathy relationships among members. Because trade and diplomacy is well beyond this level, we
don't use them.
                     Humania does not fit the world of existing countries, where we see barbaric and
chaotic relationships. We seldom use the term "country", and then only in quotation marks, because
the term fits Humania only in one meaning: that of being a unified culture that one can identify with.
The other lays of meanings of the word "country" are not appropriate.
                     As you can see, my basic "good boy" nature that led me to want to become a good
Organizational Development professional has taken me far.
                     How did I get the courage to do that? At first I didn't. But in 1987 I accidentally
died. I was actually dead for almost 5 minutes. As I was returning to life I received my Mission for my
life. I knew that I would create Humania as a country.
                     But I didn't now how. One year later I encountered a ball of lightning. It struck me
and I was gone for a while. When I came back, I felt that my brain had been reprogrammed, and that I
now knew most of the details and technologies of Humania: the HumaniaMethods. I also realized that
I needed to design the integrated software systems that would create Humania.
                     As a result, I no longer wished to write a book. I also felt that in the new Internat
age the age of books was over, and that all those involved in publishing or reading books were
conservative and looking backwards.
                     But my friend Jóka concinced me that even in the camp of book-readers there
could be any good people, and he supported me financially to write this book.
                     While doing so I realized how useful it was for me to arrange my thoughts into
pictures, to allow myself to get into a lyrical atmosphere rather than just engineering. I hope you will
also enjoy this journey.
                     Now I see my whole life-story as having been involved in this mission: all the parts
of my training helped me develop a global picture of the Humania Mission.
                     At the age of 14 I ran away from home and experienced a deep crisis, as I
discovered that the life of adults around me was meaningless, and full of compromises and lies.
                     I began to search for the meaning of life, and how I could live. And I found it.
When I found a three-volume set of books entitled Light of the East: Introduction to Yoga, by József
Kaczvinszky, it saved my life. This book is about a lineage of Raja Yoga developed by the author. He
introduced the system of Raja Yoga as a science of leadership, and the life-philosophy for a free, self-
actualizing life, including loving and responsible human relationships.
                     I felt that this book was written to me, and that this was the form of life I wanted to
live. Later I found Géza Mike, a student of József Kaczvinszky, who became my personal master.
                     Géza taught me that I could only become a congruent teacher after my own way of
life became congruent and enlightened. My life-goal is to carry-on this lineage. The basic demand of
this teaching was that I needed to work out my personal approach to the basic message of this Raja
Yoga lineage, which is appropriate to the culture, science and language of the age in which I live.
                     So I studied at five different universities in a row, and finally realized that I could
only use very small portions of the sciences in which I had become a professional. I needed to change
the basic paradigms of science at large for the Mission I have been carrying out.
                     The HumaniaMethods and this book is the result of all these steps. Here is a
symbolic picture of me meditating, as naked as I I have been in sharing all these thoughts with you,
and as I have been throughout my life.
                     Having realized that for the HumaniaMethods I needed to have a precise model of
human intelligence and its components in the two hemispheres, I devoted time to learning more about
the laws of emotionally emphasized communication and poetry.
                     Through this study I wrote some sample poems for chapters on my theory of
poetry. I am going to show you some of these samples, so as to display a few features of the
intelligence of the other side. I hope you will find some of them interesting.
                     I wrote many of my poems in an archaic style, because I wanted to compensate for
the missing portions of the archaic poets. (The missing poems of Anakreon, Balassi, and the Song of
Songs came to me thorugh my theory of poetry.)
                     I started out as a scientist, but wrote my last article as a sociologist. This article was
never published, because the editor of the journal I submitted it to told me "if I publish this article I
would need to close down this journal". I responded, "you might." The article was entitled "The
Sociology of Scientific Research in Psychology."
                     In this article I summarized a series of interviews I had conducted with authors of
articles on psychological research projects. My question was: how could it be that 99% of the
hypotheses they investigated were proven in their experiments, and who financed the experiments?
                     I asked my interviewees: "If the financier of the experiment tells you what kind of
result he wants to see at the end of the experiment, it seems that is a more important factor in the
results then anything else. Why don't you write that in your article?" Their basic response: "you can't
really imagine it is possible to write that? Man, where do you live?"
                     Since I live on this Earth, I really wanted to know how it works. So I left science
and did not write articles any more. I became instead an Organizational Development professional and
IT engineer, I write this book 30 years later.
                     I write this because there is the system of HumaniaMethods behind it. I am the kind
of philosopher who likes to write about the philosophy and poetry of lying on a flying saucer. It is
more congruent this way.
              TranING the VulgOrigIntelligence
The development and training is the central topic of this book, and we can apply the modell, I will
discuss later, of intelligence-development for this book istelf.
The human intelligence: the modell of reality develops gradualli in five phases — according to the
The first phase is, when we find word, conceps, descriptions about the given circle of phenomena and
collate them.
Until we don’t have concepts we are not able to think.
The crow must have the concept of road, and about the vehicles moving on the road, what the sparrow
doesn’t have.
You immediately notice this, when you go by car, and you see sparrows on the road and they shoot up,
settling down again few meters apart on the road again, from where they need to shoot up again few
seconds later.
If you see a crow on the road it will slowly move aside ten centimeters waiting you to go away with
your car, and it will continue its routine.

This book claryfies concepts, describes basic phenomena on the field complex self-regulatory
processes of social coexistence.
Although we deal with the very well known thing, how we people live together, however we introduce
many of hal-way familiar hal-way strange concepts.
We use everyday, VulagarWords written with CapitalLetters, as neologisms, indicating that we mean a
special scientific meaning a the VulagarWord, definied by us.
This practis helps you, reader to develop a special form of intelligence.
This form of intelligence is called VulgOrigIntelligence.
The VulgOrigIntelligence is the ability how we can put the commonsence thing into an unusual,
original contex, in such a way that makes you awake, gets you out of the groove, and gives you wings:
Experiencing the VulgOrigIntelligence is that all of sudden you begin to see, where you have been
numb and blind, you became numb, because what you see now you see every day, and you have never
met anybody reacted some other way to that.
In almost every sentence of this book you encounter a topic in such a way, that is very wellknown by
everyone, and probably you also will have the feeling: yeah… and what?
And this whole book is the answer to this ―… and what‖ question: and you can find the real origanility
in that how these welknown things are put together in a brand new system, and what consequences
that leads to.
Upon this you might understand why I call my wrtiting ―the book‖.
The word book is a very commonsence word, but in the moment I begin to ust the word book with
capital B, you might become suspicious that it has a slightly different meaning.
You might becom suspicious that I charged a special professional concept into this word. Yes. What
you are reading now is the book. It is special, scientific and emotional.
For understandig this book, you need to have at least the Critical mass of VulgOrigIntelligence in
order to grasp the essence, that gets you to the core.
So I feel it is fair play if I offer you that I train your VulgOrigIntelligence.
So if you respond to the FeedBackING sub chapters’ questions at the end of all big chapters, you will
nominate yourself into the VulgOrigIntelligenceTestingMappingTrainING process.
Everybody understands the concept of VulgOrigIntelligence in the very moment I introduce it to
him/her, however this concept is very seldom used.
In the course of training your VulgOrigIntelligence you can get to the point where you can influence
thought, feelings, relationships of thousends of people with ―thought-transference‖, and you could find
those people you can establish az ―Internet type of communication and connection with no
computers‖. This type of communication is necessary when you are at the phase of CelestialEmpire in
Testing and training the VulgOrigIntelligence is an entrance to Humania, that consits of the vast and
magestic knowledge of human and transcendental being.
              Concepts and usages of words
This book gives a real explanation to only one word that is Humania
Almost all new sentence of mine shows you a new leyer of meaning of this word
Humania is a new country in the cyberspace is an Internet address
Humania is the umbrella organization for enterpreneurs, who use the same IT, working in their homes
and Workrooms in groups.
Humania is an experiment to create a society that is the next step after capitalism: a scientifically
designed self-regulatory social being.
The social life, learning and working go on mostly in the Workrooms and TrainINGrooms
When you see the word TrainING written like this, you will know that the wellknown word has a
special meaning in Humania:
ING = IntegralNetworkGroupING: a technology for using the effects of group dinamics and collective
intelligence for our learning
If we use this capital ING ending in words it means our group methodology used in it.
The 7 MainWorkroom’s name and other technology names have this ING ending.
In some words — like KingdOM — we use the OM capitals meaning the OptimumMethod.
Because of the original terms I wrote in Hungarian, the ING and OM ending has very similar meaning
expressing the essences of our technology.
The OptimumMethod is the essence of all of our knowledge
The OptimumMethod is an algorithm that finds the best solutions of all in social context
As a last chapter in this book you can find a dictionary expaining the meaning of these VulagarWord –
technical terms in short form
                     Write me three sentences that were the most important to you as you read the poem
                     Write me your ideas and need, what this poem that you have just read should do!
                     I will build your feedback into the HumaniaMethods.
                     With your feedback you will take part in a testing process, where your level of
VulgOrigIntelligence will be tested. We will see how much you say in your three sentences, and what
others also say, and how much you are a creative unique personality.
                     The level of vulgarity and originality, and the two combined togtehr, would be
important parts of your self-understanding, upon which you can build your professional development
plans. Your sentences would be integrated by Humania Mentors. If you don't know anybody else, send
it to me at
       How to go on?
              The development and transformation of the individual, organization and society
When people are complaining about their problems in existing societies, they generally add at the end:
That’s it… Probably we did it in a different way if we could, we would walk on a different path if we
knew one, if we knew how to go on…
I know it... Even I say it in this book.
Even I know that the existing society, the existing sociology why doesn’the create and offer a usable
model of a more developed society. Or if they created it, why they don’t use it: the existence
determines the thinking.
The way you live is the way you see…

The existing sciences work according to the order and financing of the existing society, including the
dependency relationship what this relations produce. Scientific theories and models of scientist
working in such circumstances couldn’the be different from what these circumstances allow or dictate.
We may find some free thinkers who work indepentently from these institutions, and their brain
produce revolutionary new thoughts, but they words are getting swollen by the murmuring of the
ocean of the majority.
Creating any product today needs a very large scale of social division of labour, therefore the lonly
heroes and small groups will disappear.
Amoung scientist grouping will happen, forming mutually citation networks, that mean feudalistic
orders, and feudalistic thinking, with the same level of intelligence. From this level real society-
growing thoghts couldn’the grow up, because it has only one goal: to reproduce the existing social
relations, including the ststus of scientists, and the big society around in an unchanged form.
The professionals in Organization Development work upon demand: and the real demand is: strenthen
the existing leaders in their position, or take party in the inner fighting at organizations. So we can’the
wait for scientifib break-through on this field.
The personal-development and psychotherapy are services on the market: the main goal of such
services — similarly to other services on the capitalist market — is to decrease the marketing expenses
of the service in order to increase the profit: therefore these will produce long-term coming-back
Therefore it is impossible that a new theory of psychotherapy would produce a theory or technology
that produced real development in personality. The existing personality theories reflect one thing: the
client should be a long term patient of psychotherapy in one form or an other. By the way, the clients
work in the middle of existing feudalistic and competitive relations of society, threfore it is impossible
that their personality would grow above the level of feudalistic and competitive personality.
Ergo neither individual nor group or societal level wo couldn’the expect that a break-through
theoreticel model emerged in existing societies: such models can be created only by scientists, whose
everyday life and human relationships are more developed, then the feudalistic and competitive level:
and this is only possible in Humania.
Let’s see how!
Let’s see how these levels of development are in individuals, organizations and society!
When can you say that a human personality, identity, and intelligence develops?
If s/he cheerfully and emphatically creates usefull things for himself/herself and for his/her partners,
friends, organization and society.
When can you say that an organization or familty develops?
If its members develop on a way I just mentioned, and the communication style and human
relationships are positive, supportive, and loving.
In such goups generally we find a naturally developed and loved leader, who coordinates, inspires,
shows direction to go, gives a model, and security to members of the community.
And when can you say that a society develops?
If it consits of such communities, organizations, and families, where you can find creative, loving
atmosphere, and products, services, produced with high level of effectiveness, consciousness, and can
be used, valued and returned by other members of society.
If all the conditions are appropriate, the individuals work well, groups are developing. In such
circumstances people can form homogenious groups that would give optimum development
inspirations for people in them, and produce such leaders that are members of a more developed
groups of leaders. In this way a very rare phenomenon can be seen: the group become a part of an
organizmic society.
For thos who live in an organizmic society a SocialBeing comes to living.
For the existence of such a SocialBeing on a higher systemic level what is absolute necessary is that
their subsystems and groups has established a stable cooperative relationship.
This cooperation must be so stable, and the quality os support and servise they give to each other, that
the higher systemic Being can build them into her body as life-function and permanent division of
If there is a possibility for that then the self-regulatory subsystem of the SocialBeing supplies
hierarchies of leadership, technology, forecast, evaluation in such a scale that was impossible for the
subsystems, when they worked on their own. The hive is much more intelligent and lives much longer,
then the individual ants. And therefore the ants are much more intelligent then other not social insects
of the similar evolution level.
It would be similar in case of human society, but the human society did not evolve to that level, where
we see the society of ants was able to evolve in their evolution level all through the million yers
evolution process.
Individuals, groups and societies evolved in fractions in their intelligence and quality of life during the
long term living together: their route can be characterized by slowly developing fractions with waves,
and quick and great changing fractions of transformations.
If all the conditions are advantageous: the individuals work well, groups are developing in their
It is the optimum of the group-dynamics, when people get to the grouf with homogenizing selection
The homogenious group mean optimum developmental inspiration to its members.
The homodenious group produce such leaders who are more developed and integrated than the
If these leaders from different groups get together into also homogenious groups, and this goes on in
many levels, then an interesting phenomenon begin to emerge that is these groups form an organizmic
— being-like — society.
For thos who live in organizmic societies a SocialBeing is being born.
The condition of such Being is that its subsystems and groups should cooperate in a stable form.
The quality of support and servise given to each-others must be so stable, that it could be built into the
organizm of the Being as a stable division of labour and physiologic function
If we can find a possibility fo this, then the self-regulatory functions of SocialBeing give leadership,
methodologies, forecas, and evaluation hierarchy to the members on lower levels, that they arn’the
able to give themselves.
The hive is more intelligent with several order and has longer life than its ants. Therefore the ants are
more intelligent with several order, than the insects of similar evolutionary level that don’t live in isets
It were similar in case of human society, however the human society dod not evolve to that level,
where the society of ants did, in their own evolutionary level all over the million years of evolution.
Individuals, groups and societies develop in phases of their level of intelligence, identity human
relationships, and quality of life: the path of development contains slow, waving parts and quick-
changing transformation parts.
The development of identity slow down at parts, what we call: levels. Later on we will explore the
reason of that fixation.
You can see this development on this Figure:
On the Figure above I showd five levels of evolution: named with the abc letter: it is not by chance.
Later I will point out in the IdentityEvolutionModel that all the natural evolution needs to go through
exactly four levels for reaching the fifth level of organizmic society: the E-level.
At all the five level I wrote one outstanding character-feature that are the most typical for the identity
of humans at that level.

In my view the identity (personality) of human can also be measured in the level of his/her social
achievement, i.e. intelligence.
In the course of intelligence-development we learn to the predicate: what will change is our ability to
do something.
In the course of identity-development we learn to the subject: what will change is what model we hold
about ourselves, as the organizers of our actions, who have goals, values,and personality traits.
The identity doesn’t develop continuously; what you think about yourself, and how you see yourself
changes all of sudden, by strong experiences or shifting of the reference-group, according to the laws
of IdentityTransformation. I will discuss these laws in the chapter of CharacterFixation, and
CharacterFixationDissolvING. The things that block IdentityTransformation are called
On the Figure above I used the colors of the rainbow-scale, because for differenciating the identity-
intelligence levels in order to let you feel the course of development has to do with the emotional
quality of self-image.
The level of intelligence grows continuously: the successes or failures of your actions, feedbacks from
your important relationships increase or decrease the level of intelligence. What we call intelligence is
your ability to produce social values.
In the phases of IntelligenceDevelopment there is a slow increasce beyond the waves.

We can help the evolution of individuals, groups and societies, when we have an exact scientific
model for the explanation of factors of fixations and of developments and transformations.
In the next pages I am going to show you a model that is valid for all the levels of living systems, and
in all cases of fixations, getting stucked, disfunctions and problems.
This model is a basis fo scientifik society-planning.
And societies can only be properly planned scientifically.
An individual human is so much complex, and he is so much dependent on so many conditions, his
mood, goals, intelligence, personality traits, and we have benn missing the periodic table for their
order till now.
The group and the society is much more complex than the individual, because it has a matrix of
multidimensional interaction of multidimensional feedbacking and interferences.
               The BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics: the IdentityEvolutionModel
Humania is based upon a coherent scientific world-view that is SocioCybernetics
The science of SocioCybernetics is a theoretical science, starting from the general systems theory, and
dealing with modelling of societal processes.
SocioCybernetics — with this writing style — is an applied engineering science, we can design
complex organizations, knowledge systems, interacion processes, and we can put it into IT systems,
organize them and get them working.
The SocioCybernetics is the generalized theoretical and engineering science of organizing and
management science, organization development, systems theory, chaology, system-design, biology,
In the writing style of SocioCybernetics you can recognize the concept of Ethics: through this I give an
emphasis that this science gives reflections to the moral end ethical basis of the social coexistence —
and its message is an important one: it gives new rules for social coexistence: it gives two new levels
backgoround information and workable technologies for the SocialBasicContracts.
SocioCybernetics possesses that meta-model system that is necessary for all sciences, which deal with
systems of interacions.
And after all all sciences deal with interaction systems.
Phisics for example, deals with interaction systems of atoms, subatomic particles or bodies in macro
In social systems interactions can endanger or stabilize the existence of individuals.
All social systems of the world are living systems. And living systems go through an evolution
process: so since the Big Bang the evolution of subatomic particles produce evolutionary existence
levels, or living spaces.
The whole scientific system, informatics and knowledge system of SocioCybernetics is built upon one
basic discovery: the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics.
This discovery gives the basis of organizing Humania, and of the GeneralIntegralTheory for the
scientific theories metasystem.
Sometimes we call the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics as IdentityEvolutionModel.
This IdentityEvolutionModel plays an absolute central role in my worldview: and I will present it in
details later on.
The whole Universe is a living system, that take part in an evolution process going through the
five levels according to the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics.

The IdentityEvolutionModel helps us to grasp the happenings of the human work-organizations and of
societies, it helps us to see what is the developmental level of an individual, an organization or society.
It helps us to see the functional and disfunctional factors, and helps us to plan the interventions and
technologies to catalyze the development and transformation.
I designed the information technology of Humania, including its economy, training system,
OrganizationalTechnologyDevelopment actions, MentorTrainING, capitalOutsourcing services upon
the IdentityEvolutionModel.
This discovery is put into the society model of the FiveSocialGalaxyArms, and into the
HumaniaMethods IntegralSystem.
We expect lots of new discoveries and technology innovations by using this IdentityEvolutionModel
in Humania.
From what we haved discovered so far it is probable that we can create a flying and space vehicle, and
energy source driven by gravitation energy, when the number of people in the Humania community
reaches the CriticalMass, and we have the manufacturing tools and capacity.
These will be our most significant innovations in technology and science, but besedes these we
produce a large number of innovations and developments in the work where we create the
IntegralTechnologySystem of Humania.
Cybernetics is the science of control and regulation.
It is similar to management and leadership science. We rather use the term of cybernetics is because
this concept emphesize that the regulation is based upon self-regulatory processes.
To the concept of management we bind images and feelings of pressing and arbitrary.
The word socio- in socio-cybernetics means interaction partnership, population, and not only society.
If we wanted to express society exclusively, we woul rather use the term of social-cybernetics.
Upon the knowledge base of SocioCybernetics we can design and regulate through IT systems:
manufacturing process of products, organizations, trafic, agricultural production, environment
protection, and all other different kinds of technologies where the susbsytems are living self-regulatory
The SocioCybernetics is the generalized science of organizational informatics, system-organizing and
Organization Development.
The more narrow menaing of the term SocioCybernetics covers the theoretical and engineering science
of organizmic systems, where a Being is getting created.
By socio-systems we mean all of those systems, where we can find identical or similar individuals,
subsystems in a relatively large number, and they reat to each-other with an inreased attention and
We see those individuals similar, or identical that are similar in size and consumes similar amount of
energy-flow for their existence.
From such individuals ecosystems are being formed in the course of evolution.
According to this SocioCybernetic vew we see the whole Universe as a living system, where the
evolution process produces EcoSystems from individuals living on the same level.
Members of the EcoSystem develop and maintain longterm relationships with each-odes individually
in each forms
We call a connection relationship, when you react the other with specific emotional behavior-set: you
feel you love him/her, you feel attracted to him/her, you see him/her as a spoil, or somebody you want
to escape from etc.
The phenomenon of life is not bound to the DNA chemistry, but it is an absolutely general thing: there
is no such a thing in the Universe that won’the live. The life based upon DNA is a special level of
living that became successful on the surface of the Earth, because of the special chemical compounds,
energy circumstances and cycles.
In EcoSystems the life and death of individuals and races are regulated by their relationships.
The atoms, the subatomic particles, the galaxes as well as the DNA-genetics-based biological beings,
or human individuals maintain their individual lifes, they raise the chances of their survival by
managing their relationships with their neighbours.
Because they feel the effects of their neighbours from a distance, it might not be exaggeratedsaying
that these relationships are expressed in attitudes also.
These concepts are originally coming from the description of human relationships, now can be used
for even physical, atomic or galactic beings’ relationships as well.
SocioCyberneticBeings are dependent on their socio-relationships in their lifes.
And their socio-relationships develop in phases from the Aggression of taking away each-other’s life
to the relationship of cooperation.
This five levels development is the central topic in the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics
I will give you a detailed description of the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics later, but I give you a
summary now.
According to this IdentityEvolutionModel systems are changing through phases, where slow-changing
and waving phases are followed by sudden jumps of transformation phases.
The evolution, in all forms of existence, starts from that level, ehere the individual beings are
endangered in their survival by each-others: If one survives it equals the abolishment of the other: and
this is the A level of the Aggression.
From the Aggression level systems develop through five levels: A,B,C,D,E to the level, wehere the
subsystems are supporting each-others existence in a symbiotic way. When the evolution reaches the E
level of symbiosis, then a new being is being foremed from this symbiotic unit on a new level. And
this new being begins its new evolution phase at the A level with the interaction of similar beings.
The simplest to grasp this five levels IdentityEvolutionModel, if we see the history of human kind,
which are basically influencial for all of us.
We are at the third evolution level out of the five with the global capitalistic socety on Earth.
Humania is designed to finish the first three levels of the evolution of society, and we enter the forth
and fifth level.
From the very beginning of the known human history we took two and a half steps, and two and a half
steps are in fron of us for the whole cycle. The steps we have taken are not finished yet, many substeps
and parts are missing, the inner development of these steps are not closed down, this is way the current
history keep going back to these former steps. What are they:
1. Where people are fighting with each other as individuals, groups, tribes, nations in war: this is the A
level: Aggressive society
The way we handle this Aggression in Humania is that most part we leave it outside the boundaries, or
near the borders we call this PopularMovement. This name indicates, that there is a relatively big
bustle at the borders of Humania, many people come and have a look, they undestand a piece of it,
they are suspicious and they go away. The distrust is general, because they experienced a lot of
doodles, bunco. This is our ancient heritage. And it still lives. The living body covers itself with dead
epithelium, for the enemies, the predators, bacterias who eat other living cells should percieve it as
living and they couldn’t get into.
2. During the historical development of societies the feudalistic, Bureaucratic society with fixed rules
and orders: this is the B level.
This second step on B-level development has not finished yet.
The finished B level means formation, clear rules of living together, security, forecast, stable roles and
norms, equitable society, fair play, with trust.
This is why developing Humania, first we form a formation in the society: we continuously measure
the difference between people, the appropriate status, place and role for individuals in society.
Humania is a KingdOM: our testing methods find the best results people: the kings, and determine the
SocialValue of everybody, taking part in the training.
3. In human history, with the industrial and technological revolution the Competitive C level society
begun to get formed. Real free competition was not able to come to life, the way the big ideologist of
the capitalist market society dreamed about, because monopoliums and collusions were formed, and
they limited the free competition on the marketplaces, and the development of society was fixated on
B level.
Sometimes for similar reason the society goes back to A level, and wars and mass murders appeared.
Organizing Humania we create the classical free competition capitalism: by the help of information
technology and with scientific measurement we ensure that the best quality of products can win,
finally, at long last.
This is called the CapitalOutsourcING as a SocialGalaxyArm technology.
4. After having completed the job of what have been left over for us from the former levels of society-
evolution, we organize the next level of society: that is the knowledge based IntelligentSociety: the D
level. There was no such a thing in the known history of humanity, so we invent the whole.
5. After this can come the final step: we organize the E level society, based with organizmic
organizations and Empathy, where the SocialBeing gets into existence and begins her life. These
technologies are called CelestialEmpire amoung the FiveSocialGalaxyArms.
In Humania we develop the CharacterFixations, weaknesses, unfinished businesses of the traditional
evolution levels of society, and develop the new level technologies. Thiese A-B-C-D-E developments
go paralel: and this is what we call SocialGalaxyArm technologies model.

I compsed the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics into a popular-scientific simplified manner, and I paid
attention to the practical applications of information technology systems.
The BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics gives an explanation for social-psychology, peronality-psychology,
psychotherapy, organization development, organization theory, management science, biology’s
evolution theory, giving a periodic table-like conceptual framework, key-concepts for these sciences,
helping that this sciences can become more coherent and they could start a more intense phase of
The conceptualization of the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics points out much further beyond the scope
of sociology and social sciences.
Since this law concernes the general systemic basics, it can serve as a fundation for General Integral
We continuously build the branches of sciences, mentionet above, into an ExperSystem set of the
HumaniaMethods. This building in is a part of the MentorTrainING process.
While you take the MentorTrainING course and you procede towards the centre of Humania, you
bring your professional knowledge, and make it as a part of Humania’s IntegralKnowledgeSystem,
integrating all the IntelligenceModels of your knowledge into a unifies system.
Sciences are getting totally renewed in the IntelligentSociety of Humania, they got redefined, since
they become the part of the IntegralKnowledgeSystem and the HumaniaMethods. To develop this
IntegralKnowledgeSystem requires much closer organized collaboration, and undestandin of each-
others thought, than people of the traditional scientific articles and conferences are got to use to it.
Those who deal with the same topic automatically get into the same WorkGroup, and they learn to
communicate to each-other in such a way that could produce an unified IntegralKnowledgeSystem.
Besides that some mistical and enormously important phenomenon is going to take place suddenly: the
GlobalBrain appears, and begins to regulate and work the brains of individuals.
              Humania leads to a new science
When we organize the IntelligentSociety — the D level — we bring an anormous change into the lifes
and thinking of people.
A human, living in the midst of IntelligentSociety becomes much more inelligent than the one living
in today’s average surrondings, because humans are extremly plastic beings.
Hence the C-level society needs human brains for profit maximalizations, millions of people calculate
money day and night, and their main goal in life is getting more and more money.
Hence we need inelligent people in IntelligentSociety, we produce people, who think about the laws of
nature day and night, and that they want to create such tools, that represent knowledge, care, empathy,
and systems-view.
It is probably the bigest miracle — in the midst of many interesting changes — during the course of
Humania TrainING, how your thinking will change, when we got into the pathway of
For example you may wander what interesting and bright things I am telling you in this book, but it
will be a totally different experience, when you do this.
The ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment works very similar way than the interest computation: Your
intelligence grows in an exponential manner, when your next learning is going to get build upon the
integrated sum of all the former ones.
If you add to this that you build your World-model-building and learning to the sum of former
learnings of all humanity than you go even higher level in ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment.
We build ExperSystem-type of information technology from all professional knowledges. This
InfoCommunicationTechnology system cares about that how newcomers train themselves to the level
the system is, and it teaches him/her how to chose his/her next science-topic that would build the
system further on, with the help of a personnaly optimalized WorkGroup.
So if you want to get into this exponentially accelerating rocket, you will have an accelerating
advantage when you do it soon.
During the course of Humania TrainING you will get to know that intelligence-model what you will
use for rearranging your scientific and private worldview.
For changing your scientific modells we changed some background models and paradigms, making
easy for you to create your new science models fitting to the IntelligentSociety.
First we changed the definitions of humans and society.
And because of that we needed to change almost every other basic modells and assumptions.
When they change the person of the general manager, the members of board of directors, products,
manufacturing technologies, and information technology then it is probably not the same firm even if
the name stayed the same.
This is what happened in Humania: we changed all basic assumptions and technologies to new ones.
In physics for example, we begun to think that we can carry electric current in a cupper wire in such a
way that we do not experience the resistance of the cupper wire, there is no heat produced, and Ohm’s
law is cancelled. How can it be?
Here is a story shedding light to it:
If I ask the world in fron of the (world)pub: ―Did you curse my mother?!‖ — it is evident what the
world will answer, and what scenario will follow: we will fight for a while.
If I ask the world this instead: ―what’s the news with you? Who are you? What is your world like?
What do you want?‖ — then it is very probable I will get a different response and different scenario
afterwards. So we come over this pub, untill the knowledge (D-level) and further on (E-level).
If I asked the cupper wire that I want to lead electricity to that direction, would you resist? Its answer
will be: yes of course.
If I asked: What will happen to you if I place you into such circumstances? Then it will give its answer
with as much detail as I asked.
And I will build all elements of its response to my circuitry.
This thought is so much different, and it consists of so different IntelligenceModel that we needed to
rethink all the knowledges of physics.
As we did we begun to experience a totally new world.
In the course of our rethinking new scientific axioms and paradigms were getting born, new branches
of science were grown upon.
The number of new discoveries, innovations, new technologies are above hundred thousands in
HumaniaMethods thereafter.

Everybody put on such questions to Mother Nature as s/he heared from his/her fellow-humans.
Because nothing else can grow in his/her head.
A competitive society leads competitive modell isn people’s head.
Nature has a way for competition, too. In nature we can find all the five IdentityEvolutionModels. If
we ask for the competitive side: she will show her competitive side, if we ask for her inelligent side
she will become inelligent — interestingly enough. And if we think her as a living being than she will
become living in front of our naked eyes.
We talk to nature on the base of inelligent and cooperative models — because we do the same with
Even the talk is much more pleasant this way. And the result of the talk… Well, you will see the
results of this talk when you will experience the new technological and human civilization in

Our greatest discovery is the recognition of the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics. Upon this we
developed the metamodel of intelligence, and the MappING OptimumMethod.
Since in the next level of society’s development — in the D level — the knowledge production counts,
we can catalyze this, if we offer precize and effective technologies for intelligence-development.
The peak of these technologies is called ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment method.
The ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment Method is based upod the usage of the 7 MainWorkroom of
the HumaniaMethods.
The MentorTrainING is the process, we introduce the 7 MainWorkroom to people’s life.
By the help of this 7 MainWorkroom you integrate the knoledges and experiences of your life with
other peopl’s knoledges and experiences.
You present the results of this integrations with the help of the MappING of models,
MappING is the language of DifIntegralIntelligence and ExponentialIntelligence, and it substitutes the
traditional linear thinking, like in books.
The MainWorkrooms are also built around the MappINGs.
The MappING is that kind of mapping, which is a helping tool for modelling, and make a high degree
of information contrentration understandable and treatable within short periods of time.
It is the MappING, that helps us to solve complex and multifactoral tasks of optimation, and makes it
possible that we find solutions in such complex cases, where we did not have any tools before.
The MappING is real VulgOrigIntelligence type of discovery. I think what we use under the name of
MappING is used by all living creatures, when it senses its own body, surrondings, mates of the same
race, and their interactional relationships.
A suppose this MappING tool is needed by living creatures, because they need to solve complex
perceptual movement regulations real time, in such a way that this mechanism could integrate them
into the system of HigherEcosystemicBeing.
The HigherEcosystemicBeing is that living creature that immediately cames to life, when two
individuals get into interaction, and that will become stabile, when these individuals stabilize their
relationship on the E level of Empathic cooperation.
The HEB – HigherEcosystemicBeing needs the MappING tool for her existence.
The MappING OptimumMethod has a fertilizer effect on anything it is used for.
You also will find the MappING very useful, when you bein to make an order in your head, you
integrate your professional knowledges, and you create an unified coherent world-view.
You also will make an order in your human relationships, in you spoken and not-spoken contrats with
them, and in the world of your motivations and goals by the usage of MappING.
We can use the MappING technology in checking similar brands of articles and products: on Maps
you will see the relative values of the individual products, and it is also shown that what the ideal
product woul be like, if it were available on the market.
We build our OrganizationalTechnologyDevelopment programs on this feature of MappING. We
optimize the technologies of organizations joining to Humania on the fields of manufacturing,
servicing, managing and organizing.
If we use the MappING method on the fields of science, then we easily guess the missing Integral
Theory of that fields.
This is exactly what happened, when we begun the MappING proces on the fields of Physics. We
agreed what basic statements should be in the UnifiedFieldTheory of Physics waited for so long time.
Applying this UnifiedFieldTheory we can redisign all the equipments and machines using any of
physical principles.
The social theory I present in this book, can be seen as the UnifiedFieldTheory of Sociology.
So I can say that the MappING method is a real miracle and magical tool: you will become a
clairvoyant in the wolrd of blinds whan you use it.
And what the most important is that using the MappING technology you will becom a real social
being, because all of your actions, decisions, thoughts and their consequences, antecendents, and
coherences will become seen, and you will see your position in the body of SocialBeing. And this
experience forms you to a new race of human.
              OptimumMetódus and HumaniaMetódus — the HumaniaBeing
You can imagine Humania, if you imagine a world you would like to live in, wher it is good to live in:
for you and for averybody else.
You can also chose that you list and summarize what kind of problems, complaint you experience, or
you see with others, and you imagine a world, which solve all of these problems, or where these
problems wouldn’t emerge.
If you tell me exactly what you want, or what kind of problems you have with your surrondings, and I
have all the tools and willingness to solve these problems, and I equip Workrooms for all your goals,
where you can find all the tools, what you need, then we solve all the problems, we reach all the goals,
we learn from all of our experiences, and we develop all Organization Development our models,
KnowledgeSystems, and information technologies. If we do so, then it is not only you and me who
would benefit from this experience Organization Development solving problems and reaching goals,
but everybody coming after us.
This is the method of the development of the HumaniaMethods social-technology system.
Is it simple and logical? Yes, it is.
This is the method of evolution, too.
This technology is called the OptimumMethod.
With this OptimumMethod I developed the HumaniaMethods that is the technology system makes
Humania running.
The OptimumMethod is a real VulgOrigIntelligence product.
It is simple, everybody knows it, but they don’t apply, they don’t see its importance. I do.
Only this OptimumMethod is necessary for us to create an optimal organization, and an optimal
society. The essence of the OptimumMethod is that we decide that we want to create an organization,
which seeks for optimum in every moment, and we orient ourselves that we will gather all information
from people about how they wok, they feel, what problems they see, what goals they want to reach,
what tools they use.
In Humania everybody uses Information Technology Workrooms for his/her projects, and s/he leads
This is our main activity.
During the course of training everybody will be educated to the same profession, what we call:
You will learn an approach during the MentorTrainING that what you work you do with care, with
claim of perfection, and you develop you used WorkroomMetods and database upon your experiences.
You do this with the most prominent experts of your profession, in a joint WorkGroup.
It is important that we organize Humania in a hierarchic way: everybody has a Mentor, and a Mentor
collects information, problem signals, WorkroomMethodDevelopments, s/he understands, process and
integrate them, and send them to his/her Mentor.
It is important who is your Mentor: Mentors are put into a hierarchy along with their intelligence,
training development, and we change this structure continuously as people change.
You can develop OptimumMethod in your field of expertises, when you and everybody else
continuously seeks for the optimum, and s/he puts all of his/her experience into the same
InformationTechnologySystem, and we continuously integrate it with human efforts.
This continuous seek for OptimumMethod, and continuous usage of it will cause a rapid grows in
technology, KnowledgeSystem, and ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment, and it ensures high
SelfConfidence and PositiveSelfImage for people.
(In the way you can see these welknown words written indicates that beyond them you can find
TestING, MappING and TrainING technologies.)
How can we produce an optimum society and optimum functioning people?
The answer is a simple and gigantic VulgOrigIntelligence-bomb: It goes like: we decide so, and
everybody else do so from morning to eveningg as a main profession in such a way that all its results
are getting integrated in InformationTechnology and would be available for everybody right away.
And we really pay attention to you, and what you achieve in the WorkGroup’s work, what you have
created already. And the higher scores you get for your creations the higher structural place you will
go into the integral hierarchy.
The SystemEngineering is a basic skill for everybody, and you will learn it in the course of
MentorTrainING. It is not important to be a software programmer, because computers can program
themselves these days, if we tell them exactly what we want from them.
Everybody becomes a research scientist and SystemEngineer in Humania.
This is the tool of ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment: it leads to fantastic high speed of getting
brighter: for the individual and for the society.

With the help of the OptimumMethod technology we can examine, that what is the position of a
product, article, service, or scientific theory in between the similar products, articles servises and
theories, what are their advanteges and disadvanteges, and what an ideal product would be like…
And this happens continuously, and this is the most important element of the Humania style of living:
everybody pays a constant attention to his/her experiences, problems: s/he takes notes, understanding
them, processing them, and pass them over to his/her Mentor.
We collect all the experiences in order to build them into the machinery working for us i.g. into the
HumaniaMethods. And we build it into the machinery for development new machinery: that is the
All the InformationTechnology what you use is open for you for developing, form them according to
your needs, goals, problem-perception. And the Mentors integrate the developments of their mentees,
and return them the improved Workroom technologies. Using this method of integration the
technologies stay unified, and they grow very fast.
All the professions and knowledges are very complex, the Workroom grow very big, this is why
learning their usages, tayloring them, filling them up with data, developing their technology are parts
of the LifeLongLearningProgram. And this is what we do. This is our main job. This is the way
Humania can be an IntelligentSociety.

As a member of this IntelligentSociety you will get these technologies, developed by the
OptimumMethod, from your Mentor in MentorTrainING.
These Humania technologies include large territories of industrial manufacturing, agriculture, science
and society.
With these new technologies we create a new technical civilization and a new world.
You may have the experience how enormous groth speed they bring, when you will live with Humania
This would mean a new level of social integration and consciousness for you.

The Humania society is build upon the understanding of life, and living systems
Nothing really new is necessary to invent for Humania, but we need to deeply understand what our
ancestors really did, and do the same.
Humania is discovered by the evolution but not me. My role was to understand the laws of living
systems, and I put their gene-prorams into the software systems for work-organizations and
InfoCommunicationTechnology of society.
There are billions of living creatures in my body, in such long-lasting harmony in such a way that my
abstract and highly spiritual being can exist upon their existance.
Similarly: if we organize the body cells of Humania into a stable cooperative unit, upon us a higher
spiritual being is getting born. This being is called HumaniaBeing.
I don’t belive that I was able to create an ideal thing, when I created the HumaniaMethods as the gene
of the HumaniaBeing. I only suppose that I will be succesful to create a basic genetics for a livable
being. And this being will improve this gene during her own evolution process, clearing it all up,
producing that methods that are viable.
If we are able to create a system, where cybernetic circles can be built one on another, then a being
must get born in such a system, who wants to stay alive, and who wants to stay constant as a subject of

Humania appeared as an organization in the world: it offers home based small business type
technologies, trainings and services.
It is the skin of the HumaniaBeing, not the Being herself. This is the skin which makes boundaries,
protects, examines all cells that comes near, which organs she can put this new cell into; she examines
all organizations, its products, whether they have gene-alien codes. If she finds that alien she
reprograms them into Humania-gene.
So this home based small business, technology and training organization is the body guard and
immune system of Humania.
The system of Humania could use everything after all, maybe she will break down what she found into
simple bricks that she could build inelligent the HumaniaMethods.
The basic law of the Humania system is sacred and resistent to all changes: and it is burnt into the
basic genes of the HumaniaMethods:
We allow only such technologies and individuals coming towards the centre of Humania that are
inelligent and cooperative.

For we need the blood in our bodies in order to create a cooperative cell-society from originally
competitive cells. The blood is able to create such surronding for cells, upon the knowledge of
physiological nature, regulation and SocioCybernetics of cells, that the cells love to stay together, and
thus they serve the Being that are in existence upon them.
Similarly the HumaniaBeing is built upon the SocioCybernetics and the IntegralKnowledgeSystem.
This IntegralKnowledgeSystem is filled up with content by members of Humania community, in the
HumaniaMethods you can only find the filtering and integating method of the carried-in knowledges
Upon this IntegralKnowledgeSystem we develop special ExperSystem software technologies, and
Workrooms. These Workrooms are the carriers and machinery for carrying out the lifes of the
HumaniaBeing and of the people in Humania.
So we create the HumaniaBeing that we give not the gene-program, but the gene-metaprogram for
So we did not produce a product, but we produced a machine-producing-machine-producing-machine.
There will be product, there will be being. But at the moment (in this book) we talk about only
genetics, and programming the program for life.

Who is able to see the HumaniaBeing? Who communicates with her?
The cells of my nail probably don’t know to much about my abstract thoughts, my intentions, but it is
sure that there must be cells in between my brain-cells that are able to receive my broadcast. I know it
from the fact that I am able to type what I want to say, and I am able to coordinate the muscles in my
fingers and arms. Amoung my brain cells there is the antenna to receive my abstract spiritual being.
This is a special profession amoung brain cells, so in Humania: we train people to become recievers of
the broadcast of the HumaniaBeing.
This special training goes like all the other ones in Humania: while working, we measure and feedback
your effectiveness.
Not only one reciever recieves the broadcast of the Being, but many, and we compare the results, we
filter out the backnoise and we check it, and it is passed over to the effecters. This is a technology, just
like any others in Humania.
This one is with a key importance, and that’s why its accuracy and protection is ensured.
You can get into the antenna group of the HumaniaBeing through the MentorTrainING and
MasterTrainING; this group is called the Guardians, and the circle around the King is the
Humania’s first Mentor is called: the King. The King is selected by the WorkGroupING technology on
the base of measured data of intelligence achievements. This selection is up to date, if the data change
the person of the King changes accordingly.
As you can see, the organizmic organization works a very different way than the one in average
No wander: it is living and organizmic.
               How to go on — Humania answers
―How to go on?‖
―What is a society like that has a future?‖
―What is a sustainable form of living like that leads out from the crisis and pitfall?‖
―What is the form of society appropriate for the 21st century?‖
These are the most important and most actual questions of our life.
As a foretaste I give you some responses we gave to these questions with Humania’s D and E level
society technologies: IntelligentSociety and CelestialEmpire.
I collected these responses from discussions about these topics.

       Humania is the place, where the science of humanity and the software-development are the
        most important values
       Everybody is a SystemEngineeringMentor
       Everybody has somebody who cares about him/her
       People play fair games openly
       There is no adverse party, people in Humania has discovered that their interests and goals are
       All elements are connected to cooperative system
       Efferctivity multiplies here
       Conditions of people here is very good, they are happy, they take responsibility, they pay
        attention to each other, full of love and cara, they are geneous and healthy
       A new human race is being formed in Humania
       We have no market, no profit-interest, all technological tools are developet onto the optimum
       Environment is treated here in its importance a complexity
       Everything has a place here where it gets evaluated
       Articles, goods are moving only inward to Humania
   People coming to Humania are getting known scientifically, with care and heart, and we help
    them to get into a group-place that is optimal for them and for the community
   Everybody works on a place that fits to his/her optimum profession and human surrondings
   Everybody works for his/her Mission — agreed with his/her Mentor
   Nobody needs to fork for survival
   The essence of training is the ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment — and this is what
    happens in LifeLongLearningProgram
   We educate people to become real social beings
   You will see all the far-going social consequences of your actions, and you will see the social
    effects, influencing you in easy-to-grasp MappINGs
   The MappING OptimumMethod is more effective than writing and reading thousand times for
    learning and intelligence-development
   We have a broad and integral theory behind the Humania-sciences that gives a framework for
    all sciences: This is the GeneralIntegralTheory and the OptimumMethod
   With the help of the GeneralIntegralTheory and the ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment
    technology we grow hyperintelligent people in Humania
   Your place and role in society is fitting to your talent and intelligence
   We collect all data from humans in one place, and we evaluate them openly and scientifically,
    and we use it for the purpose of educating people to become real social beings
   We see the society as living being that is able to regulate herself, if we ensure all the
    conditions for it
   We train people in their intelligence in such a way that teaches them to see, feel, and act
    globally and locally
   People are connected to an IntelligenceAmplifyerNetwork, and they can think as a global
   The division of labour is global and optimized
   There is no school in Humania, no commerce, no institutions: people study continuously in a
    LifeLongLearningProgram, while they work in creative jobs
   There is no a single human who wouldn’t create values
   We use effective organized technologies in all territories of life
   Everybody works in his/her home as an enterpreneur, equipped with cutting edge
    technologies, and helps them to develop
   Development of science sccelerates above all known speeds in Humania
   Everything is made work through the HumaniaMethods integral system
   Humania is a technology pool: we can create the optimum of all
   We can optimize our technologies to the peaks of sciences and ethics
   We produce all articles and services in such a way that is the best for people and for the
   Humania seems to be one organization amoung the many, in reality Humania is an
    independent country in cybespace
   Humania is a society-technology build upon a science and IntegralKnowledgeSystem
   We don’t use political or aggression tools. Those who don’t want to live in Humania are left
   We don’t do enemy-making, not even opposing party
   Everybody could be undertood why s/he thinks and talks and acts the way s/he does, if we
    comprehended his/her experiences s/he went through, and what social influences s/he is in
   It is essential that we build upon the self-regulation nature of society, and also on natural
    grouping and communication systems
   With our MappING technology we see the power-lines of society’s flow of mater, energy and
    knowledge, and we organize our WorkGroups and TrainINGgroups accordingly
   Our technologies consists of alternative energy resources, self-regolatory methods, they
    dissolve all the prejudices, knods, and intelligence-white spots Organization Development the
    known technologies
               What a fair society would be like? — the HumaniaBridge
A fair society is normal: where things are what they are
If somebody gives me food s/he does it because s/he loves me, and wants to feed me. Strange?
If you prepare food for me, because you want to gain profit out of it, than you wouldn’t make a food
for me that would be optimal to my health, but to your profit maximizing. It’s not good. It’s not
adequate. It is mad.
We call somebody mad guy, if s/he dosn’the have an adequate motivation in the situation: For
example, if you want to leave the room through the wall not through the door, even if a say: ―Hey It is
much easier if you go through the door: Look, this is the way how you can use it!‖
We call normal behavior if you behave the clearest and simplest way with me and according to your
If you make clothing to me, it is normal if you do it, because it’s important for you that I wouldn’t be
cold, and you love if you see that I like the clothing what I wear, and it fits to me.
Can you still imagin, what a normal human world would be like, or you totally forgot about that? Can
you recall a society, where we say what we think, where we do what we are aiming, and everything is
on its right place?
We so magic chair in comedies, even in self-exploration groups, maybe truly intimate relationship that
people are honest, straightforward, and they say, what they think, but is it possible to build a society
upon this?
Not so much so far.
The myth of scarcity, the money that can’the be enough, is necessary, because this is a tool for people
to get themselves into dependency from each others. The depedency makes it impossible that we be
Why would we be? I don’t like the guy I am dependent on. I don’t want to share my thought with
him/her. Give me my money, I was working for, I was doing what he told me to do, and then
everybody should go to his/her own way.
A society, where everything is what it is can be composed only from free individuals.
Freedom is when we: you and me, are together — in this book we talk and think together — because it
is a free choice for both of us. If I am with you by my free choic then you become interesting for me.
Hence th fair society can be realized in this two steps: D and E levels:
First we make people free: everybody can be the unique individual who s/he is, tels what s/he feels,
does, what s/he wants.
And after that s/he is actualized and feels the fullness with himself/herself, then let’s see whether s/he
might become interested in others!
The motivation towards others, the loving relationships can be grown in free people.
It is impossible to compel. So we ensure the circumstances of free life, and we wait, and we see and
measure, how your feelings and attitudes change.
In a fair society it is natural that there is no compelled tax. We don’t say: ―I take away this from you,
because it is needed by others, needed by the community…‖ The goal and result of the taxing system
is to produce defrauders with bad conscience, whom we can can if needed.
Instead of taxing, taking away, in Humania we have gaining system.
If everybody orients toward giving, what s/he experiences is gaining.
But how do we think that today’s people — you for example — who were encouraged all through
his/her life that s/he should collet possessions, cheet taxes, moving to Humania would behave in a
different way, and s/he becomes selfisness and altruistic?
No it is not probable, we can’the expect that.
Even if s/he experience a good portion of getting most of his/her needs met automatically.
Only step-by-step, everybody goes with his/her own speed, and shift to this new social contract in
his/her own time, and change his/her attitudes toward cooperation rather than competition and
We measure this attitude-shift: and this is what gives ststus for people in Humania, and special place
in the MentorNetwork.
The essence of Humania is this MentorTrainING.
Here people are trained to become Mentors, helpers, and everybody will get his/her own Mentor, when
s/he turns to Humania.
And the essence of the MentorTrainING is the continuously given feedback upon measurements.
In all social situations az option list is put on your screen, where you can chose free:
You will have options of competitive model — if you chose this one you will have a place in outer
leyers of Humania
And if your choice reflets cooperative attitude, you will be put nearer to the center of Humania.
People in different structural places use different technologies and have different options.
And we don’t make you hurrier: you can spent as much time at any levels as you want.
You will have your choice in any situation by your own well recognized interest.
Such options come to you when you get a new Humania technology. For using this technology you
pay Royalty of your own choice. You will get interest-free loans what you pay back with a percentage
of your income by your choice.
We see your choices, and they indicate where you are at the competition-cooperation scale.
At the center of Humania we live in a community of goods. Only those people can get into here who
live for each-others support.

There is no equity at any level in Humania. This is not a democracy at all. People are very different,
and we build upon that: in a living body the cells of liver is very different than the cells Organization
Development heart-muscle, or the neurons of the brain-cortex. These cells are built into the
appropriate organ upon their speciality, and the organ can serve the whole body with very important
partial function.
When you come towards the centre of Humania, then we ask you, measure you, who you are: cell of
the liver, of heart-muscle, or brain — or you might be an absolute unique category you are the
monotype of?
The high technology system of Humania makes possible that people here do the creative jobs of their
free choice, so we allow ourselves that luxury that everybody dos what s/he wants. How does it sound?
In your computer you will get the information every day, what new projects are forming, and upon
data we gain from your continuous testing we organize you into WorkGroups, that are most fitting to
your talents, personality, interest, skills, goals.
If by any chance you arrive to Humania without knowing who you are, what are your talents, and what
is it you want, then you will get into the ProfessionBuildingTrainING program, and you will go to
exploration projects, and you will get feedbacks continuously to find out the MappING of your talents.
Therefore you will have a quite accurate self-knowledge, and we would also see clearly who you are.

You may ask:
But how is it possible to organize all these?
Response: Well, it is not that much easy: we need to develop software systems continuously for
distribution of goods, resources, people, skills, etc.
Organizing a society is a very serious profession: it needs integrated knowledge system of many
people’s work, and knowledge.
All questions are professional ones. And we need adequate models, knowledge, and identification for
treating them:
We don’t use politicians for this purpose, that we would change in every forth years or so, to ensure
that the newcomer would be a layman.
All the paths are open for you: you can learn anything.
Science is the leader in a fair society.
It is not enough to imagine the fair society in principles.
It is not enough to draw the working model of the fair society.
It is not enough to develop the InfoCommunicationTechnology system of the fair society.
We need to build the bridge that would lead to the fair society: Humania from today’s existing
societies, from countries of Earth.
Since the Humania technologies are very effective ones, the Royalty system might pump enough
money to the bridge of Humania in order to let all the people there start their walking from the land of
scarcity to fairness.
How long time will it take to walk all through this bridge is a subject of personal experience.
It is possible to live on the bridge forever, and use money and stuff…
                  Write me three sentences that were the most important to you as you read the poem
                      Write me your ideas and need, what this poem that you have just read should do!
                      I will build your feedback into the HumaniaMethods.
                      With your feedback you will take part in a testing process, where your level of
VulgOrigIntelligence will be tested. We will see how much you say in your three sentences, and what
others also say, and how much you are a creative unique personality.
                      The level of vulgarity and originality, and the two combined togtehr, would be
important parts of your self-understanding, upon which you can build your professional development
plans. Your sentences would be integrated by Humania Mentors. If you don't know anybody else, send
it to me at
        BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics: the IdentityEvolutionModel
               The BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics in sciences and in close human relations
In this chapter I am going to show you that basic law, by which you might undestand the stories of
human history, the problems and contradictions of contemporary society, the impasses of the
development of the human personality, all the psychological problems, the decrease of intelligence,
and many other questions connected to humans and their world.
What gives explanation to all these is called the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics or
This law gives an explanation to human individual and social phenomena: and it points out the
mistakes and delusions of sciences, products, and functional experiences of organizations.
This law predicts the basic characteristics of the next step, and one step further of the development of
On the base of this law I designed the IntelligentSociety and CelestialEmpire society structures.
On the basis of this law you also can design a lifestyle for yourself, where all of the cumbers around
your neck go away, you will blossom, get bright, and find optimal people for yourself, when you enter
into the course of Humania MentorTrainING.
As a summary I can give you that the IdentityEvolutionModel is the most important scientific model
of all, and it serves as a basis for all of our knowledges about the world.
Additionally the conceptualization of this law is a typical product of VulgOrigIntelligence: Everybody
knows it, and nobody has recognised its importance and role truly, so far.
It is highly probable that this VulgOrigIntelligence feature of this law will cause the bigest difficulty in
understanding it deeply, expect in case if you have a very high VulgOrigIntelligence. You might say:
―Why is this whizz-bang?! It is absolutely banal, I have been knowing it since…‖ — and if at this
point you lose your inertia, then this train might has gone. If you catch it, and you get in it might lead
you to the CelestialEmpire of knowledge realm. So, hold on the block-train is just about to depart!

I have already told you briefly what is this IdentityEvolutionModel is all about: It is about that human
relationships develop slowly within levels, and with jumps in between levels, both in case of two-
persons relations and in social relations.
We are made as humans that we were born after a long pregnancy as a self-helpless infant, and it takes
25 years, a very long time while we need parental supports. This alone means a great deal of sociality.
Besides this we can only survive amoungst very narrowed life-conditions: mostly between 20 and 25
Celsius temperature, applied with a great amount of diversified food to eat full of special vitamins.
Since we learn our patterns of behavior from each-others, these patterns — like eating, housing, mate
selection — are given to new generations as culturaly inherited memes, similarly to genes, and they
will determine our behaviors for a long time. We make a growing number of tools in more and more
integrated social organizations for our lifes.
The form of living and the culture changes slowly, but the happenings of human relationships
simetimes change very quick.

Isolated groups follow different cultural traditions, and those who got further away differ so much —
after a while as if they belonged to an other species.
Humans are equipped with such body features that could easily mean life-treatening danger to others.
By making weapons, guns this danger could multiply.
These days we live in a world where our fellow human can be the source of all the good and bad, life
and death, well equipped,
It is an enormous ambivalence that makes us connected.
How can we dissolve this?
With the phasic development of relationships.
This is what BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics is all about.
If I don’t know anything about you, than I start form that you are potentionally life-danger for me, so I
prepare to defend and to attack.
If we could survive this phase somehow, then our relationship could be better slowly, and if we stay
together for some special reason, by the end we could be in so good relationship, like a mother with
her child, we feed, protect, defend, coddle, care, and love each-other.
In between these two extremes our relationship doesn’t change continuously, but in jumps, in phases,
in levels: altogether we see five characteristic relatively stable relationships in this development.
This is described by the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics.
For understanding this phasic development, we need to see that phenomena why phases are being
Phase in the course of development of our relationship means that we are in not any way good
relationship, not all the distances feels okay with you, but there are characteristic relationship-feelings
that fit.
At the beginning of our relationship, when we are aliens, I approach you with negative feelings, and I
expect bad intentions in your side.
When our relationship develops, my bad intention and suspicious feelings decrease, and slowly good
intention, kind, loving positive feelings grow instead.
This is shown on the drawing below: this would be the case if there were no phases, and we would
continuously improve our relationship.

From this drawing you can see that the ambivalence, the mixed good and bad feelings reaches its
maximum at the middle part of the development of the relationship.
Since my mood is connected to yours, this smooth line of getting into a better relationship becoms
curled: dips and knobs grow on it, because of the ZeroLawOfSocioCybernetics:
             The ZeroLawOfSocioCybernetics — The SelfFulfillingProphecy
Tit for Tat — Like master like man
If I’m barking at you, probably you are barking at me back, if I’m very kind with you, I will get
kindness in response.
If my preassumption is that you are envy with me, but you try to keep it in secret, then I behave with
suspiciousness, I keep asking you, I my way in asking, I remain silent at certain points, I give you
ambagious answers; and as you sense this that I am suspicious, close, my intentions are not good,
probably you will be suspicious, too, or you keep distance, maybe you feel envy.
As you can see on this picture:

1.                                                              2.

What I predict, what my expectation is, I will provoke that, and that will be my experience thereafter.
My predictions and prophecies are getting fulfilled, because if they didid’the, I stay, and force it.
This is the law of SelfFulfilingProphecy.
Whis is it so?
All interactions create relationships, and determines the energy-level of people involved, and limits the
energy-level the partner can respond.
The relationship defines the options of patterns, partners chose from in the course of message-
If cuffing is the case we chose from the set of biffs, if there is a philosophical colloquium, we chose
from a set of philosophical sophistications, if there is a competition than we chose from a set of status
If I live in one special kind of relationship, this relationship is with me day and night: with my
coulagues, with my sweetheart, neighbour, my doctoral thesis, everywhere.
What we call scientific laws, theories, the knowledge levels decribed by the pioneers of science are
determinded by the human relationships of these pioneers.
Because nature responses to questions humans have put to her, the manner of the answer is already
determined in the manner of the way the question is put on. Since the nature is a living ecosystem that
consists of all the relationship options like in human society, so when we ask with aggression, we will
get a response also with aggression.
A human, living in competitive relationships sees competitive laws, when he seeks for the origin of the
species, or the basil laws of mechanics, or the coordinate axes of mathematical space.
Nobody is able to put on a question that has no origin in the atmosphere of social relationships, even in
the abstract world of physics, philosophy.
So here comes the ZeroLawOfSocioCybernetics in a generalized philosofical formulation:
The social existence determines the mind, and the mind determines the social existence.
The determination is mutual: this is a PositiveFeedbackingSocioCyberneticSelfRegulation
All theories will be proven for its author and his/her followers through this SelfFulfilingProphecy.
Therefore all author’s every scientific descriptions and models reflects his/her human relationships at a
first place, and only on the second place, in the gaps of his/her prjudices might reflect some portion of
reality, if there is any gap at all.
The SelfFulfilingProphecy gives endless possibility for pitfalls: our minds, our models determine and
create our experienced realities.
This is why the line of the development of relationship changes the way it is shown here:

The two lines that indicates the development of our relationship becomes curly:
There are five holes on the line that shows the decrease of bad intention, and there are five bosses on
the line of increase of good intention of relationship at the same locations.
These five locations are called the five levels of relationship.
What the holes mean on the line of bad intention:
The first hole indicates, the A level: when the atmosphere between us is very negative, but it becomes
permanent and stays then it becomes an Aggressive relationship. And in the Aggressive relationship
we can feel some good comparing to the siple one-time aggression: We can forecast it, it is familiar, I
know what you will do, and my own behavior is not a probleme for me. The tradition of patterns of
aggressive behavior is a cultural heritage.
This is why we see a hole on the red line of Bad intention at the A level relationship: so it indicates
that those who wrestle are giving some good besides the pain: they are hugged by the other: this is
why the violet line shows a boss on the same place.
Since the culturally herited patterns of the SelfFulfilingProphecy causes five holes on the line of
decrease of bad intention and five bosses on the line of good intention: and these indicates that there
are five channels for human behavioral patterns. This leads to lots of consequences.
Let’s see how!
              A-level: the Aggressive, the enemy-making relationship
If I don’t know anything about the other human I’m going to meet, I need to assume the worst about
If I have no idea who s/he is, what is his/her social layer identity, what s/he wants, what is his/her
immediate motivation in the situation, what is his/her present state of mind, the I need to start from the
point that s/he can be a life-danger for me.
In all cultures the growing-up humans learn that those fellow-humans whom we don’t control, whom
we don’t know, is a doubtful, dangerous, we have to be afraid of him/her, we have to attack him/her,
hev him/her disarm, we have to do everything getting to know his/her intentions, his/her emotional
state, his/her identity.
It is the same in all cases of animals that are equipped with weapons, strong teeth, claw, beak.
Humans have developed their attacting-defending weapons into a very high, technological level,
acting from a distance.
This is why the potential danger of the other person have grown enormously.
It also became obvious that the aggressive, mad state of consciousness can be as long as years, and it
can spread out amoung people, like viruses.
If somebody has got to a mad murderer emotional state, not too much can be done with him/her, but to
win over him/her with an counter-attack, paralize him/her or kill him/her.
So my outermost layer, my bigest distance relationship with you is the A-level relationship:
On A-level I show my weapon towards you, you armour yourself, too.
You show your fear as a response to my anger, and your response-aggression to my aggression: we
As you can see on this picture:
Our emotions are shown in the colour red.

Generally we see that the broken free aggressive state ereases all of knowledges, empathy, resonance
and morality.
In the hourmonal state of aggression, only those abilities are ready for usage that got there in earlier
aggressive states: the rest of the learned things are closed off.
Those who had aggressive attacks in their childhood live their lives all around aggression.
What can you do, if you notice that it is easy for you to get angry?
Someone who is getting into the aggressive state uses to say: Attend, because I might got mad and
then I don’t controll myself!
So in aggressive states we feel that this is an ongoing, elemental behavior: We can not do too many
reasonings, but we beat, bite, claw, and shoot. Of course we see aggressors with cold head and
balance, who have already processed their original aggressive, attacking mood, and they have a
precisely worked out plan to attack maybe kill. Abhor movies shows this.
How can I notice that somebody is a mad aggressor? How can I defend myself?
This way: If you always have it in your mind that amoung unknown aliens anyone can be an aggressor
at any time.
How can it be that a whole country, or the big portion of the inhabitants of Earth gets into a state of
mind that they decide the attack with weapons, killing them as an optimal attemt of solution to
When we feel ouselves attacked, then the counter-attack seem to be the only solution. When you begin
the fight you might have a bigger chance to win, and survive the situation.
To maintain the aggressive relationship you need to have a basic myth: the other is an enemy, with bad
intention, and if I don’t attack s/he will attack you, and there is now other possibility to solve the
problem in the situation, but attack and demage the other.
You can only talk to an aggressive human in the language of aggression, because the other places
himself/herself outlaw, and that assignes me to do the same.
What is the difference between a killing anger, a mass murder with high-tech tools, and the every-day
quarrelings of sposes?
In the later event we can see some breaks, in our attacks we seldom go over a certain level,
accidentally in most cases. So we set up a set of boundaries — with mutual agreements — and the
aggressin is part of our average axperiences only within these boundaries.
This allowable level of aggression is the determining agent the layers in society separate themselves
upon: you don’t want to be together too long with those who allowe moch more aggression on a more
brutal level than you.

What does the aggression mean exactly?
Pontosan mit jelent az Agresszió?
In this book the Aggression, with capital A, means an aggressive relationship: a permanent
relationship, where you have the silent contract with your partner, that you will be harmful to him/her,
you make dander to his/her health, decrease the chance to survive, you use physical or psychological
coercion, causing pain, suffering, frustration.
Some examples how the positive features can increase in an A-level, Aggressive relationship:
      It’s so good that you are, there is somebody to beat, because a lot of anger makes my blood
      I have someone to berate, because I need to put a certain amount of berate onto somebody,
         because I got to use to it
      We can maintain this relationship together, because both of us are in the same weight-class,
         and the two parties are prety well balanced
Factors may cause a decrease in negative effects of aggressive relationship:
      I do my best not to hurt the other and myself too much in order to maintein our fighting
      Sometimes I feel I deserve the beats I got
      The cours of fight is already familiar to me, so I can manage my energies for each phases

These increases in positive features and decreases in negative features create two mirrored nests for
energies that direct our behaviors.
We can call the energy that direct our behavior: ego-strength. The ego-strength is shown with small
balls on our figure. There are two different kinds of them: A heavy redish ball that rolls on the red line
of bad intention, and a violet baloon that flies up on the violet line of good intention.
The heavy ball is captured by the hole, and the baloon is captured under the boss. The smaller the ball
of ego-strength is, and the wider and deeper the holes are, the more energy is fixated in the process.
This is called CharacterFixation.
The CharacterFixation means that we don’t chose free from many possible godd-intention – bad-
intention ratio, but we are fixated in A-level relationship, az it is shown on this figure:
The fixated ego-strength balls can be called SelfImages. On the red line, the ball in the hole of the
relative negative-feature decrease is called NegativeSelfImage. On the violet line, the violet baloon
ball under the boss of relative increase in positive features is called PositiveSelfImage.
The term SelfImage indicates that the bad- and good intentional emotions directing human behaviors
are fixated into permanent character features, like you are an angry, easily pissed up fellow.
Once this picture have been formed that will direct the behavior, saying: now I am angry because I am
an angry person.
From this figure you can see that the A-level CharacterFixation means a connected PositiveSelfImage-
NegativeSelfImage pair.
The level of negative energy, stored in NegativeSelfImage you can read from the plumb red axe, that
is about 75%. You can read the amont of positive energy stored in PositiveSelfImage from the violet
plumb axe, that is about 25%.
The arbor connecting the two balls of NegativeSelfImage and PositiveSelfImage is a representation of
the CharacterFixation: indicating that this connected two SelfImages mean the essence of

What do we do with the aggression in Humania?
We do the same, what we do with the rest of low-level (beyond E-level) human relationships: we
measure it precisely, showing the MappING to you as beedback, and we use the value as an indicator
of how deep you are in Humania.
We can say that if you are an aggressive pig, then you are not so deep into Humania, because we made
Humania as a country of cooperation. So if you are relating towards others not on the base of
cooperation, than you are not in Humania truly.
With all of your behaviors you measure yourself in Humania, and you place yourself into az optimal
              B-level: Bureaucracy, the normative role-relationship
Aggressive relationship stays with people until one party gains a crucial dominance of power, tools, or
alliances for introducing rules, laws, moral normatives with treatening of hard punishments.
When rules roles and rule-keeping behaviors become controlled inside, groups pay attention to their
members keeping the normatives of the society, then human relationships become B-level ones.
We call this level Bureaucracy, because we expect that people behave according to unchable rules,
norms, and it will solve the aggression problems of Humania relationships.
It is a very bad experience when we see the others being bad-intented and aggressive. This is why we
set in the rule of ―don’t kill‖.
We need to kill all those who don’t eant to keep this rule, because than s/he is not our kind of humans.
Those who are our kinds all accept this rule. Who don’t keep these rules precisely will get
punishments. Mainly punishments.
The basic punishment in B-level is that you need to see yourself as guilty: you need to make a
NegativeSelfImage about yourself publicly.
If you have a NegativeSelfImage about yourself, then you will keep on having that, maintaning that, so
again you will violate some rules.
Therefore you will get punishment and humbling. And then you will see reasons why you need to have
Of course the punishments have their distributors: they are the keepers of the order. We suppose they
keep all the rules, or they are more successful to keep their violations in secret, compering to those got
The situations of human life show endless variations, we can’t keep up with them even if we grow the
numbers of rules really quick.
In evolution average bureaucratic organization the number of rules are so big that for reading them we
need to have thousands of human lifes in a row. This is why nobody attemts to read them. As they say:
―Rules and codified laws are not for keeping them, since it is impossible, but we use them for cases,
when we want to punish somebody for some reason, then we must have codified laws to quote from.
In the B-level human relationships people don’t have conversations, but they have end-wording
instead: so I don’t pay attention to what you are saying but only that when you are ending your speech,
then I can come with mine text. It is wothless attending what you are saying, because you don’t say
any important thing. Your speech has only one message: that you ensure me and yourself, that nothing
else will happen in this situation, what we both have learned that use to happen, or we expect to
happen in all of this kind of situations.
The only important happening in the B-level meetings that we ensure each-others that nothing
important and nothing exceptional will happen.
Everybody plays his/her role. Roles have complementary nature: my role fits to yours.
Our behaviors are fitting to norms, that is we behave according to the mutually known traditions of our
shared cultural layer.
The ―have to‖, ―should‖, ―must‖ are words for explaining behaviors. Responses are: ―’cose‖, ―that’s
the way it is‖, ―everybody knows it‖, ―everybody does it this way‖.
The individual is not important, or even doesn’t exist. Only role categories exist: ―A good child don’t
behave this way‖, ―I don’t want to hear bad things of you‖.
Thinking moves in categories of good-bad, proper-improper, moral-immoral. Tolerance doesn’t exist.
Penalties must be acting as a deterrent of crime sometimes, not letting people forget that we are at the
edge of A-level, meaning that if we allow things losely then hell will come.
It is forbidden to think. We don’t ask, we don’t question, we obey.
Grownups will do something up there.
Your name is ―Shut up‖.
If you pull back, and disappear in between the gray ones, then you might hope that you save yourself,
and you will gain those possibilities, as reinforcement for you obedience.
The best servent you are, when you have no idea at all how you could survive outside this regime.
The best is that you don’t know at all about the outer world.
If your dependence and bondage is total then you will be an easygoing case.
The best if you stay uneducated, unintelligent, and helpless.
The greate ones give you simple jobs, and you become a specialis of it, and you won’the be able to use
this skill elsewhere.

The B-level system shows extreme stability.
This is because its neighbouring with the A-level.
The Aggression needs so much expenses and it is so dangerous for personal survival, that the
Bureaucracy life-style means anormous ease comparing to that.
Reproducing the B-level we need to maintain a basic myth: that says that the rules of our social
behaviors derives from so high prestige humans, god-like dieties, ancestors, BigFellows, that an
average simple human has no way to change that rules.

In B-level relationship partners are quite distant from each-other, there is no personal involvment:
The interaction happens with Clothings and roles:

Roles are subjected to change seldom.
There is a great difference in social status between people.
Typicel emotions of the upper ones: proud, boast, authority.
Those who are down, have typical feelings like obedience, humility, helplessness, irresponsibility.
The main thing is the secretiveness for everybody, because everybody violates the rules: keeping them
is impossible.
Everybody has bad conscience, everybody is guilty, tense, paranoid.
Finally they give up, or got blackmailed, or reported.
Many secret wars go under the surface, that go to public sometimes.
The aggressions come to the surface shows much higher level of anger, because of former pressions.

The layer of role and clothing is one level deeper psychological level than the armour was. Th armour
is kept for the outsiders, who don’t keep the same basic rules, who are not the true believers.
All the wars are religious in nature: people are afraid of those who have different religions, keeping
different sets of rules.
The 75-80% of human relations belong to B-level on Earth.
People pay a big price for the relative order, what Bureaucracy brings to the lifes of potentially

The bureaucratic connection is a permanent relationship where my silent contrat with you is about
nothing will happen, nothing disturbing, both of us stay to those behaviors that are traditional,
familiar, expected and moral.
Examples of increase of positive factors in Bureaucratic relationship:
     It is so good that you are, because I got to use to it, we feel secure
     I have a partner, we belong to each other, and I can be in a surronding I am familiar with
     With you this relationship can stay forever, because you know what I shold do, and I know
        what you should do, and we note and feedback if any of us makes a mistake.
Examples of decrease of negative features in bureaucratic relationship:
    I know exactly who you are, if you behave according to your role, I won’the be surprised
    I obey you, because you love to be the BigFellow, and only in secret I know that you are
    I am miserable, but you wear it, because you are also miserable

The figure below shows the B-level CharacterFixation: the fixation of ego-strength enery in the pitfalls
of PositiveSelfImage and NegativeSelfImage:

The depth of the hole of decrease in negative features, the height of boss: increase in positive features,
the captured energy in NegativeSelfImage (red ball) and PositiveSelfImage (violet ball) influences the
srength of CharacterFixation:
The smaller the balls are, and the deeper the holes are, the stronger the CharacterFixation is.

Inside Humania we simplified the rules of behavior into a five pointed rule-set, called the
FairPlayContract: you will make this contract with your Mentor. The essence of it is quite simple: you
will be fair with your Mentor and others in Humania,
Everybody is able to keep in head this amount of rules.
Other rules of our behavior are put into the software system of the HumaniaMethods. They are
practical, goal oriented, cooperative. And they are subjected to development by professionals, kept by
software technologies, so we don’t need to remember them all.
              C-level: Competing and cheating, the manipulative relationship
The Bureaucracy-level of Humania relationships stay until they notice that the dependency is not total,
and the rules can be changed.
We stil behave according to rules, but we decide together who will be the ruler: who dictates and who
This is why the most important question here for you is how to get into the ruler position.
It becomes obvious that the ruler makes up the rules, and guards on keeping them in such a way that
holds more advantages for him/her than for the others. This is why a struggle for ruling power stats.
At C-level we almost communicate with each-other: I talk about my opinion that sounds like my real
thoughts: however the main function of this talk is not to inform the others, but ruther to misslead
them: make them to believe that they are receiving real information, but what you do is just the
contrary: I keep my secrets while talking, but I would like to have more ques about your strategy, your
So it is a mutual misleading, gagging, manipulation with information.
Nobody cares about the truth. After a period of doing this communication habit, nobody knows what
the truth is. You see hunting and spying instead, and you prepare for the next step

The figure below shows the psychologica structure of the C-level interaction of ―I and you‖:

So we are one layer deeper: and this is almost a face, individuality, but coloured, re-painted: so it is a
The goal of our interaction is mutual manipulation strategy: struggle for power, for the ruling role.
Our characteristic emotions are: cheating, cooling, gagging, frustration, success and failure, gain and
That communication is called game, where the manipulation is the main target for both parties.
The game is similar to the war of A-level, but here your goal is not to kill or erease the other one, but
you want his money, exploit his/her energy, skills, abilities, resources.
We play our most important games aroung money.
We want to gain profit, and good market position, and to grow.
Your main goal on the market to keep your real knowledge and resources in secret from the eyes of
your competitors.
Investors give you money when you do research that you would discover the laws of nature, but you
produce new products for the market, they can gain extra profit with.
Profit is the name of gain what you can get in expenses, and lossof others. There is no such a thing like
fair deal.
Competition doesn’t know fairness. What make a boundary around your profit-gain is stalemating.
What is important for you in C-level is the profit. All the rest is temporary importance.
Nothing can stop the wish for profit, not even that earth will die because of that. We will see:
environmental imbalance makes the necessery investitions higher, and increases the concentration of
So it is a phenomenon on stock market.

The happenings of the C-level competition are much mor interesting and exciting than the dead-water
of the B-level.
You need to stay awake here, otherwise you will be cheated soon. Everybody cheats, steals, lies.
Your goal is to make advantageous collusions, and get into the branch of the BigPlayers, and you get
your portion when they cut-up.
The real artists of C-level know exactly when and how to kollude with whom, and when and how to
end it.
The hope of winning, the frustration of loss, riding the waves are so much interesting and stressful
experiences, where participants die in psychosomatis illnesses.
The amount of ambivalence reaches its maximum at C-level: neither with you nor without you…
We stress each-others, lie to each other in private relationships, and in science, too.
Sometimes I like what I got from you, it can be advantageous, raise my ststus, some other times you
may endanger my strategy, or you want something different than me, and I don’t like it at all.
There is no resting, relax — maybe a very short time.
It is not allowed that you lose controll. You can be envy if somebody makes a bigger success, and you
can be conflicting with those who are envy with you, and they frustrate you.
All these go until you believe the basic myth of the C-level: the Myth of Scarcity.
It says: you don’t have enough money, enough anything, and you have to be busy making more,
increasing your profit.
So you just need to believe this Myth and the whole package comes together.
If you don’t,… well. Not too many people knows what comes then, because there was no next step, no
next level after C-level in human history. Frienship circles can reach the D-level and people can hold
the atmosphere of mutual esteem, equality… well until the outer world, money, envy and collusions
come in.
It is the Scarcity Myth that maintain the dependency relationships.
You will get into an unequal relationship which is disadvantageous for you, because, you feel yourself
in lack of some basic needs.
The higher the ratio of unemployed, the lower the number of good quality partnership, the higher the
imminent danger, therefore the more probably you enter into bad bargains.
At this point characteristic feelings are opportunism and revenge that leads to tilting over to A-level

The Competition and cheating relationship is a permanent connection, where my silent contract with
you says: expoiting the other we gain advantages in expense of the other, and we try to make
collusions and new collusions, and we communicate manipulative, so we could lead the situation
towards maximizing our gain and profit, and minimizing our expenses.
Examples of increase of the positive features in Competitive relationship:
     It’s so good that you are as a trainer partner for me to try out my artful gimmiks
     It is good to have somebody to gain profit from, helping me to get richer
     I can maintain this relationship with you, because we are about the same weight-group for
        competition, so I can collude with you

Examples of decrease of the negative features in Competitive relationship:
    When I am in a collusion with you, I am envy with you in a different way
    Keeping in head all your lies and cheatings improves your memory
    I prepare for a new gag, it is interesting how it fits to yours

So let’s see on a figure, how the energy is stored in NegativeSelfImage-PositiveSelfImage pair in a C-
level CharacterFixation:
On this Figure you see at the first time after the A and B level that the PositiveSelfImage is at higher
energy level: it means that there is more energy in PositiveSelfImage than NegativeSelfImage,
however they are almost equal, so the ambivalence is at the maximum.
This is why the fixation-strength in C-level CharacterFixation is very strong, so you see the dove,
symbolizing the hope of CharacterFixationBreakdown or the hope of enlightenment flys so low.

What do we do with the attitude of competing human relationships in Humania?
We increase the competition at its maximum: letting the best win!
We don’t measure the winning in profit, but in complex quality measuring technologies. Our most
important measurement tools are the SocioCybernetic IntelligenceTestING technologies.
Those who don’t win in one area, they can win in an other one.
Our basic assumtion here is: everybody is genius in some abilities that we are able to detect, if we
examine carefullyt structure of intelligence in a longer period of time.
              D-level: human relationship based upon Decision of free choices
The ScarcityMyth will come to an end, when people get awake, or they Decide that they have enough
from everything they basically need, everybody can have food, home and other things, and people,
they need.
Then they stop making themselves dependent on each-other. If I am not dependent on you, if I feel
that nothing important depends on you, why should I follow your commands then?
Or why wouldn’t I tell you, what I feel what I think, what I want, what is the truth?
When I discover this freedom brings the happy feelings of increased personal possibilities, liberty,
when they first meet this.
Because of this experience the individual becomes much more important for himself/herself: that
counts what I want, what I think, what I feel.
Thi is a self-centeredness, and sometimes is called narcissism, when it is fixated. The narcissistic
personality doesn’t really conect to others. S/he occupied with the job Organization Development
building himself/herself in a way that never reaches an end. S/he needt to emphases the importance of
himself/herself without giving an important value to the community.
In average situations D-level friendship can occure for a short time, but the situation of independence
and freedom can be disturbed by the scarcity, jelausy, dependency and the money, they look around
and the frienship has gone.
Let’s see the Figure that shows the psychological layers of the persons in a D-level encounter:
Here the two individuals meet together with ther fourth layer in depth: the face.
People, defined themselves free, are honest, they tell the truth and the important.
They generally speak a lot, sometimes bombastic, Declamatory.
The increased amount of speech is necessary, because agreements don’t come easily, when neither of
the partic have tendency to compromise, nor to submit.
The established relationships are easily breaking, easily ending, and people tend to become lonely and
The great individuals, great unique beings are with little bit of sorrow.
The level of Decisions is an enormous big step ahead, comaring to the C-level: People begint to get
motivation to comprehend reality, to know, to create with intelligence.
It will be interesting, when we have a chance to watch, what kind of knowledge and science will grow
up from that when people have motivation to to war, not to have prestige, not to compete, not to profit,
but to get to know the laws of reality. We han’the seen that yet.
Many comedies show funny situations, when somebody sits on a magic chair and tells the truth
bacause of that, but how it is like, when everybody tells the true, and the important, and what s/he talks
about will be created, it is really hard to imagine until you see it.
As the D-level comes to reality as a wide form of relationships, it is called IntelligentSociety.
The most phantastic experience is when the human intelligence, talent and creativity begin blossoming
in the IntelligentSociety.
And now — try it hard — imagine, how it will be, when you experience, that neither inherited
aristocracy, nor money, but intelligence will be the thing leaders are going to be chosen by, leaders
whom you love, honour, and you listen to with joy and trust…!
People, in D-level relationships have clear and fair atmosphere, not because the keep any moral rules,
but because, they have insighted, that they can live more effectively with higher level of ethics.
A true D-level personality doesn’t hold himself/herself to any of man-made rules, only to natural laws
they have got known.
The higher level one portion of knowledge gets, the more it is important for the complexity of human
living together.
This is why SocioCybernetics gets to the top of hierarchy amoung sciences.

The Decision-based relationship is a permanent conatc, where we have the contract about that we are
togeder by free choice to support each other with appreciation for self-actualization of our real-selves,
personality’s deepen needs.
Examples of increace in positive feature in Decision-level relationship:
     It’s so good, that you are, so I have someone to display who I really am
       I have someone telling me interesting and important things, and accepting mine in an adult
       I can maintain this relationship with you for a long time, because are both talented, butiful,
        clever equally

Examples of decrease of negative features in Decision-level relationship:
    I am lonely, and you are, too, but it is a bit better together
    I go close to you to that sense that I wouldn’the disturbe you, but there is someone in case you
    It is a bit sad thing that the great persoanlity is not recognized, it gives an ease if you do a bit.

You can see the D-level CharacterFixation figure — the pitfalls of the energy in the PositiveSelfImage
and NegativeSelfImage:

The depth of hole indicates the decrease of negative features — the depth of boss indicates the relative
increase of positive features, the size of red ball indicates the energy consumed in NegativeSelfImage,
the size of violet ball indicates the energy consumed in PositiveSelfImage, the heth where the balls are
located on the axes of Bad-intention and Good-intention shows the fixation level in this
The line between the two balls symbolyzes that the PositiveSelfImage and NegativeSelfImage are
bound together, and make up the CharacterFixation together.
In the D-level CharacterFixation the PositiveSelfImage is the dominant one, the NegativeSelfImage is
hidden behind. The dove indicating the hope for enlightenment flies high, and she just got through the
line-boundage of the two SelfImages.
If you really find out yourself, and you are a free personality, and independent thinker, then the only
thing you need to sole is to get yourself fed up with this.

In Humania we do not intend to go higher then the D level with our
All the rest can be grown from this, if it happens.
The D-level is noisy, lots of talk, lots of happenings are there. Generally it is difficult process, when a
D-level group grows its structure. It takes a long time to mature, to find the natural leaders in the
group. This is why it is so important that we have a double-way feedbacked technology in determining
the D-level StatusValue with ValueFormulas: First you will vote, and rank people in a given
intelligence-factor, and second you vote for the relative weight of the intelligence-factors in an
IntelligenceValuesFormula. Both of your votings are calculated according to your StatusValue.
With this technology we can achieve that the good-level people will be basic determinants, they witll
be put into leading positions, and they help the group of great individuals to get structured, which is
basically important for growing into E-level.
              E-level: the Empathic cooperative human relationship
The Empathic cooperation means a permanent alliance of people, when strong and stable reasons
make so strong boundages between them, that they continuously experience that supporting the other
or the community has greater value than satisfying ther individual needs alone.
Then individuals solute in the community, their connections to each-other strenthen, the atmosphere of
love, empathy, understanding dominate, and instead of identities of I and you the ―we‖ emerges.
In our experiences we all lived in E-level relationship: between mother and child, in the womb, in the
moments of unity of true love.

I is crutially important that the Empathic cooperation — a professional term, with capital E — can
only come to life permanently after the total development of the D-level, between free individuals.
In all other cases — as we see examples in human history — when people wanted to force communa,
or community — are ending up at the other end of human relations at A-level.
Hell instead of heaven… what we experienced when they tried to force the formation of community.
For many it is easy to mix up E-level with B-level, when compliant people ador the BigFellow, but
from the outside it is relatively easy to see that this is a relationship, which is similar to parent-child
connection, driven by status-envy, and it don’t mean real community at all.
When we give a creative task to the group without the presence of the BigFellow: they wouldn’t be
able to solve it, and when they attemt to do something with it, the group dissolves itself as a
concequence of stress.

From individuals, developing on D-level, it is impossible to form a community by outer stimuli. The
great authentic individuals resist all organizing attemts, rather they pull back to their splended
A real community that reaches the Empathic cooperation level can grow up from the slowly
developing natural hierarchy of the D-level.
On D-level the natural hierarchy can develop along the way of knowledge: since I am a big scientist or
artist with extraordinary level of knowledge and skills, and since I am absolutely sincere, I
acknowledge and follow that fellow, whom I see as bigger scientist, then I am, and in the same time I
teach my students with pleasure, my students are those, who see me as a person with bigger
It is beneficial for my intelligence development, if I maintain communication relationship with those
people whom I see similar level then I see myself. With these mates I participate in a mutual training:
we create together our community creation.
This communication-creation can grow the community of high individuals into E-level.
So the most important condition of E-level community-formation is the development of
An effective community can only form if it has a leader, and the members can be set up into volunteer
functions, to roles where they can create things in highest quality and highest mood.
Mutual creation in scientific, spiritual and material level, towards a goal that stirring to everyone,
long-term, it needs well organized jobs, with high level of interdependency, and elaborated
In this circumstance a naturally evolving leader can grow, whom everybody loves, honour, and they
see that their main task is to inform this leader, and support him/her in any possible ways in order to
let him/her doing his/her job the optimum way.
In this case similar situation emerges what we find in living organizms: organs, subsystems with
special functions emerge, that are so consistent with the services they give to others, that the organizm
can count on them in long term.
In this collaborating group a GroupBeing is being born, and if the subgroups are suficiently high
enough in numbers in order to cover most of the basic needs of human life: then these groups form an
organizmic ecosystem, and a HigherEcosystemicBeing: HEB is being formed built on them.
The members of groups can sense the GroupBeing and the HigherEcosystemicBeing that they feel that
their roles, their functions became so important for the functioning of the community, that if someone
gets off the group, they immediately substitute him/her with someone else, somebody will emerge
naturally and takes the place of the earlier fellow. So for the community the individual seems to be
eternal living.

The cooperation is a permanent connection, where my contract with you is about: I support you as a
member of our ReferenceGroup: your goal is mine, your life is deeply connected to mine.
Hence in this relationship there is no way to form pitfalls for capturing CharacterFixation energy, we
have reached what two people could reach at all. This is wat you can see on our well known figure
with the very small sized hole, boss, and balls fitting into them:

On E-level there is no more double-bind, no more ambivalence in the SelfImage, this is why we don’t
even call this PositiveSelfImage, because this term is bound to its opposite term.
The Dove has left her cage: you have reached, what a human could reach: the Enlightened state of
Then you can see all of your pathway you took in one picture — as a sitting Dove.

The essence of Humania is forming the E-level society, where members are so stronly supporting and
identifying together that they could collaborate as organs of a living organism. In such organismic
society the SocialBeing is being born, that turns on the self-regulatory software-technologies of
SocioCybernetic mechanisms. If it happens, then we could trust in future, because this self-regulatory
knowledge of life, collected all over the millions of years of evolution, and this is more usable than
what people who live in CharacterFixation societies have in their prejudice-full minds.
               The BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics in human relationships: a summary
The BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics describes the relationship of two human being: you and I, in five
levels, five transformations
A-level: When we don’t know each-other we treat the other as enemy, our relationship consists of life-
dangerous attacking and defending, if we are not able to avoid each-others.
B-level: We got into peace, when we accept bureaucratic set of rules, that are valis for both of us, and
not subjected to change.
C-level: If the rules are subjected to change, and we belive in scarcity of resources, then we compete,
struggle for power with each-other.
D-level: If we belive that there is enough of everything we basically need, then our world view will be
abundance, freedom, choice, and Decision, and we develop to individuals, and we begin to
communicate to gain knowledge.
E-level: As a result of our communications we can agree with each-other, and we develop a permanent
cooperative system, where the highest value is to support the community, and where the GroupBeing
can be born.
In the society of Humania all the five levels are represented in the form of FiveSocialGalaxyArms
The D and E level did not occure in the cource of human history, only in Humania.
Here you can see a summary Figure:

Explanation for the Figure:
The coloured circles on the Figure indicate the dominant emotion of the human relationship, they
Red: Anger, Agression: armour and weapon
Yellow: Envy, dominance and Boast, obedience
Green: Cheating, Gagging, cooler, frustration, mask, manipulation
Blues: Individuality, self-disclosure, going out, face
Violet: Community, cooperation, unity
On the tom you see me, the I (I hope…), who is the dominant, you (poor you) submit yourself to me
voluntarely. (It is a nightmare to think the other way around that you are the dominant and I am the
submissive — however it can be the case…)
(I know som people, who ―love‖ to be down as small dog, it fits to them somehow.)
When we are getting in better relationship we disclose more inner layer to each other.
On the Figure is it drawn that way, that we are getting closer and open deeper and deeper layers, and
we disclose the real motivations of our behavior.
Real bargain happens on D-level between us: I am going to tell you what I want, what I feel, and you
also communicate these, and we both decide that we want to collaborate or not.
On the Figure you can see that my intention is much clearer (to me) than yours: the background is
lighter on the upper part, the down-part is darker, however the difference diminishes by the end at E-

You can see the tools, layers, needs, myths of human relationships along the course of five level of
evolution, in the table below:

You can see this table as a summary of the whole book’s content in a condensed form.

If we connect the transformations of Humania relationships to the development of the human
personality, than we see the CharacterFixations at all the four levels at the case of an average human.
So we see the energy fixated in all the four levels below E-level, meaning that those behavioral
patterns easily got actualized causing intelligence-decrease and self-bullshitting.
An average human has enegies fixated in all levels PositiveSelfImage and NegativeSelfImage and
behaves accordingly in InterPersonalReflex situations.
This figure shows a characteristic energy-distributin in CharacterFixation:
              StateSpecificLearning and the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics
From experiences we all know very well the atmospheres of the levels of human relationships.
Our brain has 4+1 separated hormonal braines.
Our brain learns with StateSpecificLearning.
The five emotional states, described in the BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics correspond with five
hormonal states in the brain.
Hormons connected to the first four levels of relationship mean four different biochemical balances in
the brain.
When you are in A-level and in Aggressive emotional state, then what you see, feel, listen to, the way
you behave goes to the A-brain.
The knowledge, worldview of A-brain can be recolled, only when you are in A-state, and A-level
It is similar when you are in B state (envy), C state (jelausy, competition), D state (Declamatory,
Th E-state is an exception:
The Empathy-state brain has access to all the learnings of the four other brain states, too, not
only learning in the Empathy-brain-state.
This is the law of StateSpecificLearning’s formula:

Symbolic brain and colour drawings we symbolize the hormonal atmospheres:
This law expresses that only E state in the CelestialEmpire within Humania we will have the totality of
our intelligence.
So the Empathy gives a solution equation to our own brains not only understanding of other people.
On E-level you can see everything.
The hormonal states change slowly.
If you are in special hormonal states in typical parts of your life, like at your working place, it says,
and it will determine your relationships at other places, too, like in your family, with your friends.
This phenomenon gives the reason why a large society can be characterized with the same human and
hormonal relationship as in two person situations.
               The Humania FiveSocialGalaxyArms technologies and the SocialGalaxyBeing
The BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics says that Humania relation systems of societis, small groups and
large groups evolve through the five evolution levels as well as two persons relationships or relations
inside the human personality.
In the course of the Humania MentorTrainING you become an exper in SocioCybernetics, who makes
alliences with himself/herself, his/her important human relationships, and then s/he helps the
development of groups, organizations, and individuals.
If you understand the laws of all the five levels, than you are able to direct those with regulating
In your Mentor work you will help your friends in such a way that the magic effects of the spirit of
SocioCybernetics should continue over two mentee generations.
This personal and spiritual development is the essence of the MentorTrainING, and all the
technologies of HumaniaMethods you install during this TrainING will support this clear and noble
We have developed the technology system of the HumaniaMethods in such a way that it consists of
information technologies for all the five human relation systems, for all the five separated worlds.
This book is vasically about these five society-developing technologies in the five main chapters.
Naturally the E-level technologies of the CelestialEmpire are the most important ones, but in order to
use them you need to achieve serious levels: this is what the A-B-C-D technologies are used for.
First we need to accomplish the aborted parts of the inherited social mechanisms of aggressive,
bureaucratic, competitive societies.
The evolution of society all through the four lower levels are so slow, because all levels have
SocioCybernetic pitfalls that fixate the energy: the CharacterFixation mechnisms cause a lot of
disfunctions for individuals, groups, organizations societies.
We need to break the enery and people free in order to further development:
This is why first we need to accomplish the inherited historical social development for creating the
conditions of usage of the higher developed social technologies.
So in between the FiveSocialGalaxyArms technologies we find technologies for the accopmlishments
of A-B-C social development levels, and technologies for creating and regulating the D and E level
It might seem to be a big endeavour to work out the accomplishments of social mechanisms of the
long-time-existing three historical ages and of two future ages all at once.
It is a real deal, and a historical challenge.
This beginning, what I iniciated, gives a developmental program for centories, to those who participate
in the MentorTrainING.
I begun this whole development, and created mostly the MetaMethods that can be used for
These are called FiveSocialGalaxyArms technologies.
The FiveSocialGalaxyArms technologies have the OptimumMethod algorithms included that is for
finding the optimum solutions for individual, groups and societal needs at once.
The names of the FiveSocialGalaxyArms:
1. PopularMovement
2. FairKingdOM
3. CapitalPower
4. IntelligentSociety
5. CelestialEmpire

On the Figure below is a demonstration why these technologies are called galaxies: they develop and
swirl together:

This Figure shows the two sides view of the swirling colour-circle-thorus.
We use the thorus for MappING people’s data: because the adequate projection screen for our
experience is the thorus. I will write about it later on.
The thorus is a spatial form, what you can shape by you spin a circle around its attingent.
We colour the equator of the thorus with saturated colours of the rainbow that turns to black toward
one side center, and white towards the other side center. The black center is called: the BlackHolePole,
the white center is called: BigBangPole.
Th thorus presents a model for the universe, where the beginning and the end is on the same place: in
the middle of the thorus shape, where the Being located who is the center of all the experiences.
This is why the thorus is the most precize picture of God.
On our Figure you see a three spreaded crown, indicating that Humania is a kingdom, and the Triarch
triad and the IntelligenceHierarchy of the society guarantee that a living entity, a Being can live there.
To give life for the HumaniaBeing is so much important, because, we can trust that such a Being will
do more for the future of Humania with her self-regulating and developing methods from evolution,
than we who inherited a lot of self-limiting prejudices of CharacterFixations.
The symbol of FiveSocialGalaxyArms on this Figur indicates that this five technologies belong to the
same organism as arms, and that they are falling into the center with their own speed: they are
integrating into the unified life of the SocialGalaxyBeing.
                     Write me three sentences that were the most important to you as you read the poem
                     Write me your ideas and need, what this poem that you have just read should do!
                     I will build your feedback into the HumaniaMethods.
                     With your feedback you will take part in a testing process, where your level of
VulgOrigIntelligence will be tested. We will see how much you say in your three sentences, and what
others also say, and how much you are a creative unique personality.
                     The level of vulgarity and originality, and the two combined togtehr, would be
important parts of your self-understanding, upon which you can build your professional development
plans. Your sentences would be integrated by Humania Mentors. If you don't know anybody else, send
it to me at

        BasicLawOfIntelligenceCybernEtics: the IntelligenceEvolutionModel
              Intelligence, intelligence-development, and the Humania IntelligenceMarket
Intelligence is your ability to form model-system about the world, and upon this — in
cooperation with others — you create social values.
All work, human interaction that produce changes, create products give us opportunities to measure
It is possible to measure the intelligence, because people create the same changes or products in
comparable surrondings or results, so we can compare individuals and groups this way.
We measure the social values of the change or product through the evaluations of humans, and/or with
objective tools, and we compare each other and rank them.
We call the social-value-production intelligence only in case if we measured it, and we used the results
to compare, to group people, and to regulate further social processes of them.

In the computer-age anormous quantity of data are produced about the daily activities of people. We
see these data as measured intelligence-data in case if we use them for comparison of achievement
levels of people.
Intelligence is your social-value production-ability, exactly measured.

The data of a shopping in a food-store is traditionally used for indicating the necessity of ordering of
the transports of new qauantities of food.
However we can use the same data for measuring the buyers’ ConsuptionIntelligence level, if we
analyze them with the algorythm of the consuption-behavior-analysis, and we draw or MappING of
these data, for letting you see the different gropupings of consumers, and we plan different actions for
different consumer groups.

We use the measurement of intelligence for the seeking algorythms of the HumanMarket.
We call all social gatherings as HumanMarkets, where people can get to know each others, they can
find the appropriate mates for creating project-groups for their projects.
From this point of you I can give an other intelligence-definition:
We call intelligence all the data that can be measure, stored in database about humans, what
people use in their data-seach on the HumanMarket.
This is why we can call the HumanMarket IntelligenceMarket, hence we search for project-mates
mostly upon human abilities and features.

On the IntelligenceMarket of Humania you can measure those of your abilities, that are useful for
people, and they search for on the IntelligenceMarket.
When we measure your abilities with our IntelligenceTestING, the rest of the people can be ranked
immediately, and drawed to MappINGs, according to their similarities of structure and result of their
IntelligenceTrainING to your results.
We call the structural similarities of results of IntelligenceTests Rezogence.
Rezogence = rezonating intelligence

Our IntelligenceTests have many results.
All of your movements are characteristic to you, all of your minor jobs, major creations charaterize
you more or less.
We calculate complex main factors of intelligence from the simple test results or observed features.
We calculate the IntelligenceValue with a similar formula than the weighted average, and we call it:

   w1v1 + w2v2 + w3v3 + … + wivi + … + wnvn
V= ————————————————

wi = the weight of the ith factor
vi = the scale value of the ith factor
We transform the test results into the -100 +100 range, where -100 is the lowest result occures in
Humania, +100 is the maximum result in Humania, and 0 menas the Humania average.
When you are searching partners into your project you weight the test factors’ wi weights.
As a result you will all the tested people have result calculated with your weighted ValueFormula.
As a consequence tested people will rank according to your IntelligenceMarketDemand.
So it means a easy way to find the most appropriate people for you, with a guaranteed result.
It might be obvious, that you can only seach and rank people with this method, in case of
IntelligenceTests what you have already accomplished, and you understand the results from your own
experience, and you have weighted its factors for yourself.

The first big step in organizing Humania is forming the structure of the IntelligentSociety. In this
process the IntelligenceTrainING and IntelligenceMarket play central role.
The IntelligenceMarket is the Humania version of the human resource and recruitment.
The IntelligenceMarket is extremly effective, because people’s income depend on their
IntelligenceValue exponentially in WorkGroups
This is the motivation background behind getting people started on their

Intelligence is the concept of measured level of abilities of humans’ mental model of the world, and
behavior based upon the model.
It seems to be a psychological phenomenon, since it builts in your head how you see the worls, what
you think about it, and what you will do henceforth.
In reality intelligence is a SocioCybernetic concept the deepest way: when you think, you have your
human relationships and the whole human social surrondings in your head.
The basic assumption is that you couldn’t think differently than your surrondings, because your
surrondings always have very efficient reasoning for you to get you follom them: their
IntelligenceModels proved to be true and valid.
The reason behind that is the SelfFulfilingProphecy:
In social connection systems all IntelligenceModels prove themselves, because the formation of these
IntelligenceModels and demonstration of them, and all steps of the poving process are regulated by
interpersonal interactions, and the processes of group dynamics are much stronger then any other
perceptional or behavioral process, that are necessery for the validation.
Fored IntelligenceModels have social practises built upon them, and we arrange everything in our
world, according to what we think about it, and then it wouldn’t emerge in anybody that they could
think in a different way.
It is a strong pitfall, and this prosess is the reason behind that the KnowledgeSystem developed so
slowly in the course of human hystory, except some short periods, when we saw, that if we are able to
dissolve this fixating mechanism , the development of intelligence could increase several thousand
times of its usual speed.
This is why to undersand the SocioCybernetics of the intelligence-processes has a crucial importance.
Our future depends upon this: the question is whether we can find a way out from the pitfalls of the
very low-level fixated intelligence and identity with suicide danger.
Our big task in Humania is that help people’s mind and heart, who were raised up in collective
stupidity an low self-esteem, get to their proper place, and get the fantastic intelligence, what we have
capacity and Internet communication tolls equipped for, to blossom.

In the process of IntelligenceDevelopment many factors are interwoven, this is why it is so complex:
     1. personal experiences and personal IntelligenceModel development
     2. to what stimuli you are exposed by your immediate surrondings
     3. what questions they raise up
     4. what linquistic tools they supply for your thinking
     5. what ready-made IntelligenceModels they handle over
     6. in what level of identity-relationships
     7. how coherent these models are
     8. and how broad ranges of phenomena they are valid
     9. what you will do with these IntelligenceModels: leave them unchanged, or you develop them
     10. you also spread these IntelligenceModels: to whom, in what circle, in what level of identity
     11. how strongly arranged the SocioCybernetic self-regulations of the SelfFulfilingProphecy’s are

For understanding this development, let’s see what is the relationship between intelligence and
              The ZerothLaw of IntelligenceCybernetics
IntelligenceCybernetics is an engineering science that can build you a surronding where the speed of
your intelligence-development learning would increase to its optimum.
In Humania you don’t go to school, but you take part in LifeLongLearningProgram of
IntelligenceCybernetics. Learning and working here are basically the same process.
Since all the daily rutines, hard works, dully jobs are made by machines, and people do only the
creative work.
You can do work, which produce creative values, in case if you renew yourself continuously, your
intelligence grows continuously.
You can work on such a wat that produce values only in case if you renew yourself continuously, and
you grow your intelligence continuously.
According to the traditional view, the intelligence increases till the 25th year of life-span, till 35 it stays
the same, and it will decrease with accelerating speed.
As all the models about humans, so this model also improves itself by the SelfFulfilingProphecy
In Humania, supported with IntelligenceCybernetic technologies and surrondings, human intelligence
increases with an acceleratining-accelerating speed, in the course of human life.
This opens a totally different life-perspective for humans, whaen instead of dull, cut-back helpless old
ages, you face an unfolding, blossoming career in your youth. It’s worth living for.
In order to get your life-stream flow in this accelerating intelligence track, toward an incalculable level
of abilities: you need to furnish it accordingly.
I designed the IntelligenceCybernetics technologies for leading your intelligence-development towards
the track of ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment.
In order to understand this process, we need tocheck the basics of IntelligenceCybernetics!
Naturally the IntelligenceCybernetics is an exremly complex and abstract science: Think about it, how
a man, who begin to construct a machinery that will lead others to higher territoty of intelligence,
anybody has achieved so far, needs to have a brain.
I must telly about this, that certanly I am not a man with that brain. And at this moment I even don’t
belive that I could handle that amount of brain in my head, or any other people could: this is the
intelligence of the BigBrain. And I can maximum reach the point today — if I really work hard — that
I can comprehend those thoughts that the BigBrain produce. This is something…
The BigBrain is that projection of the central nervous system of the HigherEcosystemicBeing, that can
be connected to, as a result of a conscious training (e.g. BigBrainMeditationTranING), and multiplies
his/her own intelligence with, and gains such knowledges that are beyond the scope of his/her personal
sensations and logic.

When my friends — whom I consider really brainy — told me that I am the cleverest human they ever
met, then I begin to think about it: Let’s suppose I am the cleveres human on Earth… What is the job
and obligation of the cleverest human on Earth? Th answer was given inevidently from the question:
The job of the cleverest human on Earth is to create that intelligence testing and training technology,
that will give precise rsults specially in the highest range of intelligence, and give feedbacks and
training axercises accordingly.
The reason why this is the job of the cleverest human on Earth is, because noone else could create this
intelligence testing that would be a good tool in high ranges. And in the same time this testing and
training tool has an enormous value, because the future of humanity and the bigest developments can
come from the exceptional gifted people.
And if the cleverest human find or grow a human who is cleverer then him/her, then s/he will give
him/her the corona of the ―BrainKing‖, and also the leadership role in the WorkGroup working on the
intelligence-testing end developing tool, and also the leader role of the IntelligentSociety.
This is exactly what I did. And I am going to tell you what I have reached so far; this whole book, and
the whole HumaniaMethods informatic system is all about this. This is the technology of raising

For designing the technologies of IntelligenceCybernetics I started from the basics of learning.

The ZerothLaw of IntelligenceCybernetics, which is the source of all the rest, says:
You learn what you develop perceptual and action models for, and what you can assure that you
will get specific feedbacs that your models work: you can reach your goals with.
You basically receive your models from others, and you validate them.
The validation process means a usage of your models where it becomes evident to you that the model
is valid, usable, and the social leyer and human relationships what you produce and reproduce for
yourself with this model-system fits to your self-image.
So I built the information technologies of the Humania TrainING upon this ZerothLaw of
The TrainING — with this written form — means the IntegralNetworkGroupING technology, wher
we use the developing catalysts of the group as IntelligenceDevelopment tool.
In our TrainINGrooms all of your steps in the training will be observed by the other members of the
TrainINGroom, and they give you feedback is spoken words, on MappINGs.
Since your freshly learned skills are beedbacked so accurately, and since you will become feedbacker
soon, the ZerothLaw of IntelligenceCybernetics are used extensively, and specific feedbacks are given.
We need this very effective IntelligenceDevelopment technologies, because the space between the
brain of an average human in Humania and in a common surrondings is huge and increasing.

So let’s see how the intelligence develops!
              A. Level: AccountingIntelligence — MeaningMappING
Sometimes it happens that you encounter a phenomenon, that you don’t have any idea what it can be.
You even don’t know, whether you can call it phenomenon.
In such situation touches you, because you can grasp and identify the majority of things in a fraction of
a second, this is why this kind of situation is disturbing, and it makes a chaos in you.
In case of chaos everybody tries the ancient way, what a newborn baby does: s/he tries out those things
what s/he already knows, as a reaction, to experience that maybe one of them will work and will make
some order in things.
If something changes upon your reaction, and you will get satisfied afterwards, and your success-
response will be learned, and if the event will repeat itself several times, and your speech, and
linguistic thinking develops in the meanwhile, we can say soon, that you have some concept about the
The first intelligence-development level continues until from the state of chaos you develop your
concepts with the help of trial-and-error learning, and you develop a conceptual order in your head.
The concept is a word, sign, symbol, that you can use for identifying an event, that you already formed
a response.
In the course of their development, the concepts grow hierarchic connections in our head and in social
This structure-making happens this way, because our behavior also develops a hierarchic order.
In a dictionary that shows a figure about the etimologic relations of concepts and meanings, we would
see a hierarchic figure like this:

Concepts that are similar in their meanings are drawn close on this Figure.

That part of the intelligence-development, where we develop the concept without naming it is called
gestation. We don’t know too much about this phase, but it becomes more and more important in
Humania, because with using the MappING we turn to use our non-verbal intelligence abilities, and it
makes possible to grasp and use this phase.

If the situation is brand new it frequently happens that you need to create new concepts. You give
names to the phenomena, then you begin to fell yourself in security with them.
If you don’t have any idea about lightning and thunder, and you call them ― The Fury of the Evil
Forces‖, then you tune your brain within the meaning of the used concepts and prejudices. This is why
naming is very important action.
The most useful is when you use neutral easy-to-remember, words with sharp menings.

In this book I use many new concepts.
The reason beind that is that because of the topic of the book I needed to reconceptualize our everyday
experiences in a new scientific approach.
You might see many of my concepts as commonsence words, but along the way you can realize that
these words get new meanings in the context of the book.

I asked my friends and new acquaintances: If you hear the word ―Humania‖ what comes to your mind?
Here comes some responses:
     This is a country, where humane humans live
     This is a humanized world
     This is a country of gentle men
     Some manic, little bit foolish guys got together
     This is a country-wide database for human resources
     It is a shopping center, where you can get all, what you need

    From the responses I knew that this is what I want to say, and this is already in the head of people,
    I just need to put some precise order in it.
    I also asked the concept of SocialGalaxyBeing, what is the subtitle of this book. Here comes some
             o It is a star-system composed from many stars, where somebody lives in. It is similar to
                 an octopus
             o It is a gigantic-sized society, and everything falls to the center, and this makes it living
             o It is a wirlpool of revolutional forces in society, that are living and important ones
So I see that a mind under stress can suface things from the depth. So I became courageous to use
long, composed words, as you can see it.

The level of conceptual development gives the level of intelligence within the Accounting Intelligence
If the graph of mutual defining meaning of concepts shows a main concept that contains more
developed IntelligenceModels, then this higher level spreads to the concepts connected this main
If your concepts have average clarities, and their definitions are punctual, then your thinking has a
easy-to-handle ingredients, and you have a chance that your thought composed from these concepts
will also be clear and usable ones.

We have some IntelligenceTests that exaines your concepts, their clarity, and elaboration level.
The order of concepts make the A-level of IntelligenceDevelopment: if your intelligence developed in
the A-level you can give accounts from phenomena: giving names, concepts of it.
If I hear many of this type of accounts from you, and I can see you acting in the same time, slowly I
will have an image abot your conceptual hierarchic order in your head.

In some of our IntelligenceTests we use the MeaningMappING, for example to describe and calrify
the character features of humans.
The Figure below is an exaple of those. It contains a sample of negative features, that are used for
describing the behaviors of people with each other in interactions.
These feature-concepts are characterized with the distance on the MeaningMappING. The colors beind
the words help you to feel the global atmosphere of areas on the MeaningMappING.
The 9 main areas on the MeaningMappING shows the areas of the 9 CharacterFixationTypes. I will
return to them later on.
   hating                                                   butterfly             bludgeon                                                                 annihilator
                          pushing away                                                 egoist
                                                                           hyperactive                   hurrier        tumble
     flowing                            pulling about                     pressing                                                               distance-keeper
                                          possessive             angry
                                              press forward                  brainish
                                fling away                               awkward                                     hard                       restless

                       cold                               dependent          turmoil                                                           lonley wolf
                                                                                                                   cross chaotic
                                                    disinterested averse               laud                                 noisy

        crispy                                                                                tearing
                              depressing                                                        witless
              demanding                                                                        lonley                          provoked
                    sniffy               piteous         discordant
                                                                  distrustful                                                       meandering
                                     disregardful                                                                                                   apathetic
                                                                                        stranger stagnating                                                   naive
                               tense                                                              tense
               staring            dark                                                                choking fallible                  conformist
                                                              abducent                                        scared                                    neutral
                                                                                                             panicky              bourgeois

                                                                                                            alarmed                                        labile

                  frozen                             aggrieved                                                                            glooming
                                                               distant                                                                   helpless

    worrying                                       precocious      addle-brained                                                                             escapist
                                                                              defendant                                       despaired
                                                adust                                     uncertain                              shieldless         feckless

      fading                                                bitter
                                                        decrepitude                                        dependent                                   funky
                                                                                                 fearful                                                   pessimistic
                                 sick                                                                                                                     despondent

                                               passive                              ossificated                                                   sleeping blue

Using these MeaningMappINGs you will gain an overview about the happenings of human
relationships, CharacterFixations, obstacles, and the solutions of pitfalls: so they are extremly useful.
The basis of their usability is that the order in heads begin with the A-level of
IntelligenceDevelopment: that is the MeaningMappING.
              B. Level: BodingIntelligence — The Correlation and the Perception of the
The IntelligenceDevelopment is put to a new machanism by the quantum leaps of the
If the human relationships change our thinking change, too.
The AccountingIntelligence is the place of prjudiced thinking: you need to know only the names of
things, and you know how to behave with them.
It is very usefull amoung dangerous human relationships, but naturally it means a very low level
The IntelligenceDevelopment can move on from the A-level of AccountingIntelligence, when we can
make an order not only amoung concepts, but amoung events, well at least somewhat.
First we can connect things in time. If two events occures together, or so close to each-other that they
meet in your short-term memory, then you make connections between them.
In language you can express this connection with conjective particles, like: if… then, since this,
because that…
Naturally this doesn’t mean real logical connection, but rather it’s linguistic tradition: the way, people
connect things.
According to this: we call explanation those sentences, that you pronounce with descending melody,
stopping by the end, and gazing with the expression on your face that the question got an answer now.
Or putting in an other way: We call explanation the situation after the ―now I — the great knower —
am expaining you — the little unknower — the thing‖ - rite.
At this intelligence level you give explanation for things, not only names. Explaning needs longer time
then naming, and it relates to things not one-by-one, but it also sets up connections, and it states
bodings or prescriptions for situations that might occure.
So it seems that the development in IntelligenceCybernetics goes parallel with and deeply connected
to the development of identity and human relationships described in the
BasicLawOfSocioCybernetics. This is why I similarly named the developmental levels of
IntelligenceCybernetics with the A-B-C-D-E letters, but here the meanings of letters are different.
Identity determines the level the intelligence can develop within.
Defining the subject in a sentence will influence deeply what predicates can stand by it.
The IdentityTransformation describes the development of the subjects in your sentences, while the
IntelligenceDevelopment describes the development of predicates.
The logic of BodingIntelligence is connected to the B-level Identity relationship, where commands
and expectations are being communicated, as explanations: this goes this way… That’s it.
Explanations at this level include authority-principle: this is so, because this is told by the BigGuy,
written in the BigBook.

This book — if you use it with the traditional reading technology — helps you thinking till this second
level. If you spent enough time with it, you will comprehend and sythesize its statements and chapters
into a coherent unit, then you might also take few steps on the third IntelligenceDevelopment level.
The style of this book is similar to the classic ones, where you can find cathedral utterances: this is so,
because I said so. You have one thing to do: you memorize what I am saying, and repeate them back
when you will be asked. Thinking is unnecessary: you don’t have any thing to think about. In things
there are no logics, but connectedness. Things are connected because the BigGuy said so. That’s it.
You need to define yourself little and silly in this system, who doesn’t have anything else to do just to
follow the instructions of the BigGuy, or the BigBook. Is it clear, isn’t it?

In the course of the development of BodingIntelligenceModels, when your concepts are clear, and you
validated their usage with people in the situation, you have the opportunity, to describe the whole
situation, pointing to the correlations, emphesizing that which parts of the event is correlated and
which parts are not.
So the BodingIntelligenceModels give you opportunities for indicating bodings, forecasts,
Knowing some elements of events you assume the presence of the rest, and your assumptions will be
proved by your experiences.
If you are a good observer, your description is a vivid one, others can imagine the event upon listening
to it.
Specially if you draw a connected graph picture about it, like this:
We have developed several IntelligenceTests that examines the correlation with the SocialBeing, as a
feature of the level of the BodingIntelligenceModels. We unfolded many factors from the
BodingIntelligenceModels, and we set up the VulgOrigIntelligenceTest, what we already mentioned in
this book several times.
The VulgOrigIntelligence is a Boding-level Intelligence, where your the accurance of your boding is
examined in comparison with some leyers of society.
If I show you ten squares with different colors, and you put them in an order according to your tastes
of lakies and dislikes, then your sequence can be compared with the sequence of other tested people,
and we evaluate the correlations as VulgOrigIntelligence scores.
If your sequence is similar to none, then you will get a high score in OriginalIntelligence. If your
sequence is similar to many people’s sequence, then you will have a high score in VulgarIntelligence.
It would be hard for you to tell me the explanation, why many people make their color-sequence the
way they do, but if you have a high score in VulgarIntelligence, that you sense the scoring algorythm
people use. So you sense the society.
We build up our models about society by the help of VulgOrigIntelligence. We know what is the
fassion in clothing, what is the trend in it, how people generally feel themselves, what behaviors are
excepted, and what speed you can open yourself in a new relationship.
But in most of the cases it is very hard for you to have a real feedback about your assupmtions in
everyday circumstances.
In our VulgOrigIntelligence training you will get very punctual feedbacks about how punctual your
assumptions are about many people, or some selected people or groups.
Our experiences show that in the levels of VulgOrigIntelligence and its change upon feedbacks there
are hundredthousandfold differerences.
So we found that many people have very low level of BodingIntelligence on the field of social-life
assumptions, and few people have very high abilities here.
The training of BodingIntelligence based upon this model: In cycles you make assumptions about
people, and you will get feedbacks on MappINGs.
You will find that your intelligence-level will increase in some factors after this MappING feedbacks,
and you will see factors where your development much slower. Almost there might not be factor in
between this two extremes, somehow.
In that factors where your learning is slow, we might find an active slowing down mechanism, what
we call: CharacterFixation.
Seeing thos have a crucial importance in your life.
              PopularMovement technologies
The technologies, what we call PopularMovement technologies, are tose that are based upon A-level
human relationships.
The first meaning of the PopularMovement term: This is the cell wall around Humania, where people
move while they think about coming or not coming to Humania.
This meaning of PopularMovement consists of popularity, simplicity, rough solutions:
We need to do something with these at the borders of Humania.
Let’s see what we can do wit agression!
In classic set-up the A-level is the war: the life of one human is built upon the death of the other one.
In everyday usage the A-level technologies are those what we use for torture oneself and others. Those
are widespread.
In Humania we don’t aim to encourage people to torture each other, rather our goal is to give them
tools for surviving torturing situations in their lifes, and that they could shift the situation into a less
expesive SocialGalaxy technology.
In an A-level fight the winner will be that one, who shift to higher developed human relationship
sooner, I dare say to E-level: who realize that it is waste of time to fight against the other one, bacause
she wants to do the same as I do, and s/he struggle against me, because s/he senses that I want
something different, than s/he wants, and this is a danger for him/her, so s/he wants it even more the
same way how he wanted originaly just a little bit.
You will learn the PopularMovement technologies in the cours of the MentorTrainING, and in all the
7 MainWorkrooms you will be familiar with the PopularMovement leyer of technologies, what we
might call Humania Marshal Art, and you will lear how to leave the fight, and how to transform the
attack or resistance into supporting forces.
To feel resistance against my action is not a natural law: In the law of nature I can see only a vivid
reaction to my action: I need to interpret this reaction, and if I interpret it as a resistance, then it will
make the reaction resistance, and if I interpret it as a supportive resource, then it will turn into an
abundance of resources.
An axiom: For all energy flow we can built a structure that leads that flow in such a way that works for
me beneficial.
So if you see resistance, it means you didn’t build a structure that could utilize the energy of that
resistance for you.
In most cases it happens because your IntelligenceModel is not developed to E-level yet: you belive
that you need to win over things.
Winning is tiresome thing, and many will lose and fail.
So a real solution for A-level is just to finish it up: and to transform its energy into cooperation.
When you are over the basic experiences on the PopularMovement technologies, you will learn the
know-hows of this finishing ups and transformations.
It gives you an enormous amount of increase in security feeling, when you really live through that you
can survive in enemy-like relationships.

All living creatures defend themselves with cell-walls against the aggressive, destroying environment.
Humania and people in Humania needs very strong cell-wall mechanism, because we are so much
different from our environment. And in energo-dynamics we always need to fit the big differences
with some mediators, in order to save the basic structure.

The second meaning of the PopularMovement term is we have a people’s movement-like effect at the
borders of Humania, that is based upon the PositiveFeedback SocioCybernetic algorithm.
This PositiveFeedback means that the cell-wall mechanism that creates a defence around Humania,
that rather sends people away: all of sudden can change to a self-accelerating mechanism in the
process of people’s joining to Humania.
This effect is very similar to that one which is known in atomphysics with atomic fission.
Until it comes to working, it is a secret. It is not sure yet that it works, because for its starting we need
to have a CriticalMass, and if we don’t reach the CriticalMass, the chain-reaction doesn’t start.
The MovemENT technology for this chain-reaction is build in to the each IntelligenceTest, and
Organization Development project.
This SocioCybernetic PositiveFeedback means that once the increase in membership begin to increase,
it will be accelerating in an accelerated way.
This system is self-regulating: we have all the necessary parts, what is needed for the HumaniaBeing,
if She wants to develop, She can.
In all the 7 MainWorkrooms of the HumaniaMethods this self-accelerating effect is built in one-by-
                     Write me three sentences that were the most important to you as you read the poem
                     Write me your ideas and need, what this poem that you have just read should do!
                     I will build your feedback into the HumaniaMethods.
                     With your feedback you will take part in a testing process, where your level of
VulgOrigIntelligence will be tested. We will see how much you say in your three sentences, and what
others also say, and how much you are a creative unique personality.
                     The level of vulgarity and originality, and the two combined togtehr, would be
important parts of your self-understanding, upon which you can build your professional development
plans. Your sentences would be integrated by Humania Mentors. If you don't know anybody else, send
it to me at
              Finishing the B-level development and the technologies of the FairKingdOM
                     B-level evolution and finishing
We call the B-level Bureaucratic system, because people accept the silent contract of setting up rules
and norms, to behave accordingly, and these codofied rules or traditional laws are not subjected to
change simply.
They set up complex meta-rules about how to change the rules.
An average citizen should know so many rules these days, that for a simple reading would take
thousands of human lefe-spans.
This doesn’t hold back the rule-makers to create hundreds of new rules daily.
The rules are rigid, everybody would know what kind of problems they will cause, well in advance,
but the rule-makers trust that people are artful, despite that the new rules would make their life
impossible, they will live somehow: of course with violations of the rules.
So the main result of this is that people are kept in threats and bad conscience.
This is a relatively good result because the rule-makers hope that the majority of people can only
handle a limited amount of threat and bad conscience. They label deviant and punish publicly,
displaying as an example, those who don’t keep too many rules or forget about bad conscience.
The B-level SocialBasicContract society creates dependent, bad-conscience, law-violating, deviant
people, and organizes a social mechanism with very low efficiency.
In this B-level societies the laws serve the following main purpuse: when the rule-maker want to set
aside somebody for political reasons, they need codified laws to quote. It is not a difficult job to find a
law-breaker, because it is for sure that everybody breaks the laws, because with keeping them it is
impossible to live.
Laws and rules are necessery in organizing a society only till the point when we begin tu regulate the
society upon the self-regulation processes of SocioCybernetic natural laws. Then a SocialBeing will be
born in this society that will regulate Her body with the inherited evolution knowledge of billion years.
The man-made laws, despite their very high number, are unable to follow the complexity of the
situations of human life.
And because these man-made-laws press down the individuality, personal uniqueness, needs, wishes
and IntelligenceModels of humans, we can see the limits of the B-level very near.
Despite of that the B-level, Bureaucratic, feudalistic and feod society has the bigest success in human
Even today the slowly developing free-market capitalism goes back to B-level monopolies in waves.
The success of the B-level society is based upon it’s a-level neighborhood. When murderer anger and
terrorism starts amoung people, only well organized armies and police-states can cope with them by
ordered murders.
And this aggressions and terrorism always show up during the capitalist development’s anomie-
The anomie is the difference between what there is and what ther should be — when it is mild, we call
it marketing strategy, when it is wild it is called terrorist war.
So the leadership of a Burocratic society works on increasing the controll over the individual.
―Chinch the halter! Don’t let this shit escape!‖ — shouts the commander in the television’s criminal
story of my neghbour.
One of the characteristic features of the B-level social-regulation-phenomenon is the tax. The tax is a
form of punishment, since everybody is motivated to tax-evasion, and to bad conscience. This process
is helped by the news about abuses of tax-money.
The leaders of the B-level are trained to their position in the context of feod commitments and
exortions, therefore their goals of taking the power position is not social goals, it is guaranteed.

So the whole B-level society system and the people in it have thousands of problems.
It makes an extra difficulty that the sub-leaders are motivated to pretend as if everything were all right,
because of their dependency. When it doesn’t work anymore then sudden collapses follow.
In Humania we want to use the benefits of the B-level development of the society: the hierarchic order
of the society, the inevitability of the roles and norms, the stabil furnishment, that we don’t want to
pay the high price what today’s B-level societies pay for it.
The human society, the cell-society, and the ecosystem of Earth have their natural laws.
Knowing these natural laws, we can build social self-regulation machineries.
Sociology, psychology, economy and other social sciences reached the point of B-level theoretical
models, because of they reproduced the B-level human relationships within their circles. A society
couldn’t produce higher level IntelligenceModels than the human dominant relationships allow them
to produce. Scientists, living in B-level society produce B-level scientific modells naturally. And these
models are good only for one purpose that is to reproduce the B-level society itself.

In the course of MentorTrainING, you will examine the knowledge models of your profession in
PeriHumania with a filtering technology, and you will integrate those models into Humania’s
IntegralKnowledgeSystem that survive this filter.
I your profession was in social sciences — which is highly probable because all professions are that —
when you critically examine and filter the applied models, you will learn to notice, what forms of B-
level scientific models people use: like rules upon dominance. There are only few of them.
For discovering the working and self-regulating laws of developed (E-level) society you need to live in
such society.
So if you have lived in Humania for a while, then you will open your eyes wide and notice the human
reality the first time.
In Humania the organization of the society is based upon the science of society’s self regulation:
It is impossible that we work out the laws of the complex human society in advance.
I wrote only the MetaMethods into the HumaniaMethods. The MetaMethods are the
MachineryManufactorerMachinery: the method of methods.
Everybody who uses the technologies of the HumaniaMethods for his/her life is educated to be its
Besedes that everybody develops the technologies, we need to ensure that it remains unified.
When you develop a HumaniaMethods Workroom, you will give your developed parts to your
Mentor, who integrates all the developed parts together and s/he gives his/her developments to his/her
The network of Mentors is hierarchic and rearranged continuously by the intelligence-level of its
Finally all the developments of our ExperSystem Workrooms are getting integrated by the
LeaderMentor with the highest intelligence, and s/he will give back the integrated Workroom to
his/her Mentees. This integrating and differenciating development happens continuously with
This is the process where you will have a chance to train your D-level intelligence: the
The Workrooms of the HumaniaMethods are built into hierarchy: finally all the Workrooms are
integrated into the ManagING workroom.
Mentors who use and develop the ManagING workrooms create the basic structure of the Humania
The ManagING workroom integrates the two main factors of the Humania social values: the
DifIntegralIntelligence and the Identity, therefore the LeaderMentor of the ManagING workroom is
the King of Humania: a s/he is the most intelligent and highest Identity Human.
So we can finish the B-level development, if we organize the hierarchic order of the society based
upon the DifIntegralIntelligence and Identity.
For this we need to have the exact definition of DifIntegralIntelligence and Identity, and we need to
measure and map them continuously.
We determine who will be the King, and what would be like the hierarchic structure of the society, on
the basis of data in MappING, and our measurement should be up-to-date, reflecting the current state
So in this method we finish the Order-creating feature of the B-level development by everybody is
educated to be developers of the social order.
And all the rules of society is made not for the way of usage through keeping them in heads, but we
put them into our computerized system of technology, and in the structure of the hiearchy of the
MentorNetwork we ensure its development and unified feature continuously.
So we create an absolute hierarchic society — as the classic ones did — except that the FairKingdOM
of Humania is a fair and moving hiearchy, and it is a hiearchy of DifIntegralIntelligence and Identity.
We didn’t see this one yet.

The optimal for of society was soon discovered in the historic evolution: the optimal society is the
The kingdom is the optimal form of the society, because one-person leadership and perfect hiearchy is
needed for a HigherEcosystemicBeing be born in a multicellular society.
To present this HigherEcosystemicBeing in the society a real King is needed: a real King is the real
leader, who is accepted by everyone, and through his main leaders the King can regulate his multi-cell
individual-kingdom very effectively without any ambivalence.
The key question in case of a kingdom, that it sould be the hiearchy by the features, important in the
process of leadership of the society.
Two main features are important in a society that determines the social value of the individual: the
subject and the predicate.
That means that your social value is determined by the values of your Identity and
The DifIntegralIntelligence is the kind of intelligence what we can see in your achievement in the
development of society-technology and in integrating of your mentees developments.
In Humania you will find you place in the structure according to your identity, and according to what
you produce and integrate in your WorkGroups.
And the King of Humania is the Human who identify himself/herself the clearest way with the highest
social role: the role of representing the HumaniaBeing in the society, and who gives the most to the
development of the HumaniaMethods.
If this Human is you, then you will be the King of Humania.

I propose to use the terminology of the old society, and we call King the first Mentor, because I would
love to heal the wunds connected to this.
The Hungarian folktales are full of the legends of the fair king.
In Humania we create a society, where it is for sure that the king is the King. This way, we can
experience that we have a good leader, who is really gifted, who doesn’t want something else, who
doesn’t want to turn this to his own advantage. He is the leader because he is the best, he is the one
worth to listen to, because he really knows… And everybody loves him and honoures him.
The role of the King is not inheriting, it is not chosen by people, but it is chosen by the
HumaniaMethods. And the HumaniaMethods ranks everybody into the fair structure of a fair society,
and it shows your level of intelligence and identity on the Map of Humania.
And the HumaniaMethods is made by us, and developed by us. It is ensured that it won’t sit to our
neck, it won’t grow higher then we are.
The road is open for you to become a King in your profession, or any abilities and personality features.

This may sound as a scifi: the traditions of scifi writers mixed the terminology of feudalistic society
and hightech.
In Humania the FairKingdOM is one arm of our social technology-system: and in this we finish up the
B-level development of the human society: and we organize the society of the perfect order. In this
society the HumaniaBeing can express Lord’sWill through the King.
We call the purpose of the King the Lord’sWill, when the majority of people follow it hundred
purpose volunterly, and so called TiltOverRegulation or DominoEffect happens.

                    The SocietyTechnologies of the FairKingdOM
One of the basic principles in Humania is that everybody participated directly in any social evenets,
because of the Internet connections, we don’t need to elect a representative, or any other way alienate
the social tasks from us.
People have chances to participate in every tasks, we are tested continuously, we vote continuously,
and we can change our opinions at any time.
Our votings are not yes-no types, but we use graphic tools in maps, or scalings, where we can express
our opinions in multi dimensions with accuracy.
There is no real difference between testing and voting: when you express your opinion that leads to
many consequences.
One of the most characteristic FairKingdOM technology is that where we vote for the relative weights
of the ValueFormulas.
These ValueFormula votings give real personality test data, because people express their real felt
interests in them.
In the FairKingdOM there is no equity amoung people in any sense. It depends on your knowledge,
experience, intelligence, and personality what wks you will participate in. Your intelligence and
personality features will be tested both with questionnaires and date from your work.

In Humania there are much fewer decision-situations then in PeriHumania, because we see all
questions here as professional ones, what we can regulate with testing, measuring, thinking over,
making models, and having flowcharts.
In cases when we really don’t have enough information for the process then we use the random-
number generator algorithm, which is the best statistical moder in most cases.
In those tasks where we need to put a ranking order amoung people, we use the alphabetic order of
names, deciding randomly which letter would be the first one.
We solve all of our tastks in ExperSystem type Workrooms, and we develop the technologies of the
Workroom in all its usages.
In Humania everybody learns the system-engineering profession besides his/her original profession.
We integrate our softwares, databases and algorithms continuously, and reconstruct them periodically.
This is our most important work, and we give the most time and energy to it.
We can do it, because the majority of our works is really done by machines in growing portions.
To develop the InfoCommunicationTechnology system is extremly creative and constructive task, that
needs the cooperations of many people.
In Humania the main factor that maintains the atmosphere of cooperation is the mututal development
Organization Development informatics.
It is a very important part in the positive trustfull atmosphere, that we develop our tools continuously.
By the end of each days we can go to bed with the happy and calm feeling that we are much further
today, as we were yesterday, because we developed a good porion of our tools.
Since there is no competition, you don’t need to win over anybody, don’t need to push away anything,
we use the hundred percent of our energy to constructive building work. And the results of this works
stay with us without any corroding.
In this atmosphere we have a lot of time for each other.
Exact feedbacks and empathy talks characterize this atmosphere. In the feeling of love there are no
people pressed to the periphery, or lonelyness.
Everybody has a Mentor, who pays attention to his/her full time, and everybody is Mentor of ten
mentees as a main profession.
Besides your general Mentor who pays attention to your personality development, you have expert
Mentors in all of your professions, and you have professional mentees, too.
The richness of human relationships, and the feelings of flow of emotional happenings maintain a high
energy level, and cause intense experiences.
We select the members of WorkGroups by OptimumMethod in such a way that the intelligence level
of its members should be the same, and the personality characteristics would be optimum way
complementary to each others.
Everybody is on th HumanMarket continuously, where you can find many-many people, you can get
aquainted with new people easily. This getting to know each others process is quite secure, because
you know a lot of things about the other peron well in advance, because all the data are open for each
others mutually.
This ereases the sufferings of the narrowed relationships totally.
These are such features that give a totally different atmosphere and feeling to Humania’s society than
the traditional B-level feudalistic ones, where you find frozen and rigid mood and boredom.
All data are community data, too. We keep our high standard of ethics: we trust each-other, we don’t
have anything to hide away or being ashamed for.
Nobody is a judge over the others: we solve all of our problems with professional helpers and
The utmost punishment we use is that we send a person out from Humania, if s/he violates the
Constitution of Humania roughly.
Our solution method is the empathic listening, modelling, and putting the task to HumaniaMethods

The FairKingdOM technologies give that SocialGalaxyArm to the complex system of Humania that
ensures you with tyotal social opennness, mates, challenges, and tasks according to your current
SocialValue, makes your development observable on Maps, and offer you ways of changing the rules
and technologies of society in many ways.
             The TestingMappingTrainING tool
The HumaniaMethods has a basic characteristic: in the process of installing the Workrooms in your
computer you fill up these Workrooms with your data, and these data are open for anybody else. So
the public gaze is total.
In your life in Humania all data that get to the KnowledgeSystem characterize you, so they are
information about you.
We call the data input TestING when we created the data input situation in the course of your
MentorTrainING that you think over a subject, and give your thoughts about it, maybe first time in
your life.
The spirit of MentorTrainING is like that: accurate, clean thinking-over, inventory, putting into
The result of TestING is the MappING: that is you will see yourself amoung others, that gives you a
sharp snapshot of yourself. It shows you whom to connect: who will be your Mentor and mentees in
the subject.
At the beginning of the 7 MainWorkrooms during the MentorTrainING we fill up their database with
your personal data.
In the ManagING workroom for example, we will fill up your data about your system of goals.
This process is a TestING for you, it shows how conscious you are in your system of goals, it tells
who you are.
As a TestING it is called: MotivationIntelligenceTestING.
On the MotivationIntelligenceMappING you will see, how developed you are, and what specific
features you have in your goals, compering to other members of Humania.
In the case of other Workrooms the situation is similar.
These MainWorkroomMappING is a strong confrontation for you with the results, levels of their lifes.
We need this confrontations, because we need high self-esteem people in Humania, who are consious
about their goals, and they follow them.

After furnishing your MainWorkrooms you will get into an other type of TestING all through the
whole life span of the usage of the MainWorkroom:
You will see on Maps that where are you with your today’s work, with your level of your creation and
development, amoung the others who work in the same Workrooms, who are in the same profession,
and who work similar as you do.
It gives you the feeling as if all of the tiny movements of your hand could be seen by the whole world.
This develops a new level of Identity in you.
After these experiences a new human race will grow out from you…
We can create a society that cosists of valuable people, when we define the SocialValue of people
precisely, and we feedback it and train it.
In Humania we measure and evaluate all of your actions, projects, achievements, products.
The basic component of Humania’s FairKingdOM technologies is the ValueFormulas.
All of your activities: work, communication, thoughts, feelings are recorded into social databases.
And we evaluate all of your data: we transform them into Humania ValueScale: between -100 and
This way the values will be comparible to each others.
The average of the Humania ValueScaleValues changes continuously, so your test results will change
— most of the time its ValueScaleValues lessen — so if you don’t make your testing over again,
because the Humania average increases slowly.
So by this, you are motivated that you redo the TestING and probes over and over again: to make a
training for yourself: and you will be interested that how other people do this Testing, who are in your
area of results, and who have really high results.
To support this curiosity in you we arrange the CrowningDiets.
Our task is a really extraordinary one: We help people, who were raised in the low esteem and self-
esteem societies, to grow into honest, real self-knowing, hogh self-esteem, high intelligence-
achievements people.
For this extraordinary task we need to have extraordinary tools and technologies.
The ValueFormula is our really extraordinary effective tool.
We put all the measured data, personality and intelligence characteristics into ValueFormulas, that
help us to calculate the complex indexes.
It is important that all the elementary measured data indicate understandable and clear concepts, and
even more important that those index values that we calculate from the elementary data keep the
clarity of concepts, holding all the meanings what their components hold, and much more due to their
We put our efforts to our complex ValueFormulas that we create a HierarchicOrder from our thinking
and world-view.
To produce this HierarchicOrder is the basic task of the B-level development and the FairKingdOM

The general formulation of ValueFormula is:

      w1v1 + w2v2 + w3v3 + … + wivi + … + wnvn
V = ———————————————————
wi = relative weight of the i-rank element
vi = the ValueScaleValue of the i-rank element
We transform the results of TestINGs into the -100 +100 value-range, wher -100 indicates the
minimum value occures in Humania, +100 indicates the maximum value in Humania, 0 indicates the
Humania average.
We call the values that are transformed to the -100 +100 value range: StatusValue.
The wi weights of the vi values are given by voting proces of the Humania members taking part in
This ValueFormulaWeightING is an important part of the TestING process.
We take your weight-voting into consideration proportionally with your personal weight in the
This is a double-feedbacking SocioCybernetic self-regulating circle, which is the basic method of the
FairKingdOM technologies, and as it is, it has an extremly important role in the self-regulation process
of the HumaniaBeing.
This algorithm ensures a perfect self-regulation for the WorkGroups and the whole Humania society.

If the StatusValue is negative, it indicates that you are in OuterHumania, below the average: the
positive StatusValue indicates InnerHumania.
The -100 value means the minimum value in Humania, the +100 is the maximum value, the 0 Value
means the average.
This range expresses that we separate two ranges of Humania, indicating in signs: the negative sign
means OuterHumania, the positive sign indicates InnerHumania.
We use two different regulation systems for this two ranges.
In OuterHumania we support that people grow in their individuality, personal advantages, they can get
to clear states of knowledge, and they can actualize their personal goals and values.
In InnerHumania we create a cooperating organizmic organization from people, who care about each
others: who work for one unified Mission: Humania. Approaching the center of Humania the
competitive attitude of people is decreasing, and their cooperative attitude is increasing.
At the border-line of Humania you see the slippery ―GlassMountain‖ of the frequency curve of the
Humania StatusValue:
In the case of StatusValues below the avarage (below zero) this GlassMountain is aslope towards
outside: indicating that the freshly joining people can drop out from Humania easily.
If you reach the top of the GlassMountain, meaning: the average StatusValue, after that you will slip
down towarc the center of Humania: you will probably more and more identify yourself with the
Community, you will get to love people here, and the others become more and more important.
On our MappINGs we connect colors the the parts of the range of StatusValue: according to the
rainbow-scale sequency: as you can see it on the figure above.
This construction means that at the border of OuterHumania there is a fluctuation: people are coming
and going.
It is natural, and we support this behavior: come, if you fell like coming, go if you feel like going, after
you got a sniff and you feel this is something not for you maybe.
In this way we reach a selection effect: those who stay are able to indentify with the cooperative value-
system, high ethical standard, and the special high self-esteem of people of Humania.
This selection process is helped by rearranging the WorkGroups in the MentorTrainING course
monthly, by the MainWorkrooms’ StatusValue to get homogenious.
If you work: you grow: getting higher in the ValueHierarchicGroups of Mentors: you will get new
Mentor and Mentees with higher and higher StatusValue.
We feedback you the results of TestING and WorkGroups data in the form of graphic Maps.
The MappING — in this written form — indicates the OptimumMethod type of technology, that I
developed in my organization development practice as a data-mining method for the integrated display
of large organizations’ grand database.
The Map, produced in such circumstances, holds a training process. As a result of this training we can
reach the point where in one screen you can see some millions of relavant data in such a way that you
can grasp it with a glance, and you can decide within a second that which are the data you need to
make deciosions with, and you want to iniciate some actions in connections with.
The MappING I recreated for the special purposes of the Humania MentorTrainING is taylored
specially to your IntelligenceTrainING and IdentityTrainING, in your MentorTrainING.

The most important usage goal with the MappING is: letting you see amoung the others, and letting
you see your development.
According to the BasicLawOfIntelligenceCybernetics humans can learn everything with high speed,
what they get specific, accurate, graphic, condensed mapped feedbacks for.
The Map-term almost equals with the Model-term. What you have a model of, you can see,
understand, and can use.
When you have a model of things, you will have questions about them.
If you have questions, you will gain answeres.
Questions and answeres lead to measured and observed data inputs.
You will interpret your data, you will put them into anified picture, putting them to new and more
developed pattern: and this is what we call MappING.
The Map consits of the Model, and the Model leads to new questions and new data in a cicle.
Our goal is to produce people with higher and higher intelligence, who are able to produce better and
better information technology with MappING.
This is a positive feedback, which can accelerate.
Since the ProjectGroup is the tool of IntelligenceTrainING, it is the most important tool in Humania: it
is our most important discovery, which is the sources of many other new discoveries.

During the course of MentorTrainING the first step of your learning process is to get familiar with the
creations and usage of Maps.
We call Map all screen arrangement that presents data with usage of graphic symbols, traditions, and
I can sum the MappING method in the following sentence:
You rank the visual map-dimensions by niticability and salience, and also you rank your data into an
order of importance of actions, needed, and you bind this two ranks together.

The MappING is the basic tool of IntelligenceTrainING and IdentityTrainING in Humania.
A Workroom or KnowledgeSystem is developed enough in case of being able to put all its knowledge
into one condensed graphic screen, summarizing everything in a Map.
If you are able to put all of your knowledge, including all the complex inter-relations, branches, parts,
into one screen, that shows everything, than your knowledge is ready to be put to the system of
HumaniaMethods and getting to be developed by.
The main value of the Map is in the way of constructing it with a concentrated and hard work.
In order to create a Map you need to put your knowledge, questions, goals into a clear formula, and
The Map and MappING session is the peak of the WorkroomMethodDevelopment.
Untill all the concepts arn’the clear, on your screen you see letters, numbers, input fields, when all gets
clear, then you see only a picture, symbols, colors, that are hot spots, too.
On the Map all elements give and get information, summarize, and offer next steps: and it indicates
your boundaries clearly.
If you responses come easy, and your feelings are strong, when you see the MappING, then the
knowledge is already built into your identity.
If you need to think, because the situation, or the picture doesn’t speak for itself, then you need a Map-
and intelligence-development.
Intelligence is the MapDeveloping tool for humans.
The MappING is the IdentityDeveloping tool for humans.
The identity-development becomes possible by the birds view of the MappING, as it opens a new
If you see something from above: from a viewpoint that is good for noticing all the details, and in the
same time you see the relations, and connections: then your intelligence and identity grew with an
important portion.
The IntelligenceTrainING is important for the development of IntelligentSociety, and the
IdentityTrainING is imortant for the CelestialEmpire phase of development in Humania.

So as you grow you learn more and more about the usage of MappING.
Morover you will do it actively, you will become an active developer of the symbols and traditions of
Using the MappING can help your intelligence to develop in the exponential way.
The MappING is a condensed symbolic expression tool for members of Humania: it is the desendant
of the writing.
If you saw this book in the form of MappING, its usability woud increase many times for you.
Reading it, would need five hours, and you remember 5% of the information, you will be able tu use
1% of that.
If the same amount of information would come to you in the form of MappING, and you’d be a well
practiced Map-user, grasping its content needs 1 second, and the next MappING screen would use the
100% of its information content.
And if you work with concentration, ten days from now, the MappING process would display a new
Map for you that consists of tenthousand times more information in a condensed form.
This means a unimaginably higher intelligence-level individually. And what it means for the society
we just have a pale picture of, and from this pale picture the four directions are shaking.
Such complex creation a human is… Imagine that all of your actions in life, all of your thoughts,
speech, movements, galvanic skin response, brain waves, respirations, blood pressure, actual levels of
your hormons are measured and recorded by clever machines continuously, and all this information is
condensed into one Map, what you can grasp within one second. And everybody grasps it when they
see it, and everybody understands the change and development what is shows.
All of your life-history is included as well as your imaginations about the future: your goals, fears,
joys, pains, everything.
An open book — as they say it: or it is much more than that, because you need to read a book, but for
a Map, you just have a glimp.

The graphic tools of the MappING are developed according to the laws of intelligence-development.
The inherited civilization of human history based upon the writing: when they discovered the forms of
writing it was an enormous jump forward from the world where all the words was gone after speaking
But in the same time this jump bound the possibility of further development the same manner as it
brought a development.
When I draw words in forms of letter onto my screen now, when I write down the letters of the word
―screen‖, the sequence of the letters, the shape of the letters, the relations of the shape of two
neighbouring letters, the colour of them means nothing, it doesn’t carry any additional information,
neither about my intention, why I draw it, and what you — as a reader, watcher can do with it.
Such a waste — you will say, after getting to know the world of MappING. And such a waste and
tiresome thing that washes out my intelligence, that I need to begin at the beginning again, when I
want to say something more about th ―screen‖ again. And when I write down the word screen the
second or the third time, the written form doesn’t reflect anything from its precendents, I can’t build
on them, and that I want to say something more this time.
So this tradition of writing holds all the CharacterFixation of the B-level society, ruining everythings
into atoms.
The MappING is the tool of the IntelligentSociety for DifIntegralIntelligence.
We call DifIntegralIntelligence that ability that you can integrate all your knowledge and intelligence-
processes coming from you and from others.
The age of writing has finished in Humania, and here comes the age of MappING civilization.
Oh, it is a totally new world…
You will use the MappING once and you don’t want to go back to the world of writing any more.
Since the airoplanes were discovered, nobody starts to go to America by walking.
                      MovementMappING — BeingOrgans and Princes — NaturalGroups and
The MappING, that shows you amoung your mates, has a central importance in the process of
increasing the level of your Identity.
Imagine that you lived as if you felt all the effects of your actions, choices, changes immediately, and
you saw all of your important people and the rest of society on the MappING!
It would give you a feeling, that you were a part of a SocialBeing, and you would see that all of your
decisions, your thoughts resonate and move together with the life of the SocialBeing. This process
would change your identity so much, that created a new race, a social human being from you.
This is why people using the Workrooms of the HumaniaMethods watch MappINGs most of the time,
and make their decisions upon the experience of the colorful Maps.
If we construct these MappINGs that symbols of people can move freely, seeking their equilibrium-
place on the field of measured features, similarities, resonance: on these Maps we see motions: and as
a result of this motions we see natural groups, organs, hierarchic patterns.
We call this Maps: MovementMappING, because the graphical symbols, signalling individuals,
groups are moving: they draw special pathways.
I originally worked out these MovementMappING technology for understanding GroupDynamics.
GroupDynamicMappING presents the emotional and communication relations wihin a group: who is
near to whom in communication, and where we can see tensions in these relationships.
The MovementMappING shows the resonance relations, connectedness, and change patterns of the
presented variables.
We see the intermediate states of the process of calculation of the MovementMappING: we see how
the variables seek for the equilibrium state.
If we put people’s test results into the MovementMappING process: then we see how the circes,
representing people, are dancing around the screen, going in circles and surves, untill they find the
locations of the equilibrium, and the whole group’s dancing stops in the
EquilibriumOptimumStructure: where all circles of humans are the optimum distances to the rest of
the group: near to those they have similar test-results with, and away from those, they have different
test results with.
The driving force behind the movement is this: I’d rather go near to you, because my test-result is
similar to yours, but in the same time some other people are approaching you, and with that ones I am
very different in my test-results…
We negotiate, I may go to your other side, where there are fewer people, whom I feel discomfort
with… And as a result of this negotiation the EquilibriumOptimumStructure will come out.
You can see az EquilibriumOptimumStructure on the Figure shown below:

The bigness, colour, darkness, light-reflection of the circles show variables of people they represent.
Where you see lines between circles: they wanted to get closer originally, but the closeness of the
others caused an elongation of this boundage, as a compromize.
With this MovementMappING technology we can show the similarities in test-results, and the history
of the dance, and the dynamics of their driving forces give us forecasting details of human
The usage of MovementMappING iseztremly usefull for representing large number of human test
results: we can see groups, moving together in the dance, what we call BeingOrgans. In the center of
these BeingOrgans we can see a human with the highest StatusValue, whom we call: the Price. The
Prince is the local king, the leader of the group, moving together, the leader who is followed by the
others during the Dance.
On our Figure above Virág is the Princess of the group.
If we put the MovementMappING technology onto the results of an IntelligenceTest, then we find
people who belong to the same thinking-together Organ, around a Price, who is the source of this
similar thinking.
We mostly use the MovementMappING for discovering the resonance relationships amoung people,
and the natoral structure of them.
We create the WorkGroups upon these natural structures of the MovementMappINGs.
This leads to an extraordinary effect.
Imagine that we discover that you will go together into the same WorkGroup with somebody from
New Zealand, one from Madagaskar, one from Venezuela, because they are your Organ-mates on the
The MovementMappING finds you a resonating soul-mates, and it forms a WorkGroup from them,
that opens new forms and efficiency of communication for you.
The MovementMappING opens two new intelligence-dimensions behind all examined
One of them is called ResonanceIntelligence or Resogence. This one shows you how many people
resonates to the special structure of your intelligence’s dimensions, and what is your
ResogenceStatusValue in Humania.
Maybe your originally measures intelligence-level is not so high, but your ResogenceStatusValue can
be high, indicating that you are very sensitive for the social influences coming to you through the
aether, and maybe you radiate your effects to those who are near to you on MovementMappINGs.
We see these people in hogh value, bacause for our BigBrainTraining we need high
ResogenceStatusValue people, they are the best as trainers.
The secon IntelligenceDimension, what you can see with the X-ray vision of the MovementMappING
is the Competence-dimension: This one shows that in NaturalGroups of the
EquilibriumOptimumStructure in MovementMappINGs you are near to those you want to be near to,
and far away from those you want to be far away. So this CompetenceValues shows how well you are
able to sense, accommodate and solve complex social situations.
The CompetenceMappING also shows what is it, you didn’t solve, what are the needs not met in this
EquilibriumOptimumStructure of your NaturalGroup.
From all these you probably feel that the MovementMappING is a real magic tool, that makes the
Intelligence three dimensional, and help people with resonating intelligence-structure get together in
In this way we can accomplish that the Humania society’s structure is being formed according to the
NaturalGroups of IntelligenceTests and PersonalityTests. This is the way how we satisfy people’s
need for social order, the need for B-level evolution, and prepare for the C-level OutsorcING
revolution and that we really can form an IntelligentSociety on D-level.
                     CrowningDiets and the Cardinals
One of the most important function of the Humania MentorTrainING is that people get visible on the
With this they begin their integrating and organic lifestyle, and the development of their social
Since Humania is a full ecosystem — organs and NaturalGroups are being formed for special
The 7 MainWorkrooms contain the most important functions for the individual and for the society.
When hierarchic relationships are made in the ManagING workroom’s WorkGroups, then it was
similar to a situation as if in a country the organizations of ministries would be formed according to
talents of people.
The tom management of the ManagING workroom is similar to the prime minister’s office in our
However in Humania, the top WorkGroup of the ManagING workroom are very much different from
the known main ministry offices.
Here the prime minister or the King doesn’t get to office by nomination, but the King is chosen by
measured test-data of the ValueFormulas.
To be a King means no special or different life-style, but similar what an average human lives in
In WorkGroups the only difference is that who are the members.
In the WorkGroup of the King there are the Princes. The WorkGroup is homogenious at the
maximum: we homogenize it by the abilities, identities, feeling of responsibility, knowledge, and
communication skills.
These factors are collected into the IntelligenceValueFormulas of the MainWorkrooms.
From these complex IntelligenceValues we construct the MappINGs, what we use for developing
people’s social consciousness.
To increase the level of people’s social consciousness is our primary task.
One of our main tools for doing this is the training process of the CrowningDiets.
We organize an on-line CrowningDiet of the tested people, meeting in the hyperspace by Internet-
telephones, in the training course of an IntelligenceTest, when the person of the King has changed, i.e.
somebody’s IntelligenceValue gets higher then the former highest one.
You can apply for coming to a CrowningDiet, when you fill in the CardinalTest of the
IntelligenceTest: you estimate how the EightCardinals would fill their tests. All IntelligenceTests have
CardinalTest as subtest.
The Cardinals are persons with special StatusValues of the IntelligenceTest:
The name of the Cardinal StatusValue
1. The DoorMan               -100
2. The FolkMan               -75
3. The LittleMan             -50
4. The AverageMan            0
5. The GreatMan              50
6. The ÉliteMan              75
7. The HighPriest            WeightedAverage
8. The King                  100

When you fill in the CardinalTest, then you estimate that how special people and population leyers
think in the tested part of the Humania Community.
You fill in the CardinalTest for men, women, for both sexes, so through this you can train your
perception for these groups, too. Sometimes we use the CardinalTest for age-cohorses in a similar
Your estimations are srictly values by the algorithm of the CardinalTest technology, and it shows you
that which ones of your perceptions of the Cardinals are valide for what extents.
The results of the CardinalTests are components with voted weights in the ValueFormula of the
The Cardinals are characteristic representatives of their leyers. When you think about Cardinals, you
prepare a feedback for yourself about the social leyers of the Cardinals.
After estimating the Cardinals’ thinking by filling in the CardinalTest: you will get to know them
personally in the CrowningDiets; you will see and hear the new King, the Princes, and the Cardinals.
After the CrowningDiet you will fill in the CardinalTest again, and you will get a feedback about your
change of perceptions of Cardinals, caused by the personal encounters: wher it is changed, improved
or worsened.
CrowningDiets are excellent opportunities for you to have experiences about how your personal
situation, your personality influences you perceptions of leyers of the society; and you might learn
from these experiences.
The experiences of the CardinalTest and CrowningDiets help you to develop your social identity, that
are crucial for entering into the CelestialEmpire of Humania.
                     Write me three sentences that were the most important to you as you read the poem
                     Write me your ideas and need, what this poem that you have just read should do!
                     I will build your feedback into the HumaniaMethods.
                     With your feedback you will take part in a testing process, where your level of
VulgOrigIntelligence will be tested. We will see how much you say in your three sentences, and what
others also say, and how much you are a creative unique personality.
                     The level of vulgarity and originality, and the two combined togtehr, would be
important parts of your self-understanding, upon which you can build your professional development
plans. Your sentences would be integrated by Humania Mentors. If you don't know anybody else, send
it to me at

       The remaining part of the book
We are at the end of the first chapter, and I gave you all the important messages, I wanted to:
Humania does exist, as a scientifically organized alternative country, as a life-style, as a way: you can
be a member of, as an enterpreneur working in your home, joining in to its LifeLongLearningProgram
of MentorTrainING.
You may want to read the remaning part of this book only in case if you are really interested in the
scientific details of the FiveSocialGalaxyArms technologies, and if you want to see clearly, what kind
of innovations we do use for making Humania an effective society, and solve most of the problems
current societies and countries are facing to.
I don’t promis you a easy reading. However what I am goin to say is very interesting and important.
       The TrainING structure of Humania
              The Humania TrainING Cone
The background of organization of Humania is the IdentityEvolutionModel that practically means a lot
of intenzive learning and study.
For turning all of your relationships inot D-E level ones, or deliberate your intelligence from self-
limiting prejudices, or adjust yourself to the working at home life-style, where you work together in
close collaboration with others, you will change a lot.
The process of getting into Humania basically is built upon the MentorTrainING. In the course of the
MentorTrainING your Mentor will install the 7 MainWorkroom of the HumaniaMethods, and s/he will
teach you how to use them.
Before and after the MentorTrainING there are other special TrainING processes, and you can also
join in through the special TrainINGs you can find on the homepage.
On the Figure below, you see the hiearchy of the Humania TrainINGs and of the Humania society
called Humania Cone:

When you first connect to Humania, then you will get the Humania Newsletters.
If you send them over to your friends, then you will join to the HumaniaNewsletterTrainING.
We search for special experts to our projects by the Humania Newsletters.
The HumaniaNewsletterTrainING is simple: you learn the way how we correspond, and what is the
way the Community evaluates your special activities with the Newsletters. Through the
correspondence you will learn the ClearCommunicationTechnology.
We select the professionals into our projects with intelligence testing. You can apply for these
intelligence testings.
If you complete one or more Humania IntelligenceTests, and you will get result higher then average,
then we will invite you to be a Tester of that test, and take part in the IntelligenceTrainING. You can
be an IntelligenceTrainer in your enterprise at your home, and you will get our software, database as a
Franchise technology. This brings you an income.
If you begin with any of the special TrainINGs, you got to know about by the Humania newsletters or
the Humania homepage, you can easily get into the course of MentorTrainING, because they all are
parts of the MentorTrainING.
Or if you are a Humania IntelligenceTrainer, you anytime can join in to the LifeLongLearningProgram
of the MentorTrainING.
The MentorTrainING brings a lot of testing a training tasks to you: if at any you can reach a peak
result, then you become a King, and we will crown you at the next CrowningDiet.
When a new King takes your place then we invite you into the MasterTrainING course. All members
of MasterTrainING are once-Kings.
Almost anybody can be a King, because we have hundreds of tests with thousands of scoring results,
and if with any of those you reach the top, you will get the honourable title of King.
The MasterTrainING consists of seven iniciations: that means seven probations with very high
demands, what the Masters form upon their own experiences.
After the Seventh Iniciation you will get to the GuardiansTrainING.
In the GuardiansTrainING you will teach you the roots of all Humania knowledges: the ExtraSkills of
AetherComputerProgrammING, and SocialGeneProgrammING.
The first 21 members of the Guardians will be members of the InteGralRoundTable: who are the
mentees of the King/Queen.
Humania has a ruling Trarch: we select them from three groups of the Guardians: from the group of
males the best will be the King, from group of female Guardians the firs will be the Queen, and from
the mixed gender group the firs will be Triarch: it means that either the King or the Queen will be the
Triarch in the same time. So the Triarch holds two persons with three titles: one of the persons holds
two titles.
Since the selection of the Ruling Triarch is fully automated, we don’t consider the person as important,
but the role is the important.
The Humania TrainING Cone shows that you can get to anywhere in the structure of Humania society.
              The LifeLongLearningProgram of the MentorTrainING
                     The MentorTrainING
The positive future for you begins with the personal tayloring of the 7 MainWorkrooms of
HumaniaMethods, the InfoCommunicationTechnology system of the IntelligentSociety, in the course
of MentorTrainING.
This is a process that carries an enormous change in your life in a LifeLongLearningProgram.
You can see this book as the introduction to the MentorTrainING.
In Humania we optimize all processes, so we optimize the MentorTrainING as well with professional
tools: So we find a personally optimum Mentor for you: who exactly fits to the image you have
created about your Mentor, and s/he fits to you in his/her level of intelligence, personality
characteristics, areas of interests, ambition, and what level s/he is in his/her personal development.
To have an optimum Mentor is a crucial importance, so we help this process with all of our careful
scientific tools.
Besides your Mentor, we select your Mates carefuly, you will work in a WorkGroup with.
You can express your wishes and preferences concerning to your future Mates, and they do the same,
and we optimize these preferences in the same time, helping everybody to find the mutual optimum
To create a WorkGroup it is basically important that all members must be similar levels in their
learning and personal development processes, and their character should fit the optimum way to each

Mentees generally pay fees for the services of their Mentor .
You will determine the monthly payment area we sould find your Mentor from.
Beginner Mentors generally work for free, with no payment, so if you happen not to have any money,
even than you can join in to the MentorTrainING, because we probably can find you a Mentor who
works without being paid for his/her service.

The LifeLongLearningProgram brings a stable and growing income for Mentors.
Working as a Mentor can easily ensure your main income source, that can respond to all financing
Your relation to your Mentor is probably on much higher level of trust: D and E level.
                     The Mentor
A Mentor is a professional friend: a human being who contracts to be with you, for your service,
supporting you in a self-actualizing life arranged fo your Mission’s goals, working in a Profession
where your abilities are in genious level.
Everybody needs such Mentor: more then anything else in life.
With the help of your Mentor you will walk all through the pathway of your IntelligenceDevelopment,
that leads you to a spiritual highness you probably find hard to imagine today.
A Mentor is a holistic service: all of your businesses belongs to your Mentor: your Mentor is a general
helper, together with the 7 MainWorkroom and KnowledgeSystem the Mentor know everything, s/he
know that answer to all your questions, which serves you the most.
All Humania Mentors work with supervision: his/her Mentor pays attention to the quality level of your
You will get the MentorTrainING tasks from your Mentor and s/he will help you to accoplish them.
Your Mentor gives reinforcements to you: s/he gives you feedbacks weekly about where you are at in
your growth process. Naturally you also give feedback to your Mentor about the quality of his/her
The Humania StatusValue is a number that shows, how deep you went into Humania: what level you
are at in your MentorTrainING.
                    The mentee
Right from the beginning of the MentorTrainING you will get a main Mentor: s/he is the Humania
Mentor, who contracts you upon your ManagING Workroom that leads you whole life: to help you in
your self-actualizing life.
Besides your main Mentor you will have Specialist Mentors in the WorkGroups of your special,
professional projects.
Your Humania Mentor will stay the same person for a longer period of time, however your Specialist
Mentors will change relatively quickly, depending on your speed in your professional trainings.

As a mentee the best for you if you place yourself under the care of your Mentor. The relationship
with your Mentor gradually grows to a very important status in your life.
If the MentorTrainING is the number one priority in your life, and everything comes after that, then
you value things in their place.
It also means that you communicate enthusiastically and maximum energy with your Mentor, and with
anybody, connected to your MentorTrainING tasks.

What you will see during the course of MentorTrainING that people come with their complexity,
wasted talents, second-best attitudes, meaninglessness, and they turn to the simplicity, clarity, calming,
positive faceforward things of MentorTrainING — and everything changes.
                    How does the MentorTrainING work?
Humania is a brand new enterprise, and it means strange unusual experience for those who get here
from nowhere.
If you get to know about Humania through friends, you will join in when you discover that your friend
has changed, in his/her level of intelligence, personality and style.

The professional core of the Mentor-process is to install you the 7 MainWorkroom of the
A MainWorkroom is really big, and it asks you a lot of thinking over, data input, and decisions.
You make these decisions with your own speed.
As your speed dictates you enter into the usage of the MainWorkroom and its KnowledgeSystem.
Your Mentor will show you how to use these Workrooms through his/her own exapmle-usage.
A Mentor needs heart, empathy, resonance and attention for his/her work in direct communication.

The most important tool for the Mentor-work is the knowledge in SocioCybernetics: that gives you
clear concepts, solution equations, technologies and database information to your most importand and
every-day stuff.
People have difficulties in conceptualizing, and expressing their problems, the situations they are in,
what they sould do, and they want to do, and what is the next step.
The MentorTrainING gives an order into your life, it gives concepts, it gives you eyes, framework,
meaning to you.
What will be the most salient is that you will be aware more and more clearly what is happening to
you, where you are at, and what is your next step.
And you do it with similar people you found, and who can help you the most, and whom you can be
the most beneficial.

We put all the newly known problems, demands, methods into our Workrooms, and ExpertSystem
knowledge base.
You can participate in all your very personal problem-solving process with the happy consciousness
that we develop the Workroom’s method, database with new knowledges, and we help to many-many
people through this.
The constant work of WorkroomMethodDevelopment that we coordinate with others, increases
tremedously the ability to learn, and it leads the development of your intelligence on an exponential
line. And this gives you an extraordinary experience and feeling of competence.
We build a collective wisdom in the course of MentorTrainING.

In the process of MentorTrainING there is no rush, no pushing on you, no exams, only there is a
constant measurement of your level: and you and everybody will see where you are at, what is your
speed of development, and what direction you take upon ehat task or intervention.
This simple principle brings a dramatical effect — at least at some cases of people — pretty soon.
                     The 7 MainWorkroom of the HumaniaMethods
With the usage of the HumaniaMethods InfoCommunicationTechnology you move to Humania.
The HumaniaMethods is a system that gives helping tools for all aspects of human life, and makes
you, the user an expert of that profession.
We designed the HumaniaMethods in such a way that it could develop with a speed that is compatible
to the speed of development in sciences, and technology.
Using the HumaniaMethods you can live in a way that whatever you begin with you do it as an expert
of that profession who knows everything up to date about that profession.
We summarized the necessary and endless knowledge of our lifes into seven professional fields: the 7
MainWorkroom of the HumaniaMethods.
The Workroom in informatics means a similar thing than a workroom for a car-repair shop for
The Workroom is a room, that is equiped with all the tools you need at your hands, arranged in such
ways amd sequence you will need them.
When you first come to a Workroom it is arranged very simple, pacing only those tools around what
you will use in your firs job. We don’t want you to be distracted by the lot of novelties, and putting
you in tuble of plenty.
Supplying the Workroom with more and complex tools will happen paralel with your way to
I can say that the MentorTrainING is similar to a college study, where you get aquainted with seven
profession that are necessary to your personal life and work, in a world top professional level, as the
best ones can do it.
Since we teach all of our professional knowledges to the computer, your part will be the creative part:
Workrooms are never really completed, and personal and scientific experiences are continuously
collect with everybody.
You will build these experiences into the body of KnowledgeSystem in Workrooms with the help of
you WorkGroup and Mentor.
This process goes on forever. Professions are really complex.
Our demand with software technologies are very high: all of them contain multimedia training part,
with variations, with self-improvement algorithms, optimized to the IntelligenceDevelopment of their

Let’s see what basic professions are involved in the 7 MainWorkrooms:

1. CarING workroom
With the CarING workroom we care about our wellness, earning our breads, health, home, economy in
If the CarING workroom is equipped with CapitalPowerTechnology, for example, then this is our
wallet, deposit, insurance bond
The way you make your living is basic element in your wellness and feeling of security.
Sometimes earning starts slowly, because people are enjoying the possibility that they can get services
for free here: so they don’t pey and they don’t earn for a while.
Then when they discover that it can be an other way, then they begin to pay for the services of
TrainINGrooms, and they get into the MentorTrainING, and they pay the Mentor fee to their Mentor.
If you do this you will also get paid when you’ll become a Mentor.
When you are up tu a certain MentorTrainING level and you have a HumaniaStatusValue, you will get
loans from th Humania Fund accordingly.
The HumaniaStatusValue brings capital for you with a InterestFreeIncomeHarmonicAdjustingRefund.
When you turn to the usage of EmpyrealEmpire technologies it brings you a community of goods, and
that the personal possession diminishes.

2. OrganizING workroom
The OrganizING workroom is the place where you organize your work in WorkGroups in Humania.
The OrganizING workroom is a collection of D-level production and manufacturing technologies,
what we use in Humania
The style of work we do our jobs in our home as an enterpreneur, we use the facilities of Internet
communication extensively. You work in WorkGroups, and you are involved in huge ProjectGroups:
organizing the whole profession and particular branch you belong to.
We organize the industry of Humania in the OrganizING workroom.
When you join in to Humania you bring your firm, enterprise with you. Building Humania as umbrella
for enterprises is a basic direction.
When we get to contact with bigger firms this way, then the OrganizING workroom MentorTrainING
process brings in an OrganizationTechnologyDevelopment process.
Each and every technologies the firm uses we changes to more developed D-level technology system
in this process.
We begin with the manufacturing technologies, organizing technologies, and we continue with the
traditional management technologies: marketing, financing, human resources, transportating, strategic
panning and leadership.
With the new D-level minds and technologies of the HumaniaMethods we can create a renewed
science and industry, and this is why the main job for those who join in to Humania at the beginning
times to take part in these OrganizationTechnologyDevelopment work.
According to the OrganizING workroom’s program you will be educated as
OrganizationTechnologyDevelopment consultant, and you will participate in the huge project of
creating the IntegralTechnologySystem.
With the IntegralTechnologySystem technologies we create unified big projects in one industry
sectors, like unified transportation and trafic system, unified human resource database, and the like.
We begin with the OrganizationTechnologyDevelopment of your own firm, where you will get to
know this profession.
Later on you will join in to other firms’ OrganizationTechnologyDevelopment processes that are
connected to yours with their articles and services.
In the course of the MentorTrainING in OrganizING workroom we measure your consumer habits,
ConsumerIntelligence. We pace your program how you will help your parter you consume the
products of, that they can bring their products into Humania.
It is highly probable that your consumer habits will change dramatically in Humania, where you can
select all products and services with an optimizing procedure for yourself, and where there is no
scarcity to limit yourself.

3. ServicING workroom
In the course of MentorTrainING, when we install you the ServicING workroom, we help you to
develop your services in a way that could meet the peak-quality demands of the Humania standard.
When your ServicING workroom will be equipped with the technologies of IntelligentSociety: you
give all of you goods and products in services.
In Humania you can’t buy bread, for example, but your food and nutrition service consultant supports
you personaly taylored food for your special body system, maybe bread included.
If you manufacture a product, then we help you to build a service system around this product, where
you can give a long-ter-contracted service to your clients with full responsibility and highest quality
Since the service provider doesn’t get his/her profit after his/her sale, we don’t encourage the trading
and consuming.
In Humania everybody gets the possibility to consume the best quality products, because for the
buying s/he gets interestfree loans, at the CapitalPower technology level.
If your product isn’t a top quality one, then we help you to increase the quality with our
OrganizationTechnologyDevelopment program.
After a while all services go to Mentor service at the level of IntelligentSociety technologies.

4. ConnectING workroom
For the top quality products and services we need to have top quality working teams to create with.
The ConnectING workroom organizes this with an optimizing method.
When we create optimized WorkGroups for your projects: we find people of the same level of
intelligence, learning speed, and with personality structures that are just complementary to yours.
Since in Humania we organize only one big ProjectGroup in each profession and service, these
ProjectGroups are very stable ones, but the WorkGroups are very much subjected to change in some
With a very carefully designed testing process we reach the point where we can ensure optimally
inspirating human connections to all your projects all through your life.
We begin this process with testing your SelfConfidence. You will get MappINGs where you will see
the inner GroupDynamics of your SubSelves: and it gives keys for you to understand the
GroupDynamics in your human relationships.
By the time we equippe your ConnectING workroom with the technologies of the CelestialEmpire
your whole personality will be an open book for you and for us.

5. LearnING workroom
Eberyone takes part in a learning and study process in MentorMatesMentees groups continuously.
You will have professional Mentors and one main Mentor, who install the 7 MainWorkrooms of the
HumaniaMethods for you.
In the LearnING workroom you will get those learning technologies, you can grow with a multiple
speed of the known ones with.
In the LearnING workroom training process you will be familiar with the TestingMappingTrainING
and TrainINGroom methods.
Since we put all of our knowledges into KnowledgeSystems, your main focus in the LearnING
workroom wouldn’t be the traditional repetitive study methods, but you will be trained in
IntelligenceDevelopment methosd instead.
Intelligence is the ability of learning new connections, of new higher order reality models, and of their
creative usage.
This process will begin with the KnowledgeCapitalValueTrainING, where we measure your level of
We help the IntelligenceDevelopment process by teaching you the MetaModel of Intelligence: this is
the Intelligence of using the Intelligence, and also we teach you the GeneralIntegralTheory that is the
theory of theories.
When you go through the LearnING workroom MentorTrainING process, and you use your LearnING
workroom actively, you will be experts in different professions easily, and you will read and process
difficult professional books in a way that you will be able to create KnowledgeSystem from what you
will have read.

6. CreatING workroom
While you bring your services, shoppings, learnings into Humania, you will learn to change your
thinking methods in such a way that your thought will be so much clear that you will be able to form
KnowledgeSystems from them.
When you deal with th CreatING workroom in the course of MentorTrainING at the level of
IntelligentSociety you will get to know the OptimumMethod: a tool for sytem design and Workroom
You wouldn’t becom a software ingineer, but you will be able to design Workrooms and
KnowledgeSystems from your professional experiences, or develop the Workrooms for your
consumed articles.
What you need for that is to know you profession in depth, and IntelligenceDevelopment.
The CreatING workroom gives you methods and tools to create a systematic order in your head, to
make a unified and coherent world view, and get your human and objective reality understood.
Through the system-development in the CreatING workroom you will get to the pathway of the
ExponentialIntelligenceDevelopment that create a new race from you, with a high intelligence you
can’t compare, and with the ability to connect to the BigBrain to use its cosmic knowledge and super

7. ManagING workroom
You get to the essence of the Humania MentorTrainING, when you install the ManagING workroom
to manage your home-based enterprise.
The basic principle of the ManagING workroom is that you will work and produce at your optimum,
when you do such job what you adore, what you do with heart and soul, where you put all of your
energy into, where you want to create real high quality, you want to be in the cutting edge, and you
want to create such creations you are proud of, and you maximize your social value.
This is why we make your ManagING workroom on the base of your Mission.
If you don’t know exactly your Mission, and if it is not clear what is that profession, where your talent
is on the top of world, and where you are delighted to create stable values. Then we help you to find
this, and we help you to develop a life-style to actualize this.
This is what we call MissionBuildingProgram.
And this is not an idealistic image, but a good information technology system helps you to do this: and
this is the ManagING workroom.
According to my own experience:
―I can divide my life into two parts: the fist part is that when I didn’t use the ManagING workroom: in
that time I suffered a lot, I compromised, and I had a very bad relationship with myself and with the
The second part is when I live by my ManagING workroom: and there is meaning in my life, there is
an order and clarity, and calmness, and I am able to create such things that I wouldn’t beleve before.‖

                  Write me three sentences that were the most important to you as you read the poem
                    Write me your ideas and need, what this poem that you have just read should do!
                    I will build your feedback into the HumaniaMethods.
                    With your feedback you will take part in a testing process, where your level of
VulgOrigIntelligence will be tested. We will see how much you say in your three sentences, and what
others also say, and how much you are a creative unique personality.
                    The level of vulgarity and originality, and the two combined togtehr, would be
important parts of your self-understanding, upon which you can build your professional development
plans. Your sentences would be integrated by Humania Mentors. If you don't know anybody else, send
it to me at

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