RE Make tons of money lending out Downey Savings' money Here's a

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                                                                                     10. Immediate processing in your own office–– We can download your docu-
                                                                                         ments to you or the closing agent right over the Internet. If something has to
                                                                                         be changed, no problem, we’ll send new documents while your customer is
RE: Make tons of money lending out Downey Savings’ money                                 there ready to sign up.

   Here’s a little present…a Downey Savings’ hat. I’m sending it to you because                      Ok, I added one more reason but it’s important…
my boss wants a billion in loans a month so I need good loan brokers to join our
team right now.                                                                      11. Referrals to prove that all the above is true––I’ll give you the names of
                                                                                         brokers that are making great money with us. You can call them. If any one of
   If you’re interested in an opportunity to make a ton of easy money lending out        them doesn’t confirm that everything I’ve written here is true I’ll EAT MY
Downey Savings’ cash then you’re one of the people I’m looking for. And just             HAT!
look at what I can offer...
    Ten reasons to make money lending out Downey Savings’ money:                         Sound good? Ready to take the first step? Simply fill out the enclosed ques-
                                                                                     tionnaire. You can fax it, mail it or bring it to me––or if you have any questions
1. A major player––Downey Savings and Loan is a 6.4 billion-portfolio lender         feel free to call me toll-free at 1-800-000-0000. Once I get your questionnaire, I’ll
   for subprime and jumbo loans.                                                     make a quick decision and let you know that I’ve added you to my approved list
2. High ranking––Downey Savings was ranked #21 in the nation for wholesale           of loan brokers.
   lending in 4Q 1998 by Origination News.
                                                                                       I hope you enjoy the hat and I look forward to seeing you wearing it as a
3. Unbeatable pricing––Downey Savings is in the top group of conforming              member of our team.
   Fannie Mae lenders for both pricing and processing.
4. Substantial growth ––Downey Savings’ wholesale division loaned over $4
   billion in 2003 and we’re going to triple that in 2004.
5. Quick answers––Downey Savings’ computer/software network gets you a loan                                                        Gid Juskus
   commitment in 5 hours. Top priority on subprime loans in only xx hours.                                                         Director, Wholesale Lending

6. Fast processing––Nobody closes loans faster than Downey Savings. Nobody!          P.S. I’d like to invite you to drop by so I can to show you our offices and meet
                                                                                     our people––we’re not only team players here, we’re also a great bunch to work
7. Easy-sell programs––Nobody else gives you such easy-sell subprime loan
   programs. Here’s one example: interest rates on our subprime loans
   automatically drop when payments are made promptly.
8. Up-to-the-minute support––You get access to our exclusive broker’s Website.
   Rates, terms and specials are posted daily. If you want to take a peek, call me
   and I’ll give you a password.

9. Choices to fit your needs––You can fax, mail, email or bring us your applica-