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Sunbrella Press Release


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     We will be pleased to send you samples and
     photos of Sunbrella®, on request.
Sunbrella® is set to revolutionise the world of outdoor design with its velvet collection: a regal
interior decorating fabric par excellence, as delicate as it is precious, noble as it is unique.

The Dickson group’s expertise has enabled it to come up with an innovative development,
an outdoor velvet armed to hold up against any external weather conditions.

The first and only of its kind, this velvet, made using Sunbrella® solution-dyed acrylic
thread, is water-repellent, protected against chlorinated or salt water and from rain.
It can stand up to the effects of the sun and discoloration caused by exposure to the moon,
a little-known phenomenon but nonetheless a very real one.

The design of the Sunbrella® velvet range offers a linear, graphical interpretation fully
in tune with the times featuring broad bands of colour or thin stripes. The palette of hues
flirts with the codes of masculinity: mineral greys rubbing shoulders with contemporary
blacks and taupes, deep blues that come to life upon contact with ultramarines.

More than ever before, these character traits of the 2009 collection offer a response
to trends in the world of outdoor decorating and to designers’ expectations.


Sunbrella® “art fabrics” take their inspiration from the mood of the times, offering fresh
variations on up-market aesthetics, luxury and comfort.

Designed by the Dickson group’s style agency, these unique collections translate the
latest in outdoor textile creation into 150 variations.



Timeless and refined, the palette of 53 solids is influenced by a return to the natural,
full of subtle nuances of pure white, ivory, taupe, coffee or ochre brown.
Echoing the major trend towards minimalist urban style, it includes mineral colours
and contemporary dark shades.
The family of 20 striped patterns available within this range of solids adds a harmonious,
complementary touch.

Daybed, une création de Patricia Urquiola pour Kettal

                                                        The ultimate chameleon fabric, Sunbrella® develops natural effects that mimic cotton or
                                                        linen. The combinations of irregularities and threads in the weave bring to mind the
                                                        authenticity and rustic simplicity of natural materials.

                                                        Three collections make up the family of natural effects: Natté, with its 12 references,
                                                        Linen, which comes in 8 versions, and Deauville, a completely redesigned collection with
                                                        9 new patterns for 2009-2011.

Val-eur                                                            ®

          The materials are sober and smooth. Some have a metallic look.
          Discrete effects structure the pure, graphic lines. In the family of contemporary materials,
          Sunbrella® fabrics, more than ever, blend in at the heart of design.

          Four collections make up the family of contemporary styles: Dupione, which comes in
          7 coloured designs, Kyoto, available in 5 references, Sling in 8 versions and Flagship,
          available in 6 variants.


        The effects are satiny, with combinations of beautiful nuanced textures bearing patterns
        inspired by nature: a blossoming branch, or a stylised pebble. These subtly coloured
        patterns give the fabric a warm finish and an air of luxury. Beyond a simple visual effect,
        the family of jacquards offers a soft, almost sensual feel.

        The jacquards are available in 3 coloured variations per pattern, blossoming branch,
        or stylised pebble.

                                              Light and airy, Sunbrella® canopies produce plays of
                                              light and shade in gazebos and outdoor structures
                                              created by leading designers.

                                              The Velum collection is available in 4 references.

                    Sunbrella® is renowned for its ability to develop new materials offering cutting-edge
                    technical performance. In this, the make-up of the fabric is key. The demands of the world
                    of outdoor continually drive the R&D department of the Dickson group on to develop new
                    properties for Sunbrella® fabrics. Its work centres around high-tech materials, the fruit of
                    research conducted in the worlds of boating and luxury automobiles.
Tradewinds, Sifas

                     Sunbrella® fabrics are woven exclusively from “solution-dyed” acrylic fibres. The process
                     consists of mixing the colour pigments at the heart of the fibre in its initial manufacturing
                     stage, before the yarn is even produced.
                     Sunbrella® colours can stand up to the effects of the sun,
                     the rays of the moon and to bad weather.
Greendesign, Sifas

                     Designed for use outside the home, Sunbrella® Outdoor can stand up to salty and
                     chlorinated water and all types of bad weather. Its secret: a treatment based on fluoride
                     nano-molecules. This protection increases water repellence and gives the fabric
                     unrivalled resistance to stains, greasy substances and water. Sunbrella® fabrics can stand
                     up to all external conditions and be used all year round in gardens, on terraces, beside
                     swimming pools or on the bridge of a boat.


           OEKO-TEX certified (an eco-label awarded by an Austrian textile research institute),
           Sunbrella® fabrics are products that contain no harmful substances, present no hazards
           to health, skin or the environment. Recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, most of
           the fabrics offer maximum protection against UV rays (UPF 50 + = 100% of UV rays filtered).

           WEIGHT: FROM 160G/M2 TO 475G/M2
           150 REFERENCES
           5-YEAR WARRANTY


                                                                                            Manutti, Gloster, Vlaemynck, Sifas, Barlow Tyrie, Tuuci, Glatz, Rausch, Tribu

Tribu, Kettal, Barlow Tyrie, Sifas, Tuuci, Gloster, Manutti, Vlaemynck, Woodline, Rausch,
Dolcefarniente, Varaschin, Green-Design, Glatz, Val-Eur, Symo…
the leading manufacturers and designers of outdoor furniture choose Sunbrella® fabrics
for their unique quality throughout the world.
Distributed in over 100 countries, Sunbrella® collections are used for outdoor upholstery
in palaces and luxury hotels, on yachts and superyachts…

                                                                                             Photo Charles Petillon for Sunbrella®
Occupying a position of leadership among French premium outdoor textile manufacturers,
Dickson is also France’s oldest textile company. It was founded in 1836 in the northern
town of Wasquehal. Part of the Glen Raven group since 1998, Dickson continually reinforces
its position as an industry reference by placing excellence and innovation at the heart of
its production.

Symbols of this French expertise, Sunbrella® collections combine designer style and the
creativity of “art fabrics” with cutting-edge technical performance.

Developed over 30 years ago for boating and yachting activities, Sunbrella® textiles are
now recognised throughout the world as the benchmark in outdoor fabrics.

These semi-finished products are currently marketed to manufacturers, and used by
leading designers. They are distributed through exclusive channels worldwide, under the
Sunbrella® brand name.

                                                                                                  Photo de couverture : Varaschin

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