An Age of Exploration and Isolation

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					 An Age of Exploration
and Isolation, 1400-1800
   Europeans Explore the East
      Many Factors Encourage
    “God, glory, and gold”
    1. Desire for new resources of wealth (main
       reason; wanted to have direct connection
       with Asia)
    2. Desire to spread Christianity (believed it to
       be a sacred duty)
    Voyages of discovery made possible by
     advances in technology (caravel,
     triangular sails, astrolobe, compass)
       Portugal Leads the Way
   Navigation schools developed
   Vasco da Gama sails to India
   Spain also tries to open trade with
    Asia and sails to the New World
   Spain and Portugal divide
    “unclaimed” land between them in
    the Treaty of Tordesillas
Treaty of Tordesillas
       Trading Empires in the
           Indian Ocean
   Portugal was the original dominant
    trader in Indian Ocean
   British & Dutch expand into the
    area with the English East India
    Company & the Dutch East
    India Company
   Dutch become dominant trading
    partner in Indian Ocean & Africa
   Create a pamphlet that tries to convince
    Europeans to explore new lands
   The pamphlet must:
    • Be tri-fold
    • Explain at least three reasons for exploration
    • Advertise places Europeans explored during this time
      period (not just in chapter 19)
    • Include a good balance of text and images
    • Have a title or slogan
    • Reference important explorers
    • If you are using a computer, site any images you
      use from the Internet (copyright)
    • Be a product of your best effort

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