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									19 April 2004
Our Ref.: TIM-10126/1400172

Notes for Short Introduction: HELMEPA AGM, 2004

Thank you Chairman for inviting INTERTANKO to attend this meeting and allowing us to take a few
moments of your time to explain the thoughts and ideas from INTERTANKO on an enhanced
cooperation with HELMEPA, now and in the future.

INTERTANKO’s three principle objectives are; free competition; safe transport, and; cleaner seas. It
is with the latter objective that INTERTANKO seek further cooperation with HELMEPA.

In realising the overlapping objective for cleaner seas, HELMEPA and INTERTANKO can
coordinate efforts to highlight the continuing need to protect and conserve the marine environment in
a sustainable manner. Perhaps echoing in the spirit of the IMO’s achievements in enhancing the
protection of the marine environment.

This effort must be made by both seafarers and ship owners alike. To a greater extent, this has been
realised and achieved by both organisations. However, what is now required is to spread this
awareness within the maritime community, from top to bottom so to speak, and through all the links
in the chain of responsibility.

INTERTANKO has recently begun work on an educational initiative which it hopes will bring
awareness of the shipping industry in general into schools and colleges. The shipping industry, after
all, could be included in studies of history, geography, international trade and commerce, global
finance, commodity trading, engineering, maritime architecture and construction, international
politics etc.

However, for the immediate future INTERTANKO is keen to focus efforts on the environmental
issues. Using this as a basis for establishing a frame work in which we can expand into other areas of
cooperation with HELMEPA, such as safety at sea and maritime security.

There is also a more general element to cooperation. With support from INTERTANKO, it is hoped
that the work and spirit of the MEPA’s can be proliferated all over the world. Recent success by
HELMEPA in the establishment of AUSMEPA in Australia can surely be emulated in other regions
of the world in which the interests and needs of ship owners and the marine environment overlap.
As a starting point and first step, we hope to focus on four areas:

    1. Education and Awareness in Schools and Colleges
    2. Education and Awareness for Seafarers
    3. Promotion of the MEPA Aims and Objectives around the World
    4. Further consideration for Future Cooperation

To explain a little further:

Firstly, the creation of environmental awareness and the promotion of environmental sustainability in
schools and colleges is now an important issue on the curriculum of many national educational
boards. HELMEPA and INTERTANKO can coordinate efforts where possible and provide
information and resources to schools and colleges in order to further the understanding by children of
the maritime sector and its role in improving the marine environment.

The work of both organisations in this area is currently focusing on different categories, with
INTERTANKO’s efforts focused on the technical colleges and universities such as Hull University in
the UK, MIT in the US and Erasmus University in the Netherlands, while HELMEPA is focused on
the maritime universities and colleges, as well as primary and junior education in schools. It is hoped
that INTERTANKO maybe able to provide HELMEPA with resources and technical information to
assist in their work.

Secondly, in recognising that a key aspect to an improvement of the marine environment is
understanding of that environment in its first instance, HELMEPA and INTERTANKO can
coordinate efforts in raising awareness and promoting understanding among seafarers of the impact
of maritime activity on the marine environment. Explaining further the positive and negative effects
on the environment from the activity of seafarers by the provision of information materials and
training courses. Cooperating in this manner will also ensure a greater coverage of the seafaring

Thirdly; understanding that the issue of environmental protection is transboundary; that
INTERTANKO’s goals are international in their objectives, and; that HELMEPA aim to expand the
network of MEPA’s across the world, it is hoped that the two associations can coordinate efforts in
establishing an international network of MEPA’s.
Finally, and as previously noted, the work on environmental awareness should be seen as a starting
point. Cooperation revolves around strong communication, it is hoped that the secretariats of
HELMEPA and INTERTANKO can meet on a regular basis to discuss relevant issues and consider
areas in which cooperation can assist both organisations. Ensuring that both bodies are abreast of the
ever changing world of the maritime sector and its major issues.

Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, although I have been brief, I hope that I have provided you with
an understanding of INTERTANKO’s desire to work together with HELMEPA, and I hope that you
will also see value in this cooperation.

Thank you all once again for your patience.

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