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Weekly events Opotiki RSA


									           WEEKLY EVENTS
           19-25 JULY 2010

Monday 19 JULY
    Rotary Dinner                      5.30pm

Tuesday 20 JULY
    Vets Snooker                       1.00pm
    Darts Club Night                   7.00pm
    8-Ball                             7.00pm

Wednesday 21 JULY
    Golden Oldies Snooker              1.00pm
    Membership Draw            $1600   6.30pm
    Raffles, Door Draw & Battens

Thursday 22 JULY
    Flag 500                           1.15pm

Friday 23 JULY
    Membership Draw            $400    7.00pm
    Raffles, Door Draw and Battens.
    Meals from 6pm

Saturday 24 JULY
    Membership Draw            $1000   6.30pm
    Raffles, Door Draw and Battens
    Meals from 6pm.
SNOOKER – Tuesday 13 July saw 25 players record
good average scores, led by Gordon Wardlaw with a
well-compiled 162, followed by Merv Kain-Gibb in
his first podium appearance for some time, with
160. In third equal place were John Goodall and
Willie Hema, both on 155 points.

Brian Pollard was our Dartman on the day and struck
Carl Gebert’s number to set up a good afternoon for
Carl with the novelty, followed by the concession.
Not to be denied, Brian and Carl won a chicken each
in the chicken draw.

Meat raffles went to Jack Simpson and Wayne King.

Good news – Bill McKnight’s knee reconstruction went
well and it’s nice to know he’s home recuperating.
Take care Bill.

FLAG 500:
The winners on Thursday 8 July Florrie Withers,
Noeline Adams and Maureen Edwardson. Big Flag
went to Florrie Withers and Noeline Adams scored
the only March of the day.
            EIGHT BALL:
            RSA 8 Ball nights are every Tuesday at
            Challenge Ladder is also available to
            play on Tuesday nights.

Te Kaha RSA Vs Opotiki RSA Pool and Darts at Te
Kaha RSA on Sunday 25 July. Ask at the Club for
more details.

DARTS:                      13 July
                   Craig Edwards      Michelle Knox
                   Liz Grogan         Hine Maangi
                   Rawiri Pairama     Bruce Matthews
                   Joanne Black       Barry Black

Played 401 Pairs. Liz scored 140. Joanne scored
140 twice – looking for the elusive 180.

Three way playoff proved that the stronger players
had the winning darts on the night. The night was
won by Barry & Hine. Welcome back Barry, Jo and

Wednesday 14 July
Membership Draw: 370      P Gibbons $1600 Not Struck
Second Prize:     285       Barb Williams    $ 25
Door Draw:        273       Tregger          $342
Bulk Meat:           1        Clyde McWhirter
                    10        Lionel Freeman
                    11        Eileen

Meat Packs:         13        Jan Mitai
                    13        Jan Mitai
                    34        Bernie Clements
                    37        Paki

$60 Note:            43       Bev Seymour
$60 Petrol Vouchers: 48       Peter B
$50 Adjunct:          9       Michelle

Friday 16 July
Membership Draw    741     MD Tuoro $400     Not Struck
Second Prize        37        Gordon Gault        $ 25
Door Draw           21        Gavin Nicol         $134

Bulk Meat:            5       R Walker
                     28       Dave Bell
                     28       Dave Bell

60 Note:             26       D Hassall

Saturday 17 July
Membership Draw      408    Willie Hema $1000 Struck
Second Prize:         39     Warren Skilton      $ 25
Door Draw:           208     June Tai       $224

Meat Raffle:         2        Toi
                    10        Wai Brown
                    14        Tony Donkin
                              Rangi Davis

Bulk meat:          14        Dave Murie
                    23        Star Kurei
                    25        Mr Bruce

$60 Note:           28        Lorraine McWhirter
$50 Adjunct:        50        Liz & Allan

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