Aliens, Abductions, UFOs and theParanormal. What Does it All AmountTo? by lizzy2008


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									Aliens, Abductions, UFOs and the
Paranormal. What Does it All Amount
Author: Bill Knight

Ann Andrews has finally released her new book relating to many recurring and
extraordinary events surrounding her youngest son Jason. Multiple alien abductions, UFO
sightings and spiritual occurrences have dogged the lives of the Andrews family for many
years. Now, in this true story, Ann Andrews reveals the truth about her son’s relationship
with extraterrestrials and his assigned mission here on earth.

When you read a press release with the heading; “Mother of Multiple Alien Abductee
Son, Documents Numerous Extraordinary Events in New Best-Selling Book”, you can’t
help wondering whether another crank has been let loose on society or whether there
actually is some truth in all this stuff.

Research into UFOs and aliens throws up millions of web pages, thousands of stories,
hundreds of photos and numerous investigations. So, is a very large section of the human
race going completely insane? Is it mass hysteria? Even worse, could it be catching?

In true human fashion of course, each individual UFO sighting or alien abduction case is
complimented by its army of debunkers and disbelievers. But why? Are they trying to
keep us all from the truth by discrediting witness statements and finding numerous other
possible explanations for “UFO” sightings? What are they afraid of? Do they secretly
work for the government? What’s in it for them?

Whatever happened to keeping an open mind? Surely anything is possible. You just have
to look at how technology has progressed over recent years to see that. Who would have
believed a hundred years ago that we would have mobile phones that can take photos,
record video, send texts, access the Internet and play music and games?

Perhaps it’s time we all started to believe in the paranormal, UFOs and aliens, then
maybe we’ll discover more answers to the never-ending questions about the meaning of
life and our very purpose here on this planet.

Some people say aliens are here already, living and working amongst us. Apparently,
they are called “star people” or “indigos”, and they are here on a mission. Could it be
they’re here to save us or protect this beautiful but ravaged planet? For whatever reason
they’re here, it’s comforting to know they’re not planning to annihilate us otherwise they
would have probably done so by now.

And if they really know the human race, it’s not surprising why aliens haven’t landed on
the Whitehouse lawn or broadcast their co-habitation amongst us mere earthlings. But if
you want to find out more about them, their intentions and their agendas, then like any
religion, you only need to believe. Faith is a very powerful inner emotion.

So, what do all these extraordinary and paranormal events amount to? Well, there must
be some amount of truth in their reality. And surelyPsychology Articles, to have faith is
to get nearer to the truth?

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