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									We Change Lives

A Message from the President and Board Chair

   Throughout our history, NYFS has thrived because of its winning formula of talented and hard

   working staff, dedicated volunteers and supporters, and strong community partnerships. This

   formula for success helped us endure the worst economic climate since the Great Depression.

   During the past year we remained strong and supportive as we

   saw clients, businesses and other organizations struggling to sur-

   vive. We continue to focus on providing quality services knowing

   we are needed now more than ever and that these challenging

   times will improve our organization and position NYFS to be

   stronger as things improve.                                            2010 Board Chair David Norrgard,
                                                                        NYFS President & CEO Jerry Hromatka

   NYFS is proud of its innovative spirit which enables us to provide cutting edge services to

   youth and families. This year we received a generous commitment from a local resident to

   implement a pilot parenting program for parents of young children. With Ramsey County

   support we expanded our Diversion program to work with more challenging and younger

   children. Upon completion of our new Discovery Center, we revamped NETS, our day

   treatment program, and now can focus on the distinct needs of both middle school and high

   school students. We use the Discovery Center during non-school hours to initiate an intramural

   program for youth not involved in organized sports, and an after school tutoring program for

   junior high youth. We’ve turned this innovative spirit inward to reduce administrative expenses

   through increased efficiencies and cost saving actions. This allows us to rein in expenses

   without cutting back on services.

   NYFS was a strong organization going into this tough economy and thanks to the hard work of

   staff, volunteers and community partners, we will survive and come out stronger to serve the

   needs of our community today and in the future.

                                                  David L. Norrgard              Jerry Hromatka
                                                                          Strength in Numbers

                          Since our start in 1976, NYFS has grown and changed to meet the emerging needs

                          of the communities we serve. Today, we touch the lives of over 4,000 youth, families

                          and seniors every year through our broad range of programs and with the help of

                                       our partners in the civic, business and non-profit community.
NYFS Leadership Team
                                          Community Partnerships
Jerry Hromatka,
                                          Arden Hills
President & CEO
                                          Falcon Heights
Jill Buckingham,
Director of Day Treatment Services        Little Canada
Rachel Cain,                              Mounds View
Director of Outpatient Mental Health
                                          New Brighton
Adel Chamoun,
Director of Development                   North Oaks

Tim Gusk,
Director of Community Services
Ken Pazdernik,                            St. Anthony
Chief Financial Officer
                                         Collaborative Partnerships
NYFS Board of Directors                   Minnesota Youth Intervention Programs Association
                                          North Suburban Gavel Club
David Norrgard, Chair                     Ramsey County Children’s Mental Health Collaborative
Karen Charlson, Vice Chair
Judith Cognetta, Secretary                Roseville Rotary
Dean Maschka, Treasurer
                                          Shoreview/Arden Hillls Rotary
Tom Baldwin
Shelly Boss
                                          St. Anthony-New Brighton Family Service Collaborative
Brenda Holden
                                          Suburban Ramsey Family Collaborative
Blake Huffman
Alan Hull                                 Twin Cities North Chamber of Commerce
Robert Jacobson
Peg Kennedy                               School Districts
Peter Lindstrom
Amanda Little                             Centennial #12
Wendell Maddox
Mary Jo McGuire                           Columbia Heights #13
Gloria Alvarez Pederson
Tammy Pust                                Mounds View #621
Bettie Seitzer
                                          North St. Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale #622
Carrie Walker
                                          Roseville Area #623

                                          St. Anthony-New Brighton #282

                                          Spring Lake Park #623

                                          White Bear Lake #624
NYFS Programs and Services

       Outpatient Mental Health Clinic

       Our licensed, professional staff serve youth, adults and families from diverse

       cultures, ethnicities and lifestyles. Whether it is addressing an immediate crisis or

       managing a long-term mental illness, our staff are dedicated to helping families and

       individuals thrive. Therapists work with clients to help them discover their strengths

       and overcome barriers to success such as depression, anxiety, family conflict and

       behavioral problems. Couples counseling is offered for same-sex, opposite-sex,

       married and unmarried couples. We also offer:

               •   Medication management services for

                   children and adolescents to aid the

                   therapeutic process when needed

               •   Educational and support groups for

                   parents and teens

               •   A Speaker’s Bureau for the community

       NYFS is one of the few places where youth as young as age two

       can receive therapeutic services tailored just to their stage of

       development. We accept all insurance plans; mental health services are also

       offered on a sliding-fee scale to the uninsured. Interpreters are available to assist

       non-English speaking clients.

       Community Social Work Services

       Our licensed social workers do a broad-based needs assesment with clients. Based

       on those needs, goals are set and our social workers help connect clients with

       community resources. While our social workers are always there to help our clients,

       our common goal is to help clients do as much as they can for themselves and build

       on their existing strengths. We serve families with children in the North St.

       Paul/Maplewood/Oakdale, Roseville, Mounds View/New Brighton and White Bear

       Lake school districts.
                    Northwest Educational and Therapeutic
                    Services (NETS)

                    NETS is a daily, year-round day treatment program that offers educational and

                    therapeutic services to youth struggling with severe mental health and behavioral

                    problems. Youth are temporarily transferred from their home school, enrolled at

                    NETS and participate in a treatment model that combines academics and therapy.

                    Because of the intensive services offered through NETS, these youth are able to

                                      overcome personal barriers and develop skills to manage their

                                      mental illness.
NYFS is one of the few places

in the metro area specializing in
                                      Our immediate goal is to help the student make a successful
children’s mental health care.
                                      transition into a less restrictive school setting. Our long-term
Our family-focused approach
                                      objective is to promote lasting positive changes that are good for
works with the entire family
                                      the youth, good for their families and good for their community.
whenever possible

                                      In 2009, NYFS completed construction of the Kay Andrews

                                      Discovery Center, a 10,000 square foot multipurpose facility that

                    enhances our services by giving

                    NETS students a much-needed

                    space for physical and mental

                    wellness activities. Students are

                    thriving in the new space and we

                    are seeing a decrease in

                    behavioral issues now that

                    students and staff have more

                    space in which to meet their

                    treatment objectives.
Community Service Programs

At NYFS, we know that youth learn best by doing. That’s why our programs engage

youth and families in community-based settings that promote skill development

through experiential learning and support. Our Community Service programs include:

•   Discovery Initiative                      •   STEP Tutoring Program

•   Diversion                                 •   Summer Camps

•   Mentoring Plus                            •   Youth Employment Training

•   Penny Pinchers Thrift Store

•   Senior Chore

Community Benefits
The success of a community is defined by the success of the people

who live in it. As the lives our our youth improve, so does the quality

of life for everyone around them. The immediate benefits are easy to

see: decreased property crime, fewer families in crisis, higher

graduation rates and an improved learning environment in our local


In the long term, these same youth who succeed in getting their lives back on track

become the next generation of community leaders, educators and volunteers in the

very communities that supported them in their youth.
                                   The Kay Andrews Discovery & Event Center

                                  The Kay Andrews Discovery & Event Center has been in operation at NYFS

                     since September 2009. In addition to increasing the social and academic skills of

                     NETS youth, the Discovery Center also serves as an

                     affordable space for community events.

                     NYFS has a long history of collaboration with

                     school, business and civic organizations and is

                     committed to ensuring that this space is an asset for the entire community.

                                                The impact of the Kay Andrews Discovery Center
                                                continues to grow:
Over 100 seniors benefitted
                                                 •        70% of kids involved in our after-school
from our Senior Chore Program
                                                          programs improved their grades in school
in the past year. Our in-home

and outdoor chore service
                                                 •        50% of parents reported a decrease in
allows seniors to live in their
                                                          problem behaviors at home since their
own homes with dignity and
                                                          children started coming to after-school

                                                 •        Visits by NETS students to the behavioral

                                                          intervention room have dropped by 20%

                                                •         There has been a five-fold increase in family

                                                          attendance at NETS family nights

                                       We would like to
                                        thank everyone
                                    who has donated to
                                      the Kay Andrews
                                      Discovery Center
                                     Capital Campaign
                                     including our lead
                                      sponsors: Deluxe
                                        Foundation and
Financial Report: Fiscal Year 2009-2010

     Support and Revenue                                      Expenses
     Government Grants                565,119                 Program Services
     Contributions                    206,041                 3,573,838
     Special Events                   45,755                  Management & General             122,579
     In-kind Contributions            19,910                  Fundraising                      224,494
     Total Fundraising                 836,825                Building Operation               287,058
     Program Service Fees             3,236,597
     Rent                             178,863                 Total Expenses                   4,207,969
     Investment Income                10,247
     Conference Fees                  54,393                  End of Year Net Assets           2,044,347
     Miscellaneous                    4,844
     Total Fees and Income            3,484,944                 Audited financial
                                                                 reports and 990
     Grand Total                      4,321,769                   forms can be
                                                                downloaded from
                                                                  our web site:

     A Note of Thanks from the Development Department
     Since our start in 1976, NYFS has relied on the support of the community to help us live our our

     mission of preparing youth and families for healthy lives. We would like to extend a special thank you

     to the businesses, individuals, corporations, foundations, churches and civic organizations that have

     generously contributed to our programs and sponsored events with us in the past year.

     Leadership Luncheon            Taste of Northwest
     Sponsors                       Sponsors

     Anchor Bank                    Allegra Print & Imaging
     Anonymous                      Creative Catering
     Eide Bailly, LLP               Land O’Lakes
     CB Richard Ellis               Pioneer Press
     ION Corporation                St. Anthony Park
     Lakeside Homes                  Dental Care
     Sandy Martin                   Shoreview Community
     Maguire Agency                  Center
     Pioneer Press                  Western Bank
     St. Paul Kiwanis Golden K
     Synovis Life Technologies
     Thrivent Financial for
     Lutherans, North Ramsey

    We would also like to welcome our new NYFS partners who have joined with us through a new

    initiative that links communities of faith with NYFS resources: Church of Corpus Christi, Centennial

    United Methodist Church, Presbyterian Homes of Roseville, North Como Presbyterian Church, Falcon

    Heights United Church of Christ, St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church and Presbyterian Church of the

                                                                 Thank You NYFS Donors

This list reflects donations made
between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010

General Operating            David & Mary Charlson        Joyce Goedeke                Debra & Jeffrey Kohen
and Program-Specific         Karen Charlson               Katharina Gogins             Brian Koland
Contributions                Lillian Chiarella            Christine Golberg            Peter & Jaime Kordonowy
                             Paul & Kathleen Ciernia      Theodore Golberg             Sue Korkowski
$1 to $499                   City of Arden Hills          Gold Country Investments     Ann Krawczyk
Madeline Allen               Randall & Debra Clark        Grace Gorringe               George Krienke, DVM
Alerus Financial             Charles & Elizabeth Cliffe   Scott Grausnick              George & Elva Kubera
Richard Altman               Charles & Sharon Clysdale    Jane Greco                   Julie Larson
Carol Anderson               Donald & Synovia Colbert     Barb Grengs                  Susan Iverson Latzke
Donald & Florentine          Jon Commers                  Healther Gunderson           Deborah Lehman
   Anderson                  Community Shares of          Janet Ladwig Hafner          Joni Leithe
Jennifer & Bruce Anderson     Minnesota                   Patricia Hamin               Dennis & Cynthia Lesher
Larry Anderson               Richard & Jacqueline         Mary Sue Hanson              Diane Dovenberg Lewis
Kay Andrews                   Cowles                      Philip Hanson                Michelle Lichtig
Anonymous                    Cox Insurance                Martha Hardesty              Peter Lindstrom
Phyllis Arbuckle             Craighead Family Fund        Pamela Harris                Betty Link
Atonement Lutheran           Jean & Wynn Cronje           Beth Harrison                Jennifer Loeck
 Church                      David & Sue Cummings         Murray & Ruth Harpole        Vanessa Lotito-Meier
Marilyn Auge                 David & Margaret Custard     Nancy Haugen                 Wendell Maddox
Rebecca & Jason Austin       Stacey Dahlstrom             Jackie Hays                  The Mansfield Association
Sandra Bahr                  Robin Davidson               Vivian Henningfield          Cheri Marchio
Ralph & Joyce Bahr           Ronald & Sandra Decoux       Alice Henry                  John Marg-Patton
Judy Baldwin                 Geraldine Diamond            Rick Heupel                  Gregory Madsen
Thomas & Kathleen            Shari & Mark Dion            Judith & William Hill        George & Florence Marks
 Baldwin                     Karen Donohoo                David & Susan Hoel           Dean Maschka
Veronica & Edward            Joan Dreyer                  Donald Hoffman               Seth & Jennifer Mayotte
 Bartlett                    Thomas & Mary Dvorak         Brenda Holden                Harry & Marjorie McCarty
Bernice Bartz                Donald & Patricia            Nancy Holland                Mary Jo McGuire
Paul Bartyzal                 Effenberger                 Cynthia Holscher             David & Vicki McKenna
Shirlee & Samuel Bates       Raymond Eklund               Daniel & Jean Hoverman       McKenna Family Fund
Aleta Baty                   A & B.K .Ellinger            James & Penelope Howard       of the Minnesota
Daniel & Caroline Beckman    Michael Emmert               Anna Hudak                    Community Foundation
T.N. Bednar                  Janet Engeswick              Christina Hughes             Lynn & Kevin Megan
Mary Jo Behl                 Mary Erickson                Joseph Hughes                Sara Merz
Carol Bell-Anderson          Dennis & Kathleen Erno       Lucy Hulme                   Maureen Melanson
John Bennett                 Dawn Evangelist              James & Lisa Huninghake      Carolyn Merrill
Marty & Fred Bergsrud        David Evans                  William & Mary Jacob         Robert & Barbara Merrill
Thomas & Rebecca Berkas      Mary Eversoll                David & Kathleen             David Metusalem
James & Ann Berry Trust      Peter & Lindsey Fabian        Jacobsen                    Robert Meyer
Ann Bettenburg               Mona Fadness                 Jane & Robert Jacobson       William Michel
David & Lynnette Black       Kathleen Fargione            Donald & Pamela Jakes        Justin & Dianne Miller
Gerald & Geraldine Blanski   Laura Fenstermaker           JES Sales Co.                Geoff & Nancy Milso
Charles & Patricia Blake     Brian & Kristan Fergason     Elizabeth Johnson            E. Jean Miskowiec
Ruth Bleed                   Jerome & Deborah Filla       Emy Johnson                  David & Arlene Mitchell
Steven & Barbara Bollum      Ruth Fingerson               Paul & Lorraine Johnson      Moore & Hansen, PLLP
Matt Bostrom                 First Resource Group         Schawn & Kelly Johnson       Mounds View Lions Club
Pamela & Don Brabeck         Bob & Kristine Fletcher      Jeanne Kassim                G & J Murakami
William & Jean Brown         Beverly Jean Foster          Kevin & Nancy Keenan         James Nash
Jill Buckingham              Jeremy & Kara Frank          Peggy Kennedy                Linda Nelson
Jeffery Budnick              Francis Fried                Gloria Kieger                Susan Nemitz
Mary Burg                    Susan Gaertner               Brian King                   Connie Nicholson
Anthony Burton               Paul Gardner                 Paul Kirkegaard, DDS         Carole Nielsen
Joyce Canon                  Laura & Steven Garnjobst     Kiwanis Club of Columbia     Joseph & Pamela Nolan
Elwood Caldwell              Bob & Sue Gehrz               Heights/Fridley             Northern Lights Combined
Cynthia Carlson              Phil Gelbach                 Kiwanis Club of St.Anthony    Federal Campaign
Richard Caron                Marlene Genung               Patric Klaers                David Norrgard
Adel Chamoun                 GIVEMN                       Craig Klausing               Daniel & Marina Nyberg
Nancy Nyberg                   Richard & Fran Smith          Lamar & Patricia Zollinger   Axel's
Bruce & Karen Ochu             Colin Sokolowski              Philip Zoubek                Sandra Bahr
Florayne Olen                  Christine Sonenblum                                        Ralph & Joyce Bahr
Marcha & Rolf Oliver           John & Marsha Soucheray       $500 to $2,499               Bank Cherokee
Michelle Olson                 Jeffry Stephenson             Elmer & Eleanor Andersen     Carl Brookins
K.A. Osborn-Schaub             Peggy St. Germain              Foundation                  Becker Brothers
Otto & Associates, PA          Mark & Cynthia Stange         City of New Brighton         Wendy Benson
Sharon Overlien                Andrew & Joan Stark            Employees                   Bibelot
Barbara Overlien               John Stillman                 Randall Bock                 Mike Bouchard
Tony Paetznick                 Donald & Alice Stokes         Lawrence & Elizabeth         Brave New Workshop
Mary Ann Palmer                Margaret Strom                 Dunlap Foundation           Brightwood Hills Golf
Janet Parker                   Ervin & Jo Ann Studenski      Michael Fahey                  Course
Kevin Patty & Mary McDowall    Matthew Sundeen               Jerry Hromatka & Cathy       Brunswick Zone XL
Ken Pazdernik                  Terrance Swor                  Schoener                    Buckingham Family
Janice Pederson                Darren Tabolt                 ION Corporation              Café Latte
Warren & Gloria Pederson       Nick Temali                   Kiwanis Club of North        Rachel Cain
Bill & Shirley Pickett         John & Pam Thein               Suburban Golden K           California Pizza Kitchen
Pioneer Hi-Bred                Peter & Suzanne Thompson      Philip and Amanda Little     Adel Chamoun
 International, Inc.           Roger & Christine Thomson     The William & Susan          Champps Maplewood
Barb Piotrowski                Heather Timmons                Sands Foundation            Chanhassen Dinner
Lee & Sandi Poppe              Roger & Marlys Toogood        Sylvia Soucheray               Theater
Premier Bank                   Michael Tracy                 Margaret Simmons & Paul      Chianti Grill
The Progressive Insurance      Andrew Tufford                 Sween                       Chickadee Boutique
 Foundation                    Judith Turner                 Target Store - Shoreview     Coffee News Café
Carolyn Pugh                   Sheryl VanderPol              Archie & Bertha H.           Judy Cognetta
Janet Quick                    Jan & Kim Vanderwall           Walker Foundation           Compass Center for
Subbiah & Vivian               Romelle Vanek                                                Integrative Healing
 Ramalingam                    Lillian & Gaylord Wahl, Jr.   $2,500 to $4,999             Coon Rapids Chiropractic
Lila Recksiedler               Carrie Walker                 Berger Tranfer & Storage,    Coutyard by Marriot
Victoria Reinhardt             Jeanne Walz                    Inc.                        Creative Catering
Lois Rem                       Gary & Colleen Wambach        Dellwood Foundation, Inc.    CTV15
Barbara Reynolds               John & Michele Ward           North Suburban               Dellwood Hills Golf Club
John & Caroline Rhodes         Anita & Stephen Warner         Community Foundation        Duluth Aquarium
David & Janet Robb             Cecilia Warner                                             Falcon Heights Lions
Clare Rodrigues-               Nat & Avis Watkins            $5,000 to $9,999             Finnegan's
 Henderson                     William Weaver                Allianz Life Insurance       Flaherty's Arden Bowl
Margaret Rookey                Margaret Wells                Business Data Record         Flame Rotisserie Grill & Bar
Lorne & Kathleen Rosand        Rochelle Westlund              Services, Inc.              Gedney
Nancy Rousslang                Teresa White                  Mike Hill                    Joan Gerten
Karen & Stephen Rudd           Adrienne Wickstrom            Pentair Foundation           Good Earth
Frank & Marre Jo Sager         Julie B.Williams              St. Katherine Ukrainian      Grand Casino
Charlotte & Gerald Samuelson   Robert Williams                Orthodox Church             Grand Hair & Beyond
JoAnne Sander                  Roger Williams                                             Grandma's Restaurant
Lorie Schulstad-Werk           Coralie Wilson                $10,000 and Up               Great Clips
Thomas & Lisa Schuette         Warren & Lois Wilson          Deluxe Corporation           Green Mill
Donna Semlak                   Benjamin Withard               Foundation                  Greer's Health & Wellness
Jerry Seppala                  Mary Woessner                 McKnight Foundation          Barb Grengs
Erika Scheider                 Deloris Wolcyn                Target Foundation            Ellen Hart
Kevin & Sally Schroeder        Douglas & Sara Wolff                                       Hyatt Hotel and Resorts
Bettie Seitzer                 Kaye Wood                     In Kind Donations            Ichiban Japanese Steak
Muriel & Rolland Seltz         Rex & Lillian Wood            Acme Comedy Co.                House
Marjorie & Gregg Shaver        Lynn Wyman                    Shannon Aleczander           India Palace
Louise Simensen                Mary Young                    Allegra Printing & Imaging   Jake's Sports Café
Dorothy Sina                   Tracy Youngblom               American Girl                Joe's Garage
Jeffrey & Lisa Sjobeck         Merrie Zakaras                Annona Gourmet               Elizabeth Johnson
Carol & Mark Sletner           Steve Zeece, Sr.              Arden Hills/Shoreview        Peg Kennedy
Lois Ann Smith                 Donald Zibell                   Rotary                     Key's Café
Sue Korkowski                Summit Brewing Company        Brenda & Jim Holden          Keri Zehm
Kozlak's                     Sunsets Woodbury              Chad Jayasekera
William Kent Krueger         The Good Earth                Thomas & Jean King           $500 to $1,999
Rose Lethert                 The Toro Company              Kiwanis Club of Columbia     Dean & Debra Armstrong
John & Mary Lindstrom        Theater in the Round            Heights/Fridley            Pete & Wendy Benson
Little Venetian              Three Rivers Park District    Ann Krawczyk                 Jill Buckingham
Maguire Agency               Timber Lodge Steak House      Amy and Christin Krueger     Lillian Chiarella
Kevin & Amy Maijala          Totino's                      Jorie Kulseth                Ric & Maureen Cox
Joe Mauer                    Walker Art Center             Amanda Little                Crowley, White, & Helmer,
Mid-America Festival         What's New In Gifts           Mike & Gina Lovestrand         Inc.
Minnesota Gophers            Wild Mountain Ski Area        Stephen & Sandra Marsh       Jerry Driessen
Minnesota Orchestra          Wuollet Bakery                Peter & Beth Mercer-Taylor   Kareen & William Ecklund
Minnesota Timberwolves                                     Robert & Barbara Merrill     Mary Eversoll
Minnesota Twins              Capital Campaign              Colleen Miller               Susan Gehrz
Minnesota Vikings            The following list reflects   Alex Moti                    Nancy Haugen
Minnetonka Moccasins         donations received between    David Norrgard & Jane        Jerry Hromatka & Cathy
Monterrey’s Mexican          July 1, 2009 and June 20,       La Froth                     Schoener
 Restaurant                  2010.                         Gabrielle Ojile              Peter King
NETS High School Staff                                     Michael & Linda Ojile        Sandy Chandler Martin
NETS Middle School Staff     $1 to $499                    Ken & Pamela Pazdernik         Charitable Fund
New Brighton Family          Molly & Emily Abeln           Gloria & Warren Pederson     James Ostlund
 Service Center              Yasmin Algosabi & Jane        Debbie Petersen              Ragnar Relay
Northland Inn                 Ojile                        Trish Pool                   Bettie & Dale Seitzer
NYFS Administrative Staff    Laurel Anderson               Carolyn Pugh
NYFS Development Staff       Kay Andrews                   Rollyn Renstrom              $2,000 to $4,999
NYFS Mental Health Staff     Sandra Bahr                   Jim Rider                    Mike & Arlene Hill
Olive Garden                 Judy Baldwin                  Nancy Rousslang              McGough Foundation
Ordway Center                Thomas & Kathleen Baldwin     Charlotte & Gerald           Mary & William Zimmer
Outback Steakhouse           Ellen Marie Blank               Samuelson                   Foundation
Panera Bread                 Henry & Joan Bouchard         Carol Seidenkranz
Penny Pincher's Staff        Roger & Connie Boyer          Donald & Marge Severson      $5,000 to $34,999
Pioneer Press                Sally Brown                   Jeffrey & Lisa Sjobeck       Anchor Bank Arden Hills
Porterhouse Steakhouse       Rachel Cain                   Fran & Richard Smith         Bernhard Levander Trust
Punch Neapolitan Pizza       Adel Chamoun                  Anthony Steiber              John & Marla Ordway
Ready Meats                  Columbia Heights/Fridley      Lynn Strauss & Alexander      Charitable Lead Trust
Lois Rem                      Kiwanis                       Albee
Residence Inn Marriot        Jean & Wynn Cronje            John & Pam Thein             $35,000 to $49,999
Jim Rider                    Steven Dahler                 Tim & Tracy Turner           Target
Science Museum of            Kirsten & Glen Dawson         Michelle Vance
 Minnesota                   Steve Dehler                  Denny & Marty Wall           $50,000 to $74,999
Donna Seich                  Gordon & Elizabeth Eicher     Thomas & Barbara             Hardenbergh Foundation
Shoreview Community          Kathleen Fargione               Wegleitner
  Center                     Stephanie Feld                Jackie Wells                 $75,000 and Up
Peggy St. Germain            Chad Felty                    Tom Werk & Lorie             Deluxe Corporation
Stages Theater Company       Jim Gitar                       Schulstad-Werk             Foundation
Lynn Strauss                 Barbara Grengs                Adrienne Wickstrom
Subway                       Dennis & Mary Harris          My Der Yangtz

                 For more information about how you can partner with Northwest Youth & Family
                 Services and help us live our our mission to prepare youth, families and seniors
                                         for healthy lives, please contact

                                   Adel Chamoun, Director of Development
Northwest Youth & Family Services

     3490 Lexington Ave. N.

      Shoreview, MN 55126


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