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									Education on Indonesia
Education is a very important element for creating a resource of qualified, intelligent, peaceful, open,
democratic, and able to compete and can improve the welfare of all citizens of the school. With the
quality of resources, education is expected to face a variety of changes and challenges of globalization
which is and will happen. Therefore, educational programs should be constantly reviewed and
Educational paradigm that gives authority to the school in developing its potential need for increasing
the ability of principals in a variety of managerial aspects, in order to achieve objectives in line with the
vision and mission carried her school. (Mulyasa: 2006).
School is one of Tripusat education that is required to make superior output, Gorton cite opinion about
the school, he argued, that the school is a system of organization, where there are a number of people
who work together in order to achieve the goals for the school known as instructional purposes. Design
school organization is contained within the school administrative team consisting of a group of people
who work together in order to achieve organizational goals. The main goal is for administrative team
rosedur develop school policies, solve problems
general, the use of all potential individuyang joined in the team. So that schools can print other than an
intelligent person and an emotional high, can also prepare personnel development.
Therefore please note the philosophical view of the nature of the school and community in our lives.
school is an integral part of society, it is not a separate organization from the public, the right of life and
survival depend on public schools, schools are social institutions whose function is to serve members of
the public in the field of education, school and community improvement correlated with each other, the
two are need, the Society is the owner of the school, the school exists because people need it.
School as unit leader in educating education students who require professional management according
to the function task. The primary function at school task is to manage and organize a school with these
steps: plan and implement programs sekoklah, referring to the budget available and the mengkin can be
provided, mengkoorinasikan and meserasikan school resources on school programs, implement
effective school management and efficiently carry out supervision (supervision) and supervision in
school management, to evaluate the achievement of school targets, prepare reports and schools
accountable for the implementation of the school periodically. Schools can not walk alone in an effort to
improve quality, efficiency, equity pendidikandan school autonomy. IBRA World Bank argued that the
political conditions or government policies in terms of organizational management and leadership
mengaar learning process, resources are at school administration menusiadan seumlah MBS
components to consider in the context of schooling in Indonesia. That glimpse of the school which of
course we should pay attention because one of the nation's fulcrum in the form of school existence as
determinant factor.
The school principal is one of the educational component of the greatest role in improving the quality of
education as revealed by the Supriadi that: "Closely relationship between the quality of principals with
various aspects of school life such as school discipline, school culture climate, and lower the bad
behavior of students."
 In the event that the principal responsibility for micro-management education, which is directly related
to the learning process at school. As stated in article 12 paragraph
1 PP 28 1992 that: "The principal is responsible for organizing educational activities, school
administration, coaching staff, and utilization and maintenance of facilities and infrastructure".
(Mulyasa: 2006).
Competitive is one feature of life in the era of globalization, competition in all fields, who can manage
the competition with a right then they will be able to emerge as the winner. Among management
experts have demonstrated theories in entering the era of competition, such as the concept of 3C
(Concept, Competency, and Connection). The theory explains that human resources are controlled 3C
will be able to face competition and they will be able to manage the competition they face. Connection
is meant here is a cooperation network or networking, the ability to establish human relations with
other humans. Connection is the main capital in the promotion or transactions in the business world.
Now it has entered the age of globalization, information, free trade area or many other titles. The era of
free trade becomes an inevitability. Especially with the implementation of AFTA has (Asian Free Trade
Area) in 2003, as a result of globalization, all Asean countries including Indonesia are bound to the
agreement currently facing the threat of foreign workers who have qualified in accordance with the
needs of job competencies are required to work. (Andi Haris Prabowo, Siti Zuhriyah: 2004).
In the era of globalization and information, 21st century world is also experiencing a global revolosi who
gave birth to a lifestyle (a new life style). The distinctive feature of the lifestyle is full of life based on
competition, whether they are individuals, business organizations (businesses), and socially. This has an
impact on people's lives, which means people will experience a rapid shift followed a change. Rapid
changes are putting pressure on the organization, jikaorganisasi resist change (maintaining the status
quo) then he will be behind the current changes.
 Globalization era is an era of borderless world. This era was marked by the advancement of science and
information technology so that the barriers of human life policies of the past among the nations of the
world to be annihilated. Human relationships with each other to be open.
International and regional cooperation have brought together the lives of all nationalities regardless of
State boundaries. And the free market plan that is supported by advances in science and technology. (A.
R. Tilaar: 2005).
With digulirkannya Quality Improvement Program School-Based Management and digulirkannya AFTA
2003, we can not be avoided away from the global challenges. So like it or not, ready or not ready, all
schools must improve itself in order to improve its performance still exist in the future.
The issue of human resources (HR) became the main obstacle Islamic schools in developing its
competitiveness. This example of teachers who are less improvised and selective recruitment. "If
teachers perform routine tasks without the development of students' potential to produce the crude
quality of education too," said Subroto Drs education consultant on education seminar in the School of
Islamic Revolution in Jakarta, Saturday (20 / 4). Human resource weakness, continued Subroto,
exacerbated by the presence of teachers who teach subjects that do not comply with the educational
background. For this one Subroto suggested that teachers get coaching, training, or upgrading, through
the activities of similar groups of subject teachers. Matter of recruitment of teachers, he said, should
this be done with a rigorous selection, so there is always a commitment to achievement. Subroto also
gives emphasis on learning methods that can improve the competitiveness of Islamic schools. According
to him, these schools should implement a method that focuses on student activities. Because by
focusing on the method of learning as such, teachers are able to develop morally, basic knowledge of
creativity, and learn how their students learn. "This course will help create competitiveness among
students at Islamic schools," he said. To enhance competitiveness, further Subroto, Islamic schools
should abandon the methods which rely on classical learning with teachers as a learning resource
(teacher centered).
The most important thing to improve the competitiveness of Islamic schools, according to Khalid M Lc
LLM Administrator, team member Education Reform Committee substance Ministry, is a matter of
orientation. Each Islamic school must have a need for orientation towards competitiveness. "This would
make the majority of Muslims who can contribute even more in building their country," said Fathoni told
Reuters. According to him, because it is a majority Muslim community in this country, should have
created great public interest towards education that gives the color of Islam. But they are not. Especially
during this time many Muslims who view the community, schools outside of Islam are even more
advanced. "With this orientation, then Muslims in particular who ran the schools are expected to
understand the situation and the potential that exists within him." Fathoni ago menyontohkan madrasas
that have great potential but its orientation is not clear where he is going. He said during this race
participation in creating competitiveness is very low. The Islamic leaders, he added, should participate to
create competitiveness. Ministry of Education alone, he continued, hoping Islamic schools take
advantage of existing opportunities to improve competitiveness. Even so Fathoni optimistic Islamic
schools will be more competitive in the future good. "It's already started popping up Islamic schools
with orientation awareness in them," he explained.
While education practitioner Dr. Arief Rahman MPd states, which need to be addressed by the Islamic
school is school management. Application of good school management will provide optimum results in
achieving school goals. School purposes, said Arief, the formation of believers, knowledgeable, skilled
and spirit of the charity so as to create a respectable community of the world and the hereafter. The
achievement of school goals, he said, will produce students who honed all the potential that exists
within themselves both spiritual, emotion, intellect, social, and physical.
"The principal plays an important role in realizing all of them. The principal is the key managers in the
school. He is the master and driver's school." Principal, Arief added, must have a personality that can
ward off all problems that can weaken the resistance of the wheels and the school. In addition, teachers
should be able to provide the transfer is not only science but of values. Teachers, said Arief, should be
able to internalize the teachings of Islam to his students, so be aware as a man. "The ability of teachers
to transfer value will make the students not only honed his wits but also the potential of faith . They will
have a competitive edge as well as backrest strong faith in their Lord, "he explained. To realize this, they
must have a good competence of personality, intellectual, and professional.
No exception YPM 3 Taman Sidoarjo SMP must improve itself in all areas, both curricular and non
curricular areas. YPM 3 Taman Sidoarjo junior school is situated at the western end of Park district,
precisely in the village of Sidoarjo regency park Bringinbendo 1. In this school the longer growing but
very unfavorable especially there is the assumption most people around he felt proud if their children
can be accepted in public schools.
However why SMP YPM 3 Taman Sidoarjo time is getting increasingly in demand by the public. Why is
this school became the people's choice to send their children, because these
religious-based in accordance with the conditions of society and ideology

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