The Colonel Holcomb Estates Homeowners Association by zhangyun


									                  Colonel Holcomb Estates Homeowners Association

                                     Meeting Minutes
                                    November 14th, 2010


The regular meeting of the Colonel Holcomb Estates Homeowners Association was
called to order at 4:07 pm on November 14th, 2010 in Mike Lazar’s house by Mike Lazar.


Mike Lazar, Cindi Tunnicliffe, Mike Riordan

                               A.        Approval of Agenda

The agenda was unanimously approved as distributed.

                               B.        Approval of Minutes

There were no minutes to approve from a previous meeting.

                                    C.       Open Issues

All issues treated as new business with the new board.

                                    D.      New Business

Election of officers – The board elected officers at the start of the meeting. Mike Lazar
was elected president. Mike Riordan was elected Treasurer. Cindi Tunnicliffe was
elected vice president and secretary.

Street Signs – The subdivision street signs are starting to show the effects of aging. For
now, the signs will have to survive through the winter. We will address the plans for sign
replacement, repainting, or any other idea in preparation for the spring. At this time, only
emergency repairs will occur until we determine a plan for all signs in the subdivision.

Street Sign at the corner of Fox Run & Berry Ct. – Mike Riordan will talk to Nunda
township about the ability to put any or all street signs in the Right of Way. If this is the
case, then a plan will be developed to address the needs of a sign in the spring.

Subdivision Entrance Sign – A plan needs to be formulated for either fixing the sign
and putting it back in place, or fixing and moving the sign into the Right of Way. Mike
Riordan will discuss sign placement with Nunda Township. We also need to locate the
sign, as when it fell over it was removed, but we do not currently know the location. It is
believed to be with a homeowner who saw it was down and removed it to prevent further
Registering the new board with the State of Illinois – The board will get together with
Mike Braun and our attorney to change the board to the new members. This will be done
as soon as it is feasible.

Changing of authorized signers on the Association bank account(s) – As soon as
possible, the board will get together with Mike Braun and Marge Pizarek to change the
Association accounts to the new board members.

The renovations at 6517 Colonel Holcomb Dr. – Plans for the renovations to the
secondary building were submitted to the board. The plans call for a pool to be built in
the spring of 2011. The plans to renovate the secondary building to make it a pool house
have been approved. There are no structural changes being made, and the structure is
being brought up to code. Any alterations to the color scheme, size, or planned usage of
the facility were not addressed nor approved.

Outstanding Association dues – At the time of the meeting, there were 24 residents with
dues outstanding. These need to be collected as quickly as possible. Mike Riordan will
coordinate with Marge when they handover the treasurer responsibilities.

Insurance – Do the board members need insurance? Mike Riordan to ask an insurance
agent for advice and quotes.

Website – Mike Lazar has secured for our usage.
The website is up, running, and could use some feedback. We also need email addresses
for residents.

November 8th, 2010 Association meeting – Notes from the resident meeting and board
elections are in the hands of a few people. I believe Leanna Miller, Melissa Braun, and
perhaps one other person took notes. If we can get those sent to the board, we will
consolidate them and put them up on the website.

Subdivision party in 2011 – It was brought up that perhaps we should look to organize a
subdivision party in one of the cul de sacs this summer. It sounds like a great idea, but
we’ll need a few people to take the idea and run with it. We’d need to secure a date,
permission from Nunda Township and the sheriff, and then obviously a lot of planning.

                            E.      Agenda for Next Meeting

List the items to be discussed at the next meeting.

Street signs and subdivision entrance sign

Administrative items for switching the bank accounts and state registration

Meeting was adjourned at 5:06 pm by Mike Lazar. The next general meeting will be at
[time] on [date] in [location].

Minutes submitted by:                  Mike Lazar

Approved by:                           Mike Lazar, Cindi Tunnicliffe, & Mike Riordan

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