Grameeno Ke Beech – 2 ppt By RC&M India Experiential Marketing

					You wanted to see me sir?
    Ah, yes! We’re facing a typical problem.
   As you know the current times are tough
& we need to maximize our marketing spends.
    So I was hoping for some suggestions
  from your end as to how could we do that?
Sir, actually I wanted to discuss this with you. I’ve
   set up a meeting with RC&M. They should be
     coming to meet us with an answer to this…
      They have come up with
something & want to present it to us…

  Call them fast & let’s get going…
                      Solution for today’s problem
                     has only One answer - Rural.

Absolutely! And more so with
 what we have got to offer…
Welcome Gentlemen! Let’s
    get inside & talk…
So, what have you got to say?
Sir, as you know the tough times that we are in today
requires us to choose our marketing spends carefully,
         so we are here to present a plan which
     not only maximizes your returns but optimizes
                   your spends too!
We present “Grameeno Ke Beech - II”
Ok, go on…
It’s a syndicated Rural Fair initiative that gets the rural
  audience interact with various brands under one roof
                           The Concept

• Create a rural mela platform for such villages which are
  not much exposed to entertaining programs
    – And through this you get an opportune place & time to showcase
      your products

• Syndicated activity in alliance with various participants

• Reaching out to the audiences between 10k - 20k population

• Beauty of this project being the entire mela set-up moves
  from one village to another
•   Involve the entire family for
    the entire day in an
    atmosphere created to enjoy,
    interact, understand &
    breathe the products
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•   Generate higher trails           YUV420 codec decompressor
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    & brand recall
                                 It involves…

•   Cost effective consumer contact activations

•   Innovative interaction opportunities

•   Higher possibilities for new acquisitions

•   On spot product experience

•   Trade possibilities

•   Positive recall and

•   Qualitative data capturing
Interesting! Now tell me more about
      Grameeno Ke Beech - II
Before we proceed to that,
 let’s have a small recap
         on GKB - I
                        Project Details

• States covered   :   U.P , Punjab & Haryana

• Year             :   2002

• Participants     :   TVS, M& M, HLL, TI Cycles, Parle
                       SIFPSA, Maruti, Nirma, GPI, Colgate etc
          Project Coverage

State       Event      Satellite
            Villages   Villages
U.P         900        2700
Punjab      400        1200
Haryana     400        1200
                         Project Reach

• 7000 villages in 3 states

• Merchandising & stock replenishment in 35k retail outlets

• 60 lac rural audience interacted with varied brands

• Product trail by every 3rd participant in the Mela
                     Business generated

• HLL (Beverages) generated sales for Rs. 5000/- per day

• TVS generated around 1 lac enquiries & increased footfall at
  the Dealerships

• Parle generated sale of Rs. 34 lacs

• Nirma generating sale of Rs. 2000/- day
RC&M Bagged RMAAI Awards 2006 for most effective use of
Event Marketing and Best implementation of the year for GKB
   Moving on to GKB - II, our
first step is to prioritize those
 states where we want to go…
          Effective parameters for prioritizing states

• Electrification levels

• Literacy levels

• Measure of urbanization

• Media exposure
                     Priority states

•   North
     – Rajasthan
     – UP
•   West
     – Gujarat
     – Maharashtra
     – MP
•   South
     – Karnataka
     – AP
     – TN
                                                   States at a glance

                                                              Total No. of Village under different Pop Criterion
State            No. of Districts No. of Tehsils   Below 2k    2k-5k           5k-10k        10k-20k          20k+     Total
UP                     70               299         89693     16752             2421           522             285   109673
Rajasthan              32               257         34690      4426              647           149             152    40064
Gujarat                25               277         13707      4024              801           195             150    18877
Maharashtra            35               350         35936      5888             1057           321             260    43462
MP                     45               259         52231      3631              448           190             135    56635
Karnataka              27               175         24617      3779              704           192             199    29491
Andhra Pradesh         23              1109         19506      6789             1776           440             332    28843
Tamil Nadu             30               201         10487      4802             1386           389             225    17289

  • Highest spending capacity lies in the bracket of 10-20K pop strata

  • Hence, our GKB-II universe is as shown
Our proposed coverage…
                      Proposed coverage

• 5 common priority states

• Total coverage of 600 villages across 5 states
                    Arriving at the village short-list

                        State             No. of villages
                        UP                      522
                        Rajasthan               149
                        Gujarat                 195
                        Maharashtra             321
                        MP                      190
                        Karnataka               192
                        Andhra Pradesh          440
                        Tamil Nadu              389
                         Total Villages        2398

 • To be brought down to 600 villages in 5 most-common participation states

• To be brought down to 600 villages in 5 most-common participation states
This sounds very good to me but
there have been others who have
           misled me…

Sir we have a nice plan for you blah blah…
                                       Now it’s time for you to pay…
You have completely messed up on the
      plan that you showed me…
That is the difference between
        RC&M & others..

   We understand your business like partners
GKB - II is a plan which ensures
     maximizing returns…

 Also optimizing costs as overall cost
       is shared by all clients…
Ok, go ahead. I have a small
   task of my own to do…
Go, tell your boss that I’ve found a better
%^#@…WHO IS IT?
To be continued…

Description: Grameeno k beech-2 is An idea for Rural marketing & Brand Promotions which would bring customers by RC&M India. RC&M India one of the best Experiential Marketing Company in India. It involves in cost effective consumer contact activations, interaction opportunities, higher possibilities for new acquisitions, on spot product experience, qualitative data capturing