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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»

                                     «HERBOLOGY» Section
 №            Аuthors                                Thesis titles                     Оrganization, country
1.     Balezentiene L.                                                                 Lithuanian University of Agri-
                                  Heracleum sosnowskyi invasion in Lithuania on
                                                                                       culture, Kaunas distr.
                                  regional habitat scale
                                  Residues of herbicide active ingredients in soil,    Institute of Soil Science and
       Kucharski M.                                                                    Plant Cultivation, Wroclaw,
                                  cereal grains and sugar beet roots
3.     Vanaga I.,                 Control of problematic weeds in spring oilseed       Latvian Plant Protection
       Smirnova O.,               rape in Latvia                                       Research Centre,
       Mintale Z.                                                                      Riga, Latvia

4.     Borona V.,                 Peculiarities of weed control in short - term crop   Fodder Institute
       Karasevich V.,             rotations of right-bank forest-steppe of Ukraine     Vinnitsa, Ukraine
       Zadorozhniy V.

5.     Botnari V.F.               Onion crops protection against harmful weeds         Institute of Genetics and Plant
                                                                                       Republic of Moldova
6.     Botnari V.F.               Experience of total action herbicides application    Institute of Genetics and Plant
                                  on potato                                            Physiology
                                                                                       Republic of Moldova
7.     Budrevich А.P.,                                                                 Institute of plant protection,
                                  Herbicides efficiency in timothy grass and peren-
       Bogomolova I.V.                                                                 Belarus
                                  nial ryegrass at non-cover sowing and under
                                  barley cover
8.     Bulavin L.A.,              Influence of agrotechnical and chemical weed         Research and Practical Cen-
       Gedrovich S.V.,            control methods on oat yield                         tre of NAS of Belarus for
       Belanovskaya M.A.,                                                              Agriculture, Zhodino, Belarus
       Khankevich V.A.
9.     Bushnev A.S.,              Productivity of oil flax varieties depending on      SSI VNIIMK RAAS,
       Podlesny S.P.              crop rotation and method of basic soil tillage       Krasnodar, Russia

10.    Hajyieva H.I.              Efficiency of new trifluron-methyl based herbi-      Institute of plant protection,
                                  cides in sugar beet crops                            Belarus

11.    Haitsiukevich S.,                                                               Experimental scientific sta-
       Lukyaniuk N.,                                                                   tion on sugar beet, Nesvizh,
       Bulawin L.                 Effect of sulfonylurea herbicides aftereffect on     Belarus
                                  technological qualities of sugar beet roots          *he scientific-practial Center
                                                                                       for Arable Farming of National
                                                                                       Academy of Sciences of Bela-
12.    Gladkaya А.А.,                                                                  Institute of Plant Protection
                                  Application of plant extracts for orchard weed       and Ecological Agriculture,
       Nastas Т.N.
                                  plants control                                       Republic of Moldova, Kishi-

13.    Gоgoladze G.G.             Intraspesific weeds competition                      Institute of tea, subtropical
                                                                                       crops and tea industry,
                                                                                       Ozurgeti, Georgia

14.    Gutyanskyi R. A.,                                                               Plant Production Institute nd.
       Ryabukha S. S.             Efficacy of herbicide harmony in soybean crops       A. V. Ya. Yuriev of NAAS,
                                                                                       Kharkiv, , Ukraine

15.    Domaradskij Krzishtof      Possibilities of reduction the herbicides rates of   Institute of agriculture and soil
                                  application in sugar beet chemical protection        science in Pulavy
                                  systems against weed plants
                                                                                       Wroclav, Poland
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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №            Аuthors                               Thesis titles                       Оrganization, country
16.    Dryakhlov A.A.                                                                   SSI VNIIMK RAAS,
                                  Eсonomic substantiation of weed harmfulness
                                                                                        Krasnodar, Russia
                                  threshold in oil flax crops
17.    Dryakhlov A.A.,                                                                  SSI VNIIMK RAAS,
                                  Competitiveness of oil flax in respect to weeds
       Bushnev A.S.                                                                     Krasnodar, Russia

18.    Каzharskiy V.R. ,          Biological and economic efficiency of soil herbi-
                                                                                        Educational Institution «Bela-
       Коzlov S.N.,               cides in green bean crops                             russian State Agricultural
       Vertinskiy А.V.,
                                                                                        Academy», Gorki
       Prokopenkov D.N.
19.    Kitaeva L.М.               Herbicide assortment broadening in perennial          Institute of plant protection,
                                  leguminous grasses                                    Belarus

20.    Коrpanov R.V.                                                                    Institute of plant protection,
                                  Efficiency of desiccant reglon super in soybean
21.    Lapkovskaya Т.N. ,         Clopyralid – based herbicides application in fiber-   Institute of plant protection,
       Lobach О.K.                flax crops                                            Belarus

22.    Маzаеvа Е.А.               Studying herbicide Bazagran m, 375 g/l w.s. on        Institute of plant protection,
                                  garden pea weed infestation                           Belarus

23.    Маslionkina I.N.           Grass weed plant number regulation in white           Institute of plant protection,
                                  head cabbage crops                                    Belarus

24.    Pestereva А.S.             Spring triticale protection against weed vegeta-      Institute of plant protection,
                                  tion                                                  Belarus

25.    Polozniak Е.N.,                                                                  Institute of plant protection,
       Leshkevich N.V.            Pure crops - a guarantee of winter rape high          Belarus

26.    N.V. Paliakova,                                                                  V.F. Kuprevich Institute of
       V.P. Shukanov,                                                                   Experimental Botany at Na-
       N.V. Manzhalesava,         Influence of retardant terpal on phytosanitary        tional Academy of Sciences
       L.A. Karytsko,             state of flax crops (Linum usitatissimum L.)          Minsk, Belarus
       S.N. Poljanskaja,
       G.N. Shanbanovich

27.    Puchouskaya L.I.,                                                                RUC “Brest OAES NAS of
                                  Biocoenotic suppression of weeds in binary
       Khaletski V.M.                                                                   Belarus”, Prujany, Belarus
                                  mixed crops of lupines with cereal crops

28.    Sоrоka S.V.,               Evaluation of soil weed infestation by weed           Institute of plant protection,
       Lapkovskaya Т.N.,          seeds in APE “Tschorsy” Grodno district               Belarus
       Sоrоka L.I.
       Yakimovich Е.А.,
       Tserashchuk V.S.,
       Korpanov R. V.,
       Kolesnik S.А.,
       Ivashkevich А.А.,
       Kabzar N.V.,
       Stashkevich А.V.,
       Lobach О.K.

29.    Strelkov V.D.,             Рациональная система защиты сахарной                  State Scientific Institution All-
       Nazarenko D.Yu.,           свёклы                                                Russian Research Institute of
       Morozovsky V.V.                                                                  Biological Plant Protection
                                                                                        Krasnodar, Russia
30.    Тsеrashchuk V.S.           Influence of temperature different parameters in      Institute of plant protection,
                                  hen manure on weed plant seeds viability keep-        Belarus
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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №           Аuthors                                 Thesis titles                      Оrganization, country
31.    Chernukha V.G., Ma-                                                              All-Russian research institute
       hankova T.A., Golubev      Efficacy of herbicide Ellay Lite at spring wheat in   for plant protection,
       A.S.                       Leningrad and Saratov Regions                         Saint-Peterburg-Pushkin,
32.    Shyk A.S.,                 Improvement of chemical methods for weed con-         Educational institution «Brest
       Poplavskaya N.G.                                                                 State University named after
                                  trol in blue lupine crops in Brest Polesye
                                                                                        A.S. Pushkin»,
                                                                                        Brest, Republic of Belarus
33.    Yakimovich Е.А.,                                                                 Institute of plant protection,
       Ivashkevich А.А.,          Herbicides application for hogweed control on         Belarus
       Lapkovskaya Т.N.           populated area territories

34.    Yasyuchenya О.А.,                                                                RUC «Institute of plant pro-
       Duktov V.P.                Weed plant control in molting barley crops by the     tection»
                                  herbicide certo plus                                  Belarussian State Agricultural
                                                                                        Academy, Gorki
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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
                                      PHYTOPATHOLOGY Section

 №           Аuthors                              Thesis titles                       Оrganization, country
35.    Zhukovsky А.G.,            Phytopathological situation– the basis for        Institute of plant protection,
       Buga S.F.                  protection systems development against the        Belarus

36.    Orlikowski L. B.,          Significance of water in the spread of phy-       Institute of Horticulture,
       Ptaszek M.,                tophthora species                                 Skierniewice, Poland
       Trzewik A.,
       Orlikowska T.

37.    Ptaszek M.,                Seasonal changes in phytophthora density          Institute of Horticulture,
       Orlikowski L. B.,          in different water sources                        Skierniewice, Poland
       Trzewik A.,
       Orlikowska T.

38.    Sobiczewski P.             Development of improved strategies for fire       Institute of Horticulture,
                                  blight (erwinia amylovora) control                Skierniewice, Poland

39.    Stankevičiene A.,          The search of decorative plant pathogen –         Kaunas botanical Garden of
       Snieskiene V.,             phytophthora spp. in Lithuania                    Vytautas Magnus University
       Zeimavicius K.,                                                              Kaunas, Lithuania
       Pukiene R.,
       Vitas A.,                                                                    The Faculty of Natural
       Karpavicius J.                                                               Sciences Environmental Re-
                                                                                    search Centre of VMU
                                                                                    Kaunas, Lithuania

40.    Snieskiene V.,             Erysiphe flexousa – the new invazive Pa-          Kaunas botanical Garden of
       Stankevičiene A.,          thogen of Aesculus hippocastanum in Li-           Vytautas Magnus University
       Lugauskas A.               thuania                                           Kaunas, Lithuania

                                                                                    Chemistry Institute, Vilnius,

41.    Surviliene E.,             Investigation of Alternaria spp. population in    Institute of Horticulture, Lithu-
       Valiuskaite A.,            different agroecosystems                          anian Research Centre for
       Baniulis D.                                                                  Agriculture and Forestry, Bab-
                                                                                    tai, Lithuania

42.    Treikale O.,               Net blotch of barley: severity and control        Latvian Plant Protection Re-
       Javoisha B.                strategies                                        search centre,
                                                                                    Riga, Latvia

43.    Adamenko O.P.,             Special features on manifestation of fusari-      Kharkov National Agrarian
       Petrenkova V.P.            osis in soybeans in the conditions of the         University nd. a. V.V. Doku-
                                  eastern part of forest-steppe of Ukraine          chayeva
                                                                                    Kharkov Oblast, Ukraine

                                                                                    Yuriev Plant Produktion Insti-
                                                                                    tute NAAS
                                                                                    Kharkov, Ukraine
44.    Azovskaya N.O              Biometric indices of the fungus Sphaerop-         Belarussian State Technolo-
                                  sis sapinea sporulation, causing diplodia tip     gical University,
                                  blight on pines in Belarus                        Minsk, Belarus

45.    Andrianov A.D.,            To the question of potato protection system
       Andrianov D.A.             against the diseases in the Russian Federa-       Bashkir state agrarian univer-
                                  tion based on republic Bashkortostan ex-          Ufa, Republic of Bashkortos-
                                  ample                                             tan, Russia
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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №            Аuthors                            Thesis titles                        Оrganization, country
46.    Beradze L.А.,              Seasonal incidence of main citrus diseases        Tea, subtropical crops and
       Dzhakeli Е.Sh.                                                               tea industry Institute,
                                                                                    Оzurgeti, Georgia
47.    Beradze L.А.,              Tea plant pathogenic fungi                        Tea, subtropical crops and
       Dzhakeli Е.Sh.
                                                                                    tea industry Institute,
                                                                                    Оzurgeti, Georgia

48.    Bogdan V.Z.,                                                                 Republican Sсientific Branch
       Bogdan T.M.,                                                                 Unitary Establishment «Insti-
       Polonetskaya L.M.          Comparative evaluation of fiber flax geno-        tute of Flax»,
                                  types on resistance o Fusarium oxysporum          Ust΄e, Belarus

49.    Botnar V.F.,               Airone, sc effectiveness for tomatoes             Institute of Genetics and Plant
       Borovskaia A.D.            protection against the diseases                   Physiology,
                                                                                    Kishinev, Moldova
50.    Buga S.F.,                                                                   Institute of plant protection,
                                  Biological threshold of corn smut harmful-
       Zherdetskaya Т.N.                                                            Belarus

51.    Vazhynskaya I.S., Kan-     Determination of phytopathogenic proper-          Institute of Microbiology Bela-
       terova A.V.,               ties of micromycetes after cryoconservation       rus National Academy of
       Novik G.I.                                                                   Sciences,
                                                                                     Minsk, Belarus

52.    Volkova G.                 Genetic wheat protection against phytopa-         All-Russian Research Insti-
                                  thogens: theory and practice                      tute of Biological Plant Pro-
                                                                                    Krasnodar, Russia

53.    Gabaidze M.,               Wheat Powdery Mildew in Georgia in 2008-          Institute of Phytopathology of
       Sikharulidze Z.,           2009                                              Georgia,
       Beradze L.,                                                                  Kobuleti, Georgia
       Tsetskladze Ts.

54.    Gavrilova O.P.,            The resistance of oats germplasm from The         All-Russian Institute of Plant
       Gagkaeva T.Yu.,            Vavilov collection to Fusarium Head Blight        Protection (VIZR),
       Loskutov I.G.              and accumulation of mycotoxins                    St. Petersburg, Russia

                                                                                    N.I. Vavilov Research Insti-
                                                                                    tute of Plant Industry (VIR),
                                                                                    St. Petersburg, Russia

55.    Gagkaeva T.,               Molecular chemotyping of Fusarium grami-          All-Russian Institute of Plant
       Yli-Mattila T.             nearum using molecular primers                    Protection (VIZR),
                                                                                    St. Petersburg, Russia

                                                                                    University of Turku,

56.    Gorgiladze L.,             Distribution of wheat tan spot in Georgia         Institute of Phytopatology of
       Meparishvili G.,
                                                                                    Georgia, 90, Tavisupleba Str.,
       Sikharulidze Z.,
                                                                                    6200, Kobuleti, Georgia
       Natsarishvili K.

57.    Grinko N. N.               Susceptibility to ASCOCHYTA CUCUMERIS             SSE “Adler experimental sta-
                                  fautr. et roum. of cucumber genotypes from        tion“ VIR of the N.I.Vavilov,
                                  the Vavilov institute world collection            Sochi, Russia

58.    Gudoshnikova Е.S.,         Dwarf leaf rust of barley incidence in the        All-Russian Scientific-
       Vоlkova G.V.               North Caucasus                                    Research Institute of Biologi-
                                                                                    cal plant protection of Rusian
                                                                                    Agricultural Academy,
                                                                                    Krasnodar, Russia
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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №              Аuthors                          Thesis titles                        Оrganization, country
59.    Dzimistarishvili N. B.     Feijao diseases and substantiation of its         Tea, subtropical crops and
                                  control measures                                  tea industry Institute,
                                                                                    Оzurgeti, Georgia

60.    Zhuk Е.I.,
       Zhukovsky А. G.            Septoria ear spot incidence and harmful-          Institute of plant protection,
                                  ness in spring wheat crops under conditions       Belarus
                                  of the republic of Belarus

61.    Zhukova М.I.,              Аctuality of standartization the evaluation
       Zubkevich О.N.             methods of belarussian selection potato           Institute of plant protection,
                                  varieties resistance to globoderosis              Belarus

62.    Zhukova М.I.,              Оn the character of potato late blight tem-       Institute of plant protection,
       Khalaeva V.I.              poral dynamics                                    Belarus

63.    Zvyagintseva A.N.,         Express-method for spring barley specimen         Plant Production Institute nd.
       Markova T. Yu.             estimation for resistance to pathogenes of        a. V. Ya. Yuryev of NAAS
                                  helminthosporiosis                                Kharkov, Ukraine

64.    Ivanchuk N.N.,             Evaluation of potato hybrids resistance to
       Sеrеdа G.М.,                                                                 Institute of plant protection,
                                  potato wart disease agent Synchytrium en-         Belarus
       Zhukova М.I.               dobioticum (Schilb.) Perc.

65.    Ilyuk A.                   Harmfulness of winter wheat septoria glume        Institute of plant protection,
                                  blotch                                            Belarus

66.    Kanterova A.V.,            Physiological-morphological properties of         Institute of Microbiology
       Vazhynskaya I.S.,          phytopathogen Fusarium solani BIM F-347           Minsk, Belarus
       Novik G.I.                 after cryoconservation in different protecting

67.    Karimova E.V.              Apple proliferation phytoplasma –                 All-Russian plant quarantine
                                  dangerous disease infecting apple tree            centre, Moskow region,
                                                                                    Bykovo, Russia

68.    Kazlouskaya Z.A.,          Breeding estimation of apple cultivars Pino-      The Institute for Fruit Grow-
       Vaseha V.V.,               va and Otava – sources of resistance to           ing,
       Hashenka T.A.              powdery mildew                                    Samokhvalovitchy, Belarus

69.    Korobov V.A..              The phytosanitary condition of spring wheat       Novosibirsk State Agrarian
       Cheremnova V.A.            soft varieties over a range of diseases and       University,
                                  pests in forest-steppe of Western Siberia         Novosibirsk, Russia

70.    Кremneva О.Yu.,            The Development of Tan Spot and                   All-Russian Scientific-
       Volkova G.V.               resistance of winter wheat varieties to the       Research Institute of Biologi-
                                  pathogen in the North Caucasus                    cal Plant Protection of Rus-
                                                                                    sian Agricultural Academy,
                                                                                    Krasnodar, Russia

71.    Matsiakh I.P.,             Phytophthora genus pathogenic fungi influ-        Ukrainian National Forestry
       Kramarets V.A.,            ence on silver fir seedlings root system dy-      University,
       Gaszczyk K.,               ing off                                           Lviv, Ukraine
       Oszako T.
                                                                                    Forest Research Institute,
                                                                                    Raszyn, Poland,
72.    N a l o b o v a W.L,       Using the infectious background for the           RUC Vegetable growing Insti-
       Voitehovich I.M            evaluation and selection of individual resis-     tute,
                                  tant tomato plants to a range of pathogens        Samokhvalovitchy, Belarus
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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№             Аuthors                              Thesis titles                      Оrganization, country
73.    Nalobova Y.M.              The influence of environmental factors on the     RUC Vegetable growing Insti-
                                  development of brown leaf spot of carrots         tute,
                                                                                    Samokhvalovitchy, Belarus

74.    Nikolaeva S.I. , Niko-     Effect of Alternaria fungus toxin on seed ger     Institute of Plant Protec-
       laev A.N. ,                 mination and tomato hypocotyls condition         tion and Ecological Agricul-
       Volosciuc L. F.,                                                             ture,
       Shubin V.E.                                                                  Kishinev, Moldova

75.    Оrina А.S.,                Interspecific diversity of a phytopathogenic      All-Russian SRI of plant pro-
            Gаnnibal F.B.         fungus Alternaria solani by aggressiveness        tection (VIZR),
                                  sign                                              St.-Petersburg, Russia
76.    Pashenova N.V., Ba-        Phytopathogenic aggressiveness of fungal          V.N.Sukachev Institute of
       ranchikov Yu.N.            associates of Polygraphus Proximus – the          Forest SB RAS,
                                  invasive pest of firs in Siberia                  Krasnoyarsk, Russia

77.    Pilat Т.G.                 Incidence of short- hole disease of plum in       Institute of plant protection,
                                  the orchards of Belarus                           Belarus

78.    Pleskatsevich R.I.,        Sweet cherry protection against the diseas-       Institute of plant protection,
       Berlinchik Е.Е.            es                                                Belarus

79.    Paliakova N.V.,            Influence of retardant terpal on phytosanita-     V.F. Kuprevich Institute of
       Shukanov V.P.,             ry state of flax crops (Linum Usitatissimum       Experimental Botany at Na-
       Manzhalesava N.V.,         L.)                                               tional Academy of Sciences
       Karytsko L.A.,                                                               of Belarus,
       Poljanskaja S.N.,                                                            Minsk, Belarus
       Shanbanovich G.N.

80.    Popov F.А.,                To question of white head cabbage bacteri-        Institute of plant protection,
       Мyamin V.Е,                osises under conditions of Belarus                Belarus
       Pryshchepa I.A.,
       Lazarev А.М                                                                  Belarussian State University,

                                                                                    All-Russian Institute of plant
                                                                                    protection, S-Petersburg

81.    Portyankin D.Е.            Fiber flax crops protection against diseases      Institute of plant protection,
                                  and pests in Belarus                              Belarus

82.    Rodyukova O.S.             Comparative estimation of black currant           Michurin Research Institute of
                                  cultivars for anthracnose resistance              Horticulture,
                                                                                    Michurinsk, Russia

83.    Rozhnov А.V. ,             Influence of fungicidal action seed dressers      Institute of plant protection,
       Lukianiuk N.А.             on sugar beet sowing quality                      Belarus

                                                                                    Sugar Beet Scientific Experi-
                                                                                    mental Station, Nesvizh Be-

84.    Rude O.,                   The investigation of aspects to control Scle-     Latvian Plant Protection Re-
       Lazareva L.,               rotinia sclerotiorum in conditions of Latvia      search Centre Ltd.,
       Vilcans M.                                                                   Riga, Latvia

85.    Sarasek A.I.,              Pear scab incidence caused by the fungus          Grodno State Agrarian Uni-
       Brukish D.A.               Venturia pirina Aderh. in intensive pear orc-     versity,
                                  hards in the republic of Belarus                  Grodno, Belarus

86.    Saskevich P.A.,            Sunflower diseases incidence in the north-        Grodno State Agrarian Uni-
       Ustinova N.V.,             east of Belarus                                   versity,
       Pronko A.V.                                                                  Grodno, Belarus
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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№             Аuthors                              Thesis titles                      Оrganization, country
                                                                                    Institute of plant protection,

87.    Sviridov A.V.,             Pathogenicity and ecology of red beet             Grodno State Agrarian Uni-
       Zenchik S.S.               clamp rot agents                                  versity,
                                                                                    Grodno, Belarus

88.    Senashova V.A.             Phytopathogenic fungi of coniferous needle        V.N.Sukachev Institute of
                                  on the territory of Krasnoyarsk region and        Forest SB RAS,
                                  republic Khakassia                                Krasnoyarsk, Russia

89.    Sklimianok N. A.,          Main diseases severity of winter wheat va-        Institute of plant protection,
       Ilyuk A. G.,               rieties                                           Belarus
       Buga S. F.,
       Zhukovsky A. G.

90.    Stratu V.M.                Specific composition of fungi, causing pow-       Institute of Plant Protection
                                  dery mildew in Moldavian seed-fruit orc-          and Ecological Agriculture,
                                  hards                                             Kishinev, Moldova

91.    Stratu V.M.,               Features of apple scab forecast under con-        Institute of Plant Protection
       Haydarly J.G.,             ditions of hilly central zone of Moldova          and Ecological Agriculture,
       Bech V.I.,                                                                   Kishinev, Moldova
       Popa A.I.

92.    Tolopilo A.N.              Evaluation of toxic preparations action on
                                                                                    Institute of plant protection,
                                  Botrytis cinerea and Fusarium spp. in vitro

93.    Treikale О.,               Phytosanitary situation in winter triticale in    Latvian Plant Protection Re-
       Vanaga I.,                 Latvia                                            search centre,
       Apenite I.,                                                                  Riga, Latvia
       Javoisha B.,
       Pugacheva J.

94.    Тyuterev S.L.,             Nanodisperse systems based on hydrophil-          All-Russia Institute of Plant
       Panarin Е.F.,              ic polymers as the effective preparative          Protection3 Podbelsky
       Popova E.V.                forms of a new generation of low dangerous        shosse
                                  plant protection products                         St. Peterburg, Russia

                                                                                    Institute of macromolecular
                                                                                    St.Petersburg, Russia

95.    Fedorovich M.N.            Alternaria blight on parsley leaves               Belorussian State University,
                                  (Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) A. W. Hill)         Belarus

96.    Khyutti A.V.,              Screening of wild and cultural potato spe-        All-Russian research institute
       Gavrilenko T.A.,           cies for resistance to wart disease of potato     for plant protection (SSE
       Afanasenko O.S.            agent – Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilb.)        VIZR), St. Petersburg, Russia
                   .                                                                N.I. Vavilov Institute of Plant
                                                                                    St. Petersburg, Russia

97.    Tercovnaia V. S.           Gamair for oninon diseases control                Scientific Research Institute
                                                                                    of Agriculture,
                                                                                    Tiraspol, Moldova
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International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №            Аuthors                              Thesis titles                        Оrganization, country
98.    Tsetskhladze Ts.,          Virulence structure of the Georgian popu-           Institute of Phytopathology,
       Sikharulidze Z.,           lation of Erisiphe Graminis F.Sp. Hordey            Kobuleti, Georgia
       Meparishvili G.,
       Gabaidze M.

99.    Chalaya N.A.,              Sources of resistance to golden potato cyst         N.I.Vavilov Research Institute
       Kiru S.D.                  nematode G. Rostochiesis (Woll.) among              of Plant Protection, St-
                                  wild potato species samples from VIR col-           Petersburg, Russia

100. Chugayev S.V.,               Soft winter wheat crops monitoring for root         Plant Production Institute nd.
       Chernayeva I.N.,           rot affection degree in the conditions of the       a. V. Ya. Yuriev of NAASU,
       Markova T.Y.               eastern part of forest – steppe of Ukraine          Kharkov, Ukraine

101. Yamaleev А.М.,               Physiological biochemical changes in wheat un-      Bashkir Scientific-Research
       Yamaleeva А.A.,            der protective stimulating compositions influence   Institute of Agricultureа,,
       Urmanov R.R.,                                                                  Russia, Ufa
       Khasanova D.V.                                                                 Bashkir State University,
                                                                                      Russia, Ufa
102. Yarullina L.G.,              Molecular - biochemical mechanisms of               Institute of Biochemistry and
       Ibragimov R.I.,            induced plant resistance                            Genetics of Ufa Science Cen-
       Burchanova G.F.,
                                                                                      tre RAS,
       Zaikina E.A.,
                                                                                       Ufa, Bashkortostan
       Mardanshin I.S.,
       Shpirnaya I.A.
                                                                                      Bashkiria state University,
                                                                                      Ufa, Bashkortostan
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 10 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»

                                     PHYTOVIROLOGY Section

№             Аuthors                                Thesis titles
103. Blotskaya Zh.V.,             Influence of biologically active substances on manife-   RUC «Institute of plant
       Vаbishchevich V.V.,        station and development of tomato aspermy and cu-        protection», Belarus
       Dоmash V.I.                cumber green mottle mosaic viruses
                                                                                           SSI «Institute of the ex-
                                                                                           perimental botany named
                                                                                           after V.F.Kuprevich NAS
                                                                                           of Belarus”, Minsk

104. Valasevich N.,               Raspberry bushy dwarf virus (Rbdv) identifica-           RUC «Institute of Fruit
     Kukharchyk N.                tion by rt-pcr method in Belarus                         Growing», Belarus

105. Gnutova R.V.                 Plant virus infections in agro and bioсоenosis in        Institute of Biology and
                                  the asian terrotory of Russia                            Soil Science FEB RAS,
                                                                                           Vladivostok, Russia.

106. Guljaeva I.I.,               Winter wheat virus diseases incidence on the             Odessa State Agrarian
       Snigur H.O.,               south of Ukraine                                         University,
       Milkus B.N.                                                                         Odessa, Ukraine

                                                                                           Shevchenko‟ Kyiv Na-
                                                                                           tional University,
                                                                                            Kyiv, Ukraine

107. Danilova O.I.,               Environmentally safe method for protection of            Taras Shevchenko Kyiv
       Mishchenko L.T.,           tomato seedlings against viral infection                 National University,
       Yanischevska G.S.,                                                                  Kyiv, Ukraine
       Torop V.V.

108. IvanovskayaM.V.,             Estimation samples a tomato, pepper, a cu-               RUC «Vegetable growing
       Shaituro I.V.              cumber and garlic on presence of a virus infec-          Institut»,
                                  tion                                                     Belarus

109. Kastalyeva T.B.,             Specificity of russian potato spindle tuber viroid       Russian Research Insti-
       GirsovaN.V.,               (PSTVd) isolates                                         tute of Phytopathology
       Mozhaeva K.A.,                                                                      (VNIIF),
       Owens R.A.                                                                          Bolshie Vyaziomy, Rus-
                                                                                           Molecular Plant Patholo-
                                                                                           gy Laboratory, USDA,
                                                                                           Beltsville, USA

110. Kozlov L.P.,                 Potato paracrinklе mosaic (virus m)                      All-Russia Research In-
       Yakutkina T.A.,            and its pathogen peculiarities (based on re-             stitute for Plant Protec-
       Sozonov A.N.,              search and the northwest farming materials)              tion
       Solyankina L.V.                                                                     Rosselkhoznadzor in
                                                                                           Leningrad region
                                                                                           St. Petersburg, Russia

111. Konup A.,                    The detection of grapevine leafroll and fanleaf          I.I.Mecnikov Odessa Na-
       Milkus B.,                 viruses during the certified planting material           tional University,
       Konup L.                   production                                               Odessa, Ukraine
                                                                                           V.E. Tairov Institute of
                                                                                           Viticulture and Wine-
                                                                                           Odessa, Ukraine

112. Kukharchyk N.V.,             The evaluation of winter resistance and suscep-          Institute of fruit growing,
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 11 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№             Аuthors                                Thesis titles
       Kastrickaya M.S.           tibility to viruses of standard (EPPO) tree indica-    Samokhvalovichy,
                                  tors for field testing of fruit crops in Belarus       Minsk region, Belarus

113. Milkus B.,
                                  Virus and bacterial diseases of grapevine in           Odessa State Agrarian
       Konup L.                   Ukraine                                                University,
       Zunjko I.D.,                                                                      Odessa, Ukraine
       Limanskaja N.V.
                                                                                         I.I.Mecnikov Odessa Na-
                                                                                         tional University, Odes-
                                                                                         sa, Ukraine

                                                                                         V.E. Tairov Institute of
                                                                                         Viticulture and Enology,
                                                                                         Odessa, Ukraine

114. Mishchenko L.T.,             Electron microscopic study of viruses that cause       Taras Shevchenko Kyiv
       Danilova O.I.,             tomato leaf curl in the open ground in the forest      National University,
       Chigrin A.V.               steppe of Ukraine                                      Kyiv, Ukraine

                                                                                         Ustimovka Experimental
                                                                                         Station of Plant Produc-
                                                                                         tion, Poltava region,

115. Mozhaeva K.A.,               Identification of Phytoplasma diseases of potato       Russian Research Insti-
       Girsova N.V,               and Tomato in Russia                                   tute of Phytopathology,
       Kastalyeva T.B.,                                                                  Bolshie Vyaziomy, Rus-
       Lee I.-M.                                                                         sia

                                                                                         Molecular Plant Patholo-
                                                                                         gy Laboratory, USDA,
                                                                                         ARS, Beltsville, USA

116. Mudrak T.P.,                 Diagnostics of cactus virus in collection of           Taras Shevchenko` Kyiv
       Kompanets T.A.,            ukrainian botanical gardens                            National University,
       Korotyeyeva A.V.                                                                  Kyiv, Ukraine

117. Orlovska G.M.,               Ultrafine structure of sunflower plant cells at        Taras Shevchenko` Kyiv
       Boyko A.L.                 virus infection                                        National University,
                                                                                         Kyiv, Ukraine

118. Peregudova A.S.,             Monitoring of viral infections in representatives      Taras Shevchenko` Kyiv
       Koroteyeva G.V.,           of Orchidaceae family in natural ecosystems            National University,
       Polishchuk V.P.            and collections of botanical gardens                   Kyiv, Ukraine

119. Polischuk V.P.,              Diagnostics is a crucial step in elaborating strat-
       Shevchenko T.P.,           egy for plant protection against viruses               Taras Shevchenko` Kyiv
       Bysov A.S.,                                                                       National University,
       Shevchenko O.V.,                                                                  Kyiv, Ukraine
       Natcevich V.O.

120. Postoienko O.M.              Influence of anthropogenic load on the preva-          Taras Shevchenko` Kyiv
                                  lence of phyto viruses in agro-and ecological          National University,
                                  communities                                            Kyiv, Ukraine

121. Prihodko Yu.N.,              Identification of unusual strains of Plum pox          All-Russian plant quaran-
       Zhivaeva T.S.              virus on stone fruit crops in the Russian              tine centre,
       Shneyder Yu.A.             Federation                                             Moscow obl. Ramensky
                                                                                         region, Bykovo, Russia
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 12 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№             Аuthors                                Thesis titles
122. Radkovich E.V.,              Complex of methods application: indexing, elisa        RUE «Research and
       Hushcha H.N.,              and pcr for reception of parent free pathogens         practical center of NAS of
       Filonova I.V.,             lines of new potato varieties                          Belarus for potato, fruit
       Gernak E.A.                                                                       and vegetable growing»

123. Tiuterev S. L.,              Efficiency of the inducers of plant disease resis-     All-Russian SRI of plant
       Evstigneeva T.A.,          tance in seed potato recovery from virus and           protection,
       Pavlova N.A.               fungal diseases                                        Saint-Petersburg, Russia

124. Chigrin А.V.,                Eduction of the causes of tomato and potato            Ustimovka Experimental
       Bondus R.O.,               leaf roll in the southern part of the forest-steppe    Station of Plant Produc-
       Mishchenko L.T.            of Ukraine                                             tion,
                                                                                         Poltava region, Ukraine

                                                                                         Taras Shevchenko Kyiv
                                                                                         National University,
                                                                                         Kyiv Ukraine

125. Shneyder Yu.A.,              Detection tobacco ringspot virus in plants using
       Prihodko Yu.N.,                                                                   All-Russian plant quaran-
                                  elisa and RT-PCR
       Zhivaeva T.S.                                                                     tine centre,
                                                                                          Bykovo, Russia
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 13 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»

                                        ENTOMOLOGY Section

 №         Аuthors                                   Thesis titles                            Оrganization
126. Valiuškaitė A.,              Latest investigation of common sawflies (Tenth-       Institute of Horticulture,
     Tamošiūnas R.,               redinidae) in plum trees in Lithuania                 Lithuanian Research
     Duchovskienė L.                                                                    Centre for Agriculture
                                                                                        and Forestry; Babtai,
127. Andrianov A.D.,              Strategy and tactics of a new potato protection       Bashkir state agrarian
     Andrianov D.A.               system against the colorado potato beetle in the      university, Ufa,
                                  Russian Federation on the Republic Bashkor-           Republic of Bashkor-
                                  tostan example                                        tostan, Russian Feder-
128. Apenite I.                   The determination of the most effective method        Latvian Plant Protec-
                                  to control European cherry fruit fly Rhagoletis       tion Research centre,
                                  Cerasi l. population                                  Riga, Latvia

129. Baranchikov Yu.N.,           Saprotrophic fungi, terata morphology, and            V.N.Sukachev Institute
     Grodnitskaya I.D.            overwintering success of larch bud gall midges        of Forest SB RAS,
                                  larvae                                                Krasnoyarsk, Russia
130. Batco M.G.,                  The influence of Confidor and Lufox insecti-          Institute for Plant Pro-
     Diuritsh G.F.,               cides used against codling moth (Cydia pomo-          tection and Ecological
     Iordosopol E.I.,             nella L.), on the beneficial orchard entomofauna      Agriculture,
     Maievskii V.P.,                                                                    Kishinev , Republic of
     Yazlovetsky I.G.,                                                                  Moldova
     Iachimciuc A.P.
131. Botnari V.F.                 Harmfulness control ofthe basic entomological         Institute for Plant Pro-
                                  cabbage objects                                       tection and Ecological
                                                                                        Kishinev , Republic of
132. Buga S.                      Complexes of aphids damaging fruit-producing
                                                                                        Belorussian State Uni-
                                  and berry-producing plants under the condition
                                  of Belarus: recent structure and dynamics
                                                                                        Minsk, Belarus‟
133. Vition P.                    The microarthropoda (Oribatida; Collembola)           Institute for Plant Pro-
                                  sensibility to pesticides in apple orchards of the    tection Researches and
                                  Central part of the Republic of Moldova               Ecological Agriculture
                                                                                        Kishinev , Republic of
134. Gatina E. Sh.,               Ecological aspects of plum moth development –         Scientific and Practical
     Babidorich М.М.              features of pesticide pressing for its control        Institute of orchard,
                                                                                        grape growing and food
                                                                                        technologies, Кishinev,
135. Dinassilov A.S., Ba-         Measures of localizing the Oriental moth -            Kazakh Research Institute
     dayev E.A.                   Grapholitha molesta Busck.                            of Plant Protection and
                                  (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) in Kazakhstan
                                                                                        Rahat, Kazakhstan
136. Zvankovich V.K.,
     Boika S.V.,                  Features of winter grain crops protection             Institute for Plant Pro-
     Golovach V.V.                against pests                                         tection, Belarus

137. Zvyagintsev V.B.,            Economic importance of the genus Ernobius             Belarussian State
     Yuzhik N.V.,                 insects in spruce stands                              Technological Universi-
     Blintsov A.I.                                                                      ty, Minsk, Belarus
138. Ibragimov R.I.,              Biochemical and ecological parameters of              The Bashkir State
     Jarullina L.G.,              interaction of potato and colorado potato beetle      University, Ufa, Russia
     Benkovskaja G.V.,                                                                  Institute of biochemistry
     Shpirnaja I.A.,                                                                    and genetics,
     Umarov I.A.,                                                                       Ufa, Russia
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 14 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№           Аuthors                                 Thesis titles                            Оrganization
      Burchanova G.F.,
      Zaikina E.A.

139. Kiel V. I.                   Molecular-genetic analysis of codling moth            All-Russian Research
                                  populations                                           Institute of Biological
                                                                                        Plant Protection of
                                                                                        Krasnodar, Russia
140. Kondratenko T. P.            Distribution and food specialization of dipterous
                                                                                        Institute for Plant
                                  phytophages in protected ground
                                                                                        Protection, Belarus
141. Koshelev Yu A.,              Cotton worm (Helicoverpa Armigera Hbn.) con-          ZAO Altayvitaminy,
     Kolosov A.V.,                trol using baculoviruses                              Biysk, Russia
     Khamraev A.Sh.,                                                                    The State Research
     Khashimova M.H.,                                                                   Center of Virology and
     KhmedovaZ.Yu. A,                                                                   Biotechnology VEC-
     Zalesov A.S.,                                                                      TOR
     Il’inih A.V.                                                                       Novosibirsk, Russia
                                                                                        Institute of Zoology,
                                                                                        Uzbek Academy of
                                                                                        Sciences, Tashkent

142. Malysh J.M.,                 Dynamics of population density of beet web-           All-Russian Institute of
     Tokarev Y.S.,                worm on the territory of Eurasia                      Plant Protection,
     Zverev A.A.,                                                                       St. Petersburg, Russia
     Sitnikova N.V.,                                                                    Institute of Zoology,
     Martemyanov V.V.,                                                                  Kishinev, Moldova
     Frolov A.N.                                                                        Institute of Animal
                                                                                        Ecology and Systemat-
                                                                                        Novosibirsk, Russia

143. Muntean E.M.,                Susceptibility of greenhouse thrips populations       Institute of Plant Pro-
     Batco M.G.                   to insecticides                                       tection and Ecological
                                                                                        Agriculture, Kishinev,
                                                                                        Republic of Moldova

144. Musleh Mohammed,             Practical application of growth, development          Institute of Plant Pro-
     Aidaross Nasser              and behavior regulators, in Phyllonorycter cory-      tection and Ecological
     Nasr Naji                    lifoliella Hb number regulation in apple-tree         Agriculture,
                                                                                        Kishinev, Republic of
                                                                                        Department of biology,
                                                                                        Redfan Facility of edu-
                                                                                        cation, University of
                                                                                        Aden, Yemen

145. Pleshak M.G.                 Species structure of formed entomocomplex of
                                                                                        Institute of Plant Pro-
                                  blue lupine agrocoenosis
                                                                                        tection, Belarus
146. Sosnovskyi Y. V.             Phytophagous arthropods diversity on plants of        Botanical Garden of the
                                  different taxons under protected ground condi-        Ivan Franko National
                                  tions                                                 University of L‟viv,

147. Sumencova V.V.,              Susceptibility of apple orchard acariPHages to        Institute of Plant Pro-
     Iordosopol E.I.,             some insectoacaricides                                tection and Ecological
     Batco M.G.                                                                         Agriculture, Academy
                                                                                        of Science R. Moldova,
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 15 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №         Аuthors                                 Thesis titles                             Оrganization
148. Тrepashko L.I.,              Biotic and anthropogenic factors influence on
     Nadtochaeva S.V.             elateridae development in agricultural crops          Institute of Plant Pro-
                                                                                        tection, Belarus

149. Fasulati S.R.,               Nature and sources of potato complex resis-           All-Russian Institute of
     Limantseva L.A.,             tance to colorado potato beetle and potato gol-       Plant Protection,
     Ivanova O.V.                 den cyst nematode                                     St.-Petersburg, Russia
150. Frolov A.N.,                 Population dynamics of the european corn bo-          All-Russian Institute of
     Garkushka V.G.               rerand maize resistance to the pest                   Plant Protection, St.
                                                                                        „KOS-MAIS‟, Botanika,
                                                                                        Krasnodar Territory,

151. Нromova L.M.                 Rusty tomato mite in different cultural and weed      Kabardino-Balkar
                                  plant species                                         Scientific-Research
                                                                                        Institute of Agriculture,
                                                                                        Nalchik, KBR, Russia
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 16 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»

                     «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION.

 №         Аuthors                                  Thesis titles                              Оrganization
152. Šėžienė V.,                  Allelopatic impact of some dominants in bare           Institute of Forestry,
     Baležentienė L.,             cuttings of Scots pine forest under climate            Lithuanian Research
     Ozolinčius R.                change                                                 Centre for Agriculture
                                                                                         and Forestry, Lithua-

                                                                                         Lithuanian University
                                                                                         of Agriculture, Lithua-
153. Tabaković-Tošić M.,                                                                 Institute of Forestry
     Tošić D.,                    Forest certification and integral protection in        Belgrade, Serbia
     Golubović-Ćurguz V.          forestry of the republic of Serbia                     University of Belgrade,
                                                                                         Faculty of Geography,
154. Tabaković-Tošić M.,          New technological methods in the integral forest       Institute of Forestry
     Golubović-Ćurguz V.          protection in the republic of Serbia                   Belgrade, Serbia
     Tošić D.
                                                                                         University of Belgrade,
                                                                                         Faculty of Geography,

155. Alexandrov I.N.              Phytosanitary activities for preventing quaran-        Federal State Organi-
                                  tine pest invasions                                    zation «All-Russian
                                                                                         Plant Quarantine
                                                                                         Bykovo, Russia

156. Babkov А.V.,                 The use of growth stimulator epin plus and fun-        State Forestry Institu-
     Maisiayonak А.P.,            gicide ferazim for growing annual seedlings of         tion «Dvina Experi-
     Palchenko S.A.,              scotch pine                                            ment Station of the
     Zavadskaja М.I.                                                                     Forest Institute of NAS
                                                                                         of Belarus»,
                                                                                         p. Podsvilie

                                                                                         State Research Institu-
                                                                                         tion «Institute of expe-
                                                                                         rimental botany of
                                                                                         V.F. Kuprevich of the
                                                                                         NAS of Belarus»,

                                                                                         State Research Institu-
                                                                                         tion «Institute of Bioor-
                                                                                         ganic Chemistry of the
                                                                                         NAS of Belarus»,

157. Vasilyeva L.                 The methods of observation of cherry fruit fly         All-Russian Institute of
                                  (Rhagoletis cerasi L.) population dynamics             Biological Control,
                                  when testing efficacy of environmentally low-          Krasnodar, Russia
                                  hazard insecticides

158. Goncharov N.R., Be-          Innovation development and application prob-           All-Russian institute of
     lyakova N.A.                 lems in plant protection                               plant protection,
                                                                                         St.-Petersburg, Russia
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 17 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №         Аuthors                                   Thesis titles                            Оrganization
159. Grishechkina L.D.,           Novel preparations for integrated system of po-
                                                                                         All-Russian institute of
     Gerasimova A.V.,             tato protection in Russia
                                                                                         plant protection,
     Dolzhenko V.I.,
                                                                                         St.-Petersburg, Russia
     Milyutenkova T.I.

160. Dolmatov D.A.                Improvement of assortment and method of
                                  preparations application for greenhouse tomato         Institute of plant
                                  crop protection against noxious insects and            protection, Belarus

161. Ermolenko S.A.,              The experience of innovation activity in All-          All-Russian research
     Ismailov V.Ya.               Russian Research Institute of Biological Plant         institute of biological
                                  Protection of RAAS                                     plant protection,
                                                                                         Krasnodar, Russia

162. Esipenko L.P.,               The process of adaptation development in the           All-Russian research
     Ermolenko S.A.               populations of invasive species Zygogramma             institute of biological
                                  suturalis (f.) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae) and         plant protection,
                                  Ambrosia artemisiifolia l. (Asteraceae) on the         Krasnodar, Russia
                                  territory of Russia

163. Kivachitskaya M.M.           Tebuconazole residues in spring barley plants          Institute of plant pro-
                                  and grain                                              tection,

164. Кislushko P.М.,              New methods of pesticide residues determina-
     Petrashkevich N.V.,          tion in vegetative production, soil,water
     Кivachitskaya М.М.,
     Zayats М.F.,                                                                        Institute of plant pro-
     Grushenko М.М.,                                                                     tection, Belarus
     Bykovskiy А.V.,
     Zayats М.А.,
     Кudryavets Yu.А.
165. Kovalenkov V.G.,             Integrated control system: scientific content and      All-Russian research
     Ismailov V.Ya.,              application experience                                 institute of biological
     Tyurina N.M.                                                                        plant protection,
                                                                                         Krasnodar, Russia

166. Kozich I.A.                  Peculiarities of seed and forage grain protection      Institute of plant pro-
                                  against storage pests                                  tection, Belarus

167. Kozlov S. N.,                Economic efficiency of chemical means of plant         Educational Institution
     Kazharsky V. R. ,            protection and growth regulators in winter wheat       «Belarussian State
     Iotko Yu.V.                  crops                                                  Agricultural Acade-
                                                                                         my», Gorki, Belarus
168. Limantseva L.A.,             New donors of resistance to potato golden cyst         All-Russian Research
     Rogozina,E.V.                nematode, pathotype Ro1.                               Institute for Plant Pro-
     Kolobaev V.A.                                                                       tection (VIZR)
                                                                                         St. Petersburg, Russia
                                                                                          N.I. Vavilov Research
                                                                                         Institute of Plant Indus-
                                                                                         try (VIR)
                                                                                         St. Petersburg, Russia

169. Lyamtsev N.I.                Integrated protection of oak stands against leaf-      Russian Research In-
                                  eating insects                                         stitute for Silviculture
                                                                                         and Mechanization of
                                                                                         Pushkino, Russia
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 18 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №         Аuthors                                   Thesis titles                             Оrganization
170. Меleshko N.I.                Evaluation of the insecticide tarzan application       Institute of plant pro-
                                  efficiency against plum pests                          tection, Belarus

171. Nikolaishvili А.А.,          Integrated citrus crop protection                      Institute of tea, sub-
     Mekvabishvili S.S.,                                                                 tropical crops and tea
     Intskirveli M.M.                                                                    industry,
                                                                                         Ozurgeti, Georgia

172. Sergeeva YU.A.               Technology of insecticides application to protect      Russian Research In-
                                  forest in Russia                                       stitute for Silviculture
                                                                                         and Mechanization of
                                                                                         Pushkino, Russia

173. Skuriat А.F.,                Efficiency of aviation method of spraying for
     Аgeychik А.V.,               winter and spring rape protection against the          Institute of plant pro-
     Shantyr V.А.                 diseases                                               tection, Belarus

174. Slabozhankina O. F.          System of chemical measures for spring grain           Institute of plant pro-
                                  crops protection against pests                         tection, Belarus

175. Philipchenko S.V.            Fungicides influence on spring wheat rassvet           RUC «Gomel district
                                  grain yield and quality                                agricultural experimen-
                                                                                         tal station» NAS of
                                                                                         Belarus ,
                                                                                         a.c. Dovsk, Belarus

176. Tsyganov A.R.,               Productivity of barley and wheat depending on          Presidium of the NAS
     Маsterov А.S.,               application of growth regulators                       of Belarus
     Karaulny D.V.                                                                       EI «Belarussian State
                                                                                         Agricultural Academy»
                                                                                         Gorky, Belarus

177. Chumak P.Ya.,                Integrated system of ecological friendly thrips        A.V.Fomin Botanical
     Vygera S.M.,                 (tripidae) number management in the protected          Garden,
     Yakovenko O.M.               ground                                                 Kyiv, Ukraine

                                                                                         National University of
                                                                                         Biological Resurces
                                                                                         and Natural Use of
                                                                                         Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 19 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»

                                                IOBC Section

 №           Аuthors                                Thesis titles                               Оrganization
178. Chkhubianishvili Ts.,          The small mulbery pyralid, Glyphodes Pyloalis          Kanchaveli l. Institute
     Malania I.,                    Walker – the new urban pest insect in Georgia          of Plant Protection,
     Kakhadze M.,                                                                          Tbilisi, Georgia
     Skhirtladze R.,
     Mikaia N.,
     Rijamadze I.

179. Tabaković-Tošić M.,            Possibilities of applying modern methods of in-        Institute of Forestry
     Golubović-Ćurguz V.,           tegrated protection in forest nurseries                Belgrade, Serbia
     Tošić D.
                                                                                            University of Bel-
                                                                                           grade, Faculty of Geo-
                                                                                           graphy, Serbia
180. Agasieva I.S.,                 The phenomenon of the predacious bug Pеrillus          All-Russian research
     Ismailov V.Ya.,                bioculatus F.(Hemiptera, Pentatomidae ) accli-         institute of biological
     Fedorenko E.V.,                matization and its further use perspective             plant protection,
     Nadykta V.D.                                                                          Krasnodar, Russia

181. Asaturova A.M.                 Compatibility of new bacteria-producers strains        All-Russian research
                                    of microbiological preparations with pesticides        institute of biological
                                    recommended for sunflower application                  plant protection,
                                                                                           Krasnodar, Russia

182. Babidorich M.M.,               Biological activity of chestnut moth Cameraria         Institute for Plant Pro-
     Kovalev B.G.                   ohridella (Lepidoptera, Graccillariidae) synthetic     tection and Ecological
                                    sex pheromone in Ukraine and Moldova                   Agriculture of the
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova
183. Bazhanova A.A.,                Phytopathogenic properties of the rhizosphere          Institute of Genetics and
     Bazhanov D.P.,                 bacterium Paenibacillus sp. BB13 antagonistic          Cytology, Natl. Acad. Sci.
     Yatsevich K.K.                 to phytopathogenic fungi                               Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

184. Bradowski V.A.,                Cytogenetic and cellular sterility basis in            Institute for Plant Pro-
     Batco M.G.,                    cabbage root fly – Delia brassicae Bouche              tection and Ecological
     Bradowskaya N.P.                                                                      Agriculture of the
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova
185. Boykova I.V.,                  Mеloden - a new biopreparate based on strep-           All-Russian Research
     Pеtrov А.Yu.                   tomycete for gall nematode control                     Institute for Plant Pro-
                                                                                           tection (VIZR)
                                                                                           St. Petersburg, Russia
186. Vezenco O.V.                   Antagonistic activity of strains-producers of bio-
                                                                                           ITI “Biotechnika”,
                                    logical biopreparations relative to grain crops
                                                                                           Odesa, Ukraine
                                    phytopathogenic fungi

187. Voynyac V.I.,                  New preparation forms of sex pheromones for            Institute for Plant Pro-
     Shliahtici V.A.,               regulation of noxious insect populations by            tection and Ecological
     Musleh M.,                     males disorientation                                   Agriculture of the
     Sirbu V.M.                                                                            ASM,
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

188. Voitka D.V.,                   Biological preparation Ekogrin, l. (Pseudomonas   Institute for plant
     Yankovskaya E.N.,              aurantiaca BIM B-446) application in greens crops protection, Belarus
     Yuzephovich E.K.,              and cucumber protection against diseases
     Kolomiets, E.I.                                                                  Institute of microbiology
     Kuptsov V.N.,                                                                    of NAS of Belarus,
     Evsegneeva N.V.                                                                  Minsk, Belarus
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 20 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№              Аuthors                                 Thesis titles                            Оrganization

189. Gavrilitsa L.F.,               Application of Trichogramma enthomophague              Institute for Plant Pro-
     Volosciuc L.F. ,               against Noctuidscomplex on bean crops in the           tection and Ecological
     Rosca G.C.                     Republic of Moldova                                    Agriculture of the
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova
190. Gninenko Yu.I.,                Penetration of alien species into forest commun-       The All-Russian scien-
     Klyukin M. S.,                 ities of Russia and some other countries               tific research institute
     Rakov A.G.                                                                            of forestry and mecha-
                                                                                           Pushkino, Russia

191. Goginashvili N.V.,             Migration and current situation of Bark beetle
     Tvaradze M.S.                  Ips typographuus L. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae:        Vasil Gulisashvili
     Kereselidze M.B.,              Scolytinae) in Georgia                                 Forest Institute,
     Supatashvili A.Sh.                                                                    Tbilisi, Georgia

192. Gorban V.                      To justifyfing the development and tehnlogies of       Institute for Plant Pro-
                                    mass breeding and settling of biological agents        tection and Ecological
                                    for pest plant control                                 Agriculture of the
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova
193. Gouli V.V.,                    Optimization of practical application of myco-         Entomology Research
     Prischepa L.I.,                pesticides for control of arthropod pests              Laboratory University
                                                                                           of Vermont,
                                                                                           USA, Burlington

                                                                                           Institute of Plant Pro-
                                                                                           tection, Belarus

194. Gouli V.V.,                    Fungi as epizootic factor in populations of suck-      Entomology Research
     Gouli S.Y.,                    ing alien insects in north-eastern region of the       Laboratory University
     Parker B.L.,                   USA                                                    of Vermont,
     Skinner M.                                                                            Burlington, USA

195. Gouli V.V.,                    New method of mass entomopathogenic fungi              University of Vermont,
     Gouli S.Y.,                    production                                             Burlington, USA
     Parker B.L.,
     Skinner M.,                                                                           Novosibirsk Agrouni-
     Shternshis M.V.                                                                       versity, Novosibirsk,

196. Dobrohotov S.A.,               Elements of fruit – berry and vegetable crop           Saint-Petersburg State
     Karaev D.O.,                   protection for organic farming in the north –west      Agrarian University,
     Anisimov A.I.,                 of Russia                                              Russia
     Smirnov О.V.

197. Dolzhenko T.V.,                Biological insectoacaricide NeemAzal for               Saint-Petersburg State
     Dolzhenko V.I.                 glasshouse cucumber protection                         Agrarian University,
                                                                                           Pushkin, Russia

                                                                                           Russian Agricultural
                                                                                           Moscow, Russia

198. Elisovetcaia D.S.              Insecticidal and antifeedant activities of plant       Institute for Plant Pro-
                                    extract from species Coronilla Varia l. and its        tection and Ecological
                                    fractions against Leptinotarsa Decemlineata say        Agriculture of the
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 21 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№              Аuthors                                 Thesis titles                             Оrganization
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova
199. Elisovetcaia D.S.,             Biological activity of plant extracts on the basis     Institute for Plant Pro-
     Nastas T.N.                    of Heracleum sp. against different species of          tection and Ecological
                                    phytophages                                            Agriculture of the
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova
200. Ermakova O.V.                  Mass-rearing of the predatory bug Orius laevi-         All-Russian Institute of
     (Trapeznikova)                 gatus Fieb. (Hemiptera, Anthocoridae)                  Plant Protection,
                                                                                           St-Petersburg, Russia

201. Zavtoni P.S.                   Vegetables without pesticides                          Institute for Plant Pro-
                                                                                           tection and Ecological
                                                                                           Agriculture of the
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

202. Ivanitsa V. ,                  Bacterial preparations testing in production con-
     Bagaeva O. ,                   ditions of oyster MUSHROOM cultivation in the
     Uzhevskaya S. ,                south of Ukraine
                                                                                           Odessa National I.I.
     Nepomyashchaya N. ,
                                                                                           Mechnykov University,
     Krivitskaya T. ,
                                                                                           Odessa, Ukraine
     Bobreshova N. ,
     Bagaev A.

203. Iordosopol E.,                 The evaluation of entomoacariphages efficiency         Institute for Plant Pro-
     Eliseev S.,                    in pest mite regulation in apple orchards              tection and Ecological
     Feodor G.                                                                             Agriculture of the
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

204. Klimentova Е.G.,               Prospects for delta - endotoxin Bacillus               Uljanovsk State Uni-
     Kamenek L.K.,                  thuringiensis use in plant protection against          versity,
     Kamenek V.M.,                  pests and diseases                                     Uljanovsk, Russia
     Kamenek D.V.,
     Guliy V.V.                                                                            Vermont University,
                                                                                           Burlington, USA

205. Klimentova Е.G.,               The action of the delta-endotoxin Bacillus             Uljanovsk State Uni-
     Kamenek L.K.,                  thuringiensis on the development of dysbiotic          versity,
     Kuptsova A.A.,                 changes in biotope intestine of warm-blooded           Uljanovsk, Russia
     Guliy V.V.                     animals
                                                                                           Vermont University,
                                                                                           Burlington, USA

206. Kozlova E.G.,                  Use of different morphs of Harmonia axyridis           All-Russian Institute of
     Balueva E.N.                   Pall. for aphid control in low volume substrate        Plant Protection,
                                    technologies for cucumber cultivation                  St-Petersburg, Russia

207. Коlydko N.N.,                  Baciturine efficiency for white head cabbage           Institute of plant pro-
     Мikulskaya N.I,                leaf-biting pests number control                       tection, Belarus
     Gеrasimovich М.S.

208. Komardina V.S.,                Аntagonistic trichoderma viride 2a activity in         Institute of plant pro-
     Voitka D.V.                    relation to ascomycetous stage of apple scab           tection, Belarus
                                    agent- a fungus venturia inaequalis
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 22 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №           Аuthors                                  Thesis titles                              Оrganization
209. Kondratenko T.P.,              Biopreparation stimulus, cs plant growth action        Institute of plant
     Ugnacheva E.V.,                by cucumber and tomato cultivation under               protection, Belarus
     Voitka D.V.,                   greenhouse conditions
     Feklistova I.N.,                                                                      Belarusian State Uni-
     Maslak D.V.,                                                                          versity,Minsk, Belarus
     Mozharova I.V.

210. Krasavina L.P.                 Optimization of rearing and release techniques         All-Russian institute of
                                    for the bug Macrolophus nubilus H.-S. (Heterop-        plant protection, St-
                                    tera, Miridae)                                         Petersburg, Russia

211. Lednev, G.R.                                                                          All-Russian Institute of
     Smagulova Sh.B.,                                                                      Plant Protection,
     Kamenova A.S.,                                                                         St.-Petersburg, Rus-
     Uspanov A.M.,                                                                         sia
     Levchenko M.V.,
     Barashkova P.V.,                                                                      Research Institute of
                                    Screening of Beauveria bassiana strains for
     Yaroslavtseva O.N.,                                                                   Plant Protection and
                                    virulence to colorado potato beetle
     Kryukov V.Yu.                                                                         Quarantine; settl. Rak-
                                                                                           hat, Kazakhstan

                                                                                           Institute of Animal
                                                                                           Ecology and Syste-
                                                                                           Novosibirsk, Russia

212. Lemanova N.B.,                 Utilization of rhizosphia bacteria complex by          Institute of Plant Pro-
     Volosciuc L. F.,               potato growing                                         tection and Ecologic
     Ilieva I.K.,                                                                          Agriculture;
     Iliev P.B.
                                                                                           Institute of horticulture
                                                                                           and food production,
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

213. Likhovidov V.E.,               The scientific potential of micromycetes collec-       State Research Center
     Volodina L.I.,                 tion «SCPM – Obolensk» for development of              for Applied Microbiolo-
     Naumov A.N., ,                 new biopesticides and biomoscitocides                  gy and Biotechnology
     Bistrova E.V.,                                                                        Obolensk, Russia
     Yuskevich V.V.

214. Manzhalesava N.V.,             Immunized agents of biological preparation             V.F. Kuprevich Insti-
     Paliakova N.V.,                “Mykolin” research                                     tute of Experimental
     Karytsko L.A.,                                                                        Botany of National
     Bashco N.P.,                                                                          Academy of Sciences
     Poljanskaja S.N.,                                                                     of Belarus,
     Shabashova T.G.                                                                       Minsk, Belarus

215. Maslov A.D.,                   Pheromone wide scale application experience in         All-Russian Scientific
     Komarova I.A.                  forest pathology monitoring                            Research Institute of
                                                                                           Forest and Forestry
                                                                                           Pushkino, Russia

216. Mikaia N.V.                    Reproduction of entomopathogenic nematode,             L. Kanchaveli Institute
                                    Steinernema feltiae on the larvae of cotton aph-       of Plant Protection,
                                    id (Aphis gossypii Glow, Hemiptera: Aphididae)         Tbilisi, Georgia
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 23 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
 №           Аuthors                                  Thesis titles                             Оrganization
217. Mitina G.V.                    Effectiveness of hyphomycetes application from         All-Russian Institute of
                                    genera Lecanicillium for greenhouse whitefly           Plant Protection,
                                    and peach aphid control on vegetable crops             St.-Peterburg, Russia

218. Nastas F.N.                    Action of sex pheromons on phytophages de-             Institute of Plant Pro-
                                    velopment                                              tection and Ecological
                                                                                           Agriculture ASM,
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

219. Nikolaeva S.I.,                Antagonistic activity of spore-forming bacteria        Institute of Plant Pro-
     Nikolaev A.N.,                 against plant pathogen of tomato Alternaria            tection and Ecological
     Volosciuk L.F.,                blight of seedlings                                    Agriculture ASM,
     Shubin V.E .                                                                          Kishinev, Moldova
220. Novikova I.I.                  Мicrobiological preparations in plant protection       All-Russian SRI of
                                    against pests and diseases                             plant protection, Saint
                                                                                           Petersburg- Pushkin

221. Pazyuk I.M.,                   Prospects of the Nesidiocoris Tenuis (heteropte-       All-Russian SRI of
     Vasilev A.L.                   ra, miridae) application for biological control of     plant protection, Saint
                                    greenhouse whitefly in geranium crop                   Petersburg- Pushkin

222. Pachkin А.А.,                  New prospects of insect pheromones applica-            All-Russian Research
     Ismailov V.Yа.,                tion for the number regulation of dangerous            Institute of Biological
     Agasieva I.S.,                 species                                                Plant Protection
     Esypenko L.P.                                                                         Krasnodar, Russia

223. Popov N.A.,                    Evaluation of Efficacy of Preparations Applied         Institute of Plant Pro-
     Todirash V.A.,                 Against Pests in Ecological Programmes for             tection and Ecological
     Khudyakova O.A.                Protection of Vegetable Crops                          Agriculture,
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

224. Prahodski S.A.,                Biological and chemical methods of Aphid insect        Belarusian State
     Kaplich V.M.,                  protection in Scotch pine plantations                  Technological Univer-
     Voitka D.V.                                                                           sity, Dept. Forest Pro-
                                                                                           tection and Wood
                                                                                           Minsk, Belarus

                                                                                           Institute of Plant Pro-
                                                                                           tection, Belarus

225. Pryshchepa I.A.                Restriction of tomato bacterial wart harmfulness       Institute of Plant Pro-
                                    in the protected ground                                tection, Belarus

226. Pryshchepa L.I.,               Possibilities of fungi use for optimization the        Institute of plant pro-
     Stepanova N.N.                 processes of dew flax retting                          tection,Belarus

                                                                                           Institute of flax,

227. Pryshchepa L.I.,               Specific sensitivity of fruit- berry leaf-biting       Institute of plant pro-
     Мikulskaya N.I.,               pests to Bacillus Thuringiensis                        tection, Belarus
     Gerasimovich М.S.

228. Rak N.S.                       Mass rearing of the predatory midge AphiDo-            N.A.Avrorin Polar-
                                    letes Aphidimyza Rond. (Diptera, Cecidomyi-            Alpine botanical gar-
                                    dae) at the Polar-Alpine Botanic Garden                den-institute (PABGI),
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 24 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№              Аuthors                                 Thesis titles                            Оrganization
                                                                                           Kola SC RAS,
                                                                                           Kirovsk, Russia

229. Samoilova А.V.,                Possibility of using Erwinia amylovora bacterio-       Institute of Plant Pro-
     Voloschiuk L. F.               phage in fire blight management                        tection and Ecological
                                                                                           Agriculture ASM,
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

230. Semchuk L.,                    Features of mutant phages formation with               Kyiv National Taras
     Romashev S.                    changed hosts rang as regulators ofthe resistant       Shevchenko
                                    phytopathogenic bacteria Erwinia carotovora            University,
                                    number                                                 Kyiv, Ukraine
231. Sidorenko O.D.,                Plant-microbic mutual relations atbacterial            FGOU VPO«The
     Sadomov E.A.                   preparations use                                       Russian state
                                                                                           agrarian university
                                                                                           –K.A. Timirjazev
                                                                                           Moscow, Russia
232. Solovei E.F.,                  Efficiency of low toxic fungicides against dis-        Institute of Plant Pro-
     Todirash V.A.,                 eases of tomatoes andcucumbers                         tection and Ecological
     Popov N.A.                                                                            Agriculture ASM,
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

233. Tokarev Y.S.,                  Interactions of microsporidia with other entomo-       All-Russian Institute of
     Lednev G.R.,                   pathogens during mixed infection of insects            Plant Protection,
     Issi I.V.                                                                             St.- Petersburg,
234. Toleubayev K.M.                The perspectives of development of biological          The Kazakh Research
                                    control in Kazakhstan                                  Institute of Plant Protec-
                                                                                           tion and Quarantine,
                                                                                           Almaty, Kazakhstan

235. Ugnachyova E.V.,               Pesticides influence on growth and sporification       Institute of plant
     Prishchepa L.I.                of entomopathogenic fungus Lecanicillium leca-         protection,
                                    nii zare & W.Gams                                      Belarus

236. Kharina A.V.,                  Phagetherapy of phytopathogenic bacteria:              Taras Shevchenko‟
     Andriychyk O.M.,               problems and perspectives                              Kyiv National
     Kot T.G.,                                                                             University,
     Polischuk V.P.                                                                        Kyiv, Ukraine

237. Shternshis M.V.,               Tendencies to using biological insecticides for        Novosibirsk State
     Andreeva I.V.,                 plant protection in western Siberia                    Agrarian University,
     Tsvetkova V.P.                                                                        Novosibirsk, Russia

                                                                                           All-Russian Institute of
                                                                                           Biological Plant Pro-
                                                                                           Krasnodar, Russia

238. Scerbacova T.I.                Accumulation of fungus antagonist in soil after        Institute of Plants Pro-
                                    soybean seed treatment with the biological             tection and Ecological
                                    preparations                                           Agriculture,
                                                                                           Kishinev, Moldova

239. Yurchenko D.S.                 Quality control in the laboratory population of        All-Russian institute of
                                    the aphidophages lady beetles from genus               plant protection,
                                    Harmonia                                               St-Petersburg, Russia
July 5–8, 2011                                                                            Page 25 of 25
International Scientific and Practical Conference «INTEGRATED PLANT PROTECTION: STRATEGY AND TACTICS»
№              Аuthors                                 Thesis titles                            Оrganization

240. Yankovskaya Е.N.,              Biological activity of entomopathogenic fungus         Institute of plant protec-
     Prischepa L.I.,                Lecanicillium Lecanii with respect to green-           tion, Belarus
     Ugnachyova E.V.                house plants phytophages

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