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                                                              LIT MONTHLY
                                               9                  STAFF

                                      6                          Mark Beneventi
                                                                 Jessica Brodsky
                                                                 Nicolle Douglas
                                                                   Gary Dowell
                      10                                           Greg Holman
                                                                  Samantha Moss
                                                                   Navajo Slim
                                                                    Tanya Price
                                                                 Jerry Rutherford
                                                                     Bill Tait
                                          22                     Graphic Design
                                                                  Blind Scientist

       THIS MONTH...                                           Staff Photographer
                                                                 Jessica Brodsky
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                                                                 A Hard
                                                               By Mark Beneventi

                                                               1. Mexican restaurant On The Border
                                                               offers endless enchiladas for $8. Hey
                                                               mister big shot manager, they aren’t
                                                               “endless” if you kick me out at 10pm.

                                                           2. Skinygirl Margaritas have become
                                                           insanely popular among women in Dallas.
                                        The brand is now considering offering Richguy Scotch and
                                        Longdong Bourbon.

                                        3. Mariah Carey is expecting twins. I stand corrected that anyone,
                                        under any circumstances, would ever actually screw her.

                                        4. Bass Performance Hall hosted a new show called the Ten
                                        Tenors. Opera fans agree that it’s at least three times better than
                                        the Three Tenors was, but probably won’t be half as good as next
                                        year’s 21 Tenors.

                                        5. Charlie Sheen has had his show Two & A Half Men cancelled
           Seth’s                       due to his chronic drug escapades. His spokesman said he’s
                                        looking forward to getting on with the rest of his life as simply
 Valuable Thought of the Day            “Half a Man.”
 “How come profiling is okay in
advertising, but not at the airport?”   6. Spanish singing icon Charo said Lady Gaga was like Madonna
                                        with diarrhea. I found that comment very cruel…to diarrhea.

                                        7. Nick Jonas performed at the Whitehouse for a Motown tribute.
          Cover Art by                  His booking agent was pleased, saying “We’re just hoping to get
                                        Nick a black fan at some point.” (It didn’t happen.)

   Blind Scientist                      8. All work and no play makes Mark wealthy. Now he can afford
                                        hookers on the weekends.

                                                                        | 5
	   	On	the	Town	with	Greg	Holman						
        St. Patrick’s Day: Green Beer, Green Clothes, Greenville!
                         Faith and Begorrah! Since St. Patty’s     whiskey (spelled with an ”e”).
                         Day is right around the corner and
                         the insanity of the Greenville Ave.       Irish whiskey is made using dry malted barley,
                         Parade looms large on the horizon,        without the use of peat (decayed vegetation from
                         I thought that this month we’d            bogs and moors – Yum!). This allows the natural grain
                         talk some Irish. No, I don’t mean         flavors to come through instead of the slightly smoky
                         speaking in a bastardized Irish           elements associated with Scotch whisky (no “e”).
                         brogue like Sean Connery in the           To earn the name “Irish whiskey” it has to be made
                         “Untouchables.” I mean talk about         entirely from native grains and have been stored in
                         Irish stuff; all things Irish.            wooden casks for three years or more.

        So, to this end I’ve put together a list of Irish icons,   To keep those
        and an obvious starting point would be the national        hangovers       at
        pastime… “drinking” (I can say that because I’m half       bay you’ll need
        Irish; it’s in my blood… alcohol and being Irish, that     some Irish food,
        is). The Irish have perfected the art of drinking          and what goes
                               and in fact, Irish adults have      better with Irish
                               achieved the highest rate of        potables      than
                               alcohol consumption and             Irish potatoes, in
                               display the highest degree          and Irish stew. Other traditional fare includes boxty
                               of binge drinking in Europe.        (a potato pancake), colcannon (mashed potatoes and
                               And just what do they drink?        kale or cabbage), soda bread, and corned beef and
                               Guinness Stout, Harp Lager,         cabbage.
                               Smithwick’s Ale, Bailey’s
                               Irish Cream and of course Irish

                                In addition to their culinary      shamrocks, the color green,
                                contributions Ireland has          Setters and Wolf Hounds, Notre
                                born the world a number            Dame (the “Fighting Irish”),
                                of famous people including         Danny Boy, Riverdance, harps,
                                Kenneth Branagh, Pierce            Waterford crystal, Celts, red hair
                                Brosnan,      Daniel    Day-       and freckles, the substitution of
                                Lewis,     Colin      Farrell,     “me” for “my”, “Mac” “Mc”
     Patrick McGoohan (“The Prisoner”), Liam                                   or “O’”, sheep,
     Neeson, Peter O’Toole, Spencer Tracy,                                     and white wool sweaters “so thick, even
     Stephen Colbert, Dennis Leary, and Conan                                  the boniest-fingered nun could poke you
     O’Brien, to name but a few. Music has                                     in the chest and it wouldn’t bother you
     also been a part of Irish tradition and the                               none!” (“Family Guy” reference).
     bands The Commitments, The Corrs, The
     Cranberries, The Pogues, Boomtown Rats,
     Stiff Little Fingers, Thin Lizzy (R.I.P. Gary
     Moore), and of course U2 are all Irish.

     Other Irish things… the Blarney Stone,
     shillelaghs, jigs and reels, leprechauns,
        Now put all of this together, throw in some green Mardi Gras beads, Jell-O shots,
        cute girls on cheaply made floats, and throngs (no, not thongs) of party-prone
        Dallasites, and you’ve got The Greenville Avenue St. Patrick’s Day Parade!

        The now infamous event had its meager beginnings back in 1979 and included
        only a few cars that traveled just a couple of blocks. Today, the parade draws more
        than 100,000 people and is a bastion of Dallas debauchery. The city even waves
        the open container law (only on Greenville and only during the parade)!

        If you’re going to join the parade festivities you’ll need to get there early to get a good
                                                watching spot. The parade usually starts around
                                                11:00 am and lasts for a couple of hours, so wear
                                                comfy shoes. And while the event is a parade,
                                                please leave the kiddies at home, as things can get
                                                just a bit risqué (think of it as Dallas’ Mardi Gras).
                                                Bring your own booze and some cash (credit
                                                cards can limit your purchase options). And don’t
                                                forget “the wearin’ o’ the green” to prevent bruises
                                                from being pinched! If the Irish immigration to
        Greenville makes the red hair on your freckled neck stand up, here are some area Irish pubs, many of which
        will be selling green beer and having parking lot parties.

        The Old Monk - 2847 N. Henderson Ave. Dallas - Consistently voted one of Dallas’ top bars, the Old Monk
        is a traditional Irish pub with good food and good drinks.
        The Idle Rich - 2614 McKinney Ave. Dallas - Owned by three Dublin, Ireland natives, the Idle Rich specializes
        in the beers and whiskeys of Northern Europe and features a menu full of Irish favorites.
        Trinity Hall - 5321 E. Mockingbird Ln. - This full-service Irish pub feels very authentic and has an ambitious
        slightly higher-end menu.
        Lochran’s Eatery & Irish Pub - 6195 Main St., Frisco – Lochrann’s is a fun pub with a steady stream of
        regulars and good service. Live music on the weekends and a nice vibe make it the clear winner.
        Molly Maguire’s – 5815 Live Oak – Close to Lakewood, this used to be the Tipperary Inn. They have great
        food and fast service, even when the kitchen is busy. Live music on the weekends, bar trivia nights, and a
        putting green on the patio make for good times!
        The Dubliner - 2818 Greenville Ave. – Being on Greenville, this place is always packed for St. Patty’s Day.
        With a limited food menu, drinks are the order of the day here and they are done well. An Irish bar that’s also
        popular with the biker crowd (in a good way).
        The Black Friar - 2621 McKinney Ave. – With a similar menu, the Friar sits directly across the street from
        the Idle Rich, which makes for a great pub crawl.
                                  The Capitol Pub - 2401 N Henderson Ave. – This watering hole has a great patio, a
                                  nice “real” pub atmosphere, and great French fries.
                                  And just remember, we wear green, get drunk, throw Mardi Gras beads, pinch asses,
                                  and drink green beer to celebrate an Irish-Catholic holiday for a man who chased
                                  snakes off of an island! So if anyone tells you you’re too drunk, just remind them that
                                  an Irishman is never too drunk as long as he can hold onto one blade of grass to keep
                                  him from falling off the earth! Now “kiss me dammit… I’m Irish!”

                                                                                  You can
                                                                          Greg Holman’s incoherent ramblings at

                                                                                             | 7
                        Lily Pad
         Wow, great weather. It’s that time again when Texans
         head outside and bask in the sun and with the warm
         days alfresco dining is the thing to do. We have a
         great place to do just that. As a matter of fact, alfresco is the only way you can eat at the
         Lily Pad.

         Lily Pad’s “Sustainable Street Food” is downtown in the Main Street Garden at 1920
         Main Street. It’s the little green building with a tall patio and lot’s of outdoor seating.
         Oh, great eats too! And while the menu is not huge it’s all darn good (and you can get
         beer or wine to go with it). Add that to great people watching and it’s a winner. Each
         time I’ve been there involved at least a couple of hours spent with friends.

                       Open at 8am you can drop in for great Breakfast Tacos with
                       eggs and cheese ($1.35) or add ham and bacon for 20 cents
                        more. A little much? Then try a Muffin, Whole Grain Carrot-
                         Raisin or Blueberry-Banana-Walnut. Top it all off with a
                          Café con Leche with organic milk. What’s not to like? Or,
                           opt in for the Real Organic all natural Frozen Yogurt.
                            Two sizes and two base flavors, Sweet Madagascar
                            Vanilla Bean, or Non-fat Natural – Tangy Original.
                        Then customize with a choice of 35 toppings.

         Since the Pad is open until 10pm you can get lunch, dinner, or late night eats. Their
         Pressed Flats on a whole wheat tortilla are toasted, buttery brilliance! Try the Roast
         Beef with cheddar, roasted peppers and red onion, tomatoes, scallions, with horseradish
         cream sauce, OMG. Then there’s Shaved Ham with apple smoked bacon, jack cheese,
         spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, with honey mustard. Or maybe Roast Turkey with Swiss
         cheese, cranberries, almonds, basil with sweet mango mustard. Did I say the food was

                       You can get a naked Hot Dog, or do the chili thing with it. And for
                       munching with a beer, there are tortilla nachos with plain queso or loaded.
                       On the lighter side there is a Garden Salad, Mediterranean Plate, or a
                       Grilled Chicken Greek Salad. Finally, to sip the work day edge away there
                       is beer (lot’s of them!), margaritas, wine, coffee, tea, and all natural sodas

                     The Lily Pad is one of those places where if you go at lunch you suddenly
                     find yourself still there for happy hour that ends at 7pm. Go there after
                     work, or as they say, instead of work. Open Monday thru Saturday 8am to
         10pm. 214-529-6706.

                                                                                          TANYA’s TRAVELS
                       Today’s Lesson: How to Sleep              spent $280 BUT you have a free night that you could trade
                       Around for FREE! In hotels                in for a $600+ a night hotel in NYC or Rome! If you are
                       people….hotels. You know, those           lucky enough to travel for work, finagle where you are
                       fabulous places where someone             staying if possible based on these promotions. Hyatt and
                       else makes your bed and picks             Holiday Inn offered similar promotions last year.
                       up your nasty wet towels! And
                       usually has better cable. Earning         One of the best perks of being loyal to a hotel brand is that
                       miles on airlines will get your           you climb their “tier” level of loyalty. Each level you reach
                       to your dream destination, but            provides more perks and status (which I love abusing at
                       accommodations can cost you               Hiltons). Once you get to certain levels, you can actually
                       the equivalent of small hybrid car        kick other people out of a sold out hotel if you give the
- unless you travel during off season or have some free          hotel at least a 48 hours notice. Now THAT is power! Of
nights or discounts.                                             course, you have to pay the rate they are offering, and
                                                                 if they are sold out, it is going to be pricey, but if your
Hotel      programs                                              dream is to stay at the Waldorf on New Years and you
differ quite a bit                                               are a Diamond Member, you are in…for about $1000,
on what they offer.                                              but you did just get some blue level schmuck to walk to
Obviously, higher                                                another hotel (ok, you really shouldn’t abuse and relish in
end brands require                                               this power, but I am quite guilty of it). You also gain perks
more points and                                                  like room upgrades, free breakfast, free internet access and
then there some                                                  access to club lounges within the hotel. In Europe, loyalty
programs         like                                            level can save you tons of money on food and drinks if
the Priority Club                                                you receive complimentary breakfast buffet (worth $35
(Holiday         Inn,                                            or more) because you can eat a large meal before heading
Crowne Plaza, Etc) that allow you to turn in only a portion      out for the day. The club or executive lounges also offer
of your points combined with cash to stretch those points.       free coffee, soda and water, and discounted cash bars, and
Example: a night in a Hampton Inn can be as low                  once again in Europe, free snacks and FREE alcohol ALL
as 12,000 points a night while the Waldorf can run               day long! So if you plan a touring break midday, return to
60,0000+ points a night. Earning points per dollar spent         the hotel, have a beverage/wine/beer/cocktail and some
is going to be the “bread” of your loyalty program but let       fingers sandwiches, the only meal you really have to buy
                                                                 is dinner. Most lounges also offer appetizers, desserts and

me tell you about some “butter” that hotels offer regularly.
Hilton Honors ran a promotion twice last year that for
every 4 stays (not nights, separate stays) you got a free        cocktails prior to or during dinner, so you can even fill
night certificate, good for anywhere in the world! Ok, go        up before heading out for your nighttime adventures. And
stay at the cheap Hampton Inn on the way to grandma’s,           room upgrades? They are the bomb! I have been upgraded
have a night out over in Ft. Worth, head to the casinos just     to suites with fireplaces, balconies, Jacuzzi tubs, multiple
over the border for the night, take the kids to Schlitterbahn.   bathrooms, dining rooms, etc. It pays to be loyal!
If you can swing a good rate at about $70/night, you have
                                                                                           | 9

                           LOUD LIFE                                                              By Jerry Rutherford

     After that crap weather we had a few weeks back all         Capitals and the Chicago Blackhawks take the ice to
     that needs to be said is the only good ice belongs in a     songs penned by Darkest Hour and Al Jourgensen of
     hockey rink. So with that in mind and since we’re in the    Ministry respectively. Speaking of fans, former Dallas
     thick of the NHL season, now couldn’t be any better of      Star Jere Lehtinen gave Thrash Metal titans Slayer the
     a time to talk about just how much this particular sport    royal treatment when the band once played here and
     has in common with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.               went so far as to
                                                                 present them with
                                          First and foremost,    individualized
                                          both are high          Stars         jerseys.
                                          energy, aggressive     Lehtinen has also
                                          displays of shared     been spotted at a
                                          focus. When a          big Metal show
                                          group of people,       or two inside
                                          be it teammates        Verizon Theater on
                                          or band members,       occasion. Better
                                          get out there and      still is the time when former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist
     deliver the goods the adrenaline rush is completely         and Black Label Society leader Zakk Wylde played a
     incredible. If you’ve ever gone to a Stars game and         blazing rendition of the National Anthem before an
     been there when they skate out to their theme/fight song    LA Kings game which was included on his Broozed,
     you know that’s when the blood really gets pumping.         Boozed And Broken-
     Hometown heroes Pantera lent their fiery slap for the       Boned DVD. And one of
     intro and to this day it’s not uncommon to see drummer      the coolest things to learn
     Vinnie Paul (currently of HellYeah) cheering on the         after the untimely death
     boys from the stands or behind a kit prior to a game.       of Slipknot bassist Paul
                                                 Local faves     Gray was that he was big-
                                                 Rivethead       time into stick ‘n’ puck
                                                 have     also   and was enthused to be
                                                 given     the   on tour playing where the
                                                 Stars some      Minnesota Wild lace up.
                                                 music that      Also quite noteworthy is
                                                 helps to stir   our lovely photog Jessica
                                                 up the crowd    Brodsky’s Iron Maiden tattoo sleeve where a Stars
     at the AAC and on Saturday, March 19 they’ll actually       flag sits amongst her ink. Ultimately though, there’s
     be thumping out their electronic-infused crunch before      nothing like the sounds of a fist pumping Van Halen or
     the game as well as during first intermission.              Metallica riff before the puck drops during a faceoff.
                                                                 Elevator music isn’t played in the arena for a reason,
     The Stars aren’t the only ones who have hometown            right?
     musicians as fans however. Both the Washington

                                                                                        LOUD LIFE

Now as far as big shows coming to town, March is
exceptional for out of town bands because of the traffic
from South By Southwest. But a really massive event
is happening on Thursday the 17th as the Metalliance
Tour hits the Palladium Ballroom’s Southside Music
Hall. With some eight groups rounding out the touring
package it will be one whopping night of heaviness for
sure. Helmet headlines the whole thing and are said
to be performing their 1992 classic album Meantime
in its entirety, but the big news about Metalliance is
that it’ll be the first extensive US tour for reformed
Doom lords Saint Vitus. Next to Black Sabbath,
these legends of low ‘n’ slow have inspired a whole
genre of underground music and are powerfully
mesmerizing in person. After a couple of short runs
on the Stateside coasts along with several European
festival appearances it’s completely amazing that Vitus
is doing Metalliance from start to finish. That only
scratches the surface though. Crowbar is along for the
ride with a crushing, chugging new album which finds
the New Orleans-based bruisers in top form then there’s
a host of diverse, up and coming openers worthy of just
as much attention. Be sure to get there early and check out Kylesa, Howl, Red Fang,
The Atlas Moth and Royal Thunder. A major not to miss evening is in-store my friends.
Make plans to be there now.

                                     Saint Vitus

                                                                         | 11

                                                        The Grand Ave Arts Center in Dallas
                                                        is having a fund raiser: Tribute to
                                                        Legendary Stars Event. The center
                                                        helps and trains kids and adults to
                                                        lead positive and better lives! Stop
    March 1                  Miranda Cosgrove
                                                        in and give your support on March
    Aaron Lewis              New York Dolls
                             Rise Against
                                                        20th at Heroes Sports bar at 7402
    Ari Hest
    Blessid Union Of Souls   The Naked And              Greenville Ave.
    Buddy Miller             Famous
    David Foster                                        Guitarist Victor Gann has added
    Dropkick Murphys         March 22                   Mike Allen as vocalist on his new
    Eisley                   Alexis & Fido              project. He is still looking for
    Forever The Sickest      Duran Duran                a drummer. If interested go to
    Kids                     Edwyn Collins     for contact info.
    Harry Connick Jr.        Green Day
    John Popper              Jennifer Hudson            Award     winning  singer/song
    Linda Eder               Josh Kelley
    Lucinda Williams
                                                        writers Scott Nolan and Adam
    Lykki Li                                            Carroll will be
                             Pet Shop Boys
    Marsha Ambrosius         Pitbull
                                                        performing at
    Ron Sexsmith             Raphael Saadiq             historic   Sons
                             Ray Davies                 of Hermann on
    March 8                  Richard Ashcroft           March 25. Doors
    Avril Lavigne            Robin Zander               open at 8pm and
    Brooklyn Rundfunk        The Lonely Forest          tickets are only
    Orchestra                The Strokes                $15.
    Bruce Cockburn           Yellowcard
    Charley Pride
    Cut Copy                 March 29
    Lupe Fiasco              Britney Spears
    R.E.M.                   Mary Mary
    Raekwon                  Michael Grimm
    Sara Evans               Panic! At The Disco
    The High Kings           Peter Bjorn And John
                             Roscoe Dash
    March 15                 Sum 41
    Boxer Rebellion          The Sounds
    Cornershop               Wiz Khalifa
    Danger Mouse &
    Daniele Luppi
    Dionne Warwick
    James Wesley
    Lady Gaga

                      3/01 - Ice Cube @ House of Blues
                          3/02 - Linkin Park @ AAC
                    3/02 - Diana Ross @ The Majestic
                3/04,5 - Rodney Carrington @ The Majestic
                      3/04 - Fair to Midland @ Trees
                     3/05 - Randy Travis @ Billy Bob’s
                         3/07 - YES @ House of Blues
                     3/10 - Stanley Clark @ Granada
                        3/11 - Drowning Pool @ Trees
                           3/14 - Lady Gaga @ AAC
                           3/17 - Helmet @ Gilley’s
                         3/17 - Liz Phair @ Granada
                  3/18 - Corrosion of Conformity @ Trees
                       3/19 - G. Love @ House of Blues
                         3/19 - Third Day @ Verizon
                    3/20 - Snoop Dogg @ House of Blues
                         3/22 - Lords of Acid @ Trees
                   3/26 - Arlo Guthrie @ House Of Blues
                           3/26 - Juanes @ Verizon
                  3/26 - Monte Montgomery @ Granada
                3/27 - Dashboard Confessional @ Palladium

                                                   | 13

                 WoFat                         Chuk Cooley & The Demon                      Shotgun Rebels
           Noche del Chupcabra                        Hammers                              Lovely Destruction
                                                    The Slow Crawl
     These DFW fuzzkings have                                                       I love their website, “we play
     released some of their best stuff to    CCDH’s latest disc is a                Southern Sleaze. Sex in the
     date on this latest effort. Noche del   schitzophrenic affair. The guys        grooves and riffs from the gutter.
     Chupacabra brims with a certain         have found sobriety but still have     Raw, Raunchy, and In Your Face!
     magic and oozes all kinds of vibe.      that hard, southern-rock fierceness    AC/DC and Guns n’ Roses get in
     If Wofat ever happen to do this         inside and their latest disc exposes   a bar fight…and everyone wins!”
     collection of tunes live from front     both. The heavy tracks bleed with      They’re not tellin’ lies, this San
     to back it would be incredible. Each    wild, ripe sludge and wickedness.      Angelo quintet plays smash-mouth,
     track is full of driving, thunderous    The guitars run the gamut from         chord splitting regurgitations that
     boogie and a scorching Southern         low-tuned growl to an almost-          resemble some of the famous rock
     swing. It all climaxes as the title-    80s shred and scream. “Creeping        bands we came to live and love in
                                             Across Razors” is great example        the 80s. The bandmates actually
     cut closes things out in a wash of
                                             of this. There are several solid       have some good, structural
     sweeping headflex not to mention
                                             heavy-rock tracks here filled          symbiosis,     with    respectable
     one incredibly cool tempo change.
                                             with sonic punch and interesting       guitarmanship from Rex Rogers
     Along the way, WoFat tap into the
                                             arrangements. The vocals are just      and adequate accompaniment
     spirit of classic rock greats like                                             from his gutter-mates although
                                             right, a little rough and right on
     Blue Cheer and Molly Hatchet                                                   the vocals are somewhat gnarly.
                                             key. The only problems arise on
     while adding their own dose of                                                 Their six-track CD is highlighted
                                             the slower tracks as they seem
     dense, hazy throb that’s full of                                               by “I’m A Gun,” the first 30
                                             a bit preachy and almost cheesy
     tasty guitar solos and gritty, well-                                           seconds of which convinced me
                                             – think Meatloaf. The talent is
     delivered vocals. After Noche           there, the lyrics are good, but they   that this was mysteriously A/C D/
     del Chupacabra’s forty-six minute       walk that fine line of being either    C’s new release, heck they should
     running time fades away it’s more       prophetic or silly, depending on       think about buying this song from
     than obvious that this local trio is    your interpretation. If you need       the Rebels-it’s a perfect tune for
     one of the strongest talents in the     inspiration to go on in the world,     Brian Johnson to lock his lips
     Metroplex. (Jerry Rutherford)           they may be the light in your          on. The humor continues on their
                                             tunnel. If you just wanna f**king site - where
                                             rock, turn it up to 11 and blast       their marketing savvy is noted, it
                                             “Creeping…,” “Levels Higher”           says “No Shows Booked At The
                                             and “World Upside Down.”               Moment.” That will change soon
                                             (MB)                                   enough! (Navajo Slim)

                                 Hayes Carll
                                 KMAG YOYO (& other American stories)

                                 Looking at Carll’s CD cover you see a disheveled looking misfit wearing an
                                 American flag sweater two sizes too small, standing with his boots thrown in
                                 front of him and looking a mess, like he just got off the turnip truck. Upon
                                 listening to KMAG YOYO I had the perception that this dude was a buffoon
                                 based on the cover and then listening to the jagged opening song called “Stomp
                                 And Hollar.” Okay my views changed a bit and I pleaded with myself to “tune
                                 this guy in,” he was soundin’ like Jerry Jeff Walker and had that drunken,
                                 dancehall, nightclub two step vibe you might catch somewhere you didn’t
                                 intend to go. After wading through the first four songs, I grew hip to his lyrical
prowess and by the time the title track came on, I was sure. Carll writes much like John Prine and Townes Van
Zandt and has pensive, thoughtful and sometimes hilarious prose. Gotta pay attention to his lyrics and read
along if you can, especially when he gets into a melodic argument on track six with his duet partner Cary Ann
Hearst, classic. He crosses boundaries going from Americana, dips his toe in country and mostly sings in a bar
room slosh voice, versatility is his penchant. Best track is “Grateful For Christmas,” which takes you back to
your own experiences during the holidays. This 35 year old poluka from The Woodlands is making his gig run
through the Texas heartland in March, for schedule see www.myspace/hayescarll. You know you like a guy
when he names an album KMAG YOYO, which is military slang for Kiss My Ass Guys You’re On Your Own.
(Navajo Slim)

                                                                                | 15

                                         | 17

                                        T o d a y ’ s       Until recently, it’s been a difficult task to put
                                        overabundance       together even a simple game of touch football.
                                        of profile-driven   Bob has to work. Jill got a flat. Dan broke his
                                        communities         leg at the last game. Now, imagine being able to
                                        are all the rage    log on to a social-network and connect with local
                                        and,       unless   athletes, organize your sports schedule, manage
                                        you’ve      been    a wide-range of recreational teams and leagues,
     living under a rock, you’ve visited one or all of      post bulletins, and much more. If this sounds like
     them. From Facebook to Craigslist, whether your        more fun than opening your Twitter app to find an
     past time is enjoying music, entertainment, dating,    alternate, then literally take one minute to register
     or socializing, there’s a website and app for that!    on This impressive site offers a list
     However, if you’re already overwhelmed by too          of sports to add to your favorites, profiles to search,
     many accounts, or have sworn you would never fall      and a widget that lists compatible player matches.
     in with the masses, don’t turn the page quite yet. I   Isn’t technology grand?
     found a website that offers up every tool needed to
     help you continue those past-times and add more
     - even after you log off the computer!

Sportsvite possesses a very clean, bright, and advanced but
user-friendly interface that helps you manage teams online,
organize games and events, and promote your league. You
can search other players and invite them to your roster, manage
RSVPs, schedule games and practices, send team emails, recruit
players from the community, track seasons and standing, and
much more. These are just a few of the reasons, as a sports fan
and web designer, I give 5 stars. This is one
extremely thorough website and the owners proudly boast that
membership is, and will always be 100% free, which is amazing
with the many useful add-ons.

                                                 Your friends list includes your friends who’ve joined
                                                 Sportsvite, or players you’ve met by using Sportsvite. This
                                                 list comes in handy when you want to start a pickup game
                                                 or create a team, as you can choose players from this list
                                                 to invite without worrying about finding email addresses.
                                                 You will also see notes in your activity feed when these
                                                 players join new teams or events, upload photos, or make
                                                 new connections of their own. Facebook fans know
                                                 how this works, and they can log in or sign up with their
                                                 current Facebook username and password, which means
                                                 one less password to remember.

                                                  Serious team managers (or those who always wanted to
                                                  become one) can utilize Sportsvite’s LeagueApps, which
                                                  is recreational sports league management software that is
also FREE, easy to use, intuitive, and web-based. This innovative app system can be integrated into your
team’s existing website and merchant system, or a personalized domain, website, and merchant account
(for a small percentage rate) can be created for you.

When browsing through their vast category list of recreational sports (I stopped
counting at 75) there were the old team favorites like softball, football, hockey,
volleyball, etc.. Fitness groups for things like yoga, martial arts, triathlon, and
dancing. Outdoor activities like camping, fishing, hiking, and paintball. Playground
groups for our favorite kid’s games like horseshoes, wiffleball, and (YES!)
dodgeball! When the rain spoils your fun, just join an entertainment team indoors
for some poker, bowling, chess, and rock paper scissors (you can’t make this stuff
up!). That short list gives you an idea of how diverse and addictive this website can
be. Send me a friend request when YOU join (NitrousNicolle), and I look forward
to being your teammate soon!

                                                                               | 19
 Gary Dowell’s

                     MOVIE NIGHT
  By the time you read this, the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Ceremony will have
  already aired, but at the time of this writing (two weeks prior to the ceremonies, thanks
  to deadlines and the godforsaken editors who enforce them) there is buzz aplenty as to
  who the winners will be. Among the frontrunners is veteran British actor Colin Firth for
  his portrayal of King George VI in The King’s Speech. It’s only his second nomination
  (his first was last year for A Single Man), and he’s considered the one to beat for
  the Best Actor statuette. We here at Movie Night will have placed a sizable wager on
  Firth because we are aware of an oft-overlooked statistic: biographical films are Oscar
  magnets. Of the 82 ceremonies held at the time of this writing, a total of 19 lead actors
  have won for playing real people, five of them in the past decade alone. Here’s a look
  at a few of the many notable biopic performances:

                      George Arliss as Benjamin Disraeli, “Disraeli” (1929). A veteran actor of the
                      stage and silent screen at the time, Arliss made his “talkie” debut in this story of
                       Prime Minister Benjamin Disrael and his ambitious foreign policy that created
                        a British Empire. Practice makes perfect: Arliss originated the role in a 1911
                         Broadway play that ran 280 performances, and appeared in a silent version of
                          the film in 1921.

                            Gary Cooper as Alvin York, “Sergeant York” (1941).
                             Cooper earned his second nom and first win for playing
                              war-hero York, the most-decorated American soldier of
                              WWI. York initially refused to have his story adapted, but
                   relented on the condition that his share of the profits would benefit
         a Bible school and that no cigarette smoking actress would portray his wife.
         Cooper originally passed on the role, but relented after receiving a letter of
                    request from York -- which had been forged by producer Jesse

                       James Cagney as George M. Cohan, “Yankee Doodle Dandy” (1942).
                        Cagney was chosen by Cohan himself when said entertainer learned of Cagney’s
                        background in vaudeville. The story took so many liberties with the truth that
                         Cohan famously stated: “It was a good movie. Who was it about?” Nevertheless,
                          Cagney’s performance earned him the only Oscar of his career.

                            George C. Scott as General George S. Patton Jr., “Patton” (1970). This
                            film is best remembered for its classic opening monologue, delivered by
                            Scott as General Patton with an enormous American flag behind him, which
                            remains an iconic film image. Scott famously refused to accept his Oscar,
                            the first actor ever to do so, citing a dislike of the voting and of the concept
                            of acting competition. He later reprised the role for the 1986 made-for-TV
                            movie “The Last Days of Patton”.

                             Robert De Niro as Jake LaMotta, “Raging Bull” (1980).
     It took De Niro four years to convince Martin Scorsese to adapt the life story
     of the middleweight boxing champion. The actor threw himself into the role,
     going so far as to undergo extensive physical training, entering in three genuine
     Brooklyn boxing matches (he won two of them), and putting on a whopping 60
     pounds to portray the pugilist in later life. The hard work paid off, earning De
     Niro his second Oscar.

                         Ben Kingsley as Mahatma Gandhi, “Gandhi” (1982).
                         Kingsley beat out the likes of Sir Alec Guinness and Sir Anthony
                          Hopkins to land this coveted role, one that exposed him to international
                           audiences on a grand level and quickly became a signature performance. So
                            uncanny was his physical resemblance to Gandhi that during filming many of
                             the locals thought him to be a ghost.

                                F. Murray Abraham as Antonio Salieri, “Amadeus”
                         (1984). Abraham was originally sought for the small role of
            Rosenberg, but was asked by director Milos Forman to read for the part
     of Salieri. His turn as the bitter composer is one that transcends mere villainy;
     posing as his friend while plotting against him, he despises his rival but loves
     his music, and yearns for Mozart’s though his existence is what defines him. A
                       complex role brought to brilliant life.

                         Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown, “My Left Foot” (1989). Ever
                         the transformative method actor, Daniel Day-Lewis refused to come out of
                          character while on the set, to the extent he broke two ribs during filming to his
                           hunched posture in the wheelchair, and that during meals in the canteen other
                            people would have to help him with food.

                                                                                | 21
HOCKEY and...
 Don’t forget about Your Dallas Stars!
                                                                                    By Jessica Brodsky

                          Since the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup in 1999, many
                          people have shrugged off the hockey team or perhaps the sport
                          all together, sometimes failing to see the heart and soul that is the
                          Dallas Stars Franchise. That may be why so many ex-Stars have
                          come back to work as a coach, manager, vice president and more.
                          Just because the team lost Mike Modano and Marty Turco
                          this season doesn’t mean they lost it all. The Stars are a very
                          young team in two respects: They have only been in Dallas since
                          1993 and the average
                          age of their roster is
                          26. We often forget
                          that some of those
                          young players we
         have watched grow up on the ice
         are now the veterans. Stephane
         Robidas, Brad Richards, Brenden
         Morrow, Karlis Skrastins, and Jamie
         Langenbrunner are now our team
         leaders - and they are doing a hell of
         a job. Mike Ribeiro and Steve Ott
         have developed into key players as well. Loui Eriksson joined Richards this year
         on the All-Star team and continues to be one of the top scorers.

         This season, like so many others, the Dallas Stars began as underdogs and have
         fought their way through every win. Some have been glorious and others ending
         in a nail-biter. But they have a more than decent record to prove that even with
                        their disappointing losses, they are still in the running to win the
                        coveted trophy once more. With only a month and a half left of an
                        injury plagued regular season, the team (and the fans) is hoping for
                        health and to give it their all in playoffs to prove that the underdogs
                        can bring it all home.

                       Hockey is a very demanding and physical
                       sport. Not only does a player have to skate
                       and handle a stick and puck on ice, but
                       they fight, take hard hits and try to score
                       into a net guarded by a goalie ready to
                       stop the puck going sometimes as fast as
                       100 mph. Watching hockey on television
       may not interest you, but if you have ever been to a Dallas
       Stars game at the American Airlines Center, you cannot deny the intensity and

                                                                                ...more HOCKEY!
From the action of the game to the Ice Girls,
intermission entertainment and falling coupons from
blimps for Chili’s and Chipotle, nothing compares to
seeing a game live and hearing Pantera’s Dallas Stars
theme song blaring through the arena as the players
take the ice. Hockey may not translate well to
TV, but live, it is simply the most exciting
sport on Earth. Just make sure you are paying
attention so you don’t take a puck to the face.

                      There are still plenty of         for only $25 PLUS you also get a coupon for a free
                      regular season games left         Chipotle burrito. And for hardcore fans, you can
                      throughout March and April,       watch the Dallas Stars practice
                      with nine set at home. Go to      at the Dr. Pepper Stars Center
                      the Dallas Stars website and      in Frisco. Of course, for away
                      you can find cheap tickets,       games or just hockey watching
                      special    promotions      and    in general, you can always join
                      package deals. If you are a       Jerry Rutherford at the bar at
                      college student (or still have    Angry Dog. Get your hockey fix
                      your college ID), you can         now and support your team. Go
                      purchase a lower level seat       Stars!

                                                                            | 23
         By Ashley Steinmetz
Drowning Pool re-invents homecoming for us. With Our
as they return to Deep Ellum on March                             first CD Sinner it
11th at Trees. I imagine there will be less                       was an exciting time
                                                                  because we were so
paper confetti and streamers and more
                                                                  new to everything in
bass, vox and crowd surfing. They will be
                                                                  the music business.
paying homage to a history of rock n roll,                        And honestly I have
alcohol, and good time debauchery that                            to thank all of our
dates back 15 years. I sat down with CJ of                        friends and family
Drowning Pool for a conversation over                             for supporting us in
two Black Tooth Grins.                                            the beginning and
                                                                  still sticking with
What year did Drowning Pool start                                 us today. The music
playing and hanging out in Deep                                   on the first CD was
Ellum?                                                            so much fun to play with Dave. I think what I miss most
Drowning Pool starting playing in Deep Ellum in 1996.             about that time is Dave’s personality that came through in
Wow that seems like a long time ago. My knees hurt just           the music and transpired on stage. What I love about the
saying that. The first place we played at was a place called      music now is we have come so far as friends and musicians.
Boozers.                                                          It’s been quite the challenge to adapt to the different singers
                                                                  we’ve gone through but Mike, Stevie, and myself have been
                                                                  writing music together for over 15 years now. I finally feel
How deep does the history run with
                                                                  with the newer music that we are closer to sounding like
Drowning Pool and Deep Ellum?
                                                                  what we want to sound like. I know it took 15 years to figure
Deep Ellum is where we got our start. It was hard to break
                                                                  each other out but we are in a more comfortable place when
in at first. We hung out and played at all the rock clubs. Then
                                                                  it comes to writing music together. The Unholy Trinity if
finally built up a friend/fan base and settled into the Curtain
                                                                  you will.
Club and Trees. We use to take pictures of the crowd from                       ONE MORE QUESTION --->
the stage and make the club owners count the fans and see
how many we had so they would move us up on the bill.

I myself have tripped over the
cobblestones on Elm and just flat out
made an ass of myself all in the name
of fun and games. Any stories you can
share with the class?
 If only I could remember now. I always remember going
down there but never seem to remember leaving. I could
honestly say we literally drank that place dry. I do miss all
the bar hopping we use to do. It was fun making friends and
drinking with all the bartenders and buddies at basically
every club. Great memories of being with Dave Williams
down there.

What did you love most about old
Drowning Pool music; and what do you
love most about new Drowning Pool
music? I know Dave would be nothing
but proud of what Drowning Pool has
become; what do you think he would
say if he were alive today?
With each Drowning Pool CD it’s been drastically different

                              Drowning Pool                       There you have it Drowning Pool tearing it
                              doesn’t preach                      down March 11th at Trees. “We can’t wait
                              politics; but do                    to see everyone again at Tree’s March 11th,”
                              support each and                    he says. “Come out and have a drink with
                              every service                       us. We need to catch up!” Be there to pay
                              member who has                      respect to the memory of Dave Williams,
                              risked or given                     history of Drowning Pool as a band; and
                              their life to                       as testimony to the unbreakable bond of
                              protect ours. Tell                  the Deep Ellum Family. And if anyone sees
                              us about Drowning                   lead singer Ryan McCombs before I do;
                              Pool’s relationship                 congratulate him on his latest Super Bowl
                              with the soldiers.                  victory and his uncanny resemblance to
                               When it comes down to our          Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews!
family and friends being in the armed forces we feel it is
our duty and everyone’s to support them. We’ve been very
fortunate to play for our troops all over the world and bring a
little bit of Texas Rock&Roll to them to make them feel like
they’re back home for a minute.

                                                                                 | 25
  Rivethead – Relentless
      Justin Timberlake’s ‘Sexy Back’ is our gateway drug,” says front man Steve Page of his band’s popular
      remake of the pop hit. “People will listen to that first and then get into our other stuff. It really fits with what we
      do. Some people don’t even know the Justin Timberlake version and they think we wrote it.”

      Rivethead is that flexible. They’ve also adapted versions of Britney Spears’ “Toxic” and No Doubt’s “Hella
      Good” into their signature electro-metal thrash. Rivethead has been around for many years and members have
      come and gone, all leading to its current (and best) incarnation. “It’s like a super group now,” says Page. “We’ve
      known each other forever and respected each other’s talent, but we were always in different bands.” Like any
      good band, Rivethead’s music is a democratic amalgam of ideas. Page (vocals, guitar, keys), Kevin Kerr (guitar),
      Mark Halford (drums) and Derek James (bass) coalesce in the studio and on the stage.

      But Rivethead’s forte isn’t even their catchy, addictive sound – it’s their relentless effort of promotion. And that
      effort has always been aimed in the right direction – worldwide. Where exactly is that?

      Dallas Stars Games. That’s a place you’ll hear Rivethead’s music. “I used everything I had to find out who the
      guy was that did the music,” says Page, notoriously relentless when it comes to the band and its success. “We are
      that band that gets out there and gets a foot in every door.” Rivethead will be performing two live sets at a Stars
      game on March 19th.

      CD Baby & iTunes. You’ll find the band’s music there too. “CD Baby lets you
      set up a storefront so you can sell CDs anywhere in the world,” he says. “We’ve
      sold them in Japan, Europe, Canada and coast to coast in North America.”
                                                            Counting iTunes sales,
                                                            the band has amassed
                                                            over $25,000 in sales!

                                                                  Next Page

Oklahoma Red Hawks. Yep, the Texas Rangers farm team plays Rivethead.
“I went to a bunch of Hawks games and I got them to play our music,” says
Page. It sounds too easy, and lots of bands have tried to get their music
played publicly without success, so how did Page get it done? “We record a
full album and do a version without lyrics. We can use the riffs for anything.
You take one song, put a good chant on it, and it gets played. Then you
sell 100 CDs in that market.” (Think about the simplistic “Dallas… Stars”
chant.) Page did the same for the Oklahoma Blazers, a minor league pro
hockey team.

Worldwide. “We’re on the Lex and Terry shown,” says Page. “They sponsor
the band.” As does Vitamin energy drink, Dunlop and others. The band’s
music has also found its way to television and certain apps like Gene
Simmon’s Family Jewels and MTV’s Road Rules. The legwork is good, but
exhausting and ultimately inefficient. And Page knows this. “The cool thing
about Facebook and CD Baby and satellite radio – they make the world a
really small place. You can go online and make 100 new fans in any market,
worldwide.” As the world downloads, go catch the guys live, starting with
the Stars game this month, or online at

                                                                        | 27

 Midge’s Monsters
 AKA: Frankentype, Jack, Em, Lexx and Preston the
 Monster Dog

 Description: Hand carved from wood or plastic.
 Parts made with molded resin. (see photos)

 Numbers: Only 10-15 known in existence

 Age: These Monsters have only been in existence
 for a year or so.

 Info: Midge only makes them at home here in the
 DFW area.
       The dolls are specially made to order.
       They are one-of-a-kind pieces.
       Creation time is 8-10 weeks.
       Prices vary.

 Watch for: Statuettes and figurines may be
 coming in the future, making these Monsters
 more readily available and more affordable.

 Quote: “It’s hard to let go of them [once they’re
 finished],” says Midge. “But it’s awesome. Kind of

 Location: Midge’s
 Monsters can be
 found on Facebook
 or at HerMidgesty.

                                                                      MONSTER GALLERY
        Witness Accounts
This is an artist to remember. The dolls turned out to be the
perfect alter image babies. They were a gift for my children
that are cherished beyond my dreams. She listened. She
delivered. We are planning the next commission. She is
easy to work with and a complete delight. I look forward to
many, many more projects with this awesome artist. -Rhonda

My monster — given to me as a gift by Midge herself — is
awesome beyond words. Not only is the monster itself cool,
but the meaning behind its unique personality traits speak
volumes of Midge’s ability to adapt her style and output to a
story, creating what is at once, one-of-a-kind, but oh so familiar.
Midge rocks, and her monsters are my favorite piece of art in
my office. –Jordan Wollman

 My Libby was not only the first Frankenmonster, but
she was also the first to have her lips zipped. Literally.
I was visiting Midge and was fortunate to see her partially
built. I knew she was the Monster for me. Libby is beautiful,
dainty, and very stylish. Her personality shines through her
big shiny eyes and she is adored everywhere she goes.
Midge is amazingly talented. With the Monster’s hand
carved expressions, movable joints, hands and feet, Midge’s
dedication and attention to detail brings her Monsters to life.
Hold one. Interact with one, and you will absolutely have to
have one of your very own. –Cynthia Roberts

                                                                 | 29
  Roller Derby – Slammin’’ good fun
  This is more fun than any adult should be allowed to have, and we’re
  not speaking about Vegas or L.A. or a local strip club. We’re talking
  about women’s roller derby. Anyone who recalls the roller derby of the
  past may thumb their nose at what was considered a “staged” or “pro
  wrestling style” production. This is far from that. “This league is growing
  into a legit sport,” says marketing director and competitor Trigger Mortis.
  “It’s more about skill and less about the show.” She then adds “But we’ll
  still have both.”

  That’s good news because while the competition is fierce, fans also dig
  the BYOB, the live music at halftime, the cheerleaders and the 8 foot
  tall mascot. Even though the bouts are ferocious - including hard hitting,
  takedowns and fist fights (not slap fights) - this is ultimately a family
  oriented entertainment event. It’s a place where kids run and play while
  older fans are prompted to build trackside beer-pyramids with their
  empties so that the skaters might barrel into them at some point.
  Despite the hilarious MC calls of “Nice Ass is coming up behind”
  and other such sexual entendres, these nights of mayhem, thrills
  and insanity are still family friendly. Most of the hot food (dogs,
  pizza, nachos…) is around $2 and parking is ample and free. There
  is quality local live music between the hour-long bouts and a raffle at
  the end, giving out plenty of gift cards.


        Photos by

     How popular is Assassination City Roller Derby? They’ve
     been selling out their current 750 seat stadium on a regular
     basis and are now moving to a huge, centrally located venue
     at – drum roll please – the Fair Park Coliseum. “This will hold
     6,000 fans,” gushes Trigger. “We’ll be there for the season
     opener on March 26th.” The league has grown from 40 skaters
     just a few years ago to over 110. Trigger sites the hit movie
     Whip It for some of the renewed interest.

                                    Sanctioned by the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association,
                                    Assassination City Roller Derby is comprised of four
                                    Dallas area teams – Bombshell Brigade, Deadly Kennedys,
                                    La Revalucion and Lone Star Assassins. They also have a highly ranked
                                    travel team called Special Ops and they are joined by hundreds of similar
                                    leagues around the country and the world, from Austin to Australia. The
                                    action is intense and seemingly nonstop, all nylons and kneepads, hotpants
                                    and helmets. These girls could whoop your butt on or off skates. (Yes, they
                            look sexy too.) These are all great reasons to check out one of the most exhilarating
                            and affordable events around, but here are a few more.

                             The league gives proceeds from each bout to local charities like the SPCA and
     others. The time and effort involved in promoting this league is huge - and done by everyone from the office
     personnel to the skaters to the referees - and still they give revenues to the needy without receiving pay
     themselves. If there is a better way to spend your entertainment bucks we haven’t found it yet.

     The two-plus hour events are $15. That’s it! And though the girls - with names like Gloria Vanderbitch, Eve
     L. Genius, Muffy Bumpin’ and Smash Wednesday - play hard and fight sometimes, in the end they are close.
     “The best thing about roller derby is meeting the girls and making friends,” says one skater. “We are all like
     family.” This is most evident at the post-bout after parties held at Lee Harvey’s in Dallas where many of
                                                          the players and other league officials show up and drink
                                                          the bruises away with $2 cocktails. You can catch a free
                                                          demo just before the Toadies play at the St. Pat’s Day
                                                                                 parade and at the upcoming Art
                                                                                 Con, or find out more, lots more,

                                                                                   | 31

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