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									     Internet Marketing
                Your Internet Marketing Outsourcing Partner

            RyzeUp Internet Marketing is a boutique Digital Media Outsourcing Agency that
                delivers International standard SEO, PPC , SMO and Affiliate Management
                  services to Small and Medium businesses, Digital Media and Internet
                                         Marketing firms worldwide

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                                  Why Outsource

•   By outsourcing your SEO, PPC, SMO and Affiliate management campaigns
    you can save up to 60% of your operating costs!

•   You can concentrate on pitching to newer clients and the service delivery
    can be outsourced to other professionally run Internet marketing firms
    which concentrate only on operations and delivery

•   You don’t have to worry about resource bandwidth, save on expensive
    labor and infrastructure costs, just have a superb sales team that can drive
    sales and leave the rest to your outsourcing partner

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                                   Why ryzeup
•   International Experience: Ryzeup is a part of Rhombus Technologies a USD 20 Million group,
    which is a 200 people company with business lines encompassing - Business Process
    Outsourcing, Technology Services, Infrastructure Leasing and Internet Services , with clients
    transcending from all over the globe

•   Internet Marketing Expertise: The RyzeUp Promoters have over 10 years of significant
    experience of Internet Marketing in the North American Internet markets and have
    successfully executed SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing and Affiliate management
    campaigns for several large and small businesses globally. As such the RyzeUp team is well
    aware of the latest and the best business practices in the global internet marketing arena

•   Team Talent: RyzeUp boasts of a rich resource pool of young, dynamic and extremely talented
    internet marketing professionals waiting to be harnessed. These professionals can generate
    high quality work and meet international standards and your company’s quality benchmarks.
    Each RyzeUp candidate is cherry picked after a stringent interview process and then is made to
    filter through a comprehensive induction process to get them up to speed with International
    best practices and service delivery quality standards. We believe in the Kaizen philosophy of
    continuous improvement and provide continuous training support to our team to enable
    them to provide you with optimal service delivery

•   Location: RyzeUp has its service delivery centre located in India. India boasts of a huge talent
    pool when it comes to creativity, professionalism and work ethos. Whats more is that the cost
    of human resources is very cost effective as compared to those in your country
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    Assured Confidentiality and White Labeling
•    Non Disclosure: With our stringent Non Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements, we
     ensure that RyzeUp never gets in touch with your clients directly and continues to be a logical
     extension of your team and delivers at the backend. You continue to front end with your
     clients and we undertake the responsibility of the service delivery and don’t claim any credit
     for the work done for your clients

•    Service Level Agreements: Comprehensive SLAs are drawn out for every assignment ensuring
     standard and seamless rollout of service delivery. Your client gets the same quality of work
     and you can deliver at less than half your present expense

•    Project Confidentiality Approach: Our unique project confidentiality mechanism enables you
     to keep your clients information restricted to the extent that you wish to keep and
     disseminate only relevant information via a project management system

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Continuous Communication
            We understand that Continuous and Effective
            Communication is the backbone behind the
            success of any Outsourcing endeavor. So we have
            adopted intelligent project management systems
            to facilitate seamless communication

            •Our Advanced Project management system
            ensures that you get real time access to all the
            activities currently being undertaken on your
            client’s campaign

            •You can communicate with your outsourced
            project team via the project management system
            and also via email and a chat application and get
            updates on the status of your projects

            •If you wish to opt for the Full Time Dedicated
            Seats model you can monitor the activities of your
            team remotely via our project management
            system keeping up to speed with latest updates
            and developments on your campaigns

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               Take a look at our Offerings
We have various options with which we could work with you:

•   Packages Model: We have various attractive and cost effective pricing models
    which you can subscribe to depending upon the level of effort required on your
    clients’ internet marketing campaign

•   Full Time Seat Model: We also have a dedicated seat model wherein a full time
    resource is allocated to you and you can manage the resource as per your needs.
    You can use this resource as your own on multiple projects. We take care of all the
    administrative and infrastructure needs and you can mange the human resource
    as one of your own. Whats more, if you choose to hire 4 or more than 4 dedicated
    resources, we will assign you a project manager free, at our expense, so that you
    only co-ordinate with the project manager and the project manager manages your
    resources at Ryzeup

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SEO services

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PPC services

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Social media services

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Social media services…continued

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All this delivered from a state of art infrastructure
                     in Mumbai

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