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					Volume 33, Issue 3          E D U C AT I O N A L O F F I C E
   Winter 2011             PROFESSIONALS OF OHIO

                          Buckeye Bulletin
                                        Email: eopo.ohio@gmail.com

Coming Events:       President’s Message—Donita Smith

     EOPO            Welcome 2011
April 7 & 8, 2011    Another decade has come and gone.
Spring Conference    Where did the time go?

                     As I contemplate the future for our organization I look back from where
    NAEOP            we came. We mailed letters, occasionally telephoned (long distance costs
                     extra), mimeographed materials (no copiers) and made the trip to confer-
 Annual Conference   ences happily because we were excited to meet each other face to face.
  July 18-22, 2011
   Charleston, SC
                     We have come so far and yet, we are losing ground fast. How do we reach
                     the younger generation and make them excited to be a part of this won-
 Annual Conference
  July 9—13, 2012
                     derful organization? What changes do we need to make to get them inter-
   Costa Mesa, CA    ested?

                     With more school levies not passing, school districts are cutting student
                     activities and instructional jobs. They are also cutting back on travel and
                     the expenses paid for conferences. Because of the economy, not many
                     (if any) can afford to foot the bill themselves.

                     We are also competing with the working, on-the-go mothers that do not
                     have time for extra activities for themselves when their children are
                     involved in so much.

                     As my year in office winds down, I will strive to continue pushing this
                     organization into the twenty-first century. With the help of all members,
                     I know we can succeed.
                       EOPO 2010 - 2011 BOARD OF DIRECTORS
                ELECTED OFFICERS                                      APPOINTED CHAIRPERSONS
                                                            Debbie Bazell                                    Affiliations
                                                            Logan-Hocking Schools              Administrative Secretary
Donita Smith                         President              121 South Spring Street                Fax: 740-385-7844
                                                            Logan, OH 43138            dbazell@loganhocking.k12.oh.us
Great Oaks ITCD           Satellite Secretary               Work: 740-385-7844
3254 East Kemper Road       Fax: 513.612.3666
Cincinnati, OH 45241 Smithd@greatoaks.com                   Katherine Reichley                    NAEOP State Membership
Work: 513.612.3617                                          Otterbein College               Prof Education Unit Coordinator
                                                            Department of Education
                                                            Westerville, OH 43081                       Fax: 614-823-3036
                                                            Work: 614-823-1173                     kreichley@otterbein.edu
Cindy Goga, CEOE            President– Elect
ESC of Cuyahoga County Administrative Asst.                 Mary Beth Smith                              Newsletter Editor
5811 Canal Road            Fax: 516.524.3683                Great Oaks Institute of Tech.              Administrative Asst.
Valley View OH 44125   Cindy.goga@esc-cc.org                3254 East Kemper Road                      Fax: 513.771.4932
Work: 216.524.3000                                          Cincinnati OH 45241                   smithmb@greatoaks.com
                                                            Work: 513.612.5800

                                                            Michele Newton, CEOE                            PSP Chairman
Vicki East                          Vice-President          ESC of Cuyahoga County                              Controller
Cuyahoga Valley Career Ctr. Admin. Asst. to Treasurer       5811 Canal Road                           Fax: 216-901-4252
8001 Brecksville Rd.            Fax: 440-746-8298           Valley View, OH 44125              michele.newton@esc-cc.org
Brecksville OH 44141 vicki.east@cvcc.k12.oh.us              Work: 740.984-2497
Work: 440-746-8214
                                                            Bonnie Armitage                          Scholarship Co-Chairs
                                                            Cindy Goga, CEOE
Cindy Goga, CEOE                   Secretary
ESC of Cuyahoga County Administrative Asst.                 Cathy Kerns                                      Awards
5811 Canal Road            Fax: 516.524.3683                Logan Hocking Schools              Treasurer’s Assistant
Valley View OH 44125   Cindy.goga@esc-cc.org                2019E. Front Street                 Fax: 740.385.3683
                                                            Logan, OH 43138          ckerns@loganhocking.k12.oh.us
Work: 216.524.3000                                          Work: 740.385.8510, ext. 2724

Vicki East                                Treasurer         Bonnie Armitage                                    Sunshine☺
Cuyahoga Valley Career Ctr. Admin. Asst. to Treasurer       Grand Rapids Elementary              Administrative Asst./EMIS
                                                            17595 Bridge St.                          Fax: 419-832-2803
8001 Brecksville Rd.            Fax: 440-746-8298
                                                            Grand Rapids, OH 43522                    otgr_bja@nwoca.org
Brecksville OH 44141 vicki.east@cvcc.k12.oh.us              Work: 419-832-4765
Work: 440-746-8214
                                                            Mary Beth Smith                              Ways & Means☺
JoAnn Culberson               Membership Director           Great Oaks Institute of Tech.              Administrative Asst.
Wilmington City Schools       Administrative Asst.          3254 East Kemper Road                      Fax: 513.771.4932
199 Hannah Court              Fax: 937-382-1645             Cincinnati OH 45241-1582              smithmb@greatoaks.com
                                                            Work: 513.612.5800
Wilmington OH 45177
              joann.culberson@wilmington.k12.oh.us          Bonnie Armitage      Past President, Bylaws & Legislation
Work: 937-283-7486                                          Grand Rapids Elementary        Administrative Asst./EMIS
                                                            17595 Bridge St.                      Fax: 419-832-2803
Esther Nesselroad, CEOE Nominations & Elections             Grand Rapids, OH 43522               otgr_bja@nwoca.org
Retired                                                     Work: 419-832-4765
PO Box 263
Waterford OH 45786       esther_n@frontier.com
Home: 740-984-2190

                 AFFILIATIONS                                     PA S T O H I O P R E S I D E N T S
COKES                           O       K
                    Educational Secretaries                       2009-10            Donita Smith, Cincinnati
                    Contact: Carol Trosper                        2008-09            Bonnie Armitage, Grand Rapids
                    3344 Pobst Drive                              2007-08            Donita Smith, Cincinnati
                    Kettering OH 45420                            2006-07            Cindy Goga, Middleburg Heights
                    Work: 937.499.1430                            2005-06            Leanne Long, Bedford
                    Fax: 937.499.1519
                                                                  2004-05            Leanne Long, Bedford
                                                                  2003-04            Audrey Bonar
FEOP                Fairborn Educational Office Personnel         2002-03            Judi Ross, Cincinnati
                    President: Vetta L. Burris                    2001-02            Betty Gillespie, Lancaster
                    5522 Pitcairn Road                            2000-01            Betty Zillick, Cincinnati
                    Huber Hts., OH 45324                          1999-00            Esther Nesselroad, Waterford
                    Work: 937.879.3611 Ext 113                    1998-99            Dorothy Campbell, Centerville
                    Fax: 937.879.8190                             1997-98            Cathy Kerns, Lancaster
                                                                  1996-97            Helen Uhlenhake, St. Henry
                                                                  1995-96            Cathy Buchanan-Hubbard, Cincinnati
POPS                                   s
                    Past Ohio Presidents
                                                                  1994-95            Diane Bennett, Reynoldsburg
                    President: Bonnie Armitage
                    Grand Rapids Elementary                       1993-94            Sue Logsdon, New Washington
                    17595 Bridge Street                           1992-93            Shelva Givins, Canton
                    Grand Rapids, OH 43522                        1991-92            Esther Nesselroad, Waterford
                    Work: 41-832-4765                             1990-91            Barbara Ondrik, Wadsworth *
                    Otgr_bja@nwoca.org                            1989-90            Jacqualyn Myers, South Charleston *
                                                                  1988-89            Rachel Myers, Castalia
                                                                  1987-88            Shirley Keske Thoburn, Reynoldsburg
SWCSEOP                   W
                    South-Western City Schools
                                   Ci                             1986-87            Ruth Regula, Rocky River
                    Educational Office Professionals              1985-86            Rosemary Wallace, Cleveland
                    President: Tammy James
                                                                  1984-85            Wilma Kemper, Kettering *
                    3016 Olson Place
                    Grove City, Ohio 43123                        1983-84            Alice Lahman, Bowling Green *
                    Work: 614. 851.7009                           1981-83            Judi Ross, Cincinnati
                    Fax: 614.870.5531                             1980-81            Lila Van Sweringen, Cuyahoga Falls *
                    Tamela.james@swcs.us                          1978-80            Martha Leach, Kettering
                                                                                     National President 1989 - 90
Alliances:                                                        * Deceased
Buckeye Association of School Administrators (BASA)
Ohio Association of Elementary School Administrators
Ohio Association of Secondary School Administrators (OASSA)
Ohio Association of Local School Superintendents (OALSS)
Coalition of Rural and Appalachian Schools (CRAS)
                                                                  Affiliated with:
                                                                  National Association of Educational Office Professionals
                                                                  (NAEOP), Supporting:
                                                                  Olive T. Ritchie Educational Office Professionals of the Year
                                                                  Educational Administrator of the Year
                                                                  Marion T. Wood Scholarship Program
                                                                  Professional Standards Program Certification (PSP)
                                                                  Educational Bosses’ Week (May)

NAEOP’s Professional Standards Program (PSP)
What’s In It For Me? (Our Changing Times!)
The New Year is here and it is time to reflect on our accomplishments as an office professional. If
you haven’t set a New Year resolution, this is a perfect time to review what you have done in your
career as an education office professional that can be applied to the National Association of Educa-
tional Office Professionals’ Professional Standards Program. NAEOP has specific requirements for
education, experience, in-service, and participation in order to obtain your certification. Make ob-
taining your PSP certification your goal for 2011.

You can begin your journey to earning your professional standards program certificate by visiting
NAEOP’s Professional Development Program web page at http://www.naeop.org/psp.htm. The PSP
is nationally endorsed by the American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, the Ameri-
can Association of School Administrators, the National Association of Elementary School Principals,
and the National Association of Secondary School Principals. NAEOP has a “PSP Questions &
Answers Sheet” link below the Certified Educational Office Employee. This document will provide
guidelines and there is a link to the PSP book for more detailed information.

The quickest way to get started is while you are on the NAEOP PSP web page is to click on Form I,
Page 1 and complete your information then print the form. You can use the Word document or
complete the PDF form. Next, click on Form 1, Page 2 and complete it. Form II - Administrator’s
Evaluation of Applicant can be started by you by entering your personal information on the top
section. Then the print it and ask your current supervisor to finish the evaluation of you, sign it and
mail it to the NAEOP Registrar listed on the form. The next step is to contact your high school for
your transcript or your post secondary education institute to send an official transcript to NAEOP.
Finally locate your completed certificates and membership information to help you complete
Forms IIIa and IIIb.

As PSP Chair, I am here to help you plus I need to review your application before I submit it to
NAEOP. There are three filing dates, September 15, January 15, and May 15. At this time, you can
meet the May 15 by submitting your completed application and copies of required documentation
to me prior to April 15th. If you have any questions, please email me at Michele.Newton@ESC-
CC.org. I will be happy to assist you. Happy 2011!

Michele Newton, CEOE
EOPO PSP Chair and Webmaster

                NAEOP 2011 Conference
                    Charleston, SC
                   July18—22, 2011

Plan now to attend NAEOP 2011 in Charleston, SC. Big plans are underway
for your visit! Awesome speakers as well as keynotes, Institutes and Briefings
are being arranged. Take this opportunity to explore a beautiful historic city
deep in the heart of the south and experience the local charm and customs,
dine on southern favorites and some of the best seafood in the world, all
while you learn and laugh with NAEOP.

The Embassy Suites, Airport/Convention Center will be the host hotel and is
attached to the Charleston Area Conference Center. All rooms are 2 room
suites that include a microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker and sleep sofas.
Rooms are $145.00 per night.

Be prepared to learn, laugh and live life to the fullest in historic Charleston,
South Carolina in 2011. Be sure to start planning now so you can take advan-
tage of the Cruise to the Bahamas that will follow the conference leaving from
the Charleston Port.

Visit the NAEOP website for additional information. www.naeop.org

                    Organize and Prioritize
It’s not always easy to get organized and assure that you accomplish everything you
need to do in any given day. Sometimes it means re-working everything—starting
with the time you set your alarm in the morning—and coming up with a routine that
will best address all the things you are responsible for on a routine basis.

It’s best to break down the areas of life that need addressing into small, manageable
parts. This will allow you to work things out without feeling overwhelmed. If you be-
lieve you are too busy to even get organized, chances are you already have too many
things on your plate.

Try these suggestions:

   Don’t neglect your home life for work, and vice versa. If one is disorganized, it will
   affect the other.
   Sort incoming mail, paperwork, and emails immediately. Don’t let them pile up
   and become big projects.
   When you’re too busy to handle everything on your plate, delegate. Don’t feel
   that you must do everything yourself. You may be pleasantly surprised to find out
   you have some very capable “assistants.”
   Always put things back where they belong and tidy up at the end of the day. Time
   won’t be wasted searching for things you need if they’re where they belong.
   Consolidate your time. Return emails and phone calls during a pre-set time every
   day. Check emails only a few times a day instead of on and off constantly. Group
   errands and trips to the copier or storage room together so you don’t take several
   little trips.
   Write lists and prioritize them. Whether at the end
   of the day or the start of the day, take a few min-
   utes to jot down what you need to get done and
   stick to it.
   Whatever routine you come up with, always in-
   clude time for yourself. It will go a long way toward
   lowering your stress and gaining perspective.

                        Stay Sane When Multitasking
Like it or not, multitasking seems to be the wave of the future. Technology, along with
staffing cutbacks, is making it possible—and necessary—for all of us to do more than
one job at a time. Instead of fighting it, remember that flexibility and higher productiv-
ity usually increase your employability. When multitasking, remember this basic advice:

   Get clear objectives. Ask your administrator how your different tasks will be meas-
   ured. Find out what your deadlines are. Juggling too many projects indefinitely can
   lead to confusion and burnout.
   Focus on your core competency. Multitasking may require you to learn new skills.
   Challenge is good, but don’t lose track of what you already do best. Exercising your
   established skills will help you maintain self-confidence and minimize stress.
   Don’t overdo it. If you stretch yourself too thin with too many different tasks, you’ll
   wear yourself out physically and mentally. Be aware of your limits, and apply some
   balance to stay sane.

Recipe — Spicy Tex-Mex Salad
1 (15 ounce) can pinto beans, drained and rinsed

1 (15 ounce) can black beans, drained and rinsed

1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar and Monterey Cheese Blend

1 (10 ounce) package chopped romaine lettuce

3 tomatoes, chopped

1 (16 ounce) bottle Catalina salad dressing

1 (16 ounce) package corn chips

In a large bowl, combine the pinto beans, black beans, cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. Just
before serving, add 3/4 bottle of dressing and corn chips and mix well.

                                Member Spotlight

Greetings from the snow belt in northeastern Ohio. I’m Michele Newton, CEOE, CPA, em-
ployed by the Educational Service Center of Cuyahoga County. My husband, Al, and I are
empty nesters, since our son, Travis, has moved to Orlando, Florida to attend Valencia
Community College to pursue his Associate degree in Cisco Networking. Without Travis at
home, we’ve adjusted to the quiet once again and have decided to retire to Williamsburg,
Virginia. Thus, we are in the process of sorting through things we’ve acquired over the last
34 years and getting the house ready to put on the market and anticipate relocating by the
end of December 2012.

I first learned about the Educational Office Personnel of Ohio in the fall of 1983 and be-
came a member in February 1984. At the time, I was the Vocational Guidance Secretary at
Kenston High School and was working on my Associate Degree in Accounting Technology
from Kent State University. My last year during my passive membership with EOPO was
1994 when I was the Assistant Treasurer at the Orange City Schools. Since 1992, I have
been a licensed Ohio School Treasurer. I became a member of the Ohio Association of
School Business Officials and pursued learning more about school finance. While at Orange,
I also began studying for the Certified Public Accountant exam and earned my CPA designa-
tion in September 2003 when I was an Internal Auditor at Kent State University. In the fall
of 2003, I started working part-time on a Master of Science in Information Architecture and
Knowledge Management and graduated in May 2010. I’m proud to say, I am a life-time
learner and really enjoy the professional development opportunities available through the
Educational Office Professionals of Ohio and the National Association of Educational Office
Professionals (NAEOP).

 In June 2006, I became a member of the Educational Office Professionals of Ohio (EOPO) and
since then, have become more active in this wonderful organization. EOPO’s Past-President,
Cindy Goga, was very instrumental in getting me involved. One of her goals was for EOPO to
have a presence on the World Wide Internet and I helped her obtain the goal by designing the
original website in the spring of 2007 as the final project in my E-Publishing course. Then this
spring for my Master’s Project I developed and coded the current website. In between, I ap-
plied for the EOPO Martha Leach Member Scholarship and became a member of the NAEOP. I
became intrigued with the Professional Standards Program (PSP) and learned what was
needed to earn my PSP certification and the distinction of Certified Educational Office Em-
ployee (CEOE). I earned my PSP certification and CEOE distinction September 15, 2008. In July,
2009, I attended my first national conference and enjoyed networking with other educational
office professionals from all over the United States in Minnesota. I am looking forward to at-
tending the 2011 Conference in Charleston, South Carolina in July.

 During the past few years, I have attended the OSBA Capital Conference promoting EOPO in
the trade show. I’ve been a member of the Lila M. Van Sweringen Student Scholarship commit-
tee and the Ways & Means Committee. Last year, I was a member of the Legislative and By-
laws Committee and the PSP Chair. This year I am the PSP Chair, Webmaster of EOPO.org, Pro-
grams Committee, and a member of committee reviewing and updating the Job Descriptions
for the EOPO Board of Directors. By participating on committees and being the PSP chair, I
have earned additional points for participation for renewal of my PSP certification.

 In my free time, I enjoy reading novels and volunteering for the Geauga County Park District.
In 2003, Travis and I became volunteers and started as Trail Gators at Beartown Lakes Reserva-
tion located near our home. We have participated in the following programs: Monarch Tag-
ging, Halloween Wagon Rides, Winter Solstice, Engage the Ice Age, Sap’s-A-Risin’, and Ground-
hog Day. Travis and I also enjoyed being a part of the Park’s Fair Exhibit at the Geauga County
Fair over Labor Day weekend. I also have participated in the Bio-Centennial: 200 Years of Living
with Wild Neighbors and Wild Nights exhibits at The West Woods.

Over the years, Al and I have taken road trips from coast to coast. We enjoy hiking and visiting
our National Parks and my favorite is Glacier in Montana. It is amazing how blue the sky and
water are. Someday we plan to visit Alaska and may even venture to Hawaii to see Hawaii Vol-
canoes National Park. When Travis was young, we always planned our vacations around a sce-
nic railroad. We’ve ridden the Cass Scenic Railroad, the Cog Railroad to Mt. Washington, and
the Potomac to name a few. Al thoroughly enjoys driving on the suspension bridge over the
Royal Gorge in Colorado especially when he has the opportunity to stop, so we feel the bridge
swaying in the wind!

                A Note from …… JoAnn Culberson, Membership Director

In this issue of Buckeye Bulletin, I am again asking you to please send your e-mail address to me if it
has recently been updated. Periodically, announcements are sent electronically in lieu of ‘snail
mail’ (this is much faster and also saves on postage). I know everyone is so busy these days, but
when you have a moment, please send your e-mail address to me…. This will ensure that you re-
ceive the latest news/updates. If you are not sure your email address is correct in our database,
send it anyway… it never hurts to double check!

Thanks in advance for helping us keep our database current. I hope you all enjoyed the holidays!

JoAnn Culberson
EOPO Membership Director
Wilmington City Schools
199 Hannah Court
Wilmington Ohio 45177

The older I get, the more I realize how little I knew when I knew it all.

Welcome to the following new members….
Donna Barnett is serving her 27th year with St. Bernard-Elmwood Place City School District. Her cur-
rent title is Office Manager/Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent. She has a degree in As-
sociate of Applied Business in Office Administration from the University of Cincinnati. Donna enjoys
attending her teenage daughter’s school events, spending time with family/friends, walking, read-
ing and taking care of her two Labrador Retrievers.

Beverly Sabo has worked at Ashland County-West Holmes Joint Vocational School since January,
1999. She started in the library as an aide then went to the Treasurer’s office in 2002 where she has
done payroll, accounts payable and is currently the Treasurer’s secretary. Beverly has been married
to Joseph for thirty years; they have three daughters and one grand-daughter. Her hobby is quilt-
ing, when she has time. Beverly has an Associate’s degree from Lorain County Community College.

                       (National Association of Educational Office Professionals)

                       2010-2011 NAEOP Theme:
                            “All Aboard with NAEOP ~ Discover the Incredible Jour-

Katherine G. H. Reichley, NAEOP State Membership Chairperson
Professional Education Unit Coordinator, Department of Education, Otterbein University

This fall my husband and son spent a weekend camping with the Boy Scouts
in Nelsonville, Ohio. On Saturday they were part of a group that was literally
working on the railroad. They dug out the old railroad ties and replaced
them with new ones. Their whole team worked hard all day long, and ac-
cording to the organizers of the event made extraordinary progress. When I
saw the NAEOP theme for this year, it made me think of their exciting adven-
ture. Isn’t that what railroads and other vehicles allow us to do—go on ad-
ventures? We travel, we learn, we see things we have never seen before, and we visit familiar
places we treasure.

Joining the NAEOP train will do the same thing for you as an educational office professional. You
will meet new people, learn new skills and information, have your eyes opened to new possibilities,
and find places that are familiar and safe. The mission of NAEOP is to provide professional growth
opportunities, leadership, and service for employees in education through a specifically-designed
certification program, quality training, a network for sharing information and ideas, recognition of
achievements, and fellowship. If this sounds like an organization you would like to join, please visit
their website (www.naeop.org) for a complete list of membership benefits and a membership

                                                                     Picture includes Dominic
                                                                     Reichley (L) and Tim Reichley
                                                                     (C) as they work on the rail-
                                                                     road September, 2010.

                           Passwords to Avoid
Password used to be a game show. Now it’s a defensive precaution against hackers
and identity theft. Don’t make it easy for someone else to invade your privacy online.

A study of more than 32 million exposed passwords (conducted by Internet security
firm Imperva) revealed the 10 most common.


When you need a mood lift, turn up the volume on any of these
soothing songs:
   “A Kiss to Build a Dream On” by Louis Armstrong

   “Better Together” by Jack Johnson

   “Carolina on My Mind” by James Taylor

   “Come Away with Me” by Nora Jones

   “Feeling Good” by Michael Buble

   “One Fine Day” by Natalie Merchant

                                Ways and Means

Ways and Means sell items at the June and October conferences, but items can be purchased
anytime during the year. Listed below are the products that have the EOPO logo on them:

Denim Shirts - $25.00 (short & long sleeve)
Polo Shirts - $10.00
Mug - $3.00
Pens, EOPO, red – $.50
Post it notes with logo - $.25
Staple puller - $3.00
Umbrella, red - $8.00

If you are interested in purchasing any of the above items, or if you have suggestions for
items you would like to see in the future, please contact:              Mary Beth Smith
smithmb@greatoaks.com 513.612.5800

                   Easy filing leads to good organization. You should be able
                   to reach for an unused manila folder, label it, and put it in
                   your file cabinet without moving your chair.

Keep some plants in your work area. Workers who had
live plants in their offices were happier on the job than
those who didn’t keep some greenery on hand, one study

                   Go For a Spin Trivia Teaser

1. Which cartoon character traveled from place to place by spinning
   like a mini tornado?
   1. Captain Caveman
   2. Tasmanian Devil
   3. Scrappy-Doo
   4. Quick Draw McGraw

2. Which baseball pitch is thrown with a minimum of spin on the ball?
   1. Knuckleball
   2. Fastball
   3. Slider
   4. Eephus

3. The idea that water in the sink circles the drain in opposite directions in the
   Northern and Southern hemispheres is attributed to what effect in physics?
   1. Doppler effect
   2. Casimir effect
   3. Dember effect
   4. Coriolis effect

4. Which actress appeared with Elvis Presley in three movies: Girl Happy (1965),
   Spinout (1966) and Clambake (1967)?
   1. Ann-Margret
   2. Barbara Eden
   3. Shelley Fabares
   4. Nancy Sinatra

5. Which term is given to the person responsible for spinning the roulette wheel
   in a casino?
   1. Croupier
   2. Crusher
   3. Cronulla
   4. Crumper

6. Because its axis tilts at an angle of almost 98 degrees, which planet appears
   to rotate on its side?
   1. Mars
   2. Neptune
   3. Uranus
   4. Mercury

7. Which actor replaced Michael J. Fox in the popular sitcom Spin City?
   1. Jonathan Silverman
   2. Paul Provenza
   3. Kirk Cameron
   4. Charlie Sheen

8. Battling Tops was a popular game introduced in 1968 by which toy company?
   1. Ideal
   2. Hasbro
   3. Parker Brothers
   4. Milton Bradley

9. On The Mickey Mouse Club, who was Spin's pal at the Triple R Ranch?
   1. Lorne
   2. Marty
   3. Larry
   4. Joe

10.     Which TV hero changed costumes by standing in place and spinning?
   1.   The Greatest American Hero
   2.   Ultraman
   3.   Wonder Woman
   4.   Green Hornet

1.      (2)   Tasmanian Devil
2.      (1)   Knuckleball
3.      (4)   Coriolis effect
4.      (3)   Shelley Fabares
5.      (1)   Croupier
6.      (3)   Uranus
7.      (4)   Charlie Sheen
8.      (1)   Ideal
9.      (2)   Marty
10.     (3)   Wonder Woman

Get on Track!

See you at the June Conference

June 16—17, 2008
Please put an * by preferred mailing address.
Drury Inn and Suites
Grove City, Ohio Last                                First
Address           ___________________________________________________________________________________
                           City                                    State                    Zip + 4
    Visit www.eopo-oh.org for conference registration form.
Employer          ___________________________________________________________________________________
County                                                      Position ________________________________________
School/District Name & Address                    ______________________________________________________
          ____________________________________________________________________________________           ____
Phone # (Work)                                                      (Home)         _________________________
Fax # (Work)                                                        (Home)         _________________________
Email (Work)                                                        (Home)         _________________________

I heard about EOPO through__________________________________________________________________________

Do you have your CEOE certification? ____Yes ____No
Name of local Affiliate, if applicable                                                     ______
Member of the National Assn. of Educational Office Professionals (NAEOP)?                          Yes    No
Please send information about NAEOP                       Yes                No
                   New $20.00                                                Renewal $20.00
                   Associate $15.00                                          Retired $10.00
                              (Membership is one full year from membership date.
                                Please put an * * by preferred mailing address)

                                           Membership Application
Mail to:                                                                     Phone:
                  JoAnn Culberson, Membership Director                       Work: 937-283-7486
                  199 Hannah Court                                           Home: 937-382-4417
                  Wilmington, OH 45177                                       Fax:   937-382-1645
                  Email: joann.culberson@wilmington.k12.oh.us


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Renewal
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     New
                                                                                                                                      Recruited by (Name)
The continuing education of educational office professionals

                                                                             Card Number
                                                                              Check Enclosed
is essential to cope with rapidly changing conditions in the

                                                                                                                                                                        Corporate Membership
                                                                                                                                                                                                 Institutional Membership
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Associate Membership

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Retired Membership
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Active Membership

The National Association of Educational Office Profession-
als (NAEOP) provides the opportunity for members to en-

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                P.O. Box 12619 - Wichita, KS 67277-2619 * 316/942-4822 * FAX 316/942-7100
hance their professional competencies through academic

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF EDUCATIONAL OFFICE PROFESSIONALS
programs, conferences, and institutes. These incentive activi-

ties enable the members to take progressive steps to their
desired professional growth level.

                                                                                                                 VISA
Successful completion of a NAEOP approved program quali-
fies the member for one or more of the following Profes-

sional Standards Program certificates:
          Associate Degree
          Bachelor Degree
          Master Degree

                                                                                                    MasterCard
          Doctoral Degree



                                                                                                                                                        Office Phone
                                                                                                                                                        Home Phone
          Associate Professional
          Advanced I
          Advanced II

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Magazine Annual Subscription
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Magazine Annual Subscription
          Advanced III

Each certificate is based on requirements in three areas: Edu-
cation, Experience, and Professional Activity.
Members of NAEOP may apply for admission to the Profes-
sional Standards Program. NAEOP encourages membership
in local and state associations for educational office profes-
sionals, but it cannot mandate such membership. Graduation
from high school (or the equivalent) is required.

The Professional Standards Program (PSP) is a certification
program based on experience, education, and professional
                                                                      contribution for income tax purposes.
                                                                      Dues are not deductible as a charitable

activities. This program is nationally endorsed by the
                                                                                                                     Active membership fees include a

American Association for Adult and Continuing Education,
                                                                                                                       one-year subscription to the

the American Association of School Administrators, the Na-
                                                                                                                          association magazine.

tional Association of Elementary School Principals, and the
National Association of Secondary School Principles.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           $25
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             charges apply. Please add an additional $15.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Outside of U.S. special postage and handling

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Membership Application Continuous
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  All fees must be paid in U.S. dollars
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Membership (12 full months)
                                                                                                                 Other (specify):
                                                                                                                 Retired
                                                                                                                 Career & Technical
                                                                                                                 Administration
                                                                                                                 State Department
                                                                                                                 Higher Education
                                                                                                                 Secondary
                                                                                                                 Middle School
                                                                                                                 Elementary


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