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5th international Boxing Tournament
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                      Table of Contents
                the INVITATION
                the TOURNAMENT
                the TEAMS
                the PERFORMANCE
                the MANAGEMENT
                the MEDIA
                                  Electronic Media
                                  Branding Karachi
                Why SPONSOR
                the SPONSORSHIP
                the HIGHLIGHTS
                the IMPRESSION
                the BENEFITS
                                  at a glance

                the EXPOSURE

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

             After successful holding of 3rd and 4th, MUAR Events International on
             behalf of Pakistan Boxing Federation invites your company to join us at
             an exciting opportunity at 5th International Boxing Tournament 2008
             (IBT); to promote your favorite brands and earn exposure to millions of
             boxing lovers, locally as well as worldwide. The event has its inherited
             values as it the only mega sporty event of Karachi as well as only event
             of Pakistan registered on AIBA’s (Amateur International Boxing
             Association) calendar and held annually

             Athletes (over 300) from 20 - 25 countries are arriving Karachi for week
             long stay, to participate in the fascinating sporty event We give you the
             opportunity to put your image experience around your products really hit
             wide customer range.
             Sponsors play an integral part of any event. We ask you to consider your
             brand participation in the tournament by selecting value-added
             sponsorship options. We will work closely with you to make your
             participation with us a pleasant experience.
             MUAR Events staff plans and organizes every event and program to
             ensure that your financial contributions return the highest possible value
             to you, the athletes and the general public. We will work with you to
             maximize your sponsorship amount through strategies that achieve your
             goals, connect you effectively with potential customers and strengthen
             your relationship with existing customers.
             Wide electronic coverage will be an attractive aspect which will be an
             added benefit to promote your brand and sporty image around
             worldwide. Media coverage and management by MUAR Events
             International, as Official Event partner, signifies the event and its
             attractions that your brand will share.
             Branding of Karachi during tournament days will add up to promotional
             attractions. Roads and crossings are being decorated while thousands of
             banners and advertising attractions are under way to execution.

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

   International Boxing Tournament is one of the major international sporty events which has been
   held 4 times consecutively in Pakistan and would be the first Pakistan’s International tournament
   which has appeared in AIBA calendar
   International Boxing Tournament was first held in 1998 in which 110 players and 83 officials from
   27 countries participated and since then it is being held consecutively. This clearly indicates the
   significance of 5th International Boxing Tournament in sports history of Pakistan. The tournament
   has paved the way to glamorized boxing as popular sport in Pakistan. The patronage by
   President of Pakistan by awarding cash prizes to Pakistani pugilists on their performance in
   Olympic and other international platforms, has given a real boost this humanly sports. This
   tournament has not only contributed towards the performance of Pakistan pugilists but also give
   an attractive and well suited platform where corporate can project its brands all around globe and


         INDIA                  PAKISTAN                   HUNGARY                      ITALY

          EGYPT                    CHINA                     TURKEY                      IRAN

       INDONESIA                   JAPAN                    THAILAND                 DPR KOREA

       MALAYSIA                  MONGOLIA                    ALGERIA                    KOREA

      PHILIPPINES                  QATAR                    SRI LANKA                   SYRIA

          NEPAL               TURKMENISTAN                 UZBEKISTAN                 VIETNAM

       AZERBAIJAN              AFGHANISTAN                   KUWAIT                    RUSSIA

                               SAUDI ARABIA               KAZAKHSTAN                KYRGYZSTAN

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

             Boxing is among the very few sports, in which Pakistan has made slow
             but steady progress despite general deteriorating standards. One is
             astonished to mark the progress keeping in view the fact that there is not
             a single gymnasium or indoor stadium of international standard.
             The Pakistani boxers also lack necessary equipment and other facilities
             that have made the other countries leading boxing nations of the world.
             More surprising is the fact that the Pakistani pugilists have climbed up
             the top berths in the organizational set-up of world amateur boxing by
             dint of sheer hard-work and individualistic efforts. This is no small
             achievement by any standards.

             The Pakistani pugilists have been winning honors in the Asian Games
             and Asian Boxing Championships ever since they started taking part in
             these continental contests. Pakistan’s Samad Mir won the only
             Commonwealth Boxing medal (a Bronze) in 1970 Games at Edinburgh.
             Due to Organization of regular international contest in Asian region such
             as the King Cup - Bangkok and President’s Cup - Manila and Jakarta,
             ,the Pakistani boxers have had access to them and benefited fully from
             them, thus raising standard to a respectable degree. If the progress
             shown during the last decade or so is maintained, Pakistan will find its
             place among the comity of boxing nations of the world much sooner than
             many experts can visualize even.

             The revolutionary and extensive media campaign, gave a new life to this
             sport and now it has become popular game of Pakistan with multiple
             achievements in credits. This tournament is also being covered by
             electronic media.

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

the   Management
       Professional Event Management by MUAR Events International assures quality and dedication to the
       commitments. MUAR is always striving to produce unique ideas and maintain our innovative thinking so
       remain updated of new trends in Event Management. Widely experienced staff is a valuable asset of MUAR
       which is committed to produce and promote events of unique nature thus open up fresh and attractive
       avenues for brands promotion. MUAR deals with full range of Sports, Corporate, Social, Team Building and
       Entertainment events to achieve clientele event objectives, purely in accordance with updated trends and
       customer needs. Planning process of events with close collaboration of clients enable us to build
       opportunities to communicate your key messages and help you to build long term relationships
       Our "recipe of success" is based on a variety of key ingredients: Consistency, Reliability, Flexibility, Hard
       work, Value for money, Innovation and endless enthusiasm. No wonder the company is already known as
       the "One Stop Shop" for any kind of event.
       MUAR working methodology i.e. MTHODOCAL, UNIQUE, ACADEMIC, RECEPTIVE, assures attendance of
       each event detail which helps achieving high standards. The event process is filtered through various MUAR
       teams which are:

            C r e a t i v e Te a m
       Creative Production Designers work closely with clients to define focus, direction of each event and create
       unique inspiring event flow while considering the demography and psychology of the guests, other
       Sensory impact of each event element are minutely analyzed which helps generating nature alike events.

            M a r k e t i n g & P r o m o t i o n Te a m
       The Marketing & Promotion Team is highly dedicated to professional excellence and generates attractive
       brands promotional activities. Its coordinated promotional process with Event & Production and Creative
       Teams ensure gain of desired clientele objectives. Marketing Team takes care of relevant segment of brand
       promotion and advises on communications between the Media and MUAR. During planning and execution of
       an event it maintains close coordination between MUAR and Media.

            E v e n t & P r o d u c t i o n Te a m
       Keeping the objectives in view, Event and Production Team is responsible to conceive ideas to generate and
       plan unique events for the clients. The team remains updated with the latest trends of event planning and
       regularly attend local events and watching events around globe. This helps enhancing their vision and
       sphere of thoughts.

      Sports L eisure Division
                         MUAR Sports and Leisure International is designed to provide with the basic organizational
                         and business structure to sport, fitness and leisure events. Its events coverage includes
                         Professional, Cultural, and Corporate Fitness program and intercollegiate, as well as offers
                         variety of services, including recreational sports, outdoor activities, fitness and wellness,
                         exercise / fitness programs. It is sole set up of its nature which has the abilities to manage
                         professional as well as cultural and leisure sports in highly skilled manners. Having
       renowned professional sportsmen and leisure sports experts’ attached, MUAR ensures management of
       events with true professional etiquette, while meeting international standards.
       The division works in close collaboration with sports organizations of the country and generates sports
       events to create healthy community and awareness amongst sports lovers. It also makes Team Building
       events to meet corporate needs of clients. Personal Enrichment, Health, Exercise and Fitness programs
       provide a professional handling to the customers to achieve desired physical fitness..

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

the MEDIA            Advertisement
             The 5th International Boxing Tournament 2008 will have worldwide
             print and live media coverage that would furnish more ways for your
             product’s promotion as well as it will give elevation and boost to
             emerging sports activity. The event will be publicized by using most
             considerable ways i.e.

          Electronic Media
             The 5th IBT will have wide electronic (3 hours per day Including Prime
             time) coverage through renowned GEO Television Network which is an
             added and attractive benefit to promote your favourite brand around
             globe. Your product will get due promotion amongst millions of
             spectators and participants as well as will have electronic coverage
             through, GEO network. The air time dedicated by GEO includes live
             coverage, recording, besides news clips of tournament will be aired
             round the clock.

          Branding Karachi
             Karachi is enriched with variety of customs and traditions but mechanical
             life style, changing socioeconomic scenario, internet, cable, lack of
             interaction opportunities, massive urbanization, insufficient and
             expensive entertainment have faded away old city culture. These hurdles
             restrict development of common city culture which is utmost important
             element of any society. There is a dire need to attract general public to
             sports for building healthy society with healthy people.
             Boxing is one of the popular sports of Karachi, which plays a major role
             to attract youth of the day to healthy activities. Karachi is being branded
             during this tournament. The event and its campaign has been planned in
             such a way, which will give a new look to Karachi where its habitants will
             find the healthy event in their city. This will also leave lasting positive
             impacts on the business of Karachi. The extensive branding and
             advertising campaign which involves:

                 •   Décor the route under use of foreign delegates
                 •   Décor the crossings
                 •   Placing banners and hoardings
                 •   Event Publications

             The campaign to promote tournament is at the launching pad through
             effective print and event publications. The event Souvenir is the major
             exciting source of promotion which is to be distributed amongst
             participants, AIBA members countries, Sports organizations of Pakistan

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

why sponsor the           Top Sporty Event
           Regular Mega Sporty Event Of Karachi
       The only mega sporty event of Karachi which is held regularly. The event days
       generates an environment of festivity where Millions of boxing lovers do enjoy
       international experience and healthy entertainment. Being one of the cultural
       sports of Karachi it attracts public of all category and status to witness or watch
       live broadcast of tournament hours. Patronage by President General Perevez
       Musharraf has bestowed it due status and priority. Your association with the
       event will build healthy image of your brand and outfit and will also strengthen
       your spirit of pursuance to the national call.

           International Recognition
       The International Boxing Tournament is an event which has international
       recognition and listed on (AIBA) International Boxing Association’s Calendar.
       This thrilling festivity generates healthy business activity in the city each year
       when about 200 pugilists from various countries visit Karachi to participate in the

           World Wide Product Promotion
       Mass media coverage, live broadcast and other attractive opportunities offer
       world wide promotional activity. Distribution of Event Souvenir to all participating
       athletes, officials, over 200 Boxing Federations and various VIPs give boost to
       your favourite brands sales. Event Give Away is again a lucrative item which
       reminds your brand for the years to come.

           Fabulous Ceremonies
       The Ceremonies arranged to display and extend National hospitality style is
       another prestigious occasion waiting brands to participate and get their share of
       uppermost and dignified promotion which will not only build your corporate image
       but also offer gorgeous promotional avenues. The ceremonies are attended by a
       major number of dignitaries of various circles and extensively covered by mass

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

                       Sponsorship benefits and investment
Boxing is one of the popular sports which have opened up                 We strive to build a strong relationship with our sponsors so that
various avenues to brand promotion. Dedicated support of our             the benefits are applicable on both sides. MUAR Events
sponsors not only encourage and motivate pugilists to excel              ensures that your financial contributions return the highest
more but also helps sponsors to promote their business                   possible value to you, the athletes and the general public. We
exposure to thousands of spectators and participants. The                will work with you to maximize your sponsorship amount through
sponsors earn strong means to increase awareness of their                strategies that achieve your goals, connect you effectively with
products both locally and worldwide and enhance their image              potential customers and strengthen your relationship with
through association with this valued game.                               existing customers.

We appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer and invite you to become a part of our winning team in any possible capacity.

the Highlights
MUAR Event International offers your company an exciting and lucrative opportunity to promote your favourite brands in an International
Event gracing Karachi during Jun 2008. Athletes (300+) from over 20 - 25 countries are converging at Karachi to take part in
5th International Boxing Tournament 2008 where your brand will have exposure to local and worldwide market.
We give you the opportunity to put your image experience around your products and really hit wide customer range. Depending upon your
level of sponsorship your company may benefit from many of the following event related promotions:

• Naming Rights                                                         • Brand exposure through Radio / TV / Publications
• Associate Rights                                                      • Use of Event Logo in product promotion, just after acceptance
                                                                          of participation.
• Exclusivity (e.g. supply)
• Sampling opportunities, display existing products and launch new      • Distribute your brand, corporate information, products or any
  ones.                                                                   item marked with your brand directly into the hands of
                                                                          thousands of spectators, athletes, and volunteers.
• Hospitality opportunities
• High Visibility Signage - Roads, Vital chowks & Routes                • Build your image as “Sports Loving Corporate”

make an Impression
Basing on your level of investment, your key message will be seen during the event’s promotional period. We are planning to attract public
of each category and status especially young people who are actively interested and involved in Boxing and Festivity and that is about
everyone. The targeted audiences will see your message in dynamic, unique and attentive environments that will help boosting sale of
your products or services. Promotion and media Campaign includes:

Print Promotion                                                              Web site
TV Spots.                                                                    Brochures (Event Publication
News Clip on TV channels                                                     Flyers
Live TV ( prime time) Coverage                                               Event Souvenir
Cable TV spots                                                               Event Give Away
Radio Spots                                                                  Inflatable / Costume Characters ( as approved by Event)

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

Sponsorship Options
TITLE SPONSOR                             Rs. 6.0 M Investments       TEAM BRANDING - PAKISTAN Rs. 2.0 M Investments
First time MUAR Events is offering Title Sponsorship opportunity      Earn one of the high profile opportunity by branding 5th IBT
of IBT so enjoy the highest level of visibility through out the       Pakistan Green and White team (11 athletes each) and
event and get permanently recognized for supporting most              recognize your company in a unique and interactive program,
prestigious event of Karachi City.                                    extensively covered by mass media, and also encourage and
The sponsor will have exposure of his brand at the centre of the      boost your own Athletes. The opportunity will not only enhance
RING. In addition to your brand recognition to the public of          the image of your outfit but also raise morale of Pakistani
about 1.5 millions through advertising / mass media promotion         pugilists.

CO – SPONSOR (2)                          Rs. 3.0 M Investments       ROUTE BRANDING                           Rs. 1.2 M Investments
The high profile sponsorship of IBT, your company / brand
    2nd                                                               Routes, under use of Teams and event dignitaries, offers
                                                                      lucrative brand promotional attractions. The decoration and
name will be strongly associated with our marketing and
promotional efforts. Your brand or service will be mentioned in       Brand display during tournament days (7 days) will raise the
advertising as “Co–sponsor” of IBT. Sponsor is also afforded          image of the City as well as afford productive promotion of your
the opportunity to include “Co- sponsor” status in own marketing      products. Under mentioned routes will remain active during
                                                                      tournament days:
/ advertising efforts just after agreement of participation
OFFICIAL SPONSOR                           Rs. 2.0 M Investments           •    Airport ~ Hotel     Rs. 0.5 M
As an official product of IBT, your product name will be strongly          •    Hotel ~ Venue       Rs. 0.7 M
associated with our marketing and promotional efforts.
Exclusive product association is granted at this cash
sponsorship level and your product or service will be mentioned
                                                                      DINNER SPONSOR                Rs. 0.45 M Investments (each)
in advertising as “Official Product or Official Service” of IBT.
                                                                           1. Welcome Dinner
Sponsor is also given opportunity to include “official sponsor”
                                                                           2. Send-off Dinner
status in their own marketing advertising efforts just after
                                                                      Welcome and Send off Dinners are served to the participating
agreement of participation.
                                                                      teams. The attendees / Invitees include; representatives of
“Official Sponsors” on first come first serve basis will be           Government Organizations, VIPs from Ministries, Foreign
entertained like Official Water, Milk, Soup, Shoes, Razor,            diplomats, Head of various Enterprises and Firms as well as
Transport, Mobile networks, Medical etc.                              Media. The sponsor will have numerous brand promotional
SOUVENIR SPONSOR                           Rs. 1.0 M Investments
Tournament Souvenir is highly important issue which is                BRANDING REGISTRATION Rs. 0.2 M Investments
published (2000 copies) and distributed among Athletes,               Registration Desks (3) placed on three venue entrances
Officials, Press and Event VIP (free of charge) of all the            (Athletes / Officials / VIP / Gen Public) is a strategically
participating countries. It serve as reference book through out       important item – every spectators should register here, get the
the year and kept as memorial by the participants. Souvenir is        spectator’s badge along with Sponsor promotional materials.
distributed to participants, Invitees, and over 200 boxing            This is the way your brand gets associated with each spectator
countries. The Souvenir is graded as true spokesman of your           of the event.
                                                                      BRANDING VIP ENCLOSURE Rs. 0.1 M Investments
VOLUNTER PROGRAM                         Rs. 0.5 M Investments        Well suited place for PR development, meetings with officials
Get associated your brand with fantastic volunteer program            and amply media covered VIP Enclosure would give due
consisting of 500 volunteers from University and college              promotion to your products.
students. Your LOGO will be on all volunteer related shirts and
materials, with prominent recognition through out the event
                                                                      PRESS CONFERENCE                        Rs. 0.2 M Investments
                                                                      Press conferences are official events which are held on various
FOOD COURT SPONSORSHIP                          Rs. 0.05 - 0.1 M      occasions, prior the tournament. Major chunk of dignitaries of
                                                   Investments        sports community attend it. Local and International media
Depending upon space rented, IBT offers Food Courts Pavilion          coverage by sports & culture journalists and its broadcast on TV
to sponsors to display their brand and also extend hospitality by     channels make it much beneficial for the sponsors. Back drop of
serving Pakistani Food Taste to foreign Athletes and Attendees.       the conference would be well suited attraction for your bra
This will prove to be a striking opportunity to project your brands

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       5th international Boxing Tournament
                 Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

       at a glance          BENEFITS

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Press Conference Sponsorship
                                                                                                                                                                                                         Communication Sponsorship
                                                                 Title Sponsor (6.0 Million)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Food Court Sponsorship
                                                                                                                                                  Souvenir Sponsorship

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Equipment Sponsor
                                                                                                                                                                               Dinner Sponsorship
                                                                                                                         Official Sponsor

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Route Branding
                                                                                                      Co Sponsor
Before the Tournament
         Tournament Branding                                Yes

         Naming Right for Element                           Yes                                 Yes                 yes                      Yes                         Yes                        Yes                              Yes                    Yes                                                                 Yes

         Exclusivity                                        Logo                                                    Yes

         Website Presence                                  Banner                              Banner              Banner                   Banner                       Logo                       Logo                             Logo                   Logo                                 Logo

         Event Banner                                       Logo                                Logo                Logo

         Billboard                                          Logo                                Logo                Logo                     Logo

During The Tournament
    Boxing Ring
         Main Center Mat (10 X 10)                          Yes

         Corner Pole (inside Cushion)                                                            1

         Corner mat (5 X 5)                                                                      1

         Triangle                                            2                                   1                   1                        1                                                      1                                                                                                                           1

         Ring Ropes`
         Banner out Site the Venue                          10                                   8                   5                        2                           2                          2                                2                      2                                    2

         Banner in Site the Venue                            5                                   1

         Logo on Stage Back Drop                            logo                                logo                logo                     logo                        logo                       logo                             logo                   logo

         Dinner Back Drop                                   Logo                                                                                                         Logo

         Press Conference Backdrop                          Yes                                 Yes                                                                                                                                                         yes

         Logo Panel at All Entry point                      yes                                  yes                yes                      yes                         yes                        yes                              yes                    yes                                  yes                            yes

         Corporate Flag                                     yes                                  yes                yes                      yes                         yes                        yes                              yes                    yes                                  yes                            yes

         On Site Booth Welcome / Sampling                  20x20                               10x10               10x10

    Advertisement & Promotion
         Media Coverage of Total Time                       80%                                 30%                 20%                      2%                           2%                        4%                                5%                     4%                                   1%                            10%

         Promotional Brochure                               Logo                                Logo                Logo                     Logo                        Logo                       Logo                             Logo                   Logo                                 Logo                           Logo

         Advertising Poster                                 Logo                                Logo                Logo                    name

         Sponsor banner space on Route                      500                                 200                 100                      50                           50                        50                               500                     50                                   50                            50

         Corporate Flags on Street poles (Space)            Yes                                 Yes                 Yes                                                                                                                                     Yes

         Sponsor logo placement on (jacket, Shirt Short)    Yes

         Decorate the Route                                                                                                                                                                                                          Ful

    Souvenir Magazine
         Welcome Message Company Profile                    Ful                                Limited                                       Ful

         Page Supplement                                    Ful                                 1/2                 1/2                      Ful                         1/4                        1/4                              1/4                    1/4                                  1/8                            1/4

         Sponsors Section                                   Logo                                Logo                Logo                     Logo                        Name                       Logo                             Nmae                   name                                 Name                           Logo

         Sponsor logo on each page                                                                                                           Yes

         Master of Ceremonies Announcement                 Stage                               Limited Limited                                                           Stage                                                                              Stage

         Press Releases                                     Logo                                Logo               Name                                                                                                                                     Logo

         Sponsor Promotional Martial in the Media kit       Yes                                 Yes

         Dinner Invitation                                  10                                   5                   2                        2                           2                         10                                2                      2                                    2                              2

         Daily Match passes                                 15                                   10                  5                        5                           5                          5                                5                      5                                    5                              5

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     11 of 14
5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

The flowing is list of benefits available to 5th IBT Sponsors; to see what level you will receive as sponsor, consult
Benefits at a glance page.

BEFORE THE TOURNAMENT                                                     Print
      Exc lus ivity                                                       Flyer and Poster
          Your company will have exclusivity among                           10,000 count flyers and over 1000 posters
          competitors at certain levels of sponsorship.                      distributed and displayed throughout the 5th IBT.
          Opportunity to participate in Award program.
                                                                          Volunteer T-shirt
          Use of sponsorship status in your own marketing                   500 count worn by volunteers working during the
          and promotional activities just after agreement of                event with the name or Logo.
                                                                          Web Sites
                                                                            Listing on Official IBT web page and links at
                                                                            certain level of sponsorship.
      Boxing Ri ng
         One of the most attractive items which will be        OFFICIAL EVENT SOUVENIR MAGAZINE
         covered by media all around tournament hours                Ads in the Official Souvenir Magazine, a full colour
         being the focal point. The mileage of brand                 publication is highly important issue which is published
         promotion depends upon sponsorship level you                (2000 copies) and distributed amongst participants and
         earn.                                                       over 200 boxing countries.
      Ven ue                                                         Logo / company name recognition in Souvenir
         Banner (depending upon level)
           At event entrances.
           At Route                                            ADDITIONAL BENEFITS
           In side the venue                                         M a s t e r o f Cer em o n i es A n n o unc em e n t s
           Out side the venue
           At Hotel                                                       Recognition from stage(s) by MCs, in between acts
           On stage(s)                                                    and during introductions.
           At Sponsor booth                                          P r ess R eleas es
         Stage( s) Back drop                                              Logo / company name in various Press Conference
           Display of Logos and your messages, depending                  and press releases relating to your involvement.
           upon sponsorship level.

      A dv er t is ing & Pr om ot ion
             3 hours live coverage.
             Repeat Telecast.
             News Clips
             Bill boards will be placed on main routes 4
             months prior to the tournament. Space will be
             earned on sponsorship level.
           Route Branding
             Route decoration and brand display for a week

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

the END
MUAR Events International has expressed its commitments to development of healthy culture and city
environments. Boxing, being one of the cultural sports of Karachi, which is now emerging as popular sport of
Pakistan, has contributed a lot in giving mega international events to city.
The 5th IBT needs your attention to support as it is the only sport which has earned the image of the country by
winning maximum number of medals at various forums. We have made our efforts to give you an opportunity for
your brand promotion as well as support healthy environments.
Now we want you to help us continuing our winning ways. You should be in the winner’s circle with us. When you
say “yes,” our relationship will work to help both parties, each emerging stronger than before.

                                                        CONTACT INFORMATION
                                                                                              Romis Ali
                                                                              Events & Production, Director
                                                                                    (21) 531 2711 – 3 : TEL
                                                                                        (21) 538 1075 : FAX
                                                                                       0300 9239261 : CELL

                                                                                Shakeel Durrani
                                                                                        General Secretary,
                                                                             Pakistan Boxing Federation
                                                                                      0300 822 3210 : CELL

                                                                                     Shahid Ul Haq
                                                                              Regional Director, Islamabad
                                                                                Sport & Leisure Division
                                                                                     0321 2027 043 : CELL

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5th international Boxing Tournament
          Sponsorship P r o p o s a l

for more Information

        For more information, please fill out the enclosed information and fax it back to us at (21) 538 1075, or simply email us
(gibt@muar-events.com) and we’ll respond right away:

Name                                                                             Title

Company Name:                                                          email:

Address:                                                                                    City:

_____ Yes, I am interested in participation at the _______________________ level. Please send a contract!

_____ Yes, I would like further information about sponsorship opportunities with 5th IBT.

_____No, I am not interested at this time, but please contact me next year before_______________ ( Date).

_____No, I can not participate, but I will pass on this information to someone else who may be interested in this opportunity.

_____ Thank you, but I understand you have a “healthy and unique Event”. Please do send me information about your future events and
      unique programs.

Thank you!

Romis Ali
Events & production, Director
MUAR Events International
(21) 531 2711 – 3 (office)
0300 9239261 (cell)
romisali@muar-events.com (email)

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