Multi Strand Knotted Necklace

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					                                Multi Strand Knotted Necklace

                                Make this playful multi-strand necklace using simple knotting techniques and a crimp clasp. Add a focal bead or
                                pendant to make more of a statement.
                                There are a couple of variations to this pattern:
                                    • Have all of the strands be the same length
Fig. 1
                                    • Graduated lengths
                                    • Vary the number of strands (odd numbers work best)
                                    • To add a focal bead knot all of your strands up to the center point and stop. Thread all strands through the bead,
                                      and resume knotting.
                                    • Add a wire bead around all strands in front.
Fig. 2
                                STEP 1: For an 18” long necklace, cut 24” lengths of waxed linen cord (we used 7 strands.)
                                STEP 2: Make an overhand single knot approx. 4” from one end of the waxed linen. String a bead, place it right
                                     next to the knot you just made.
                                STEP 3: Tie a very loose overhand knot near the bead you just placed. With the point of your knotting tweezers,
Fig. 3
                                     grab the linen inside the knot, very close to the bead, as shown in the picture. Slowly pull the end of the waxed
                                     linen, allowing the knot to slide down the tweezers and close around the points, as close as possible to the bead.
                                     Remove the tweezers. With either the points of the tweezers or with your fingers, tighten the knot and coax it up
                                     to the bead. (Fig. 1)
Fig. 4                          STEP 4: For the next bead, start with a knot, placed about 2” from the first bead. Then string on the next bead
                                     and place a knot on the other side of it to hold it in place.
Find these at       STEP 5: Continue knotting and placing beads approx. 2” apart until you reach 4” from the other end. Set this
                                     completed strand aside and begin the next strand. Use the first strand as a reference for the staggered placement
                                     of beads on this and the remaining strands. (Fig. 2)
                                STEP 6: When you have all the strands finished, lay them out and make final adjustments to the placement
              CZ Hearts
                                     of beads by sliding the strands slightly back and forth. Gather the ends together at one side and trim them so that
                                     all of the ends are straight. Roll the ends together tightly between your fingers. The wax on the linen will hold the
                                     strands together so you can put the crimp clasp on. (Fig. 3)
                                STEP 7: Put one side of the crimp clasp onto the ends of the waxed linen. Adjust it so that the strands are just
                                     visible at the top of the hole. Notice where the fixed ribs of the crimp clasp are located, because you don’t want to
         Semi-Precious Hearts        break them as you crush the crimp. With a roundnose plier, squeeze the sides of the crimp clasp firmly together.
                                     Repeat on the other side. (Fig. 4)
                                Beadiak Tip:
                                To achieve a “random” effect, avoid lining up the beads in the same place on all the strands.

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