Healthy Eating Habits

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					Healthy Eating Habits
By: Jeff Stokes

• They are the starches and sugars found in foods • Potatoes, Pasta, and Bread • Body’s Main preferred source of energy • Simple and complex

• Calories is the energy that your body gets from foods. • Your body requires a minimum number of set calories each day • If you take in fewer calories than you burn: you lose weight • If you take in more calories than you burn: you gain weight

• Found in the though, stringy part of vegetables, fruits, is a special from of complex carbohydrate. Although it can not be digested, it is used as energy. • It plays an important part of removing waste.

• Proteins help build strong and healthy bones, muscles, tissue, and teeth. • It also helps make new blood cells, and protect important organs, such as your heart, brain, lungs, and your skin.

• Fats are the most concentrated form of energy, they are very thick substances that do not dissolve in water. • Fats in beef, pork, and egg yolks, and dairy foods are higher in saturated fat than in fish or chicken. • Unsaturated fat is liquid fat, but has been proven to reduce heart disease.

• It is a fat like substance produced in the liver of all animals, and found in only food of animals. • Beef • Chicken • Fish • These are a few examples of food with cholesterol in them.

• These are compounds that help regulate digestion, and metabolism. • Vitamins are needed in small amounts, so they are called micronutrients. • Vitamins do not have calories in them, but some do give you energy.

• They are inorganic substances that the body cannot manufacture but acts like workers regulating many important body functions. • One important mineral in the body is calcium it helps develop strong bones, and build strong teeth.

The Food Guide Pyramid

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