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					Breakout Sessions
Wednesday - 9:50-10:50
Title: Consortium-based Cyber Security Curriculum

Presenter: Matthew Jones, Meridian Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: We all know that we‟re not alone in our teaching field, so why should
we teach like we‟re the only ones doing this? Consortium-based curriculum is about
the synergy created by sharing ideas, best-practices, and resources among
teachers of the same course or discipline.

Title: Renewable Energy at Cape Cod Tech High School

Presenters: Lynn Fleisher, Paul Smith, Robert Sanborn III, Cape Cod Tech,

Description: “Installations of a residential wind turbine, a photovoltaic array, a
photovoltaic awning and a solar thermal hot water system at the school.
Procurement and utilization of a bio-diesel system on the campus. Installation of a
first-of-its-kind TriGeneration system. Renewable energy center presently under
construction and to be opened in the Fall of 2009. Attendees will leave the session
with a host of potential renewable and clean energy initiatives to incorporate into
their classrooms.

Title: Developing a Dual – Enrollment Child Development Program

Presenter: Angela Watson, St. Martin Parish School Board, Louisiana

Description: This session will inform teachers in developing a Child development
program to train students as Early Childhood educators through dual-enrollment,
work experience, and national certification as a Child Development Associate

Title: National Curriculum Certification, CTSO participation and International
Corporate Business Partnership Development

Presenter: Scott Thomas, Dysart USD, Arizona
Description: International Corporate Business Partnerships are very often
connected to national program certification and participation in a CTSO. This
session will provide the attendees with valuable resources for obtaining national
curriculum certification and corporate grants for support of Design Drafting
Programs in the secondary and post-secondary systems of education.

Title: Denton ISD plans and format examples for 2010-2011 SPECIAL TEXAS

Presenters: Marty Thompson, CTE Director and Denton‟s Career Counselors

Denton ISD will host a working presentation to help other school district work on
the required changed required in the 2010-2011 school year. Each district will
receive copies of Denton‟s plans along with a working format that each district
could use to help in their design. All school district must have plans ready for
board presentations early this fall. Please bring a lap top and your current course

Wednesday - 11:05-12:05
Title: Performance Improvement for Math and Science Certification Test

Presenter: Jeff Allen, University of North Texas, Texas

Description: This session will demonstrate methods for preparing teachers for the
Math and Science Certification Examinations. Specific examples will be provided to
administrators to help them assist their current and prospective teachers in passing
these certification examinations. It is the presenter‟s goal to have administrators
“walk-away” with the necessary resources to assist teachers in their district.

Title: Do Your Students Have Flair?

Presenters: Sherry Adrian, Marie Howard, Francis Tuttle Technology Center,

Description: Are your students‟ technical skills enough to keep them employed in
today‟s workplace? An increasing number of employers also seek strong
professionalism skills (soft skills) from their employees. This interactive program
will focus on methods of developing the “flair” that employers want.
Title: Closing the Gap in the Academic or Related Classroom

Presenters: Kim Forget, Mark Forget, Kent State University, Ohio

Description: This hand-on interactive workshop will model classroom activities that
use reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking to engage in learning new
subject matter. Participants will experience first-hand methods that they would be
able to use immediately in the shop or in a related classroom to simultaneously
learn subject matter and acquire life-long literacy skills. Materials and methods will
be provided to participants.

Title: CTE . . . “Takin‟ Care of Business

Presenters: Dexter Knight, Bart Flener, Jessamine Career and Technology Center,

Description: This session will focus on our methods for advancing students towards
post-secondary opportunities while still in high school. That ranges from dual credit
and articulation opportunities to certifications available while taking courses at our
school (Jessamine Career and Technology Center). The majority of our career
clusters involve future careers that could be considered “recession-proof” and
convincing our students to gain an edge on their statewide peers by taking
advantage of special “stretch learning” opportunities has proven advantageous for
our school.

Wednesday - 2:00-3:00
Title: Girl Tech-A Gender Equity Initiative

Presenter: Jessica Bullock, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: Despite gains in fields of medicine and science, girls continue to shy
away from STEM careers. Girls often limit themselves to traditional careers, not
considering those that are higher paying and more technical. Research shows that
mentors play an essential part in helping female students be successful in a
nontraditional career path.

Title: Using Performance Data for Program Improvement

Presenters: Karen Batchelor, Texas Education Agency, Texas
Description: Participants will learn how to review, analyze, and use data to make
informed decisions and drive CTE program improvement at the local level.
Understanding Perkins IV performance measure and accountability is essential for
strategic planning. By focusing on continuous program improvement, participants
will effectively prepare students for college and career success.

Title: Helping Students Acquire Literacy Skills

Presenters: Ronica Morda, LaNape Tech and Todd Luke, Max Teaching, Inc.,

Description: This hands-on session is designed to engage attendees in modeling the
acquisition of literacy skills for academic and CTE programs. Presenters will model
effective classroom instruction any CTE or academic teacher can use immediately
after the workshop. This program is used in many CTE‟s across the country. How
about yours?

Title: Finally . . . an Association for People Like Me!!

Presenter: Jason Hudnell, NAWI, Arkansas

Description: This session will demonstrate the benefits of being part of NAWI
(National Association for Workforce Improvement). It is NOT a sales pitch? We will
discuss what NAWI is all about and benefits the association can provide
administrators and educators who are interested in providing the best opportunities
for their students after graduation. NAWI conferences offer the best opportunities
for networking and building lifelong relationships that provide numerous resources
for our schools and programs.

Thursday - 8:45-9:45

Title: Developing College and Career Ready Students

Presenters: Jeanne Bragg, Kimberly Keith, Patsy Chilcote, Denton ISD, Texas

Description: Are your students ready to meet the challenges of employment in the
ever changing global economy? In an effort to provide a seamless transition from
K-16, Denton ISD Career Counselors developed an easy to follow comprehensive
transition program. An overview will be outlined and individual activities
highlighted. Subjects include elementary/middle school career development
planning, high school career guidance initiatives, career assessment, tech prep
opportunities, student internships, technical certifications/licensures, career
programs of study/educational models, post-secondary alignments, business
partnerships and parent collaboration.

Title: “Stop Abusing Your Advisory Board Members!”

Presenter: Bill Brown, Johnson County Community College, Kansas

Description: Do you have trouble getting members to attend your advisory board
meetings? Would you like to know how to pack the room with members anxious to
share with you? Find out how to increase the number and participation of advisory
board members for your CTE program. Even if you have a „good‟ advisory board,
we will discuss ways to make it „better‟!

Title: Leveraging Resources in Preparing Adult Learners for Employment and
Upward Mobility in the Health Care Industry

Presenters: Robert Scarborough, Great Oaks, Alan Jones, Health Alliance of Greater
Cincinnati, William Lecher, Cincinnati Children‟s Hospital Medical Center, Marianne
Krismer, Cincinnati State Technical and Community College, Ohio

Description: The Health Careers Collaborative of Greater Cincinnati partners will
effectively describe this unique partnership that created a career pathway of
training and employment that leads to economic self-sufficiency by leveraging both
financial and human resources for unemployed and underemployed individuals.
The four industry and education partners are: Cincinnati Children‟s Hospital Medical
Center, the Health Alliance, Great Oaks Institute of Technology & Career
Development and Cincinnati State Technical Community College. The overarching
goal of the career pathway has been to empower families and individuals to achieve
economic stability and self-sufficiency.

Title: Building Effective Industry and Post-Secondary Partnerships

Presenters: Jill Siler, Amanda Johnson, Lake Travis ISD, Texas

Description: This session will focus on how to build stronger partnerships with local
Industry and Post-Secondary members. Presenters from this 9-12, comprehensive
high school program will share their best practices regarding Advisory Boards as
well as how they‟ve worked with several post-secondary institutions to strengthen
articulation agreements for their high school coursework. The work with industry
advisory committees has been a key into the successful transition of Lake Travis
High School into a school featuring five Institutes.

Thursday - 10:00-11:00
Title: A.I.M. for College Success

Presenter: Donna McKethan, Waco ISD, Texas

Description: Analytical Integrated Mathematics (AIM) is an innovative CTE course
developed to strengthen mathematic skills for students enrolling in college technical
programs. Students receive a unique, integrated math, science and career
understanding that allows them to be successful in college. AIM is an excellent
component in helping to alleviate the need for remedial education in Texas colleges.

Title: “Your Place” for the Adult Learner

Presenter: Rhonda Fanin, Southern State Community College, Ohio

Description: This topic is vital for professionals who work with nontraditional
students because it gives students tools necessary to be successful and includes
easily replicated materials. A mother-daughter team coauthored the workbook and
facilitator manual and has been presented at various conferences throughout the
nation. With a 30 year history, You Place received The Showcase 2008 Program
Award at the 22nd Annual Careers Conference 2008 in Madison, Wisconsin.

Title: The ECISD Advanced Technical Center –Redesign for the 21st Century

Presenters: Ian Roark, Curtis Britt, Ector County Advanced Technology Center,

Description: In less than one year, a stand-alone CTE campus of 400 students was
changed to an Advanced Technical Center (ATC) servicing 1,200 student from two
large high schools. The results show increasing community, student, and parent
support for quality CTE programs that focus on high-wage and high-skill career
Title: Taking Your Classroom Beyond the Four Walls

Presenter: Philip Davanzo III, CE Jordan High School, North Carolina

Description: Are you reaching the 21st Century Learner? Attendees will have their
thoughts provoked as to whether or not they are truly reaching their learners.
Hopefully they will be able to take some of the tried and successful techniques that
I use to reach my learners. These practices will keep the learners motivated,
engaged and increase their odds of having a successful result on their end of course
assessment. All of these practices are at no cost to educator or school district (as
long as technology is present and accessible).

Roundtable Sessions
Title: Planning Viable Programs of Study

Presenter: Linda Brown, Insight Services, Texas

Description: Compare the viability of different career clusters by examining: 1)
labor market demands, 2) business and industry priorities, 3) expenditure patterns,
and 4) promising alignment designs. Examples will highlight opportunities for
business, marketing, and finance programs of study

Title: The ASVAB Career Exploration Program: Equipping students for success in a
shrinking economy

Presenter: Barry Kowald, San Antonio MEPS, Texas

Description: The session describes a federally funded program designed to meet
the workforce development needs of today‟s secondary and post-secondary
students regardless of their future career or educational endeavors. Educators will
be introduced to world class, comprehensive career exploration and planning
experience based on current career development theory and practice, which
includes an interactive website (

Title: Giving Choctaws and Oklahomans the pieces to succeed

Presenter: Kelli Ostman, Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma, Oklahoma
Description: Learn how Choctaw Nation organized and implemented their plan for
the 2009 Career Expo by coordinating with other programs and implementing a
marketing plan that crossed cultural bridges, the Career Expo Team was able to
give 1900 students and job seekers the pieces needed to start great careers.

Title: Education vs. Incarceration

Presenters: Frankie Baldwin, Monty Gray, Francis Tuttle Technology Center,

Description: How to successfully implement and maintain a training/academic
program to combat recidivism.

Title: Sharing Hope and Redefining Education: A dropout Recovery Model

Presenters: Traci Thorpe, Kendra Keelin, Pioneer Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: The presenters will introduce the model of an innovative dropout
recovery program linking career and technical training with high school academics.
This model enables students already dropped out or severely at risk to re-enter the
educational setting to complete a high school credentials and pursue occupational

Title: Successfully Established an Effective Advisory Committee

Presenters: Bill Landis, George Arrants, Lubbock ISD, Texas

Description: Useful tips on how to select and recruit advisory board members that
will be most effective for your program/district. Arrange meetings that will have
the most value for you, your students and your board members. What should your
expectations be? How can you provide value to your board members and students?
What should you consider when planning meetings?

Title: Mentoring Matters: Best Practices for Implementing a Successful Mentoring

Presenters: Mary Jo Self, Lucy Bailey, Oklahoma State University, Oklahoma
Description: This session will discuss the promise of mentoring as well as the
challenges associated with implementation of a mentoring program. Best practices
and lessons learned with a career and technical education mentoring/induction
program situated in technology centers as well as a mentoring program designed
for civilian workforce employed on a military base will be shared.

Title: Job Placement Report/Accountability

Presenters: Bea Paul, Marcie Mack, Autry Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: Learn of another way to be accountable to our business, industry,
legislative partners, and our district tax payers. The Job Placement Report shows
the Career Tech training related positions that our students attained. This report is
shared with business and industry leaders, legislators, and our career counselors.

Title: Business Immersion Education

Presenter: Donald Pipkin, Tulsa Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: Business Immersion Education is the process of managing the class as
a virtual business in which students become “employees”, assignments become
customer requests or memos from the boss, presentations in front of the class are
presentations to co-workers or clients, etc. Presenting the information and
assignments in this way not only engages the students more fully but also helps
them gain real life experiences in what the business world will be like. Learn how
to set up your program as a virtual business and immerse your students in the
reality of the world of work.

Title: AchieveTexas: Best Practices for Implementation of Career Clusters

Presenter: Karen Alexander, Texas Tech University, Texas

Description: AchieveTexas College and Career Initiative has identified best practices
of local implementation for career clusters and career education and guidance. This
session will highlight some of the successful strategies. A best practices resource
will be shared with attendees.
Title: CTE and Industry Creating Solutions

Presenter: Earl Bailey, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: Discover how Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology
Education (ODCTE), Francis Tuttle Technology Center and Jet Stream Services work
in harmony to create a solution to prepare technicians for the wind turbine industry.

Title: Middle Schools: A “HOT” new focus in TECH ED

Presenters: Diana Plummer, Jan Bennett Bell, Tulsa Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: With dropout rates at an all time high, reaching down to the middle
school populations and actively engaging them in career exploration has never been
more critical. This session will focus on “at-risk” students, as well as nontraditional
hands on learner, while offing all students a successful Plan of Study. Come and be
ready to engage in innovative, exciting initiatives designed to maximize retention
and motivate students towards achieving their educational goals thru showcasing
TECH ED components.

Title: Training Women Welders

Presenter: Joyce McClellan, Tulsa Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: This session will describe how welding technology was used to train 15
women to become industry welders. The session will describe partnership with the
Girl Scouts and Workforce Tulsa. The program is designed for incarcerated women
and included math and reading skill development.

Title: Increasing Nursing Graduates Through Partnerships

Presenter: Renee Lewis, Francis Tuttle Technology Center, Oklahoma

Description: Presentation of the development, implementation and current
outcomes of a partnership between local hospitals, community colleges and career
technology centers to increase the annual number of RN candidates graduated. By
sharing resources the industry has been able to add more nurses to the workforce.
The students and employers are experiencing a high level of satisfaction with the