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FAX TO Angela Alldredge Asst. VP                Wed Oct 28 10:30 Steve Franklin CENTER FOR
Tel. 552-4026 Stephanie 552-4135                ANTHRO AND COMPUTING Juice Bar
Fax. 552-4084 x4108
Send email to 60160                             Get copy of catalog for office

Use UG Advisor money to buy CDs?                Publish SSCORE with MBS; bring pens
Talk to Roberto
                                                meeting of Liasons 552-4026 FRI Oct 30th 11:45 -1:00
                                                p.m. in Student Services II, Classrooms A and B
Do our brochure ON THE WEB
Write up Cultural Kinetics as a cross           meeting FRI Oct 30th 12-3 Cmnty Colleges re:
between cmnty study and large scale              transfers Univ Club Room “C”
network analysis, with large-network theory
of diffuse cohesive processes                   Interview Mon Nov 1st 3:30? UCI - Madrid!!
(as a paradigm)
Bring Harary article empirical/analytic          Rob Sexton 474 7525
from home                                        Greg Dymkowski 540-8483
                                                 Brian Burton 786-6333
Anthro Module in Mathem. Anthropology           Printing
Anthro Module in Anthro and Computing           Anthroclub - Khelif / lists

Datel 607 9625 1-888-463-2835                   Network pages: list network researchers in other
37709 bone_._.                                  departments (Nancy Naples, Judith Stephan-
                                                Norris, Sue Freeman, Ece Kumbasar?)
Do dates of visits conflict with end of march
trip to Paris?                                  Gave Art Devany copy of "Invisible State

Madrid – talk to – get enrollment figures

A Classification Problem
StrucConn2 - original sample

Stela Ginez x7180 Rm 305 Tu 2-5
Angela Aldridge at bank 552-4026

Doug-Summer-Germany              4,800 $ (7820 DM)
Doug-Summer-France               8,200 $ (45,551FF)
Total Income                   149,203
To: Angela Aldridge
Asst. VP - B of A (upstairs)
Tel. 552-4026
Fax. 552-4084 x4108

Income and Assets: Douglas R. White and Lilyan A. Brudner-White (community property)
Loan Ref. No. 010102-98-271-1211540 Approval Letter Ref. #982711211540

Base Income 1998 (9 months) 97,600
Additional Income
Lilyan - Early Retirement      2,462 TIAA (per year guaranteed for 20 years)
                               2,400 CREF (per year guaranteed for 20 years)
Lilyan - Social Security       4,716
Doug-Oil Stock Dividends       2,400
Doug-GMM-3/30 own acct         5,361 (10.5% 1st quarter)
Doug-GMM-3/30 IRA               2,517 (10.5% 1st quarter)
Doug-GMM-6/30 own acct         4,846 (8.5% 2nd quarter)
Doug-GMM-6/30 IRA               2,275 (8.5% 2nd quarter)
Doug-GMM-9/30 own acct         7,647 (12.5% 3rd quarter) projected *
Doug-GMM-9/30 IRA               3,589 (12.5% 3rd quarter) projected *
Doug-GMM-12/30 own acct        1,600 (10% 4rd quarter) projected minus commission
Doug-GMM-12/30 IRA               790 (10% 4rd quarter) projected minus commission
Total Income                138,203
* higher earnings for quarter 9/30 but not yet mailed
(normal summer salary of 13-20,000 foregone this year because of sabbatical. A pending
National Science Foundation award if funded will pay $20,000 summer salary)

Other Assets
TIAA-DRW                        10,795
CREF-DRW                        24,838
German Account                   2,416 (3,962 DM)
French Account                   2,198 (12,212 FF)
French Savings                   9,129 (50,728 FF)
Doug-GMM-6/30 own acct          61,267
Doug-GMM-6/30 IRA               28,752
Doug-GMM-9/30 own acct           7,647 (12.5% 3rd quarter) projected *
Doug-GMM-9/30 IRA                3,589 (12.5% 3rd quarter) projected *
Fidelity                        31,137
Totals                         181,768

At retirement (age 64)
UC Retirement      will pay 80% of 11 month salary (approx. =9.7 month salary) on retirement
Social Security will pay maximum benefits on retirement
No Mandatory retirement: can continue at full pay after age 64