Tablet PC Android Rumors: What's Coming Soon?

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					Tablet PC Android Rumors: What's Coming Soon?

Android technology evolves every six months and Tablets and devices are tweaked or
newer features added with every version. To know what’s coming soon read on...

                                          Technology is all about evolution.
                                          Android technology is a true example of
                                          how latest technology can become
                                          powerful key-drivers in workspaces; to
                                          how we handle routine everyday issues.
                                          Android Apps are ever evolving code too,
                                          helping us achieve greater efficiency and

                                          Soon to come Android version

                                          The present version of Android OS is
                                          the3.0/3.1, a tablet-specific OS
                                          Honeycomb that was made for larger
                                          screen devices, newer interface, multi-core
                                          processors and newer hardware for
                                          graphics. However, source code was not
                                          released and it is expected to merge with
                                          the earlier version Gingerbread (2.3) and
  Wholesale Android Tablets / Android
                                          to be released as new version Ice Cream
           Phones From China

Sandwich (2.4) in the last quarter of this year. This was announced at the Google I/O
convention in May 2011 as a ‘cohesive whole’.

Top three trends in Android Apps under development

The Android Apps are evolving at supersonic speeds. This is a true change of pace
from slow real time alerts, just a year ago. The fast paced photo and video support,
pure and good content as well as cloud storage.

The trends for Android Apps development include-Integration of cloud services
localized search and better access to social media sites. Photo, video sharing that will
allow multiple sharing is high on the list.

Any new hardware for Androids?

ARM processors such as ST-Ericsson Nomadik, Nvidia Tegra, Apple A4, A5 and
Samsung Humming bird have already released newer processors for enhanced
graphics, speciality features and the likes. Flickr, Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook are
all going to be much more easily accessible through Android Apps.

Watch Chinese Suppliers for updates on Android latest

Chinese manufacturers have the infrastructure and production capabilities to produce
these cutting-edge technology devices in very large quantities, thanks to the open
source software and the free licensing systems they are able to manufacture Androids,
replicating the standards. The most interesting aspect of Chinese productions is that
they offer various levels of technology. You will therefore be able to find China
tablets that are full featured to the bare minimum hardware tablets at throwaway

Chinese manufacturers are always one step ahead, anticipating the trends that Android
technology will take and replicating faithfully for fully optimized tablets,
SmartPhones and similar devices.

This gives them an edge over other manufacturers as they are able to remain ahead of
the supply and demand chain and create a market for their products. The most crucial
part of the whole ecosystem of Chinese manufactured hardware and products is the
pricing. The voluminous productions trade-off production costs and hence they have
created a massive structure for volume trading and thereby profit earning.

Be the first to sell the latest Chinese Androids- rake in the profits

For sellers, retailers, online traders, dealers and of course suppliers, sourcing
technology products from Chinese manufacturers are sure to have a profitable
business. One wholesaler have several options such as dropshipping devices such as
Tablets to buyers and making profits from the price difference between wholesale and
retail prices.

Chinese manufacturers are here to stay. They will continue to drive market forces and
consumption patterns. They will in the near future create the market for their products
and innovate to continue to affordable for price-sensitive consumers. Gain the
Chinese advantage and profit by selling their swanky, top-performing, quality
Android tablet PC.

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