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					                                                               SNYA Membership
 Why should I consider a career in nursing?                             Bronx
                                                         Beth Abraham Health Services
                                                          Bronx Center for Rehab & HC
                                                                   Casa Promesa
                                                    Concourse Rehabilitation & Nursing Care
                                                                DOJ Health Services
                                                           Fieldston Lodge Care Center
                                                              Gold Crest Care Center
Q. What opportunities for employment are cur-            Kings Harbor Multicare Center
                                                               Laconia Nursing Home
rently offered in the nursing profession?                    Morris Park Nursing Home                 Serving our members
                                                                Regeis Care Center
                                                              University Nursing Home
                                                                                                and the long-term care community
A. Nurses are needed in every health care set-        Williamsbridge Manor Nursing Home

ting from hospitals and nursing homes to home                 Brooklyn/Staten Island
                                                                                                     Neil Heyman, President
                                                        Brooklyn Center for Rehabilitation
care and teaching. According to projections              Brooklyn Queens Nursing Home
there will be a need for more than one million              Caton Park Nursing Home
                                                            CNR Healthcare Network
new nurses by the year 2010.                                Cobble Hill Health Center
                                                         Haym Salomon Home for Aged
                                                          Marcus Garvey Nursing Home
Q. How long does it take to become a nurse?                    Ruby Weston Manor
                                                         SS Joachim & Anne Residence
                                                            Staten Island Care Center

A. There are vocational Practical Nursing pro-                     Manhattan
                                                              Bialystoker Center
grams that begin in September and conclude in         Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital
June of the following year.                         DeWitt Rehabilitation and Nursing Center
                                                        Greater Harlem Nursing Home

Q. What are some responsibilities of nurses?                   Belair Care Center
                                                            Central Island Healthcare
                                                     East Rockaway Progressive Care Facility
A.   Some responsibilities of nurses are:                    Glen Cove Care Center
                                                          Hempstead Park Nursing Home
     Taking vital signs
     Administering medication
                                                              Marquis Care Center
                                                             South Shore Healthcare                 We help people
                                                                Sunharbor Manor
•    Dressing wounds                                        Woodbury Center for HC
                                                                                                    become nurses.
•    Giving injections                                              Queens

                                                            Bezalel Nursing Home
•    Monitoring patients and tracking changes                Elmhurst Care Center
                                                              Haven Manor HCC

Q. Are there opportunities for advancement if I
                                                            Highland Care Center
                                                           Holliswood Care Center
                                                             Horizon Care Center
become an LPN?                                            Little Neck Nursing Home
                                                          Long Island Care Center                    enhance
                                                                                                the way you prepare
                                                      Margaret Tietz Nursing & Rehab. Ctr.
A. Some nursing professionals go on to become         New York Center for Rehabilitation
                                                        NYS Veterans Home/St. Albans
RN’s; after which they can pursue advanced
education toward becoming a nurse practitio-
                                                               Park Nursing Home
                                                       Queens Center for Rehabilitation
                                                           Rego Park Health Care
                                                                                                       for the
ner with increasing responsibilities and salary.           Rockaway Care Center
                                                         Windsor Park Nursing Home              CNET Entrance Exam
                                                      APEX Rehabilitation and Care Center                for
                                                                                                  Practical Nursing
                                                            Nesconset Nursing Center
                                                             Riverhead Nursing Home
                                                                 Ross Healthcare
                                                           St. Johnland Nursing Center
                                                       Suffolk Center for Rehab & Nursing
                                                           Westhampton Care Center

                                                                                                    39 Broadway—Suite 1710
                                                              Cortlandt Healthcare                 New York, New York 10006
 Please visit our website for more information:              Dumont Masonic Home
                                                   North Westchester Restorative Therapy & NC
                                      Regency Extended CC
                                                    Schnurmacher Center for Rehab & Nursing
                                                     Sutton Park Center for Nursing & Rehab.
                                                     Westchester Center for Rehab & Nursing
                                                 Nursing School Entrance Test Preparation

                                                 Nursing schools require you to complete a
                                                 formal process that includes applying, en-
                                                 trance tests and interviews. Increasing your
                    CNET                         awareness of the process will enable you to
                                                 succeed at this critical first step. Our pro-
What is CNET?                                    gram includes individualized assessment, de-
                                                 velopment of a learning plan, entrance test
CNET is the Center for Nursing Education and     preparation courses, interview preparedness
Testing.                                         workshops and professional guidance.
What is the CNET exam?                                                                                              WHO IS
                                                 Our schedule for CNET Prep starts March 11,
                                                                                                        SOUTHERN NEW YORK ASSOCIATION?
                                                 2008 and continues weekly through May 16,
The CNET exam is the entrance test for sev-
eral New York nursing schools such as the        2008. The classes are as follows:
NYC Department of Education Practical                                                             Southern New York Association, Inc. is an or-
Nursing Program. It is a timed test that takes             Tuesday—Language Ability               ganization of over sixty residential health care
three hours to complete and is composed of                 Wednesday— Math Ability                facilities, both voluntary and proprietary, with
three parts: Reading, Math, and Language               Friday—Reading Comprehension               approximately 16,000 beds in the southern
Ability. The schedule for taking the CNET                        (except 3/21).                   New York area including New York City, West-
exam is set by the testing agency.                                                                chester and Long Island.
                                                 All classes start at 9:30am (sharp) and con-
Who can apply to take the CNET exam?             clude at 4:00pm. A ½ hour lunch break will       Southern New York Association focuses on the
                                                                                                  preparation of the long term care community
                                                 be scheduled. Please allow ample time for
Individuals seeking to enter nursing schools                                                      for the ever-changing platform that is health
that require this exam. Because a high           traveling.                                       care delivery in New York. Through SNYA’s ad-
school diploma/GED certificate is required                                                        vocacy, education and compliance pro-
for nursing school, the potential candidate      Breakfast will be served. Lunch is on your       grams, member facilities receive continual
should either possess the diploma/certificate    own.                                             updates in operational methodologies and
or be in process of obtaining one. In order to                                                    care techniques applicable to the effective,
sit for the exam, a potential applicant must     Please call our office for the program fees:     economical and compassionate provision of
have completed and submitted an applica-                          212-425-5050                    long-term care.
tion to the testing agency within the dead-
lines specified by them. To learn more and                                                        SNYA emphasizes and facilitates cooperation
obtain information on this exam, please visit                                                     with community groups, regulatory agencies                                                                                and other organizations that hold similar inter-
                                                                                                  ests in the enhancing of care and services to
Who would benefit most from the CNET Prep        If you have any questions, please feel free to   the population requiring sub-acute and long
class?                                                   email us at:            term care services.
Anyone taking the CNET exam will be well
advised to prepare by taking a CNET prepa-
ration course.