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Introduction and Terms

Gloria Beadles Computers-8th grade

A network is created anytime two or more computers are linked together to share information. The internet is often described as a “network of networks.” The internet is not a single network, but a super network of more than 50,000 smaller subnetworks.

Names for the Internet
¤ World Wide Web
¤ The Net ¤ W3 ¤ Cyperspace

Internet Domain Names (areas or sections of internet)
 .mil-military

domain  .edu-educational domain  .com-commercial domain

 .org-organizational domain
 .gov-governmental domain  .net-network provider domain

Tips for saying and writing internet names:
• The @ sign is pronounced “AT.” • A period (.) is a “Dot.” • Spell out each letter unless the name is obvious. • All letters in an internet address should be in lowercase.

Internet terminology
Host or server- any computer attached to the Net and providing services to Internet users
Download-copy Client-any computer accessing a host on the internet

Uses for Internet
Travel arrangements Research Banking Take classes Talk to friends News Weather Shop

Internet Terminology
URL- Internet address Browser-connects a user to the internet Hit-term that refers to every time a site is visited Modem-device that converts computer signals into signals that can travel over telephone lines Hyperlink-a word or picture that is linked to information elsewhere

Terminology continues. . .
 GUI-a “gooey” system that allows computer commands to be sent  Icon-a picture or graphic that represents something  Home page-lists information available at a website

Open Response Question
Define and describe the internet. Explain how the internet works. Include the three basic points we discussed in class.

Proficient Answer
 The internet is a “network of networks.”  A network is two or more computers connected to share information  A modem is a device that converts electronic signals that can be transferred via phone lines and back to original data when received by the client’s computer.

Distinguished Answer!
 Three points made in proficient answer plus two of the following points:
 Illustration or drawing of a network  Domain name  URL, GUI,  Address extensions  Ownership  Server, host, client  Phone system is backbone

Apprentice and Novice
Apprentice-two of the three points given Novice-one of the three points No credit-not completed or did not include any of the three points in proficient answer

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