Forensic Loan Audit and the benefits

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					          Forensic Loan Audit and the benefits
A Forensic Loan auditor will surely be the best bet while going in for a short sale. Audit
will be an integral part of the process especially if you don’t have much knowledge about
the financial products and the way they work. Forensic loan auditor will make will take
measures that will be unbiased and in the best interest of the customer who is taking a loan
from a lender or is undergoing a short sale.

A forensic loan auditor will go deep into the contract documents and check for any
unlawful terms and any violations that have been incorporated into the contract which may
harm the borrower. Generally the tendency of the borrower at the time of signing the
contract is to just sign the contract hurriedly and not go into the in-depth of the points
mentioned in the contract. Moreover the terms and conditions in the document may be
large enough for the borrower which cannot be read and analyzed by a layman within a
span of say one or two days.

A Forensic loan auditor is well versed with the terms and conditions and the guidelines lay
down by the federal for lending purposes. They are experts in catching hold of any lacunae
or any pitfall that may prove to be disadvantageous for the borrower. Although reputed
lenders do not stoop to practices which may harm the borrower and their reputation but the
real estate boom had created many organizations that in a hurry to make a fast buck did all
kinds of illegal activities like predatory lending.
A Forensic loan auditor will catch all the lacunae and any illegal terms and conditions
mentioned in the contract that may be overlooked by a layman and will present it before
you and the courts. The Lender in turn may be perturbed by the legal course of action
which may mar his market position reputation and time. In this process there are even
chances of the borrower getting the best deal in terms of a low settlement. Thus a forensic
loan audit is not an additional expense on the borrower but it is best and most trusted way
of getting your loan settlement done in your interest.

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