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					                                CINEMA IS FOREVER

Cinema is my great love. If I’m ever granted another life, I want to live it as a film director.
For more decades than I care to say, I’ve been seeing some 200 to 300 films a year,
captivated by the form as both art and entertainment. Jean-Luc Godard used to say of
Henri Verneuil, a master of the thriller bien ficelé, (the well put-together and predictable
big production with box-office name stars), “I don’t understand Verneuil,” in response to
audiences baffled by Godard himself. Well, I don’t understand cinema as entertainment
only. Great films excepted—and you know them when you see them—I am baffled by
action movies, Martin Lawrence or Jim Carrey comic turns, “Troy”-type epics, slasher
movies, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise or the “Harry Potter” one.
My love runs not only broad but deep. Any film I see I submit to a thorough check of all
related facts: who is the director, what else has he/she made, what do critics say, where
does the film belong or doesn’t belong in film history. I have a good personal library and
the internet makes any search ridiculously easy. IMDB is a tremendous resource; the
article “List of Films” in Wikipedia provides a breakdown not only by year, genre, and
country but also in amazing categories such as “films shot in x city,” “films based on
magazine stories,” and more.
I have no idea how many films have been made since the Brothers Lumière enchanted
Parisian crowds with their “Sprinkler Sprinkled” in 1895 or George Meliès took them to
the moon. One hundred thousand? Several times that? But for the present lists, I’ve had
to make choices and the obvious ones were my personal inclination and preferences. The
result, I hope, still gives a good overview of film history. In many cases, I’ve selected
certain films of a director and not others, with good reason. Spielberg is a great director
and his films always watchable, but I’ve never enjoyed any as much as “Duel” and “E.T.”
Bertolucci’s “The Conformist” or “Last Tango in Paris” are unforgettable but his
“Dreamers” an embarrassment. Same for Kubrick for “Eyes Wide Shut” compared to “Dr.
Strangelove” or the inspired “2001: A Space Odyssey.” My criteria have been a) landmark
films (or their directors) that have brought to world cinema something new and different
which one way or another influenced what came after, and b) films that remain
favorites—because of their quality, because they are close to our hearts, because they
have become part of our collective memory. As I said, these are personal choices and
anyway, it’s all cinema, it’s all good.

                                                                              Saïdeh Pakravan
                                            BEFORE 1940
                           SAÏDEH PAKRAVAN’S LIST OF MUST-SEE FILMS
                                          SCREEN COMMENT
    Director                 Title                    Genre         Date        Cast
Browning, Tod       Freaks                    Horror             1932      Wallace Ford
Capra, Frank        Mr. Smith Goes to         Drama              1939      James Stewart
Chaplin, Charlie    Modern Times (the         Comedy             1936      Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin, Charlie    City Lights (the tramp)   Drama              1931      Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin, Charlie    Gold Rush( the tramp )    Comedy             1925      Charlie Chaplin
Dwann, Alan         Heidi                     Family             1937      Shirley Temple
Fleming, Victor     The Wizard of Oz          Musical            1939      Judy Garland
Fleming, Victor     Gone With the Wind        Epic               1939      Clark Gable,
                                                                           Vivien Leigh
Ford, John          Stagecoach             Western              1939       John Wayne
Griffith, D.W.      Intolerance            Drama                1916       Mae Marsh
Griffith, D.W.      Birth of a Nation      Drama                1915       Lillian Gish
Hathaway, Henry     Peter Ibbetson         Drama                1935       Gary Cooper
Hawks, Howard       Bringing Up Baby       Comedy               1938       Katharine
                                                                           Cary Grant
Lloyd, Frank        Mutiny on the Bounty   Adventure            1935       Charles
                                                                           Clark Gable
Lubitsch, Ernst     Ninotchka              Comedy               1939       Greta Garbo,
                                                                           Melvin Douglas
Mamoulian,          Queen Christina        Historical Drama     1933       Greta Garbo,
Rouben                                                                     John Gilbert
McCarey, Leo        Duck Soup              Comedy               1933       Marx Brothers
Newmeyer, Fred      Safety Last            Comedy               1923       Buster Keaton
Shoedsack, Ernest   King Kong              Adventure            1933       Fay Wray
Shoedsack, Ernest   The Most Dangerous     Adventure            1932       Leslie Banks,
                    Game                                                   Fay Wray
Stahl, John M.      Imitation of Life      Drama                1934       Claudette
                                                                           Colbert, Warren
Van Dyke, W.S.      Tarzan, the Ape Man    Adventure            1932       Johnny
Wood, Sam           A Night at the Opera   Comedy               1935       Marx Brothers
Carné, Marcel       Drôle de Drame         Comédie              1937       Louis Jouvet
Carné, Marcel       Hôtel du Nord          Drama                1938       Jean Gabin,
Dreyer, Carl        La Passion de Jeanne    Historical Drama    1928   Maria
                    d’Arc                                              Falconetti
Renoir, Jean        La règle du jeu         Drama               1939   Marcel Dalio
Renoir, Jean        La grande illusion      War                 1937   Pierre Fresnay
                                                                       Eric von
                                                                       Jean Gabin
Renoir, Jean        Boudu sauvé des eaux    Comedy              1932   Michel Simon
Vigo, Jean          L’Atalante              Drama               1934   Michel Simon
Lang, Fritz         M                       Thriller           1931    Peter Lorre
Lang, Fritz         Metropolis              Anticipation       1927    Alfred Abel
Murnau, F.W.        Nosferatu               Horreur            1922
Pabst, G.W.         Lulu (Die Büchse der    Drama              1929    Louise Brooks
Sternberg , Josef   L’Ange bleu             Drama              1930    Marlene
von                                                                    Dietrich
                                                                       Emil Jannings
Wiene, Robert       Das Cabinet des Dr.     Horror             1920    Conrad Veidt
Bunuel, Luis        Un chien andalou        Drama              1929    Simone Mareuil
Eisenstein,         Le cuirassé Potemkine   Historical Drama   1925    Aleksandr
Serguei                                                                Antonov
Eisenstein,         Octobre                 Historical Drama   1928    Vladimir Popov
                                             THE 1940S
                            SAÏDEH PAKRAVAN’S LIST OF MUST-SEE FILMS
                                          SCREEN COMMENT
    Director                  Title               Genre     Date             Cast
Barton, Charles     The Noose Hangs High         Comedy     1948 Bud Abott, Lou Costello
Burges, Preston     Sullivan’s Travels            Drama     1941 Joel McCrea
Capra, Frank        It’s a Wonderful Life         Drama     1946 James Stewart
Capra, Frank        Arsenic and Old Lace         Comedy     1944 Cary Grant
Chaplin, Charlie    The Great Dictator           Comedy     1940 Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin, Charlie    Monsieur Verdoux              Drama     1947 Charlie Chaplin
Cline, Edward F.    MyLittle Chickadee           Comedy     1940 Mae West, W.C. Fields
Cukor, George       Gaslight                      Thriller  1944 Ingrid Bergman,
                                                                  Charles Boyer
Cukor, George       The Philadelphia Story       Comedy     1940 Cary Grant,
                                                                  Katharine Hepburn,
                                                                  James Stewart
Disney, Walt        Fantasia                     Animated   1940
Garnett, Tay        The Postman Always         Thriller     1946   Lana Turner, John Garfield
                    Rings Twice
Hawks, Howard       The Big Sleep               Noir        1946   Humphrey Bogart,
                                                                   Lauren Bacall
Hitchcock, Alfred   Rebecca                    Thriller     1940   Lawrence Olivier, Joan
Hitchcock, Alfred   Spellbound                 Thriller     1945   Ingrid Bergman, Gregory
Huston, John        The Maltese Falcon          Noir        1941   Humphrey Bogart
Huston, John        Key Largo                  Thriller     1948   Humphrey Bogart,
                                                                   Lauren Bacall
Kazan, Elia         Gentleman’s Agreement      Drama        1947   Gregory Peck
Lang, Fritz         The Woman in the           Thriller     1944   Edward G. Robinson,
                    Window                                         Joan Bennett
Lubitsch, Ernst     To Be or Not to Be        Comedy        1942   Carol Lombard,
                                                                   Jack Benny
Manckiewicz,        The Ghost and Mrs.         Drama        1947   Gene Tierney, Rex Harrison,
Joseph L.           Muir                                           George Sanders
Preminger, Otto     Laura                      Drama        1944   Gene Tierney,
                                                                   Dana Andrews
Ray, Nicholas       They Live by Night          Noir        1948   Farley Granger
Stevens, George     I remember Mama            Drama        1948   Irene Dunne, Philip Dorn
Tourneur, Jacques   Cat People                 Horror       1942   Simone Simon
Vidor, Charles      Gilda                       Noir        1946   Glen Ford,
                                                                   Rita Hayworth
Vidor, King         Duel in the Sun                    Western     1946   Gregory Peck,
                                                                          Hennifer Jones,
                                                                          Joseph Cotten
Welles, Orson       Citizen Kane                       Drama       1941   Orson Welles
Welles, Orson       The Magnificent                    Drama       1942   Joseph Cotten
Welles, Orson       Lady from Shanghai                  Noir       1947   Orson Welles,
                                                                          Rita Hayworth
Wilder, Billy       Double Indemnity                    Noir       1944   Fred MacMurray,
                                                                          Barbara Stanwyck
Wyler, William      The Best Years of Our              Drama       1946   Frederic March
Carné, Marcel       Les visiteurs du soir               Drama      1942   Arletty,
                                                                          Alain Cuny
Carné, Marcel       Les enfants du paradis              Drama      1945   Jean-Louis Barrault,
                                                                          Pierre Brasseur
Clouzot, Henri-     L’assassin habite au 21            Thriller    1942   Pierre Fresnay, Suzy Delair
Clouzot, Henri-     Le Corbeau                         Thriller    1943   Pierre Fresnay, Ginette
Georges                                                                   Leclerc
Delannoy, Jean      L’éternel retour                    Drama      1943   Jean Marais, Madeleine
Grémillon, Jean     Remorques                           Drama      1941   Jean Gabin, Madeleine
                                                                          Renaud, Michèle Morgan
L’Herbier, Marcel   L’affaire du collier de la        Historical   1946   Viviane Romance, Jacques
                    reine                                                 Dacqmine
Melville, Jean-     Le silence de la mer                Drama      1949   Howard Vernon
Pagnol, Marcel      La fille du puisatier               Drama      1940   Raimu, Fernandel, Josette
                                                 Great Britain
Powell, Michael     The Red Shoes                     Fairy Tale   1948   Moira Shearer
De Santis,          Riso amaro                          Drama      1949   Vittorio Gassman,
Giuseppe                                                                  Silvana Mangano
de Sica, Vittorio   Ladri di biciclette                 Drama      1948   Lamberto Maggiorani
                    (Bicycle Thieves)
Rossellini,         Roma, città aperta                  Drama      1945   Anna Magnani
Mizogushi, Kenji    Josei no shôri                     Drama       1946   Kinuyo Tanaka, Michiko
Ozu, Yasujiro       Late Spring                         Drama      1949   Chishû Ryû, Setsuko Hara
                                            THE 1950S
                           SAÏDEH PAKRAVAN’S LIST OF MUST-SEE FILMS
                                         SCREEN COMMENT
    Director                  Title               Genre    Date               Cast
Benedek, Lazslo     Death of a Salesman      Drama        1951    Frederic March
Chaplin, Charlie    Limelight                Drama        1952    Charlie Chaplin
Cukor, George       A Star Is Born           Drama        1954    Judy Garland, James Mason
DeMille, Cecil B.   The Ten                  Historical   1956    Charlton Heston,
                    Commandments                                  Yul Brynner
Donen, Stanley      Singing in the Rain      Musical      1951    Gene Kelly
Donen, Stanley      Royal Wedding            Musical      1951    Fred Astaire
Ford, John          The Searchers            Western      1956    John Wayne,
                                                                  Vera Miles
Hawks, Howard       Rio Bravo                Western      1959    John Wayne,
                                                                  Dean Martin
Hitchcock, Alfred   Strangers on a Train     Thriller     1951    Farley Granger
Hitchcock, Alfred   Dial M for Murder        Thriller     1954    Grace Kelly,
                                                                  Ray Milland
Hitchcock, Alfred   Rear Window              Thriller     1954    James Stewart, Grace Kelly
Hitchcock, Alfred   Vertigo                  Thriller     1958    James Stewart, Kim Novak
Hitchcock, Alfred   North by Northwest       Thriller     1959    Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint
Hitchcock, Alfred   The Trouble with Harry Thriller       1955    John Forsythe
Huston, John        African Queen            Adventure    1951    Humphrey Bogart,
                                                                  Katharine Hepburn
Kazan, Elia         On the Waterfront        Drama        1954    Marlon Brando
Kazan, Elia         A Streetcar Named        Drama        1951    Marlon Brando,
                    Desire                                        Vivien Leigh
Kazan, Elia         East of Eden             Drama        1955    James Dean
Kramer, Stanley     On the Beach             Anticipation 1959    Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner
Lang, Walter        The King and I           Musical      1956    Yul Brynner,
                                                                  Deborah Kerr
Laughton, Charles   The Night of the Hunter Thriller      1955    Robert Mitchum
LeRoy, Mervyn       The Bad Seed             Thriller      1956    Patty McCormack
Logan, Joshua       South Pacific            Musical      1958    Rossano Brazzi
Mankiewicz,         All About Eve            Drama        1950    Bette Davis
Mann, Delbert       Marty                   Drama           1955    Ernest Borgnine
McCarey, Leo        An Affair to Remember   Drama           1957    Cary Grant,
                                                                    Deborah Kerr
Minelli, Vincente   An American in Paris    Musical         1951    Gene Kelly
Minelli, Vincente   Father of the Bride     Comedy          1950    Spencer Tracy,
                                                                    Elizabeth Taylor
Penn, Arthur        The Left-Handed Gun     Western         1958    Paul Newman
Preminger, Otto     Anatomy of a Murder     Drama           1959    James Stewart
Ray, Nicholas      Rebel Without a Cause   Drama          1955   James Dean
Sirk, Douglas      Imitation of Life       Drama          1959   Lana Turner, John Gavin
Stevens, George    A Place in the Sun      Drama          1951   Elizabeth Taylor,
                                                                 Montgomery Clift
Sturges, John      Gunfight at the OK      Western        1957   Burt Lancaster,
                   Corral                                        Kirk Douglas
Sturges, John      The Old Man and the     Drama          1958   Spencer Tracy
Tashlin, Frank     Artists and Models      Comedy         1955   Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis
Wilder, Billy      The Seven Year Itch     Comedy         1955   Marilyn Monroe,
                                                                 Tom Ewell
Wilder, Billy      Some Like it Hot        Comedy         1959   Jack Lemmon,
                                                                 Tony Curtis,
                                                                 Marilyn Monroe
Wilder, Billy      Sunset Boulevard        Drama          1950   Gloria Swanson,
                                                                 William Holden,
                                                                 Eric Von Stroheim
Wyler, William     Ben Hur                 Epic           1959   Charlton Heston
Wyler, William     Roman Holiday           Drama          1953   Audrey Hepburn,
                                                                 Gregory Peck
Zinneman, Fred     High Noon               Western        1952   Gary Cooper,
                                                                 Grace Kelly
Zinneman, Fred     From Here to Eternity   War            1953   Burt Lancaster,
                                                                 Frank Sinatra,
                                                                 Montgomery Clift
Autant-Lara,       Le Rouge et le noir     Period Drama   1954   Gérard Philippe,
Claude                                                           Danielle Darrieux
Becker, Jacques    Touchez pas au grisbi   Thriller       1954   Jean Gabin
Becker, Jacques    Casque d’or             Drama          1952   Simone Signoret,
                                                                 Serge Reggiani
Bresson, Robert    Un condamné à mort      Drama          1956   François Leterrier
                   s’est échappé
Camus, Marcel      Orfeu Negro             Drama          1959   Marpessa Dawn
Chabrol, Claude    Les cousins             Drama          1959   Gérard Blain, Jean-Claude
Clouzot, Henri-    Le salaire de la peur   Thriller       1953   Yves Montand
Clouzot, Henri-    Les diaboliques         Thriller       1955   Simone Signoret,
Georges                                                          Paul Meurisse
Dassin, Jules      Du rififi chez les      Thriller       1955   Jean Servais
Delannoy, Jean     Notre-Dame de Paris     Historical     1956   Gina Lollobrigida,
                                                                 Anthony Quinn
Duvivier, Julien   Marie Octobre           Drama          1959   Danielle Darrieux
Duvivier, Julien   Le petit monde de Don   Comedy         1952   Fernandel
Guitry, Sacha      Si Versailles m’était   Historical     1954   Jean-Pierre Aumont, J-L.
                   conté                                         Barrault
Malle, Louis         Ascenseur pour               Drama         1958   Jeanne Moreau
Malle, Louis         Les amants                   Drama         1958   Jeanne Moreau
Ophüls, Max          La ronde                     Drama         1950   Danielle Darrieux
Ophüls, Max          Lola Montes                  Historical    1955   Martine Carol, Peter
Resnais, Alain       Hiroshima mon amour          Drama         1959   Emmanuelle Riva
Tati, Jacques        Mon oncle                    Comedy        1958   Jacques Tati
Truffaut, François   Les 400 coups                Drama         1959   Jean-Pierre Léaud
Vadim, Roger         Et Dieu créa la femme        Drama         1957   Brigitte Bardot
                                                                       J-L Trintignant
                                                Great Britain
Bernhardt, Curtis    Beau Brummell                Period        1954   Stewart Granger, Elizabeth
Lean, David          The Bridge on the River      War           1957   Alec Guinness
Ray, Satyajit        Pater Panchali               Drama         1955   Kanu Bannerjee
Fellini, Federico    La Strada                    Drama         1954   Giuletta Massina
                                                                       Anthony Quinn
Rossellini,          Stromboli                    Drama         1950   Ingrid Bergman
Rossellini,          Journey to Italy             Drama         1953   Ingrid Bergman
Visconti, Luchino    Senso                        Drama         1954   Farley Granger,
                                                                       Allida Valli
Kurosawa, Akira      Rashomon                     Thriller      1950   Toshiro Mifune
Kurosawa, Akira      The Seven Samurais           Historical    1954   Toshiro Mifune
Mizogushi, Kenji     Ugetsu (Les contes de la     Drama         1953   Masayuki Mori
                     lune vague)                                       Eitarô Ozawa
Ozu, Yasujiro        Tokyo Story                  Drama         1953   Chishu Ryu
Wajda, Andrzej       Kanal                        War           1957   Teresa Isewska
Kalatozov,           The Cranes Are Flying        Drama         1957   Tatyana Samojlova
Bunuel, Luis         Los Olvidados                Drama         1950   Estela Inda
Bergman, Ingmar      The Seventh Seal             Drama         1957   Gunnar Bjornstrand
                                             THE 1960S
                            SAÏDEH PAKRAVAN’S LIST OF MUST-SEE FILMS
                                          SCREEN COMMENT
    Director                   Title              Genre        Date             Cast
Aldrich, Robert     Whatever Happened to      Drama           1962  Joan Crawford, Bette Davis
                    Baby Jane
Anger, Kenneth      Scorpio Rising            Underground     1964  Bruce Byron
Annakin, Ken        Those Magnificent Men Comedy              1965  Stuart Whitman
                    in their Flying Machines                        Sarah Miles
Annakin, Ken        The Longest Day           War             1962  John Wayne
Clayton, Jack       The Innocents             Horror          1961  Deborah Kerr
Corman, Roger       The Man with the X-ray Horror             1963  Ray Milland
Cukor, George       Let’s Make Love           Comedy          1960  Yves Montand,
                                                                    Marilyn Monroe
Edwards, Blake      Days of Wine and Roses Drama              1962  Jack Lemmon, Lee Remick
Hill, George Roy    Butch Cassidy and the     Western         1969  Paul Newman,
                    Sundance Kid                                    Robert Redford
Hitchcock, Alfred   Psycho                    Thriller        1960  Anthony Perkins,
                                                                    Janet Leigh
Hitchcock, Alfred   The Birds                 Thriller        1963  Rod Taylor, Tippi Hedren
Hopper, Dennis      Easy Rider                Drama           1969  Dennis Hopper
                                                                    Peter Fonda
Huston, John        The Misfits               Drama           1961  Marilyn Monroe,
                                                                    Clark Gable,
                                                                    Montgomery Clift
Huston, John        Night of the Iguana       Drama           1964  Richard Burton, Ava
                                                                    Gardner, Deborah Kerr
Jewison, Norman     In the Heat of the Night  Drama           1967  Rod Steiger,
                                                                    Sidney Poitier
Kramer, Stanley     Judgment at Nuremberg War                 1961  Spencer Tracy,
                                                                    Marlene Dietrich
Kramer, Stanley     It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad      Comedy          1963  Spencer Tracy
Kramer, Stanley     Inherit the Wind          Drama           1960  Spencer Tracy,
                                                                    Fredric March
Kramer, Stanley     Guess Who’s Coming to Drama               1967  Spencer Tracy,
                    Dinner                                          Katherine Hepburn,
                                                                    Sidney Poitier
Kubrick, Stanley    Dr.Strangelove            Comedy          1964  Peter Sellers
Kubrick, Stanley    2001, a Space Odyssey     Science fiction 1968  Keir Dullea
Kubrick, Stanley    Lolita                    Comedy          1962  James Mason
Mankiewicz,         Cleopatra                 Epic            1963  Elizabeth Taylor,
Joseph                                                              Richard Burton
                                                                    Rex Harrison
Mazursky, Paul      Bob & Carol & Ted &     Comedy         1969   Natalie Wood,
                    Alice                                         Elliott Gould
Mulligan, Robert    To Kill a Mockingbird   Drama          1962   Gregory Peck
Nichols, Mike       The Graduate            Comedy         1967   Dustin Hoffman,
                                                                  Anne Bancroft
Nichols, Mike       Who’s Afraid of         Drama          1966   Elizabeth Taylor,
                    Virginia Woolf?                               Richard Burton
Penn, Arthur        Bonnie and Clyde        Drama          1967   Warren Beatty
                                                                  Faye Dunaway
Penn, Arthur        Alice’s Restaurant      Comedy         1969   Arlo Guthrie
Polanski, Roman     Rosemary’s Baby         Horror         1968   Mia Farrow
                                                                  John Cassavetes
Pollack, Sidney     They Shoot Horses,      Drama          1969   Jane Fonda
                    Don’t They
Rich, David         Madame X                Drama          1966   Lana Turner,
Lowell                                                            John Forsythe
Romero, George      Night of the Living     Horror         1968   Duane Jones
Rossen, Robert      The Hustler             Drama          1961   Paul Newman
Schaffner,          Planet of the Apes      Anticipation   1968   Charlton Heston
Franklin J.
Schlesinger, John   Midnight Cowboy         Drama          1969   Dustin Hoffman,
                                                                  John Voight
Sturges, John       The Magnificent Seven   Western        1960   Steve McQueen
Sturges, John       The Great Escape        War            1963   Steve McQueen
Thompson, J. Lee    The Guns of Navarone    War            1961   Gregory Peck, David Niven
Wilder, Billy       The Apartment           Comedy         1960   Jack Lemmon
Wise, Robert        West Side Story         Musical        1961   Nathalie Wood
Wyler, William      The Collector           Drama          1965   Terence Stamp, Samantha
Yates, Peter        Bullitt                 Thriller       1968   Steve McQueen
Berri, Claude       Le vieil homme et       Drama          1967   Michel Simon, Alain Cohen
Bresson, Robert     Au hasard Balthazar     Drama          1966   Anne Wiazemsky
Chabrol, Claude     Les Biches              Drama          1968   Jean-Louis Trintignant,
                                                                  Stéphane Audran
Clément, René       Plein Soleil            Thriller       1960   Alain Delon, Maurice Ronet
Costa-Gavras        Z                       Thriller       1969   Yves Montand
                                                                  Jean-Louis Trintignant
Demy, Jacques       Les Parapluies de       Musical        1964   Catherine Deneuve
Godard, Jean-Luc    A bout de souffle       Drama          1960   Jean-Paul Belmondo,
                                                                  Jean Seberg
Godard, Jean-Luc    Pierrot le fou          Drama          1964   Jean-Paul Belmondo,
                                                                  Anna Karina
Lelouch, Claude     Un homme et une         Drama          1966   Jean-Louis Trintignant,
                    femme                                         Anouk Aimée
Melville, Jean-      Le samourai                Thriller      1967   Alain Delon,
Pierre                                                               François Perier
Ophüls, Marcel       Le chagrin et la pitié     Documentary   1969   M. Ophüls
Oury, Gérard         La grande vadrouille       Comedy        1966   Bourvil,
                                                                     Louis de Funès
Resnais, Alain       L’année dernière à         Drama         1961   Delphine Seyrig
Rivette, Jacques     Paris nous appartient      Thriller      1960   Giani Esposito
Rohmer, Eric         Ma nuit chez Maud          Drama         1969   J-L Trintignant
Truffaut, François   Jules et Jim               Drama         1962   Jeanne Moreau
Varda, Agnès         Cléo de 5 a 7              Drama         1961   Corinne Marchand
Solanas, Fernando    Hora de los hornos         Documentary   1968   Fernando Solanas
Forman, Milos        The Loves of a Blonde      Comedy        1965   Hana Brejchova
Chahine, Youssef     Al Ard (The Earth)         Drama         1969   Hamdy Ahmed
                                              Great Britain
Brook, Peter         Lord of the Flies          Drama         1963   James Aubrey, Tom Chapin
Brook, Peter         Marat/Sade                 Drama         1967   Ian Richardson
Clayton, Jack        The Pumpkin Eater          Drama         1964   Anne Bancroft
                                                                     Peter Finch
Glenville, Peter     Becket                     Historical    1964   Peter O’Toole,
                                                drama                Richard Burton
Lean, David          Lawrence of Arabia         History       1962   Peter O’Toole
Lean, David          Dr. Zhivago                Drama         1965   Omar Sharif
                                                                     Julie Christie
Losey, Joseph        The Servant                Drama         1963   Dirk Bogarde
Richardson, Tony     The Loneliness of the      Drama         1962   Tom Courtenay
                     Long Distance Runner
Rilla, Wolf          Village of the Damned      Horror        1960   George Sanders
Schlesinger, John    Billy Liar                 Drama         1963   Tom Courtenay
Young, Terence       Dr. No                     James Bond    1962   Sean Connery
Zinneman, Fred       A Man for all Seasons      History       1966   Paul Scofield
Cacoyannis,          Zorba the Greek            Drama         1964   Anthony Quinn,
Michel                                                               Alan Bates,
Jules Dassin         Never on Sunday            Comedy        1960   Melina Mercouri
Ray, Satyajit        Charulata                  Drama         1964   Soumitra Chatterjee,
                                                                     Madhabi Mukherjee
Golestan,            Khesht o ayeneh            Drama         1965   Taji Ahmadi, Zakaria
Ebrahim                                                              Hashemi
Mehrjui, Dariush     Gaav                       Drama         1969   Ezzatollah Entezami
Antonioni,          La Notte                  Drama        1961   Marcello Mastroianni,
Michelangelo                                                      Monica Vitti,
                                                                  Jeanne Moreau
Antonioni,          Blow Up                   Thriller     1966   David Hemmings,
Michelangelo                                                      Vanessa Redgrave
Antonioni,          L’Avventura               Drama        1960   Monica Vitti
Bertolucci,         Prima della revoluzione   Drama        1964   Adriana Asti
Fellini, Federico   8 1/2                     Drama        1963   Marcello Mastroianni
                                                                  Anouk Aimee
Fellini, Federico   La Dolce Vita             Drama        1960   Marcello Mastroianni
                                                                  Anouk Aimée
                                                                  Anita Ekberg
Fellini, Federico   Giulietta degli spiriti   Fantasy      1965   Giulietta Masina
Fellini, Federico   Il Satyricon              Comedy       1969   Alain Cuny
Germi, Pietro       Divorce, Italian Style    Comedy       1961   Marcello Mastroianni
Leone, Sergio       A Fistful of Dollars      Western      1969   Clint Eastwood
Pasolini, Pier      Teorema                   Drama        1968   Silvana Mangano
Paolo                                                             Terence Stamp
Pasolini, Pier      Vangelo secundo Matteo    Historique   1965   Enrique Irazoqui
Pasolini, Pier      Uccellacci e uccellini    Drama        1966   Toto

Pontecorvo, Gillo   La Battaglia d’Algeri     War          1966   Brahim Hadjadj
Visconti, Luchino   Il gattopardo             Drama        1963   Burt Lancaster,
                                                                  Alain Delon
Ozu, Yasujiro       End of Summer             Drama        1961   Ganjiro Nakamura
Polanski, Roman     Noz w wodzie (the         Drama        1962   Leon Niemczyk
                    Knife in the Water)
Bunuel, Luis        The Exterminating         Drama        1962   Silvia Pinal, Enrique
                    Angel                                         Rambal
Bunuel, Luis        Belle de Jour             Drama        1967   Catherine Deneuve,
                                                                  Michel Piccoli
Bunuel, Luis        The Milky Way             Drama        1969   Paul Frankeur, Laurent
Bergman, Ingmar     Through a Glass Darkly    Drama        1961   Harriet Andersson, Max von
Bergman, Ingmar     The Silence               Drama        1963   Ingrid Thulin
Bergman, Ingmar     Persona                   Drama        1966   Bibi Andersson, Liv
Tarkovsky,   Roublev   Historical   1969   Anatoli Solenitsin
Andrei                 Drama
                                        THE 1970S
                          SAÏDEH PAKRAVAN’S LIST OF MUST-SEE FILMS
                                     SCREEN COMMENT
    Director                  Title             Genre          Date              Cast
Allen, Woody         Annie Hall              Comedy            1977   Woody Allen, Diane Keaton
Altman, Robert       Nashville               Comedy            1975   Karen Black, Ned Beatty
Altman, Robert       Mash                    Comedy            1970   Donald Sutherland,
                                                                      Elliott Gould
Ashby, Hal           Harold and Maude        Drama             1971   Ruth Gordon, Bud Cort
Avildsen, John G.    Rocky                   Drama             1976   Sylvester Stallone
Badham, John         Saturday Night Fever    Musical           1977   John Travolta
Bogdanovich,         The Last Picture Show   Drama             1971   Jeff Bridges,
Peter                                                                 Cybill Shepherd
Boorman, John        Deliverance             Thriller          1972   John Voight, Burt Reynolds
Brooks, Richard      Looking for Mr.         Thriller          1977   Diane Keaton
Butler, George       Pumping Iron            Documentary       1977   Arnold Schwarzenegger
Carpenter, John      Halloween               Horror            1978   Jamie Lee Curtis
Cassavetes, John     A Woman Under the       Drama             1974   Peter Falk,
                     Influence                                        Gena Rowlands
Clayton, Jack        The Great Gatsby        Drama             1974   Robert Redford, Mia Farrow
Coppola, Francis     The Godfather           Drama             1972   Marlon Brando, Al Pacino
Coppola, Francis     The Conversation        Thriller          1974   Gene Hackman
Coppola, Francis     Apocalypse Now          War               1979   Marlon Brando,
Ford                                                                  Martin Sheen
Eastwood, Clint      Play Misty for Me       Suspense          1971   Clint Eastwood,
Edwards, Blake       10                      Comedy            1979   Dudley Moore,
                                                                      Julie Andrews
                                                                      Bo Derek
Fleischer, Richard   Soylent Green           Science Fiction   1973   Charlton Heston
Forman, Milos        One Flew Over the       Drama             1976   Jack Nicholson
                     Cuckoo’s Nest
Forman, Milos        Hair                    Musical           1979   Treat Williams
Fosse, Bob           All that Jazz           Musical           1979   Roy Scheider, Jessica Lange
Fosse, Bob           Cabaret                 Musical           1972   Liza Minnelli, Michael York
Fosse, Bob           Lenny                   Drama             1974   Dustin Hoffman
Friedkin, William    The Exorcist            Horror            1973   Linda Blair
Friedkin, William    The French Connection   Thriller          1971   Gene Hackman
Hill, George Roy     The Sting               Adventure         1973   Paul Newman,
                                                                      Robert Redford
Hill, George Roy     Slaughterhouse 5        War               1972   Michael Sacks
Hiller, Arthur       Love Story              Drama             1970   Ryan O’Neal, Ali MacGraw
Hooper, Tobe          The Texas Chainsaw        Horror            1974   Marilyn Burns
Lucas, George         American Graffiti         Drama             1973   Richard Dreyfus
Lucas, George         Star Wars                 Science fiction   1977   Harrison Ford
Lumet, Sidney         Dog Day Afternoon         Drama             1975   Al Pacino
Malick, Terence       Days of Heaven            Drama             1978   Richard Gere
Mulligan, Robert      Summer of 42              Drama             1971   Jennifer O’Neill
Neame, Ronald         The Poseidon Adventure    Adventure         1972   Gene Hackman
Pakula, Alan J.       All the President’s Men   Drama             1976   Robert Redford,
                                                                         Dustin Hoffman
Pakula, Alan J.       Klute                     Noir              1971   Donald Sutherland,
                                                                         Jane Fonda
Palma, Brian de       Phantom of the Paradise   Musical           1974   William Finley, Paul
Penn, Arthur          Little Big Man            Western           1970   Dustin Hoffman,
                                                                         Faye Dunaway
Polanski, Roman       Chinatown                 Noir              1974   Jack Nicholson
                                                                         Faye Dunaway
Pollack, Sydney       Jeremiah Johnson          Western           1972   Robert Redford
Pollack, Sydney       Three Days of the         Thriller          1975   Robert Redford,
                      Condor                                             Faye Dunaway
Pollack, Sydney       The Way We Were           Drama             1973   Robert Redford,
                                                                         Barbra Streisand
Schlesinger, John     The Day of the Locust     Drama             1975   Donald Sutherland,
                                                                         Karen Black
Schlesinger, John     Marathon Man              Thriller          1976   Dustin Hoffman
                                                                         Lawrence Olivier
Scorsese, Martin      Mean Streets              Drama             1973   Robert de Niro,
                                                                         Harvey Keitel
Scorsese, Martin      Taxi Driver               Drama             1976   Robert de Niro,
                                                                         Jodie Foster
Scorsese, Martin      The Last Waltz            Documentary       1978   The Band
Scott, Ridley         Alien                     Science Fiction   1979   Sigourney Weaver
Sharman, Jim          The Rocky Horror          Comedy            1975   Tim Curry,
                      Picture Show                                       Susan Sarandon
Siegel, Don           Dirty Harry               Thriller          1971   Clint Eastwood
Silverstein, Elliot   A Man Called Horse        Adventure         1970   Richard Harris
Spielberg, Steven     Duel                      Thriller          1971   Dennis Weaver
Trumbo, Dalton        Johnny Got his Gun        War               1971   Timothy Bottoms
Blier, Bertrand       Les valseuses             Comedy            1974   Patrick Dewaere,
                                                                         Gérard Depardieu
Bresson, Robert       Lancelot du Lac           Legend            1974   Luc Simon
Costa-Gavras          L’aveu                    Thriller          1970   Yves Montand
Duras, Marguerite     India Song                Drama             1975   Delphine Seyrig,
                                                                         Michael Lonsdale
Melville, Jean-      Le cercle rouge             Thriller       1970   Alain Delon,
Pierre                                                                 Bourvil
Miller, Claude       La meilleure façon de       Drama          1976   Patrick Dewaere
Mnouchkine,          Molière                     Biography      1978   Philipe Caubère
Molinaro,            La cage aux folles          Comedy         1973   Michel Serrault,
Edouard                                                                Ugo Tognazzi
Rivette, Jacques     Céline et Julie vont en     Fantasy        1974   Juliet Berto
Sautet, Claude       Les choses de la vie        Drama          1970   Michel Piccoli,
                                                                       Romy Schneider
Truffaut, François   La nuit américaine          Drama          1973   Jacqueline Bisset
Truffaut, François   L’enfant sauvage            Drama          1970   François Truffaut
Miller, George       Mad Max                     Anticipation   1979   Mel Gibson
Barreto, Bruno       Dona Flor et Seus Dois      Comedy         1976   Sonia Braga
                     Maridos (Dona Flor and
                     Her Two Husbands)
Fassbinder,          Die Ehe Die Maria           Drama          1979   Hanna Schygulla
Werner Rainer        Braun
Herzog, Werner       Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes    Drama          1972   Klaus Kinski
                     (Aguirre or the Wrath of
Schlöndorff,         The Lost Honor of           Drama          1975   Angela Winkler
Volker (and          Katarina Blum
Margarethe von
Schlöndorff,         The Tin Drum                Drama          1979   David Bennent, Angela
Volker                                                                 Winkler
Wenders, Wim         Der Amerikanische           Drama          1977   Dennis Hopper
                                               Great Britain
Anderson,            O Lucky Man                 Comedy         1973   Malcolm McDowell
Hamilton, Guy        Diamonds Are Forever        Action         1971   Sean Connery
Jones, Terry         The Life of Brian           Comedy         1979   Monty Python Group
Kubrick, Stanley     A Clockwork Orange          Fantasy        1971   Malcolm McDowell
Kubrick, Stanley     Barry Lyndon                Period         1975   Ryan O’Neill
Lean, David          Ryan’s Daughter             Drama          1970   Sarah Miles, John Mills
Losey, Joseph        The Go-Between              Drama          1971   Julie Christie, Alan Bates
Losey, Joseph        The Assassination of        History        1972   Richard Burton, Alain
                     Trotsky                                           Delon
Parker, Alan         Midnight Express            Drama          1978   Brad Davis
Peckinpah, Sam       Straw Dogs                  Drama          1971   Dustin Hoffman
Roeg, Nicholas       Don’t Look Now              Drama          1973   Julie Christie, Donald
Russell, Ken        The Music Lovers             Biopic         1970   Glenda Jackson, Richard
Schlesinger, John   Sunday, Bloody Sunday        Drama          1971   Peeter Finch, Glenda
Scott, Ridley       The Duellists                Period         1078   Keith Carradine, Harvey
Winner, Michael     The Big Sleep                Noir           1978   Robert Mitchum, Sarah
Angelopoulos,       O Thiasos (les               Drama          1975   Eva Kotamanidou
Theo                voyageurs)
Bertolucci,         Il conformista               Drama          1970   Jean-Louis Trintignant
Bertolucci,         Last Tango in Paris          Drama          1972   Marlon Brando
Cavani, Lilian      Il portiere di notte         Drama          1977   Charlotte Rampling,
                                                                       Dirk Bogarde
Fellini, Federico   Fellini Roma                 Memoir         1972   Anna Magnani
Fellini, Federico   Amarcord                     Memoir         1973   Magali Noel
Ferreri, Marco      La grande bouffe             Comedy         1973   Marcello Mastroianni,
                                                                       Ugo Tognazzi
Montaldo,           Sacco e Vanzetti             Drama          1972   Gian Maria Volontè
Pasolini, Pier      Il Decameron                 Period piece   1971   Franco Citti
Risi, Dino          Profumo di Donna             Drama          1974   Vittorio Gassman
Rosi, Francesco     Cristo si e fermato a        Drama          1979   Gian Maria Volontè
Rosi, Francesco     Il caso Mattei               Drama          1972   Gian Maria Volontè
Scola, Ettore       La piu bella serrata della   Drama          1972   Alberto Sordi,
                    mia vita                                           Charles Vanel
Scola, Ettore       Una giornata particolare     Drama          1977   Sophia Loren
                                                                       Marcello Mastroianni
Taviani, Paolo      Allonsanfan                  Drama          1973   Marcello Mastroianni
and Vittorio
Visconti, Luchino   Death in Venice              Drama          1971   Dirk Bogarde
Kurosawa, Akira     Dersu Uzala                  Adventure      1975   Maksim Munsuk
Wajda, Andrzej      Czlowiek z marmuru           Historical     1977   Krystyna Janda
                    (The Man of Marble)
Sembene,            Ceddo                        Political      1977   Tabata Ndiaye
                                       THE 1980S
                                    SCREEN COMMENT
Adlon, Luis        Le charme discret de la
                   Bagdad Café                ComedyComedy 1972           Fernando Rey
                                                                         1987 Marianne Sägebrecht
Allen, Woody       Zelig                            Comedy               1983 Woody Allen
Bergman, Ingmar
Beatty, Warren     Cries and Whispers
                   Reds                                         1972
                                              Drama Political thriller    Liv Warren
                                                                         1981 Ullman Beatty
                                                                          Harriet Anderson
                                                                                Diane Keaton
Beresford, Bruce   Tender Mercies            Switzerland
                                                      Drama              1983 Robert Duvall
Blake, Edwards
Goretta, Claude    Victor Victoria
                   La dentellière             Drame Comedy 1977          1982 Julie Andrews,
                                                                          Isabelle Huppert
                                              U.S.S.R.                          James Garner
Byrne, David       True Stories                       Comedy             1986 David Byrne
Carpenter,         The Mirror
                   Christine                  Drama Horror    1975        Margarita Terekhova
                                                                         1983 Keith Gordon
Andrei Graeme
Clifford,          Frances                            Drama              1982 Jessica Lange
Coppola, Francis   Solaris Fish
                   Rumble                             fiction
                                              Science Drama   1972        Natalya Bondarchuk
                                                                         1983 Matt Dillon
Coppola, Francis   Peggy Sue Got Married              Comedy             1986   Kathleen Turner,
Ford                                                                            Nicholas Cage
De Palma, Brian    Dressed to Kill                    Thriller           1980   Michael Kaine
De Palma, Brian    Scarface                           Crime              1983   Al Pacino
De Palma, Brian    Blow Out                           Thriller           1981   John Travolta
DeVito, Danny      Throw Mama from the Train          Comedy             1987   Danny DeVito,
                                                                                Billy Crystal
Forman, Milos      Ragtime                            Drama              1981   James Cagney,
                                                                                Brad Dourif
Forman, Milos      Amadeus                            Historical         1984   Tom Hulce,
                                                                                F. Murray Abraham
Gordon, Steve      Arthur                             Comedy             1981   Dudley Moore,
                                                                                Liza Minnelli
Hackford, Taylor   An Officer and a Gentleman         Drama              1981   Richard Gere,
                                                                                Debra Winger
Hill, Walter       48 Hours                           Thriller           1982   Nick Nolte,
                                                                                Eddie Murphy
Huston, John       Under the Volcano                  Drama              1984   Albert Finney
Jarmusch, Jim      Stranger than Paradise             Drama              1984   John Lurie
Joffé, Roland      The Killing Fields                 Political          1984   Sam Waterston
Joffé, Roland      The Mission                        Drama              1986   Jeremy Irons
                                                                                Robert de Niro
Kasdan, Laurence   The Big Chill                      Comedy             1983   Tom Berenger
                                                                                Glen Close
Kasdan, Laurence   Body Heat                          Thriller           1981   William Hurt
                                                                                Kathleen Turner
Landis, John       Trading Places                     Comedy             1983   Dan Ackroyd,
                                                                                Eddie Murphy
Lee, Spike         Do the Right Thing                 Drama              1989   Ossie Davis,
                                                                                Danny Aiello
Levinson, Barry    Diner                              Comedy             1982   Steve Guttenberg
Levinson, Barry    Good Morning Vietnam               Drama              1987   Robin Williams
Lynch, David        The Elephant Man                Drama          1980   John Hurt
Lynch, David        Blue Velvet                     Thriller       1986   Isabella Rosellini
Malle, Louis        My Dinner With André            Conversation   1981   Andre Gregory
                                                                          Wallace Shawn
Menendez,           Stand and Deliver               Drama          1988   Edward James Olmos
Meyjes, Menno       Max                             Historical            John Cusack,
                                                                          Noah Taylor
Moore, Michael      Roger and Me                    Documentary    1989   Michael Moore
Morris, Errol       The Thin Blue Line              Documentary    1988   Randall Adams
Pakula, Alan J.     Sophie’s Choice                 War Drama      1982   Meryl Streep,
                                                                          Kevin Kline
Parker, Alan        Pink Floyd the Wall             Drama          1982   Pink Floyd
Pollack, Sidney     Out of Africa                   Drama          1985   Robert Redford
                                                                          Meryl Streep
Pollack, Sidney     Tootsie                         Comedy         1982   Dustin Hoffman
Reggio, Geoffrey    Koyaanisqatsi                   Documentary    1982
Reiner, Rob         When Harry Met Sally            Comedy         1989   Billy Crystal,
                                                                          Meg Ryan
Reiner, Rob         Stand by Me                     Drama          1986   Richard Dreyfus
Reisz, Karel        Sweet Dreams                    Drama          1985   Richard Harris,
                                                                          Jessica Lange
Schiller,           The Executioner’s Song          Drama          1982   Tommy Lee Jones
Schrader, Paul      Mishima                         Drama          1985   Ken Ogata
Schroeder, Barbet   Barfly                          Drama          1987   Mickey Rourke,
                                                                          Faye Dunaway
Scorcese, Martin    The Color of Money              Drama          1986   Paul Newman,
                                                                          Tom Cruise
Scorcese, Martin    The Last Temptation of Christ   Historical     1988   William Dafoe,
                                                                          Harvey Keitel
Scorsese, Martin    Raging Bull                     Drama          1980   Robert de Niro
Scorsese, Martin    After Hours                     Comedy         1985   Griffin Dunne
Scorsese, Martin    King of Comedy                  Drama          1982   Robin Williams
Soderbergh,         Sex, Lies, and Videotapes       Drama          1989   James Spader
Spielberg, Steven   Raiders of the Lost Ark         Adventure      1981   Harrison Ford
Stone, Oliver       Platoon                         War            1986   Tom Berenger,
                                                                          Charlie Sheen
Waters, John        Hairspray                       Comedy         1988   Divine
Weir, Peter         Dead Poets Society              Drama          1989   Robin Williams
Wenders, Wim        Paris, Texas                    Drama          1984   Harry Dean Stanton
Zemeckis, Robert    Back to the Future              Anticipation   1985   Michael J. Fox
Zwick, Edward       Glory                           War            1989   Mathew Broderick,
                                                                          Denzel Washington
Berri, Claude       Manon des Sources                Drama         1986   Yves Montand
                                                                          Daniel Auteuil
                                                                          Emmanuelle Béart
Berri, Claude      Tchao Pantin                    Drama         1983   Coluche
Bresson, Robert    L’argent                        Drama         1983   Christian Patei
Lanzmann,          Shoah                           Documentary   1986   Simon Srebnik
Malle, Louis       Au revoir les enfants           Drama         1987   Gaspard Manesse
Pialat, Maurice    Sous le soleil de Satan         Drama         1987   Gérard Depardieu,
                                                                        Sandrine Bonnaire
Tavernier,         Coup de torchon                 Comedy        1981   Philippe Noiret,
Bertrand                                                                Guy Marchand
Tavernier,         ‘Round Midnight                 Drama         1986   Dexter Gordon
Wajda, Andrzej     Danton                          Historical    1983   Gérard Depardieu
Zidi, Claude       Les Ripoux                      Comedy        1984   Philippe Noiret,
                                                                        Thierry Lhermitte
Babenco, Hector    The Kiss of the Spider Woman     Drama        1985   Raul Julia,
                                                                        Sonia Braga,
                                                                        William Hurt
Weir, Peter        The Year of Living Dangerously Political      1982   Mel Gibson
                                                                        Sigourney Weaver
Akerman, Chantal   Letters Home                     Drama        1986   Delphine Seyrig
Kusturica, Emir    Dom za vesanje (Time of the      Drama        1988   Davor Dujmovic, Bora
                   Gypsies)                                             Todorovic

Arcand, Denys      Le déclin de l’empire americain  Drama        1986   Dominique Michel
Carle, Gilles      Maria Chapdelaine                Drama        1983   Carole Laure
Axel, Gabriel      Babette’s Feast                  Drama        1987   Stéphane Audran
Fassbinder,        Berlin Aleksanderplatz           Drama        1980   Günter Lamprecht
Werner Rainer
Herzog, Werner     Fitzcarraldo                    Adventure     1982   Klaus Kinski
Szabo, Istvan      Mephisto                        Drama         1981   Klaus Maria Brandauer
Szabo, Istvan      Colonel Redl                    Drama         1985   Klaus Maria Brandauer
Wenders, Wim       Der Himmel uber Berlin (The     Fantasy       1987   Bruno Ganz
                   Wings of Desire)

                                         Grande Bretagne
Jones, David       84 Charing Cross Road          Drama          1987   Ann Bancroft,
Hugh                                                                    Anthony Hopkins
Apted, Michael     Gorillas in the Mist            Drama         1988   Sigourney Weaver
Sheridan, Jim      My Left Foot                    Drama         1989   Daniel Day-Lewis
Boorman, John      Excalibur                       Legend        1981   Helen Mirren
Boorman, John      Hope and Glory                  War           1987   Sarah Miles
Cox, Alex           Sid and Nancy                        Drama          1986   Gary Oldman
Frears, Stephen     My Beautiful Laundrette              Drama          1985   Saeed Jaffrey
Greenaway, Peter    The Cook the Thief His Wife &        Comedy/Drama   1989   Helen Mirren
                    Her Lover                                                  Richard Bohringer
Greenaway, Peter    The Draughtman’s Contract            Period         1982   Anthony Higgins
Hudson, Hugh        Chariots of Fire                     Drama          1981   Nicholas Farrell
Joffe, Roland       The Mission                          Drama          1986   Jeremy Irons
                                                                               Robert de Niro
Lean, David         A Passage to India                   Epic           1984   Peggy Ashcroft,
                                                                               Judy Davis
Morahan,            Clockwise                            Comedy         1989   John Cleese
Newell, Mike        Dance with a Stranger                Drama          1985   Miranda Richardson,
                                                                               Rupert Everett
Schlesinger, John   An Englishman Abroad             Drama              1983   Alan Bates
Temple, Julian      Absolute Beginners               Musical            1986   David Bowie
Nair, Mira          Salam Bombay                     Drama              1988
Kiarostami,         Khaneye doust kodjast? (Where    Drama              1987   Babak Ahmadpour
Abbas               Is the Friend’s House?)

Scola, Ettore       Passione d’amore                     Drama          1981   Bernard Giraudeau
Scola, Ettore       La nuit de Varennes                  Historical     1982   Jean-Louis Barrault,
                                                                               Marcello Mastroianni
Taviani, Paolo      La notte di San Lorenzo              Drama          1982
and Vittorio
Zefirelli, Franco   Otelo                                Opera          1986   Placido Domingo
Tornatore,          Cinema Paradiso                      Drama          1988   Jacques Perrin
Sluizer, George     Spoorloos (Vanishing)           Thriller            1988   B-P Donnadieu
Almodovar, Pedro    Women on the Verge of a         Comedy              1988   Carmen Maura
                    Nervous Breakdown
Saura, Carlos       Bodas de Sangre                 Drama               1981   Antonio Gades,Cristina
Bergman, Ingmar     Fanny and Alexander             Drama               1982   Pernilla Allwin ... Bertil
Schmid, Daniel      Il Bacio di Tosca                 Documentaire      1984   Leonida Bellon
Tanner, Alain       Dans la ville blanche             Drama             1983   Bruno Ganz
Gören, Serif        Yol                               Drama             1982   Tarik Akan
Güney, Yilmaz
                                       THE 1990S
                                    SCREEN COMMENT
Agnieszka Holland       Washington Square Drama        1997 Jennifer Jason Leigh
                                                            Ben Chaplin
Altman, Robert          The Player        Thriller     1992 Tim Robbins
Anderson, Paul Thomas   Magnolia          Drama        1999 Tom Cruise
Anderson, Paul Thomas   Boogie Nights     Drama        1997 Mark Wahlberg
Anderson, Wes           Rushmore          Comedy       1998 Jason Schwartzman,
                                                            Bill Murray
Aronofsky, Darren       Pi                Anticipation 1998 Sean Gullette
Barney, Matthew    The Cremaster Cycle            Art        1995-   Richard Serra, etc.
Burton, Tim        Edward Scissorhands            Fantasy    1990    Johnny Depp
Buscemi, Steve     Trees Lounge                   Comedy     1996    Steve Buscemi
Cameron, James     Titanic                        Epic       1997    Leonardo di Caprio,
                                                                     Kate Winslet
Coen, Ethan and    Miller’s Crossing              Thriller   1990    Gabriel Byrne, Marcia Gay
Joel                                                                 Harden
                                                                     John Turturro
Coen, Ethan and    Fargo                          Comedy     1996    Steve Buscemi,
Joel                                                                 Frances McDormand
Coen, Ethan and    The Big Lebowski               Comedy     1997    Jeff Bridges,
Joel                                                                 Julianne Moore
Coppola, Francis   The Godfather III              Crime      1990    Al Pacino
Ford                                                                 Diane Keaton
Demme,             The Silence of the Lambs       Thriller   1991    Anthony Hopkins
DiCillo, Tom       Living in Oblivion             Comedy     1995    Steve Buscemi
Elliott, Stephan   The Adventures of Priscilla,   Comedy     1994    Guy Pearce, Terence Stamp
                   Queen of the Desert
Farrelly, Bobby    There’s Something About        Comedy     1998    Cameron Diaz,
& Peter            Mary                                              Ben Stiller
Foley, James       Glengarry Glen Ross            Drama      1992    Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon,
                                                                     Alec Baldwin, Ed Harris
Forman, Milos      The People Vs. Harry Flynt     Drama      1996    Woody Harrelson
Forman, Milos      Man on the Moon                Drama      1999    Jim Carrey
Gilliam, Terry     Fear and Loathing in Las       Road       1998    Johnny Depp
Hallström, Lasse   The Cider House Rules          Drama      1999    Tobey McGuire
Harron, Mary       I Shot Andy Warhol             Drama      1996    Lili Taylor
Jonze, Spike       Being John Malkovitch          Comedy     1998    John Malkovitch,
                                                                     Cameron Diaz
Kaye, Tony         American History X             Drama      1998    Edward Norton,
                                                                     Edwad Furlong
Lee, Ang           The Ice Storm                  Drama      1997    Kevin Klein, Joan Allen
Lee, Ang           The Wedding Banquet            Comedy     1993    Dion Birney
Lee, Spike         Malcolm X                      Drama      1992    Denzel Washington
Linklater,         Before Sunrise                 Drama      1995    Ethan Hawke,
Richard                                                              Julie Delpy
Lynn, Jonathan     My Cousin Vinny                Comedy     1992    Joe Pesci
Malle, Louis       Vanya on 42nd Street           Drama      1994    Julianne Moore
McLean, Allison    Jesus’ Son                     Drama      2000    Billy Cruddup
Minghella,         Truly Madly Deeply             Drama      1991    Alan Rickman
Minghella,         The English Patient            War        1996    Ralph Fiennes,
Anthony                                                              Juliette Binoche,
                                                                     Kristin Scott Thomas
Myrick, Daniel     The Blair Witch Project        Horror     1999    Heather Donahue
Neil LaBute         In the Company of Men      Dark          1997   Aron Eckhardt
Pacino, Al          Looking for Richard        Documentary   1996   Al Pacino
Peirce, Kimberly    Boys Don’t Cry             Drama         1999   Hilary Swank,
                                                                    Chloe Sevigny
Ramis, Harold       Groundhog Day              Comedy        1993   Bill Murray,
                                                                    Andie MacDowell
Ramis, Harold       Analyze this               Comedy        1999   Robert de Niro,
                                                                    Billy Crystal Ramis, Harold
Ross, Gary          Pleasantville              Comedy        1998   William H. Macy
                                                                    Joan Allen
Ruben, Joseph       Return to Paradise         Drama         1998   Vince Vaughn,
                                                                    Joachin Phoenix
Singer, Bryan       The Usual Suspects         Thriller      1995   Gabriel Byrne,
                                                                    Kevin Spacey
Smith, Kevin        Clerks                     Comedy        1994   Brian O’Halloran
Spielberg, Steven   Schindler’s List           War           1993   Liam Neeson
Stillman, Whit      Metropolitan               Comedy        1990   Carolyn Farina, Edward
Stillman, Whit      Barcelona                  Comedy        1994   Taylor Nichols
Stone, Oliver       The Doors                  Drama         1991   Michael Wincott
Stone, Oliver       Natural Born Killers       Crime         1994   Woody Harrelson,
                                                                    Juliette Lewis
Tarentino,          Pulp Fiction               Noir          1994   Tim Roth
Tarentino,          Reservoir Dogs             Noir          1992   Harvey Keitel
Thornton, Billy     Sling Blade                Drama         1996   Billy Bob Thornton
Van Sant, Gus       My Own Private Idaho       Drama         1991   River Phoenix
Waters, John        Pecker                     Comedy        1998   Edward Furlong, Christina
Weir, Peter         The Truman Show            Drama         1998   Jim Carrey
Weitz, Paul         American Pie               Comedy        1999   Jason Biggs
Wenders, Wim        Buena Vista Social Club    Music         1999   Ry Cooder
Zwigoff, Terry      Crumb                      Documentary   1994   Robert Crumb
Carax, Léos         Les amants du Pont-neuf    Drama         1991   Juliette Binoche
Chéreau, Patrice    Ceux qui m’aiment          Drama         1998   Pascal Greggory
                    prendront le train
Collard, Cyril      Nuits fauves               Drama         1992   Collard, Cyril
Denis, Claire       J’ai pas sommeil           Drama         1994   Yekaterina Golubeva
Kassowitz,          La haine                   Drama         1996   Vincent Cassel
Kieslowski,         Bleu                       Drama         1993   Juliette Binoche
Kieslowski,         Rouge                      Drama         1994   Irene Jacob
Kieslowski,        Blanc                     Drama          1994   Julie Delpy
Kurys, Diane       Les enfants du siècle     Period         1999   Benoît Magimel,
                                                                   Juliette Binoche
Leconte, Patrice   Ridicule                  Period         1996   Fanny Ardant,
                                                                   Jean Rochefort
Malle, Louis       Damage                    Drame          1992   Jeremy Irons,
                                                                   Juliette Binoche
Resnais, Alain     On connaît la chanson     Comédie        1997   Pierre Arditi,
                                                                   Sabine Azéma
Resnais, Alain     Smoking /no smoking       Comédie        1993   Pierre Arditi,
                                                                   Sabine Azéma
Rivette, Jacques   La belle noiseuse         Drama          1991   Michel Piccoli
Ruiz, Raoul        Le temps retrouvé         Period         1999   Marcelo Mazzarella
Téchiné, André     Les roseaux sauvages      Drama          1994   Elodie Bouchez
Wargnier, Régis    Est Ouest                 Political      1999   Sandrine Bonnaire
                                                                   Catherine Deneuve
Wargnier, Régis    Indochine                 Period         1992   Catherine Deneuve,
                                                                   Vincent Perez
Weber, Francis     Le dîner de cons          Comedy         1998   Thierry Lhermitte,
                                                                   Jacques Villeret
Besson, Luc        Nikita                    Thriller       1990   Anne Parillaud
Campion, Jane      The Piano                 Drama          1993   Harvey Keitel,
                                                                   Holly Hunter
Hicks, Scott       Shine                     Drama          1996   Geoffrey Rush
Egoyan, Atom       The Sweet Hereafter       Drama          1997   Ian Holm
Von Trier, Lars    Breaking the Waves        Drama          1996   Emily Watson
Vintenberg,        Celebration               Drama          1998   Ulrich Thomsen
Agnieszka          Europa, Europa            War            1990   Marco Hofschneider
Färberböck, Max    Aimée und Jaguar          Drama          1990   Maria Schrader,
                                                                   Julianne Kohler
Haneke, Michael    Funny Games                Thriller      1997   Ulrich Mühe
Tykwer, Tom        Lola Rennt                 Thriller      1998   Franka Potente
Wenders, Vim       The Buena Vista Social     Documentary   1999   Ry Cooder
                                         Grande Bretagne
Bertolucci,        Besieged                   Drama         1998   Thandie Newton,
Bernardo                                                           David Thewlis
Boyle, Danny       Trainspotting             Comedy         1996   Ewan McGregor
Gilbert, Bryan     Wilde                     Period         1997   Stephen Fry
Haas, Philip       Angels and Insects        Drama          1995   Kristin Scott-Thomas
Hodges, Mike       Croupier                      Drama
                                              THE 2000S           1998   Clive Owen
Hytner, Nicholas                                 History MUST-SEE FILMS
                         SAÏDEH PAKRAVAN’S LIST OF
                   The Madness of King                            1994   Nigel Hawthorne
                   George                SCREEN COMMENT                  Helen Mirren
Ivory, James                      * the Day      Drama
                   The Remains of Reviewed in   1993   Anthony Hopkins,
                                                U.S.A.                   Emma Thompson
Jordan, Neil                                                             Forret Whitaker,
                   The Crying Game Be Blood* Drama Drama 1992 2007 Daniel Day-Lewis,
Anderson, Paul Thomas There Will
                                                                         Stephen Rhea
                                                                              Paul Dano
                          and Lies                                       Brenda Blethyn
Leigh, MikeDarren SecretsRequiem for a Dream Drama Drama 1996 2000 Ellen Burstyn, Jared
Loach, Ken         Land and Freedom              War              1995   Ian Hart
Madden, John
Aronofsky, Darren  Mrs. Brown
                         The Wrestler*                                   Judi Mickey
                                                 HistoryDrama 1997 2008 Dench, Rourke
Barney, Matthew          Cremaster 3                     Art             Billy Connolly
                                                                       2003 Richard Serra
Benton, Robert     The Talented Mr. Ripley
                         The Human Stain                                 Matt Damon,
                                                 ThrillerDrama 1999 2003 Anthony Hopkins,
Anthony                                                                       Laz
                                                                         Jude Nicole Kidman
Parker, Alan
Bigelow, Kathryn   Commitments Locker *
                         The Hurt                Music War               Robert Arkins
                                                                  1991 2008 Jeremy Renner
Potter, Sally
Burger, Niel       Orlando Illusionist
                         The                                             Tilda Swinton
                                                 Period Period 1992 2006 Edward Norton,
Radford, Michael Il Postino                      Drama            1994   Massimo Troisi,
                                                                              Jessica Biel
Burton, Tim              Sweeney Todd, the Demon         Musical         Philippe Noiret
                                                                       2007 Johnny Depp, Helena
                         Barber of Fleet Street India                         Bonham Carter, Alan
Mehta, Deepa       Fire                          Drama            1996   Shabana Azmi
Nair, MiraJames Kama Sutra *
Cameron,                 Avatar                                   1996 2009 Sam Worthington,
                                                 Drama Anticipation      Indira Varma
Prasad, Udayan     My Son the Fanatic            Drama            1997   Om Puri Saldana
Caouette, Jonathan       Tarnation               Iran Documentary 2003 Jonathan Caouette
Makhmalbaf,                                      Political               Mohsen Makhmalbaf
Clooney, George A Moment of InnocenceGood Luck History 1996 2005 David Strathairn
                         Good Night, and
Coen, Ethan & Joel       No Country for Old Men*         Drama         2007 Tommy Lee Jones,
Kiarostami,        Under the Olive Trees         Drama            1994   Mohammad Ali Keshavarz
                                                                              Josh Brolin
Abbas Scott
Cooper,                  Crazy Heart *                   Drama         2009 Jeff Bridges, Maggie
Milani,            Two Women                     Drama            1999        Karimi
                                                                         Niki Gyllenhaal
Coppola,                 Lost in Translation             Comedy        2003 Bill Murray,
                                                Italie                        Scarlett Johansson
                          è bella                                        Roberto Benigni
Benigni, Roberto La vitaA History of Violence War Thriller 1997 2005 Viggo Mortensen,
Cronenberg, David
Moretti, Nanni     Caro diario                   Drama            1993        Maria Bello
                                                                         Nanni Moretti
Cronenberg, David        Eastern Promises                Thriller      2007 Viggo Mortensen,
                                                                              Naomi Watts
Miyazaki, Hayao Princess Mononoke                Anime            1997
Curran, John             We Don’t Live Here              Drama         2004 Mark Ruffalo,
                         Anymore             Netherlands                      Naomi Watts
Curran, George
Sluizer, John      Utz The Painted Veil          Drama Period 1992 2006 Naomi Watts,
                                                                         Armin Mueller-Stahl
                                                 Peru                         Edward Norton
Crowe, Cameron Coraje Almost Famous
Durant, Alberto                                  Drama   Drama 1998 2000 Billy Cruddup,
                                                                         Olenka Cepeda
                                             Switzerland                      Kate Hudson
Tanner, Stephen
Daldry, Alain            The
                   Requiem Hours                 Drama Drama 1998 2002 Meryl Streep,
                                                                         Francis Frappat
                                                URSS                          Nicole Kidman
Eastwood, Clint
Mikhalkov,               Mystic River
                   Burnt by the Sun              Drama   Drama 1994 2003 Sean Penn,
                                                                         Oleg Menshikov
Nikita                                                                        Kevin Bacon,
                                                                              Tim Robbins
Eastwood, Clint          Gran Torino *                   Drama         2008 Clint Eastwood
DiCillo, Tom             When You’re Strange             Documentary 2009 The Doors
Frears, Stephen          High Fidelity                   Comedy        2000 John Cusack
Fukunaga, Cary           Sin Nombre *                    Drama         2009 Edgar Flores, Paulina
Gibney, Alex             Taxi to the Dark Side     Documentary    2007 Dilawar
Gondry, Michel           Eternal Sunshine of the   Anticipation   2004 Jim Carrey
                         Spotless Mind
Greengrass, Paul         United 93                 Drama          2006 J.J. Johnson
Haggis, Paul             Crash                     Drama          2004 Matt Dillon,
                                                                       Sandra Bullock
Haggis, Paul             In the Valley of Elah     Drama          2007 Tommy Lee Jones,
                                                                       Charlize Theron
Hallström, Lasse         Chocolat                  Drama          2000 Juliette Binoche,
                                                                       Johnny Depp
Harris, Ed               Pollock                   Drama          2000 Ed Harris
Hedges, Peter            Pieces of April           Comedy         2003 Patricia Clarkson,
                                                                       Katie Holmes
Hess, Jaared             Napoleon Dynamite         Comedy         2004 John Heder
Howard, Ron              A Beautiful Mind          Drama          2001 Russell Crowe
Howard, Ron              Frost/Nixon               Drama          2008 Frank Langella,
                                                                       Michael Sheen
Inarritu, Alejandro      Babel                     Drama          2006 Cate Blanchett, Brad
Gonzalez                                                               Pitt
Jackson, Peter           King Kong                 Adventure      2005 Naomi Watts
Jenkins, Patty           Monster                   Drama          2003 Charlize Theron
Jonze, Spike             Adaptation                Drama          2002 Nicolas Cage,
                                                                       Meryl Streep
LaBute, Neil             Possession                Period         2002 Aaron Eckhart,
                                                                       Gwyneth Paltrow
Lee, Ang                 Brokeback Mountain        Western        2007 Heath Ledger, Jake
Lonergan, Kenneth        You Can Count on Me       Drama          2000 Mark Ruffalo,
                                                                       Laura Linney
Marston, Joshua          Maria Full of Grace       Drama          2004 Catalina Sandino
McCarthy, Thomas         The Station Agent         Comedy         2003 Peter Dinklage,
                                                                       Patrician Clarkson
Miller, Bennett          Capote                    Drama          2005 Philip Seymour
                                                                       Catherine Keener
Mitchell, John Cameron   Shortbus                  Comedy         2006 Paul Dawson
Moore, Michael           Bowling for Columbine     Documentary    2002 Charlton Heston
Morris, Errol            The Fog of War            Documentary    2004 Robert McNamara
Nichols, Mike            Charlie Wilson’s War      Drama          2007 Tom Hanks, Julia
Noyce, Phillip           The Quiet American        War            2002 Michael Caine,
                                                                       Brendan Fraser
Payne, Alexander         Sideways                  Comedy         2004 Paul Giamatti,
                                                                       Thomas Haden Church
Polanski, Roman          The Pianist               War            2002 Adrian Brody
Scott, Ridley            Gladiator                 History        2000 Russell Crowe,
                                                                       Joaquin Phoenix
Spielberg, Steven        Catch Me If You Can       Drama          2002 Leonardo DiCaprio
Tarantino, Quentin    Inglourious Basterds            War              2009 Brad Pitt, Mélanie
Tarantino, Quentin    Kill Bill 1                     Crime            2003 Uma Thurman
Tarantino, Quentin    Kill Bill 2                     Crime            2004 Uma Thurman
Taymor, Juliet        Frida                           Period           2002 Salma Hayek,
                                                                            Alfred Molina
Van Sant, Gus         Elephant                        Drama            2003 Alex Frost
Van Sant, Gus         Milk                            Drama            2008 Sean Penn, Josh Brolin
Waters, John          Cecil B. DeMented               Comedy           2000 Stephen Dorff
Webber, Peter         Girl with a Pearl Earring       Period           2003 Colin Firth,
                                                                            Scarlett Johansson
Audiard, Jacques      Un prophète                           Drame      2009 Tahar Rahim
Cantet, Laurent       Entre les murs                        Drame      2008 François Bégaudeau
Carion, Christian     Joyeux Noël                           War        2005 Diane Kruger
Carion, Christian     L’affaire Farewell                    Drama      2009 Emir Kusturica,
                                                                            Guillaume Canet
Chaumet, Sylvain      Les Triplettes de Belleville          Animat     2003 Béatrice Bonifaci
Corbiau, Gérard       Le roi danse                          Period     2000 Benoît Magimel
Costa-Gavras          Amen                                  War        2002 Ulrich Mühe,
                                                                            Mathieu Kassovitz
Dercourt, Denis       La tourneuse de pages                 Drama      2006 Catherine Frot
Doillon, Jacques      Raja                                  Drama      2003 Pascal Greggory
Hanecke, Michael      Caché                                 Drama      2005 Juliette Binoche
                                                                            Daniel Auteuil
Jaoui, Agnès          Le goût des autres                    Comedy     2000 Jean-Pierre Bacri
Jaoui, Agnès          Comme une image                       Drame      2004 Jean-Pierre Bacri
Jaoui, Agnès          Parlez moi de la pluie                Comedy     2008 Jean-Pierre Bacri,
                                                                            Jamel Debbouze
Jeunet, Jean-Pierre   Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie           Comedy     2001 Audrey Tautou,
                      Poulain                                               Mathieu Kassowitz
Klapisch, Cedric      L’auberge espagnole                   Comedy     2002 Romain Duris
Lelouch, Claude       Roman de gare                         Thriller   2007 Fanny Ardant,
                                                                            Dominique Pinon
Lioret, Philippe      Welcome                               Drama      2009 Vincent Lindon
Mihaleaniu, Radu      Va, vis et deviens                    Drama      2005 Yaël Abecassis
Noé, Gaspar           Irréversible                          Drama      2002  Monica Bellucci,
                                                                             Vincent Cassel
Noé, Gaspar           Enter the Void                        Drama           Nathaniel Brown,
                                                                            Paz de la Huerta
Ozon, François        Sous le sable                         Drama      2000 Charlotte Rampling,
                                                                            Bruno Cremer
Ozon, François          La piscine                        Thriller    2003 Charlotte Rampling
Perrin, Jacques         Le peuple migrateur               Docume      2001 Birds

Provost Martin          Séraphine                         Drama       2008 Yolande Moreau
Satrapi, Marjan         Persépolis                        Animat      2007 Catherine Deneuve
Vincent Paronnaud                                         ed
Schnabel, Julian        Le scaphandre et le papillon      Drama       2007 Mathieu Amalric
Tasma, Alain            Nuit noire, 17 octobre 1961       History     2005 Jean-Michel Portal
Thomson, Danièle        Fauteuils d’orchestre             Comedy      2006 Cécile de France
Tirard, Laurent         Molière                           Period      2007 Romain Duris, Fabrice
Veber, Francis          Le Placard                        Comedy      2001 Daniel Auteuil,
                                                                           Gérard Depardieu
Bielinsky, Fabien       Nine Queens                       Thriller    2000 Ricardo Darin
Tanovic, Danis          No Man’s Land                     War         2001 Branko Djuric
Mereilles, Fernando     City of God                       Drama       2002 Alexandre Rodrigues
Egoyan, Atom            Ararat                            History     2002 Charles Aznavour,
                                                                           Arsinée Khandjian
Maddin, Guy             The Saddest Music in the World    Drama       2003 Isabella Rossellini,
                                                                           Mark McKinney
Polley, Sarah           Away from Her *                   Drama       2006 Julie Christie, Gordon
Von Trier, Lars         Dancer in the Dark                Drama       2000 Bjork, Catherine
Bier, Suzanne           After the Wedding                 Drama       2006 Mads Mikkelsen
Kaurismäki, Aki         Man Without a Past                Drama       2002 Markku Peltola
Akin, Fatih             Edge of Heaven                    Drama       2007 Baki Davrak
Edel, Uli               Der Baader Meinhof Komplex *      Drama       2008 Martina Gedeck,
                                                                           Moritz Bleibtreu
Haneke, Michael         Das Weisse Band                   Drama       2009 Christian Friedel
Henckel von             Das Leben der Anderen (The        Drama       2006 Hauptmann Gerd
Donnersmarck, Florian   Lives of Others)                                   Wiesler
Hirschbiegel, Oliver    Der Untergang (Downfall)          Political   2004 Bruno Ganz
Rudowitsky, Stefan      Die Fälscher (Counterfeiters)     Drama       2007 Karl Markovics
                                         Great Britain
Boyle, Danny            Slumdog Millionaire               Drama       2008 Dev Patel
Eyre, Richard           Iris                              Drama       2001 Judi Dench,
                                                                           Jim Broadbent
Frears, Stephen         The Queen                         History     2006 Helen Mirren
Hytner, Nicholas        The History Boys *                Drama      2006   Richard Griffiths
Leigh, Mike             Happy-Go-Lucky *                  Comedy     2008   Sally Hawkins
Leigh, Mike             Vera Drake                        Drama      2004   Imelda Staunton
MacDonald, Kevin        Touching the Void                 Drama      2003   Joe Simpson,
                                                                            Simon Yates
MacDonald, Kevin        The Last King of Scotland         War        2006   Forest Whitaker,
                                                                            James McAvoy
Michell, Roger          Enduring Love                     Drama      2004   Daniel Craig,
                                                                            Rhys Ifans
Nolan, Christopher      Memento                           Thriller   2000   Guy Pearce
Parker, Oliver          The Importance of Being Earnest   Comedy     2002   Rupert Everett, Colin
Riedelsheimer, Thomas   Rivers and Tides                  Docume     2001   Andy Goldsworthy
Woolcock, Penny         The Death of Klinghoffer          Opera      2003 Sanford Sylvan
Wright, Joe             Atonement                         Drama      2007 Keira Knightley, James
                                                                          McAvoy, Vanessa
Makhmalbaf, Mohsen      Kandahar                          Drama      2001 Hassan Tantai, Nelofar
Meshkini, Marzieh       The Day I Became a Woman          Drama      2000 Shabnam Toloui
Panahi, Jafar           The Circle                        Drama      2000 Narguess Mamizadeh
Panahi, Jafar           Crimson Gold                      Drama      2003 Hossein Emadeddin
Panahi, Jafar           Offside                           Comedy     2006
Folman, Ari             Waltz with Bashir *               Animat     2008 Ari Folman, Ron Ben-
                                                          ed              Yishai
Kolirin, Eran           The Band’s Visit                  Comedy     2007 Sasson Gabai
Yedaya, Keren           Jaffa *                           Drama      2009 Dana Ivgy
Crialese, Emanuele      Nuovomondo *                      Period     2006 Charlotte Gainsbourg,
                                                                          Vincenzo Amato
Moretti, Nanni          La stanza del figlio              Drama      2001 Nani Moretti,
                                                                          Laura Morante
Salvatores, Gabriele    Io non ho paura                   Drama      2003 Giuseppe Cristiano
Yamada, Yôji            Twilight Samurai                  Period     2003 Hiroyuki Sanada
Cuaròn, Alfonso         Y tu mamá también                 Drama      2001 Gael Garcia Bernal

Cary Fukunaga           Sin Nombre *                      Drama      2009 Edgar Flores, Paulina
Inarritu, Alejandro     Amores Perros                     Drama      2000 Gael Garcia Bernal
Sumar, Sabiha           Silent Waters                     Drama      2003 Ameer Ali Malik
Mihaileanu, Radu        Live and Become                   Drama      2005 Yaël Abecassis
Mihaileanu, Radu     The Concert *                     Drama      2009 Aleksei Guskov,
                                                                       Melanie Laurent
Mungiu, Cristian     Four months, three weeks and      Drama      2007 Anamaria Marinca
                     two days
Almodovar, Pedro     Talk to Her                       Drama      2002 Javier Cámara
Malas, Mohamad       Bab el Makam                      Drama      2005 Salwa Jamil
Oplev, Niels Arden   The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo   Thriller   2009 Michael Nyqvist,
                     (Millenium) *                                     Noomi Rapace
Lee, Ang             Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon    Epic       2000 Yun-Fat Chow,
                                                                       Michelle Yeoh
                                    THE 2010S
                                 SCREEN COMMENT
Inarritu, Alejandro   Biutiful                    Drama     2010 Javier Bardem
Nolan, Chris          Inception                    Thriller   2010 Leonardo di Caprio,
                                                                   Marion Cotillard, Ellen

Johar, Karan          My Name Is Khan              Drama      2010 Shahrukh Khan, Kajol

Kiarostami, Abbas     Copie Conforme               Drama      2010 Juliette Binoche,
                                                                   William Schimell

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