The Roman Empire

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					Ch. 15 The Roman Empire 27 B.C. – 410 A.D.

Lori Goodwin 7C Social Studies

I. Sec. 1 Rule of Augustus
• A. clever politician • B. consul, tribune, high priest, & senator all at same time • C. refused to be emperor

Augustus cont.
• D. kept assemblies & gov’t officials of republic • E. honored senators • F. talked of tradition & “ old Roman virtues

G. strengthened authority in 2 ways :
• 1. had every soldier swear allegiance to him • 2. let imperial household take charge of daily gov’t

• Rhine & Danube in north • Atlantic Ocean in west • Sahara in south

H. rounded out empire to natural boundaries & stationed soldiers there

• 1. giving provincial governors long terms of office • 2. paying them large salaries • 3. ordering census

I. didn’t want to gain new territory so worked on governing existing empire by:

J. made Rome more beautiful by:
• 1. strict laws for public behavior • 2. fire brigade • 3. police force • 4. built 1st library

K. ruled for 41 yrs.

II. Sec. 2 Pax Romana
Roman peace that lasted for 200 yrs.

• A. same coins throughout empire • B. no tariffs – taxes – on imports • C. Med. cleared of pirates

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