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					The Diary of Anne Frank

• Hitler had a tragic childhood, losing his family at an early age • He was denied admission to art school in Vienna

•Hitler tried to escape the draft for WWI. As a result, he was imprisoned for 5 years

Hitler’s Rise to Power
• Hitler began writing Mein Kampf in prison • He outlined his political views • Hitler came to power in 1933 under the Nazi party by constitutional means

Hitler’s Plan
• To control Europe and eliminate the Jews • He blamed the Jews for Germany’s problems •He wanted living space for the “master race”

•How did Hitler plan to eliminate the Jews? •What restrictions did he put on the Jews?

•What happened to the Jews in concentration camps?

•Between 6-9 million Jews were killed during the Holocaust

The Diary of Anne Frank
• Anne began writing in her diary when she was 13 • She wrote down all that went on during their hiding

• It is translated into 55 different languages

Discussion Questions
• How many people are living in the secret annex? • What is the significance of Meip and Mr. Kraler? • What rules/restrictions must they follow?

Daily Life
• What is a typical day like? • Describe a time when the tension was building.

• When was the first time they received bad news? • What major event happened at the end of Act 1?

Describe the Characters
• • • • • • Mr. Frank Mrs. Frank Anne Margot Meip Mr. Kraler •Mr. Van Daan •Mrs. Van Daan •Peter

•Mr. Dussel

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