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                      CREDITCARD PAYMENT SETUPS

The purpose of this Document is to provide credit card set up steps for Oracle Account
Receivables (AR) module.

Oracle Receivables allow customers to use a credit card to remit payments for open debit
items. The procedure for processing credit card payments in receivables is similar to the
procedure for creating automatic receipts.

Automatic receipts allows you collect payments according to a predefined agreement
with your customer by transferring funds from the customer’s bank account to yours on
the receipt maturity date. By providing a credit card number as payment, your customer
expects that the credit card issuer will transfer funds to your bank account as payment for
their open debit items.

The following steps are required to process credit card payments in receivables:
   ·     Flag transactions to be paid by credit card.
   ·     Create a batch of automatic receipts to close transactions flagged for credit card
   ·     Approve the automatic receipts batch to reserve the payment mount from the
       card holder’s account.
   ·     Create and approve a remittance batch to request transfer of funds from the
       credit card issuer to your bank.

Following Are The Key Set Up Considerations In Credit Card Set Up .

Step-1 Define Remittance (Internal) Bank Account
Step-2 Define Receipt Class
Step-3 Create and Assign Document Sequence for Automatic Receipts
Step-4 Verify That the Ipayment Serve r URL Is Defined
Step-5 Create Invoice and Flag for Credit Card Processing
Step-6 Run Automatic Receipts For Approval
Step-7 Run Automatic Remittances for Capture

Below Are The Steps In Detail:

Define Remittance Bank
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The customer's credit card number is defined as an account number under a central 'credit
card' bank and branch. The expiration date is the inactive date. a credit card receipt class
and payment method are also defined with the user's remittance bank.

Define Receipt Class
Setup->Receipts->Receipt Class
Name: Receipt_Class_Name
Creation Method: Automatic
Remittance Method: Standard
Clearance Method:
       By Matching (If You Are Using Cash Management)
       By Automatic Clearing (If Cash Management NOT In Use)
Payment Method Zone
Name: Visa (Example)

Automatic Receipts Zone
Number Of Receipts Rules: One Per Invoice
Receipt Maturity Date Rule: Earliest
Automatic Print Programs: Print Receipts Program
Payment Type: Credit Card
Lead Days: 35

Merchant ID: 12345 (this is the number that you have defined as your merchant or payee
id in ipayment)

To verify the merchant id value in release 11.5 -
   ·     Select Name, Payeeid, Mpayeeid From Iby_Payee;

Merchant ID selected in AR should exist in i-payment Iby_Payee . Payeeid

Attach Your Remittance Bank To The Payment Method.
Click Bank Accounts Button
Bank Name: Bank_Name
Branch Name: Bank_Branch
Account Name: Bank_Account_Name
Minimum Receipt Amount: 100.00 (Example)

GL Accounts entered in the remittance bank should populate.
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Login As Sysadmin.

Name: Credit_Card_Sequence
Application: Oracle Receivables
Type: Automatic
Initial Value: 1

Oracle Username: AR, APPS


Application: Oracle Receivables
Code: Visa (This Must Be Exactly The Same As Your Payment Method)
Name: Credit_Card_Category



Application: Oracle Receivables
Category: Credit_Card_Category
Set Of Books: Vision Operations(Example)
Method: Automatic

Assignment Tab

Start Date: 19-Aug-2009 (Example)
Sequence: Credit_Card_Sequence
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In Sysadmin

Check Site Level
Query Profile: ICX: Payment Server URL

Verify that your base URL for the ipayment server is populated. There is not a lov on this
field you must enter the value.

(For Manual Invoices)
Enter invoice and populate the paying customer alternate region.

Enter the paying customer, and location
Enter the visa payment method from LOV
Enter a valid credit card number or test number provided by the credit card vendor.


Receipt -> Batches

Provide appropriate values for -
Automatic Receipts
Payment Method
Receipt Class

Click Create Button
Enter criteria to determine eligible transactions; if you have defined a payment method
for each credit card you can limit your criteria by credit card number range.

Select Create, Approve
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Click OK Button

Review the log and output file to see that there receipts were created and approved. This
program creates and authorizes the receipts via the ipayment server.

Choose the batch that you created and run automatic remittances. This program captures
(settles) the funds via the ipayment server.

Review the log and verify that there are no errors.

To check the data in ipayment.

         select tangibleid,reqdate,reqtype from iby_trxn_summaries_all
                   where TANGIBLEID in ('106011_ONT','AR_94585')---This are the
                   Payment Server Order Number..
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New Creditcards addition Setup
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(Funds Capture)Payment P rocess profile setups
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Payment System & Payment system Accounts
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