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How Television Advertising

is Controlled

The ITC is the statutory body created by the Broadcasting Act 1990
to licence and regulate commercial television in the UK. It remit
extends to all commercially funded television services broadcasting
from the UK, including satellite and cable services. The Act requires
the ITC to draw up and enforce a code on advertising standards and
practice. The ITC also has a duty under the Control of Misleading
Advertisements Regulations 1988 to consider complaints about
misleading television advertisements.

The ITC set standards for television advertising through its Code of
Advertising Standards and Practice. This is adopted and reviewed
after wide public consultation. The ITC also consults regularly with
the Government and has a duty to carry out any government
directions about categories of products and services which may or
may not be advertised. In addition, the ITC receives regular advice
on advertising standards from an external advisory committee
comprising representatives of both consumer and advertising

The ITC enforces compliance through a combination of prevetting
requirements and direct intervention. It requires the television
companies it licenses to employ trained staff to check advertising
carefully before accepting it for transmission. In particular they are
required to satisfy themselves that any claims are accurate and,
where appropriate, to inspect documentary evidence or seek the
advice of independent consultants. The majority of television
advertising is vetted by a central body called the Broadcast
Advertising Clearance Centre (BACC) who act on behalf of a
number of ITC licensees collectively, including ITV, GMTV,
Channel 4, Channel 5, BSkyB and UK Gold. In practice, most
television advertising is submitted initially in script form and
clearance for film production is given only when the BACC, or the
individual company, is satisfied that there will be no breach of the
rules. Where there is doubt about interpretation of the rules the
television companies are encouraged to seek guidance from the ITC.
These procedures, which are more searching than those applicable to
any other advertising medium, ensure that the vast majority of
advertisements which appear on television do not breach the rules.
The ITC does, however, monitor the finished output closely and
where necessary intervenes to require non-complying advertising to
be withdrawn. A decision by ITC to suspend or discontinue an
advertisement has mandatory and immediate effect and there are
severe sanctions for non-compliance.

The ITC considers all complaints which it receives about advertising
and, where an investigation is necessary, requires the television
companies to submit background material to it promptly so that an
assessment may be made with a minimum of delay.                  All
complainants receive a personal reply to their complaint.

       1   Complaints of Substance

       9   Summary of Other Complaints

      18   Analysis

 of Substance

The following complaints appear to raise issues of substance in relation to the interpretation of
the Code of Advertising Standards and Practice.

                             Advertising agency: Leagas Delaney Partnership

         COMPLAINTS FROM     2 viewers

     NATURE OF COMPLAINT     An advertisement for Barclays Internet Banking claimed " With Britain's
                             biggest online bank, you can now access your account 24 hours a day… pay
                             your bills in the middle of the night.." 2 viewers complained that the
                             advertising had been misleading because each night at approximately
                             midnight the site had closed down and they had been unable to access their

              ASSESSMENT     Barclays had provided the BACC with an assurance that clients would be able
                             to access their account information "any time of the day or night, regardless
                             of weekends and holidays". However, when Barclays responded to the
                             complaints they admitted that "Every night is not possible to access the
                             online banking facility for between 1 and 20 minutes..the reason is because of
                             routine maintenance…If the online customer is not currently using the service
                             they will not be able to. However, if the online customer is already using the
                             service, they can continue to do so, but with impaired functionality". Barclays
                             claimed not to be the only bank subject to these difficulties and that it had
                             made "lesser of the claim of the 24 hours access service than some of our
                             competitors". The BACC had later suspended the advertising. The ITC
                             judged that the claim to offer 24-hour banking had not been substantiated and
                             that the advertising had therefore been misleading. It required that there
                             should be no further transmission of the advertisement in its current form.

                  DECISION   Complaints upheld.

                             Advertising agency: Leo Burnett

          COMPLAINT FROM     1 viewer

     NATURE OF COMPLAINT     An advertisement for Churchill Insurance featured a nodding dog in the back
                             of a car, a voice-over that listed the benefits of Churchill's services and a free
                             phone number to call. An NTL viewer from Northern Ireland complained
                             that the advertising had been misleading because only when he had called the
                             advertised number had he been informed that Churchill Insurance did not
                             cover Northern Ireland.

        ASSESSMENT    The ITC requires that any material condition be made clear in an
                      advertisement but there was no verbal or visual indication that the service was
                      not available in Northern Ireland. The advertiser explained that the Northern
                      Ireland disclaimer had not been included in the original caption of the
                      advertisement because it had originally been intended for mainland UK
                      terrestrial channels alone. It claimed "…we are unable to stop our
                      advertisement, when played on satellite, from being shown to Northern
                      Ireland viewers". The ITC agreed that satellite broadcasts covered the whole
                      of the UK, including Northern Ireland, and therefore stressed the importance
                      of providing a suitable exclusion clause in advertisements for products not
                      available in Northern Ireland. It judged the advertising to have been
                      misleading in its omission of a relevant disclaimer and required the advertiser
                      to cease further transmissions of the commercial in its current form and to
                      ensure that in future appropriate geographical exclusions were made clear.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.

                      Advertising agency: TV Works Ltd

    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The advertisement offered a free Nokia 3210 mobile phone, free connection
                      and "300 minutes of free off-peak calls", at a cost of £9.99 a month for line
                      rental and £2.00 for itemised billing.

                      The complainant found, on receiving her first bill, that the 300 minutes of
                      calls appeared to apply only to calls to landline numbers. She believed that
                      the advertisement was misleading because it had failed to mention this

        ASSESSMENT    The advertiser pointed out that the contract details sent to the complainant had
                      included tariff information explaining that the 300 minutes could be used for
                      calls to land-line numbers and between mobile phones on the same network.
                      It argued that the restriction in question was standard practice within the
                      mobile phone industry and that viewers would be aware of this. The BACC
                      explained that they had not been told about the limitation on the offer. Had
                      they known, they would have required that the relevant details be included in
                      order to bring it into line with other similar advertisements.

                      The ITC did not accept that viewers would necessarily be aware of the likely
                      application of the restriction. It agreed that the advertising had been
                      misleading in that it had failed to disclose a major limitation on the advertised

                      It required that the advertisement should not be shown again in its present

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.

                      Advertising agency: Abacus Film Production Ltd

    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The commercial invited viewers to call for a free mobile phone. A choice of
                      four phones was offered. The commercial stated that "Whichever phone you
                      choose, it'll be dispatched to you, free, the same day". Text appearing at the
                      same time as this claim, stated "orders before 6pm dispatched the same day.
                      (UK mainland only)".

                      The complainant stated that when he had rung to take up the offer he had been
                      told it did not apply to him as he lived in Northern Ireland. He believed that
                      the advertisement was misleading as it did not state this limitation on the

        ASSESSMENT    The advertiser confirmed that it did not supply Northern Ireland. It stated that
                      it was unable to prevent national satellite viewers there from seeing its
                      advertising and argued that the text statement "UK mainland only" adequately
                      highlighted the limit on availability. It pointed out that any viewer in
                      Northern Ireland who contacted the company would have the limits on the
                      offer explained and would not be charged for the call.

                      The ITC judged that viewers were likely to have interpreted the reference to
                      "UK mainland only" to refer to the free delivery element only and not to the
                      offer as a whole. It therefore agreed with the viewer that the advertisement
                      had been misleading as it had failed to adequately disclose a significant
                      limitation on the offer. It required that the commercial should not be re-shown
                      without the necessary clarification being included.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   During a feature on Ideal World Home Shopping, a Mossanite dress ring,
                      tailor-made to individual purchaser's requirements, was advertised with
                      "guaranteed Christmas delivery". A viewer had seen the advertisement on 9
                      December and had placed an order relying on the delivery promise, which had
                      appeared in the superimposed text and during the oral presentation. As the
                      ring had been purchased as a Christmas gift, the viewer became concerned
                      when by 23 December it had not arrive and on 24 December she bought
                      another present. The viewer contacted the ITC on 28 December because the
                      ring had still not arrived. She complained that the advertising had been
                      misleading and that she had been put to the inconvenience of shopping for
                      another present because the delivery guarantee had not been honoured.

        ASSESSMENT    Ideal World Home Shopping confirmed that there had been an "in time for
                      Christmas" delivery guarantee which it had been unable to honour. It
                      explained that the advertiser, Mossanite, with whom it had been in contract
                      for the manufacture of the individual rings, had produced them with full

                      knowledge that they were for dispatch in time for Christmas but that it had
                      underestimated the workload of the Assay Office, which hallmark the rings.
                      Consequently, due to a backlog at the Assay Office, no rings had been ready
                      for Christmas delivery. Ideal World Home Shopping said that when it realised
                      that it would be unable to honour its delivery promise it had contacted
                      purchasers and had offered them a full refund. The complainant however had
                      apparently not received a telephone call and had not been aware of the
                      reasons for delayed delivery. The advertiser said that when it had been
                      advised that a purchaser had "slipped through the net" it had telephoned her
                      and had arranged for an additional piece of jewellery to be delivered by way
                      of compensation. The ITC noted that a fundamental stage in the production
                      and delivery process had been overlooked by the advertiser and by Ideal
                      World Home Shopping, that as a consequence a delivery promise had not
                      been fulfilled and that this had resulted in the viewer having to purchase a
                      further Christmas present at very short notice. The ITC accepted that Ideal
                      World Home Shopping had taken steps to remedy the situation but
                      nonetheless judged the advertising to have been misleading on the grounds
                      that a specific claim had been made but had not been honoured.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.

                      Advertising agency: Granada Sky Broadcasting

    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The commercial for Seven Seas vitamin supplements offered a chance to win
                      a free holiday by contacting an 0870 telephone number and answering a
                      question. Superimposed text stated that calls would be charged at local rate.

                      The complainant believed that the advertisement was misleading because
                      calls were in fact charged at the, higher, national rate.

        ASSESSMENT    The production company that made the advertisement confirmed that calls to
                      the number specified were in fact charged at national rate. It explained that
                      the statement about call costs had been made on the basis of information
                      provided by the advertising agency acting for the advertiser. As soon as the
                      mistake had been discovered, the advertisement had been amended to reflect
                      the true position.

                      The ITC noted the action taken to remedy the error but agreed with the
                      complainant that the original version of the advertisement had been

                      The advertising was for a short-term promotion and ceased during the

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.


    COMPLAINT FROM    1 viewer

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   During the week of 2 to 6 December 2000, Shop!, a shopping channel,
                      featured several promotions including "Entertainment and Technology
                      Bonanza Week" which promised a reduction of 10% discount off normal
                      prices on all goods promoted within those features, and "Preview Hour"
                      which promised special reductions during that hour. On 5 December during
                      the preview hour feature, a viewer had seen a Samsung 20" television
                      promoted for the preview price of £134.99, a saving of £15 of the normal
                      Shop! price. The presenter had said "…if you buy it tomorrow on
                      Entertainment Shop! it will cost just under £150..". The viewer tuned in to
                      Shop! again on 6 December during the Entertainment and Technology
                      Bonanza feature and saw the same television advertised for Bonanza
                      promotional price of £134.99, not "just under £150" as had been claimed the
                      day before. The viewer complained that the advertising she had seen during
                      the Preview feature on 5 December had been misleading.

        ASSESSMENT    Shop! admitted that the television had been inadvertently included in the line
                      up for the Preview Hour feature when it had only been intended to be featured
                      in the Entertainment and Technology Bonanza Week promotions. It told the
                      ITC that "the fact that the incorrect item was used in the Preview Show was a
                      mistake which we were unfortunately unaware of until we reviewed the tapes.
                      Procedures have now been reviewed in order to ensure that the same mistake
                      cannot happen again". The ITC acknowledged Shop!'s comments and the
                      steps that it had taken, but judged that the preview had been misleading. No
                      further regulatory action was indicated.

           DECISION   Complaint upheld.

                      Advertising agency: St. Lukes

   COMPLAINTS FROM    81 viewers

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   An advertising campaign for Ikea consisted of three scenarios in which a
                      Mafia style trio - 'the boys' - had visited householders. In each execution 'the
                      boys' appeared uninvited in the home to interrogate the householders as to
                      why they had not been to Ikea. The closing scenes showed one householder
                      in the boot of 'the boys' car in an Ikea car park; another tied to a chair in a
                      cow field and a third standing in a shallow hole, digging. The voice-over had
                      said "Come and see us or we will come and see you". The complaints
                      included suggestions that the advertising was in poor taste; had been capable
                      of frightening vulnerable viewers; had been intimidating; had reminded
                      viewers of personal experiences and that it could frighten small children.

        ASSESSMENT    Where issues of taste and offence are concerned, the ITC intervenes where in
                      its opinion a commercial is likely to cause serious distress, disgust or harm to
                      viewers. It does not generally intervene simply because an advertisement is
                      criticised for being in poor taste. The ITC considered this campaign to have

                      been one in which dry humour had been used to encourage viewers to shop at
                      Ikea and that it had been unlikely to cause real offence or harm. It noted that
                      each of the advertisements had an ex-kids restriction, which had prevented the
                      advertising from being broadcast in, or around children's programmes or on
                      dedicated children's channels, and considered this to be sufficient. It did not
                      judge the commercials to have been unfit for broadcast.

           DECISION   Complaints not upheld.

         HARMFUL      ADIDAS
                      Advertising agency: Leagas Delaney Partnership

                      Staff Intervention

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The advertisement for Adidas trainers, featured a motor bike driving rapidly
                      down a country road, passing at speed between stationary cars in a traffic jam
                      and weaving rapidly in and out of traffic.

                      The ITC Code of Advertising Standards and Practice requires that
                      advertisements must not encourage or condone dangerous, inconsiderate or
                      competitive driving practices or breaches of the Highway Code. Guidance
                      Note No. 4 to the Code (Motor Cars and Driving) states that advertisements
                      must not feature unsafe, reckless, aggressive or competitive driving. Whilst
                      considering a viewer complaint about the commercial, the ITC reviewed the
                      driving practices shown and judged that they were in clear breach of these

                      The broadcaster, MTV, explained that the advertisement was an American
                      commercial, intended for Pan-European broadcast. Such advertising was
                      normally sent to the BACC for clearance. However, in this instance, this step
                      had not taken place and the error had not been noticed prior to transmission.
                      The relevant staff had been reminded of the proper procedure to be adopted.

                      The ITC required that the advertisement not be shown again.

                      Advertising agency: Mother

   COMPLAINTS FROM    51 viewers

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   The commercial, for Batchelors' East West Noodle Co. Saucy Noodles,
                      showed a Chinese family watching television. The teenage son and his
                      girlfriend were watching a game show as their grandmother ate a bowl of
                      noodles. Put off by the noisy way she was eating her food, the young couple
                      went to another room to watch a second set. A short final scene showed the
                      grandmother, having got control of the television, changing channels and
                      happily watching what appeared to be a sex scene, accompanied by heavy
                      breathing and corny music.

                      The majority of the complainants complained that the advertisement should
                      not have been shown when children could be watching. Many believed that it
                      should have been restricted to transmission after the 9pm watershed.

        ASSESSMENT    The ITC noted that the advertisement carried a restriction excluding it from
                      being shown in or around programmes made for children.

                      It believed that the concerns raised arose mainly from an adult understanding
                      of and perspective on material that would mean very little, if anything, to
                      younger viewers. It judged that although some viewers may have felt
                      uncomfortable about children seeing the advertisement, the restriction
                      imposed had been adequate given the non-detailed nature of the actual

           DECISION   Complaints not upheld.

                      Advertising agency: Donor Cardwell Hawkins

   COMPLAINTS FROM    2 viewers

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   Advertising for this certificate 18 horror film, included screams and sinister
                      shots of a masked figure.

                      The complainants stated that their children, ranging in age up to 6 years old,
                      had been frightened by the commercial. In both cases, the commercial had
                      been seen at 6.45pm. They felt that it should have been restricted to showing
                      later in the evening when children would be less likely to see it.

        ASSESSMENT    The BACC explained that they had felt that the content of the advertisement
                      only justified a restriction preventing showings in and around children's

                      The ITC noted that previous commercials, promoting the launch of the film
                      and its subsequent video release, had carried a 7.30pm restriction. The ITC
                      agreed with the complainants that, judged as a whole, the content of the
                      commercials had been unsuitable for transmission before 7.30pm and advised
                      the broadcasters that should these commercials return to air they should carry
                      a post-7.30pm restriction.

           DECISION   Complaints upheld.

                      Advertising agency: Picture Production Company

   COMPLAINTS FROM    4 viewers

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   Advertising for this certificate 15 action/horror film featured terrified people,
                      screaming and references to ghosts.

                      The complainants stated that their children, ranging in age up to 9 years old,
                      had been frightened by the advertising. They felt that it should have been
                      restricted to showing later in the evening when children would be less likely
                      to see it.

        ASSESSMENT    The ITC noted that some versions of the advertisement carried a restriction
                      excluding them from being shown in or around programmes made for
                      children, whilst others carried a post-7.30pm restriction.

                      The advertiser stated that it had removed and replaced a number of clips (e.g.
                      a ghostly face seen in water) from the 7.30pm versions of the advertisement
                      in order to create a commercial it believed was suitable for broadcast earlier
                      in the day. The BACC argued that the re-edited version played more on
                      suspense than on visual horror. Various potentially frightening images had
                      been removed to show only the reactions of the actors to what they had seen.
                      In their view, with the more disturbing images removed, the timing restriction
                      applied had been sufficient.

                      The ITC acknowledged that steps had been taken to try to minimise any
                      potential fright to children caused by the advertising. However, having
                      reviewed the various trailers, it judged that, in each case, the content viewed
                      as a whole had been unsuitable for transmission before 7.30pm. It notified the
                      broadcasters that should these trailers return to air they should all carry a
                      post-7.30pm restriction.

           DECISION   Complaints upheld.

                      Advertising agency: HHCL & Partners

   COMPLAINTS FROM    26 viewers

NATURE OF COMPLAINT   A cartoon advertisement for Bachelors Pot Noodle set in a frosty playground
                      featured a schoolboy with his tongue frozen to a metal post. The teacher on
                      playground duty had been called to help and initially seemed concerned,
                      assuring the boy that she would get him a "warm sponge". However, when
                      she saw her Pot Noodle on the kitchen bench her concern changed to
                      complacency and her priority to eating her Pot Noodle. The voice-over in the
                      closing scene said "with Pot Noodle its all me, me, me".             Viewers
                      complained that the commercial encouraged child neglect, could encourage
                      harmful emulation and portrayed the teaching profession in a bad light.

        ASSESSMENT    The ITC acknowledged the concerns raised but did not agree that the
                      commercial had encouraged neglect or harmful emulation. The advertising
                      was a comic-strip portrayal of someone who, in a fit of selfishness and an
                      irrational desire to eat a Pot Noodle, had lost her sense of priority preferring
                      to eat her Pot Noodle before unsticking the boy's tongue. This attitude was
                      captured in the closing phrase referred to above. The ITC judged that licking
                      a frozen post was not an act likely to be emulated by young viewers. It also
                      did not consider that the advertisement had damaged the image of the
                      teaching profession as it regarded the commercial's cartoon style to have
                      placed it in the realms of fantasy rather than reality, and it judged that most
                      viewers would not have taken the actions of the 'teacher' to be typical or
                      representative of the teaching profession.

           DECISION   Complaints not upheld.

                Summary of

                Other Complaints

             Advertisements for the products or services listed below attracted
             complaints which after preliminary assessment, did not raise issues of
             substance requiring further investigation.

             These included complaints repeating points already considered and
             covered in previous summaries, as well as isolated expressions of
             personal opinion or experience which did not call into question the
             conformity of the advertisements with the requirements of the ITC
             Code of Advertising Standards and Practice.

             Product or Advertisement                                   Number of
MISLEADING   Abbey National - E-Banking                                          3
             Abbey National Switcher Service                                      1
             Airtours                                                             1
             Airtours - Orlando                                                   1
             Alfa Romeo 147                                                       1
             AOL - Flat Rate                                                      1
             AOL Internet - 50 hour free trial                                    8
             Argos                                                                1
             B&Q                                                                  1
             Baines & Ernst                                                       5
             Beechams Flu Plus                                                    1
             Boddingtons                                                          1
             British Telecom                                                      1
             British Telecom - Surf Time                                          3
             British Telecom - Surf Together                                      4
             British Telecom - Talk Together                                      7
             Bryant Homes                                                         1
             BT Cellnet Pay & Go                                                  1
             BT Internet - Anytime                                                1
             Burger King                                                          3
             Cadburys Creme Eggs                                                  1

Camelot Instants - Three Wishes         1                    2
Chelsea Building Society                1
Churchill Insurance                     1
Citroen Xsara                           1
Claims Direct                           8
Claims Direct - Declan                  2
COI - New Deal 50+                      2
Colgate Toothpaste                      1
Comet                                   1
Computer Associates                     1
Craftmatic Adjustable Beds              2
Digital Cellphones                      2
Direct Line Rescue                      1
E4                                      7
Farmfoods Frozen Foods                  1
Febreeze - Fabric Spray                 1
First Choice Holidays                   1
Flightmarket - Text                     1
Ford KA                                 1
Gills Travel - Text                     1
Going Places                            1
Hidden Hearing                          3
Homepride Soup in a Bottle              1
Hotpoint Aquarius                       1
Ideal World Home Shopping product       1
ITV2 Promotions                         2
Johnsons Baby Bath                      1
Kelloggs Cereal & Milk Bar              3
Kitchens Direct                         1
Learn & Understand Astrology Magazine   1
Leisure Direction - Text                1
Maybelline Watershine Lip Colour        2
McDonalds - 2x cheeseburgers            2
Melville Car Hire                       1
Music - Love 2 Dance                    1
National Accident Helpline              2
Northern Electric Dual Fuel             1
Norton Finance                          1

NPower                                1
NSPCC                                 1
NTL - Phone & Cable Lines             6
One 2 One                             1
Orange Phones                         1
Orange Share Offer                    1
Penalli Pens                          1
Priceline                             1
QVC product                           3
Royal Bank of Scotland Mastercard     1
Sabrina's Secrets Magazine            1
Scottish Power                        2
Scottish Widows                       1
Screenshop product                    1
Shop America product                  1
Shop! product                         1
Siemens Mobile Phone                  1
Sky Digital                           3
Sky Trailers/Promotions               1
SMA Progress Follow-On Formula        1
Somerfield Stores                     1
Standard Life Bank                    1
Sun Newspaper                         1
Teletext                              2
Tesco - Bubbly                        1
Tesco - Computers for Schools         2
The Accident Group                    2
The Fantasy Channel                   1
Time Life - The Art of Woodwork       1
Time Life Music -The 80s Collection   1
TV Licensing                          4
TV Travel Shop                        1
USA Rent-a-Car - Text                 1
Vauxhall Corsa                        1
Virgin Trains                         3
Walkers Crisps - Trap                 1
Woolworths - Ultimate Sixties         1
Yes Express Car Credit                1

            Product or Advertisement           Number of
OFFENSIVE   AA Insurance Online - couple                4
            Always Pads                                1
            Andrex                                     2
            Association of Investment Trusts           2
            Barclaycard - Paris                        3
            Baxters                                    1
            Benylin - Soldier                          1
            BN Biscuits                                1
            Books for Schools                          1
            British Beef                               1
            British Gas Communications                 1
            British Heart Foundation                  15
            Budweiser - Whaasuup                       1
            Burger King                                1
            Cadbury's Double Decker                    5
            Carling Black Label                        1
            Chatline - Singles Bar                     1
            Cheltenham & Gloucester                    1
            Chicken Tonight                            1
            Churchill Insurance                        1
            Cif Cream                                  1
            Claims Direct                              2
            Claims Direct - Declan                     2
            COI - Anti Smoking                         3
            COI - Benefit Fraud                       14
            COI - Burst Pipes                          1
            Daewoo Cars                                1
            Daily Mail - Diana Horoscope               1
            Daily Mirror                               1
            Dairylea                                   1
            Danone Activ                               1
            Dept. of Transport - Rear Seat             4
            DETR - Rear Belts 2001                     7
            Diamond Car Insurance                      5
            Fiat Punto                                 1
            Fiat Punto - Volcano                       1

Film Trailer - Bless the Child       1
Ford Fiesta                          1
Ford Focus                           1
Grolsch                              2
Guiness - St Patrick's Day           1
Guinness - Laughing Couple           1
Guinness Draught                     1
Jaffa Cakes                          2
Kleenex Tissues                      2
Kronenbourg 1664                     3
Lemsip Max Strength                  2
Levis Engineered Jeans - Twist       2
Listerine                            1
Marmite                              1
Mars Bar - 5 Little Ones             3
McCain Oven Chips                    1
McDonalds - Italian Promotion        9
Metz                                 1                       11
NSPCC                                1
NTL - Phone & Cable Lines            2
ONdigital - Bath                    15
Orange Phones                        5
Orange Share Offer                   1
Oxo Red                              1
Pataks Cooking Sauces                1
Persil - Comic Relief                1
Peugeot 206 - Medical                2
QVC Product                          1
Red Bull                             1
Red Bull - Pigeon                    3
Shreddies                            2
Siemens Mobile Phone                 1
SlimFast                             1
Smints                              16
Sun Newspaper - Books for Schools   11
Sunday People                        1
Tena Lady                            1
The Accident Group                   1

          The Daily Telegraph                         1
          Tunes - Quasimodo                           2
          TV Licence Evasion                          1
          Virgin Megastores                           1
          Walkers Crisps                              1
          Whiskas Pouches - Welfare                  14
          World Vision                                1
          Worthington - Suggs                         1

          Product or Advertisement            Number of
HARMFUL   Andrex                                       1
          Baines & Ernst                              1
          Barclaycard - Paris                         4
          Batchelors Cup a Soup                       1
          Batchelors East West Noodles                2
          Caravan & Holiday Home Show                 1
          COI - Drink Driving Campaign                1
          Comfort Colour                              1
          Comfort Easy Iron                           1
          Del Prado Lead Soldier Collection           1
          Digital Cellphones                          1
          Energy Efficiency                           2
          Famous Grouse                               1
          Ford Focus                                  1
          Glamour Magazine                            1
          Kelloggs Cereal & Milk Bar                  1
          Lambrini                                    1
          Lemsip Max Strength                         1
          Levis Engineered Jeans - Twist             11
          Marks & Spencer - Count On Us               1
          Mars Bar - 5 Little Ones                    2
          Mars M&Ms                                   1
          McDonalds - Cappucino McFlurry              1
          Metz                                        1
          NDC - Milk                                  2
          News of the World                           1
          Norton Finance                              1

                NSPCC                                       1
                Ocean Finance                               1
                Persil - Comic Relief                      12
                Purple Loans                                1
                Red Bull - Pigeon                           3
                Rolo                                        6
                Rolo - Robinson Crusoe                      2
                Rowntree Bursting Bugs                      1
                Sainsbury                                   1
                Scheduling                                  1
                Senokot                                     2
                Shreddies                                   1
                SlimFast                                    3
                SlimFast - Sarah                            2
                Standard Life Bank                          1
                Sun Newspaper - Books for Schools           1
                Sunday People                               2
                UK Gold Promotions                          1
                Virgin Mobile                               1
                Virgin One                                  1
                Warburtons Bread                            1
                Worthington                                 1

                Product or Advertisement            Number of
MISCELLANEOUS   AA Membership                                1
                AOL Internet - 50 hour free trial           1
                Axa Equity & Law                            1
                B&Q                                         1
                Baines & Ernst                              3
                Claims Direct                               1
                Claims Direct - Declan                      1
                E4                                          3
                Heart 106.2 FM                              1
                Imperial Cancer Research                    1
                J D Williams Hose & Reel                    1
                Music - Motown Mania                        1

News of the World          1
Norwich Union              1
Orange Phones              1
Red Bull                   1
Scheduling                 1
Shop America Mega Memory   1
The Accident Group         1

          There were also complaints of a generic character referring to the following matters :-

                Product or Advertisement                                         Number of
    OFFENSIVE   General                                                                   1
                ITV minutage                                                                2
                Miscellaneous comments                                                      3
                Sexism - Men                                                                1

                Product or Advertisement                                         Number of
     HARMFUL    Alcohol                                                                   1
                Debt Management Companies                                                   1
                Miscellaneous comments                                                      2

                Product or Advertisement                                         Number of
MISCELLANEOUS   Amount of Advertising                                                   28
                General                                                                     3
                Home Shopping                                                               1
                Inappropriate Breaks                                                        2
                ITV minutage                                                              224
                Miscellaneous comments                                                      7
                Noise                                                                      11
                Separation of Advertisements                                                1
                Sex in advertising                                                          1
                Unknown                                                                     1


                                             COMPLAINTS DETERMINED IN FEBRUARY 2001

                             Number of                  Number of                   Number of
                             Complaints             Advertisements        Advertisements about
                                                        referred to      which complaints were
                                                                            upheld wholly or in

   MISLEADING                  176     (5)                  64     (5)                   7      (0)

    OFFENSIVE                  315     (0)                  49     (0)                   0      (0)

     HARMFUL                   178     (0)                  35     (0)                   3      (0)

MISCELLANEOUS                  303     (0)                  12     (0)                   0      (0)

                               972     (5)                 160     (5)                  10      (0)

                                                                          YEAR TO DATE 2001

                             Number of                  Number of                   Number of
                             Complaints             Advertisements        Advertisements about
                                                        referred to      which complaints were
                                                                            upheld wholly or in

   MISLEADING                  402    (16)                 147    (16)                  25      (6)

    OFFENSIVE                  578     (0)                 100     (0)                   1      (0)

     HARMFUL                   321     (0)                  72     (0)                   4      (0)

MISCELLANEOUS                  444     (1)                  29     (1)                   3      (0)

                              1745    (17)                 348    (17)                  33      (6)

                The numbers in brackets indicate Text advertisements. They are extracted from, not
                additional to, the overall numbers.